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Read this: #103 - Lads Lads Lads, Fake Guests Slow News - The Media Podcast with Olly Mann

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#103 - Lads Lads Lads, Fake Guests Slow …

Hello and welcome to the media podcast I'm Ollie man on today's show lads lads lads viral content Kings ladbible stage a takedown of their rivals the vice journalist pranking broadcasters and the revival of the row over unpaid work at big media companies class r panel on Riz Ahmed views on representation and whether James Hardie can raise the money required for what he calls the new kind of open journalism and in the media quiz we prove some headlines about the autumn's biggest TV shows it's all come in today's Media podcast and John yesterday is Steven d.

Wright managing director of kerfuffle TV welcome back to the shown below you create a lot of TV formats in your life.

They all have amazing names.

What are you working on at the moment? They were the most amazing of all celebrity call centre.

You know all of

Celebrity call centre, it's a very simple format but a very good show when it comes out on Channel 4 on Monday the 22nd at 10 ok with not selling Admiral Insurance not that far away from that because they are doing calls non-stop from people members the public's it, but it gets straight to the heart of the overcome a celebrity and End shows where they've got empathy or Wisdom or were there in a bad mood.

It's it's very entertaining but it's also so real but members of public going out for advice coding in with the right questions problems dilemmas, and it's that thing of do the celebrities know what they're talking about.

Do they have wisdom and do they have empathy and do they have to up? Sell them the Ticketmaster priority scheme so I had to do this week is making a welcome return to the show the CEO of shoutout podcast network and host of careers podcast wanna be in real Morgan how are you on your to-do list for this awesome? I am actually working on the Spotify sound up bootcamp.

Is a all expenses paid 5-day intensive workshop for women of colour from across the country and it has been an insane we cook planning, but it starts on the 5th to the 9th of November so really excited ok? So what are we going to get to learn to do? I learn how to record edit sound design a lot about the podcast industry that they may be entering into the pitch.

They get a massive prize at the end.

Which is basically having their podcast made all expenses paid wrestlers that something you came up with them pictures of Spotify or something.

They came to you with came to us with they launched in the US last year actually around June and Mike 18000 application came to the US what we did not get quite as many for the UK but the population size is quite different for women of colour here, but they had a massive success with it like the three winners.

Got like a right up in l and they had just another normal time so we just to really honoured to be the designing the UK edition I kind of Sound glamorous, but where is it happening in Soho in the UK

The Holiday Inn Express in Watford when you see video ladbible amount to take over a rival clickbait Masters uni lad they've got history in early October ladbible brought up a substantial part of uni lads debt which then get them essay on what happened next and this deal makes ladbible the largest social video publisher ever.

I'm guessing you're not a natural ladbible consumer.

However, you know you're not a million miles away in the industry.

What is it that they do so well.

They create really think they've done a really for normal job in changing the conversation around it means to be a lad and also creating content that is for men that is about their self care in their wellbeing st.

They're doing a really great job of kind of Steering the direction.

That conversation for toxic masculinity and patriarchy but still being someone defensive because it's ladbible and uniglad after all I did I did used to consume it quite a bit University I really ok.

What was your favourite viral ice cream Steven do you believe ladbible? When they say they're gonna keep these two brands separate but they're going to still have uni lad in 2 years time in response from me.

I think that they will eat them up and spit them out basically.

I think there's not really I think of the computer vision of the two names in off.

Is it means it's not going to be two separate ladders on Facebook is going to be one and it's going to be one only but they're basically the same so from a consumer's perspective it means nothing you know it's just the same old same old.

Night all the time so as long as I can make money out of it, but keep going by think we're going to say goodbye to their uni lad.


I mean I said this is so well missing song from The Sound of Music is right in the public imagination by the same company really if you look at the top rating story from 2018.

It's the same story across both websites.

It's a guy had a tattoo of his brother with Down syndrome putting his arm and that's the thing that rated on both of them so for people who are working for unilad right now.

Do you think I should be nervous? I don't think the smart thing to do with their Talent and actually try to bring them all under one and unite them as a force because clearly they're equally talented and the Bubble dancing on the work in managed to kind of takeover Facebook so it would be silly too kind of waste Talent and you meant potential in that way.

This is one of the ways that you like got into debt there.

Isn't it? They have a lot of staff.

Manchester open all of the stuff but you know just a talented what's the difference of my prom with it is how did they make money huge amount of people are not doubting the Talent and the cleverness and the quickest of the ideas or little bit all of these sort of startup internet sore virus where they showing the stuff out? You know how about about how they making money because I don't know how I can't that's how I but have a look at this.

