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Thursday 04 February 2021, PM

BBC reveals $556m cuts to content services during 2021/22 - TBI Vision

The BBC expects to slash more than 400m from its programming and services budget this year as it attempts to deal with a financial squeeze caused by streamers and a drop in funding. The broadcaster, which has already made a swathe of job cuts in the past year, pointed to the loss of The Great British Bake Off to Channel 4 and the closure of BBC Three as a broadcast channel as examples of savings made to date. - link
Thursday 04 February 2021, AM

Ofcom revokes CGTN's licence to broadcast in the UK

London, 1015 GMT, 4 February 2021 Ofcom has today withdrawn the licence for CGTN to broadcast in the UK, after its investigation concluded that the licence is wrongfully held by Star China Media Limited. Links between CGTNC and CCTV. Having considered the available evidence, we have decided we are unable to grant the application to transfer the licence from SCML to CGTNC. Correspondence from CGTN submitted during the course of our investigation makes clear that CGTNC is controlled by CCTV, which is also the sole shareholder of CGTNC. Given CGTNC is controlled by CCTV - which, as part of the China Media Group, is controlled by the Chinese Communist Party and therefore disqualified from holding a broadcast licence under UK broadcasting laws - we consider that CGTNC would be disqualified from holding a licence. - link

BBC would cost £400 per year if turned into subscription service, says Tim Davie

The BBC would cost more than 400 per year if it was turned into a subscription service, the corporation has said, as it claimed to offer almost twice the value for money as Netflix. The BBC arrived at its figure by adding the average cost of Netflix, Amazon and other streaming services that offer a mix of drama, entertainment and documentaries music services such as Spotify and premium online news services. - link
Wednesday 03 February 2021, PM

Discovery on their shift to streaming

BBC sounds music Radio podcasts from BBC Radio 4 national is one of the Giants of global Media today 800 million viewers across the world every month the owner of production companies pay channels free to air channels, so not just the Discovery Channel the Food Network animal Planet and Eurosport …

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Wednesday 03 February 2021, AM

All about student radio operating during a pandemic

Well, hello welcome to the fabulous fabulous radio Today programme this week. We have got something a little bit different for you were turning our attention to student radio students Tom Horn has been in touch. She says he loves to talk to his boss Leo Jocelyn at the station manager at Leeds to r…

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Sunday 31 January 2021, AM

Broadcasters to channel all into a one-stop streaming player to keep up with US giants

British broadcasters are joining forces to develop a single free streaming app they hope will prevent them being overwhelmed by the US tech giants. The BBC, ITV, Channel 4 and Channel 5 are in talks to build a new service that will aggregate live broadcasts and catch-up programming in one place. The discussions, hosted by the industry joint venture Freeview, aims to both make it easier for viewers to navigate the proliferation of streaming apps and ensure that British broadcasters have the heft to claim their place on the “homescreen” of smart TVs, in competition with Netflix, Amazon, Apple, Disney+ and others. The broadcasters plan to allow viewers to use a single sign-in and to pool audience data to improve programme recommendations. It means that viewers who enjoy a crime drama from the BBC could be recommended one from ITV, for instance. It is the latest sign of easing tensions between public service broadcasters, as rapid changes in viewing habits force them to abandon old rivalries to survive. The broadcasting watchdog Ofcom has said “audiences could benefit significantly” if the broadcasters’ shows were offered through a combined service that was widely available when it published a review last month. The BBC, ITV and Channel 4 already collaborate on Britbox, a subscription streaming service focused on classic series. An industry source insisted plans for an all-in-one British television app will not diminish the need for new laws to underpin public service broadcasters’ claim on the homescreen. Traditional television regulations hand them the highest spots on channel menus in exchange for making news and public services programmes that tend to attract smaller audiences. However, there are fears public service shows will struggle to reach audiences in the future as younger viewers switch their allegiance to American streaming platforms, while current laws give no guaranteed position on smart TVs and connected devices. Research by Ofcom in December found that 43pc of viewers using on-demand streaming services can imagine watching no broadcast TV in five years’ time. It comes as the TV mast monopoly Arqiva is poised to pull out of the TV platform YouView, a joint venture with the BBC, ITV, Channel 4, Channel 5, BT and TalkTalk. It follows the infrastructure giant’s decision in December to step down as a shareholder in Freeview, the main terrestrial broadcasting platform. The Sunday Telegraph revealed in October that Arqiva had refused to help fund a new Freeview streaming service because it would not rely on traditional broadcasting infrastructure.. - link
Thursday 28 January 2021, AM

