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Media Masters - Julio Bruno…

Media Masters with Paul Blanchard

Welcome to media Masters a series of one-to-one interviews with people at the top of the media game today.

I'm here at the offices of time out in London and John by Julio Bruno their chief executive.

He joined that then last making publisher as executive chairman in 2015.

I was appointed chief executive a year later since then the business has been transformed into a multi-platform media entertainment retail and e-commerce business with a reach of children 17 million comprising websites mobile app social channels guide large event venue time out market of food and cultural marketplace and of course.

It's ubiquitous magazine here.

Thank you for joining me.

Thank you Paul so who you're it's been 50 years since timeout started this must be incredibly important time for you fantastic, and then we'll look young and relevant better than ever look amazing.


This is all the stuff to take out word for that.

Yes, I have a face for radio 50 years.

1968 in the world has changed so much you know from the time that we didn't have internet and we didn't have a you know you couldn't find information unless it was written somewhere or word-of-mouth and today.

They will have changed but time and remains the same inspiring and informing people of what to do in a city right.

It's incredible brand isn't he have a lot of brand warm without overdoing the jug and I mean out when I first moved to London 15 years ago timeout was the magazine to read us a Michael Hodges with a slice of life, then all of that it's very very clever how you turned that into an international brand with all of these various different platforms.

Will I mean obviously I've been here only 3 years so clearly Tonioli old who founded it then they're stealing our board today and there are many many litres in an end not j32 somebody else who have passed through time out in we have been to Olivia school of talented and returning Talent as well and then take.

London iconic Brian and expanding it around the world as we are today in 288 locations and I'm not how many countries over 70 countries with our our content that is some achievement, but we have only a started what we can go and see plans in a second book from listeners that aren't familiar with what time out does nowadays.

Could you just walk us through the whole group your server timeout has two main divisions what we called time out digital that comprises everything that is digital but also the printer the magazine.

Obviously they eat, We we have offered us when you can buy what you read about what you get inspired to do and then we have time out market which is a division.

That is our Devolution Gautama brand in by that.

I mean we we we have open one in 2014 in Lisbon in the Tamil market recorded the best of the city under One Roof

Haven't you can see some photos they are but it's like I have beautiful physical marketplace a physical food and cultural market that you don't we have 32 restaurants bars shops in around 12000 people daily in every single day lascia.

We have 3.6 million visitors and is the largest attraction of Portugal and now we are opening in this next 12 months in Miami New York Boston Chicago in Montreal so clearly a big exciting time for timeout in your 50th anniversary building all these to open within next year.

I'm available to run the Miami operation if it if you're interested.

Yes, we can talk later in body thing what you see there.

Is that in cablecreation editorial creation of choosing the best restaurants the best chefs of of the city and inviting them to be part of the market and when you look at it with ing.

We believe this is another extension or what content is in for Ash content is something with right.

I created that were right and a vented that we do order Tamworth market the food that we serve you know throwing table chefs that also content then that's why you you mention hardest.

Are you not content powerhouse a physical marketplace this relation was our team in Portugal at the time.

They were the franchisee in 2013-18.

They started the plants in the idea was that they have had before I will as we have in Tokyo and thyme out cafe.

Write like a bullseye cafe industry than they have some food and Sandra coffee in the middle music on the weekend and I seen they always had the idea of can we delete bigger and that they had opportunity with the city of Lisburn they have this incredible location that was a vegetable and flower market that he

What's like not been used for a long time in not only part of it and they had opportunity through a request for proposal from the city of Lisbon and they put a proposal together and respiration they said to me at the time.

I wasn't here but that they they have told me soon after I join that they sell well if it's very good it is in the magazine, but if it's the best it is in the market, so we're going to bring the best of the city and the just one roof so a physical time out if you want and that was the inspiration and a movie with evolution of it with her brother in incredible talented people who have been doing food operations synonym for holes in our of the world in obviously we had it all together with the whole team.

Not just that im an old is Lee sang international team managing their Tamil market division are very cleverly.

Is the brand by diversifying so that you're not just printing the magazine in and you not very travel Guides and so on where would be next for the brandy evobus got ambitious plans for the marketplace.

Will you be doing anything else? Well? I think we're going to be quite busy opening five markers in 2 almonds and you know each one of them.

We're talking about 25 to 50000 square feet so this is massive.

We're gonna have around 120 of the best chefs in the world.

You not together with the 1st Lisburn so that keeps us very busy besides that the Tamil digital side is being you know reorganize refocus.