Is it financially viable and I don't think it is well that the revenues were as far as we can tell about 25 million lbs across both companies that combined revenue for unilad and LAD Bible that's not insufficient, but obviously that's not insignificant, but obviously I have a pain 200 staff.

How can you make your own yourself? Not me 211 really bad at business welcome to the media.

Will it shows that there's money to be made from clickbait, but perhaps not enough to support original content being wiki.

I mean that's the bottom line.

Isn't it a bit late, but I can't make a content page to make it unless it's students where you are exploiting the with no money, so I mean online doesn't know they're bringing loads of people working for can it work experience church doing more less the same thing a lot of the same viral that's that's my other problem with the unilad ladbible thing is it doesn't it's a distinctively unilad ladbible to me.

It is ready its mail Online it's everything they're all the same.

It's all the same kind of pool of virals that was a good there entertaining to watch a good one and also one that's really funny, but it just seems to be really what's the Muddy water we're I guess they got in there early in designing a new source for Facebook didn't know that was there USB at the time as no one else has created something for students on Facebook that was that big before but now it's even says it's something that brands can create if they want to yeah.

I think there isn't a lot of anymore.

Bhpa really stepping up in creating like a more premium offering I don't know what the place of viral contests going to be I think even working in forecasting makes it really difficult to understand how to make it a sustainable the Bible business, so it is going to be an interesting one by don't think they should get rid of all of you lads.

I just don't think so, I'm just really nice like that.

How much do you take on board lessons from viral content when you're making telly Stephen what is why I'm making another scary face for any listeners that they're the cleverness of the ideas is brilliant at you know you can always you can and you can nearly always spot a real kind of genius at work which there are the odd one or two you know people at Cassetteboy if you'd like that unit if it comes to the substandard a lot of the stuff you become even more to the cynical about that for a faked or copies of copies of do you know it's so you know.

I would hope they would go on to make great shows and things like that proper shows a more than a minute or two minutes away level with scripting.

Because Talent should be allowed to Canna Flores but that doesn't does their technique influence what you do.

I don't think about those titles.

I mentioned earlier.

You always had some eye-catching titles in the telly programmes you've made but that's a very online female isn't it? Yeah, I mean that you won't believe what happens when whatever yes, but they will grow but it's it's keep the biggest prom for me.

It's just how do you get paid because if you are a brilliant little a designer or photographer or director or whatever writer you know coming up with stuff.

How do you survive that to a 3 years before you get your sitcom or your film or your screenplay or your whatever? It's you know that is great if your 22 and you're sharing a flat and you don't really need that much money and you can show her stuff every 5 minutes, but to me that's exploitation and it's not necessarily a Curse of a viable career where you can actually end up.

You know having somewhere to live and you know when a guy.

The cat ok, let's talk about the vice journalist who got his fake restaurant to the top of the TripAdvisor charts, you prefer distillery.

He has struck again at this time pranking broadcasters by sending standings to do interviews for him every what happened to you.


He just decided that he didn't want to do Media Appearances anymore and just sent strangers the appearance of which I think it's absolutely hilarious.

It was sometimes his blood relations is why his brother did stabbing pain Australia right? I think that's what happened and they gave very serious interviews he's gone to Pat like Fashion Week in like putting fake designers.

He's just a really good laugh.

I think it's quite funny.

I do question whether other people from other background to do pranks get the same kind of notoriety as him, but that's my only reservation but I still quite a funny thing to do.

I'm going to have to examine gammon.

I'm going to put them in that come into little bit more.

Yeah the people from all backgrounds.

Not think I watch The Good Morning Britain interview that.

Superdead am I think I think it's really don't know I'm not sure and I come and it wasn't peers but he was like in use can two people use can people with really hot on it and I didn't like scamming in general is kind of frowned upon and it was quite inflammatory language.

I think and I think when we think of scammers wouldn't Nigerian prankster got have gotten the same kind of notoriety and would I have been as funny if it was the other way round so I think there's kind of pros and cons to it, but I do think overall uber did was quite klarius, but I do? I look at it from the intersections like with the saphenous funny from someone else.

That's all.

Do you think of money soon so we all know you walk into the BBC reception.

So yes, I'm here to talk but someone so you'll be you'll be on the air in 10 minutes.

That's more or less what happened isn't it's ok.

He's proxy destroyed into Wogan house and then minutes later was talking to Vanessa Feltz on the Jeremy Vine show.

