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I have the same problem as Sophie. Retuning has linked me to Links/Yorks which is crap. How do I get East Midlands back (i.e. Nottingham)? Doing a "first time installation" hasn't helped.

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@ Mike - yes you're probably right that it's Waltham rather than Nottingham.

But: "no usable service on multiplex 1, 2, and A, and poor service on multiplex B, until Waltham switches over in August. There is no prediction for Mux A until October."

Gaaahhh! Belmont reception is rubbish where we are. We're right on the edge. So basically that means no watchable ITV channels until August at the earliest?

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So what's happening with C31? All our other reception from Waltham (29, 33, 42, 45, 49) is fine.

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So it's just this one mux that's out of band at Waltham?

Why have they moved it out of band anyway? How very annoying.

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Jonamat: We're also in Farnsfield. Zero signal on C31 from Waltham. Poor signal (no good for viewing purposes) on C48 from Belmont.

Re single frequency interference: We do not have local analogue interference. We presumably do not need a new aerial either, since we can receive the other out of group frequencies (C29, C33, C42, C45, and analogue C35) just fine.

On Freeview reception: C31 signal strength is low, but it's the same as C29 and there's no problem with that. And they're both better than C48 Belmont (which receives some signal, if not a usable one).

So what's going on?

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no, it seems most of them are out of band at Waltham: C29, C31, C33, C42, C45 and analogue C35

so what's going on?

and please don't tell me to check single frequency interference again.

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> So, it appears there is a broadcast issue.

Thanks for that obsidian_eclipse. So I'll just wait until they get round to sorting it out and stop beating up my brain trying to fix it myself.

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@ KMJ: yes, quality is as Jonamat says: 0-10%, and mostly 0%.

Yet C29 (which supposedly has the same signal strength according to the Freeview reception tables) and is also out of group (according to the transmission frequencies at the top) has a quality of 100%.

And C48 (the equivalent frequency for Belmont) fluctuates between 0-100%, mostly somewhere in the middle, which makes it useless for viewing purposes, but it does get here sort of.

So this is a widespread problem with C31 specifically and has nothing to do with local analogue interference (we don't have any) or the lack of wideband aerials (otherwise we wouldn't get C29 either).

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