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Read this: #98 - Local TV, Dacre s legacy hope for Audioboom - The Media Podcast with Olly Mann

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#98 - Local TV, Dacre s legacy hope for …

Hello and welcome to the media podcast I'm Olly Murs on today's show how old Acres departure affect the Daily Mail what is the secret sauce in Love Island success and the local TV provider making on transmitted stories with BBC money Plus our panel discuss Jeremy Vine at the helm of The Right Stuff Ruth Fitz Simons from audioboom answers your questions about funding and the company's future and in the media quiz how guests match the pundit to the network in the Battle of World Cup broadcasters, it's all to come in today's Media podcast with me today is Leon Wilson managing director of TalkBack Thames and Liz Howell former head of broadcast at City University and Leon what's been big in TalkBack world this week?

WhatsApp group going in the company of two people sending pictures of the the advertising that placed around the country which became really intimidating as you start thinking this doesn't do very well.

I'm just gonna be second series next year.

I should say that but hopefully should be about 2 weeks time after love Island so good title good time.

I know what that show you I don't have to see it as hell when you were last on the show you were just on the verge of retirement.

I presume now.

It's just golden afternoon tea for you.

Yeah, it's like that everyday.

I wake up.

I have a glass of Prosecco I go back to sleep now.

Been working on a conference which is happening tomorrow at City University of London which is about the figures that we regularly survey of the number of women on there.

It's something I think what you still have to keep your foot on the accelerator.

We've got a lot of big names coming along to speak and hopefully.

Will be trying to put forward some sort of plan for making sure that women are properly represented in the news.

Ok, then maybe a female host of Have I Got News For You from time to time but in those weeks.

You'll notice there's for male panellist thing supposed to the new series of QI what's the Sandy Toxic spinosa the last 3 years but has the highest proportion ever episode of women to men that she's not far off 50% I'd love to say that but it's not but it's very close to be 50% across the series and in general because although panel shows with women Celebrity Juice at weirdly as a show that is kind of cedars.

Maybe that sex is always had the highest proportion of women female guests on it any mainstream panel shows that television shows saying that because it helps counter some of the activities you can make about that show 50%

About to be clear.

Yes, OK let's start this week by talk about another Life issue in TV and that is I guess the kind of exploitation particularly of young people working behind the scenes and the story that's really making waves this week former employees of local broadcasters that Stevie there a network of local TV stations that leads that Oxford etc.

Have told BuzzFeed that their stations run on BBC money for stories that I never aired at least what's the background to this that's all I got to convert an interesting because I'm actually on the board of that's Carlisle which is the local station for Carlisle and frankly without the input from that Stevie there.

Wouldn't be a local station in Carlisle I also know that that Stevie of very concerned about these allegations and that lawyers letters are already.

On the ghost, I think we have to be terribly careful about what we say throughout the industry generally especially and radio actually there is a tendency for young people to come in as interns or be unpaid work for a long time.

I've had lots of examples of this among students BuzzFeed claim, but many of these stations are existing solely according to previous staff is there to take the £147.50 that comes per story from the BBC for stories that they report stories that are then given to the BBC which the BBC choose not to transmit, but there's a sort of unspoken Rules everyone knows they won't be won't be transmitted the station to set up to generate these stories to get that money from the public purse and essentially it's being run to take that money and not people I do think you have to be very careful about what you saying this instance because presumably they will be all sorts of legal activity around it, but that is not why these stations were set up.

They were not set up.

Provide material for the BBC they were funded by the BBC you know whether to provide a service for the community and as part of that there was an agreement that stories if appropriate would be provided for the BBC there was never any understanding that the BBC would have to take them or even would want to take them but that was the deal that was done by Jeremy Hunt when he was the minister and that was the understanding on which it was set up.

There's nothing that I can see that in any way conflicts with the original understanding the original idea was to have a subsidy from the BBC so that local businesses could thrive and local new news organisations could pop up providing opportunities for people to work there, so does the very idea of a network of stations all around the country actually contradict that no because that was one of the things that was suggested in the first place of something called a shot report which said that they should be local television stations, but they should be in big cities and I was actually part of a small group that campaigned for those television stations to be in smaller cities like Norwich and Carlisle in York and Greg die.

Glad that particular group and that was the desobeissance that won the day and Jeremy Hunt and so these small stations were set up in fact.

It's finished now there won't be any more that they've run out of licences in many kms is basically said it's been well.

