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Read this: 13/05/2022 Radio 4 Feedback

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13/05/2022 Radio 4 Feedback…

BBC sounds music Radio podcasts hello when you think of the BBC Proms what sort of music do you expect to be plane that probably not this is not Sir Henry turning now in his grave with a prom entirely filled with video music.

Gaming music at the Proms I'll be asking it's director Alan Davie why and whether after the invasion of Ukraine russian music and will be part of this year's program and I'm not knocking ready free but I just like the variety of classic FM and the shorter pieces classical music lovers at a concert in Birmingham have questions for Alan Davie in his day job as controller of radio 3 and more musical controversy the BBC guidelines require journalist to take a rather and flexible approach to the use of this word for rendering it offensive in every context that is tantamount to rewriting history a response to last week's discussion about bbc6music decision to edit.

any word from Bob Dylan's anti-racist song Hurricane in the first how does one radio station satisfy both people who think of The Lone Ranger whenever they hear the William Tell Overture and those who can recognise and name every symphony of every major composer by ear the man who has to try and find an answer is the controller of radio 3 Alan Davie I talked to him a few days ago, but before hearing is a report from producer Alan beach when we sent to meet up with some Radio 3 listeners and non listeners as a concert given by the city of Birmingham Symphony Orchestra how exciting what's the name of that we have come from a village in South Staffordshire about half an hour's drive away and we come to listen to The Man

Symphony and we listen to Classic FM in the main no Radio 3 is obviously aimed at you and want you to be a lift now.

Why don't you listen to that? I think the pieces are less a well-known experience of classical FM with a lot more variety.

I suppose I think 23 is a bit more serious if I'm honest and I'm not quite at that level yet.

I'm not knocking Radio 3, but I just like the variety of classic FM and I suppose the shorter pieces that come from Walsall in the West Midlands which is about 9 miles from Birmingham I listen to the radio 3 on in the morning central classics and listen to programs which feature people's interests and people's taste in music like private passions and discuss it with Jess Gillam

Is there anything that you'd like to say to him or anything that's missing from Radio 3 concerned if it suits my needs.

I'm quite happy with it.

I don't think I've listened to enough radio 32 really be able to comment on that and I may well move on to Radio 3 as I become more familiar with classical music to me.

I tend to listen on Spotify because I know what tracks.

I want to listen to it having the direct access there and no it where I can choose exactly what I want to hear other than having to sit through a program and stay one key.

I don't want to chat me to listen to on the radio more if this I could see that the program in advance or there was someone a presenter that I knew ask who was already popular maybe I'm different.

Maybe not from a classical background.

It might make me want to lift a little bit more Manger podcast music I listen to Jess Killers podcast on Radio 3 interviews other musicians and talks about pieces that have inspired show the musician and things she likes and what do you like about that? I like just as a present.

I think she's really done to her.

She's quite relatable.

She's quite a well-known figure for other musicians and for people you're interested in music.

So I'm having a relational presenter there.

Is is what attractions that program and she's got young Google

21 currently, I'm working at the box office.

I'm also a student in the Birmingham royal Birmingham conservatoire sometimes occasionally listen to BBC occasion listen to classical FM mostly by YouTube I tried to go to as many times as I can radio is not the top of my priority simply because I don't have a radio.

I know you can listen to it online also stick with you to the internet on YouTube select my own selection of feaces repair to other day.

Enjoy and the radio is almost always inevitable e-prix picked by someone else and it doesn't always come inside with what I want to listen to right now BBC Radio 3 coming on and what would be your message to him to try.

Young people especially musicians like you listening to his radio station.

I'd like to listen to more experimental music like lesser played ballets of Levinsky new music I am a fashion advice.

I also stupid here to be music time does special with some of our native composers like Elgar Vaughan Williams and host only the mainstream, so we only listen to the pomp and circumstance March on the everyone knows his Land of Hope and Glory we only really hear the planets are fine as a treasure Trove of English music and we seem icebergs in the BBC put on the have a good Brian gothic, Symphony

Years ago in a back Second Symphony is appeared.

