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Hi, I live in Bracknell and am very disappointed in the quality of the signals transmitted on freeview. When freeview first came about some ten years ago we got an excellent picture on our Sony 37" plasma but over recent years the picture quality on freeview on some channels is quite poor. We invested in a new backlit Sony LED 46" top of the range TV with HD tuner recently and the picture quality on some freeview channels are particularly bad. We fitted a new Blakes DMX10A group A aerial and new Webro HD100 Triple screened down lead. This increased signal strength from about 70% to 100% and the signal quality remained at 100% as it was previously. The picture quality on HD when they transmit a program filmed in HD is excellent, some freeview channels are of good quality but BBC2 around 6 in the evening is particularly bad, when Egg Heads is transmitted on HD at the same time as on standard digital the difference is unbelievable, the normal freeview picture is as if you've tried to view a poor quality You Tube video on full screen on your pc. Most freeview channels show any text with a pixalated faint haze around it. Please note on other TVs around the house 32" & 22" the picture quality is ok due to the smaller screen. If TV screens are to get bigger then when will the signal improve to match this. I've heard that signals are compressed to allow more channels to be transmitted on each multiplex, and at different times of day this can alter. Will the digital switch over in April 2012 cure this problem or will we just get more channels pumped down the multiplex at reduced quality. I'm sure there are many viewers out there that have spent hundreds or even thousands on new TVs and are very disappointed at the picture quality available on Freeview. Please is there anyone out there that is an expert in this topic and can reassure me that this will improve with switch over or can correct me if there is some other explanation to my problem.

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