I don't need never said it.

They wouldn't say that it's been fairly what they said is that you know we've gone as far as we're going to go with this and the fact is it's extremely difficult these things up, but it's a good idea and if people want to lose their money that way or take part in that and I think that they've got the right to do that in some instances.

It has been extremely successful, what has happened those because obviously the recon Amis of scale to big companies in the end or mandated one was made and one was that but they did keep the thing going and I have had students with gone to work first made and that and really enjoyed it got a lot out of it.

It's not a job for life, but it can be a really good Launchpad and to be fair a lot of the former staffers have that it will all piling in on Twitter to say yes, I was exploited to nonetheless.

Call people but now I do have jobs in other media companies they did use it as a stepping stones on your definition of exploitation.

They are agent in many cases, it would be nice if they weren't but it was on travel expenses in this is an awful.

Lot of local Media you know what was your thought me on I'm reading a story about he was questioned the need for local television in this way.

I know you little bit of it and I can see where your Metrocentre it was doomed for failure and I'm not saying that it has been a failure, but I feel like largely.

This is a symptom the fact that it is very very hard for these companies to make a real success of it in the modern Media landscape minutes.

I sent it but you're from Cornwall

So I mean in places like that you can see why there might be a need for local TV TV.

Plymouth make a lot of income for a limited amount of money does a limited amount of Media that can be made with the size of the British market and I feel like a lot of work and done already with the BBC and Channel 4 to help subtle pay for local admin television and local media and I just got this is a step too far and I don't I don't I'm not knocking the interest to do it.

I just think it was probably always due to have a limited amount excess given the dominance of the likes of Netflix everything else you look at the View figures for somebody channels very low but that's not able to make it is very very hard only some of the local radio stations are very very is there an independent sorry you know viewing figures if they're not being monitored by how do you know anyway but if people want to have a go at it? Why not and I was one of them later.

Navigate it ok, you could argue this shouldn't be a BBC subsidy, but it's very very small in the terms of a huge amount of money that poured into the BBC and in fact there was an argument for saying the BBC has to some extent strangled birth a lot of local television Ventures because of their the huge Monopoly and that they're paying back in this way.

Are you know if they still succeed to the general public and dinner as reported in BuzzFeed a lot of the time you tune into those networks and it's one billeting.

That's effectively repeated very scripted.

So it's is one-half hour bullet in that.

They do twice to fulfill their obligations the local news and the rest of the schedule is copyright free black and white films.

How can I possibly be a good use of a local TV frequency should be better to show even really cheap stuff that they film themselves on rupees definition what you feel really cheap and if they're filling the time and people watching it black and white films can be a really good when I started channels in the 90s.

Living inside we have to do things on a Shoestring obviously nothing like on this on a Shoestring but you do look for cheap material sometimes because you've got to fill the time whilst you get your act together whilst you build an audience just give it a bit more time it feels it failed but it might not mean when it comes to the treatment of younger workers across any major industry, whether it's TV or praying we talk about this a lot as they say this is a big issue.

Isn't it and Leon you must face this is what you must have people who are desperate to work for you writing for you for work experience.

They would do it for free.

They find a way of living in London for year.

You're not going to concern you about it, but they're going to be negative equity by doing so the work for Fremantle have put in place very clear guidelines the last few years.

We've been working towards anyone two weeks were spirit Sunday and even the people that do that.

They have very limited working hours.

I can't be there later.

Lots of things in place to make sure we're not exploiting those people there are efforts being made but I'm not in any doubt that this still exportation still getting on in the media industry, because that's kind of not inevitable part of the process to take this month, please stop it it it is such an attractive industry to young people that's the difficulty they really do want to do it and we have enough wealthy young people in this country for them to be able to say yeah, I'll do anything to get in at work for free.

I do this than the other and that's that's a very attractive proposition to other companies and frankly not just small companies.

I have had evidence in the past with students being directly exploited by very large companies where they've done weeks and weeks and weeks a very high-quality work experience as researchers and originator's on shows and things and just not been paid to talk so it is a big problem and the grey area offering music when someone is earning caps minimum wages and intensive they have a position.

It's all legal and it's clear but then they given an opportunity.

You know that's the grey area, isn't it?

They're working as a runner and someone says why don't you do this job and help the research? Are then they're been paid as a runner to do a research is job, but the whole point is they can then say after that im a researcher and get a job as a researcher and that is endemic.