UK s C4 overhauls commissioning acquisitions with Sarah Lazenby departing - TBI Vision

Channel 4 in the UK has become the latest broadcaster to restructure its senior exec team to focus on streaming, with programming chief Ian Katz handed an expanded remit but formats features chief Sarah Lazenby departing. Current head of features formats Lazenby will exit as a result of the changes after six years with the broadcaster, during which she secured cookery format Bake Off from the BBC. Responsibility for More4 commissioning will also move under Street, while Karl Warner becomes head of youth digital, with a brief to commission young skewing content for linear net E4 and all digital platforms. - link

CDN report slams UK broadcasters, details "significant imbalances" in racial gender roles - TBI Vision

The CDN has today published its fourth annual report from its Diamond diversity monitoring and reporting system, which focuses on these five UK broadcasters and includes 740,000 contributions from across the industry. As well as racial and gender imbalances, the report also highlighted a startling lack of representation from the disabled and transgender workforce and comes despite a global push for greater diversity and inclusivity in recent months. - link
Wednesday 27 January 2021, PM

"We're never doing an anti-immigrant story again"

BBC sounds music Radio podcasts from BBC Radio 4 Daily Express lately you know the title that boasts about being the world's greatest newspaper on the front page the Toast years ago of Beaverbrook boisterously anti-immigrant obsessed with Princess Diana and reliable wrong about the weather well, i…

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Wednesday 27 January 2021, AM

Exclusive: BBC's 'Winterwatch' pioneers green production power - TBI Vision

The UK-based BBC Studios Natural History Unit has taken a step forward for green production practices, completing a live transmission of its nature show Winterwatch powered solely by environmentally-friendly hydrogen fuel and energy-saving batteries. Last night's episode of the BBC Two series served as something of a test-run for broadcasting live shows powered by a hydrogen generator and, according to BBC Studios, was the world's first large-scale outside broadcast powered entirely by green hydrogen fuel. - link

Jonny Gould and Liam Thompson talk to Phil Dobbie about radio, streaming and podcasting all coming together

Hello, I'm not Stuart Clarkson this is right in saying welcome to the radio Today programme with broadcast bionics now this week. We're talking about radio course and podcasting and screaming and our guest host is Phil Dobbie the co-founder of loudmouth Communications he's a podcast presenter and …

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Sunday 24 January 2021, PM

Perhaps I'm biased but I really do think the BBC is impartial

The BBC must now somehow demonstrate lots of impartiality. How can you ever prove that there's a generally fair, impartial and accurate output over hundreds of hours of broadcasting week after week What's the clip In my view, the BBC has almost always been trustworthy and balanced, but now, to stake a claim to those qualities, it must demonstrate first penitence, then reform. - link
Wednesday 20 January 2021, PM

Reporting the war on coronavirus

BBC sounds music Radio podcasts from BBC Radio 4 hello if we at war with coronavirus is there a Frontline and should join this try to get to it this week the BBC has been showing a series of news reports from inside a hospital for James to get access to a covid-19 For Reasons will get onto but can…

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Survey about the BBC - the BBC - Send - BBC

We are really interested in understanding your views on the BBC and some of the other services you use. Here is a short survey that should take no longer than 5 minutes to complete and your answers will be completely confidential. We will be looking at the results of the survey, alongside looking at how you and others use the BBC’s services when you are signed in to your account. For example, we might look at whether people who use the BBC a lot have a different view to those who don’t use it very often. This is to help us better understand how people feel about the BBC. The survey results and how you use the BBC will remain totally anonymous. - link

Netflix caps off record year with 200 million subscribers - TBI Vision

Netflix has surpassed 200 million subscribers globally for the first time in its history and says it plans to continue to accelerate its original commissioning plans. Netflix returned to form in the final quarter of the year adding 8.5 million subscribers. - link
Wednesday 20 January 2021, AM

