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Read this: 06/05/2022 Radio 4 Feedback

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06/05/2022 Radio 4 Feedback…

BBC sounds music Radio podcasts hello, he is undoubtedly one of the greatest songwriters of our times indeed.

He's won the Nobel Prize The Times They Are a-Changin one of his vs.

Has just been censored by the BBC I was intrigued to this evening when Radio 6 Music broadcast a modified version of hurricane from 1970s by Bob Dylan without informing the audience that a line from the song had been definitely a bit should it have been cut here are two very different views from black broadcast to the BBC producers.

I don't think anybody is qualified to tell me which bit of Bob Dylan's output.

I should listen to and I should not listen to me.

It's completely offensive it hurts to hear it as a black person we are talking about the n word.

Is it used on here ever Justified we will discuss.

Also this week can two people who love their music but don't listen to the radio be tempted by the Radio 4 programme add to playlist the link between blues and the introduction to 95 by Dolly Parton that was really interesting to hear it was great to hear the breakdown as well from the musicians perspectives King and Dolly Parton is there one find out later in feedback y sensor a classic song written by Bob Dylan The 2016/679.

Just before 8 p.m.

On Sunday evening on Tom Robinsons now playing tonight which is actually a podcast on BBC sounds about this, but I'll give you that name of that at the end mark 3 has made this suggestion well-known one this the spa.

Bob Dylan's iconic 1975 protest anthem hurricane was the middleweight boxer Rubin hurricane Carter wrongly imprisoned the decade earlier for the murder by a New Jersey police force with arrest alleged racial motivations hurricane railed against his conviction and in 1984 the sentence whose finally overturned you can hear a podcast called The Hurricane tapes on BBC sounds here is Mr Dylan Adam from Bristol to this evening when Radio 6 Music broadcast a modified version of hurricane from 1975 by Bob Dylan without informing the Stena Line from the song had been definitely omitted the song itself is an impassioned anti-racist account of a notorious miscarriage of Justice black boxer Rubin Carter was fitted up and jail for a

Murder she was subsequently acquitted after almost 20 years in prison the line you fellas deleted is very much a key moment in the story quote and to the black folks.

He was the crazy n-word and a key moment because in Dylan storytelling even black onlookers assumed Carter was guilty due to police corruption surrounding the trial and despite the use of an all-white jury, using the was no less acceptable for a white in 1975 as it is in 2022 and this is exactly why it appears in the song and why it's so relevant to make you sit up and listen and maybe in the future.

The BBC office upper censored version of a track it should be obliged to inform the listening audience other more authentic versions are available.


I discussed these issues with the broadcaster and chairs on censorship Trevor Phillips and I should warn you that in our discussion he uses the n word in full I asked him first whether there are any circumstances in which this extremely offensive should be used or is he in favour of a total ban on its use the opposite to be honest.

I think that in most circumstances, if it is the story or the item being broadcast there is absolutely no good reason to delete it business if you to report that they happen or if you are broadcasting a work of art to present that work of art in its fullness and I would expect a reporter to withhold a word from a

Because he or she feels sensitive.

I want them to tell me what actually happened not to make judgements about what I can cope with what I can't cope the difference between reporting something piece of racist violence and playing a piece of music which is entertainment at the basic point is you know we may argue about this Bob Dylan is entertaining but he is more than he is noticed and he's a genius and with the greatest respect of the BBC's producers.

I don't think anybody is qualified to tell me which bit of Bob Dylan's output.

I should listen to and I should not listen to the word is good enough for Bob Dylan who is not going to put it in his song for some gratuitous Reason by the way a lot of the output elsewhere in the BBC does Bob Dylan has used that word for a particular reason in one of his most powerful pieces of work.

Is a profoundly anti-racist piece of work and for somebody who frankly shouldn't be there to judge a genius to tell me I'm too fragile listen to Bob Dylan has done with his work of art.

I think this is both of third and insulting and actually not what the BBC's there to do.

I can confidently say that you believe that 6 Music should not have edit out that line.

No not in any way any more than in let's say Radio 4 reading of Toni Morrison novels or BT's Booker Prize winning novel The sellout.