It's everywhere it happens in almost every Walk of Life because that's how people gain advancement and as long as it doesn't go onto long you can't say to me without you know when we started on probably ok.

Yeah, probably isn't I mean how to you over the course of a production will be doing work the amounts to be researcher and often at the end of that we will give them a researcher Credit or Gino search credit 12 weeks of the Year according to research.

If you do if you do that any more than a production one productive then I feel like that for me in my throat.

It's over to explore absolutely right.

That's a really good level at which to say enough Cena

And I think just picking on one particular company or particular area and saying that 642 Davis to ignore the end endemic problem across the whole peas ok, let's talk about prayer and after 26 years at the helm and we learnt last week with the Daily Mail editor Paul Dacre will give way to Geordie Greig in November at that is an exceptionally long run but I could not leaving the building is helium inert any editorial control over papers and reading about this story.

It's very complicated.

What's really going on my impression of it is the male need to cut some costs because profits are down and a bit like suddenly in the way that certain the Hollywood dinosaurs become subject to kind of their phone numbers on the scrap heap when they're sunny.

Capsules answer good animal that seems convenient? He's the right person to cut costs in the mail going forward to Cos he's busy day ahead of biggest newspaper that biggest budget and isn't that might get some of those days might be able to because it's really by falling print circulation so much about you know this cuts to be made at the mail and he's maybe not the person to do it and lose I mean he's such a divisive figure in an amazing career.

I think there are two elements to this one.

It is the fact that on Facebook has changed its procedures, so not so many people are going through to articles on mail online and that their circulation for want of a better word and the other thing as Turkey political because there is this difference between the Mail on Sunday's stance on brexit and the male stance on brexit and Paul Dacre was the sort of brexit Superman and Geordie Greig was not on the Mail on Sunday and it may be that because we we suspect Wrotham there is more in favour of remain them.

Bakers falling out of favour and politics to happen he's been there a long time.

It's a long time to be in charge and sometimes attitudes change really good time in political views in public Life by the time brexit happens when you think of Nigel Farage as well for example David Cameron as prime minister at the time of brexit is responsible for referendum none of them are actually going to have the positions they had when they argue for it and part is been strong for brexit even this week with the vote in the House of Commons but he won't be there when it happens if there's fall out when it's going to take so long nose is going to be there when it happens but yes you're right and there's a lot of change in that Arena but the point is that the paper than male was absolutely the Champion of brexit you could argue a bit like the election where the sun was supposed to have swung it that the male swan get for brexit and now it's like evidence that the males proprietor has changed his mind or has gone against the the Editors fusing eventually ditch the editor.

So it is all very interesting.

Sometimes we have this like you romantic.

Do you source in the film the post but looking back across takers career? I was quite interesting Polly toynbee.

Write this piece in the Guardian when he and he was moving on which essentially said this is the man who is responsible for the cycle of hate against Muslims immigrants benefit claimants and then Roger Alton former editor of The Observer wrote into the Guardian saying no he was rather trump ask quote a newspaper man of genius.

I mean the point of course but he can be both and you always he was a newspaper of general circulation.

He had his finger on the Pulse of Britain a bit of an asshole the fact is that nobody made people read the mail that they had it because it appeals of them he managed to touch a nerve with a lot of interesting if you could say that said you could say it you can say the same about some comedy shows couldn't do that.

They appeal to the base instead.

I don't have the argument but I don't think entertainment can be extremely damaging and in the field of feminism entertainment really has so his Legacy is really quite controversial.

Obviously and over these years.

He has done amazing things and other things which I personally probably would agree with Leanne not great either, but he's definitely been a force I think that's all I can say it away is not enough.

Is it to the I feel like this when we discussed with Rupert Murdoch as well, because they're such device in figures that you lose the sense that they are both things at once you know they have perpetuated patriot that seems beyond out.

They probably admit to it at the same time.

They done great stories and ratings for them or complaints to press body of the amount of complaints that they may have against every year on year on year on year since it began their disregard for the public and the public interest in terms of protruding on a life.

Me is the biggest failure the mail that part of the British ecology British Public but the way they treat the public demonise members the public repeatedly and misrepresented them in there in 1000 every year but is he a newspaperman ingenious definition of newspaperman universe, what is what does that phrase really mean if it means that we respect somebody because on occasion.

