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Having worked in broadcasting for many years ,when I purchased my first Panasonic HD ready and then full HD TV, I noticed very few retailers showed off air HDTV but used super clear mountain scenes and nature footage and then Bluetooth sourced footage. Viewing off air the picture quality definitely is much less impressive having traveled through the ethos.
Another problem is that having compared my early DVD HD recordings with the present ones from BBCI I find the more recent transmissions are less impressive. Certainly viewing small dark images on a lighter background has artifacts such as a white edge all of the way down the right hand side and it has nothing to do with my sharpening settings .It has become more noticeable since the compression and processing were changed to accommodate more channels on the Freeview platform.
There is not so much noticeable definition difference on TV's less that 42 inch for viewers to bother much about switching from SD to HD.
The same can be attributed for Radio and DAB as for TV we have gone for quantity (so called choice) rather than Quality.

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Mike B.
At some point this will change, if only because watching a DVD on a 4K screen is an underwhelming experience, but its not going to be easy to change people.
The other nail in the coffin for watching HD freeview TV is viewing on a 4K Oled tv(or LCD) come to that. What a disappointment this is at the moment because of the necessary Upscaling . Without any possibility of Freeview TV upgrading to 4k in the next few years its a pity. Having looked into upgrading my Panasonic Plasma TV for an Oled UHD TV I am very disappointed with the poor rendition of flesh tones even in the live broadcasts when compared to an HD only screen panel.
The early HD. 1080 Oled screens were only available in HD but were quite exhilarating to view Freeview Broadcasts but they were quickly dropped from production for the next technology, 4K UHD. The displayed Freeview pictures were certainly much better than when viewed on a 4K UHD panel. Having to heavily process the Freeview HD transmissions by using up scaling does nothing to impress me. I'm afraid that having to get the Oled UHD viewing experience by only viewing Blue Ray content is not good for most viewers.

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