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Athelstaneford (East Lothian, Scotland) DAB transmitter

sa_gmapsGoogle mapsa_bingBing mapsa_gearthGoogle Earthsa_gps55.975,-2.779 or 55°58'28"N 2°46'43"W

Are there any planned engineering works or unexpected transmitter faults on the Athelstaneford (East Lothian, Scotland) mast?

No problems on any service. BBC

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Local transmitter maps

Athelstaneford DAB

Sunday, 6 October 2013
Bill Craven
2:55 AM

Why should I go digital when all I can recieve(and poorly) the BBC multiplex in the Haddington area (EH41)?

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Bill Craven's 6 posts GB flag
Wednesday, 14 January 2015
Alan Craig
7:49 PM

For the last few days I have been unable to get any DAB reception on Radio Scotland or Radio Gael but I can still get them on FM.

I live in Athelstaneford, EH395BE. Is there a problem or is it my radio?

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Alan Craig's 1 post GB flag
Wednesday, 30 March 2016
Oliver Philp
12:40 PM

DAB: BBC National DAB Radio Off Air from 09:02 today.

That's it? How about an explanation or 'service resumes XX:XX'?

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Oliver Philp's 1 post GB flag

1:21 PM

Oliver Philp: the status of the Athelstaneford DAB transmitter is currently shown as off air from 09.02 today 30th March 2016. There is no expected time given for resumption of service. Work might be taking place in connection with the addition of a transmitter for local DAB at this site.

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KMJ,Derby's 1,811 posts GB flag
Friday, 3 January 2020
Rosie Devlin
7:22 PM

Digital HDS - as seen on TV with the five 'Dragons' would this be suitable for TV's in Haddington and if so, hoiw easy is it to set up. Could I then cancel Talk Talk and Netflix? My husband wants Sky TV and if this would allow us to watch it well and good. You will probably realise from this that I know nothing about televisions and transmitters and, if I'm honest I am almost techniphobic

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Rosie Devlin's 1 post GB flag

8:55 PM

Rosie Devlin:

You've posted on the DAB Radio transmitter page rather than the one for the TV transmitter at Haddington but never mind.

I'm afraid you'll need to explain more clearly and precisely which programme(s) or channel it is you want to watch as what you have said is not known to me, whether it is to anyone else here I don't know.
If it is available on Freeview Television (as opposed to Freesat - that's a satellite version with similar channels) then we'll need a full postcode to see what the predicted reception is at your location.

It may not be available on Freeview, but it might be on Freesat.
On the other hand it may be a subscription only thing and until we know what it is, advice for the best options isn't possible.

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Chris.SE's 4,078 posts GB flag
Saturday, 4 January 2020
12:56 PM

Rosie Devlin: Did you actually see an episode of "Dragon's Den" featuring this item? If it's what I think it is then it is generally regarded as a scam. Do not purchase such a device. The only way to legally watch Sky services is with an official subscription.

This is one of those things normally referred to as "Clickbait" - usually appearing on Facebook or at the bottom of tabloid newspaper websites offering something too good to be true (in this case an indoor aerial which can supposedly offer subscription/cable channels for free). The ads I have seen claim this device appeared on Dragon's Den - but I have yet to see any footage confirming this. There are also plenty of faked positive reviews on Youtube, Amazon etc - but the products sold seem to be little more than an indoor aerial - and a very poor one too.

Similar products go by the name of "TV Fix", "TV Fox" or "Octa Air", as per this snopes article:
Is 'Super' Antenna Octa Air a Legitimate Replacement for Cable?

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emdubya77's 8 posts GB flag
Sunday, 5 January 2020

10:08 PM

Rosie Devlin:

I was scratching my head a bit after your post but I'm sure emdubya77 has got it right. That annoying misleading advert even pops-up on this website from time to time. If you click on the following link it should show a picture of what the initial ad shows -
When you click on the ad link it goes to a page which claims "All 5 "dragons" invested millions in this product, which lets you watch TV for free!" I'm not aware of ANY dragons investing in it.

From what we can tell this is nothing more than some sort of indoor aerial and I'd be surprised if it can do even a fraction of what it claims.
It certainly won't give you what you get from Netflix, nor if you have TalktalkTV will it give any of their streamed channels.

If you are getting your signals from the Haddington Transmitter, it only has the PSB multiplexes so doesn't give all the programmes that one of the main transmitters give. Whether you can get a main transmitter at you location will depend and a full postcode would be needed to see what the predictions are.

If you have limited coverage from Freeview, you could think about Freesat which has virtually all the same channels as the whole of Freeview plus a few others - but NOT Netflix or TalkTalk streamed channels. Sky doesn't have them either but they do have a lot of their own channels.
If you have a modern TV it may have a built in Satellite tuner, so you'd only need a dish and LNB for Freesat.
There are "streaming options" which your set may have built in and you need a reasonable broadband connection. You could look at NowTV if you want some Sky stuff which may be a cheaper option than Sky Satellite.

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Chris.SE's 4,078 posts GB flag

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