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Being a loud and proud "Geek" I've been looking forward to each retune to see what's new.
I returned home from 2 weeks holiday last Friday (2/9/2011) and could barely still my beating heart at the prospect of HD.
I'm not after HD for its picture quality (I think my - expensive when I bought it - CRT produces a better picture than a lot of flat screens), it's the 5.1 audio I want (having an equally expensive audio kit connected to my HDR Fox T2). Tears well in my eyes as, here in Derby (Chellaston), when I try to tune to CH58 I'm greeted with a blank.

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Although I've tried various reset methods and always use the channel numbers (29, 54, 56, 57, 58 & 61) to avoid extras it looks like Ill have to try the out, out, in, in method.
Ive been a bit short of time over the weekend (long story) and didnt want to risk not recording Doctors for The Management and living in silence for a few weeks (not to mention her telling anyone and everyone about it for the remainder of my natural).

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Even if I wasn't a bloke and would therefore be allowed to read instruction manuals, would I have realized that, while manually scanning (CH58) for HD channels, I would need to scroll down to Transmission and change that setting from DVB-T (for non-HD) to DVB-T2.
After trying the out, out, in, in method with no luck and resorting to Factory Default, again without success, I toyed with the idea of hitting the web to find out what frequency channel 58 should be (just in case it was not what CH58 said it was) when I noticed the next setting down Transmission with DVB-T next to it, and the lightbulb came on. Though, if I didnt spend so much time Geeking, I would still be stuck.
I dont know if this is a Humax thing or more widespread but hey, Im fully HD!

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Is there a way of knowing in advance if an HD channel will be transmitting in surround sound?
There are a number of reports on the web that ITV don't use it at all and I don't want to fire up my AV kit for no reason.

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Eileen, it is generally agreed that tuning/retuning is best done manually to prevent the problems you describe. The page on this site dedicated to your preferred transmitter will list the channel (C61 etc.) numbers youll need. Before you start though, make a note of any recordings you have planned as they will be erased. To clear the previous channel list, start a re-tune and then cancel it before it finds anything. Now start a manual re-tune using you CH list. Watch out if you have the HD box as youll have to change the setting for the HD mux from DVB-T to DVB-T2 but only for that 1.

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