They can be brutal they can touch a nerve they can excite of episode of Mob feeling well, and yes, he's a newspaper man of genius but weather in octets desirable is another question ok and briefly do we think we're going to see a change at the Daily Mail cause it has Lee said he he wrote An editorial for remains the Mail on Sunday there is a more George Osborne's style liberal conservative feeling to the Mail on Sunday then to the male undertaker said you think we might see that come down to the Den email now as well.

That's what has been.

I don't really know exactly Windows is a progressive don't really know what he really thinks about new brooms always sweep clean even if that suit and cleans the mistake.

I don't know enough about him to know what he will do perhaps in the next six months to a year.

We will see you at some sort of noticeable change.

I don't know what it will be everybody who comes in and take something over wants to put their stamp on it and usually they want to do it quite quickly because I will not buy the Daily Mail mail on Sunday event magazine so it's better than culture starts with the column by Piers Morgan called my life and other celebrities hilarious and everything in it is actually really.

Written and Resort still interesting ok.

Let's talk about podcasting now and audioboom have promised to pay all partners hooray and invest in original content after a big funding announcement this week the company's senior vice president of international operations and content partners Ruth fitz-simon told our producer Rebecca Grisedale Sherry about the deal is no denying that the last Kind of couple of weeks of being a bit tricky for audioboom.

We entered into a negotiation with Triton which is a really big data streaming and ad serving platform in the US you know I think both parties enter that with the best will in the world.

Do you know kind of hoping that would be really good match but I think realistically of the deal were on it.

Just wasn't looking like the right deal for our investors and so you know I think that's where are bored made the decision to fundraise instead and make sure that we are fully funded and that we can keep going and keep growing so were very pleased to announce today that we.

Fundraise of 4.5 million second announcements which came as part of that was are your results from 2017 and I think what's important about 2017 is that really when audioboom started to begin the monetization process and started to develop either and sales teams you know what those results see is that that beginning of growth which is really amazing are sales between 2016 and 2017 increased by 260% for podcasters that means that they're starting to the money come into the industry and although here in the UK or couple of years behind the US you know we can expect to start to see that process come over here as well.

So what's the status of payments to your podcast partners? The fundraiser will mean that we're able to kind of clear any outstanding payments at your partner's certainly by the end of July but I'll be honest here in the UK were mainly on top of most for payment already most of those.

She's were us, where will you invest the money that you've racing so the money will be invested in a number of ways, but I think probably the most exciting wall is original content and that's where audioboom will be seeking to grow Originals we also audioboom podcast of what they'd like to ask you and this is what they said if audioboom did go under what happens to the back catalogues and how was subscribers get the new shows so the first of all audioboom was going nowhere when very much here to stay and I just want to come to make it clear that you know where that ever to happen.

We would always make sure that we you know kind of ensure that you get a hold of your files that we would sort out RSS reader x but we're going nowhere we are here to stay and the funding insurers that what size does a podcast need to be financially viable for you and for the Producers yeah, that's really good question.

I would say on average in order to start selling live, Leeds

Matzo 60 second house red endorsement really a podcast probably needs to be getting at least 10000 listeners per episode and usually what we sell on is above that range below that range.

We do offer a subscription service at £9.99 a month and that just allows podcasters who are beginning or starting out to start getting their podcast out and distributed to start getting lifx.

We keep an eye on those just so you know that if a podcaster you know really starts to grow the Bible to step in and help them and offer them.

You know kind of advice and also monetization of why should people go to audioboom over places like a cost for example like you know.

I'm not going to say anything too bad.

Maybe cast I think a bit of competition is really good in the market.

You know I think there needs to be some options for people in the market.

I think what we do quite.

Well though and I did but we pride ourselves on is that you know we are an international team we work really closely.

You're in the UK with a US Partners and our teams in in India for example and hopefully with that brings two people is that they have been out we bring them information globally so we bring them the kind of tricks of the trade a little bit from the US and kind of help them grow their podcast and also help them in terms of their finances well in terms of the monetization because we have sailed teams that are so strong internationally were able to increase the revenue to them but also were really personable.

You know we really do you say it as part of our role to can have a very personable relationship with our podcasters and we also have really good contacts with the third party platforms to example we have an overarching deal with Spotify to ensure that your pockets goes directly onto Spotify when you upload through audio babe and that's really important for us because we think that you should be as distributed as possible and that those relationships will mean that you get more listens across.