This is a thing you don't get a desperate researcher will book anybody in overall pick up anybody in her instead of rushing.

I think there's this guy is the fact that uses fake TripAdvisor his feet all these kind of things just shows it all up for the 3rd of the bonfire of Vanities that it is you know and it's it's more of this please.

What is the alternative though because you know on the production budget even if a radio to talk so never mind the local radio show a commercial radio show you can't have the researchers journalistic.

Lee investigating the identities of people to see if they do they purport to be undertaken open up basis of this industry's trust.

You know you speak to me on the phone or you have an email or whatever but but that's that that can be exploited in the other thing of course is that most people I should have what they say.

You are where they're coming from can be just as as fake as anything else even if they are who they say they are you know me know what you mean the biggest problem with my mind when I look at things like News and Star Planet if they get so many.

Manchester City another voice another opinion, they don't actually do any journalism is comes into the storybook of later on but that idea of real journalism, but just noise and so this is what this guy is doing his exploiting that that desperate sudden desire to desfile time with anything and therefore you know if you're a good talk and you can get on and do anything and has been pranksters like this for years and these two Kelly pranksters.

Universe me people went on and told fake stories with inner allergy started like this.

You know there's lots and lots of so to me it is a great, tradition and the more they can send up your poo face journalist the better for the benefits of voice of all the places they get some fun articles about it, which themselves will rate is he telling us anything we don't know I mean because it within the media industry of things as we know it works on trust.

We know you can make it onto the Jeremy Vine show maybe the general public don't know that may be genuinely is exposing something that people aren't aware of.

We need more transparent news as I think what does has shown is just how chaotic Media is and liked even said it is a bit of a fast when you think about it and he has exploited that which I think is a little bit terrible on his part, but it's really funny.

So you can I know it's a really tough one to balance by didn't general public should be aware that you know what sometimes the things that they're seeing and reading on always entirely accurate are well researched so it does kind of prey for further inspection.

Will that that's the thing we talked about me so quite a lot the extent to which the general public don't realise that the mainstream news agenda.

Even if it's verified even within the BBC is constructed often sometimes quite junior people reading press releases and constructing the news saying this is what's happening today the job it still don't quite have a Hold on there's no there's no debt anymore because always got time for the depth.

You know when you see an artic going out again nice to read like 6 of newspapers today now.

I read non-stop news stories on my phone and what gets ridiculous when you see a story comeuppance.

A 4-minute read and even I got too much headline, and this is basically this this would have noticed the shallowness of the media and the density of the the word fake news because of trump is going to mantra, but there is a touch of that the said of the transparency, is there if you push hard enough this guy is obviously you know telling young people this is this is what you can.

Do you know you can sort of manipulate the media to your own and that's a good thing.

You know I'm all for the set of revolutionary aspect of it the fact.

It's funny as well brilliant, but it's also a really such a terrible indictment had terrible are news industry even had just how poorly research constructed you know it can be can be but there's a generational thing here as well because all very well saying.

M155 generally should go out and meet people and they should find their own stories national what they're talking about is not just lack of resources a generational thing because a lot of journalist coming into The Newsroom from universities.

Don't even pick up the phone.

You know they like to do everything online because they live online and what this journalist is lagging are Paul this prankster whatever you want to call him.

Is that there are inherent risks to that yeah, because we don't pick up the phone everything I've been invited for has been over email and usually the emails a great person until it's usually really effective accept foreign disc on this occasion, but I think there's a difference between them just getting it wrong and someone deliberately exploiting that there's not that many cases of ubers as as far as we know there are too many cases of people pretending they see the news eventing on Twitter definite definite pretended to watch something that I had some of those get on it seriously they do but that you know if you're in the news in Borough

I'm looking for a hashtag and someone puts a prank on that's what makes it on there if people on Celebrity Big rental want to say I was there.

I live there whatever that's one of the biggest problems in this should be should be more cynical than they are they should be more at you know who is not only should be there should be pushing and being you don't just accept the first opinion the first person who should I mean I mean I'm talking to the young Media students who don't use the phone at this point nobody else that thing of you know you're involved with tell if somebody's lying when we can hear their voices you can't tell if someone's lying on an email or text and maybe some people don't care.

It's content and it's gone it's down.

Yeah, this will be over in liquor today probably crying my face cure Cold Hearted cynicism.

The story but you needed to which is the former times and BBC man James Harding and his new slow news venture at their smash their fundraising target of £75,000 as we checked this morning.

