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Mike B.
At some point this will change, if only because watching a DVD on a 4K screen is an underwhelming experience, but its not going to be easy to change people.
The other nail in the coffin for watching HD freeview TV is viewing on a 4K Oled tv(or LCD) come to that. What a disappointment this is at the moment because of the necessary Upscaling . Without any possibility of Freeview TV upgrading to 4k in the next few years its a pity. Having looked into upgrading my Panasonic Plasma TV for an Oled UHD TV I am very disappointed with the poor rendition of flesh tones even in the live broadcasts when compared to an HD only screen panel.
The early HD. 1080 Oled screens were only available in HD but were quite exhilarating to view Freeview Broadcasts but they were quickly dropped from production for the next technology, 4K UHD. The displayed Freeview pictures were certainly much better than when viewed on a 4K UHD panel. Having to heavily process the Freeview HD transmissions by using up scaling does nothing to impress me. I'm afraid that having to get the Oled UHD viewing experience by only viewing Blue Ray content is not good for most viewers.

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Freeview 2024?
Monday 23 July 2018 5:38PM

Any combining of the Freeview channels I would like to see them streamed in UHD quality so that the present day TV's would not need to upscale from HD to UHD.
At the present time all Oled Tv's (the way to go if you are changing your TV) and many LCD panel Tv's have an UHD panel. I cannot see in the near future Freeview being transmitted in UHD . Their platforms on satellite could easily accommodate the wider bandwidth required but it always comes down to the cost. Unfortunately we aleays put emphasis on quantity at the expense of quality.!

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When will we get the Freeview platform to start broadcasting in 4K . I have been looking at the latest 4K tv's and it is quite difficult to get the shop/store to get them to source a normal HD broadcast to check out the tv's ability to upscale a reasonable picture without the artifacts that are are not visible on my 6 year old Plasma set. With the latest CES demonstrating 8K displays, it does not appear on many consumers wish list at the moment until we in the UK upgrade our public broadcasting networks. I've said it before and I' ll say it again, please don't go down the DAB route again. At least streaming does improve the situation somewhat when you can find it.

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