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The Launch of BBC Sounds…

BBC sounds music Radio podcasts you would have to be on a lunar space station for a nuclear submarine on the seabed not to know that this week's the BBC is launching this music Radio podcasts are usually present from standing underneath the London Eye retitled for one day the London here.

It's all part of this week's elevated launch of BBC sounds the replacement for iPlayer radio as well as programs and music it will also be full of podcasts.

To hold its arrival various Radio presenters are broadcasting live from the pods up above me including Greg James BBC Radio 1.

It's 8:55 on Radio 1 breakfast and I can confirm that we are from the London Eye built annual report that the BBC must do more to attract those elusive younger listeners, but are older listeners going to suffer as a result will we have to both save money cos we've got less money and we have to find money because we need to invest in the future.

We can't just put up the sandbags and hope it all go away.

The future is going to happen and we want to play a full part in it that was Bob shennan, the BBC director of radio who will be discussing this new venture and also discussing the dramatic presenter changes at Radio 2 not least the departure of one of its much love mainstays Simon Mayo

Bruce of course is staying at the network in fact I can see him in one of those London Eye pods, even though I can what can you see at that understaffing? Cos it north east north east north east.

I am seeing the telly, and if I just look a little to the left of that I can see this unfortunately there wasn't enough room for a feedback path.

So here are my yet again on the outside Looking In and getting a crick neck.

Let's come down to earth and look first of those changes at Radio 2 the unexpected departure of Simon Mayo from the network means the Jo Whiley his co-host of just 5 months is returning to an evening slot Sara Cox will be alone at the wheel of drive time after Christmas and buy the new year Chris Evans will be off the Virgin Radio and ing.

Over his breakfast seater Zoe Ball so much change in so short a time and so unlike Radio 2.

Simon Mayo has announced he is leaving radio two later the other people now.

It's lost Simon Mayo Sarah Cox will be the new host of Radio 2 drivetime, Gloucestershire whilst I'm really sad to hear about Simon mayos departure from Radio 2 on the drive time show I think Sarah Cox will be a fabulous replacement.

This is Lindsay from York I'm delighted that Sara Cox is going to be taking over the drive time.

Shall I love her warmth and her sense of humour? I'm also absolutely thrilled that Jo Whiley is going to have an early evening show again noodle from Nuneaton interest 5 months the decision to make the drive time to present a 3 hours.

Show has been dropped the decision to put Jo Whiley in a prime-time slot has been dropped by a former controller of radio 2 is now the BBC's director of radio and music I asked him how much he regretted Simon mayos departure are enormously I mean I brought Simon to Radio 2 when I was the controller of radio 2 and in fact before that I brought Simon to Radio 5 live on Elsa controller of five live and he is a super broadcaster, and we don't like losing super broadcasters, so of course.

I regret it.

It's clear that at the moment that he's at a sort of stage in life.

I think it's just turned 60 and he's much of that a few times to me that he's taking stock he's got a fantastically burgeoning Brighton career one of his books has been made into a film he can go to Australia when they're doing the you should we could do obvious things that should not supposed to choice quiz extremely talented man, but you wouldn't start as he did a new show.

Six months ago if you were thinking of leaving in 6 months, would you know I think I think I take at face value? What what Simon said and what he said is that he wants to pursue other opportunities he is very keen to stay in the BBC very keen stay on 5 Live but we have to respect his decisions.

We do there anyone who wants to leave the BBC we can't lock them in so you're telling me if the Twinning of Simon and Jo had been a great success son would still be leaving now.

I don't know that you have to ask Simon that but my assumption is that what he said in the public domain? Is is what he means that he wants to pursue other opportunities.

He wants to do other things and that's the rise of other broadcasters to do that to why do you think the Twinning of Simon with Joe did not work as well as you'd hoped as well as they'd hoped well, what I would tell you is if you actually listen to the program right now.

It's in the best form that it's been since the relaunch which is exactly what we thought would happen as they both become accustomed to a different.

Airtime different format a different sort of programme telling me that you think Simon is leaving what could it be in and was developing into a brilliant partnership? What if he hadn't left we wouldn't have wanted to change it would have wanted to see this through think both presenters of being treated badly and Jo Whiley has been candid about how difficult it's been for her then.

She said some of the stuff that's been said on social media has made that some days.

It was hard to walk out of my front door.

Let alone present a radio programme getting ready to bears any responsibility for this.

I don't think offering to top class presenters 15 hours of primetime airtime on the most popular and best-loved radio station in Europe is a particular punishment to offer to anybody.

I do believe that the reaction that Joe received on social media has been at times totally disgraceful and I think it's too.

Great credit that she and the production team and Simon have put that to one side it was totally out of order and totally out of proportion, but I guess it's one of those things that we have to accept with social media now so prominent in our lives.

