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Up All Night…

BBC sounds music Radio podcasts, would you like to be up all night? See you can broadcast to one of these smaller listenership have any programme on BBC Radio 5 Live presenter dotun Adebayo has been doing just that for 17 years and wouldn't have it any other way up all night is my programme yeah as you know feedback is your program Roger I mean you feel it don't you know when you've got a program, but it seems as if it was built for you.

Maybe TaylorMade later and feedback.

I'll ask doctor about the wear and tear of working such unsociable hours for so long and hear about one of his most shocking experiences on radio for more than 40 years DJ deke Duncan's audience has been even smaller.

It's just his wife, but that's about to change hey decoflora bus station editor.

Counties Radio on want to offer you a one-hour special over Christmas on Three Counties Radio your password issues, but first think tanks when I first heard that term I wondered why climbing into a tank would improve my thought processes now.

I know better that supposed to conduct political or social research are independently funded and often provide fresh thinking for hard press politicians who go fishing in the tanks for election winning policies they coming all please call Hughes and often have their own episodes Life Centre right left leaning or Pro or anti brexit the Adam Smith Institute for example describes itself as the UK's leading neoliberal think tank and the Institute of economic affairs calls itself the UK's original free-market thinktank their representatives pop up regularly on BBC radio programmes some listeners, how.

I believe that those short form descriptions of a think tanks political bent don't go far enough and they want more details on how their funded and also Sophie Jarvis from the thinktank the Adam Smith Institute have you any clear on what you think about anything now.

I'll come back and share Scotland any point of you being represented by the kind of funerals lunatic fringe is back anyway that an organisation is get a point of view that happens to be different from mine.

That's fine.

I just want to know who they are ramanauskas Aberfan are set properly morning Ben good morning from the taxpayers alliance now.

We had a quite a strong argument therefore it from Ryan for more money to go into to schools and Diane and pay rise in technology allows you to put stuff in the website is done in elections when people don't need a little the candidates they said if you want to know more about school website.

It's just a lot more vehicles to tell us who they are the kind of just introduced him as he is Chloe from the taxpayers alliance.

It doesn't really tell you anything.

I just don't think that's acceptable in modern public debate, but this morning I spoke to Madeline Grant editorial manager at the Institute of economic affairs and Catherine are one of the founders of the women's equality party time is Kingston from can I live in Burgundy in France I think public broadcaster should be held to account in regard to how much access sale out of think tanks realise that we live in a transparent democracy and I think think tanks that do not fully die vulture funds them really do find the face of the Spirits democratic Society Dr Clive peedell has been concerned for some time about the history of think tank funding and has tweeted about it if you think that the BBC new.

Should have a rule that think tanks can only appear on the BBC after disclosure of their main funders then please retweet and 32000 people dead so we should point out the Clive describes himself as being of the centre-left.

He is also the co-founder of the National Health action party which according to its website is fighting to save the NHS from being turned into a us-style health service.

I'm always worried that we're not hearing any background about you know who these organisations are funded for there's an interesting organisation called who funds you that I've actually done a league table and at the bottom of the Liga organisations like the Adam Smith Institute the iea the centre for policy studies.

I do that in my own career as a cancer specialist if I presenter a national or international meeting that we have a slide of disclosures are whether we have any funding from the pharmaceutical industry, so people can judge for themselves, whether we.

Been influenced by that so in terms of how the BBC could actually make this work for example on radio you can't list all of the names of people and organisations that fund these organisations, but the presenter should be able to say that you can find it on their website and if there isn't a list of the main donors and funders, then they shouldn't be allowed on if it's to discuss public policy the BBC editorial guidelines stipulate that listens should expect that a presenter would and I quote normally identify on a sources of information and significant contributors and provide their credentials, so that our audiences can judge their status and Christopher stone his head of lifestyle economics at the free-market thinktank the Institute of economic affairs Matt zarb-cousin festival, just just tell us how much you lost on them I lost about £20,000 over 4 years Rob cleaver rebuilders to express his concern about that interview on the Jeremy Vine show on Radio 2 the use of so-called think tanks who failed to this.

Sinful their funding sources is a highly questionable practice and brings the perception of the BBC impartiality accuracy into disrepute.

It's a practice that in my view should be halted the Institute of economic affairs Till Dusk their policy is to respect the privacy of our donors and leave it to them to decide whether to publicize their support.