I would expect the word nigga to be exercised because the use of the word is actually part of what the artist is doing and you decide not to play the song not to read the book if what you're going to do if they make some second-hand judgement about whether Toni Morrison was.

Use the word or Bob Dylan was right to use the way, it's absurd when we had some people say that the taps the word can be used but only used by black people who have as they would say had the lived was I've been called that would I as a white man should not use it but for black person has been called that it's legitimate for them to use it to agree with that distinguish.

It is the thing that makes me most of all it is a word for a regime in which the law say one thing for black people and another thing for white people and we could do something and I could not recorded apartheid we called it segregation shocking to me that the BBC has no essentially created in which I can say something and you cannot and vice versa.

I thought we had left all that behind us 30-40 years ago the truth of Murder Is

A word is meaningful and we're discussing it and it has some significant than they should be no distinction between professionals in the use of it depending on their race or by the way the gym at the BBC website for example the word is used on Radio 1Xtra very occasionally because there's an understanding that the word has been Reclaimed by black musicians.

They use in that context that's fine.

It's different on 6 music by the channel which is for a wider range of people said you make that distinction as well, but it depends who is saying it but where it is broadcast what is incredibly patronising.

I mean get it together guys decide whether this word is 100-percent unacceptable or side that it has meaning and artistic context are thanks to Trevor Phillips broadcaster and chair of index on censorship.

Of course there are several black.

Cost to take a very different position on the use of the n word from Trevor Philips one of them is marverine Cole the journalist and broadcaster who has worked for the BBC sky and Channel 4 I asked her whether she thought 6 Music had made the right decision in editing out the word from Bob Dylan play absolutely different the right decision they follow the guidelines that the BBC more recently threw up it was in the light of the complaint wasn't at the where the n word was used in a television news piece over 18000 people complained and so you know 6 Music with following the guidelines and to the letter, so why not absolutely right.

I don't like the word.

I don't like hearing it.

I listen to it.

It is where I choose to listen to music that has a parental advisory on it.

I'm still not a fan when I hear it, but sometimes you know the music is kind of

Bring me to me you know and I love the beats might have you but I might for all my eyes and stop using the word view ideally that would should never be used on our yes.

Yes, but are you also saying that as long as there is a warning.

It's alright to use it or are you saying it's alright use it on a network where you expect it and network why you don't expect that? I'm not saying it's alright to use it at all station whatever what policy is I would like to think they're following the BBC racist policy and it should be editorially Justified and signposted not following the use of racist language policy and that's exactly what they did.

I really don't think it comes down to whether a white person should you or not whether a black person is ok to use it that to me.

It's not the argument is about whether or not someone feels offended by it by Harry's.

I'm black I've spoken to a cross section of Friends white and black DYLON fans among them who also no I don't want to hear a network station to go and listen to it and another audio source where it's not productive then.

That's my choice, but I understood and hear it when I didn't expect it so the expectation is the key thing a warning is a key thing you don't rule it out entirely but you really don't want to hear it.

Yourself is that person I don't want to hear any network station unless 6 Music said you know and it wouldn't be on the man for presenter notes to be put alongside that track to go we are going to play or if we are discussing whether or not within a hurricane track with the whole sentence in then.

We've got to give a warning a fly.

Our listeners that it's on the way and maybe even a back an hour to save.

This is what there because you know if you're interested, you could go and look at the back story around Rubicon what the song is about that wouldn't be too far from the truth and the essence of six music because the presenters are really knowledgeable about and is it going to call quickie interesting background facts to songs so that could have been a possible way around it, but ultimately I think I followed the BBC racist language usage guidelines in order to understand and make a judgement as a listener about whether somebody has said something really offensive do not need to know what that word is it is full of the word no to me.

It's fully and completely offensive it hurts it hurts to hear it.

Person as I say the difficulty for some white listen here.

I think in this sounds young black people using it and appropriated it and they say when you can't use it all the black people don't want it pension and young black people are using it.

How do we know when it's right and when it's wrong for me? It's wrong.

Yes young black people will say and you will sell it.

It's for us to use because we want to appropriate it fine.

