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Thursday 01 June 2023, AM

Opportunities for BBC Local Radio

BBC Sounds have their own objectives, particularly driving reach of under 35s. Getting local podcasts launched seems to be the result of commissioning decisions by Local Radio HQ and BBC Sounds - if unaligned this could be difficult to get done. If commercial radio streams can have local ads why can't you drop in a local weather bulletin down to a town Why shouldn't national and regional shows be able to reference a clip from the local breakfast show. - link
Wednesday 31 May 2023, PM

Westminster's Secrets and Lies

BBC sounds music Radio podcasts from BBC Radio 4 The Ultimate insider's with privileged access to the Houses of Parliament and the people running the country. Do they use their roles to hold the powerful to account or is political reporting an opaque and cosy Club that sometimes fails democracy rec…

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Tuesday 30 May 2023, AM

More details announced regarding BBC Radio 4 long wave switch off

The Daily Service and the longer version of Yesterday in Parliament will also continue on LW until March 2024 and will then be available on BBC Radio 4 Extra and BBC Sounds. Yesterday in Parliament will still be broadcast on the Today programme on Radio 4 FM/DAB. Test Match Special is already available uninterrupted on Radio 5 Sports Extra and BBC Sounds where listeners will continue to be able to access it digitally. - link
Friday 26 May 2023, AM

Channel 4 unveils single brand | Advanced Television

UK commercial PSB Channel 4 says it is boldly bringing all its digital, social, and linear channels together under one single brand as All 4 becomes 'Channel 4', elevating the broadcaster's streaming-first commitment for the digital age. - link

Analysts: Broadcaster viewing to shrink to below half of total video viewing by 2028

New research by Enders Analysis predicts UK broadcaster viewing will shrink to below half of total video viewing by 2028-down from 64 today-as streaming services gain share of long-form viewing time. Broadcaster viewing is forecast to see a 21 per cent reduction by 2028, with live viewing declining by 27 per cent and non-live viewing by 6 per cent, added the analysts. - link
Wednesday 24 May 2023, PM

Bellingcat answers Elon Musk's 'psy-ops' claim

BBC sounds music Radio podcasts hello, this is the media show from BBC Radio 4 hello and welcome this week the founder of the online investor group bellingcat on coming under fire from Elon Musk does the BBC's Beverley you're saying no rowdy on my covering the situation in Sudan is proving hard an …

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Wednesday 24 May 2023, AM

Sky UK Ltd

Sky UK Ltd t/a Sky said the ad promoted their 'Wall to Wall Wi-Fi Guarantee', which promised customers that either they would achieve a 3 Mbps download speed in up to 12 rooms of their home, or if not then they would receive money back in the form of a credit of one month's broadband subscription. We told Sky UK Ltd t/a Sky to ensure future ads did not misleadingly exaggerate the performance of Sky's fibre broadband in its capability to provide coverage throughout a home and improve patchy Wi-Fi. BCAP Code. - link
Friday 19 May 2023, PM


BBC sounds music Radio podcasts hello and welcome to feedback BBC journalist to strike again over cuts to local radio programming and listeners say their voices are being BBC a vectors. May what people say the last thing they are doing is listening to a on feedback today a former BBC local station …

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Wednesday 17 May 2023, PM

Twitter bows to Erdoğan?

BBC sounds music Radio podcasts from BBC Radio 4 for the presidency heads for a second round we're looking at the challenges John Lewis in the country face reporting it and what did you make that Sunak zelensky bear hug that photo of a pm welcome in the Ukrainian president to Chequers on Monday has…

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Friday 12 May 2023, PM


BBC sounds music Radio podcasts hello, I'm Andrea and welcome to the news this week was dominated by the coronation of King Charles III but did the BBC get the tone write congratulations on the live radio broadcast to the coronation this was very interesting and informative the approach to the Coro…

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Wednesday 10 May 2023, PM

Jeremy Bowen: seeing through the fog of war

BBC sounds music Radio podcasts hello, this is the media show from BBC Radio 4 hello and welcome well. I guess today needs very little introduction Jeremy Bowen join the BBC in 1984 as a journalism trainee he's gone on to become a celebrated foreign correspondent and one of the best-known face is a…

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Friday 05 May 2023, PM


BBC sounds music Radio podcasts hello, I'm Andrea and welcome to strike action over BBC cuts to the fight to save their favourite presenters goes on what is happening to our baby saying no consideration for our local Communities and consultation to reconsider their decisions and reassess their plan…

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Wednesday 03 May 2023, PM

David Olusoga: Bafta-winning historian

BBC sounds music Radio podcasts from BBC Radio 4 about the British Media politics and where we are as a society with some incredible guests the historian and broadcaster David all the sugar is being honoured with a BAFTA special award. He's here for his first interview dropped so are spectator poli…