Dick Stone talks to our guest host Chris Birks

Morning welcome to the radio today program and we have another special guest house this week and another very special guest. Will tell you all about that in just a second professional. Let me thank you for getting in touch with your offers of doing interviews for This podcast and we will be gettin…

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BBC faces financial 'uncertainty' due to reliance on licence fee

The BBC faces an uncertain future because it relies heavily on the licence fee as its audience share plummets, Whitehall's spending watchdog has concluded. The NAO's findings come amid criticism from senior Conservatives of the BBC and its reliance on the licence fee ahead of the BBC's charter renewal in December 2027. - link
Tuesday 19 January 2021, AM

BBC iPlayer sees record-breaking start to 2021, with biggest week ever

Updated 337 pm, 18 January 2021.More people than ever are using BBC iPlayer and they are using it more often, with a staggering 5.8 billion streams in 2020. The BBC iPlayer experience will keep getting better whatever your age and wherever you're based, and we are already seeing 2021 breaking new records with viewers flocking to The Serpent, A Perfect Planet, the FA Cup and many more. - link
Monday 18 January 2021, AM

Technology Futures Spotlight on the technologies shaping communications for the future

During our work on emerging technology so far, we have looked at how existing technologies are evolving, and which new technologies are starting to emerge now - and in the coming years. While audio technology appears to have matured, it has also been benefiting from RD. With virtual and augmented reality technologies advancing further, the demand for consumergrade haptic technology could also intensify, and perhaps olfactory technology will too. - link

Corbyn to campaign against Murdoch's News UK TV channel

Jeremy Corbyn has pledged to campaign against the arrival of Rupert Murdoch's News UK television channel as he launched his Peace and Justice Project at an online rally. His successor as leader, Keir Starmer, declined to restore the Labour whip to Corbyn, who now sits as an independent MP. The broadcasting regulator, Ofcom, gave the go-ahead last month to Murdoch's right-leaning news channel, which is expected to be on air for four to five hours a night. - link
Sunday 17 January 2021, AM

Prediction: Freeview to see increased competition |

Increased movement and competition on UK DTT platform Freeview is among the developments for 2021 predicted by Chris Parsons, Chief Executive at channel operations specialist MediaPaedia Broadcast. If the current DUK consultation is successful, we will see more OTT opportunities opening up on Freeview and potentially reduced costs for channels. - link
Friday 15 January 2021, PM

#148 - Media Podcast Predictions 2021

Love This podcast support this show through the a car support a feature. It's up to you. How much you give and there's no regular commitment just hit the link in the description to support now. Hello and a head of the series returning next week welcome to this bonus New Year edition of the media po…

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Media Podcast Predictions 2021

Love This podcast support this show through the a car support a feature. It's up to you. How much you give and there's no regular commitment just hit the link in the description to support now. Hello and a head of the series returning next week welcome to this bonus New Year edition of the media p…

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Friday 15 January 2021, AM

Plusnet scraps YouView TV services for new customers

Budget broadband provider confirms they are stopping new customer sign-ups to their YouView TV service. From Tuesday 19 January 2021, Plusnet broadband customers will not be able to add TV services to their broadband package. Existing customers can keep their subscriptions, but will be unable to recontract once their minimum term subscription is up. Plusnet say they are simplifying their product range to focus on their value broadband service and providing great customer service. - link

UKTV Play sees strong growth in 2020

UKTV has seen a 42% increase in viewings of its UKTV Play catch-up service over the past year while registrations for the service also grew 45% to 4.45 million. A free version of the app offering content from the broadcaster’s Dave, Yesterday and Drama channels is available on a host of smart TVs and Freeview, Freesat and YouView set top boxes, as well as on various streaming devices and on mobiles. - link
Wednesday 13 January 2021, PM

Free Speech vs the Internet

BBC sounds music Radio podcasts from BBC Radio 4 like countless this and many of you know that I could barely comprehend the images coming out of Washington last week. Let's be clear. This is a story not just in the media, but about the media social media has allowed to form Communities and dissem…

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How ITV News reported first-hand on the storming of Congress

