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Read this: #100 Yet Another Culture Sec A Sky High Bid

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#100 Yet Another Culture Sec A Sky High …

Hello mediapad, as well.

We did it they said it couldn't be done but here we are 100 episodes later.

We are still the home of independent media news and analysis you are welcome and thank you.

Everybody who got in touch about our plans for a celebration next week.

It turns out the end of July is a terrible time for people who knew so we've made the decision to postpone our festivities until after the summer break will be announcing a new date and other exciting news very soon until then here is episode 100 in all its glory hello and welcome to the media podcast I'm Olly Murs on today.

So what do we make of the new culture secretary who will win the copyright war between internet giants and the EU Eddie Mair joint LBC all of that plus highlights from the programme at this year's Edinburgh TV festival and lowlights from the list of the BBC

Top earners plus in the media quiz we guess people places and things it's all come in today podcast joining me today in a room that does have some construction going on outside so apologies if you hear any background noise this week.

He is the Secretary of audio UK of which more later Trevor Dam and Toby Torridon co-founder and editor of the lifestyle platform black ballade at Toby festival.

What's a lifestyle platform and secondary, what's black valid format I found in 2014 with the aim to help black women in Britain live their best lives as We Know need it is very and ever so we create content events and we give our subscribers and members discounts the black owned businesses and people who are members pay a annual monthly fee to have access to all those benefits of people who weren't interested in the first bits on there is picked up when you said that.

Because that is a bald model isn't it when you're building a brand to charge people to be part of it? Yeah, I mean when you have such a specific audience you make money by advertising and we all know that advertises love numbers and I'm not going to have those numbers so we thought it would be more stable route to ask their members to pay and they aren't getting its content anywhere else really I mean I don't know where any well as producing content for black women first and foremost inauthentic Manor so we did a crowd funding 2016 to launch a membership program and we raised £11,000 in 6 weeks.

I've been on your website and I can read your editorial leaders.

So what do you get as a member that you don't get if you're not paying that you get 3 free articles a month by just putting in your email address and if you remember there's two stages.

There's a standard and a penis age if your standard you ever said you get access to all content discount the events and discuss black and brown that we work with and your premium member you get all of that.

Access to a private slack group there we go needs premium audiences in practice.

Happy with or otherwise good work ok now.

You were named as well as one of Forbes Magazine 30 under 30 this year.

Could you set apart from all being under 30? What else would you say you guys will have in common.

Did you meet for a glam photoshoot somewhere no we did we went to the launch party for around.

I think the people I spoke to us.

I think it's just people young people who are really tired with the structures in society not giving people equal opportunities.

I think it's just people want to make a change to make sure we have different people different voices wasn't background in different areas of Life making decisions well talking of making a change Trevor does a tired old here it needs to be dealt into touch and what was going to say is that last time we spoke you was Secretary of the radio independents group.

You are now you've magically transformed transmuted into.

Three of audio UK the secretary of audio, UK what does that rebrand actually mean well we decided that the trouble with rig was not just the acronym didn't sound very radio independence suggested that we were defining our sector by what the BBC for toddlers at and of course BBC's the biggest plane that we have members who now work for Spotify and audible and Redbull and even NASA making audio content and we thought about time we stopped saying we are the radio independents group and we started calling ourselves something a bit bigger and grander that include welcoming people who make audio in the very broadest sense so audio, UK and so that means if you're me or at least if you were me coming 10 years ago if you're an independent backroom podcast attack fellow, you have a place in audio to Dutch should I be?

It would be fine.

I can reveal that the demand who runs this very podcast Mr mounthill has now joined audio, UK but was never a member of the radio and that seems to be a really good mood because we want to be able to talk to not just the BBC but to all Industries and custard government about the health of this sector and what are the interesting things were working on at the moment.

You probably know about this contestable fund that is being developed by the government well.

We've helped to persuade them that there's going to be an audio component of this now so up to 3 million quid is going to be available over 3 years for independent production companies in other words production company throughout the BBC or another broadcaster to make programs for commercial radio and other commercial interests well.

