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Wednesday 27 September 2023, PM

Guardian editor-in-chief Katharine Viner

BBC sounds music Radio podcasts from his new today podcast the editor-in-chief of the Guardian Katharine viner is here also going to take a look at Rumble which has been in the news this week. It bills itself as the free speech video platform and its where Musselburgh in streaming since YouTube dem…

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Tuesday 26 September 2023, PM

Bauer to switch national radio services to DAB+ and take seven extra stations national on SDL

Bauer is switching its national services on Sound Digital to DAB to make room for seven additional stations. To make room for the extra stations, Absolute 80s, Absolute Radio 90s, Mellow Magic, Planet Rock and Scala Radio will switch to DAB and all services will be available in stereo. - link
Friday 22 September 2023, AM

Rupert Steps Back, Toxic Brand and RTS roundup

At three business. We think you should be paying less and getting more with abandoned business offer the most things you buy the more you save without the 20 Sims for only £10 a month each that unlimited calls texts and data with data unlimited that really is more for less business or visit us in-s…

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Thursday 21 September 2023, PM

Streaming vs Linear in 2023

In a world where TV never really stops being made available, with shows still able to be watched weeks, months or even years later on platforms like iPlayer and ITVX, the Top 50 report presents consolidated viewing data over 7 days. If you scroll through the full list, the 50 show is the ITV Evening News on Wednesday of that week with 2.3m viewers. - link
Wednesday 20 September 2023, PM

20/09/2023 Radio 4 Feedback

BBC sounds music Radio podcasts hello, this is the media show from BBC Radio 4 Channel 4 Alex Moyer said the allegations made against Russell Brand which he denies are horrendous disgusting and saddening at the industry needs to confront bad behaviour among those who respond to the Russell Brand al…

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Monday 18 September 2023, PM

BBC, ITV, C4 C5 to launch free TV streaming service called Freely in 2024

The BBC, ITV, Channel 4 and Channel 5 have backed the creation of Freely, a free TV service set to launch next year in the UK that will allow viewers to watch live TV over broadband. The BBC, ITV and Channel 4 had attempted to launch a combined streamer 15 years ago, but the proposed service was blocked by the UK's Competition Commission. - link
Friday 15 September 2023, AM

Amazon Bets The Farm, Osborne s Power Pod the Changing Face of PR

Welcome aboard this podcast message and it's invite you to discuss business class cabin where you can enjoy a full flat bed for comfort and ultra-soft duvet and pillow at your disposal which is your present podcast. Elegance is a journey at half past regulator time as masterpiece seducti…

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Wednesday 13 September 2023, PM

Who will buy The Telegraph?

BBC sounds music Radio podcasts from BBC Radio 4 to help by The Telegraph we're asking what's in it for them is here alongside Jane martinson. Who is about to publish a biography of the telegraphs recently Alistair donors former Chancellor George Osborne also a former editor of evening Standard wil…

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Friday 08 September 2023, PM

Channel 4 drops Hollyoaks in digital-first move

Channel 4 is dropping its 28-year main channel linear broadcast of Hollyoaks in favor of a digital-first approach. From 25 September, the soap will stream on Channel 4's VoD service a day before they air on digital channel E4, and then become available on YouTube the week after. This move makes Hollyoaks the nation's first national digital-led soap. The decision is part of C4's digital-first strategy to capture young audiences. In the first six months of this year, 556m minutes of Hollyoaks were streamed, with pre-TX views up 53% on the same period last year and 64% of viewers opting to watch it on streaming or E4. The weekly omnibus will continue to air on Channel 4. Here are some additional details from the article: The move is a recognition of the fact that young people are increasingly watching content online. Hollyoaks was the first UK soap to move to a stream-first model last year, and this is the next phase of that evolution. The hope is that making Hollyoaks available on YouTube will introduce a whole new generation to the show. link
Friday 08 September 2023, AM

Mark Thompson's 'To Do'List, Marketers v Consumers, Goodbye Facebook News

Welcome aboard this podcast message and it's invite you to discuss business class cabin where you can enjoy a full flat bed for comfort and ultra-soft duvet and pillow at your disposal which is your present podcast. Elegance is a journey at half past Knockdown kitchen wall Victorian roof…

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Wednesday 06 September 2023, PM

A rulebook for the web

BBC sounds music Radio podcasts hello, this is the media show from BBC Radio 4 now the Union back to says three-quarters of UK film and TV workers, it's spoken to a not currently working. This is partly to do with the US writers and actors strike, but there are other factors to we're going to talk …

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Wednesday 30 August 2023, PM

Is AI now coming for your private data?