There's a bad side as well as a great side to it and of course.

There's a good sign in the sense to this because many listeners are delighted that if if Sam had to go and the Show had to change the delighted that Sara Cox will be the new presenter of drive time.

I live in Wapping news for 4 there will be perfect for drive time.

She will bring with her a great choice of music lots of gossip humour and of course good all-round family entertainment Liz Carter when I heard Sarah her bag the drive time slot on Radio 2.

I was so chuffed Sarah is funny silly and very relatable and plays music that I want to hear mobdro on your food obviously lyrics

What's happening the time is leaving in between degree at haven't you got what you wanted? There was a lot of pressure to appoint more female presenters are in prime time now.

That's what you've got and Janet and tweeted to us.

It would appear management happened agenda, when they decided on these changes it really really doesn't work like that that has been pressure that you might have asked me what you're about.

I might have the right of the comptroller of the station, but one of the advantages during those years of pressure.

Is that you bring forward a stable of Fantastic Depp's who you know one day could be in a position to take over one of the key shows and that's exactly what we been able to do with Sarah and exactly what we were able to do with with Zoe Ball better on the other hand Anime eyes Johnny a green line of BBC presenters switching jobs.

I suppose it's a cliche to misquote Lady Bracknell but how to lose one present of me be regarded as misfortune to lose 3 and in C

Short time is that careless or how do you put it down a minute these three key people Chris Simon wanted Australia Friday mate? How does this disturb you is this related in any way to the publication of their salaries? I think all all three of them individual unique sets of Circumstance with some probably common themes at I mean.

I've spoken personally to both are the and Chris over a number of weeks Chris and I have to respect and understand that they wanted different challenge as certainly as I've observed that myself in Chris's case over the years, but I think also having salaries disclosed and being sometimes.

On social media and on front pages of newspapers subliminally has a negative impact on on people and if they have the opportunity to go elsewhere not have that of course that's likely to be a fact.

I don't think there's

Question was in a little bit of an of a lag on the impact of disclosure, but it does exactly what how much money they got to offer a naughty get someone away from you.

I think there's there's no doubt that we can supposition of course many people said well.

There is no market for BBC Talent and of course was saying that there is a market get a bit of a lot of people involved BBC listeners and some right people right feedback.

There are still quite shocked at the amount of money paid to go for example Chris Evans looking bad you think some Radio 2 presenters were paid too much and I don't know and the reason I doubt is because I know what there worth is in the commercial marketplace and having said everything I've said about new challenges and Disclosure and all the rest of it.

I am fairly certain that neither Chris not Eddie would have gone to commercial radio for a pickup.

Samovar to the Future at you've been quite clear about the competition from streaming services like apple and Spotify remove say they have set their sights on radio or more than a third of podcast listeners are under 34 compared to just 6% of over 55 and for many young people radio.

Just doesn't seem to feature in their lives and how are you going to reach those people who want listening at least not a traditional radio what your answer this week is a new listening app called BBC sounds.

It was launched as a one-stop shop for a 2000 hours of BBC music podcast ketchup services and you and I bother at the launch on Tuesday night at the Tate Modern in London we just slept on the central areas of the tank.

Where Mabel is sincere in the background and Abarth 500 guests in there.

I've even split of the chairman listening to Mabel with rapt attention the DJ lots of presenters hand the opinion formers the BBC

Model makeup a positive opinion about me now just outside and thank you very much for putting down your drink is former commissioner to Radio 4 BBC on everything they could to hear the wind blowing the boots playing the stars of flowing if you like it matters a lot.

I think this is the BBC's final possibly a little slow but said a final response to this extraordinary growth in audio.

I teach some students are audio drama at university and the first question whenever I have a new classes.

Do you have a radio know they barely understand what I'm talking about then? I asked him if they'd listen to audio and they listen to a multitude of audit and actually they are listening to quite a few BBC programmes what they're not doing is necessarily realising and attaching to the BBC so I think they are worried and I

I think it's just about now.

It's that this is these are the young people who should be paying a licence fee and I'm not joined by Miranda Sawyer is the audio fitting of The observer's Kindly agreed to slip out and talk to me and pushing the boat out tonight then.

This is a big big thing right to do so I do quite like it when they've BBC2 this because it indicates for you.

That's something big is happening at they really really believe in it is one place that I would go for podcasts and then there's other places that I will go for radio and I think the BBC's been quite wise with what it wants to be.

It's a place that you go for all of it also was quite interesting as the BBC's not just doing some programs so the idea as it is the Portal 2 lots of other program.

So pretty since they will provide you a link to the guilty feminist as one of the pocket of it mention of the other pocket.

They don't make what to remember is loads of people still don't know how to get podcasts I mean literally.

I go out and you know I meet people and I go through this and forecast and I go no I don't know how to get them when I go to give me your phone.