That's audio, UK as we are now in action and that's why everybody in your

Will should be joining ok makes sense I guess as well in western flat UKIP is not in the sense that you need to know that you had a Focus 2 campaign to begin with which was more shows made by the pen companies at the BBC and that's been achieved.

You've done what you keep failed to do and you've rebranded as we've achieved on a long way to achieve mean.

I think though in the long run most of us would think that the BBC still making too many of its programs in house that they say that they want the best ideas regardless of source but then they say when actually know we've got to have so much room and Nations and regions and you can't access I news programming and sauna sunset that there's a lot of things that we can't go for and there's a lot of hours that we think should be opened up increasing this independent sector so we must keep bashing on about that, but we also think we should be going out globally in Italian

Inside British audio manufacturers produces, you know all the best in the business world.

We talking about illustrious figures from the government let's discuss our exciting new culture secretary sharp intake of breath because he was understandably focus on Boris Johnson David Davis resigning and Jeremy Hunt been moved up to Foreign Secretary Matt Hancock becoming Health Secretary that meant of course Media fans that there's a new culture secretary it is Jeremy Wright MP me neither he was the attorney general up until two days ago.

He now takes on the digital culture media and sport portfolio which in my head.

I am saying like David Tennant in w1a as well at Toby he's the man who's got a background regulating the internet and what else I think he seems.

Wonder how he's going to handle like things like gdpr which I absolutely hate dealing with how that affect small businesses and how will you regulate big businesses that it's also the Optics of the government.

They don't really care about digital and tech special singing person who be able to build a digital platform because of tech it just feels that it's kind of like an industry that doesn't matter to the government even though it helps other countries began power players and I think it sends the wrong message that we don't value people who are in this industry is almost as if his appointment was made in a hurry Prime Minister with imagine that would be the case of course he is the guy who was involved in that story about banning books for prisoners classic phone in subject and he he he was part of that.

I think we weather is Mr right or Mr wrong.

We're going to have to give him a chance el Fuerte mean.

He's going to read.

He's waiting to the job.

It wouldn't have been a job on the morning.

He got it that he had any idea was good to have another former criminal barrister in terms of doing the weekend at least presume.

He qualified as a lifetime the politician is if it's going to just completely blanked you.

Hope he is now going to SWAT up at least I claim lawyers aren't capable of being career politician Tony Blair exactly let's give the guy a chance actually miss Matt Hancock actually because I think he was it was good news for the digital world this guy is not even on Twitter so he's going to have a lot of catching up to do what industry issues.

Would you put at the top of his to-do list? What should you be looking about? I think also how we invest in small tech and digital businesses.

I think we need more than because they make out in Tramore diverse and I would like people to you kindly best inland sea.

The noises I hear from government are all about small funds for startups and encouraging diversity.

Are you saying that in reality on the ground that isn't that easy to tap into it? Yes, and I think like a lot of politician.

I think it's not as I don't see what actual tangible steps have been made to help small businesses well people that I speak to anyways, so I would like people to Kinder stop talking about it and actually do more things Trevor what difference do you think Hancock made in his brief tenure? I think he got people talking about his brief.

I think because he likes to be talked about people were talking about culture and media and those kind of issues with audio UK reg is it was always found him and the other people in his department easy to talk to because they got it, they understood what we were talking about when we asked them you know about could you make radio component for this contestable fund and so on and so I think he was a useful going that were thinking face he was quite.

Good in that way as well.

You know you felt that he got it.

I don't think this guy is going to invent something big like Jeremy Hunt did with his local television what a great success that I suspect he won't be in this job for very long.

Do you think I'll leave that as a question for the audience but I would point out that we've had think it's 12345 that have lasted no longer than 18 months each of the last 4 years Sajid Javid was was in the role for a time was quite good at telling stories about how he used to be a DJ when he was at school and then he did a speech where he talked about.

How is Mum and Dad and the family lived above the shop and there it was his thing was that when they were down in the shop.

He get the gramophone out and start playing records and pretending to be Tony Blackburn wall or equivalent take for a minute.

Gramophone talk about one of the first duties that undoubtedly is going to be in Mr rights in try and that is giving Rupert Murdoch the all clear to buy out Sky paving the way for a possible sale to Disney but just this morning the day of recording rival bidders conkers have trumped Murdoch with a beard of 26 billion pounds is good news for Sky this isn't it transition must have thought that they were going to get away with paying less than they had reserve if you didn't turn around an extra.