You know we had a, so we have a wire events platform.

You're like in London you can go to see movies on the River London see our incredible movies all this summer or we do a lot of other events and the number one thing that we are searching used for.

Profitability as a company time out group is steel is lovemaking but obviously our losses are cutting down substantially in our revenue has been growing system shall as well and that's how are number one objective how we going to make this company profitable so we know only stay another 50 years but another 500 years of its ability means sustainability exactly in the market is already profitable so that's a very good deals for us as a highly profitable in Lisbon and we know that that's also what they would that consumer 1 writing is something that we know we are at the top of the game.

We have one at callais internationally but our days would not exist without adding credible content timeout is the Ambassador City it has the authority to say these are the things you should do or this is what we recommend you because we have a light.

Do you know when you go and see user generated content online with a professional journalist that do this every day and you know we go there again and try a lot of food every day and then see a lot of movies and see a lot of plays and I listen to a lot of the music in order to then bring it to to to the consumer to say this is our you know hotpicks for the day for the week for the month Around the World in that editorial creation that also translates into what we do in the market is fundamental to what time out is only when I first moved to London many many years ago timeout was the indispensable Bible as to what we should be doing at the weekend.

What theatre cinema open space is it was just incredible you were the arbiters of what to do.

How to spend your leisure time wisely.

I will argue with Steel R10 you make a fat point though, but how do you how do you diversify then and take advantage of the opportunity?

Digital presents because I remember when I used to pay for time out, but then you went free and you were handed out of Tube stations.

I think I get the weekly email list but of course it in the huge Media landscape now.

There's so many hundreds of competing brands.

How do you stay relevant time are clearly have had very of Throne international brand that means.

I thought I do that means quality that is very ambassadorial to the city in I don't know anybody else was doing this globally.

I mean I like to say that we are the only global brand that you can read eat drink and enjoy and that's very different from anybody else, but in this world of overwhelming information and then miss information you need more than ever a helping hand in time-out.

Is that helping hand at you know just goes through it true that the whole forest and says these are the things they showcasing the best things and you have that trust and at recognizability from a 50-year heritage exactly in.

Nnn because we are on today.

You know we have more readers and ever more consumers than ever worldwide and obviously particularly in London where we were born in 1968 in our mission has not change with these years we aim to inform we aim to inspire donated used to say we are at the information about the information right.

How do you when you have so much to do in a CT and you visit the city it's about.

What do I do this weekend in London you can do hundreds of things which is why you have to be discerning and you have to be choosing you have to have a guide yeah, you have to have my god.

You have to have this editorial creation and then obviously the tone of voice timeout has I would have you are very on buying trendy modern Outlook which is a reflection of our out of staff in our staff is a reflection.

The city that we serve, but it's accessible and approachable.

It's not a kind of too cool for school time.

No, we don't like that are arty farty use another term right now.

We are if you know if I use another WYSIWYG what do you see is what you get in that no nonsense approach of time out.

I think that has been the same throughout the Decades and we see that people react to it the right again.

Did you know they do that uses you no reply and then obviously we see our traffic that has been growing and getting better control of Media where you can get so much today as I said a lot of information but also lot of misinformation and I see how the tide is turning too much more accurate information and engineered for Asus also entertainment.

So you know we came to entertain about the things that I always say that we are in the happiness business because what we talked about his you know.

Things that you do with your friends and loved ones global operation timeout Singapore me now.

It's obvious that the was but it just the sheer scale of your reach a yes, we have time of Singapore and we have it in Chinese as well as in English and yeah, we are very very proud of him team.

Where is managing those teams in Hong Kong and Singapore and I'm yelling Australia we are in Japan we are everywhere.

I truly global brand.

Yes, I mean we we own and operate 280 location of not that we have people in all the locations many of them are digital locations, but Indian we have franchisees in another 27 cities so clearly for us when we look at time out with eight.

You know as a global concern and we believe that also uses them to be people who travel around the world who look for entertainment around the world and and they want that.

Boys that bad yourself you notice a Singapore you not have time out in the UK to Dubai your saucytime out of the you go to your not Miami you've been here for 3 years tell us about how you came to join the group and you have a 5-year plan do not I did I used to love to a 3 years into that now tells how is going I have a 5 year planner.

Have a good year planner.

Have a one-year plan a one week one month plan plan plan again at 5 today.

That's all.

I ever do that to at the time the owners of of time out of clay scenes.

We we went public in 16 you proactively approaching 2 years ago.