There are also concerns about some of the activities carried out by the thinktank the charity commission to the Institute it should recall it's report entitled plan A+ creating a prosperous post-brexit which the commission said overstepped the line of what is permissible charitable activity we also found that the charity have been undertaking political activity not in line with the charities purposes and last month's and Bulford the deputy director of the BBC was in front of the Scottish Parliament committee for culture tourism Europe and external affairs she was question.

Ross Greer the MSP for West Scotland about an alleged lack of transparency involving thinktank representatives interviewed on the BBC I'm asking you to explain to me why organisations who have no transparency behind their financial arrangements are allowed on to the BBC to comment on issues of public policy clearly related to the organisation shall widely believed to be funding them this was the deputy director generals response identifies on to use programs to be given a platform they brought on trial programs for their views to be challenged and to be interviewed and to be and for what they are advocating to be brought out now if there is a specific complaint where the context of those fuse is felt not to be sufficiently clear and been making her audience and that challenge seems in some way to be inappropriate then we have

Channels to enable people to raise complaints about that and we will consider that properly well.

I don't know if she was thinking about feedback being one of those channels, but thank you to those who have contacted us about this issue.

We know that the corporations news teams were reminded about the BBC's editorial policy over this issue.

Just recently we were sent this statement the BBC mentions the fund of the think tanks when it is relevant to the story or reporting question and should challenge them on this if there is an apparent conflict of interest the BBC aims to state the general view point of think tanks to help audiences better understand the context in which they speaking but it's not practical to list every single thunder ever think tank every time we introduce a spokesperson on air will be keeping an eye on this issue, so do let us know your thoughts and we'll try and get a senior BBC executive to respond to them on feedback and now for something which is guarantee.

To send me to sleep sailing by the shipping forecast have the same soporific effect on lots of our listeners, Paddy Taylor I like to tune into sailing by in the shipping forecast every night before I go to sleep.

I like the idea of imagining these Atlantic storms rolling through the isolated out of seas of the UK as a sole captain pilots his true.

Love with us well.


I'm tucked in bed nice and warm.

I also enjoy a bit of atmospheric higher or lower as the reader goes through the areas, but not everyone is lucky enough to be nodding off soon offered serum southard Sarah for thousands of others on night shifts feeding babies or just unable to sleep night-time radio can be a godsend keeping them company until dawn three cheers for the knights of the night airwaves one of them is Dutton Adebayo actually his name being but it's due an upgrade.

Don't send it's been one of the presenters of BBC Radio 5 live Up All Night well 1 a.m.

To 5 a.m.

Anyway for 17 years and wondered if he got lonely being at work when nearly everyone else is not well.

There is some small comfort as he explained why she has best things.

I've experienced is a little mouse that comes up here right to this glass wall as I'm sitting in this is your diary 31 this is.

Rashida you can see the 590 openshift upgrade a workshop w31 weather BBC my ciliated exactly.

I'm inside the studio little mouse comes up to this class singing I'm seeing their turnaround the mouse is literally looking kind of do fully at me in that what you up to him and sometimes I talked to them here sometime genuine about this.

I don't know I'm not just exaggerating have really moved by that stockings with a mouse, but I don't know you've been doing this for 17 years now.

Do you still get a thrill coming here or do you think we should give me a date? I'm sure I really can't keep on going through the night like this.

I'm fortunate to have had a daytime Show on five live and enjoyed it tremendously but it wasn't up all night up all night is my program is you know feedback is your program Roger I mean you feel it don't you know when you've got program, but it seems as if it was built for you made for you tailor made for you and hear in this.

During the rat.

What's the son of audience are we talking about night workers insomniacs young mothers with babies that won't go to sleep it definitely is people who are up at night goes without saying not a blind people listen to the radio at night-time a lot of shift workers a lot of truck drivers, then there will be a lot of older people a lot of Lonely People you'll be surprised.

How many people are on their own sometimes I broadcast up all night on Christmas day, so it would be sort of technically boxing day when I come on here at 1.

I promise you it's been one of the most moving things with my career to hear people say you're Dawson is that really you are you there live because I've listened to a diet of pre-recorded programs all day long.

I am the first human voice that the hearing live come up with one shoe that defines or reflects your position as a lover or fighter 08085.

96.3 well you got lots of fans out there.

But there's somebody here.

I need she says why does it have to be so much music if we wanted music we would listen to another station.

Love world football phone-in that get rid of music she says basically but we barely play any music we do have a virtual jukebox phoning up to what it is.

