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I have a humax 9150, a DAEWOOO TV, and a basic Hitachi PVR. My aerial (10 yrs old) has a masthead amp and the PWS is working. Mostly things are all fine BUT ITV1, Film4 and C5 all occasionally give "channel scrambled or not available".
Postcode WR13 5DW. I'm using the Malvern transmitter.
Have checked connections in the house (cant get to aerial) and when the problem shows it happens to all 3 devices.
Do I just need a new aerial or could there be something else ?

Any help welcome........

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jb38: thanks.
nothing missing at the moment (typical!)
signal quality on ITV 100% and strength 80%, on 5 the same and on Film4 the same. No fluctuation on any.
I guess I'll have to wait for the scrambled message the have a look ? There are trees and the end of the Malvern Hills between us and the Transmitter.

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I should have said in my original post that the common effect of our problem is not seeing the scrambled" message but that programmes dont get recorded now and then. They can be shown in the "to record list" but just dont appear after the programme has run............I have just assumed that this is caused by the "scrambling"

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Malvern (Worcestershire, England) Full Freeview transmitter
Wednesday 19 October 2011 11:30AM

Iain Sherriff: not near them at the moment but I know the Humax has the latest software (I checked last week). The Hitachi doesn't show the dropped recording problem BUT it doesn't record many, just things I want were as the Humax lots to do (gets all the soaps/strictly/x factor etc ) so has more chance to show a fault. I have tried setting both to record the same thing bit didn't get the same result all the time..............
What is the best aerial I can have in my situation and how much difference would it make in the loft against being on the roof ?

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again, thanks for your help. I will try manual tuning on both, then i'm going to set both to record the same programmes for a week and see if both drop the same things.
Probably will go for a loft aerial as well for the cost (as I can do that myself),can't help feeling that our old one (that I cant reach) may have connection/age problems.............

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jb38: The more I do the less I know !
I did the aerial before manual tuning ('cos I wanted to see what difference the aerial made without changing anything else).
I got a the "log" aerial you gave a link to and installed it in the loft. I also got an in line signal strength meter (has four led's, 50,60,70,80) along with new cable and connectors.
I could get no signal (on the meter) at all from the new aerial.
I then tried the meter with the original aerial which still has it's masthead unit in place (I left all the connections in place)and it showed a strength of 60. Then tried the new aerial with the masthead unit (I have a spare same make masthead unit from when i bought a new PWS a few months ago) and got a strength of 60.

All channels were available with both aerials with the MH unit tho some showed brief freezing and some blockiness.
Then tried a room booster as well as the masthead unit and got a strength of 70. Now have no freezing and blocky BUT both PVR's still dropped recordings now and then.

Now I have done a manual tune on everything but dont yet know what difference it has made.
I did notice that on an auto tune I get "midlands" and "glouscestershire" channels stored.

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I think the new loft aerial results have shown that there is nothing wrong with the original roof aerial ???

So it was worth trying that even tho I dont seen to have gained anything by it!

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jb38: did the manual tuning and noticed no difference BUT
I later noticed that channel 23 was still stored.
I deleted all channels first then did the manual tuning again and it today recorded a programme that it usually misses :)

so maybe I'm progressing.
all channels show 100%quality and most show over 80% strength

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