They've raised over £130,000 on Kickstarter at this is tortoise it will tell us about that you feel spine tortoise Media open journalism News when it's ready.

Not when it's just come out.

They want to take a for I guess bird's-eye view.

Everything is happening on the Landscape and then tell the story once they've got all the facts.

Speak to people we are just checking everything and they have like thinking they wanna do live events and they want to do loads of do we have to define things trying really hard it sounds like question time so basically people there's like a padawan editor talking about the news that they care about and then having other people's opinions from like the regular public I imagine also chiming in on the subject.

Yeah, it's like a workout.

If you back this project Steven you can turn up to basically, what is there daily news conference SOAS you a lot of listening to this show will be quite likes a bit of James Harding but I'm not sure that really appeals to the general public no because they've never interested, but the message of this startup yes, you know again.

It's this thing of real news proper and analysis proper depth proper context and context is the biggest problem with the past at clickbait world.

You know if you could have so many things you look at you go that headline says that you read this paragraph.

You would stories actually completely the opposite the context is different than you know it's it's somebody pushing this is a new message sounds great whether you make make money out of it.

I don't know again.

I found a horrible old granny and the corner here but but the other thing I should let you know all the newspapers and all the news channels should be doing this anyway.

Well if you look at the Atlantic

The 1000 words long and have proper investigative journalism, it's just there surrounded by crap when I read the story.

I just thought isn't this just a magazine personally.

I don't understand the difference I get that they had like a really lovely Ethos the message behind it but I don't see how this is any different from like the publications mentioned the Atlantic doesn't really phenomenal work, so I don't really get it, but I don't get it and I don't know why this is so different also special from anything else that out there especially for people that very rarely check in with the news like myself.

I'm in the simplicity of the app that they're suggesting it seems a bit similar to What The Economist has done and what Yahoo did with somebody which is basically you get five stories.

That's in there's a finite limit on it.

There is a human appetite for that.

Isn't there which is weird in this world of ever scrolling things you just want to know you completed your reading for the day.

A curated stories miracles, they stop annoying me because he writing something about Northern Ireland or support both of which are not interested in that day.

So you know now what more entertainment or more whatever foreign or something and so I don't know if the money is the better if it's good new Nottingham good news that awful to the happy news properly quality news quality reporting quality analysis, but who knows how long this is going to last do you believe them that this fundraising target, but they've achieved is kind of genuinely on the surface level on Kickstarter like it appears to be like all week.

So this target more with exceeding 3 days or is that just hang you have to do Kickstarter crowdfunding usually lined up everyone that's gonna give you some money and then it goes to okido another out the blue you actually have to have your donors lined up and then you said we're going live on this day.

This is how it works now and then you have to look your biggest Kickstarter Daisy

First day in your life, so you have to line everyone up and then when the people you go officially live online you have some traction.

So then people then start donating like this is a real thing you have to game.

It's not it's a very rarely organic psychological Weakness in us but we only want to get involved in supporting something that we think enough people already like that.

It's got its funding goal anyway is really weird like the holidays should pay the £30,000 so I can help with the tenant people like there are 100 grand over there, but it works now.

Do you think it is a credible way though to launch a business.

We James Harding you know could have gone to other routes and has chosen to go to the public.

He could have done think he's a very well connected man and probably some donors are very credible people.

It's about 700 when I check last night with 700 something back as which is quite a lot even for Kickstarter you could have got a different route by think there's something novel and going to kick started making.

Seemed like really down to earth and start up here and youthful and hip and despite I guess the bull thing someone older than probably the millennial generation.

So it's an interesting route.

I'm curious to see where it goes but I'm probably not going to be the main consumer for this well, probably not a £250.


I mean I know that is less than it used to cost to get a quality newspaper everyday.

That's a lot of money.

Is feels like a lot of money now if you're the kind of person who donates the Guardian I'm guessing you're donating 30 quid you not 250 202.

Lot is it worth it at £5 a month free subscription.

So then they usually send me a newsletter every Sunday that I read and I check-in once in a while, but I do that because I would have support black women in journalism and that is kind of the key reason why I pay that money but which one is that interests me question is would you spend £7 rather than £5.10?

Online is there if you have an online subscription or a donation platform once you've got someone over the threshold of being willing to give you money the actual amount sort it doesn't matter someone will give you £3 will give you for it.

Just the most because I do anything at all.