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Tuesday 02 May 2023, AM

With democracy and a free press under attack, the BBC cannot afford to mire itself in scandal

BBC needs new rules for chair in wake of Richard Sharp affair, says David Dimbleby. Keir Starmer was eager to say on Sunday that under a Labour government it would not be a political appointment, and the shadow culture secretary, Lucy Powell, has already convened a panel to examine the independence of the BBC and ways to strengthen the organisation. - link
Friday 28 April 2023, PM


BBC sounds music Radio podcasts, what are the history programmes how common are left with this? Week's Joe stilgoe this appreciation night time for any answers is and he's a good day or night produced in Cardiff the move has already led to one high-profile departure first thing we hear is that Rich…

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Friday 28 April 2023, AM

Richard Sharp resigns as BBC chair

The Adam Heppinstall KC-led investigation concluded that Sharp had mishandled communications around his involvement in securing an 800,000 loan to former prime minister Boris Johnson. We want to put on record our thanks to Richard, who has been a valued and respected colleague, and a very effective Chairman of the BBC. The BBC Board believes that Richard Sharp is a person of integrity. - link

Call for Evidence

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BBC stuck in TV and radio era without digital plan

A spokesperson for the BBC said they have made significant progress and continue to build plans for a digital-first BBC. The MPs' report said the BBC was performing well when compared to rivals like Netflix, which do not have a public service obligation. Some work is already taking place to prioritise digital, with the corporation outlining plans to stop airing CBBC, BBC Four and Radio 4 Extra on linear TV and radio. - link
Wednesday 26 April 2023, PM

'The craziest day in cable news history'

BBC sounds music Radio podcasts hello, this is the media show from BBC Radio 4 hello and welcome the coronation of King Charles just over a week away is going to discuss how the BBC should cover it the plugs been pulled on BuzzFeed news. We'll talk about why this toy reveal something fundamental Me…

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Friday 21 April 2023, PM


BBC sounds music Radio podcasts hello, I'm Andrea catherwood and welcome to today. We are tackling the serious issue of Radio 4 comedy. I do like the fact that the BBC offers new Talent showcase the Now Show is funny, but still features mainly middle man making fun of another set of middle age men …

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Wednesday 19 April 2023, PM

Hunting the Pentagon leaker

BBC sounds music Radio podcasts from BBC Radio 4 hello to very different piece of journalism today, we're looking at the big New York Times scoop into the identity of the suspected pentagon and a new BBC podcast That tries to solve the cold case of a boy from love you went missing more than 40 year…

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Monday 17 April 2023, AM

BBC accused of lacking impartiality in royal coverage

The campaign group Republic has accused the BBC of a lack of impartiality in its coverage before the coronation of King Charles, accusing the broadcaster of failing to hold the monarchy to account. The BBC faced similar complaints from campaigners after its coverage of the late Queen Elizabeth's platinum jubilee and its coverage of her death. - link
Friday 14 April 2023, PM


BBC sounds music Radio podcasts hello, I'm Andrea catherwood and welcome to feed A Very British cult is a chilling in the good of BBC podcast That stormed the charts this week becoming the most downloaded podcast in the UK I'm joined by its presenter catrin-mai to explore its success and I will hea…

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Wednesday 12 April 2023, PM

Head to Head with Elon Musk

BBC sounds music Radio podcasts from BBC Radio 4 one of the world's most powerful and controversial people with just a few hours notice the BBC technology reporter James Clayton got that Elon Musk dominating the headlines today and is here also talking about Disney plus is 48-in to European themed …

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Wednesday 12 April 2023, AM

Elon Musk says BBC's 'government-funded media' Twitter tag will be changed

Musk said legacy blue verification ticks on Twitter would be removed from all users in the coming days - after a previous proposed deadline to do so by 1 April was missed - as part of his efforts to persuade individuals and organisations to pay a monthly subscription fee for his Twitter Blue service. Agrawal, along with Twitter's former chief financial officer Ned Segal and the former chief legal officer Vijaya Gadde, allege they have spent more than 1m of their own money on legal fees related to shareholder lawsuits and government investigations, which they are calling on Twitter to pay. - link
Friday 07 April 2023, PM


BBC sounds music Radio podcasts with me Andrea catherwood in a cost-of-living crisis the BBC reports on the economy is more important than ever it commission to review to investigate if it's coverage on government spending was prone to bias or today joined by its authors to discuss the results and …

