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Adam - Calverton, Notts.
The recommended aerial type for receiving the full spectrum of services from the Waltham (25 / 50W) regional transmitter is a wideband type 'W' aerial. The older Yagi type grouped aerials (C/D, A, etc) in my opinion are not up to the job anymore (I've not fitted a grouped Yagi for 15yrs).

I would recommend using a log-periodic wideband aerial. This type of aerial very directional and has no reflector at the rear end which would exacerbate the problem of picking up unwanted frequencies from adjacent or stronger signal transmitters like Belmont (150KW) or Sutton Coldfield (200KW). If you were to get any cross channel interference from an adjacent transmitter then fit a 'banded' channel filter which can block unwanted frequencies (cost less than £10).

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Adrian Wathes:

Re: Sky box 'magic eye'.
Assuming the 'magic eye is not faulty or failed then it is not uncommon for the light on the small box connected to the IR 'magic eye' device to be illuminated and for the eye not to function.
This is because the Sky box has got IR function in a loop.
Go into the settings of the Sky box and turn off the RF2 power.
Then go and turn it back on (don't forget to click the change setting 'button' each time).
This will reset the IR logic and the 'eye' should now work.

Gordon @ Picture Perfect

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My email has changed. How do I change my registered email on this site so I still get updates for Waltham and Sutton Coldfield.
From: Gordon Insley, Duffield, Derbys.

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Having problems with TV background music?
Tuesday 28 October 2014 11:41AM

Having problems with TV background music?

An excellent explanatory feature Brian, well done.
This explanation will assist many of my customers who often complain that the sound from their newly acquired TV is inadequate. Which in some cases I have to admit is true, especially small form factor equipment from the low end of the price range.
Many don't go near any of the TV's Audio or Video settings and often these 'factory settings' are not set-up for the ultimate listening (or viewing experience). So in many cases we are able to improve the listening experience for both the older (and younger) members of society. Not withstanding that aspect, there is of course the underlying problem of age related degenerative hearing loss which obviously requires attention from the medical practicioners which is something we as mere TV installers are not able to 'adjust'.

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I see the Waltham transmitter carries several HD channels on Com7 C31 and is operating at 10.2 KW.
Is there some specific reason for this when all the rest are 50KW & 25KW (except Nottm local TV C26 and unused CH37)?
I have some problems receiving C31in my location / area (Duffield, Derbys), which I am assuming must be due to the low signal power. All the other channels are fine.

Why is C31 on low power ??

Thank you.
Picture Perfect

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Dave, many thanks for the explanation.
Now I understand the logic behind it all.

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Mr & Mrs I L Rubery
There are local transmitters in Ashbourne, Bolehill (Wirksworth) and Belper (Firestone Hill / Chevin).
Reception is somewhat geographic / terrain / elevation related and dependent on exactly where your property is located will determine which local relay or main regional transmitter(s) are within range for suitable reception. I assume you are in or near to Hulland.
However, I do have clients in your vicinity who receive reception directly from the Waltham regional transmitter.
But to receive all the available channnels you do require a decent 'wideband' high gain TV aerial of professional grade and quality, an old 'Yagi' C/D grouped aerial will certainly not do the job.


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