BBC sounds music Radio podcasts, this is the media show from BBC Radio 4 hello and welcome in the next half an hour by the way we watch football on TV is about to change why the amount of new TV on offer of any sort for the big streamers is starting to dip and how your private data and content is t…

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Friday 25 August 2023, PM

25/08/2023 Radio 4 Feedback

BBC sounds music Radio podcasts, are we about to hear the rudest ever broadcast on Radio 4 Extra Strong language biased opinions and verify how it got past the BBC Paris at be amazing call Jonathan pie has already had its debut on BT signs, but it moves to Radio 4 next week. I'll be talking to the …

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Edinburgh International TV Festival 2023

You think flats that are just so to be impressed by stylish apartments in an amazing location with show-stopping amenities welcome to Copper make a square community look of you in today at removing early next year Stratford viewing the award-winning Vauxhall Astra isn't just excited to drive. It wa…

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Wednesday 23 August 2023, PM

Reporting the Lucy Letby Trial

BBC sounds music Radio podcasts hello, this is the media show from BBC Radio 4 hello and welcome minute will focus on the Nobel Peace Prize winning editor of the Russian newspaper and have a gazeta and his efforts to keep his team safe and keep stories coming despite a tax on its journalist having …

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Friday 18 August 2023, PM

18/08/2023 Radio 4 Feedback

BBC sounds music Radio podcasts is the BBC obsessed with a look and politics I think that there's probably too much emphasis on what happens in the US where is intern Europe cast Northern Africa cast northern Asia Justin Webb who presents America's as well as the Today programme joins me to discuss…

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Wednesday 16 August 2023, PM

AI - destroyer of journalism?

BBC sounds music Radio podcasts about these days, but what does it mean for the news business and the way we all find out about what's going on in the world? What sauces will a I rely on to deliver trustworthy news l channel is the job the chances are you've already paps unknowingly read a news art…

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Tuesday 15 August 2023, AM

Gold to lose its London 1548 frequency ahead of 50th anniversary

Gold's 1548 kHz AM London frequency will be turned off at the end of this month by Global. The station, which started life as Capital Radio, has been on medium wave in London since it launched in October 1973 - almost 50 years ago. - link
Saturday 12 August 2023, AM

Introducing the energy saving concept of Lower Carbon Graphics

Asking an initial question, 'how much energy do televisions use' ultimately led us on a journey to develop and implement a new idea that we called 'Lower Carbon Graphics', which we believe has already saved energy in homes across the UK. In what is good news for consumers, many modern televisions include energy-saving features as standard. We wanted to understand this luminance vs energy relationship further, in order to experiment with adapted graphics and understand any graphics 'rules' that could then trigger energy saving behaviour in these screens. - link
Friday 11 August 2023, PM

11/08/2023 Radio 4 Feedback

BBC sounds music Radio podcasts is the BBC turning a deaf ear to up-and-coming musicians with always found BBC introducing to be incredibly supportive of musicians and events and promoters like ourselves the current cuts of very disappointing 6 Music presenter Tom Robinson tells us why he fears BBC…

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Wednesday 09 August 2023, PM

Trying Trump

BBC sounds music Radio podcasts wanting to litigate his election conspiracy trial in the media rather than the court. We've gathered a panel of Us Janice to tell us what happens next will also be digging into a rat Frances national Sunday newspaper journalist have been on strike in some of the van …

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Tuesday 08 August 2023, AM

TBI Tech Analysis: How linear s light is fading amid on demand boom

Viewing habits around the world are changing fast as eyeballs shift from linear programming on TV's to on demand content online. The dynamics of the linear experience are still seen when linear and time-shifted viewing are combined combined methods hold a 54.5 share of the market. - link
Sunday 06 August 2023, AM

Rosyth: Restore TV offer help if TV interreference occurs

To help viewers who may be affected, Restore TV is offering free support. Viewers with these services, who also watch free-to-view TV through an aerial, can receive a free Restore TV filter. - link
Friday 04 August 2023, PM

04/08/2023 Radio 4 Feedback

BBC sounds music Radio podcasts is the BBC getting it right on a change in my experience the BBC present climate change case in an unbalanced way, I think your present to do some accent reporting on climate change the BBC's climate activism impartiality and the Politics of global warming also to cl…

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Friday 04 August 2023, AM

Sir Elton John voices concern over local BBC radio changes - RadioToday

Elton John is the latest musician to voice concerns over how changes to BBC local radio might affect its support for up-and-coming music artists. Last week, Nile Rodgers spoke out that he was concerned BBC Introducing might be affected by the proposed changes. Now, Sir Elton has added his concern in a post on Instagram to his 4.7 million followers. He said that BBC Introducing's network and support of new music has been one of the best ways for emerging artists to get airplay and find listeners from local to national radio. He continued: "After reading recent reports of cuts to certain services, I look forward to seeing the @bbc make good on their promise to continue to support up-and-coming acts and not compromise the essence of BBC Introducing. To stop investing in the future of the UK's influential music industry whilst cuts are being made to the creative sector across the board would be a worrying step and neglect of musicians who bring culture and capital to the UK at home and abroad. - link
Thursday 03 August 2023, AM