He was like that.

I was living in New York I had been working for TripAdvisor and and then I was looking to come back months after two back to Europe and I was looking for my next if you want.

Hey Colin thing to do and I have said this several times before but insured I had opportunities so I was lucky enough to have opportunities talking to investors stuck into venture capital and private equity and I decided that I wanted to do something I care in particular, so I had a short list of companies are very very short-lived and I did what I always do when I been selling.

I approached the people and talk to them about what I could do for them in the case of time out I approached but I never told anyone time.

I was looking for time out there only lot of companies, so I just had somebody tint reviews me to the owner and it was the founder of saying the founder of Walkley and said are you not allowed to talk to you about my next move and coming back to go to Europe maybe you're interested in talking to me, so we talk in general for an hour.

I never to mention time outing at the end of that our I said I became play.

Only company I didn't there any company that that you think I could fit you know my skills and another one thing that they thought I was clever who came out and send back.

You know you make friends.

Why don't we keep talking and I care and clearly then we talked about last day there.

We came back on his liking the couple of weeks had several other meetings and at that time I came clean ride around this was you trailer for this is what I was doing out of courtly love that right because you know going to a company that it lost making in the media world at a time with the video.

Where is seen as a disk array change challenging the wide disable this guy really lovely brand has an idea of what to do with the company and they them.

What have you not have thought about many of the idea that I said you know it's not like it was something there's nothing new Under the Sun right wing driven with passion that can get it done anything that leads onto my next question which is yeah, then hired you walk through the door and you take your place in this off.

I was asleep, but it's a standing desk were actually in your office right now.

What was top of your to-do list then as you know in those early months and years will so many things I needed to understand.

You don't older than 4 businesses were making money when we were to Lucy's manual were loosing more money.

I need to understand.

I needed to understand the skills.

They will have the skills for the things we want to do you know engineering and marketing.

I knew we have eating editorial because I could see the content but they do we have people who can do this digitally a video transactions social mobility market.

I mean we needed to bring people as well.

They are to take a at the time as success.

Talbot matches mother operation listen to what it is today in Portugal but also would would be so people the scales were very important and that that took me quite a long time and I'm obviously unparalleled Evil 2 question about investment you know.

What do you need to make this happen more as a company what kind of investment do you need? What are the investors want to see again in a predominately mediaworld? How would they see this idea of the new time out and and how you going to get them to invest yes, cos you successfully took the business public on the London Stock Exchange aim market.

I think I was June 2016 wasn't it? Was up process that was quite often given that very tough.

I mean we we went to market a week before brexit vote brexit vote.

Sorry not black seabird boat.

I'm going timing 14th of June and we made a decision.

Between April and May so it was like it because I delete some opportunity to go out there to institutional investors who have to invest in a public company.

We needed money.

We can tell the story.

This is what we going to do and he was a very exciting time for us.

You're not to be an independent public company in the media world where most media companies have a lot of other brands or level of magazines a lot of different areas.

We are your the brand one brand independent in the world what you have the duopoly the famous globally advertising in Cobol mum and for the company and milestones being this independent company very daunting but I do know you you are referring before about a passion in my team and I we were all you know very clear that all investors very unit passionate about their Brownies and I can't eat bran and what we could do in.

Why do we have our love?

Blaze in a in the media world today and I'll be there any entertainment at so you have very very proud of that, but it clearly was complex and daunting and and I learnt a lot a lot mate.

You've taken it.

I print brand with a 50-year heritage and diversified into an incredible amount of variety of platforms including a physical marketplaces as you said, do you think ultimately door that print is going to be dead in the long term because frankly you're one of the people best placed to talk about this given that you've you've leverage to print heritage Brandon created on his other platforms Botley will there be a time when the physical magazine of Time Out isn't available anywhere we don't think so and I personally since I've been here.

We have launched.

Several other magazines.

You just mention Singapore does Newent and Chinese as well in Hong Kong what is meditations isn't it is almost 4th edition is actually as so if anything we have ground hadn't seen as my 10 years as a CEO we have.

More a painting an event for assisting in Spain DE13 only last year so clearly way and so more motivations if you want a more modern Rogue Nation playing with cd44 ass I like to say that we are platform agnostic so we create content and then they constantly is whatever we decide that the consumers want to decide whether it is in a magazine Wilson the airport is in the web.

What is in the market through our food in order to taming in the market or at the events that we do so when you look at content that way at the print platform is just another platform because our content leaves independently of the platform tickets up leaders and people of engaging with you have multiple touch points in a cemetery the magazine them.