There's so much music there and I think it's time that we open the box open the box and let the secrets out hello my name is Otis and quinoline and I am one of the assistant conductors with the cbso.

How do you listen to classical music variety of sources sometimes I search things up on YouTube or apple music or Spotify and then if I want to live recordings of things.

I might go onto the news on specific Orchestra streaming or via podcasts and other kind of non live radio sources, but I think the younger generation radio actually office an opportunity to experience different things so I think that not being so conscious of what's on means the actually weather someone turns into a station is much more based on its bra.

An identity as opposed to the specific program that offers programs like private fashion look at music through the lens of maybe a public figure or some other way in and also hearing the relatability and their personal stories obviously as a musician.

That's all of the way that we learn about the same music as two teachers at two friends and so having a personal connection is very effective when my opinion of bridging the gap of understanding where you come from today from Birmingham between us classic FM is good morning so so kind of easy listening popular commercial type station when you have a few people around you said you recognise Radio 3 listen to more on my own.

Return basis, but I'm looking for a few hours at a time to be working I want to be when I'm studying and I like to hear a few pieces that I would normally might not have known to be joined by the controller of radio 3 Alan Davie Mr David listening to others first box you've got an impossible job.

Everybody wants something different some people want streaming as it were in and narrow focus on a particular area of classical music others want to be introduced in a more general sense of this want you to stay and do what you were doing when you hear all these different voices and to think you were uniquely difficult job to do now this uniquely difficult.

It's a job that always in classical music have to appeal to a broad audience possible and to give different ways in and if you look out radius and it's not.

Updated beast of a Schedule if you like you know we've got entry points during the day we got times of day when we can a focusing on on one piece of music you know what have a hole in the evening to example other points we've got discussion programmes where in composed of the week you hear the stories of the composers and the stories behind the great works of people love and what I think registry office.

It's a forest and you can enter at any point but there no been is many alternative places for people to go.

I think that is with the point of making it also that people want very different things from one BBC Radio network Serena and like your predecessor 20 years ago.

You can't tell people in a sense what to listen to you.

Can't even depend on their listening for a morning.

You know that's a real possibility after each program.

They go somewhere else, but we've got now is sounds so that if people like a particular type of thing.

On Radio 3 they can find it wherever they are whatever time you want so for example you want 6 hours worth of Complete Works you can play through the night through the day.

I reckon soundtrack to any day particularly if you study in which one of our listeners was talking about philosophy.

What is crucial say how welcome here at home network change new song from South Lincolnshire on the BBC Radio 3 on the whole least has been keeping its head above water.

Yes, I listen to Classic FM Radio 3 offers in much wider contents of cousin confirm that Radio 3 can and does lack fuel economy, I don't think we're actually and he's a very music professor and you know.

All the different presenters we have them in different ways, but you know what we know that our listeners really want is for a presentation of the music that is something to think about tell them what it is.

I think the music there.

They don't want to speak to get too much in the way of Music and how much of a target are young people I met anybody in broadcasting as well and they seem to me sometimes be upset about this who's listening how to attract them.

How do we get them to listen to The networks? I have you been specifically tasked to attract younger listen to Radio 3.

We've got some targets for younger listeners to sounds and I've been before discussing some of those mix steps that we do specifically and Emily Sanders and post is one at the moment along with gameplay in addition.

What are a real target audience is what we call replenishes people who?

Classical music slightly later in life and I'll Fly for me you know 2530 onwards but who come actually with a very open mind but that might know a lot about chopin's life or whatever but when they hear it the like the one I explore more so there was a lady.

I think he was talking about it my love life well on Friday we're going to sleep on the order with the lpo on Radio 3 and before that we're going to have a piece of Harrison Birtwistle and that lady may not have heard that before and I hope it'll be loving relationship people from Radio Street to sounds and to the best of digital world, but you do the other way round.

I'm in lady and raise the question of your podcast this deliberately I put podcast out there with a view that if people hear it from whatever fine whatever way they receiving sounds, but they will then come yes.