We will have a few people suggest tunes.

We play maybe one verse and chorus.

Then we took over it so a lot of people say, why do you talk over music is why you can't win either way? I promise you Roger the amount of music we play Ahmet virtual jukebox the 2-hour phoning we get something like 400 calls at 3 4 in the morning.

We have maybe 800 emails and text imagine some 80 year old person saying she oh by the way.

I was there when Buddy Holly played his 1 gig in London is played at the London Palladium then he also played at the cinema that used to be.

Elephant and Castle imagine getting there in the middle of the night in telling us what the Buddy Holly concert was like how often during the night does something really dramatic happened.

Can you remember some happening on your shifts were last week's George HW Bush his death was announced literally minutes before I came off it last year of course tragically the Manchester bombing happened virtually on my shift because I've got brilliant producer Paul Bond and he said look I'm getting some notification on social media that something has happened at the Manchester arena, and my eyes shot up my heartbeat race because I knew the Ariana Grande concert was there I knew there were a lot of young children there.

How's the night unfolded? Obviously we scrap everything immediately and we started sort of try.

To compile information on this we knew at that point that this was going to dominate the whole night schedule.

I was on here that morning till about 6:30 rather than 5 when Nicky Campbell then picked up and we're old with the news that was the most I can't tell you now something keeps him when you got to do a story like those strange.

Isn't it? Because in people properly world in human in these circumstances, but you do look cold you concentrate on coverage on reporting it when you finished.

That's when you cry you are absolutely right.

That's exactly what happened to me.

I can tell you now that when I walked out of our studio and I saw my own controller Jonathan wall sitting there the whole editorial full of people like you know I should night shift issues DMT this point I turned to one of my colleagues massage.

No, it's been really difficult night.

But then you have to hold it together.

Don't you because you job because there's such a desperate need for information over you know anywhere safe for daughter's you be around as I have doubts really difficult now.

I've got to be honest.

So don't you have some regular call? It's always want to talk to you that you always know you can rely upon if if it's quite night.


I've got Richard the milkman in Essex I've got rid of the milkman in Maldon and I've got the original Richard the milkman.

I spoke to Richard the milkman in Essex yesterday and basically what happened to me my car was attacked last Friday morning.

I think coming back from a shift and young man ran into the road jump touch my body is starting my body is banging my windscreen and then decided out of spite rip off my windscreen wiper he looked at me like you what you going to do about it, but I mentioned.

Sony and they will sort of comments you should run him over whenever it's a Richard the milkman in Essex called me out yesterday.

He said look all those people have been saying to you should have rung him over let me tell you a story when I was 16.

I was on a moped.

I drove around the corner and not an old woman that it wasn't my fault, but there isn't a day in my life that I don't think about that.

She died, she died.

She died in he has a 16-year-old had to go to a coroner's court with her family screaming abuse know what you do get coolers that contribute wisdom to the conversation it does mean though that you're not in control, but sometimes you have to jump in and say no no no no no we can't have that kind of language or that kind of angle that wasn't where I was intending to go with this subject yeah, and I have to be awake at that time of the morning very awake my pleasure.

Thank you.

Have they done Adebayo now if the Today programme can have them? Why can't feedback im speaking about guest editors last week.

We invited you to send us some suggestions and lots of you been in touch with some very interesting ideas.

Here are a few of them.

Oliver Wilkins I would seem the program the theme would be the BBC vs.

The competition.

I would look at the relevance of the BBC in the value of its programming to different demographics BBC Radio 3 radio 45 live look at the competition from paid broadcasters in streaming platforms and ask if the BBC is still able to better it's counterparts to achieve this I run a number of poles on social media to determine a general opinion or consensus on a matter and then have this debated by industry professionals as well as BBC voices.

I would of course look at regular feedback letters and complaints before this program select those which match the theme.

Feel that I would much prefer my feedback if I could be our guest editor to have back-to-back listeners feedback.

I think be behind the scenes Peaks are a little bit boring roller Sellotape and segments about how program to Maiden why they're made doesn't really appeal to me as a listener very much what I want to hear is micellar listeners giving their feedback are good bad or indifferent on the programs from previous week and I always enjoyed that very much on point view on the television and I think it can be a lot more fun a lot more lively and a lot more upbeat if we've got listeners themselves really making the program the radio or is one of the outstanding development of the 20th century Richards in Cheadle Hulme Cheshire

Major thing for BBC a generated some of this policy based on the feedback for Rachel but it's something that general public don't seem to know much about but I thought it would be a good idea to try and get gain an insight into the rage are processed an interview with the radar executive.