I also go online they might visit the marketplace by one of you city guides exactly is hold power of the Brand and then at a personal level my team and I feel that the

Informally status incredible place for our advertisers for instance.

I save a safe Haven for branding if you want it, how many people do you know that they take a magazine with it advertises anybody in your hands you not report the actual physical product in the hands of the consumer that much more direct that watching TV or that reading an ad on an on the web, so that's very bored and that is the artistic element of it, then you know this man.

We we we are 50 years old in we just came up with a book which is a 50 covers for 50 years.

I'm going to steal one on the way out while not looking at a beautiful work of art.

We have incredible the people who have gone already without from another bank.

Ski or Grayson Perry or Tracy aiming will have done cover for that.

So that is artistic element of print not just the covers right the whole McAfee that is part of that artistic endeavor off timer.

Also of the cities that we serve rainforest important, I should continue to be important but from the point of view of investment.

We clearly are going to be sure that everything we do is profitable sustainable and is that be no problem in the past ended at the margins and profitability vs.

Come under pressure because I mean why would you say that was that was clearly prior to your time because you starting to mitigate the losses and it's obviously having on your watch but if I may ask.

Why do you think the group got into that position before you arrived? Will we ever stealing that position will dollars because we we had a plan but the media world.

I know you you have been looking right.

So don't be the hourly staff and they hadn't of a company like a Google or Facebook or even Amazon now that have taken most of advertising dollars everything moving into Brother Matty can of advertising hospital or pressure in a lot of companies.

Send you know yesterday.

We just heard that time it has been bought by.

You know the founder of cells for saying with other Washington Paul's was Amazon and it's a lot of movement in either, but we also hear regrettably a lot of companies closing down or Sam the titles that have done no longer exists so that and I 15 or 15 years the pressure in the middle has been enormous sang companies have diversified created paywalls.

We went 3-0 along that mean they're like that companies in this country others are 13 in search of advertising dollars because we couldn't have circulation that change timeout Winfrey London 2012 any New York in 2015 so that was like the day before yesterday, so all that change is enormous for an industry are in to adapt to it and then to innovate and the other top of it.

That's really tough and you know where were you have huge media companies owned by eating.

Future has a bigger than other companies for instance is very difficult for anyone brand to compete so we we have found our niche or our place which continues to be being that voice that im battle of the city and now with the time out market that debit suffocation cook together with a commerce together without a bands that are helping us to still have a relevant position there so other than that I can say that you know where they're stealing our journey there in that 5-year plan that you were referring to mention their about the big media companies like Google and Facebook sign in your answer.

I wanted to ask you about Facebook because do you see them as a kind of friend in me that you know there's a time Out London page on Facebook you guys are populating that with content but all of the advertising dollars is going to Facebook yet it be great if if some of the people clicked on that link and then he's going to drive traffic to your website, but if they don't do that, then your job creating content for Facebook's advertising Revenue

Finally navbar faithful having advertising or marketing intern The New York you know that she gave some bacteria by that which is great, but it is also of note is the bad when they wanted to tell the world that they are you not fighting against taking you to sit around 80 sided printing Media to put it out there right.

It's this kind of the tubular subway, New York bad.

I like to see that we are call patitos right we compared but we collaborate as well.

We have enormous traffic in Facebook and Instagram we have fantastic SEO search.

You know what you now Google I'm in so we need each other right.

We are and original content creator and again, nothing not just everything with right but also would we do in the market and that means creativity you still need the people created that content cooking that meal.

Are serving dad TuneIn app I can borrow me like the market doing an event or put in the movies on the river or a silent disco at The Shard write.

These are things that you still have to create and we are better place than even some of these Giants to do that are so when you look at it that way you can see how you can work together and have a win-win having said that it is very difficult because they kind of investment than any of those companies like Facebook can do is just for any any anything that I can rely timeout could do but that's what makes us even more inventive that make us even faster and leaner and meaner if you want and we drive that brand with passion and that allow us to still have the opposition or plays in in in a very difficult environment of course I also see or we see that uses the way they engage with timeout.

Are there because they see something that isn't finally anyone else? I would have Facebook or any other place in so we have all the space like they have there's no matter how much bigger they are you mentioned that you did the IPO week before brexit for the vote and I wondered if you have quite a unique perspective on brexit.

I would say because you're a Spaniard who is an international business leader you've worked in for big brands in New York on here in London running big operations around the world.

