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Read this: #107 - Media Predictions 2019

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#107 - Media Predictions 2019…

Hello happy new year and welcome to the media podcast I'm only man on today.

So it is our bumper 2019 predictions special we as ever invite our roster of industry insiders reveal their friends for the year ahead in TV radio print and online 2018 was a big one with another new culture secretary and the sale of Sky to comcast but what do I get thing 2019 has in store? I'll be joined by many of our regulars including Faraz Osman Rebecca gillie, Steve Ackerman and it's all the girls on today's edition of the media Podcast Android me first is Jake kanter executive editor of Business Insider and Steven d Wright MD of kerfuffle TV hello hello welcome dear Antonia when do you stop saying Happy New Year is it ok to keep saying now now stop saying it now.

I'm never going to say again generated on the basis.

The first time you see someone in the new year and are fine unless you only see someone quarterly and then it matches are on right.


It's going to bed now that hold Christmas to do whatever the depressing January blues.

Ok coming in now and on that note what was exciting projects are in store for kerfuffle.

This year's day with no bankruptcy debtors prison the usual format title true then was listening I have written that already and Jacob Business Insider what's the Gus things are good.

Yeah, we turned a profit for the first time last year and this is very healthy interested buying an independent production company.

Yeah, I've got 100 Stephen probably has quite a lot of people getting better at that now aren't they you know people who wants video natives if you like it getting a lot better at creating video content learning the secrets of telly.

It's not just people who study journalism being in the camera anymore if people who all along with known if they're going to be on the internet going to have to do audio and video online video is changing dramatically in the last few months without the move away from doing very short pity viral videos to actually probably telling stories and that's been learning curve us as a Newsroom and is that actually about the fact that people want stories generally from websites they go to to get there news if they're not going to be one of the big newsbrands.

I think it's a combination of that.

Yeah, definitely audience demand but I also think that platforms like Facebook are trying to move away from sort of throwaway viral hits and more towards Sienna dial-up on telling stories giving their users a more rewarding fulfilling experiences then if you're looking for case studies basically than that is closer to.

Making a jelly program is definitely professionalism.

This is the problem if you look on if you if your online a lot you see a lot of rubbish and people Astarte almost instantly you go to click on that.

You're so nice of you know The Twits of bullshit Factor or whatever.

It is filter as it's a really is stronger now.

So people are looking for good stories there looking the real real things which is essentially what to use to be there.

Maybe I don't know maybe TVs are going to become online.

You can't get away with a catchy hook shot and a minute of fluff have a beginning middle and right we are beginning a middle of the night.

I think about it before I asked you for your predictions for the year ahead to this project by the way Steven cos he might make a big bowl prediction let's discuss some top stories of the past week or so.

I am a bit new breakfast radio shows are gearing up for lunch.

I guess that's a big thing isn't it Chris Evans on Virgin O2 play they don't think level with the advertising haven't they yes.


It's not going to have any advertising.


It's all going to be sponsored and packaged up by Sky which is a really interesting way of approaching things.

I mean I think you'll clear that they're trying to lure over some of Chris's Radio 2 listeners and taps one of the best ways of doing that is by removing those nasty adverts, but I'm sure sky will want is money worth.

There'll be plenty mentions of Skye I'm sure they'll be sponsoring features on the show and events and things like that.

So it will it won't feel like the radio to show if that's if that's what some of this is hoping I suppose previous case studies tell us that when you take a BBC thing and move it over to anything commercial.

That's the thing the audience of most worried about isn't it the insertion of as we saw this with the cricket going to talkSPORT even.

I think but didn't ask you play any ads whilst cricket was in play.

There was this feeling of well, it's not like test match special does the weird thing about when you leave the BBC that you go to a commercial channel it feels better and I don't know why it's happened on a lot of big name transfers Jonathan Ross show ITV or when that when you wanna go went to the tunable really to whether or not this is going to happen with Chris Evans I honestly don't know it is I feel very suspicious of this no advertising it's going to be all just like it was it can't be in a Millfield different.

It will feel like the idea of no advertising if such a thing can exist but I don't believe in it.

I want as well with the music policy whether they'll stick is rigidly to the Virgin playlist as they do the rest of the day because I listen to virginity.

It's basically for people like me you know why people who coming up to £40 like my iPod but I'm not sure radio.

O2 translated onto Virgin would sound like that you know Chris Evans had licence to play all sorts of weird stuff, so I've got I've got a confession.

I don't listen to Radio 2 all versions, so it is difficult for me to talk about the music.

I don't know it's interesting that they are live Rupert Murdoch and Wallace have spent money on Chris Evans and yeah.

It's clearly a bit of a statement of intent of what they're trying to achieve any imagine possibly a bit of a loss leader initially in terms of what they're trying to achieve have to go for you should take 10 in a sudden.

It's add add add add add all you know would it be that much of a chopping change you know but it's it feels like a really exciting time for commercial radio with the money being pumped in by my dog and no glue global themes in reasonable health and I just

Checked out the accounts for last year actually and yeah their revenues Rock by 5 million pounds to about 30 million pounds so things are reasonable shape and customer point of view that is a Punto who probably thinks Virgin Radio is owned by the same people that own Virgin Media it's a bit confusing isn't it? That's sky as sponsoring the Virgin show I wonder whether initially the package was created for Virgin Media or whether Murdoch can bring himself to offer it to the boiler.

I don't I don't know I don't know if people think about things in that's all those granular terms.

I don't know maybe because we switched on my Virgin Radio with anything at all about version.

I mean I am using for the train at Zoe's going to wipe the floor with them less.

That's because to me that's that that the bigger is not the advert not the not the playlist anything.

It's weather's eyeball.

We'll just suck up that listenership straight away and they won't eat.

Think to move your name to me, it looks like Chris is going to peel back to the speakers crackling from commercial radio with very much iconoclast back in the day it will it he will just be getting those audiences more passionately rather than the old radio to add at 3 audience that supposed They're gonna talk to you know turnover.

I think so, it's going to be stormy.

I really do what do you think a wise? He's never going to be able to compete with the clout of radiator no matter how hard he tries.

I don't think and the agency I mean obviously when he took over from Terry Wogan it he grew the audience to a record high.

It's started to tell off a bit in his in his last few years.