You know what they think is not the answer for everyone you know I'm a Genix I hate this word because it is offensive to Michael and me as a woman of Jamaican you know I don't speak for everyone.

I'm just making a comment here on your show and a whole host of no friends.

Don't like this word and I'm pretty sure thousands of other people who listen and watch the BBC 18000 people made complaints to BBC about the Android be used in the music.

They feel the same to there's no right.

There's no wrong.

We know whether or not young black people want to use the word that's fine.

They want to do it.

I do not want to hear it or thanks to journalist and broadcaster marverine of course we wish to discuss this important and sensitive issue with a BBC representative on feedback our invitations wording butter spokesperson provided us with this statement.

There is no specific policy on any traffic but decisions and what we play and how these songs are introduced on are always made with the relevant audiences and context in mind it must be exceptionally editorial reasons for the broadcast of the strongest racist language.

Editorial policy states that using search terms even where the intention might be to expose or condemn discrimination does not qualify as an editorial listers of Radio 1Xtra know that we play radio friendly versions of tracks which fully comply with the BBC's guidelines which cover all of our radio stations, please do let us know your thoughts about those interviews or of course anything else to do with BBC Radio and podcasts.

This is how you can get in touch you can see many ml to feed back at or write a letter the address feedback PO Box 672 34 se1p 4ax.

You can follow our activity on Twitter by using at BBC R4 feedback or you can call us and leave a

0300 333 4445 standard landline charges apply, but it could cost more on some mobile networks all those details are on our website now feedback inevitable includes negative comments about BBC output but we do receive plenty of Praise four programmes here are some examples from recent Amanda Martin St Mary's Isle of Scilly for the past 8 weeks.

I have listened to the Superb accounts of life in Ukraine by andrey kurkov with the equally superb Patience by Elizabeth sharp cough I applied both for producing such insights into the disaster that are befalling Ukraine and hope they continue to remain safe is there any hope to hear more letters from Ukraine I hope for the sake of all ukrainians that this appalling horrible and soon I'll be grateful to hear Mr Kirk of descriptions not just of his.

Experiences but also of how an independent Ukraine rebuild that sells Andrew hindringham, Norfolk just to say how I discovered the wide web by Professor Suzanne simard was absolutely stunning.

I accidentally heard it with a mug of Sweetie really early this morning on Radio 4 world service.

Thank you.

What an absolute pleasure.

I'm a scientist had heard rumblings about plants talking to each other and had a photo of Lee dismissed it all our lives are fundamentally changed.

Thank you BBC I'm not a clock from Hayes in Kent can I just say how much I have enjoyed the past series of my dream party.

This is an amazing idea and an excellent use of what must be a never-ending BBC archive of celebrity voices every program has been worse.

Two and several have moved me to Tears including the Jane Horrocks program and back of homemade Djalili please send my appreciation to a creators editing and something else that many of you will be thankful for the Archers will be going back up to six episodes from next month well this week to BBC Radio listeners to step out of their comfort zone and listen to a program that would normally be on their radar this week.

We have two French wacka muni and Beth Kerridge Radio 4 listeners into listening to music.

What are the two radios? I said what sort of things do you listen to listen to a podcast on longer drives and if I'm working out or if I'm pottering around the house it just the music from My Playlist suppose and it's your playlist.

Over yes, I do you keep refreshing I still have to just add things to my favourites Paul and let it grow and then put it on random, because I'm one of those ones.

What do you listen to I really enjoyed listening to traditional folk.

I love a good shag and what do you think of your friends? Playlist is it to limited? Shall I wouldn't say that.

I love that is playing this whenever I go in his car.

It's a head banging and working.

What do you think of this musical taste is very different device and probably a well-defined what you'll make of the program.

You're supposed to be it some add to playlist on Radio 4 presenters Cerys Matthews and Jeffrey bacci joined by musicians to make a playlist five they have put forward five.

Recordings professional the a lot more music a bit of how do you describe the program explain ways to describe it is Radio presenters and musicians coming together to create a playlist listen to each other songs I think they could have let off each other and it's a show experts talk about something that I don't have a good understanding of but enjoy listening to basically.

That's how it and it was really well.

