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Pete: I had an issue with picture freezing, particularly bad on one mux and it is a loft aerial. It was fine pre-switchover on all muxes, then after they all froze occasionally.

I adjusted the pole so that the aerial was further away from the roof. I have come to the conclusion that it was the roof felt/tiles being in close proximity. I should point out that my Sony shows higher signal strength than you have on yours. Mine is around 80 or 90% (not sure whether that is relevant).

Before I moved it the end of the boom was about 15 or 20cm from the roof and now it's around 40cm.

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Diagnostics - old version
Monday 7 November 2011 2:23PM

Scilla67: The fact that the strength is 100% suggests that it is too strong and overloading your tuners.

For more information on this see:

Freeview signals: too much of a good thing is bad for you | - independent free digital TV advice

I would certainly say get rid of the booster. What strength does it show without the booster being connected?

What is your post code? (DN31NJ)

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PeckettChap: A look around your street on Google Streetview shows most (all?) aerials pointing at Bretch Hill.

Number 102 has the aerial vertically mounted with the rear reflector fitted horizontally!

Have you checked that the TV is tuned to the correct UHF channels? BBC=C56 ITV/C4/C5=48 HD=52

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Glenn: C54 is ITV/C4/C5 from Waltham.

I'm not familiar with the receiver you're using, so I'm just throwing some ideas your way.

You say you can manually tune. Can you 'blank' it and then manually tune each of the muxes you do want?

Or, if you are trying to tune to Waltham, then its muxes are from C54 to C61 (and C29).

Sutton Coldfield's muxes are C39 to C46. If the autotuning shows the UHF channels as it scans them, then unplug your aerial when it's scanning the SC channels. If you don't get it plugged in in enough time to get the channels you don't want, then maybe you can add them in manually.

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Glenn: No problem. HEre's something you might try (if it's not fixed) and this is along the lines of what you've already been doing:

Ch 54 is for ITV1/C4/C5 (East Midlands). C61 is for BBC East Midlands so you might need to add that as well (if your Humax has decided to go with West Midlands).

To find out which you're box is tuned to, watch BBC1 at 6pm. The ident proceeding the news will give the area.

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Switchover starts in Norfolk
Tuesday 8 November 2011 7:18PM

Rich: An explanation is here:

Will there ever be more services on the Freeview Light transmitters? | - independent free digital TV advice

It's down to the fact that the extra channels have only installed transmitters in areas where it's worthwhile for them to do so. (DN31NJ)

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Ray: When it is scanning, does it show progress by percentage ?

If so, then go through the procedure to wipe your box as before.

And then start it off tuning again, this time with the aerial plugged in. When it gets to 25% unplug it. When it gets to 58% plug it in again and leave it plugged in.

The aim is to have the aerial unplugged when it's scanning the frequencies that you don't want (West Midlands channels) and to have it plugged in when you do (East Midlands).

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Improvements to Freeview transmission mode information
Tuesday 8 November 2011 10:43PM

Len Beeton: Those channels aren't at the same power (strength) from the transmitter which is probably why you aren't picking them up. On 23rd November they will be increased to their full power, so re-tune then.

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Len Beeton: I found the instructions for your receiver here:


You can try to add them manually now. There's no guarantee it'll work. It might say that they can't be picked up or it might get them but they keep breaking up, or you might be lucky and they work.

Press Menu, go to Installation and press Select. Go to Manual Search and press Select. It should ask for a UHF channel number (frequency).

For Pick TV/Dave/Really etc it is UHF channel 53.
For Yesterday/Film4/4Music etc it is 60.

As I say, the worst that can happen when you try it is that it says there is no signal, in which case you will have to wait until 23 November. (DN31NJ)

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Feedback | Feedback
Tuesday 8 November 2011 11:22PM

Paul Chapman: Is there a problem with the picture breaking up or freezing during these periods of bad reception?

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