I don't know years months perhaps.

So it will be interesting to see if so, we can increase the audience again also I mean the British press and the public loved it especially when someone very rich and showy flops.

Don't like and we seem is actually going to Top Gear you know actually although his obviously this Desire in the public to perceive him.

The failure in some way to to tell this now to me.

I think it's it's Chris Evans is he is he a monster or is he a genius and it's that barometer of this is because he is a genius, but he's also a monstrous and if it becomes too loud to the dial goes to monster and then people switch off so that's why I'm the Top Gear when is Top Gear in king of all media that point and The Madness started you know in then went back to the bad old days.

If you know when he was on radio when he was just on ready.

He's a purist genius iconoclast and it's that thing of don't you know don't you don't reach for the sky.

Just be so good that you become a miscible.

There is a feeling that like all the cards concerning the air with breakfast radio and in some places might be listen to Thinking this the media podcast why you talking about radio and breakfast radio show specific huge thing isn't it makes money for the station to listen stay all day and in the past few years.

We've seen this big shakeout.

We're going to Lauren Laverne on 6 Music and we got a female hosting a talk showing for Julia hartley-brewer.

Greg James Greg James Bay wild love.

Easy no one kiss Ronan Keating on magic limmie this ugly people coming in which we weren't part of the mix just a few years ago, but it's a good time to be a listener if you're if you're undecided about where you're going to turn the dial to in the morning then you've got lots of choice personally my votes are great games.

I think he's already doing fastest route to do such a big acquisition and speaking of which gossip is Simon Mayo drivetime out we'll go to smooth.

That's what everyone in the Industries been saying forever and yet it still not public knowledge.

It's still a case of Simon Mercedes got a radio show but he's not saying where are so I have no inside knowledge baby is going to Virgin as well.

Who knows you know if you're going to do something as big as and free for Chris Evans you think that you don't try to something for the rest of the schedule, that's that's why do I go mad for the breakfast slot and leave everything else up in the air or why not go completely knots in rebrand the whole the whole channel.

Go back onto territory.

That's more your home turf Steven TV particularly objectionable the most complained about TV of 2018 the obvious one.

Is is that which is great things with Celebrity Big Brother with the the disgraceful behaviour of each of the Emmerdale star Roxanne Pallett and Ryan Thomas and the so-called dig in the ribs or whatever it was that I need to hold of me to 4 minutes depending dissipation manipulation Media horror 27000 complaint that built built built a minute with his interview with producer of that you would actually be and would you be delighted if your brother we'll have been delighted.

They would have been worried initially you don't like first gonna thing where you think what is going on then would be that cat panacur.

How would we say? Would we do that you she is she is she a nutcase in ok? Can we say that she's a woman it may be

Do this big data their initial reaction with from the Producers perspective was to pull him out and blame him which of course meant inflame the situation even more so now you know months later it it just seems completely ridiculous footballers falling for in a dive and that's what she was doing in a reality TV way, but because of the slight female battering aspect.

That's what made it so dark and so horrible you know I mean if it is weird known you think about it.

Such a big brother did initially go on her side and it was the viewer that went incandescent with rage and if you look Jacob this list so that episode from Celebrity Big Brother had 27000 complaints then you had another argument between Coleen Nolan and Kim Woodburn on Loose Women got 8000 complaints but that by the time you get to number 10 in the chart you looking at the X Factor got 286 complaints that's not very much.

Is it I mean do people really bother complaining to Ofcom we we hear a lot about you know the audience is Up In Arms lot people saving.

Social media but if 286 people complaining to Ofcom makes it the tenth most complained about show of the year that I think Ofcom complaints are often blown out of proportion by the press and I'm in there a useful tool to beat broadcasters and Talent with so I'm not surprised that you see you throw away headlines about complain but yeah, I mean obviously 20/27 hours and a genuine issue and I do wonder Channel 5.

I mean obviously they've taken the decision to axe Big Brother I'm sorry think that I miss that does a little bit they've got nothing in the schedule that will match that I don't think but then again Ben flower wants to take the take the channel bit more up-market.

So because I don't remember I said she just customers at the time of his we're on our extended break over someone when it happened but Celebrity Big Brother was a ratings winner did get talked about a lot civilian Big Brother and become boring.

When watching you why don't they just keep the celebrity one? Is it just not cost-effective or could you can't get one without the other civilian Big Brother unit has to be rested for a while, but then that suggest that the production company intent on keeping the two formats closely allied they doing themselves a bit earlier because they're not going to be getting any no one's brother have them UK it's just not on having anymore would probably hopefully get it away somewhere.

I don't think we've seen the end of Big Brother when are we going to start official Big Brother coming back? I don't know that.

I literally just that's just plucked from the cut my head, but I don't think I don't think they're doing it doesn't know he's doing it but in an age where love Island can like absolutely storm it for ITV2 there's still a place for these reality shows and I actually thought interestingly with Love Island that was one of the most complained as well.

I think the the the complain.

Sent it on Danny Dyer female there and the fact that she thought that her love interest in the in the love Island Villa was the singing this other girl and it was one of the few moments in the show where you really really felt that produces hand it was a bit of a producer stunt and I think was the audience responded to it very angrily and that's why you saw so many complaints but I think you're seeing that that you that show although is obviously very heavily contrived there were fewer stunts and they have been traditionally and in more recent episodes of series of Big Brother and I think that lighter touch is what audiences want to see more of you.

Do you think about that as a producer Civic problems with all that shows you how do you keep it fresh and dynamic is what you're trying to do is create a real dramatic narrative based on reality.

You know are there flooding in love.

Are they cheating on each other are they?

Back excetera, you know that's that's a proper you know but you can't create that straight away after that grow.

So there's all that sort of you know when I did ex on the beach.

It was that thing of your ex came out of the sea on my god the jealousy you know all this you know if they're not feel jealousy you put them with somebody to create the jealousy.

So you have to do something I initially but hopefully won't start up the work.

That's when you get TV gold but if not then it's like what can we think of how can we reinvented can we do that's what that's what happened with Big Brother you know when it's not happening business done every night and it's too many stunts and then and you suggesting every variant now and it's really big.

Not that it's it will never work again.

It's stop it for a while and then bring it back.