What was it 4 billion dollars or something overnight, then? You must have that in your part and you're ready to win this.

I think they might think there's no key to do to get it that they felt they will have to question even Rupert Murdoch's pockets at this point.

Don't you cos he's already.

Braising steaks once is not prepared to pay a bit more again.

You know it'll be a bunch of Billionaire white blokes running it whoever.

They are.

I don't really care and I'm not sure whether the public whether the consumer really cares much stuff.


I think maybe the public care that it's an American company and not a British one.

I mean you're right.

It's gonna be overcome Castle Disney that end up with Sky but maybe the public seeing sky as a British brand do care, but it's run by American company rather than a British one.

Will I ever heard about come across the end up in a bit there babe? I just can't what's the difference is One media conglomerate China monopolize the media against someone who has used their Media power to shape political you both are about that.

She's too much power for one company one person to have died by being american company which is no point.

It's out of the jurisdiction of the UK as to what else they do what?

Are there other operations are and the concerns about Rupert Murdoch basically? Why he runs Fox News in the US therefore he might be a pernicious influence on Sky News even though he invented it, but you know with Disney and comcast play Run kinds of elves every viewer whoever wins it will divert Sky News surely one knows this guarantee that I wasn't going to put the dogs going to have to top it up for 100 million pounds which is kinda funny if that's what I'm saying is that he doesn't get to sell it all today's me but then he has to keep subsidizing Sky News how how the Government received responses from their consultation on the buyout.

Do you think actually even people in the government have stopped worrying about Rupert Murdoch's Monopoly on the UK media.

Do you think we should be worried? They having one person has peaceful flat for use and users they have used to shape Media is dangerous.

Maybe a stop came.

I think I should care.

This morning the sun.

I've got an interview with Donald Trump is going to happen today as we record this and that that was brokered personally by Rufus

Rather as he got the interview for the times with trump, just after his election so that will be an interesting things followed today.

Ok good tip although others.

Have you listened to this you'll know whether that's ok.

Let's talk about me.

I'm a law which threatened to enforce copyright on sites like Wikipedia it's been rejected by the EU Parliament despite these supportive support McCartney in a hole live 8 worth of musical Talent Trevor have you been following what this law was not in enough detail but it was a bad thing I mean it's a bit of very good thing.

That is not going to happen because the potential was that you would have to pay to put in a link so if you get on your side Toby for the an article on something else was interested have to pay for the rights to put that link up which it's just not in the spirit of the internet is it but that was obviously it seemed to me to be something that could be ironed out later commit the Business of linking in text because that does.

Benefit a website to link to them what it was trying to stop and that's why I have the backing of these high-profile musicians of people ripping off music and putting it on their own promotional videos which their monetizing without paying for it.

I think it wasn't for me what I've read in terms of Google and Facebook online to pay for copyright content and I think Spain implemented the law and Google left.

I think the problem is there if you do that, or you know Google and Facebook I'm not going to want to pay Philippa back to copyright content and that's how people find a lot of their content and if you can't find a contact on most sites that says traffic lights were less revenue so I don't think it's a great idea Microsoft Pinyin this business about how it could end memes.

You know people won't be able to a post up a picture of whatever it is Tom Cruise in a cat because they'll be breaking copyright law to pay for it.

Isn't it people always rip off a photo and put it onto it clearly no one's gonna sue someone people get sued people who are

Monetizing debt contact not just making a meme but actually using its promote their own ways and that that is a problem.

Is that you can just rip stuff off a professional photographer for example use it to illustrate your article and no one asked anything yeah, that is a problem.

I think it's more is the constraints around it though like pit small businesses like me wouldn't want to chance anything because I know you say ok.

No you won't be sued but you just if you don't have the money to you know you have lawyers and legal things.

I would want to charge anything everything on your platform.

That is your content is it you don't use images you take from anywhere else don't use Music Takes Me anywhere else images.

We always try to use blackout witcher 3 images or we tried to link back all you have to tog refers or credit for me.