I will be very helpful.

I think also interview with the BBC about what they expect to get from the radar figures.

I'd also like to hear from her and it's of Murrayfield person about how they try to achieve accurate figures in the field.

I'd like to know why they're all the radio stations take their finding so seriously that so we could all along the sounds of a bit more if we knew more about it, Lewisham London 2019 will be a new year and start of new breakfast show.

Early next year will be good to hear housing you breakfast Haytor getting on what the new presenters of planning and how they think it's going so far including the early start another idea is to look at the BBC Radio archives the national Physical Laboratory and interviews documentaries dramas, etc.

Be great to find out whether there's an opportunity to make more of this available particularly with the launch BBC sounds of models do it was put into action this week.

What time is the BBC archive given the financial cuts coming to the BBC Gardeners Arms on a hand crank machine could do in a man well done to all those ideas for future programs, but greedy would like more so do keep them coming along with your comment.

Criticism and praise 5 Live presenter dotun Adebayo is still awake and has the details you can email feedback tweet us at BBC R4 feedback.

Will you can leave a phone message for Rodger on 03 triple 3 triple 4544 standard landline charges apply, but it could cost more on some mobile networks all those details are on the feedback pages of the radio for website.


Back to bed now.

Would you like to have your own radio station? You don't need a large audience one listener.

Will do as deke Duncan is shown many moons ago when flares winter fashion for the first time.

I had a long on my shoulders not not shaved off my Zapata moustache a young dick dream that being a DJ on pirate radio or any radio station it didn't happen, so he started on his own broadcasting to.

ODEON silver one his wife more than forty Years later.

He still making radio programmes for his modest audience 3 hours.

Thanks for tuning our way and if you're listening in your car right now.

Thanks for the Ride not do what you're speaking to me from your studio.

Where is that that is actually in a room within a room building a garage in the garden.

Just buy our delightful little pond and what is inspired you it started with Radio Caroline cannabis strain ship with a huge master.

On the horizon international Waters broadcasting music to the UK at just captivated my imagination.

I it's been in there ever since but I practice for too long by the time.

I felt ready to ship of Don they came away up to alongside.

With a couple of tax cut the Anchor chain told them away that was in 1968 277 broadcasting on 27cm am 98.6 FM stereo music on 24 hours a day.

That's one thing it take to be really enthusiastic about being a DJ but when that didn't happen for you.

Why did you start broadcasting from your back garden? Did you think I'll do it and someone will discover me soon or what I I can't have gave up on being discovered, and I was just in my own little world Stevenage bass radio station 77 was itself featured as a news item today on BBC television programme Nationwide and in 1974.

I think the Nationwide programme on BBC One today feature about you.

I mean I expected office to flooding after that didn't they know that was just so happy with my own little station.

I was the programme director I was the head DJ the 4170.

For decades Deeks audience was to ever happen to be near the speaker in his front room radio stations entire audience has decided to go down the shops as long as Mrs Duncan remains downtown Stevenage her husband, how in the world yeah feeling deke Duncan gonville Crescent number 1 DJ will be broadcasting exclusively the to himself the Nationwide clip re-emerged on social media 44 years later his wife Pamela picks up the story which year the BBC archives.

I told him it's been deleted but we had seen part of it on BBC TV in another feature at least some of it existed.

Cast this to the rest of Stevenage in the meantime to a call from BBC Three Counties Radio who invited digging for an interview with the presenter Justin Deeley finally The Veteran DJ had a chance to break into the big time.

It's going to be a very different and a very special program.

I'm going to give you a little clue as to what we're going to be doing very very soon Laura Mercier station editor at Three Counties Radio on want to offer you a one-hour special over Christmas on Three Counties Radio Happy Christmas Deek your personal issues and we were shocked when all this happened.

You're so used to your husband broadcasting just to you all wanted to friends who come round believable taking them.

It's just so surprising.

Well, I'm sure the world will be listening.

I will be is it new years eve on New Year's Day the program New Years Eve 1800 Three Counties Radio with Deep thank you very much indeed for talking to me and view what tablets are being said I was going to say long-suffering but that I didn't mean that having such a loyal such a loyalist episerver.

All thanks to dick and Pamela Duncan it's never too late.

There are many of us baby boomers ready and willing for anything goodbye.

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