That's all they need to do love Island went away and came back.

Yeah, that's you know if I went away as a sort of a flop you know it came out the window.

I just do it in a little bit more sexy babe.

You know that Big Brother could be the big hit in 5 years time.

2 years time even that depends recognises another exactly match the success it has a freshness that it didn't have when it was a joke when it was coming towards the end of its last time you ever effortlessly Segways US into the next talking point which is dancing shows on a Saturday night will a professional photographer Simon Cowell's newest format on BBC One the greatest Diaries with me.

I can't wait to show Cheryl when I'm next ballerina since when have you seen all of it was your feeling I mean? I didn't want to show cause.

I am not interesting dancing and be kind of what you were saying before what I feel like I've seen it without having to see it cos it's all the things I went in with that.

That's a beautiful.

It's it did surprise me.

Well done is very well done.

It's it's it looks good however.

It's a little bit all together now which is the show where 100 people vote on you know the singer and I get so many votes to stay in so if you've stolen that device of the audience both and they've nicked Amy night again have a trailer but is there a like a big review wear a mirror lifts or something which seems to have been 5% vote? Yeah, you're dancing in a studio which then opens and you're in a theatre.

So that's nicked off that Israeli format the blender face and tattoo for tattoo fixers in there because I got the whole armour of a dancer turns out walked into a waiting room speaks to a comedy reception as she chats to them.

We don't get a little bit of VT backstory pass story sad story whatever within walkthrough to dance then.

To the dance if the Dunwell the doors open and Windows were back into the theatre, so it's ok.

It is a bit of a very strong mix of several strong for my point here is that like tattoo fixers suet Paisley part of the conceit of tattoo fixers someone with a terrible terrible tattoo walks into a tattoo parlours.

This is the same consideration as you go in and they they they they still open at Harvester Dorking First Dates what channel four of them is clearly put First Dates in a blender with this new Simon Cowell dance show to come off this interesting sounds very eggy but to a couple will dance will learn a choreographed dance each without the other and then see whether they can dance together it sounds awful that idea where you look?

Jobs before you on a day, it's going to be could be genius it could be you could be this is conceived to work on YouTube rather than on telly.

They are not I'm not convinced by this.

I will forgive me.

I don't think the banjo is a great time too either so you got Jordan Banjo who is on the the Greatest Dancer as one of the hosts and I think he is what he's one of them.

When I had it doesn't yeah actually does this other show and I think Jordan is actually one of the most irritating things about the Greatest Dancer yeah.

There's not a lot of presenters on a lot of things going on in the Greatest Dancer the biggest problem for me with the dancer in Strictly where you follow the narrative across a series and you see people people improve or fail whatever you actually see it with this you've got tiny snippets of characters.

Do we care as a viewer do we do we believe in that that narrative do you know know?

It's your dishes at the Beginning so we don't know yet, but that's going to be whether they can take on the net the month of strictly ever form pretty solidly didn't they got 5 million viewers and a bit of fluff on Saturday yeah, but not now not these days, so didn't do you think we're going to be seeing both of these shows this time next year don't know possibly I think the greatest dancers probably got the money behind it to take to get least a second series surely kaulitz hide them down for some multi series dear Mum Cheryl would have to stand on for 1 Series you know presume so I would think that should have a go whether or not it will become as love to strictly.

I don't know if there is a correlation was it people say when the politics and the news is particularly the present which I think you can take place at the moment whatever your stripe people tend to this kind of escapism in a Barclays what people want absolutely no, nobody other day.

Watch Mary Poppins you won't last at this point controllers love that narrative.

Don't come come come for your escapism.

Nothing about it so important because if you have a good Saturday night your week is worth something but you know when the Saturday night show work it said that's why it's such an obsession in the media.

It was Friday night youngest off Sunday night again Saturday night some how to find the week is like Christmas at the Christmas number one is unimportant really but it means something and those old school variety formers will not go away Twilight I think Michael McIntyre Shows the really solid I think it's really good to see again.

It's time.

We laugh at people falling over with laughter surprises, but that's what we want well.

We're going to continue being surprised and laughing at people falling over as we get Jake and seems predictions.

Longest father again after this hello, I'm knackered Brown I'm the Media Router Virgin Media Router and history of Channel 4 are Lisa my predictions for the year ahead.

I think that this attempt to create one simple online platform for the British Public Service broadcasters led by the BBC really ITV channel 4 and Channel 5 it's going to take a lot of negotiation and I cannot predict that it's going to actually result in an outcome.

It would be lovely if they're well as simple place where you could simply go to click on an icon and get a catch up of all the best programming from British broadcasters, but there so many rivalries and complications not least differences in their funding model search.

Am I wonder whether this attempted kangaroo to is going to actually be pulled off by anyone the other problem with it.

Is that the the issue of rights to British made programming is has ever rather fruit and under the current system a lot of those rights really would have to be renegotiated and cost an awful.

Lot because the Producers own them not the broadcaster.

Super custom, I am interested in the future of ITV because when you actually look at what's going on in the media sector concentration is the name of the game that of course the supreme example is the fact that Sky is now part of comcast and making a huge conglomerate ready spanning satinique Europe and America and parts of the Globe so we have here our own public service broadcaster ITV very commercial driving with a studio that is capable of creating and maintaining some very big formats and other interesting programming across both entertainment drama and factual search factual entertainment sofa to wonder whether at some stage since the American companies are allowed to bid for ITV Weather some form of takeover will take place has been speculated on and off for a long.

The given the state of the pound and the general uncertainty surrounding a British Media then I can't myself believe that this thing that's held of takeovers which has the regional Commitments of ITV are going to be a stumbling block in the future, but that's just a prediction that got no candidates.

It was the takeover in mind but that's one of my predictions my final prediction rather self-interested.

League is that my history of Channel 4 witches at the moment title for steps ahead and will be of course sports and discussed and loved by everybody who's interested.

I think it will come out in September and that is the month when we expect that the relocation partial relocation of channels for staff 300 also starts taking place with a course than the largest number going to all or being recruited for.

National headquarters in Leeds which I predict is going to be very close to the city centre and have a great big Channel 4 logo plastered all over at the city's just thrilled to bits to have Channel 4 and is hoping to have a very prominent that Logo advertising the fact that it once this step competition to who has it and intends to use it really as one of the Sparks to ignite are it's major industry further in indeeds last episode last year.