Just depends pornography on the same years ago realised I didn't have to keep paying so you know why you're paying with your data Stephen year of everything you've been watching borax during this commercial break possibility of achieving more in the fast-paced world of digital advertising Oracle data cloud has built its Legacy on finding the signal through the noise on unlocking potential we bring together data and technology to help you better understand your audience where to best engage them and how to measure a tool to realise true potential Oracle data cloud where better outcomes begin visit Oracle data cloud to learn more.

Types of media news in brief now in really Stephen are still with me and actor Riz Ahmed has been reframing the conversation around diversity again this week has been urging the industry to stop talking and start showing real representation of underserved groups at in.

Love you agree with this distinction between diversity and representation some people think that sounds of the same thing in in film especially around the conversation on inclusion of exultation Percy I think they sound like one in the same and they will become interchangeable buzzwords, just like inclusion has now become has replaced diversity representations going to replace city and they all mean the same thing I guess the distinction in what he means is about Holly representing people in that they actually get centrestage when they're in the stories.

They said of it.

Being about Batman it could be about whoever who is black in back by then.

We're talking about the same film with talking about we still have white leads and then we have maybe the side characters might be brown or colour of lgbtq or maybe disable with almost never happens, so he's talking about that instead of being the spring thing in the background.

How about we actually have people at the front.

I'm leaving the stories and that is slowly happening in Hollywood we're seeing those big changes of black panther A Wrinkle in Time even the new hate u give me the interesting to see that kind of shift where were telling me stories and people have been represented, but I think overall it's just a time now is going to be interchangeable diversity.

I don't know the difference bewteen Stephen you're making a show for Channel 4 at the moment.

They make a big song and dance about diversity.

Every show you make should be representative of the country.

Yes absolutely should they should be the problem is whether if they don't say the word diversity within the country's retinue this has to be a diverse Castrol diverse whatever this is risk that you will beg show without anybody in it.

That's the problem and this is diversity is a horrible word the under one.

I hate you voice babe.

You know which we now using telly all the time being being they always have a person Spain but it should be a bit representation should be about it.

Just it would be nothing really should be just natural that's the thing of these people should be in a map of what they are if there any good but that diversity thing is at least keeping you focused to do it.

You know there are a lot of monitoring now with things like a Yahoo who's on the production team.

Hope you do have to work at it because so that could have does work as a kind of in a slightly what's the word that means that you need to have to follow.

Should be naturally should be should be completely second nature and we shouldn't be thinking instead of those going to be returned, but I think we still have to this day.

I mean I guess the problem monitoring who's on screen.

Just focusing on that rather than behind the scenes is if your box ticking you're looking at quantity not quality, so you're not being Andy Peters is on Good Morning Britain everyday be a present the show but I mean you know that means they have a black face A Good Morning Britain every 15 minutes.

I'm at that's not what really love you as a notice that is the problem with something to say when you see pregnancy.

Are you can see that the box ticked cast person you know anything in quite often? It's really clunky unanimously someone suddenly wheel in a wheelchair you got to have found that disabled actor or whatever all that thing is educating your audience in a way not to be thinking that isn't it? Because you do you can't help as a viewer.

I mean thing that was written about a lot recently in relation to body guard another TV dramas.

That type is increasingly for all the right reasons within more black and Asian actors playing police officers and give me shows but I actually you know as as a as a reflection of reality we see report after report saying the police are to White and there aren't like a nation offices at senior level and every boss in the TV dramas is from an ethnic minority there such thing about that though, and why those things are good is that seeing is believing so when young black children watching these shows or teenagers are watching the shows they can see themselves as a police officer not being rested.

So they can see that as a viable option for that.

I think it's just as important that we actually what media should be doing and what entertainment should be doing is helping people kind of shape the future and it's meant to be aspirational in some ways depending on the show and so I think it is important that we have stories that even if it doesn't reflect our everyday reality it should show a version of the future that we can hope for so yeah, that's why that's important but don't know.

Caroline UKTV it's just so shockingly bad that I don't have a lot of hope for a new like you like Stephen said you can really see when they just try to take a box and we no one will not be accurately represented and I think that's the difference is that you can take we can tell the difference whether the producer of is behind the show can tell the difference doesn't matter cuz usually that white face and they're not going to think about it in the same way that I'm gonna think about it when I see it is looking like that doesn't ring true for me that doesn't that's not nice.

Or that's what anyone I know the experience so I think there is a wider conversation to be had but I think also it is just as important that we had this basis behind the camera and in the writing rooms and on the production teams because there's more chance that goes through to get better and accurately reflected ok hunting of the hot-button issue.

Not working for free Scottish member of parliament how to get on the media podcast laughing.