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Wednesday 05 April 2023, PM

China and the Information War

BBC sounds music Radio podcasts hello, this is the media show from BBC Radio 4 now back in 2018 the Chinese President Xi Jinping said wherever the readers are wherever the viewers are that is where propaganda reports must extend their tentacles 7 years later in a hearing in Washington recently the …

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Friday 31 March 2023, AM


BBC sounds music Radio podcasts hello, you are listening to the feedback podcast with me Andrea catherwood the woman who tops the first ever Woman's Hour women in Sport power list is the captain who took England to Euro 2022 victory this week's woman's hour and 23 choosing the UK's 30 most outstand…

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BBC to cut 1,000 hours of TV increases savings target to $495m as licence fee freeze bites

The BBC has revealed it is cutting 1,000 hours of programming from its slates in a bid to achieve a revised savings target that has soared from 285m to 400m. The news emerged in the UK pubcaster's annual plan, which was published on Thursday, and will see around 500 hours of sports programming being cut from schedules, partly because there are fewer major events this year. The decision comes as the BBC faces considerable challenges to its model, largely because of the ongoing prize freeze of the TV licence fee, which has come at a time when programming costs have been rising rapidly. - link
Wednesday 29 March 2023, PM

Britain's Best-Connected Editor

BBC sounds music Radio podcasts from BBC Radio 4 what does the future hold for newspapers few people are more qualified to answer that question but my guest on the media show this week and it's where to get an interview with him Geordie Greig has sat in the editor's chair as some of the country's b…

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Monday 27 March 2023, PM

Update on changes to BBC One HD on Freeview/Youview in England

We will be retiring the red slate that previously advised viewers to go to channel 1 for local programming, as viewers will no longer need to switch to channel 1 for local news and then back to 101 for BBC One in HD. Making BBC One HD available on a regional basis is a major undertaking for BBC teams and our suppliers, so we are going to launch regional versions of BBC One HD in two phases. The final place we need to ensure BBC One HD for the English regions is fully available is on BBC iPlayer. - link
Friday 24 March 2023, PM


BBC sounds music Radio podcasts hello should Radio 4 on BBC sounds to uncovering the story of how shamima Begum then just 15 years old ran away from her London home to join Isis in a conversation and liberal minded person. I'm insulted to the BBC seems fit to hear this program including commentary …

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Friday 24 March 2023, AM

Freeview HD fully regionalised after 13 years > RXTV info

Engineering work has been taking place to allow Freeview HD to offer fully regional TV for the first time in its 13 year history. With the launch of ITV1 HD on the platform, Freeview HD was regionalised based on ITV's macro advertising regions in England and BBC nations in Wales and Northern Ireland. - link
Thursday 23 March 2023, AM

New, audience-focused BBC operating licence fit for digital future

For the first time, the licence sets comprehensive new requirements on the BBC's online services - BBC iPlayer, BBC Sounds and the BBC website - which are increasingly important for reaching audiences. Retain a condition in the operating licence for BBC News to provide high quality local, regional, national, UK and international news to UK audiences hold the BBC to its commitments on local radio in England relating to news and travel, breaking news and major incidents, and its contribution to local democracy retain the quota in the operating licence for 100 of content to be speech during the breakfast peak on local radio in England and. - link
Tuesday 21 March 2023, PM

Opinion: What's driving the convergence of film and TV

Where films used to rely on a theatrical release and festival premieres, the ways in which audiences consume film and TV are now very much intertwined. These adaptions have shaken up industry norms around what makes a script fit for film or TV. And from a stylistic perspective, TV series more and more are resembling specific effects and creative choices from popular films. - link
Friday 17 March 2023, PM


BBC sounds music Radio podcasts hello welcome to the program the impression is that the Lister and the music industry of being misled and the BBC's intention is to abandon, its public service role in classic musical moments in the UK response to interview with the BBC head of orchestras and choirs …

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Writing a First Draft of History

BBC sounds music Radio podcasts from BBC Radio 4 my guests today has the most defining stories of Our Time Gary young briefly became part of Nelson Mandela's Entourage joined Revellers as President Obama was elected and there's about much else to the Windrush scandal and the black lives matter move…

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Wednesday 15 March 2023, PM

The Great Impartiality Debate

BBC sounds music Radio podcasts from BBC Radio 4 hello and special longer edition of the media show after the last week we felt we need an hour to talk about Gary Lineker and the BBC and all of the questions this story has raised about impartiality politics and leadership will also be joined by the…

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Friday 10 March 2023, PM


Hello and welcome to a new series of feedback, so has anything big happened well, we've been offered. I have loved being here with you. Thank you so much and maybe meet again somewhere. It's Radio 2 on the BBC latest in a long line of BBC Talent to abandon, the beef for pastures new the host of the…