It's almost as if we recorded this at the same time its Rebecca gillie, and Faraz Osman his what you predicted for 2018.

We can revisit your predictions from last year.

You said at Netflix is going to win a major Oscar after four nominations for mudbound documentary.

Bedrock edition cycling but I don't know if I can still come on now major Oscar I mean, I think he meant one of the big four surely.

I didn't say it now.

I'll come reflection and I can say other obviously I was thinking about Icarus from the start a ludicrous.


Is it because it's an Oscar for Best documentary? I'm definitely not calling you to lift Oliver my mum prediction was that data journalism is going to be an even bigger trend.

It's the best way to give audiences neutral facts and prove objectivity.

Yeah, I felt that that's I think I was a good film was now you have a data journalist at the week and now we don't have that kind of but I think that's definitely something that you know that's Kinder Direction that we would probably look to move in a did notice letter new data journalist of the Year category was introduced at the vodacom Awards so someone else agrees with you that it's a burgeoning field.

I don't think it's highlighted.

What was the one that number that every job is to be a princess.

I'm sure you could call it a stop stealing your data journalism take that one.


Sorry to be like ignorant, but when you say data journalist, do you mean like journalistic report on data or like robots making musicals mighty? We try not to discuss that that's basically have two boys knit using using data.

I think I remember saying that it was in the in the era of fake news.

Everything is being portrayed as influenced by agendas excetera excetera like data is on the few ways that you can still put the facts on the table and say this is definitely true.

She's like the new Freedom of Information kind of gold miner that created.

I'm specialist who used to make by Charles Venn diagrams and was seen as being a bit nerdy are no actually important places like the BBC Channel 4 News ok and your III prediction for.

What year was itself? I think a bit bland but you did say 2018 is going to be the Year podcast go mainstream.

It wasn't a breakout Rihanna sexy truth about podcasting is there has been slow steady growth for about the last 13 years apart from Once when there was a spike during cereal so did that happen last year like I'd say no but the steady growth.

I think it has accelerated in lots of brands and companies have gone board BBC sounds dazzling so much time before you saying there's more partnerships now between companies and podcast makers so I think that maybe we haven't actually seen it from like the consumer end, but I don't like this seems a lot of money and Resources

Shifted to podcast nice.

I think that I think actually when it comes to the production of podcasts and that you got celeb morimoto C every celeb is not doing for car seat part of your what your agent gets you to do as soon as you sign on Jamie Oliver over Christmas and surprising everyone he's got a name.

Is is trying to be a podcast now.

What what we need to see how this is gonna meet you jumping the gun slightly week predictions for next year, but I do think that we need to see some sort of like Netflix flash unit aggregator.

That's not just Apple podcast but it's actually is is a space of people describe two and they can use assist Discovery engine and we haven't got that yet and once we have that then we'll so I think we'll start seeing all the contents.

They are all the qualities.

There is so much good stuff and like there is intellivision, but is not a brand like Netflix that you people can subscribe to and then use that as a great discovery engine and actually I mean we're sitting in a cast studios at the moment Acaster podcast network they do successful dynamic advertising but actually there also a podcast app which hasn't been as successful you know.

Supposed to be a rival to Apple podcasts and the like and then they're not really in there another entrance of the field as well and tail for example there are apps out there that supposed to be equivalents and babe.

I tried to do it but if I went and had made a reasonable dent in the market, but why is there not I think the majority of people who listen to podcast out necessarily just I think it's expanded.

I think originally a lot of people listen to podcast were relatively free from residents.

They weren't they won't you know quite text savvy and expanded outside now to people who the majority of humour happy to listen on the app that comes with the phone or Spotify because you know they were you got Spotify music site that does make it a bit harder to persuade people that this download a specific app.


We talk about you.

What's your big prediction having a double chocolate shells for 2019 Aegon optimistic one which they think the mainstream.

What they used to call.

I don't know if they still with we still call it that now terrestrial TV appointment viewing is coming back in a cobalt.

Take a few years ago.

There was a very definite sense that it we were seeing the death of appointment viewing and water cooler dramas, etc.

Because everyone was watching Netflix Amazon Prime people are watching the same stuff as each other anymore or they were finding it.

So you can't even talk about it with your friends because they want different episode and then I think it kind of I think this kind of revival started kind of weird stuff like the Fallen Lisa got people into a watching you no god people back into this Candy dramas.

You talk about with your friends and young people I need to be I'm talking to this with you about young people really because you know for older people has never gone away about this year.

Eve really seem a really strong year per week to week mainstream TV viewing about the Mechanics of delivery or is it just about strong commissioning BBC One Had a Really Good Year last year didn't they say it's in my feelings on this is what happened is at the schedule as in this point.

I'm hearing is a daytime viewing.

This is what you was watching the morning.

That's gone.

Right now, I don't think that's coming back.

What's happening now? Is there still on but I think it will being dropped a WhatsApp message from Netflix telling me the new episode of Riverdale on today.

I want to go home and watch the new episode of Riverdale and that but I'm not having to watch it at 9 tonight, but I am watch it today and I'm going to avoid spoilers to erase apple Game of Thrones gets put on Sky Atlantic in the middle of the night because I had the same rights to TX it as soon as it goes out in America but no-one watch it till 10 p.m.

Although recording and watch a couple of episodes back-to-back.

Love Island same I don't actually think people watching Love Island at the same time people recording it and in fast voice for the adverts or bits of they don't like but they're watching on the day and I think that's what's gonna happen in and ITV put a brief this week.

So they want more strip shows like love Island which is where you have like one episode of Day The Bodyguard was obviously a massive hit for the BBC killing.

Eve is the same when people wanted to watch it in in the moment, but that moment is.

Necessarily when your clock it's 9 that that moment is that day or at least those days past and those few days when it's released ok bud in a year's time Rebecca how do we test whether your property has been out.

I mean, what are you talking about? I'm talking about a TV show getting what 15 million last year that everyone was talking about things like this all programs that were being broadcast through a medium the a few years ago people saying was basically Dead 2 young people might think you've seen companies like Netflix but also you know he even baby saying stuff.