Do you think the term if I can possibly dry you into politics then? Do you think that the the UK has lost its mind didn't this is gonna have some serious consequences or do you think it ultimately will just be we have to get on with it and has it impacted your business.

Let me stuff from the last question.

I know he has impacted our business wear a global brand will be hate the global as I said before 288 CTS if you go around the office here on your recording spend.

You will see people from all over the world.

So we will continue doing what we're doing.

and a personal level I do have a D1 nationality is Spanish in North American and

I studied in this country.

I've been here first 10 years and now another 3 years.

I have never felt like that like a foreign arrived although now.

I have to go and register somewhere.

I never had to register before Cheryl Hannah cos I don't know it is difficult for me to comprehend but at the same time he been saying it at my guest in this country.

I never feel like a guest in this country, but I wasn't gonna get a continued to feel like that.

You're not get any sense as I'm concerned and also that this is serious issue that the competitiveness of the United Kingdom you're clearly a global business leader that we want to retract and retain here in London and clearly if you're starting to feel like a guest we're not doing us any favors.

Are we not cos you're the type of person that we want in this country creating prosperity and drums and and running time out when thank you for that when I tell them I guess I mean I mean that I cannot vote in this country, Sophie

Play I have to respect than I do respect what they they country votes in to know Alfie fleet have my opinions and I love this country this country gave me a lot of them.

That was in my 20s when I'm up here and they gave me a lot of opportunities and you know I'm happy to hear that that you want me want me here.

I want to money wisely, but I think that we if I should be your myself is about how many other people are here that maybe they don't feel or have not had a port in is that I had in this country and I have in this country in that's probably what I would be thinking more about that and then I love you not timeout this all about reflecting the cities that we serve and the diversity still early, so if you look at my staff, they are from all over the world and they never felt anything different in being in London or being in New York or being Paris is this incredible opportunity to be be.

But we are a global community of people politics well.

They have their way of United is there an age people have a lot of an identity politics a little bit of tribalism all over the world and I seen that we're having you can see it without going into much detail how things are happening in the world.

It's not just Britain ruderham more entrenched in their own views than ever before it's hurting really here so bad at the same time if I think about this country.

You know this country.

Will you not get over it? They will find a way regardless we doing with checkers or without or without him.

No deal.

I don't know these days work, but we can I get but I think that whatever we do in this council will be at the end on top and there is no question about the resilience and they invent in and security video of this country.

I think I'm butterfly time out will they stay here as we always have.

With our diverse diversity in with our voice in our tone of voice regardless of what is happening politically as I said my only or my main worry here is about a lot of people that may not be that you're not with protected in the same way that maybe they were before or they will feel a little bit uneasy about what should I be doing and should I be movie out or about my family Fizz for the country? That is for me the worry about other people that probably don't have maybe reporting is that I personally have created a typical week is for you in your job.

What does the chief executive of timeout deal? Will I make sure that first time on top of things understand? Who is doing? What where what are the challenges that we may have with everything that we do.

It's my team on top of things.

Do they have what they need to the job? Are we are still delivering the content the same way with?

Deliver you know what is happening with the markets that we are opening day been delay of Nottingham what happens my bestest you know cuddly feel about the things that we are doing the board of directors Apso the typical if I can say typical in quotes work over as CEO me personally.

I leave the brand in England love.

Is that a certain amount reader then? I'm at Amarillo and you will see me always looking at the different magazines have received them all here in my and my desk and then I always put some time every week to look at things in greed in send emails to people with my comments.

I like a well done.

I love that article and in some cases could be just to the South team saying hey I feel this brand, but I don't see that is making holes with a compare and contrast around the world apple sales team that goes through the digital what is happening as being you know a breast.

That is happening and driving the business is offered in the business, then that means that you making sure that all our teams that we've all the leadership team is really on top of things and engineer profitability as I said before it's our super Focus now and what has always been but now more so which means that are we doing the right things and I'll be driving the red lines of businesses and I wish you that our gross margins.

Are what they should be etc.


So running a business and also you know motivating people listen to People motivating people listen again and I that takes a lot of my time and then take small villages also I hate people that I tried to go to a theatre writer go to a movie.

I'd like to go to something to obviously be part of the city like a time out or write your part of the city you want to know what is happening going to a museum seen the latest exhibition of these so I say I tend to.

Some of these if I cannot do it in the week maybe in the weekends anything along the last two years.