I don't know why Scottish Parliament has revealed that two teams at the BBC we're asking freelancers to do an unpaid shift.

They got hired at sting Tony Hall is now come outside this will not happen again at the BBC do you believe him? I want to believe him because it's outrageous.

It's absolutely outrageous and something like the BBC to be caught doing this is just incredible because you know what do we have a BBC4 you know they have to spoke there supposed to be properly you know that the most of the verb are hiring policies etc tickets if they're bringing people and they're not paying them.

That's pure expectation you know you'd expect that officer you know it's some sort of sleazy backstreet places not making any money.

Not the BBC so I suppose if you're finding a justification for this in real.

It would be that the BBC is a huge bureaucratic monster of a place and if you're just a middle management producer with the authority to give someone a job, but not the authority to actually make that happen and all the paperwork the easy way to try someone out.

It's a coming for a day Shadows see if you fit, there's nothing wrong with that motive.

Fishing is there I mean I'm actually entirely I'm surprised by the story because I thought that that's a very normal phenomenon.

I know loads of people at work for free for massive corporation, so I'm not surprised by the story though, it is outrageous, but I think at the same time it does make sense of someone want to work for the BBC and they want to get their foot in the door.

I can see why people say yes that opportunity and risk not being paid what really is shocking that is that they are established freelancers, so generally speaking they actually know what they're doing and have been paid in the past for that's cool.

So that the fact that they're not paying when is a bit of a Kick in the face you you're out of your only works if they're Media students or their 21 or something like that and you literally would say come in do a day see if it works with if you don't get them to run the show write the scripts and they're not be able to get a cab home at midnight that shows details of where that that's the problem they cut the culture of freelance working the culture of working for nothing work experience I should say.

Is absolutely vital in every single person the media has done work the other over and above the hours and certainly work for free, but you've always done it on the proviso you can get something back this sounds like just pure that get mint free not pay them a bit of the BBC made a run for their own back by having such complicated recruitment procedures in the first place where they favourite people that already work for the BBC and there's all kinds of complications, but actually a game I can just imagine from the Producers point of view this is worth getting someone into the experience and I can apply for the job.

You need to apply if there I think your son to make it so complicated it really is a minion Europe producing you need a researcher producer whatever somebody to come in you will have a budget.

You will have a line in about you'll have a production manager to go through that you did not so haphazard that you don't know what you're doing and that's the whole point of TV and radio with a bit is rigidly adhered to and and and and constructing so this could have idea that we can just bring in people for nothing and no one knows is a

Everybody should know the producer always know she's not yours.

No who's working the show so the I don't you're not paying that you know you've made that decision all that used to cross the Rubicon I'm not going to pay these people and I'm going to get as much pre-workout that is that's horrible not passing the blame onto the victim here, but the problem is that free long does will say yes to this because they want the work that's the imbalance of power.

Isn't it? Yeah, but what did yeah I can understand it depends what it depends on the freelancer to be honest because sometimes you just want to be busy on your CV that you are made as a freelancer.

They have compute autonomy as to what jobs they take and it is a judgement call will be doing this mean I can get work later on that does paid me double but I'm currently Getting probably so it's not a blaming the victim to the BBC absolutely should not be thrown in people's labour but at the same time these freelancers are making that judgement for themselves.

So you know ok.

Let's talk about one of the big podcast launches of the week of the last edition of this show Steve Ackerman

Something else who was on a panel hinted that they were about to launch and you kind of podcast format we now know what that is they created what they claim is the first structured reality podcast following TOWIE Lydia Bright do you know that is Stephen that do ok? I'm guessing you don't because you don't get television ok? What you both know a lot more about this than me.

I was actually hoping when he picks that to his last week, but it might be it wasn't as we was it that it shows I was actually secretly hoping when he was explaining that was on the last edition that it might be the moffatts.

He was working with now that I would want listen to this one.

So why should I be downloading This podcast me listen to the trailer that I would like I will never listen to this every day of my life watching telly because people were getting on my nerves find them.

She really annoying as people but I understand that the general public really love that so it's probably going to be a very successful show but it just doesn't sound interesting and she has a really jarring voice and it is audio so that's a lot to do.

What do you think of the idea of Tokyo basically taking the format of a reality TV show making it into an audio podcast you think that can work at the end of days.

I really do I think when I've when I listen to the the bright as we should call it.

I think it's horrific and it was basically like being turning the screen off and listening to your TOWIE and then trying to work out who's actually talking a minute.