You know trialled some like dropping whole series at 1, but I think it's saying companies kind of putting back from that now.

I think there was a definite idea that people can't tolerate waiting a week anymore.

You have to cater to this new appetite to have everything straight away and I think they're companies have started to see the benefits of holding back and just releasing you know just really something on a more traditional schedule because then you get the massive social me.

Push of everyone watching it at roughly the same time and commenting on it and the buzz that generates maybe being worth more to them than the immediate impact of releasing although I would never show does cut through in this traditional way, it's going to be 1 isn't it that basically has the production values of a bit Netflix drama? I mean that's the other thing isn't it? We can talk about all BBC one of the Good Year but all of those shows the cry killing Eve wonderlust Mrs Wilson that are The Bodyguard they'll sort of felt a bit like cos they were massive international co-productions.

They all felt like big glossy drama ITV I was watching Vanity Fair with my wife, so I read Vanity Fair at university.

I don't mind a costume drama on Sunday night.

I sat down for your brilliant new Vanity Fair and we gave it literally 7 minutes and the production values just didn't look higher.

We've been fine in the 90s.

This is not good enough.

You are completely right because it's a self-perpetuating circle right because BBC can make a program they confess all this extra money that they might not have done a few years ago and they know that they can sell it to Netflix and make some of that money back but but if you're if Netflix on interested in buying what you're making then.

You are still stuck being outstripped by rivals and you can't really compete on that kind of level financially but he does a difference between Sutton being rubbish and something being like having good production values having a brush Valley shouldn't just be about money.

It should be about the thought and care has gone into making that show and you know the Crown obviously has tipped things into a particular space.

What Amazon is he doing to be doing with lord of the rings around series there bringing out.

It's going to be lavish and extravagant and huge and ridiculous, but there is only assume.

What do be do be a Mike Lee style loci and has a real emotional filter and that's what makes it.

M&n there of there a series that have come out.

I mean I'm I'm going to reference people just do nothing just cos it's finish recently that's an amazing show you know you could argue about whether or not the production values are the same as a American comedy series alright.

You know Netflix comedy series whatever doesn't need to because it's brilliantly Britain and it's bringing put together ok for us time to hold you to account for last year's 50 minutes and now he's going to come out and it can be terrible last year you predicted the Disney fox deal.

Will have a massive impact on audiences.

Yeah, well, it didn't happen and if you had a massive impact on audiences as part of that.

She said that some stuff is going to be taken off streaming services which it has start happening in the Marvel yes, settle lots of has disappeared from Netflix Marvel do still exists on on Netflix and I think that that would that will expire soon obviously Disney Plus has now been announced and and that's going to have an impact actually I miss that Disney Plus yes Disney plus least not I Disney different to the one that they had in the UK anyway.

Give me Life Disney light show me shut my shoulders like all the ugly I don't I don't know what they're going to do with Disney life, and if it's going to be going to be wrapped into that reduces the international your Disney life is for mind sending a disneylife Enfield Station my wife is work Disney but mind sending a Disney life was that it was an app for everything that Disney do some books and you know you had to Association some the parks and was going to give you other stuff not.

Video content give me plus.

I think it is streaming networking service that may or may not consume Hulu and that still cannot forget but it has got a name and it is going to have their all their content on it and it's going to lunch with all the films that's going to be there big takeaway without sky Q subscribe and despite the fact that Disney didn't get to own sky in the end.

They are going to get to own fox and it seemed like for that reason.

Maybe they had a really close relationship Rex guy because there's a whole raft of Disney stuff you can download on Sky as it is I think I think that I think is comcast and Sky deal this is slightly worrying for me and user point of view because in the UK sky Q is so good and and their content deals are so good and if you want to if your Sky to describe that you had it done this deal with Netflix now where everything is all part and one system.

They are absolutely killing itself has like 40 Disney films.

Sky Q with an image of getting the Disney App I wouldn't need it.

I've got a 3 year old is got 40 films choose from don't need the Disney App what are on Sky Q mean? Yeah, but we don't know if that stuff and stuff like that still up in the air and it depends how long they signed as deals for I wish I knew what the what sky contracts were in now and they signed deals for but unfortunately.

I'm not privy to that sort of information yet, but the technology the sky have is absolute brill, Ian it's particularly when you compare it to what's going on in America what comcast do in America where they are one of the most complained or if not the most complained about company in America so it's gonna be interesting to see Sky and sky q and all the stuff that they do is gonna push America have a better service or if we're going to be held back because when they are going to have comcast as as people it's going to be delivering this stuff ok, you also put it to the Channel 4 will make move to the regions which they sorted and you said.

What am I quote you here and for which I apologize the Google Facebook clusterfuck will continue namely that they'll have to stop users on their platforms doing whatever they want due to diminishing Trust so I think that that was particularly waiting around video content so YouTube red is now in a weird space.

Where it exists but doesn't exist that but now going to make all the Originals like available to 20 body is my understanding and they're gonna have they Gonna move back to an advertising model what's happened with Logan Paul is has been an absolute disaster for them and I can't remember that was at the end of last year.

I think it actually happened during the year this year and you know we had this weird thing going on with boxing matches between KSI and and Logan Paul YouTube is now did the rewind that they did a few weeks ago is now the most disliked video that has ever been put on on YouTube so there is certainly a backlash happening in that space.

Oh, I think that that Facebook watch has they safe scaled back we feel that this girl back?

that's likely in it's not as easy as people expected it to be a man all of that is because you know we keep seeing executives being hauled in front of a select committees and and and and been for the Congress Terry elegantly defended, but I mean I haven't actually stopped uses doing whatever they want have they they may have made it so there's clearly to channels you no one is more professional and shiny and one is is used generated is cancelled within agree with that mean Alex Jones was was deplatformed whenever you might want to call let you know he doesn't he's he's now lost his his Twitter chat channel is a lost his is Facebook presents and and they are making steps the kind of you know and and the same is true of Logan Paul you was giving lots of the was going to be given lots of money, but YouTube red to make his own staff PewDiePie had the same issue like you know with the whole thing happened with him and and they pull back from that and I would imagine and I'll have no evidence of this but I would imagine that they are not promoting that stuff as heavily as certainly when you look at things things like rewind KSI Logan Paul

PewDiePie people appear on on nose marketing videos that are very much sent to you advertisers, so they are trying to put them in a in a in a box and whether or not gonna work.