Have you ever made any mistakes dare? I ask is there anything that you would do slightly differently how long have you got? This is a 7 hour podcast? Yeah? Ok, so I can tell you a lot of things.

I learnt everyday without learning.

I don't know what to do it going to be free to make mistakes as well of have the courage to make them because of lies you never gonna innovate.


I'll be you learn from your mistakes that you'll also learn from your success as obviously but we have and we are taking bets on the time right.

We calculated beds where we said we're gonna launch this and then maybe you think you're going to make this happen and then maybe you don't get the rest of your specs and the new underlay fitting and do I post more thing and what can you do different next time and should we do it again? So there is a lot of learning and the role of mistakes are obviously you you can mate if you want.

I'm on the way because we are in a changing world of Media that everyday something else happening and you have to adapt.

I mean there is not like the world has a stop and you have a plan and you go out along with your plans are the plans change everyday in a few other people to change and you have an organisation that embraces change you probably would not survive what's your favourite area of the business how you know it's like saying Daddy who do you love more me and then that you know is difficult to choose I love anything to do with a creation that Kai tvd ride so I have favourite parts of our way.

They have every part of our magazines.

It will be very difficult for me to choose one thing but anything last to do with creativity.

I love it when we put our new article on you.

You know artis orani you musician that nobody knows about it is not yet mainstream and kind of we discover help discover that person in reading about it.

Inadine paddle that created processes that with a team I think that's very enjoyable.

I love it when we made here on Tuesday mornings and I accent as he opened the door and I hear that they all come here by my office and they have his weekly meeting with a continent commercial teams and they discuss it is all happening.

I love that because it allows me to to hear from them because I'm kind of I'm hearing behind or awake and it's like a fly on there on the wall, so I love that part 2 to know how people feel about the company and what are the things that they are doing to make things happen to tell us about the brexit cover was difficult day for the staff here a lot of a worldwide.

I remember that I was in my office and chief editor of the timer still use global chief editor Caroline McGann came to visit Julio you know where can I have that Tuesday meeting and would you mind coming in addressing the editorial team?

I said, oh my god asking me to talk to the channel is like he was very early on in my in my 10 year.

He rang you no like maybe a little within talk to you very much.

You know like they all publisher kind of position and I see her will be delighted with what is happening as well people have distraught about this value 9, London voted to two remaining majority and the people here are feeling very bad about it and it's still are and if they are right that I could talk to them clearly here.

I am with my accent.

You know I have a European guy your not from Manchester going up from your Manchester man1 on Minecraft can you do a mankini and then I went up to them and I remember that day that we talk about the values of time out and I said we we we are not in politics right because we're about to determine what happiness etc, but we have always been about Hugh

Values and human rights you have always been championing diversity inclusion and I said that will we are right and now more than ever we should be thinking about border all other nationalities living in London are feeling about these what other things are happening in blazers at maybe we have any you know explored before Liz bring all that more than ever to Tynemouth live showcase the incredible diversity of this city that we have always done, but even more so in that came out the Deer World cover that we want some prices for that cover you would we are basically saying everybody is welcome in London are we are diverse and inclusive and there's no forget that it's great that you could actually speak for London as well and have the authority to do that well exactly time.

I'll do you know what's a meeting and I didn't write that mean you haven't hear that were you listen when we call it dear world riding he's been.

Famous old letter cover exactly I think we we said that this would like to make clear right now people who are not born in the city are welcome here not just Europeans everyone no matter what nationality of race Creed colour or shoe size as most Londoners what we love about this city and will say one thing is diversity and ago song Sophie's we we we made an effort to talk about an we have time out our power in critical part of this city and we wanted to tell the world that and that's that's what I came out in the garden so to me was am a very special moment in 2 ml of people here.

I feel very special.

What would you give to your successor? You know you're going to be here for a number of years.

I look at some point.

You'll Booker off.

What is the personal wants to be the next Chief Executive timeout need to be doing now to get your job whenever you're ready to leave it.

I think you need an understanding.

Of the this world of media and entertainment, are you need to feel loved the brand? I think you need passion you need passion for what you do for what your team that you have to have a clear mission a company that can do a lot of things could be lost in the process of doing a lot of things.

So how do you fuck is a team? How do you fuck is yourself in so that's important and then you have a little have to have a vision that says ok everybody we're gonna go there because of these in this not so planning the future, so I gave that some person could be already inside a company not to be somebody that is now reading time out or listening to have you never know so you know good luck if it's you who it's been a pleasure talking to you.

Thank you ever so much.

Thank you.

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