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Read this: The Great British Radio Breakfast

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The Great British Radio Breakfast…

BBC sounds music Radio podcasts and this is the media show from BBC Radio 4 I'm going to leave I'm going to leave idea to I'm leaving Radio 2.

It was one of the biggest Media stories of 2018 Chris Evans leaving Radio 2 Breakfast Show the most listened to program in Britain so useful show the can do many great things and I hope I'm sure I can see a radio DJ getting a new job have the nation spitting out.

It's called flex.

He's returning to Virgin Radio the station.

He bought 20 years ago.

You might well to test him, but Chris Evans quitting for a station with next to no listeners was a bit like the time David Beckham left Real Madrid and signed for LA Galaxy today on the media show with finding out how breakfast radio became one of the most.

Sedative markets in all media and the morning and Gary King how do you fancy winning two-thirds of the adult population in Britain listen to it an extraordinary number which means radio stations are prepared to pay eye-watering sounds to poach your favourite presenters of The Jolly jingles and feel Good Hit the battle for your ears in the morning is fascinating and cut throat but let's start with a bit of a history lesson BBC Home Service up in the morning at this time physical exercises for ladies.

I appreciate motormouth music DJs might not be your cup of English breakfast.

So how about these physical radio jokes from 1940?

I hope you're following this in your writing across in front of your lips 1 times as high as you can get it straight swing down towards the floor and Street so sweet towards the floor and across in front of the list goes swinging through the side across to the side and across to the side and sweetpea instructor Florence Bracken with a taste of wartime breakfast radio to tell us more about the history of breakfast radio who is David Lloyd radio consultant and author in the 20s in radios earliest days breakfast time was not a place for radio back then of course the radio said was very expensive you know you you had evolved sit in the corner.

You had your cat's whiskers and it was an experience which you'll O2 to have time to do you had to sit around with the family so it was very much any evening sort of.

Entertainment and it wasn't till that much later.

If I during the war really with that we started having programs at breakfast time and I've got a description here and cheerful selection of gramophone records is interesting because even In Those Years you have the word cheerful in not into the fact that the great thing about Radio breakfast time is you wake up being miserable and radio makes me more cheerful, so we started to have these programs at breakfast time morning music.

The light programme of course which launched just after the war which eventually evolved into radios to and one didn't have a breakfast show that didn't bother putting water on until the late 50s, but they didn't really trouble too much who presented It's that you ever turned up.

Could do the programme they hadn't yet? Realise that spending time with the same person each morning carries a benefit to listeners, so the start of breakfast Radio City in the United Kingdom was actually fairly slow.

It took the Pirates to disturb all that you've had some presenters sitting on a rusty ships out there in the North Sea and another sees just outside territorial waters away from British radio regulation because you weren't allowed to have a radio station if you weren't the BBC in Britain and they took their inspirations from overseas because really that's the only place you can take inspiration from traditional worldwide Breakfast Show the presenters.

Send up in the morning major smile had some fun.

There was some energy there when great pics and if you don't have a breakfast you are losers BBC recognise very sensibly that if it was going to have its own pop channel heat should draw its influence from those American inspired radio stations and effective BBC producers went very discreetly over to the pirate ships to find out how it was done Radio 1 Tony Blackburn and Radio 2 Paul hollingdale standby for switching get tune to Radio one or two fathers Radio 1 was being launched.

They call the pond some of the biggest presenters to tell them how to format this new show and effect how to design the studio so it worked in the way that this this new personality pop radio dead.

Andy Murray won welcome to the exciting news that the radio one.

That's really where the breakfast show that we recognise today or British music read it was bored the new tube radios 1 and 2 in 1967 was followed in 1973 by the first commercial stations from Graham Dean I do the Capital Breakfast Show 6:30 till 9 every weekday morning the best traffic news for the weather the time checks every city and town would soon have a rival to the BBC another nice day in Manchester and this for the first time on to 61 medium wave 97 Britain's love affair with radio and breakfast radio had begun Steve Jones the probably wasn't a lot of substance that I don't say that it in a derogatory way, but it really was you know something again.

Blackburn some gags well delivered and so great songs and if you did occasions there wasn't a lot of texture and coming through to today.

How breakfast shows different, they are very much more authentic.

I think to be a great on Radio now.

You need to be real the people to trust and form a relationship with the person they want to wake up to on the radio.