I just made me think why is anybody there gonna listen to this? Who's that desperate for an extra slice of TOWIE the building tune into a podcast with some sort of TOWIE one of these let me know you got the ambition the changing nature podcast is over a good but I don't think this is the one we're going to do you know says the game changer for all life from now on I mean the wave ever recorded the showers walking stick.

About this off my last time is exactly the start of reality shows that they have you know embedded microphones into the living room.

They've given them essentially bullet points of these are the things going to talk about but it's genuinely Unscripted they don't wanna say they try to do all that sort of innovative stuff for the podcast space.

Do you think at the end of the day actually the podcast people I was like there's like three people that live in the chat or you know the structured american-style true story type shows those are essentially the two types of show that the writing.

I think there's a place for reality but I think it's an exciting development because I would probably listen to reality podcast is not this month.

I think it's gonna come down to who who the audience is and who's who's it for what are you making this reality show 4yy kind of rehashed something that I can get on TV in with visual.

I just think it's probably just the poor choice of Talent in this occasion feels like a really wasted opportunity.

No offence to leave which probably sounds like you're so sorry.

But I think it's just it's a choice.

I just can't I can't get over why they've chosen that family.

I don't think there's that interesting they're not the most interesting people on the show either so it kind of the air like you said it was a bunch of want to be trying a kind of jump into the podcast Bass by think reality in podcasting can be very very interesting with the right Talent we due to the danger here as well Steven they of using celebrity to promote your new podcast on the one hand it's kind of essential in especially something else.

They are a production company makes this to make a profit so they looking for a sponsor on this they need numbers on the other hand you know how to measure podcast over 10 years now your first 12 13 14 shows are usually quite bad compared to what the Show Them becomes analyse all he is like a real Dead on the trailer is a bit unfair it is very near me that they aren't really chuckling all the balls in the air at the same time and it doesn't look good as in the trailer doesn't make anybody got wow.

That's amazing that they never said that's whatever it just

Feels like being recorded at not fair Parry in the putting on a C90 cassette tape and playing it in the back of the radio or something.

It's a bit eggy.

I think the technical another success on the jukebox.

Jury for that one.

Sorry Steve on two social network Google Plus remember them things not that is indeed the new story.

Thank you in real bring it back.

They have closed to the public and made reports of a huge data breach, but Google Plus for business has now been expanded with new tools at is Google now.

You know having failed to chase Facebook trying to chase slack probably and I just think it's not going to work.

I think they should just let Google Plus go, it's been dead for a few years.

He was working must think it was a really slow bad to try and make that happen and I think the business is always an opportunity in business tools because everyone's was chasing.

New productivity to all the thing that makes their employees kind of connect with them in a human weigh and they've got like community features and network features, but then it kind of just go to LinkedIn don't understand I don't get why they Douglas but it's Google naked with the likes OK Google Stephen a not going to be back in on telling everybody to go to buy Microsoft Excel product in this space, but you think you can work for me.

I have no idea.

What are yous like in Man United the sort of you know the picture whatever and all I could think was who who is going to do this who's going to be at work and I can't wait to chat to somebody in the next office rather now the phone them or email them or text them or just go and talk to them.

You know me what who are these businesses that need to sort of slightly bizarre social media construct tip tip to somehow function better ones that is American corporations.

They have thousands of people working for the employee.

But you don't need to think you've been old fashioned term for the internet that can I said they have company versions of those are the kind of what this is ridiculous.

It has that good? How's your night been poisoned KFC on to the show to tell us a group they have other products that are stronger and more effective at doing this.

I don't understand like I mean.

I'm part of the UK audio network which works very effectively at sending me tons of emails with updates from time to producers and I get all of the kind of digest and I know what's going on and pub other Google group listen.

They come it's my inbox which I checked regularly.

I'm not going to go out of my way to check Google Plus to find out what some employee in like Americans doing to not going to do it so weird with the ok, but the platform I mean I thought I didn't need slack and I thought I didn't need WhatsApp and I know you've both of business all the time.

I definitely need it WhatsApp

When I was born wanting WhatsApp saving how people work especially remotely but then there's slack so why is good like I sometimes.

I just think companies should just let the competitors just had it for me sometimes because they do such really what they do so many things exceptionally well.

They got YouTube like what more do you need to let Google Plus go, there was a great piece actually Business Insider I don't know if you saw it was actually every time one of the Google executive executive want to make a statement they use Twitter there is just time from Media quiz.

I'm going to read your headline about one of the autumn's big TV shows you're going to tell me what the missing word is so when you know the answer you buzzing with your name's Steve and you will say and it will say.