It would make my job a little harder one of my favourite stories this week.

It is slightly tangential to what you're talking about is the cease-and-desist letter.

That's been sent a Nigel Farage from the rock band Rage Against the Machine telling him that he's got to stop calling his podcast Farage Against the Machine

Which is fantastic the letter itself from the very fancy New York lawyers is extremely funny and it's definitely worth a look at OK I will go off and do that will be back with more news in brief after this mouldy walls random leaks rotting furniture.

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Come to learn more now as usual the media podcast will be at the Edinburgh TV festival this August with all the news gossip in analysis for those of you who haven't been before if you are considering the joint to Scotland resend producer Rebecca to go and meet the festivals director Lisa Campbell and find out who else.

You could be seeing that this year all the channel controllers from all the major channels are up there doing their controller sessions which are really one of them must see strands, so they outline their commissioning wish list for the year ahead so everybody knows the kind of shows to pitch to them.

We'll talk about highlights that talk about their strategy that gives some of the bigger picture stuff as well.

So how you know the media landscape is changing so rapidly the impact of the S4 Sons on the market so we get some of their strategic as well as creative stuff from them.

There's lots of you know heads of department owners of independent production companies and people come to do the speed meetings.

So it's it's a really sort of unique time to get one-on-one with with the people with the with the money really.

The master classes at one of the Beano really popular strands, so this year we've got the Derry girls that you know fantastic comedy on Channel 4 so I think that be really funny session.

We're actually going to get them to do a table read will get a bit of sneak information about the next series we've also got very excitingly a very English scandal, so we've got Hugh Grant one of the biggest names with had the festival for a few years Stephen frears the director and Russell T Davies the writer and something fantastic produce of their own involved in that as well.

So it was obviously such a talks about drama and really fascinating story and just beautifully brought to life so that's gonna be a great one and we've got Steve Coogan so Partridge is going to be back on the BBC after years and years so will going to talk about the longevity of that character and new comedy generally we've got Joanna Lumley her and her producer Clive tulloh are actually doing a Nationwide tour taking 4.

Just from the audience and talking about her career, so it's quite an interactive session and we have the preview and then the real the centerpiece of the festival is the mactaggart lecture that's been a very much and agenda setting view of the industry average very personal.

We give people the platform and really you know hand it over to them.

It's up to them absolutely to express their opinions and we've typically had its fair and somewhat depressing to say elder statesman, so yes, it's been it's been man.

It's been white middle-aged middle class and aldermen and this year for the very first time.

We have a woman not very first time actually we've had for women before this but you know in 43 years.

That's not very good, so she's also the youngest McTaggart speaker.

So this is Michaela Cole who is behind chewing gum on Channel 4 She's in her 20s she

Only graduated from drama school in 2012 and she's just had this phenomenal Rise then, she's a Performer writer if she's going to be in a huge Netflix film so she's I think it's one of the biggest film Dales that Netflix has done she was in Charlie Brooker Black Mirror and then she's going to be talking a lot about on-screen representation so people go to the TV website.

There's loads more information on the program.

There are a range of tickets still available for people working in the industry of everyone from freelancers to small Indies you know to the bigger players, so there's a whole range of options and prices.

There's also the option for members of the public to buy one off tickets to some of the Beano the names, they might want to see from from Michaela to the Derry girls and they're available on eventbrite, but yeah, check out the website and it's all their Lisa gullible speaking to produce Rebecca Drysdale Cherie amour mean.

News briefing on Toby and Trevor are still with me and the p.m.

Presenter Eddie Mair will join LBC in September after 30 years at the BBC Trevor how did LBC Mosey pull up this cook? There's been some bad coverage of the default position is Eddie Mair is paid a lot of money by the BBC and was asked to take a pay cut and refuse well.

We now know that isn't true cos he's he said and show the letter that he wrote to the BBC saying yes, I will take a pay cut.

I think this is a really good stories are very positive story although I'll miss him on p.m.

And I think he's a really good broadcaster.

Isn't it? Great that somebody of his age thinks it's time for a new challenge and that's what this is.

I think I think he's genuinely think I've done this program p.m.

For years and years.