They need to understand that there are real person with lights real challenges and you can hear some actually price admits every now and again on a great breakfast show and that makes you believe the happy fits Hackney a corkscrew.

What do you need corkscrew forest 7:06 in the morning because the wine diet 25 years in the business full?

Tony Awards Joe Russell now house breakfast on gym in the East Midlands with her sidekick Sparky its Regis number one commercial shows in Vogue magazine in the 70s but for some reason.

It's just that the twitters gone mad for it.

I don't know what somebody's drag this diet up on a blocked it and I think I could do it for you join our announcement of leaving Slimming World and you're moving on to the wine producer Paul said soon as he has a day but he's thrilled that we can sound like we don't know what we're doing but he knows we've crafted it that way and I think that's really true.

I think it is an art it is a craft but you do still have to make it sound like you're you just having a laugh and you just mates and you know we might be late for news, but we're not really going to be because the craft is to sound like you're running late of course in that you're talking all the time and you're having fun and you're not going to stop until you've got your point out but actually there are.

Who sings along the way that you have to do and think about whilst you are giving misperception off that you are fat back with your feet up having a double espresso.

What are those total Junction types of that? You might have a live caller on for example so that you have to make sure that that is put through to the right channel and through to the the right part of the desk.

I control the desk on our Show and then Sparky sits opposite me, so I have to make sure that either colour is on board be that we are getting the point across even though maybe we've only got 30 seconds to go and pen we have to make sure the caller is wound up nicely and politely and correctly and then sparkly is wound up and then we are with 10 seconds to go telling you what the next song is it's coming up and what's may be coming up in the next hour on the show and the money that were giving away in the next hour on the show so it's crafting it all in your mind whilst you are still talking and having a normal conversation.

Formula that Unites all breakfast radio shows what do all Radio breakfast shows need to do you know what I think commercially I think people are looking for us to have fun.

I think they wanna hear people genuinely having a bit of a laugh.

I think when I first started there was a huge importance on we need to tell you what happened.

You need to wake up and you need to go what's happened.

I'm in a listen to my breakfast show and they will tell me that the world's ok, and then we'll have a laugh and we'll all go to work and it's fine.

It's really different now because people wake up and then they go on their phone and they go on Facebook and Twitter and they know that the world's ok.

I think before they're listening to our show so I think it's changed a lot in the last 5 years 10 years maybe I don't think we're there to inform as much as we used to be anymore because I think people just already know it so for us absolutely the key is.

Can we get you to work smiling at least smiling if not belly laughing at his house the musical is nothing faster than this scenario leave work with a solution at 7 to 7:10.

Have a few drinks fine.

I walked into the pub the guy was already there at the bar.

He turned and looked at me and when the party's apartheid and Shawn Mendes are on the way.

Commercial radio stations to nearly 700 million pounds from advertisers in 2017 advertisers love the breakfast show they can get trades people on the way to work parents doing school run and if we like the presenter with Feeling Good when we hear the ads so for a radio station The Breakfast Show can make or break the entire operation Andy Parfitt was the controller of radio 1 from 1998 to 2011 its crucial because it's where there are the most availability of listeners than the opportunity of the radio station to really perform entered to build its audience into past as audiences around to advertisers or to other parts of your schedule.

That's kind of the superficial Connor one line.

I think it's more interesting than that you think that between say 6:30 on a wet Wednesday on in January and about 8:30 around 50 million people get up and they go through this transition from sleep to wake from Uncharted 2 shouted from breaking.

Fast making coffee in packet school books and if you think about packing all of that into a short period of 1 1/2 hours.

It's the most intense period of the week and research shows that the number of people that LeapPad of bad awake and ready to deal really positively with that intense.

It's really very small so if you put all of that together.

It's all done to the metronome of the Cock which is why we have you know if you think about it the the most accurate that time check on planet Earth GTS the Pips but it is in a sense.

I think that that's emblematic of this idea that its first and foremost thing is this clock this sprint radio broadcasting plays beautifully into that that's basically surges out into the worst the cold be nice and warm in here.

That's all huddle together for one on Radio 2.

Is no magic formula which makes a breakfast show really sing the formula is multilayers first of all there's this utility of helping people through with the metronome of the clock and delivering them to their destination school college work secondly, then.

There's this question of character or personality which is in one way to empathize and to reflect a mirror that you understand what people are going through first thing on Wednesday morning in January and secondly to entertain or help people pause to reflect which is where the magic formula of performance Talent people who are we see the world in a slightly different way use language in a different way can join two ideas together to make people laugh and you know ultimately for the Breakfast Show presenter at the idea that they laugh which is that people have to stay in their car in the car park, because they can't leave to go to work.