We've been really impressed with the numbers.

We seen back from Spotify since.

We've done our API integration with them.

It's added quite a significant amount onto certain people's listening figures and you know we hope to have to share a little bit more of that research down the line once we have some some more kind of fully fledged numbers there, but it's looking really really strong and it's great to see another platform in the market refit Simon's they're talking to Rebecca Lindsay talk about being persona ball.

You know she talks about this investment in original content.

Do you think that's enough to win over the people that have been distance from audioboom over the last few months because of the way they handled the situation and the bad press around podcast is not being paid is really unfortunate but in terms of business.

What was wrong with the old investors pull out and why the new investors come in and what's the difference between them.

It does seem a little bit confusing to me and Dad then that they've got the new investors and they've got the

The money but I'm not sure what went wrong and why the the investors that they have either divested themselves or their home voluntarily left the board have done so I kind of peculiarly British way of dealing with this kind of Silicon Valley startup as well because this sort of thing happens in the states of the time doesn't it and despite the fact that was talking about being international having offices ninja not the rest of it the fact that this got through to the news agenda that the people knew they were in trouble and then we shaky and everything investment I mean that just doesn't get my public in the same way when they slick American companies are running that mean you'll do very good rumour Factor in the UK and you do have enough.

What are you have a gossip mentality in the UK which preps you don't have to the same extent in in the States it is the whole thing is extremely intriguing and I was intrigued also buy what she said about what they have to offer in and how it can be different office in the Spotify link.

It's great, but being personable and so on is that really what these people have invested in it's it's a long story.

I feel really on if you were starting a new podcast with.

Would you consider hosting it with audioboom? It is a sign that they doing something well.

It's not a huge amount of money.


Is it from podcast generally do we think we are at risk of seeing the podcast bubble burst I mean I've been in broadcasting a long time.

There's no doubt has been slow steady growth over the last 1213 years that doesn't appear to be going anywhere but the idea spike after cereal and then loads of investment in the US has that picked.

I think there is a danger that I've been involved in quite a lot of startups in my broadcasting career and it is very interesting how they can sort of buildapc normally head of Steam in that then that goes nowhere.

I'm so it's all relative but they've got that now and they're this study, because they have that money but in the long term it's not.

Lots of money and where is it going to go from here does your audience research? Tell you that your audience listening to podcasts not even basis is ITV produced it because they often no there.

Isn't there definitely I think I'm going to grow and they have been growing and will continue and it will be probably little trot along the way we might be in coming into a little drop.

I think the long-term projection podcast is still positive ok, but thank you for that tie's as well Leon we will be talking about love Island next so that'll keep you hooked through this outbreak.

I doubt me on the laser going to couple up, but let's see will be back after this car booty cash in the Attic football my ass Fake Britain what all these shows have in common.

You guessed it.

They've all been made with the help of the post production house where I am right now run VT in Newman Street run BT has 15 offline and to online editing suite to baselight grading Theatre a dubbing sweet and a voice-over Booth everything to satisfy your editing needs to see what run VT Studios can do for you go to run now potential by definition is the possibility of achieving more in the fast-paced world of digital advertising Oracle data cloud has built it's like a seat on finding the signal through the noise on unlocking potential we bring together data and technology to help you better understand your audience where to best engage them and how to measure a tool to realise true potential Oracle data cloud web better outcomes begin visit Oracle data cloud., tullamore got plans for the long weekend.

You could get your friends round for drinks maybe even your first barbecue of it's not too chilly.

Why not don't forget the brancott estate Marlborough Sauvignon Blanc from reading.

They said was too chilly for growing at the pioneering winemakers of brancott estate didn't listen.

They were the first to plant in Melbourne New Zealand for decades and a bunch of Awards later.

It is crisp and fresh as ever look out for on new colourful limited edition bottles in stores now.

Enjoy responsibly time does a media news in brief now Leon and Liz are still with me and the Monday night love Island launch show scored ITV2 its biggest-ever audience ITV2 that night beat the Big Five terrestrial channels with a peak of over 3 million live viewers at Lyons what is the secret of its success?

Is little bit the name is two-headed ITV2 Paul Mortimer I had a day off this actually and I didn't know that they produce is Celebrity Juice and previous to this night.

We were the biggest show on ITV2 Annie delighted in referring to as now the second biggest show on ITV2 on me, but the second edition ITV2 can't really change to the British Broadcasting landscape.