Is is another question ok and you also said that #meetoo will continue to have an impact on the kind of content being produced gas definitely true.

I should say as well at this point Rebecca has just left so it's not going to talk about me too and not have a woman in the room deliberately genuinely just left without Microsoft recycle but yet you think that's true.

When was an example of content has been produced you think in the shadow me to watch the Oscars this is part of the nose not being effectively twittered off off be hosting the Oscars you know that is part of this whole wide world.

We live in now.

Where where we have to go back and see the the what's happened and what they've done a millionaire acceptable to host award is also Stuart gunderson is no longer going to be directing God into the Galaxy

You know obviously the film is going to be made but is he going to make it? You know I don't know maybe I'm stretching a little bit but I do think that there are certain people that are going to have a hard time making clothes on obviously, what's happening house card as well.

You know and that Siri hasn't actually works is that last series so I came up.

I never thought I would ever 50 he started watching it yet.

Do you know I was like when it started was like ok? It's became so probably is less serious, but I'm ok with that because I like Robin Wright and by episode 6 just like I don't know what's going on there anymore.

That's a shame but having said that there are lots of really great dramas a great programming which female strong strong female leads and the Artists are repaying stereotypical female character.

They just happen to be female and then they're brilliant and what they're doing and you're killing even body garden.

Didn't it? Just says examples in the UK they were seeing a lot more stuff, where people are getting opportunities and then hopefully that will continue in 2019 ok predictions very pleased that I've got I've got a one-and-a-half prediction and I'm going to really think my neck out here I have never.

Based on this is just what I think it happening is that Apple so I think apple are probably going to buy a studio and it did make some people saying it's Sony which seems to make sense to me and I think that's got to happen.

If why was it because how much money does the reason the reason it won't it isn't that much money but if they want to play in this video space.

They are so far behind that they need brands to to get them Darren and Breaking Bad you know when if they did make a play for Sony that will give them Spiderman will give them Breaking Bad it would give them a comedy show that I can't think of right now.

That's absolutely massive.

It will give them lots of known brand things that's that's a back catalogue and M and has a beginning with a wide breadth of content and do what with it because I don't know but what that means is that they then have a reason for you to go to the recognizer bras and that's going to be important in the first stage before they get to The Originals and it's the model they both Netflix and Amazon used in four.

Longtime Netflix didn't have any original content you know in Lillehammer first came out.

It was his weird experiment the people like watching this and we know really was actually very good and now you just assume that Netflix are a massive content creator.

I certainly know how that business starting then it would never have succeeded as they started in that way, so I think what happened are actually doing is that they're going to start doing video content but I don't think that they're doing it as it's new subscription model.

I don't think it's going to be a rival to Netflix and an Amazon I think what they do is it going to roll it into apple content you have a better name than that but there are also other music class, but it will be the apple music it will be apple news.

It will be they bought a app called texture which is a magazine platform and all the Apple video and when you get your device.

You will have an option like you do with your storage platform.

I think some of a lot people probably pay 79p for like the extra gigs of storage.

You will be able to pay a recurring fee to Apple to access a lot of content and the amount of installing replay.

It's not a video subscription service and its importance but that is an important distinction a lot of people doing the Amazon model is closer to the Amazon model Innocence the Amazon give you next day delivery appeler saying hey you bought one of her phone in a suite of products now.

We can now give you a content and if you're into magazines of uinta video of you into News Review into music we said you got everything that I think is going to be the play the launch this year at some point, but I'll be very surprised if it's a stand-alone video service give us one more I think that I think that Tony Hall is probably going to step down as you know it's 20 2019 is going to be a weird year across the media landscape because we don't have the Olympics there is no football.

I know you're not shoot football fan, but it has a massive impact when it comes to television and particularly when it comes to British Broadcasting there's no euros is no you know it's going to be a stranger cos it's going to be no big event as it were we're not even write letter.

I mean that's going to drive to be writing isn't it? I think that be.

It made it will drive to you reckon that Drive people crazy every other second referendum or we have another General Election that that may have an impact by Michael World Cup in my I'd I'll be interested to see what it what Bennett Jan election does TV ratings.

I don't know there's a few debates here and there but they certainly not a sustained period of day by day week by week content of ky7, Stonehill stepping.

I think it's a good time for him to then move on between the game licence exactly and and you know it's this this is not a big big big thing going on and he's had a good 10-year.

It's you that you can't even remember when John Entwistle had his all all this drama, which central kind of Cayman George sorry.

I forgot me with the precursor to little actually sending as a caretaker dg02 and then we're going to get a woman.

Do you think finally mean? I think it is what I think.

Shame, I think she paid her dues and she's she's definitely understand the BBC has done a really amazing job BBC One and it feels like she's very much in the frame for that job.

So so don't know who the next age is going to be because you can never really know but I certainly think that but that Tony Hall start making signal so he's going to move on hi, I'm Steve Ackerman on the managing director of something else, so I've got here in front of me the predictions are made last year.

I'm quite pleased with his actually so I said big-name Talent will start to turn down radio broadcaster offers in order to create their own podcast and generate income and I think I kind of got that one right when you look at what's happened with people like 7 texts and Charlie Sloth and also I see people like Gary Lineker going creating their own very successful podcast and Danny Baker so that one I'm giving myself a mark for the second thing.

I said was a big brand will find a Saturday night entertainment show did.

That one right.

I'm not sure that's going to come true in the near future so no marks out of 10 for that one and then the third one.

I said which is maybe a bit of an easy shoe in but I did say newspapers decline will accelerators add money moves and that when I'm definitely giving myself a Mark IV as well.

So I'm saying I got 2 out of 3 right there which is Which is not bad.

I'm quite happy with that in terms of my predictions for this year 3 predictions the first one is that they're there will be an accelerated increase significantly invention a Headland in terms of some of the significant ad agencies with other she had the disruption at within wpp in 2018.

What would now starting to seize the disappearance of some at heritage brands like J Walter Thompson and that's going to continue and Accelerate as more agencies in merged to form a single entities and is the Big Holding companies like wpp and dentsu AEGiS reduce the amount of agencies that they have all the hundreds and hundreds of anus is like I'm going to see some pretty famous names into the badland disappear has th.