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UK's ITV to close kids channel CITV as ITVX takes centre stage

ITV commissions using the now defunct BFI Young Audiences Content Fund will also appear on ITVX Kids, including sustainable arts and craft series Makeaway Takeaway, science show HOW and Happy The Hoglet. ITV pointed to BARB viewing data that shows while the average amount of broadcast TV minutes of kids TV channels watched by 4-15 year olds per week has declined by -62 since 2019, unmatched viewing - consumption that BARB cannot measure including SVOD and through gaming devices, amongst others - has risen by 30 over the same period. - link
Wednesday 08 March 2023, PM

We Need to Talk About Gary

BBC sounds music Radio podcasts hello, this is the media show from BBC Radio 4 today will look at how Elon Musk Twitter fight with a sacked employee and then ended up saying sorry will talk to Kara swisher on that will also look at algorithms. They play a huge part in deciding what media content we…

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Monday 06 March 2023, AM

The BBC news channel revamp has been a PR disaster

It is fair to say, as a former BBC head of television news has, that BBC number crunchers had been eyeing the duplicate costs of running two live news channels for a long time. Of course, the quest for young viewers does risk making BBC executives look a bit sad. In 1997, BBC News 24 made corporation history, not for launching Auntie into the brave new digital age, but for the appearance of the BBC's first jacketless news presenter. - link
Wednesday 01 March 2023, PM

Covid's back in the news

BBC sounds music Radio podcasts hello, this is the media show from BBC Radio 4 to 21st. We have what the Telegraph calling the lockdown files thousands of WhatsApp messages that former Health Secretary Matt Hancock sent and received he gave them to the journalist Isabel oakeshott, so she can help w…

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Tuesday 28 February 2023, AM

More sat channels switch to MPEG4 and HEVC > RXTV info

7 of channels on its satellites were broadcast in HEVC. MPEG4 is increasingly also used to broadcast standard definition channels. SD satellite channels serving the UK and Ireland aren't able to make the switch to MPEG4 as older Sky receivers don't support MPEG4. - link
Wednesday 22 February 2023, PM

The 'shameful' coverage of Nicola Bulley

BBC sounds music Radio podcasts from BBC Radio 4 today, what does the story of Nicola bully tell us about the media yesterday the broadcast regulator Ofcom wrote to ITV and Sky News after the bully family issued a criticism of them this afternoon the police and crime commissioner for Lancashire lau…

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Wednesday 22 February 2023, AM

BBC HD upgrade completes on Freesat > RXTV info

Viewers with a Freesat TV or box can now access over 30 HD channels with the completion of the BBC's HD upgrade on the platform. BBC One South East became the last remaining regional service to switch to HD this afternoon, completing a month-long upgrade that has seen all remaining regional BBC channels, plus BBC Parliament, BBC Red Button and BBC Alba become available in HD. The news was shared to viewers of South East Today at lunchtime. - link
Wednesday 15 February 2023, PM

Charisma, uniqueness, nerve and talent... and more!

BBC sounds music Radio podcasts on one of the pioneers of reality TV looking for charisma uniqueness nerve or tendon, Bailey's behind rupaul's drag race described by Time Magazine as one of the most influential reality TV shows of all time the company he founded World of Wonder has made documentari…

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Tuesday 14 February 2023, AM

Richard Sharp 'must fall on his sword and resign as BBC chairman', says Jonathan Dimbleby

The new calls came after a report from the Commons Digital, Culture, Media and Sport Committee said Mr Sharp failed to declare to MPs his role in facilitating the arrangement when he was applying for the job. Mr Sharp has apologised for introducing his friend Sam Blyth, a cousin of Mr Johnson who wanted to help the then-prime minister with his financial troubles, to the Cabinet Office. - link
Sunday 12 February 2023, AM

Boris Johnson: BBC chair Richard Sharp made 'significant errors of judgement' over £800,000 loan

Late 2020Before the end of the year, Richard Sharp and Sam Blyth met with Boris Johnson for dinner at his country residence, Chequers. January 2021At the start of January, the government announced Richard Sharp as the preferred candidate to be BBC chairman. - link
Friday 10 February 2023, AM

Erik Huggers appointed Chairman of Everyone TV

The UK's leading public service broadcasters - the BBC, ITV, Channel 4 and Channel 5 - have appointed Erik Huggers as the new Chairman of free TV platform operator, Everyone TV. Huggers is a highly respected senior executive with a wealth of international leadership experience gained across a variety of media and tech businesses. About Everyone TV. Everyone TV is responsible for the day-to-day running of free TV platforms - Freeview and Freesat - as well as leading free TV's evolution for a digital age. -
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