This is I think this show was doing last night with record on a Wednesday that says last seen figures were last week's Tuesday night which is absolutely phenomenal.

It is making all the other broadcasters Running Scared by Roy Strong last Monday was because all your channels didn't even try ok, but I actually happened to watch last night's show because

Can you eat be having this conversation and I've never seen it before I thought it's Big Brother literally nothing original about that.

It's not even like a good episode of Big Brother nothing really bitter.

You're having only what's First 20 Minutes made by the end.

They were all on each other great, but the first 20 minutes.


Yes, there are lot of people in bikinis and a lot of guys will remember that the tops on but does the in Stafford I've seen it written about as kind of born without the sex of his thought of that is very titillating but beyond that our conversations.

They weren't particularly entertaining brother the most the time were they if you think about it is so why is it suddenly so popular list? I don't know myself.

Doesn't it last night quite late and there were two women in the account.

Obviously had a few and they were very loud and one was going to do that.

I'm not coming back with you.

I'm going back to watch another load back episodes of love Island and the other woman said well.

You've got no life, but it was obviously.

In the Aether it's just something everyone's talking about those shows my favourite is take me out.

I really like that then that's a terrible.

We can stop me I'm really really like that.

I think it's very funny and and remarkably on the sexes dinner for his head away said could this mean but millennials are returning to live tv.

That's why people need this year if I understand is why do you need to reading it is not only the old people watching it and that was what to do launch show launch so strongly because it wasn't just did like to 44% 16-34 year that's remarkably good that is really good the underground watching actually watching ITV2 last night for the first time in a while.

I was struck by the skin of its branding and the slickness of

Rapper who it was marketed at and white existed in a way that arguably 10 years ago.

It wasn't saying it's a really good offers some excellent stuff in and when you watch it you feel a bit of a very professional British real traditional but very professional British offering talking about the most professional and British of offerings.

Let's talk about the Maida Vale Studios they are set to close after Tony Hall announce that the future of live music for the BBC is in Stratford the new Studios going to be part of what radio One controller Ben Cooper calls a creative community on the former Olympic site, please.

Why do you think the decimal for Maida Vale was sounded cheaper and easier to maintain because in the buildings like in Maida Vale you know you've got a lot of structural issues as the buildings age and sell one and you got this Brand Spanking you play so it's probably cheaper to run in everyone's go.

Ring East go east young man and woman Leon do you think it's a sensible business move? I think it probably probably isn't fortunately I mean the BBC have to save money and it happened to music studios you decide to Capital does the BBC have got really difficult to Jesus to make the budgets has tighter than ever there are the entertainment budget which shows no money.

They just move elsewhere.

We don't bother with ABC and I think it's decisions he made the BBC would just purely relates just trying to produce budgies.

I need to look at the same one of the things in this article that I read that did amuse me slightly was Tony Hall when he when he announced the closure of Maida Vale Studios you talk about BBC Studios and basically said you know they should be charged for programs.

We still talk.

Maybe I don't really understand how come.

Work you know that's not what BBC news about happy Studios need to make a profit to be able to exist as a viable entity is just one of those what program for profit is just not the way you should be talking about me.

She is independent or a private company women compete against BBC Studios and yet.

You're just saying that the prophets are important will know it's gone 11:00 on Maida Vale Studios itself there in historic building.

You know Bing Crosby played his last gigs are The Beatles of played there.

Have you ever been inside by the way weirdly for the media podcast we went in a couple of years ago to talk to Brent Spencer about Radio 2 country, when they were launching that and it's an amazing building to go into I just want to whether there would be a more creative solution for this kind of thing you know public private partnership like the BBC basically walked out of TV centigrade and now it's become the home of ITV daytime.

That's just weird.

Surely that be away with the BBC could have stayed in Maida Vale but with private money to do whatever they going to do to it build flats in it or whatever as well because of the Nation's architecture as well as of the Nations of Media traditions and sit on and it's really really difficult of them.

They've got to make this difficult decisions about Buildings and isn't their job to conserve buildings maybe somebody else should take it over there, athletics track as well BBC they did have everything going to have to be sold off to Karen rather than just kind of cutting budget.


Let's talk about Channel 5 now and the new host of The Wright Stuff it's not Steve Wright so they do need to change the name at least his Radio 2 bedfellow, Jeremy Vine Leon thoughts, I think I mean.