Ready now.

He's headline Number One Strictly Seann Walsh and Katya Jones look.

What as they leave rehearsals after ruling out another sexy dance in wake of kiss scandal is neither the answer is Smaug Smaug through the single day every minute of every day and the BBC milk that gossip for ratings in real or do you think it was the tabloids genuinely interested in it? I only found out yesterday.

So where have you been sick? Everywhere doesn't matter is everywhere.

I'm going to take over the police.

I think we're genuinely worried about this properly worried because we all can have loved it in that order from our position.

But the weird thing is the whole show is predicated on who sang on here all the time you know Claudio make reference to it the judges are so I see such chemistry blah blah.

You know that is what the ball did some text isn't very very embarrassing and a bit weird and that's what the BBC we genuinely worry about because it never had this situation happen.

If had loads and loads of kisses and couples coupling up afterwards and things like that.

I mean it down some of the Strictly dancers, because they were coupling up every series with their that their celebrity Talent but this one was a genuine guy and I know that they were worried and they were so desperately worried last Saturday when it came out when the show came out because he tried to make it look like it was so innocua to a stunning far apart they were it was it was a very very weird scenario.

I'd ask you how you would have managed it if your editing strictly a real but I'm guessing you're not going to have a red.

Answer that one definitely don't know if you have you ever watch the show now.

I watched that one time they had the South African.

So she she was really cool.

She did a really great job phone number to ready.

We have a female Doctor Who now.

We need to see what on TV

Does beginning mean you know the answer Steven Steven a Dalek I don't know if you stick with the Doctor Who Daleks are well catered for in real.

Would you like to do this one? We have a female Doctor Who now.

We need to see what on TV

At clipper what Jesus had a bit older women according to an op-ed from filmmaking Nicky Clarke exist women disappeared like Logan's Run the disappearing.

They're like 45-in ever see them again Doctor Who Doctor Who as much as I watch strictly Doctor Who have been old women have now I'm not playing a central role short, but I'm sure I've seen the definitely had them.

It's not the one who counts as an older woman does anybody actors playing older women strong characters in real version of the new Doctor Who I read that at first.

I thought that sounds nice and then I read the dialogue ideas where they were like.

Oh it took 5 seconds for them to move her body in.

Make her unrealistic so I mean I think it's cool.

I'm not going to overthink a child's toy too much and be all feminist about it.

Yes, it's quite nice that they've made a Doctor Who doll headline number 3 I suppose we can call this the deciding one.

I'd like one of you to get a point here are the reasons people are accusing the X Factor of being what fake sorry.

I just haven't even know you could have stolen my contract fixed.

Yes, it is so you could have time to fix after footage of contestants being sent back to economy class after being filmed in business firms have also complained about favoritism.

This is Louis Tomlinson choosing the bloke that he knows and help support through rehab be surprised by any of this no shocked and saddened.

Yes, but it still coming out today so inept tuna producing at this going to stop it is in Leek town, because it just makes it all look bad, but obviously you know they do not pay for business class for 61 Ibiza wherever they put them in economy was interesting pay for anything.

So it was Aer Lingus were doing it isn't radius jumped up for a bit of time but I just it just looks tacky it all of that stuff looks like more tacky and one of the worst things that the extent as they build it up, so great that they can go to the judges houses who was going to be somewhere exotic gonna be made in the customer side at let you know any nursery rubbish in the street.

You know why why give them? This is fake.

What's the word rise to glory unity nobody gets it all.

You know mean they're supposed to be well.


No talk about not being a singing competition All That Rubbish but you know supposed to be an idea that this is what is coming and it's a monstrous pit of Hell

Animonda selling it there by the way, you know did you used to love it because I you a mother live shows and Alicia tuned in for the 1st of Subsea the new judges known that was it didn't bother pyjamas.

Just over isn't it? I understand it's difficult for ITV if they let it go to know but it is not let them I should be you know girding my loins and getting a new show that's going to be a new show any format that they probably had $1000000 format turn down three four times that because they cannot let the X Factor go like Big Brother you know Jennifer with very brave and the little girl 10-years Channel 5 at a good run with it, but is not a question of lit keep it going forever it is me you know it's horrible it has that can it's like the width of a corpse on air so much.

I think is perfect.

Thank you.

Fernando quiz winner with one word after being prompted three times Steven d Wright if you like what we're up to here on the media podcast anyone help us keep making it then consider taking out of voluntary subscription.

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