Satellite is also program was designed to live as a podcast and we hope that people being treated by that and that is a very engaging program with young musicians top it up the music that listening to and we have to be intrigued by that I'm coming dip their toes into registry and hopefully then diving and that's what about there's something interesting and we hope you stay up for the next in for something on look on sounds and see what the similar interesting thing is so you might hear the next in the evenings at half an hour.

I need to erupt in music now.

What we do is we don't tell people what the music is until afterwards the journey wondering.

Why has the reverse-engineering back Wollaton singer casino the more you tend to new listens and go why do if you like them the criticism comes in?

Times of the Proms upcoming promise if you want to talk to you about the moment Barry king has got a concern Gary King from Chichester West Sussex the resting place of Gustav Holst is it not to Henry wood turning in his grave with a prom entirely filled with video games music is Radio 3 making a deliberate attempt to move closer to take FM authors might use the term dumbing down, but it could be a genuine efforts to increase listener numbers behalf.

Sorry Davie I mean why do something about video games music are you genuinely interested in interviews by that sort of music yes, because it's a new composers are engaging with and how many soundtracks and she's a bandit and she's passed that from the whole genre of music to explore their and it's a new genre as film.

And Henry word far from turning his bed is VR headset on and I'll be joining in his programs that he did one it was a transit was directed by Henry Wood as well as premier Sibelius and it was it was a mixture so Damon lose, it is a genuine is the problem is they presented as serious modern classical music and what we have will do is maybe engage people know about Downing who's never had noticed before I wanna hear an officer for the first time in the Albert Hall changed and then there's lots of things to explore Davies be delighted that you can get the people into the Royal Albert Hall again and obviously pretty sure that the performers will turn up and 17th be stopped at the airport.

The Promise always political isn't it? Usually we talking about the Last Night of the Proms what you going to do there but now in the light of the Russia Ukraine

People expect you in the way to reflect upon that how are you going to do when we stop the Ukrainian freedom Orchestra coming for the second concert on the 31st of July and it's something we organise just 4 days.

I think before the prawns with launched.

So they're not in the catalogue there an orchestra adjust for me now that composed of Ukrainian Orchestra musicians from around Europe and some are being allowed to leave your friend in order to to join this Orchestra play the first concert in Poland at the Polish National Opera and concert will be at the Proms and that will be a very emotional moment where the Proms audience and the general Express solidarity of feeling with the people in the musicians will have some classical music to have some something.

I'm in work.

He will want to show their support for Ukraine something would like to show their anger again.

Russia and bending voices talk about cultural boy cards, but even not playing russian music do you think that a fundamental mistake to say because a particular government inaction the music of that country should be in some way vetoed any actions of any current government and not the fault of real and they're not the fault of stuff that he had a very interesting history himself in history Russian musicians who produced the music for the world and obviously we want to reflect and will also have some Transformers now.

How did you find that? I don't really know they have lived in this country for 20 years and been the cornerstone of our but dance with them privately and we know that I'm not supposed to the region and the Promise does that wouldn't be welcome at all.

Music can reach beyond national boundaries were very strong and Daniel Barenboim decided that he would play Wagner in Jerusalem and there were plenty of Voices who said with entertainment in Bewley's why you doing this and bonbons be clear about the music being as you wear apart often from person who composed it to genuinely believe that music can unite people I do and it comes through the effect of the music at South but also when you hear music particular background or tradition.

It is an insight into that and where it's coming from.

I mean always remember after 9/11.

I was in New York at the time and at the Metropolitan museum of art New York everyone want to see the Islamic artefacts understand what we understand things and music helps insight into the world in an indirect way, I think music can bring people together.

Thanks to multitasking Alan Davies control a Radio 3 and director of the Proms and general bookings for the Proms programme opens on Saturday the 21st of May with concerts available across the UK but of course you'll be able to hear all the concerts live on Radio 3 from the 15th of July and please do let us know your thoughts about those interviews or anything else to do with BBC Radio and podcasts.

