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PM - 18th August 2011.

We are now getting BBC2 on ITV1 on Freeview and on our analogue Panasonic TV. ITV1 is not appearing on our analogue at all, i.e on Channel 3. What channel should we use to get ITV1 on Freeview, please?

We have a digital aerial and a very good Freeview Humax PVR. Most of the other digital channels seem to be there, but have not counted them all yet.

Should be grateful for a reply, although I know there will be teething problems at first.

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Sorry, Mrs Thomson speaking - one slighty confused lady. I made a mistake in my previous message.

The problem lies with our analogue TV. We are now getting ITV1 on BBC2. ITV1 (Channel 3 on our analogue) is just blank (static). We do not have BBC2 now at all on our analogue. BBC1 is OK. Everything is fine on our Freeview, i.e. BBC1, 2 and ITV1 all on their appropriate channels.

Sorry for the error - hope someone out there can help.

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To: Mike Dimmick

Thank you for the information - that explains it. Thank goodness I found this web site and thank you once again. Roll on the 31st August and then maybe all will be satisfactory!

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Connecting it all up | Installing
Wednesday 31 August 2011 11:31AM

Hi - hope someone can help here?

Gone totally digital now from Waltham Transmitter. However, same problem is occurring. ITV1, Channels 4 and 5 - picture fine but lots of problems with BBC1, 2 etc. The picture is quite clear but continually stalls, i.e. stops and starts and the sound does the same. There is also a clicking sound coming from the tv.

We have an analogue Panasonic TV with a Humax PVR Freeview box. We have also got a DVD digital player. We got the Technician from John Lewis to come and have a look at the Freeview box, but he said this was OK and that it was our SCART extension box which was at fault. We have since gone to Maplins and got another one - but there hasn't been any change in the problem with BBC. We have tried every permutation with the boxes but to no avail. Is the transmitter to blame for the poor quality of the BBC channels? We are tearing our hair out with all these problems. We can record and we seem to have all the new channels that we what is the problem, anybody out there?

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Waltham (Leicestershire, England) Full Freeview transmitter
Wednesday 31 August 2011 2:47PM


We are within the proper range for the Waltham Transmitter, i.e. the East Midlands, and the transmitter has now completed its changeover to digital. Unfortunately, we are now not getting the proper local news programmes, i.e. Calendar for ITV and Belmont for BBC. We only want to receive the East Midlands News programmes. On going into Ditigal UK., they intimate that we should have Belmont, but this is totally wrong as we need to get the local East Midlands News programmes and have always been told that our local Transmitter is Waltham. Can you tell me how I can get our local news stations back?

Thank you, very frustrated, but hope somebody can explain what to do.

Thank you.

Mary Thomson

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