Wash they get to school if you can't take their headphones off because the show is so compelling that you've broken the trance of that Breakfast Show breakfast metronome which is the ultimate moment.

I think breaker show broadcast.

It's too busy when you think about the easier breakfast shows you know the ones that descended probably from the light service model course you can give Wogan is David Lloyd the radio consultant and author and mean his flights of fancy his effortless chatter his warm engagement and it and it was the simplest of offering it came from him and letters imaginary authorised from from listeners imagine my shock and dismay this morning when I turned in from Santa Barbara to my favourite Radio 2 programme things must be tough in Santa Barbara to this only to hear pancakes and maple syrup Mark tinder.

Another man's breakfast you may as well insult his mother his religion is beloved their sensitive in America and the man's name is Barack look for goodness sake get it right Radio 4 on his voice particularly was so so he's is list.

I was thinking that the great breakfast radio as being a little bit like somebody coming into your bedroom who's been up before you have so they know what's happening and I come in your bedroom and a terminal identity on then got a cup of tea and a half and a walk-in they say it's alright and that's the thing that Wogan did so so beautifully it's it's difficult to actually analyse his act and I know lots of radio consultants who heard of Fortune around the world.

Are you talking about what makes Great British radio and they will come and listen to welding stretch their heads and the guide no idea why this works he does know I'm not going to pretend that this is not a Saturday

With my voice I'm going to miss the laughter and the fun of our mornings to get there is something of the longtime companion.

I mean we can babies with social people right so even if we're getting up around with join then it's very reassuring and you form a really at best really deep relationship with that Breakfast Show broadcaster, so I'm going to miss you.

Thank you.

Thank you for being my friend.

Late 90s I started showing Nottingham and I was there for 10 years and if you can get into a market and start building up an audience then it absolutely does become a lot about you when your life and your personality.

I've met a lot of listers along the way who are now married with kids but used to listen to me on their way to school.

I've been invited to weddings and christenings and funerals before of people that listen to the show they really genuinely believe you're their friend and you're you're part of their life.

There was a guy years ago that I'd actually left the radio station and his family found me and got hold of me and said.

Oh, you know we're sorry to tell you that he's passed away.

He was one of those regular call and we'd love you to to attend his funeral and did you go I didn't go cos I was busy.

I was working as a waiter didn't even live in the city anymore live somewhere else so I couldn't attend but

It's a funny one isn't it? Cos like you don't know them you've never met them, but they thought you were such a part of their life, but they think they've got to invite you that they wanted a thrill to invite you to these things ladies and gentlemen your brand new host of the Radio 2 Breakfast Show as he is Chris Evans replacement at Radio 2 will be Zoe Ball remarkably she's the first woman appointed by the station to host the Breakfast Show it's been an industry-wide issue since the early days men dominated presenting duties on the flagship programme when I first started out so 25 years ago and I don't know if the attitude has changed much from this, but I remember the MD of the radio station saying about me.

Why have you employed her? We've already got a woman working here and that was the attitude then and I

In my career heard or you can't put two females next to each other or you can't put two females on a show together and I don't know what what the answer is.

I don't know whether it is a male Runner male dominated Industries still but I believe it's still happening.

It's pretty sure that we are now.

You're 25 years ago even 25 years ago.

She's got already the early 90s would say why do you need to women on the show on the flip side of that there are not many other women trying as far as I can see I don't know where the the next females are coming and therefore you can have a long career.

I've done it for 25 years now and worked hard for my success and it's it's been very very good if you look at Zoe's ball and Sara Cox and Claudia Winkleman there are brilliant.

Where are the next one's of those coming along? I don't know I would say we are unique and hopefully.

We're not tenor penny, so I would say I value is higher 20 favoured.

I genuinely so he's got one.

I've got one.

I've got a genuine the something she's gone again.

Flame headed singer songwriter, that's what I had in the cool bag the reason I played that thrice Matt was not just throw you under the bus with over 2 million listeners is Dave Berry on Absolute Radio to my first thought was Sonia the numbers of being the numbers have been good.

I don't think that I've had any I haven't been told to target anyone specifically.

I think I've bought a larger female listenership to that to the station.

I think we got a little bit younger as well, but that's not really conscious decision if there isn't it so it commercial thing which station is Chris Evans going to Virgin that's a new rival.