You know he's banged his head on this kind of creative ceiling with that show you know you can tell from some of his acerbic comments that he's not always terror.

The happy about what is made to broadcast in when he calls some saying the Andy Swiss desk of sports presented by Andy Swiss you know that that's not really annoyed that he wants that but that badly in the show so I think he's very good with coolers which isn't he can't do with p.m.

Really good with cannibal Ordinary People as you've heard him do I p.m.

And I think this is a fantastic opportunity for him and really good news for I'll be seeing well done then, so do you think then he's going to be doing a phone-in show I think he's going to be doing the bus standard drive time show which is a lot of colours and some interviews ok, so drive time is that you let the cat outta the bag.

Do you know that I don't know that but I'm prepared to take a couple of p that that's where they put him because Ian Dale is still very much on their press releases including the one about Eddie Mair coming to LBC so what you doing today? And it can't you move him a little later in the evening perhaps after the four.

Moment ok solo Clive bull then I know what you think they're going to do.

What would you do that? You are the Scheduler you had any more on your book? That's what I did.

Ok because you can't move James O'Brien of course very unlikely that Ms Sheila so I think it's going to be eaten, but I could squeeze everyone goes down by now.

I can only they could but then Rogers as I know you a lot of money, but here's my other guess.

I think that he will get for Ferrari when he's on leave, so that should be in a can of 10 weeks of every year that I was thinking about maybe he's going to be the next breakfast as I really would not yet to be a lot of LBC clips James O'Brien in particular, but Farage as well.

Go viral.

Don't know on Facebook and on Twitter do you think he may has that capacity cos he is an amazing broadcast he's very much I would say no audio broadcaster and not a visual.

I would like to see how come in the BBC are to put in a person of colour or woman in a prime Time

I think there's so much trace out there LBC got my first choice.

I do agree with you about the Challenge for the BBC and p.m.

Because we don't want another example of them trying to do diversity and getting it wrong like the stuff that Simon Mayo Jo Whiley program.

Which is still not working and it's a big Challenge for them this cos some of the obvious choices, and I'll that is in the most obvious was Caroline Queen because she presents it 1 or 2 days a week anyway.

Yes, but she said she'd be obvious choice.

I hope not I really hope not know I would like Jane Garvey to do it.

Yes, she would also be excellent, but I'm sure there are many other choices out there and that's the obvious person.

I think Paddy O'Connell but I just don't think they'll say goodbye to 1 middle class white black and Yellow to another.

But then actually as you said it then then you have the issue of because I get better, would be a great replacement.

Are they actually then making it the wrong choice because they're trying to embrace diversity and this is the complications BBC faces every day every day every minute 20 years ago that are used to run a radio station in London which was JRR and we had a lot of women on that stationery and Janice Long doing the Breakfast Show for a long while with Emma Freud doing mid-morning and all those years ago.

It seemed the most natural thing in the world that you would before very long have absolutely equal split of men and women we also had you know lots of people of colour of all sorts of shades doing all sorts of programmes on BBC London still has a bit of that, but I'm disappointed that there isn't more of it in more of that thought process going on in commercial radio I think.

Do you want to broadcast particularly to a city like London you should just look out the window.

That's your audience.

I do you look like them when I'm still in bed early.

Cos you're saying that there may be other reasons that you're drifting is into this subject anyway, so let's go for it.

Let's talk about pay at the BBC the male female disparity the rest of it.

I can't even be asked to recap this story because it's top of every month at the moment.

We all know what the top 10 is what was your reaction Toby to this listening published again.

Ok? I don't see any women.

I don't see any people colour like it's kind of the same old story.

It's coming to be honest.

It's it's a really boring story for you know a young woman a young black woman to keep looking at these lists and just see you know men white men from a certain demographic topping BBC pay list and I don't like the fact that these men keep saying I'm taking a pay cut piece.

You know I had that same sort of pay as a woman presenter.

You're such a stupid thing today like when it just up women's PhD values our work.

I don't think I'll be making any headway with this service.

We are making headway.

It's gone from what was it 1 in 5 to 4016 hour intensive male female and give us a chance come back to us in 5 years and then you'll see if 5050 minutes.