BBC sounds music Radio podcasts from BBC Radio 4 hello and welcome to this podcast from the media show and congratulations on finding the subscribe button and joining our family news is the first rough draft of history this phrase was popularized by Philip Graham of the Washington Post they didn't…

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Wednesday 13 January 2021, AM

Tony Moorey talks to Leona Graham

Hello, this is not Stuart Clarkson this is why might in saying welcome to the radio Today programme broadcast bionics working with the world leading broadcasters and equipment suppliers to transform industry standard technologies and workplace normally Woodhouse 2:00 and introducing me and the res…

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Tuesday 12 January 2021, AM

Covid: Eyesight risk warning from lockdown screen time

The College of Optometrists said its members should continue to provide eye care under lockdown for people who experience any eyesight changes or problems. In the most extreme cases, the Royal National Institute of Blind People said it feared some people were at risk of losing their sight because of a fear of attending hospital during the coronavirus pandemic. - link

LG's 2021 TV lineup includes its brightest OLED ever

LG says the Evo panel found in its new G1 series - succeeding 2020's GX lineup - can crank higher than any of its previous OLED TVs for improved luminosity and HDR. LG likens this achievement to past OLED milestones like 4K HDR and the introduction of 8K. The G1 series will come in 77-, 65-, and 55-inch sizes. Last year, LG's CX OLED was picked by many as the best TV for next-gen consoles like the Xbox Series X and PlayStation 5. - link
Monday 11 January 2021, PM

4K TV Box Software Update: Dec 2020

If you're a Prime member, simply head to the On Demand section of our 4K TV box and login to your Amazon account to start streaming your favourite TV shows and movies. Our next generation 4K TV Boxes are the smarter way to enjoy a subscription-free satellite TV experience, with over 170 channels - including more than 20 in HD. View our 4K TV Box range now. - link

2021 predictions: What to expect from broadcasters and streamers

We expect that the installed base of media streamers will increase worldwide to nearly 300 million by 2024. In April 2020, linear TV viewing was up 14 year on year, while SVOD consumption rose by 92. One major hurdle broadcasters had to overcome was Covid's impact in limiting the flow of content and the consequential rise in production costs, with highinsurance premiums adding significantly to costs. - link

TV Logos Viewers Don't Understand -

Far be it for me to suggest that some elements of TV production deliberately obfuscate information, but here are three things that appear daily on UK TV, but which many - perhaps most - viewers simply don't understand. Broadcasters like the BBC, ITV and Sky have quite strict limits on what can and can't appear in credits, with the Albert logo being one of the few images to make it through beyond TV production company logos. - link
Wednesday 06 January 2021, PM

How video games became the lockdown playground

BBC sounds music Radio podcasts all across the UK and screens are the only route to teachers and friends are children now have and it's the same process using it, but something has received a major boost during the pandemic is the popularity of video games you can play together online. I've got th…

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Tuesday 05 January 2021, PM

TV licence fee: Boris Johnson ditches plan to decriminalise non-payment

Boris Johnson is preparing to shelve plans to decriminalise non-payment of the BBC licence fee, The Daily Telegraph can disclose. Ministers have delayed a decision to end the prosecution and imprisonment of people who do not pay the licence fee until at least 2022, it is understood, amid concerns it could create an even harsher system in which bailiffs pursue elderly people and poor families for unpaid debts. - link

BBC to expand educational shows in response to UK Covid lockdown

A significant expansion of BBC educational programming for children is to be launched in response to the latest UK lockdowns and school closures that are expected to continue for the foreseeable future. Programming will include BBC Live Lessons and BBC Bitesize Daily, as well as Our School and Celebrity Supply Teacher and older programming such as Horrible Histories, Art Ninja and Operation Ouch. - link

UK breaks broadband record with 50,000 Petabyte 2020 – Digital TV Europe

Broadband usage in the UK more than doubled in 2020 to 50,000 Petabytes, according to Openreach. The daily record for broadband use was broken 15 times during the year, with the average Openreach-connected property using around 9GB per day and around 3,000GB across the year. - link
Wednesday 30 December 2020, PM