As I get married second prediction is that short form storytelling on social media is going to rise to the for even more at some Instagram stories is going to continue to move at a PACE that I think would probably also going to see progress from tiktok which is what was but is now being renamed so I think that's going to help help the march of short from storytelling within social media and one little side prediction around social medias.

I think we're going to see the continued Demise of Snapchat and it it's continued march into I hate to say it but but potentially yeah, that's not the relevant position and then my III prediction is really around podcasting.

I've because I just think 2019 is going to pick up on the momentum that 328is me a massive yet, and I think chicken for UK podcast as so I think we're going to see continued aggressive growth for podcasting as the audience continues to to increase very very quickly.

I think we're going to see a big.

Scripted podcast hit come out of the UK I know that some of the big TV production companies in a looking a grating scripted podcasts other companies like my own who are looking at this space and I think we're going to see UK company producing quite significant in this space.

I also think we're going to see some big global hits come out of UK businesses as well, so we're going to see UK companies produce podcast hits the gonna have great success in the US or Australia or some of the other key podcast markets and those are my predictions for 2019 to show how your LinkedIn connections can help you find a job.

They posted a job listing on LinkedIn for voice-over artists to make this add my girlfriend sent me this job.

So my cheeky little voice can be heard throughout the world when my colleague message me about this job posted.

I was like boom.

I'm going to that I from school.

They said the job and now here.

I am talking into a microphone go see for yourself on LinkedIn what jobs are available through your connections find your next job on LinkedIn whatever you're in it for.

And without me Jake and Stephen jq predicted last year a breakup of the Murdoch Media Empire but but but specifically the Disney would take ownership of sky so the first part of that was a bit fat oil and then the second party gone wrong so bit of a failure then how strongly did you believe it at the time the Disney the rumours of the rumours about Disneyland were loud and clear it look like he was going to do the deal with right up to the last breath of that that negotiations may recall that a yes.

I did anybody coming months and it was a Knockout bit that one you also predicted that Tony Hall would either quit as head of the BBC or timetable his departure suggesting Charlotte Moore would be the early front-runner to succeed.

So Tony was done nearer they seems obvious reason still that he clings on and from what I hear is is pretty happy at the moment actually the BBC's had a period of a real stability under Tony whole there's it's always going to be get buffeted around and and they're always going to be issues at the BBC but relatively it's been a period of calm and stability and I think I think he's got one eye on seeing it through to the centenary it would you be so kind of gold at the moment things about working telly is how often to BBC gets can a battered and beaten up but at the moment it is it stormy it really is BBC one which is one of the hardest challenge in the world to to work on because you got a pill for everybody is doing great guns all the time is the other channels of the week.

So you know why would you go anywhere if you're the BBC at the moment just relax and enjoy it cos it's not gonna lie.

Ok Jake make some bold predictions for 2019.

Why don't you so one of my predictions that I think we're finally going to learn the real scale of Apple TV appletv ambitions this year iPhone styles stagnating spectacularly so much so that if she apple if she is first profit warning in 17 years at last week and it's got a fine growth Elsewhere and I think one of those areas is TV what shape do you think this Apple TV revolutions going to say well I mean jhon the former chief creative officer at Channel 4 Amy she's had her feet under the desk for what more than a year I think so, we're probably going to start to see the fruits of her labour.

I reckon that will be maybe a big maybe a big commission big big drama a big gap entertainment so possibly and apple CEO Tim Cook hinted last year that there's a there's a project on the go which we might well.

Find out more about this year.

Can you get the sense Stephen but it's been good for British creatives that day hunts been at Apple definitely the word on the street is nobody knows what they want.

You know from it from the Producers perspective.

You know what does Apple want we don't know what does Google want we don't know it is mainly of such of viral type stuff or little things you know not true that's what does Chinese it says he's going to get in the in the knowledge of most produces when it comes to these big digital B&M off so whatever they are.

Who do you go and see what they got commissioner Netflix now have two missions in London finally let them know I know I know the army now.

You know baby stuff to deal with an email in America and then you look at that thing of you looking at their the the Netflix content and you have no idea what they're looking for you cannot work out because it doesn't make any sense whatsoever and it's a little bit of that ignorance with Apple event because they could.

Facebook to you, are you know me all these Giants sitting down pots of money who could you can you know take the TV industry and do what you're like with it and where the TV industry we don't know what they want or if they are talking somebody different people and if it's the Netflix model then its high price dramas Jake II prediction so I'm going to go bald again and say another BBC TV Channel movies online and see any obvious Steven he's never seen the like a bit before that sank did much are going to say BBC for the BBC's a third of the way through saving 800 million pounds a needs to achieve that target by 2021 22 to deputy director general and ball for the said that it's not going to be possible to make those savings without some impact on services and at the moment as far as I can see their salami slicing.

I think they need need to make another big decision and you know it would save I don't.

The honest answer I don't like me know roughly in the ballpark of what BBC3 say it reaches 3250 million pound and I think we've BBC3 although the BBC is losing younger viewers and that that's a real concern and should not be glossed over but BBC3 of showing that if you free TV channel from the from the source straitjacket of schedules you can have real creative success and BBC3 shown up with the likes of fleabag and this country Joe standout hits BAFTA winning hits in their own right.

Stephen people don't think I'm even even more Sam in the BBC has said this week that they want to extend the iPlayer window to 12-month year and that to me is a sign that they are going to chante Moore online.

Yeah, I mean I suppose it wouldn't be a shock if what Jake is suggesting is an outlook for what TV might look like in 10 years time, but it was deemed generally by a lot of people a bit early to have shutdown BBC Three and Four BBC4 audience many police still on online.

It's probably a bit early for them as well.

Isn't it to me it would be a big loser watch online, but it's a bit moving everything onto the iPlayer moving you know if you give you know I've got Sky q a few weeks ago.

It's all basically is not United schedule, then we just get samples of highlights or whatever they did they'd already curating we should be watching the taking away from the tyranny of the daily schedules, so that is definitely coming definitely but please don't take away BBC 4.

People who sang I want to happen if a new places that nobody cares about me the local radio station number in Tile immunities millions billions and whatever going up to Manchester they spent money in all over the place a building building that's ok and another bold prediction jokes about this one.