See you that button it says podcast it was a BBC I think people might use that more easily they think iPlayer and then it was something I haven't realised and use it in that way rather than being off by the out of the very word of podcast sound of music but down to business.

What does BBC sounds do that the iPlayer doesn't work a combination of of three fundamental things radio listening will be a major component of the consumption of BBC sounds but in addition to that we have ramped up our commitment to commissioning a raft of podcasts that weren't there before podcast which have been created to be podcast rather than versions of radio programs made available on demand and also a selection of 40 music mixes.

Which wouldn't otherwise have been available and if you've been done primarily because you said no sign otherwise have young people getting the BBC habit.

We know that less than half of 15 to 24 year olds are listening to a linear radio.

We know that mobile phone consumption far greater than it was before we know that music streaming services are capturing the attention of audiences like never before and what we want to do is to create an offer in those spaces for young audiences to be attracted to the BBC I hope that will also lead to them finding Radio 4 in a linear format and how much is it going to cost? What's the budget for BBC sounds and 4 podcast in particular? We are obviously building this quite carefully because we don't want to overreach ourselves and we want to learn from the audience but over the next year or so, we will be committing a few million pounds will be this his millions at a time when BBC Sport

Freddie having to lose 800 million pounds because of the cuts involved in the latest a licence fee deal additional spending at the precise moment when you're having to cut anyway, so it's a sort of double cut to as it were the traditional networks.

Yeah, I mean let's keep it in proportion compared with the budget for our linear radio Services this is a tiny proportion of our overall spend but yes we have to take it out of our baseline budget because nobody else has got it for us, but what we are going to try and do it we're going to try and make all of these choices as audience focused as we possibly can as a controller over 15 years.

I've implemented many years have savings and value for money plans and all times with tried to do it for the Wii hide the impact from the audience which I haven't been transferring resources to another BBC initiative.

This is what's different this time.

Will we have to both save money cos we've got less money and we have to.

Money because we need to invest in a future, we can't just put up the sandbags and hope it will go away the future is going to happen and we want to play a full part in it this Innocence is an opportunity for expansion for radio and finally what will be the measure of success into three years down the line.

What do you have to achieve for you to say this is been a success.

I'd like to think that we would buy two or three years time.

I've added both an absolute number of people consuming the BBC who are under 35 who weren't previously consuming and also to have added the amount of listening because one of the challenges.

We've got is not just the number of people coming but the amount of time that spending with us and we want to offer them the chance to spend more time with this listening has never been more popular.

I don't think in the UK but we've got to make sure people are listening to the BBC

Many of you have been in touch with feedback about BBC sounds and will be watching off listening with interest to see how it beds in so do let us know about how you're getting on with it.

If you'd like to contact us about that are about anything.

You've heard leafy across the BBC then please get in touch you can email feedback at Twitter search BBC R4 feedback or you can leave a phone message on 0333 444 5004 standard landline charges apply, but it could cost more on some mobile networks boyfriend right to feedback PO Box 67234 London se1p 4ax all those details are on the feedback pages of the radio for website.

No, it's not just radio programs that are being broadcast from the London Eye as part of BBC sounds launch, Podcast to beam coming from the pods as well it all adds up to what they call.

Recent press releases call a radio Revolution but how revolutionary is it BBC podcast range from broadcast programs which are also made available as podcasts like feedback to others which are only available via BBC sounds like fortunately with Fi and Jane and in September there were a record 26.5 million downloads of BBC podcast in the UK including the ratline and Friday Night Comedy the steepest road in listening to them is among young adults we asked a few listeners aged from 22 to 70 + about their podcast predilection M35 in Bristol and the radio strictly because I'm disabled and and while there are really easy way of accessing and really interesting diverse voices from the BBC I really love listening to fortunately Fi and Jane as a real news.

Wasn't actually a comedy podcast Friday Night Comedy podcast BBC I really love listening to the New York Times Daily Podcast fairly religiously and then lot of improv comedy Ellison to let Comedy Bang Bang Theory home.

I'm in my 70s these days.

I don't listen to the radio live I subscribed to over 80 podcasts are almost all BBC Radio 4 all service.

Hi, I'm David I am 22 years old I'm from London and I am training to be a journalist.

I have to admit that I don't listen to a great deal of live radio.

I do wake up to today programme every morning, but otherwise pretty much exclusively podcast things from a Danny Baker

No, such thing as a fish inside comedy podcasts where it doesn't matter when you listen to them to listen to a wide range of audio content radio typically restricted to news and sport in terms of podcast content probably half of that is from Radio 4 equally I listen to a number podcast now.

It's on the BBC currently I'm listening to Richard Herring Joan and jericha.

Babysitting Trevor and I get most of my recommendations from podcast Ansell the wider media with the exception of live news broadcast current affairs and spawn in particular.