We're gonna think about how we take him on.

You don't have to come up with stretchy.

Just keep doing what you doing not really I mean I think you have to keep running your own rice and Chris Evans has been you know a face of British Broadcasting for 25 years, so there's no I can't really go around changing anything and I won't want to go.

How many interesting about Chris was an unsung 102 this in in the office with the news was on the TV that you taken over I said what what? What do you think this means for us and the person turned to me and said well, no one had heard a Virgin Radio until now.

That's the power of Chris and I wish you all the best, but I'm going to carry on doing what I'm doing and to be I'm only just starting out on this show.

What's a remit for yours because the competition is ferocious isn't it? I mean you are up against these huge bees in the numbers.

Speak for themselves in terms of the most effective commercial property out there.

Who is it other than your personality? What are the things you try to do you need which makes you different to the competition.

We're not really a topical Breakfast Show as far as in the news that that's happening out there in the world.

I mean we we do touching from time to time and obviously we have the news with with Emma Jones and sport with them or we have that on the hour and a half past people are informed, but I find it is more fun to talk to set an agenda.

Rome daily news of gender based on things that happened in the lives of the team or the lives of the listeners and I think that's how you begin to, build those coloured mini story arcs and how people can confirm that their part of something that's that's progressing over the course of a week or maybe a month or hopefully there will be something that we we touched on back in June when I started here and it's still you know now and again We Touch on it in a year's time and people will know what that is and people have been involved in that so I think that using using stories from your actual life using what's happening in the list as well.

I think making that we were the entertainment with the funnies come from and just slap that between load of indie records in your base of the winning formatted Gear forbid.

We have a listen to it.

Does this all different intervals? What are the regular bits that you have I tried to have a regular feature in for each day for example.

We do a thing called had in the Corps badge based on the idea that were all wearing a cool Badge and every now and again.

We are forced to either through our own actions.

Or someone else's we have to hand that in these kind of an amnesty for when you've lost your call as always get such a lovely response and it's great talking to people then and even the text now.

They just start you know only a few months in they start with like dave.

Take my call badge yet.

I said to my friend.

I'm so excited for these clothes line pegs are in a sale and now I can't be called ever again and you get those things that it's great fun right now wanted to hand in her call Badge what you have Nick good morning to you Nick we're all good.

Thank you for taking the time to talk to us the washing line pegs are on offer I believe my name is Claire producer of the Dave Berry Breakfast Show will looking on the show I think because we're going of morning people from various.

Don't talk to us.

Something he revealed on here this morning.

I think you probably have to because I could video content on this show and there are days when David Pearce a little more mahogany than others and someone on here today.

He's confirm that actually he's been for a spray tan and actually he goes probably monthly at least but he's on the radio he is your wireless years, but I suppose it in this digital age.

We support all the things many of these links and stories with video content never know how much I love you Killian favourite Absolute Radio 60s Absolute Radio 70s.

He played the part of every sister absolute got a very particular approach to music hasn't it's got these different sort of types of music you can dance to how much control do you have over the music the people listen to none? It is total witchcraft escapes me, how it happened.

But we have a thing that's affectionately called banana, because it's splits the playlist so it really is an incredible thing with the only breakfast show in the world that has it but effectively you'll hear the Torquay bits from myself and the team and it depending on which decade station your tune to you will hear a song from that decade so if you're listening to upset reggae 60s.

You'll hear me say exactly what I said and then you'll hear The Beatles and if you're listening on 90s there any of your hip same thing in your hair whilst this and it all resides under this massive green button that sits in front of me that just says next on it, so I just got a present to have you do you think supported to put out there for this is how intimate are you prepared to be to make this is for that.

They know who Dave Barry's.

I have said more since starting this breakfast show that I have done in the previous 15 years of My Oh My broadcasting career and it is important.

I think because it is the way in which you can engage with listeners and they can be honest with you back and that's when you get the good stuff and that's when you can be.

Nothing is funnier than a true story you can sit and try and cobble together a tile and I think people you don't farcical fancy called tail that you have something happened to you on the way home, but more often than not it's the it's the real stuff that connects I mean I didn't think we got on an award nomination for it about having my medical.

I haven't during the Beast for the East and how I was using that as an excuse to explain to the doctor why things weren't quite you know measuring up Merry Christmas everyone very Crystal Peaks Argos swing forwards and sideways and sideways and then stop

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