Just text me Jeremy Wright he's got the unenviable task of regulating the internet and I think he's going to give it a bloody good go this year in some form quite lawful metal take it.

I don't know is anyone's guess.

You'd be a fool to bet against Ofcom taking on more responsibility that the public service broadcasters predictive BBC actually have been very vocal about the fact that there's all strapped up with lots of regulation including terms of trade and quotas were.

Where is Netflix who are making a big playing this country have got 0 red tape and they might look at rebalancing that that playing field which would be difficult with a national company in regulating really really difficult and that's why I said it's an unenviable task in is the senior positions with the way they start looking to the slightly more junior positions like cautious equity train from don't know that's what you have been ok Steven big predictions from you.

Let's go down big ones.

Please not quite as someone in government hospitals.

Which is that will my first predictions of level of quality taking over from Olivia Colman Olivia Colman we can forget her now Gemma Collins is going to become queen of all TV

He didn't Dancing on Ice she fell over that was it I thought we need a pear enough Bangla gojol army jumpsuit, so there's still room for new reality TV Heroes in your voice it going to be other big hit over Christmas with the Bros documentary which shows that verify network celebrity is still incredibly important.

You know that World Of Madness celebrity Madness when done right is compelling completely compelling as a people like Gemma Collins is suddenly back on telly again.

You like me what you know so it is she the precursor to a new world of trash.

Yes, I said it is that phenomenon something that has legs beyond people laughing at a fat woman falling over because I'm in Uno Dancing on Ice is slapstick.

Isn't it? But people that interested in her really beyond that was also in the Christmas all together now celebrity version of that.

She could actually saying ok second prediction is the what are the 3 top shows of the Year wow sounds.

Drag racing over the world ratings why is he genuinely think rupaul's drag race can be run from nothing Billy entire world of new entertainment and it sounds trashy again.

I'm very trusting myself, but you watch it.

It's the perfect reality show at the fact.

They're doing is BBC3 version is very interesting because whether they can do with what the Americans can do you know that can I post in therapy and oh my god and I nearly said this and Fitch please order it doesn't sound the same in an English accent, but that is gonna be something to watch because if they can put it off.

That's it.

We're going to go Gemma Collins and drag queens not far apart as you see what I'm going up at 1 numbers on there, but how many people how many people 6 millions of viewers will you says going to be for example in the top three chosen BBC Three this year if it gets the UK audience to watch rupaul's drag race on On Demand on the internet.

You're not allowed to know how many years will know but one thing is the people that do that do whatever they can to watch it in the middle Google really big what your other two top performing shows of the Year I'm curious now.

Well the Crown coming back.


He's ok and Game of Thrones that's the Crown with Olivia, Delhi, Jammu, Jammu, 6 ok and I am finally Stephen and finally well.

It's more of a dream than a prediction and that is that Netflix will somehow implode because I really do there introducing 19 new dramas.


Why do you want them to implode because I can't watch anything else if I'm watching his new dramas on Netflix like it's too much.

You know it's like we just had Christmas when you eat chocolate all day and after a while you get sick that seems to me that kind of Netflix for the Dynamics of dystopian future you create if you become a Netflix

Scribe you have to watch every new thing and they produce that is exactly have to go to a week at least I know what you mean.


Is it and also the other thing that happens that AutoPlay thing that happens.

I'd go as far to say that's a responsible like it's fine to say the next episode on Amazon they say you've got 30 seconds to watch the next episode on Netflix start seeing everyone has copied it is because it makes you completely addicted to their product, but it's that isn't good for your mental health Fiona things as always said up biggest enemy is sleep.

Stop playing a trailer when you're hovering over something and I want to I want to discuss with my wife.

Do you fancy watching that before the trailers that I could do one thing better.

It would be something.

What shows are there little to the blurbs are so bad that you have to look at the new guy don't know what his about how they could make slightly more curated blurbs and synopsis is and say if you know who Derby's is an algorithm if you watch this you watch that but there's so many things mean and meaningless you name it is it is a quagmire of quality that you drown in and it says it's a bit hard work.

Do you think there's an opportunity for more journalism about streaming services Jake but I mean consumer journalism at what to watch because it a boy who was who was here talking about pilot TV that magazine about ride around this subject, but it seems to be like people do you have to kind of batteries Search to find guys about what to watch otherwise? You're just look at what people saying on Twitter I think there's plenty of plenty of your job as always before diving into a new series.

I will always Google it and then have a look at the reviews and I do that to me that serves me well and I'll make a decision based on see what the problem is that it will miss out quite a lot so foreign language shows.

You know the drill still talk, but you'll see a lot American dramas, but you won't see the German drama and it's in the don't you know there is that there is a real can of it somebody discovered something then you tell somebody 9 years example one of the best show in my PC is on Netflix which is the French call my agent and season 3 of just launched two days ago.

It's superb and it's a French channel is an ordinary French show it's brilliant, but nobody knows about it and it's become a word of mouth hit your name because nobody is talking about it.

No no no no review where is previewing it or anything like that.

They previewed the big things but the little Gems are absolutely that discovered.

Can you can you just re edit your prediction into something that I can hold against United time next year did Netflix that's nothing give me a prediction that there's a public backlash against this sort of choice.

I think Netflix was gonna lose its position of dominance that's a stupid prediction.

Sanjay cancer and eating the right if you like what we're up to here on the media podcast you want to help us.

Keep making it then do consider taking a voluntary subscription be more than just actually do it visit the media podcast / donate and selecting amounts to keep us going for year-round and catch up with a previous episode and get new ones as soon as they're released by subscribing free on our website the media podcast so I can't I think I'm and the producer Rebecca Drysdale sharing Media podcast is 8 PPM production and will be back with a new episode in two weeks time until then.

To show how your LinkedIn connections can help you find a job.

They posted a job listing on LinkedIn for voice-over artists to make this add my girlfriend sent me this job.

So my cheeky little voice can be heard throughout the world when my colleague message me about this job posted.

I was like boom.

I'm going to that a friend from school.

They said the job and now here.

I am talking into a microphone go see for yourself on LinkedIn what jobs are available through your connections find your next job on LinkedIn whatever you're in it for when we're together.

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