I guess what they're trying to do is to do things really want is to find links between different types of music that your pants didn't see before and perhaps secondly introduce the listener to a wide range of music than the normal listen to certain reply to me there were lots of things I was surprised by what are you surprised by any of the musical choice? I didn't expect Dolly Parton I haven't got any of the music by plane crash it always add.

It was just forget and I really enjoyed the link between that and the blue stuff cause I definitely wouldn't have heard that myself.

I was 95 the song wasn't it said that should sort out the basic rhythm.

She was really have fingernails rather long fingernails before she went on the performance and that detail fascinated me is that the sort of thing that actually I thought is free and I can't think of have the capacity of a dead fish so I thought it was really cool the hair like that.

There was somebody else and then they came up with this and it turned into a massive.

It will be fine connections really obvious to the restaurant certainly not to me with some of those connections surprise you but yeah definitely again similar to the link between blues and the introduction to 95 by Dolly Parton that was really interesting to hear it was great to hear the breakdown as well on the musicians perspectives in thinking about links what musical links was really interesting.

And she said something your heart we know where we are that if you can you play that race is the second that sound good to have a musician in the Studio with a piano or guitar or actual cello and some instances, but they can just illustrate and pick up and sauna.

You do see those legs that that you don't see almost the person that really fascinated me had never heard before and I think I really ought to find out what is Koko Taylor I'm a woman and the importance of that taking over the blues and

Singing standing which wasn't God has been absolutely dreadful to me.

It is I'm in charge.

I thought it was tremendous.

Did you respond to that hearing the history of that song in how it started listening to different people doing covers as well and really really enjoyed the first Choice

Yes, oh, yes, it should say coco Taylor and I'm a woman to be alright and of course the present as well everybody.

I think we'll know on most people would know Cerys Matthews not least four other programs.

Maybe didn't know mate as well.

Do you think they did a good job? I mean I wear the right people for definitely.

I think that they gel really well together is presenters and both their voices were just lovely and how about you? Did you work a did you think the percentage did a good job or would you feel like auditioning fantastic job because they added to the conversation at every point in the catalogue whenever it might have felt like it need it.

I don't think it is what it is.

So quickly that I didn't notice it didn't ask you to.

What's playing on the series has been 8:40 songs all together, but it is coming back Waka will you be coming back to it? When it returns either as broadcast or more likely BBC sounds podcast what will happen is? Where is that you doing this actually? I started looking through whatever episodes and what songs have done.

I'll probably find something that I'd like to listen to that and then end up listening to the entire thing because I tend to be pretty hard once I've been properly cooked.

I've been slightly.

Hope that looks good so all that needs to happen.

There is something I've heard of needs to show up and then I'll go over to listen to this and then I'll just carry on the playlist all listed on the side.

Are you going to go back as well Beth and look at them I think so yeah, if you're interesting it.

I think the thing that I found the most interesting about the show was the links between the songs and how they could pick out a very.

Small detail then use that and cheese next song but yeah definitely go back and hear the rest well.

You just made redundant my last question where he might be confidence and no you weren't thank you very much for telling a so cat and Beth thank You episodes of add to playlist are available on BBC sounds and the new series Begins on here at the start of June

and that's it for this week.

Yes, I know we didn't bring you our interview with a controller Radio 3 Alan Davies as promised but that treated with you next time when will be exploring how he intends to keep class purest happy while attracting younger listeners.

That's podcast of the answer is got this young woman who was attending a classical music concert into dipping her toe into Radio 3 listen to a range of podcast particularly classical music I listen to podcasts on Radio 3 interviews other musicians and talks about pieces that have inspired show the musician and things you like I like just down to her.

She's quite relatable.

She's quite a well-known figure for other musicians and for people you're interested in music so I think having a relational presenter that is what attractions that program next week.

I'll be asking the controller Radio 3 and baby if this is part of a strategy for attracting a new younger audience.

Is also designed to live is a podcast and we will be intrigued by that and that is a very engaging programme with young musicians top of the music that listening to and we have the Dell intrigued by that incoming dip their toes into registry and hopefully then diving that's all next week when I'll also has gone David what is attitude will be to Russian music and musicians at the Proms until then goodbye.

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