I think audio content is dead in the context of Life delivery.

It's just too easy and convenient to do it in different better ways linear radial truly.

Go away people will always want to listen to a bullet in the morning people will always want their radio show even though we are definitely moving towards more personalized consumption.

I still think there's a really.

Important place for the radio as company for people and in the workplace.

I think it's a really nice way of almost giving you a k clock for the day.

So you know how far through your day.

You are by what's on the radio and I just think it has a lot of value in lots of people V still and I don't feel as someone who doesn't work in a media that sense of panic everybody seems to be feeling about what's happening.

I don't know about the future of radio because the way I now listen to it is through headphones my children's learnt about radio because I shared it with them from getting the corner.

I don't know how it's going to work out in future, I'm concerned.

Since May of this year the BBC has had a dedicated podcast commissioning editor.

He is Jason Phipps a former BBC producer recruited from the Guardian and this year.

He has been given around 3 million pounds to commission new podcasts, which will be Central to the BBC's attempted future-proofing basically what we're trying to do is look at the kind of intelligence speech provisions specifically.

I'm focusing on younger audiences are state that clearly the 2035 audience is my key demographic that they're listening to BBC radio listen to lots of audio, but they don't listen to it in the way that we've always assume people would listen to they just don't have that default experience of switching on the radio on the kitchen the phone is the primary way, they discover audio so they still need all the things that Radio 4 listeners have any great advice than you break conversations that he called sure they need politics than you'd all those things but we'll sort of reconstructing them and putting them in an on-demand or a podcast world.

Grown-up land and this week we are looking at parents dream some examples when you podcast series it's going to come out that you really have hoped for with in developing really interest income of twists on nostalgia and and recent history with Rylan Clark Neal we've got an amazing podcast series developing that will look at non-binary identity issues.

We've got an amazing kind of digital switch off detox podcast with Connie Hook that were working on and this is primarily for people under 35 because that's the market that's not that's not touch by the BBC but I like you too secret and Solihull London SE5 so you telling me this is of no interest me at all for under 35s of all ages.

Let's put it that way I mean stuffing for the curious mean podcast I assume you're coming from and I do think sometimes.

That's kind of simple archetype ideas around age damp patch up with reality and fundamentally I think.

Prices of telling incredibly compelling stories, they're going to have University of your gonna do it in the public service way and there must be a temptation looking at the success of American podcasts which seem to me properly about crime BBC to say yeah, let's to crime and then you think we don't need the BBC to do crown Commercials I gonna do crime you have to do something else series low tension between on the one hand wanted to do popular podcast of young people listen to and then thinking that is not much public service about that.

Will I mean the BBC's always made big wonderful fun entertaining brush programs so I definitely wanna do a bit of fat in with the regard of the dominance of the US of crime podcast that is true, but arguably the biggest podcast in the UK have been my dad wrote a porno and love islands in the last few months like fun funny reverence really quintessentially British propositions and I think the BBC has a place to innovate in that way now from all this doesn't they tend to be early than average age of radio for his?

About to listen he's about 53-54 something like that.

They seem pants well as by the way practically I'm going to find more time to listen if I do find more time to listen.

I'm going to have to stop listening to the network and also what I'm losing is the Shared experience of radio and what podcast say is going to atomize the market.

We're all in our little areas with headphones on and where's the communal experience that was often at the heart of what the BBC was about a really understand that I mean, I think there's two things to say one is I think the collective nature of television wasn't ultimately disrupted by that same atomization.

You know we still have strictly there's a great podcast vote for strictly by the way great moments of entertainment and storytelling and compelling journalism.

We always share that as we just share them in slightly different ways the only way you can succeed in the podcast world is my personal recommendation you know most people say all I heard about that great podcast because my friend told me about it and so there is that sharing there still exists one understands Mary it from?

The talks about a sense of panic in the radio world and is there a future for traditional radio programme do you think 510 Years Time most people will stick with traditional radio grateful for the podcast you're providing but at the same time making a date with things 8 7 whatever it is on Radio 4 at the festival 34 million listeners week is not a medium in Crisis definitely not also with screen fatigue.

You can see that people are returning to audio in a way.

That's incredibly heartening and I would really safer for the audio gigs for the radio Aire geeks for the podcast keeps like now is our time.

It's an amazing time for audience growth and engaging and telling stories in new ways and finding new stories.

I think I think radios in helping.

It's ever been and podcasting will just be another layer of richness adding to that.

Cheers babe.

Thanks so much.


Well, that's it for this week's feedback when the London Eye opened in 2000.

It was originally meant to be a temporary structure with planning permission for just five years, but the wheels still keeps turning like there is on x wing a chariot a first time is up, but will be back at the same time next week, goodbye.

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