Jane Tranter, super-producer

Hello all our guests on the media show this year has been the biggest and the brightest in the business, but for this last show of 2020 I have genuinely served you one of the very next today. We have these super producer and yes, that is a word behind some of the most celebrated shows on TV his Da…

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Tuesday 29 December 2020, AM

Thoughts on Audio in 2021 – Matt Deegan Writes

In the audio sector there's four elements that I tend think about - heritage broadcast radio, digital linear channels, music services and podcasts. Apple Music's re-launch of Beats 1 as a suite of linear radio stations and Spotify's introduction of music shows is their attempt to take on the reach and revenue of traditional radio. - link
Monday 28 December 2020, AM

We must work harder to separate fact from fiction, says Tim Davie

The problem posed by disinformation online is increasingly serious, the BBC's director general has said. Davie said it was important to keep up the fight against disinformation online as vaccines for coronavirus began to be administered. - link
Thursday 24 December 2020, PM

Sky Arts Freeview channel adds The Wiz!, Cats, Funny Girl and Swan Lake to festive programming | WhatsOnStage

Sky Arts continues to deliver the musical goods this Christmas through its three-month-old Freeview channel. An assortment of new shows have been added to the service's listings for the coming week, adding to the previously revealed series of classic stage shows being presented on the service. - link
Wednesday 23 December 2020, PM

Johnny Depp and the libel trial of the century

BBC sounds music Radio podcasts from BBC Radio 4 hello now on we like to look at every bit of a vast Media ecosystem, every little called that keeps the big wheels turning and today we're going to celebrate a role that is really celebrated. These are the guys working day to make Media happen or no…

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Tuesday 22 December 2020, AM

Small-scale multiplex applications and awards

This page provides a copy of any small-scale radio multiplex licence application which has been submitted to Ofcom. This type of licence is awarded in a competitive process, in which applications are judged against specific statutory criteria. - link
Friday 18 December 2020, PM


BBC sounds music Radio podcasts hello, it's Christmas Eve the light is bigger outside and The Gloom descends means that we can't have all our loved ones around us and we can't sing Carol's together in church or attend Christmas concerts King's College chapel in Bridge strangely empty. There's no c…

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#147 - The Audio Adventures of Harry Meghan

Love This podcast support this show through the a car support a feature. It's up to you. How much you give and there's no regular commitment just hit the link in the description to support now. Hello and welcome to the media podcast I'm only man for the future of broadcasting is Ofcom announces a n…

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#147 - The Audio Adventures of Harry Meghan

Love This podcast support this show through the a car support a feature. It's up to you. How much you give and there's no regular commitment just hit the link in the show description to support now. Hello and welcome to the media podcast I'm only man for the future of broadcasting is Ofcom announc…

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Thursday 17 December 2020, PM

It's finally here, Prime Video arrives on Freesat...

Prime Video has officially launched on our 4K TV Boxes and we couldn’t be more excited! Discover thousands of titles to watch now and bookmark this page for all the latest shows and movies coming to the streaming platform soon. If you’re a Prime member, simply head to the On Demand section of our 4K TV box and login to your Amazon account to start streaming your favourite TV shows and movies. Not a Prime member yet? Simply open the app and follow the instructions to sign up and enjoy a 30 day free trail and you’ll be able to watch all these shows and more this festive season! . - link
Wednesday 16 December 2020, PM

Who's winning in sports media?

BBC sounds music Radio podcasts hello and welcome to the media Show podcast this week in the world sports medium and if you are massive spots around the country in lockdown to cause this year has been all about the armchair rather than the stands hasn't it lets me I guess and there's a very good c…

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Wednesday 16 December 2020, AM

Dee Ford

The radiator day programme with broadcast bionic creators of The Bionic studio the smarter way to make radio turn up this week, what a year and as it draws to a close. We got one of the big bosses from Bower to tell us how 2020 has been for them default is on the podcast later will find out what's…

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Friday 11 December 2020, PM


BBC sounds music Radio podcasts hello another broadcaster, Queen is about to abdicate and there a widespread cries of dismay replaceable that she comes close funny iconoclastic personality someone as a friend about does Alison speak of course it's the Legend from Liverpool day and Jane Garvey who'…

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