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Hi, I have a similar problem as mentioned by LouiseB, very weak signals over the last few weeks, and literally can't even find any channel today.

I am using a sony tv, and previous posts suggests to reset it to France, this didn't help.

I live in a new built with tv and sat sockets on the wall. I have tried tuning with both sockets but no luck. I live near Paddington. Post code is W2 1AJ. Would love to hear if anyone has got a similar problem.

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MikeB: Many thanks for the help. My TV is actually quite new, just under 3 years, so I would imagine (hope) its not the problem with my TV as well.

But one thing I want to point out is that I have been using the SAT socket for the last 2 yrs, with a coax to fibre optic cable. I had all the channels including HD. Don't ask me why I used that, I really have no idea.

With the recent problems, I bought a coax cable to plug into the TV socket, it did have slightly better SD signal for the last few days, no signal for HD though. But today the signals completely gone.

Its possibly some problem with the aerial or the lead from the aerial to socket, which I think I should call the building manager. I think this would be the cost-free option for me, so let me give it a try first.

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MikeB: Thanks. As you probably know by now I have no idea what I was talking about. I do mean F fitting, I had a look in Google and it is a coax cable with a F fitting I am using.

I am not sure if I have to pay extra for using the SAT signal, as I've never signed up for anything. It just worked when I first had the TV. And it doesn't seem to have any extra service charge for using the SAT. One other thing, there are two sockets SAT1 and SAT2, only SAT2 works for me.

It may be as you said the cable acts like a aerial, or the builder messed things up when they wire the cables. I duno. Right now, I can't even find any signal with the TV socket, but with the SAT socket at least I got some sound and unstable pictures. Its strange as you said, but I'd just try which ever way it works... I missed Match of the Day last night, and I don;t want to miss it today.....

I just talked to our neighbour today, and apparently everyone is not getting signals these few days. So I am quite happy as its not my problem, so I just need to call the building manager to see what can be done.

Thanks alot!

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