It takes time you know the audience loved these presents his loves John Humphrys and Steve Wright we're not we get rid of them overnight muesli Revolution 5 years.

You're just losing your audience.

I mean they don't have that time like they don't have that time.

I'm sorry to say the audio industry.

You know technology learning the barriers to entry when it comes to media all these independent Media groups and platforms are providing a service at the BBC of just not sure what she said absolutely ride100percent you should go and talk to those people completely right and let's just spare a thought what a brilliant.

To work the women of the BBC have done by keeping banging away at this and you know this was not an issue until a couple years ago and then with Carrie Gracie and and Jane and Mrs Hussain and wanted to others a poking their heads above the parapet and you know I know what it's like working at the BBC the difficult decision to take and for women to do that and then to keep prosecuting their argument as powerfully as they have and to achieve the slow Toby's right, but there is the momentum there now and I think they will get there.

I think it's a fantastic achievement and it'll be really clear but they're not looking for more money personally they just looking for a quality and that makes sense but something that I think comes out of this which I think is problematic and I'm curious February is that for the general public who don't work in the media who are interested like we all are about what people get paid what they see when they look at this list particularly since this includes radio big radio names and often.

That's cos they're either on Radio 2 or they got talent shows as well, but again that you want.

they look at this list and

I think they think that's what radio presenters typically get paid 400 g and how do you know you don't know what I'm saying is.

I'm not sure the public are aware that you can present a 3 Hour Radio Show on BBC local radio if you're co-producing it as well.

That's a whole days work and the typical salaries 150 quid.

I don't think that message is getting through an actually.

I think it's got lost and that's amazing for people will also it makes people think that the media is exclusive club along the lines we can discuss it completely agree with that and I was at the BBC in a senior management role when the big inflation happened in the predict the presenter salaries and it was a time when the BBC thought that it was going to Henry Dulux Talent and the only thing I could do was to just throw money at it.

So let's not mention any names here, but people who change networks were often given lavish inducements to move from let's say Radio 1 Turn Radio 5.

And once you've been given that big money.

It's in the nature of that kind of work that you you never never goes down so somebody like Steve Wright might have been worse what he was being paid 20 years ago, but every year it's just gone up and that's the way that you know corporate salaries.

Go and see if she hasn't got any better and I think it's a very bad find itself but also Toby the I suppose the flip side was saying is there's nothing wrong with getting a big salary if your Chris Evans in terms of on-air Talent like if you're getting paid 150 quid to do a 3 hour show the whole point is you should be aspiring to be Graceffa going to become Chris Evans after putting in a lot of graft and a lot of persistence and building up a lot of Talent and again that store is getting perverted someone as well because the British attitude is look at these guys.

Navigate pay I understand you're saying but I think like the list of wife saying I mean don't listen to a lot of BBC I don't watch a lot of babysitting clearly honest that might have to do that at the moment a licence then no we don't let me don't have a TV I just decided that does not match for me to pay for in terms of content speaks to me Netflix have a greater variety so I not pay for that bombshell.

I'm going to move on ok, let's talk about Facebook then they will have to pay £500,000 for their role in the Cambridge analytica data breach after the information commissioners office send Facebook have not done enough to make sure using data was deleted.

This is a fast of a fine isn't it Toby 500g? I know it's the most I could impose but I mean for Facebook it is absolutely buggered 12 billion or 13 billion last year is a slap on the wrist like doesn't make a difference in the only good thing is though is that they impose them?

Find that shows that this body is really willing to come down as hard as possible.

I think I heard that that does possibly that I could be up later on in the year.

I don't know how much it will be to buy think the problem is how do you really fine or how do you make impact on a company like Facebook that's earning that sort of money bills reputational damage seems to be what they have really taken to her.

I mean I don't know if you were watching England final last night as we record the England final the semi-final of the World Cup England's last to ask for that match noticeably.

There was a big Facebook Trust Assad that's most expensive add you can buy a British TV isn't it in the World Cup in England are playing it obviously message to Facebook a lot of people are kind of worry about using Facebook now and other platforms seemed no cat from completely safe.

Do you mean you have to give up some sort of information, but yeah, you're right maybe it's reputational damage, but I do think money does play apart though.