Ofcom: linear TV reach sees record decline

UK broadcasters linear reach dropped to 79% last year, its steepest annual decline since records began, according to Ofcoms annual Media Nations report. The regulators 2023 report found linear audiences dropped four percentage points in 2022, from its 83% figure in 2021. This included for the first time a dramatic decline in average daily linear TV viewing among the core demographic of people aged 65+. The linear reach of this group dropped 10% year-on-year and was down 6% on pre-pandemic levels with older viewers also increasingly turning to streaming, the report found. Ofcom reported that the overall decline in broadcast TV viewing is continuing apace, falling by 12% year-on-year and 16% lower than pre-pandemic levels. - link

British TV viewing in decline as older audiences join shift to streaming | Television industry | The Guardian

Britons are switching off traditional live television broadcasts in record numbers, according to the media regulator Ofcom. Until now older audiences had proved loyal to traditional channels, but even people aged 65-plus are now cutting back on television and switching over to streaming services such as Netflix and Disney+. - link

RAJAR Q2 2023

Welcome to another RAJAR release, where the biggest story today is likely to be how Ken Bruce, Greatest Hits Radio and Radio 2 have all done. His first show for Greatest Hits Radio was on the 3 April 2023. - link

A RAJARs special

If your landlord looking for additional peace of mind you seem flats that are just prepare to be impressed by apartments with show-stopping amenities cool welcome to Copper make a square rental apartments with a real wow factor. Look of you in today in early next year viewing. Hello welcome to the…

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Wednesday 02 August 2023, PM

The Hegarty Effect

BBC sounds music Radio podcasts hello, this is the media show from BBC Radio 4 in this week's show talk to a legend of British advertising Sir John Hegarty join the industry in the 60s by the 80s who co-founded the agency Bartle Bogle Hegarty by 2012 it would be sold for over 100 million on the way…

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Friday 28 July 2023, PM

28/07/2023 Radio 4 Feedback

BBC sounds music Radio podcasts hello and welcome to this week. It's one of the biggest questions of how exactly did the pandemic begin Radio 4 fever the hunt for covid origin goes under the feedback microscope. I found it opening at conclusion to be somebody because I would have liked an assessmen…

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Friday 28 July 2023, AM

ITV H1: Digital revenue up 24%

UK commercial broadcaster ITV has released half-year results that show ITV Studios revenues up 8 per cent and digital revenue up 24 per cent, offsetting a decline in linear advertising revenues. Total external revenue was down 2 per cent at 1.639 billion, with growth in ITV Studios and digital revenues largely offsetting the decline in linear advertising revenues Total ITV Studios revenue up 8 per cent to 1,000 million, driven by the UK. Media Entertainment revenue down 9 per cent at 964 million, with total advertising revenue down 11 per cent as guided. - link
Thursday 27 July 2023, AM

Half year financial results reveal media and entertainment revenues down 9%

ITV Studios half-year revenues topped £1bn for the first time as ITV saw a 50% drop in profits amid a rocky economic landscape. ITVS grew income 8% year on year, up from £927m last year, while ITVX helped drive a quarter leap in digital revenues from £144m to £179m. Love Island 2023 Love Island However, half year financial results released on Thursday morning showed overall revenues were down 9% (£964m) across ITV’s media and entertainment operation. Total external revenues hit £1.6bn, a drop of 2% from last year’s (£1.7bn), while total group revenues also dropped fractionally by 1% to reach £1.964bn down from £1.992bn. Adjusted EBITA was £152m in the six months to June 30 - a 52% slump from the £318m at the equivalent time last year. - link
Wednesday 26 July 2023, PM

Hot off the press

BBC sounds music Radio podcasts from BBC Radio 4 yesterday said the recent intense heat waves would be virtually impossible without human-induced climate change will be discussing the approach the media takes to report in the climate story and the charge of hypocrisy level Daily Mail columnist Ross…

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Wednesday 26 July 2023, AM

The British Miracle Meat: the story behind one of the best TV hoaxes in history

Taking advantage of his overbearingly cheery persona, the presenter has pulled off one of the best hoaxes in media history with his bogus documentary The British Miracle Meat. For the uninitiated, The British Miracle Meat took us on a tour of the secret Lincolnshire factory of Good Harvest, an innovative food company providing cheap, fresh meat sourced from humans. - link
Friday 21 July 2023, PM

21/07/2023 Radio 4 Feedback

BBC sounds music Radio podcasts BBC Radio was getting the job. I would expect it for me Radio 4 programming has become prescribed unpredictable the BBC's annual report was published last week if suddenly bigger than usual but all results any better. Also are in our vauxbox to chat about comedian Ma…