This is how you can get in touch you can send an email to feedback at or write a letter address is feedback PO Box 672 34 London se1p 4ax.

You can follow her right by you at BBC R4 feedback or you can call us and leave a phone message on 0300 333 4445.

Standard landline charges apply but it could cost more on some mobile network all those details on our website well.

We certainly did have feedback from you.

I'll program last week broadcaster and chair of index on censorship Trevor Phillips and journalist and broadcaster marverine Cole gave their very different views about BBC music decision to edit out the n word from the anti-racist song Hurricane it of course was written by Bob Dylan the 2016 Nobel Prize winner for literature the greatest respect of the BBC producers.

I don't think anybody is qualified to tell me which bit of Bob Dylan's output.

I should listen to and I should not for somebody who frankly shouldn't be there to judge a genius to tell me I'm too fragile to listen to what Bob Dylan has done.

His work of art.

I think this is both a third and insulting and actually not what the BBC is there to do.

It is about whether or not someone feels fly here.

I do I'm black I've spoken to a cross section of Friends white and black Dylan fans among them who also no I don't want to hear that on a network station of what used to go and listen to it another audio source where it's not productive then.

That's my choice, but I wanna see and hear it through my head when I didn't expect it well worth feedback listeners as divided in their views here are some extracts from our inbox gisela.

Sheffield I was driving home from work and was shocked to hear Trevor Phillips standing outrage by the fact that people should not say the N word when it appears in a piece of work by talented artists.

Yes, the n-word has been appropriated in songs etc.

However, that doesn't mean it's ok.

We teach my cement and can read the n word with our eyes we don't have to say it out loud.

It's a sign of respect each other is equal human beings that can be no in-between ground on this issue, which at a critical juncture Trevor Phillips to get into Chris Belper

The ultimate the many listeners find the word offensive doesn't justify centring eliminating from the BBC broadcast output for too strong reasons firstly the effect on the listener of the using a word to strongly upon the context in which is used the n-word may not be offensive to many listeners in the context of Bob Dylan Hurricane given.

Its anti-racist message will certainly seem so when shouted at the Black Pearl on the football for secondly failure to abide by the BBC's obligation as a public service broadcaster for accurate reporting of actual events and reproduction of artists scientists and politicians output a however offence Wilko for Greater harm than offending listeners on some occasions Charles cumming books acting I think the discussion on the BBC's dilution from Bob Dylan Hurricane overlooked issue in the transmission of the work of any artist did the BBC Dylan's proficient at the song presumably not as it seems highly unlikely he would have agreed the song is not just some tune for this.

Expression of Rage at Injustice is wrong to edit the song to cut something call to the artist Protest the cut disrespected the artist and in this case one could argue and also disrespected the victim of the in the BBC decided the lining question could not be broadcast it should not have play the track Gus John the BBC guidelines require journalist to take a rather flexible approach to the use of this word rendering it offensive in every context that is tantamount to rewriting history.

There is surely a difference between describing offensive conduct through the use of offensive racist language and using offensive language as a deliberate act which is clearly not what Bob Dylan was doing in that song regarding the cutting of a line from Bob Dylan's song Hurricane it was the wrong way to do it.

Tune was compromised Earth did they not bleep out the one particular word and leave the tune as it was written a revolutionary John hobday Surbiton personally I would prefer not to hear this end word rather than cut the entire line.

I would have used it.

It'll magic to somehow muscle not believe the word in question and it will be blamed on a technical if anyone noticed or is that normal anonymous we need to be balanced and sensible like Trevor and not continually find things to you must of course give the warning about some language that some people may find offensive so that we all have the choice of whether to listen or turn.

Well, I think the debate is far from over and that's it for this week next week's program.

Will be the last in the series.

I did it will be talking to the BBC defence correspondent John about Ukraine coverage and looking ahead to what the impending announcement on BBC cuts might mean for listeners.

Let us have your thoughts about where the axe Should Fall if at until then goodbye.

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