I think his production team have an uncanny knack is putting my finger on the way to show yes, he's going to finish The Wright Stuff at 11:15 and be on there at 12 in the back of the cab Jeremy paid at that point out to three quarters of million pounds a year and I think he's now take up but we can assume she still no I didn't tell you that much money is ready to show said that he's going to be paid holiday the Regent apartment in pounds a year to do a show which bye bye just the mass of it.

He has to know fretful because he's going to have at 12.

Just do it and you can't really petrol after show because essentially is a topical show you might have a meeting after so my guess is he's got the leeway to do this job because they give him a paper.

He's had a pay cut he's ok.

The Wright Stuff and get paid for that now effectively research insiders, it's on the same subject the days tabloid news amenities research and is ready to Show on Channel 5 money as me another broadcaster company.

That's exactly what I was going to say it seems really strange that he's not want some sort of exclusive BBC dealer, what have you eaten very popular? Massively and demand it from my point of view and I know lots of people loving.

It's another pale male stale personality.

You know I am sad.

It's not a woman ok and in terms of the title of the show any ideas, call The Wright Stuff anymore.

Been asking for suggestions on what to call it already got the wrong stuff.

It's not right, but it's ok because it's a brand The Wright Stuff it's been forever.

You do get the chosen by the people that changed a nation Potter but it's about to get out of that role for a while they cut the budget.

They show repeatedly they chased production companies so now it's all about having to do the rubber mouthpiece very hard though isn't it to to change the mean when you've got it as a success was looking for Daily wear.

And really stupid decisions Made 2 years ago the company enters into the channel called which is now living it was UK living at the time and we did daytime stuff and it's really really hard to get it right and even when you get a big name or you're pretty sure it's going to work.

It doesn't always work.

It's quite a volatile audience go Williams sings see what happens alright.

There is just time for a media quiz this week.

It's a game of two halves.

I'll give you 15 seconds each to answer as many questions as you can I just giving know it's early on so that the subject is about the world and it's but ITV and BBC have cobbled together some of them are women live so you should be all over now give you the name of a pug.

Do you tell me where there on ITV or the BBC you gonna take it in turns so it's just many is like pop master as many as you can name Liz.

With you you need to tell you this pundit ITV or b.

PC and your time Starts Now Vicki Sparks BBC Village ITV Didier Drogba TV no BBC Frank Lampard BBC iTV BBC Patrice Evra ITV Martin O'Neill which means that you was giving score 3 right answers, so it's not bad for a someone watching the World Cup at interesting that is so nice of you.

I won't be watching it and you got time for your girl is you're going to keep score and see how the one that's right.

Ok, ITV or BBC your time Starts Now Pablo zabaleta, ITV no BBC Rykiel Aluko ITV logo.

Times up wow absolutely 7 and also lifetime of actually being interesting football I'm going to complain about that.

What do you think about this business of Amazon entering the market to provide live Premier League matches for 2019? I think he missed in this is what Amazon Get By the Steelers highlights package I can put on Amazon Prime system every week, buying want someone there broadcast is injured in the big.

Essentially is 10 games to play at the same time.

It's not good for advertising if you're not going to go to the market that way but it's football and that's all is going to get a man to go on the advert and every week.

They can have a highlight package was they get a part of the deal so they can now say we got Premier League football every week in the year.

I think that's what they're buying buying buying into that brand.

Forgetting I kind of like it should have ended but you can't say that one.

That's got the money for the whole deal is bastard, am absolutely and that's the really interesting thing Amazon is allowed it because there is a decline from Richard Scudamore that the Premier League chief left last week.

I did any comments that the left one is a half a billion reduction in the amount of money did the Premier League in it was a mistake these packages haven't been well handled at the Premier League book in the bubble might be slightly but shouldn't be making half a billion pounds less for more mate.

There's definitely something going on and it could even be that the bubble has burst and the interest in sucking his declining in this can happen in the 60s and 70s in Old more people went to Home Improvement shops on a Saturday then went to football things do change and when it comes to World Cup are you gonna be watching the BBC Radio be watching ITV

What's weather channel is only? I'm not sure if you just forcing to whatever when given the choice VIP ok.

He said it's an absolute truism in British Broadcasting it's in national event people watch the BBC ok.

Will they Think It's All Over it is now my thanks to our guests Liz Howe and I'll Media quiz winner Leon wheels to help us.

Keep making it.

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