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Thursday 20 July 2023, PM

Opinion: How the BBC can lead the way in the post-PSB world of kids' programming

Joe Godwin, former director of BBC Children's and current board member of the Children's Media Foundation, highlights how the UK's Media Bill is key to championing public service children's content - and why the BBC must continue to lead the way in a post-PSB landscape. The lack of outcry is partly due to the low visibility of children's content on the BBC. When children's programmes were shown every day on BBC One and BBC Two in single TV homes, politicians, opinion formers and most adults would have been aware of the BBC's offer for kids. - link
Wednesday 19 July 2023, PM

Going undercover in Myanmar

BBC sounds music Radio podcasts hello, this is the media show from BBC Radio 4 now matters new app threads is past 100 billion Twitter's ad revenue is down 50% but don't for a minute thing that we're social media is heading is Settle we're going to look at data tells us about which platforms were u…

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Tuesday 18 July 2023, PM

Investigation launched into news item on Greatest Hits Radio

Ofcom has launched a Standards investigation into a news item broadcast on Greatest Hits Radio earlier this year. Ofcom will investigate if Greatest Hits Radio had complied with rules around impartiality and accuracy. - link
Tuesday 18 July 2023, AM

BBC faces review of licence fee model with alternative methods considered

The BBC is facing a review into its funding model with subscription, a broadband levy and even advertising touted as potential alternatives to the licence fee. News of the funding review comes as the licence fee faces its biggest increase for 20 years in April next year after a two-year freeze. - link
Friday 14 July 2023, PM

14/07/2023 Radio 4 Feedback

BBC sounds music Radio podcasts hello and welcome to the BBC has been online in for creating and generation Media feeding frenzy about this story here, Edward story is dominated the news agenda. All week will be unpicking hi the BBC reports on itself also Janey Godley it's the perfect balance of st…

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Friday 14 July 2023, AM

BBC v The Sun, RTÉ Barter Woes, Labour take on the press link
Thursday 13 July 2023, PM

UK s Channel 4 defends CEO s record pay deal sets September to detail new content needs

The public broadcaster, which is ad funded, confirmed in its annual financial report released yesterday that former Shine CEO Mahon had been awarded just under 1.5m in 2022. The 2022 bonus payments had been awarded after the broadcaster avoided privatisation, but were deferred by Mahon and other senior execs including content chief Ian Katz, whose total 2022 pay stood at 845,000. - link
Wednesday 12 July 2023, PM

The BBC Presenter Story

BBC sounds music Radio podcasts and Katie razzall and this is the media show from BBC Radio 4 now. I'm very conscious that some of you have heard quite enough for nearly a week on and the BBC presenter story is still developing and there are still questions for us on the media show to ask the story…

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Saturday 08 July 2023, AM

Ofcom launches investigation into "Don't Kill Cash" campaign on GB News

Rule 5.4 of the Ofcom Broadcasting Code requires all broadcasters to ensure that their programmes - whatever their genre - exclude all expressions of the views and opinions of the person providing the service on matters of political and industrial controversy or current public policy. Our investigation does not seek to question the merits of the campaign itself. - link
Friday 07 July 2023, PM

07/07/2023 Radio 4 Feedback

BBC sounds music Radio podcasts hello and welcome to your new series of feedback, is it possible that conspiracy thinking is matic of widespread distrust in mainstream politics and the media who better to ask them the BBC disinformation and social media correspondent Marianna spring also mood music…

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Friday 07 July 2023, AM

Threads Launches, Clarkson vs IPSO, City AM seeks buyer link
Thursday 06 July 2023, AM

Why has Ideal World been suspended? TV channel goes off air

Shopping television channel Ideal World is off air and faces an uncertain future, with its website also down. The 250 staff at the Peterborough-based business are unsure of their status after the station revealed on Monday that both platforms were offline. The company has apologised for any “inconvenience” caused. The latest development follows the channel dropping off Virgin Media last month, but it now appears to have gone from Freeview and other platforms as well. This is what we know so far. link
Wednesday 05 July 2023, PM

Reporting the French riots

BBC sounds music Radio podcasts from BBC Radio 4 today we're going to be taking a look at the west in France any issues for journalists covering the story president macron blames video games and social media for inciting violence and did yesterday suggested looking at ways to cut off the likes of t…

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Tuesday 04 July 2023, AM

Ofcom to investigate GB News and TalkTV over impartiality rules

Ofcom has launched investigations into GB News and TalkTV as the media regulator struggles to handle how rightwing television channels are employing serving politicians as presenters. GB News and TalkTV's willingness to push opinionated television news in a manner not traditionally seen on British television has left Ofcom playing catch-up, trying to apply a broadcast code written in a different era dominated by the BBC and ITV. British broadcast rules ban serving politicians from acting as news presenters on television and radio stations, unless there are exceptional circumstances. - link
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