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cheers Brian, what an odd mix of transmitters. Bressay, Aberdare !
Nothing on CP , state secret as you say.
It took me ages to figure out my question. It was obvious really...

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cheers Brian, very strange that they would be so cloak and dagger. You should get your MP to request the info under the FOI act (I don't know who mine is) !

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You should ask her about Whitehawk Hill changing it's region. That should stump her !

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Hello Nick,

On an analogue picture another unwanted analogue signal on the same channel causes the herringbone' and buzzing effect you have been used to over the years.
On an analogue picture another unwanted digital signal on the same channel causes the picture to become snowy and in extreme cases disappear completely.

On a digital picture an analogue signal on the same channel causes pixilation , sound drop out and lock up. in extreme cases the picture disappears.

On a digital picture another unwanted digital signal on the same channel will cause the same as above but it will happen a lot quicker than analogue interference.

This is how I understand it anyway!

The best thing I can say with Sudbury is wait and see. The signal will be raised in July but you are in a vulnerable position. All the coastal Dutch channels were already using different channels to Sudbury to try and reduce interference (except CH5) but the sea path is so good for carrying unwanted signals that likely you could get hit from transmitters as far away as France and Germany.

In addition they are moving the Sudbury channels around again after July 2011 so what might not be great then could be ok later. Also bear in mind for most of the year and especially during the winter there will likely be no problems at all (cold comfort I know if you are trying to watch the world cup final in June) !

I would think if anyone is getting herringbone' problems on Aldeburgh now it is likely to be the huge mast at Crystal Palace that is causing the problem. There is no analogue left in the low countries and Northern France.

There is no way of telling just how good Sudbury digital will be after switchover where you are, you only have to move the aerial one metre and the signal would be different.

What I would say is that although the coastal area is obviously low lying there is probably not a huge hill between you and Sudbury so I would hope the main channels BBC1/BBC2/ITV1 etc would be able to penetrate after power up. Greater brains than mine will be able to answer this though.

I will leave your CRT v Flatscreen question to someone else. It is something I have heard several people comment on but again someone with greater technical knowledge than me will be able to comment..

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Stuart D45 is interfered with by high power French digital from Dunkirk. Any hot or settled weather and you are in trouble. Nothing can be done till power up next year , sorry !

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Bluebell Hill (Medway, England) Full Freeview transmitter
Wednesday 20 April 2011 10:45PM

Dear all Blubell Hillers.

ITV and ITV3 etc are on digital frequencies very vulnerable to interference since they share the same channels as transmitters in Bedford and Lille (D24+D27 to you and me).
What this means is any spell of hot or settled weather and you are likely to suffer pixilation or sometimes complete loss of signal.
When this occurs the only time of day that might be ok would be from around 0800 till 1800 .
If it happens try switching to analogue.

Sorry, nothing can be done till next year.
Blame the French !

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Mike, yes, the problems posted here are all the same , break up on ITV1 and ITV3 etc. It's Sandy and especially Lille on high power. Nothing can be done. Probably most people are using old group E aerials so pick up might not be fantastic on D24+D27 anyway. Throw in some hot weather and there you have it.
Anyway, I am going on holiday for a fortnight. You can deal with !

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I have just read through two weeks worth of misery about loss of D24+D27 channels during high pressure weather systems.
Brian(tist) , Mike and all, you all do a great job trying to explain things. Fancy giving you (late night) abuse when all you are trying to do is help people..
Just a thought here digital ITV/CH4 fans but you could always try switching to analogue for a few hours when the signal drops out. I am on Bluebell Hill and that is what I do..

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Any idea why this transmitter has changed channels to D41, D44 and D47 post switchover?
It used to broadcast on 48,50,52 and 56 so people now require a new aerial if they had a C/D before.
In addition, it is now co channel with Sudbury. I am new to the area but have already seen a few aerials pointing there (probably years old, put up before Greenwich opened).
The owners must of had no digital signal then suddenly it appeared last year when Sudbury powered up, then went again this year when Greenwich switched and the 2 signals knocked each other out...

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Thanks to both of you for your reply.

Dave, excellent detective work on Lea Bridge and thanks for taking the time to look on Streetview for me. You are right, all the aerials near me look at CP (although there are even 1 or 2 looking at Poplar close by).

There is not a problem at my location with CP reception (although its not great).My main problem is I moved into the house and someone has chopped the coax off at the window frame so I have now connected it up to a fly lead going to the TV with a pin till I can figure a better solution!

I take your point on a lack of C/D frequencies too. Add to the possible nuisance list Hemel on 50,55 and 59 and Sandy on 48,51 and 52 and there may be not much space that (now squashed) end of the band!

A bigger problem I think would be that a fair few of the relay aerials installed have been done so horizontally (in error I presume) so when there is a lift Sudbury may knock the signal out unless you are right on top of the relay.

I still cannot help but think Sudbury would cause more of a problem than a 2 watt transmitter 6 miles away.

I wonder if SFNs work for relays. If so, just as easy to have made Greenwich 53,57 and 60 with Woolwich.

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