I think those Biggs

Signs to put off companies doing such things and smaller companies Rostrevor of your setting up and you not that you could set up a new social network now really to rival Facebook but if you're setting up a new platform a new snap type of Enterprise you're going to think harder about your data laws right for the beginning on you and your terms and conditions while I think you would but you know it's such a big thing to control so sucka burger peering in there at those hearings.

You know where he was being asked by politicians.

How is business work? I thought you know what you don't know it's now so big he can't control it.

It is a completely now out of control and I think something is fine of 500g of 500 million is just as I'm not sure it could be that there are people who are there 10 years old For Whom Facebook will be like Myspace you know that they'll just be something else will come along and Facebook will just be.

Soal fashion and something that your mum and dad use Maybe that will happen.

I don't know why my last Facebook I don't think it puts her off there.

I think if you're used to Facebook I don't think it will put you off and I think people my age around like their Twenties I think we use more social platform, so for me is kind like there's something else I can use and face was kind of Gran hold on me anyways.

It like that immediate impact.

I think Facebook compared to things like Instagram stories on Snapchat you are talking too politically switched on people who want to be more aware about the world around them to the extent of their choosing the Oberon Media I don't want to have it filtered through a third party.

Doesn't it worry them when they realise that during an election the coverage.

They're seeing in the news is being targeted at them based on the product.

We bought or a TV programme they say they like it does not stop using Facebook all together.

I mean.

I think the last time I went on Facebook I will tell you what my friend said I've uploaded some pictures of yours.

Can you are you happy with them like I had to be told to go on Facebook oh, but you said you got Instagram owned by Facebook so there's no ethical debate alright.

We're leaving Zuckerberg.

Yes, he actually only so much even WhatsApp is owned by Facebook and it something I used on my commute and again.

I think you just don't think that because it's not Facebook you don't think on my god.

They only in Stanley only WhatsApp I'm gonna stop using that but I do think some people want moving away from Facebook and it says he's going to no stop people using Facebook and it's going to talk a lot.

I just don't think that's going to happen.

We all have not gonna happen.

OK finally some real clickbait.

It is time for a media podcast quiz an accident this week.

We play people and places you can pretend as a blue pie if you like, I'm going to tell you a story and you're going to tell me where it took place.

We want to know the location location location you buzzing with you.

Meaning of the answers October you will say and Trevor you will say Trevor fastest voice box first Sophie such great, let's go? Where did the huffpo take their newsreader Trevor Birmingham England they did you better reference Jeremy Hunt again.

I did indeed take when using to Birmingham England as part of their listens program to find underrepresented voices they have power listens drop in session at Birmingham Bullring also resulted in stories about local LGBT plus campaigns community cohesion and oppositional defiance disorder.

I don't know why they're but that's the point clickbait here is question number to where has one of the latest hyper local newspapers had success Toby Leicestershire villages and it's the one x very skillful work.

Yes the question was.

Latest hyper local newspapers had success reporting on newt population, did you did you click on the story about new populations totally didn't times has a printed monthly circulation 4000 paying for Towers which is faster absolutely let's bring back local papers and the tiebreak.

I'm very excited because he's coming home.

Where has Christian O'Connell cloudy.

That's almost too hard to call.

I'll give it to Toby that's very gracious of your minutes in all to play for Toby could be wrong before question where has Christian O'Connell help gold FM Romania number one station now then the answer is Melbourne Australia yes Chris unicorn alachi 20.7 ratings point boosting his first two months on it taking him to an 8.7% share a 70c any other UK radio presenters following suit Sandy camping to us.

I can think of some I'd like to send over there.

All of which means Toby you are the winner Trevor congratulations you Trevor for being such a gracious contestant for today.

Thank you to Trevor down and Tobi oredein today's episode is dedicated to Millie lenehan.

One of their subscribers.

He would just a small donation keeps This podcast going thank you milling.

You can get an episode of the media podcast dedicated to anyone you like by visiting the media podcast / donate and choosing a voluntary subscription that suits you can only man the producer Rebecca Grisedale Sherry the media podcast and safety p.m.

And I will be back for the Edinburgh TV festival in August until then.

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