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Read this: #96 - British Podcast Awards 2018

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#96 - British Podcast Awards 2018…

Hello, I'm only man and welcome to a special bonus edition of the media podcast today's show was recorded at the 2nd annual British podcast Awards which took place in Kings Cross on Saturday night 6 million people now listen to podcast in the UK will be hearing from some of the people behind your favourites as well as many of the night other winners.

It's been a big year for British shows with the likes of Ed Miliband Will Young and Fearne Cotton wading into the market that we hear what some of the most influential creative think the future holds for the podcast industry.

Don't come on today's Media podcast now Saturday night.

I was actually on stage presenting the Awards so I'm going to leave you in the capable hands of our guest host Rhianna Dhillon hi I am here towards 2018 and I am very

It's a really great opportunity to come and talk to other Picasso because I do mind on my own like I've no budget.

So it's just me and a cupboard fairly certain.

I got drunk with you last year this should be fun yeah and affairs and diverse global perspective with a kind of a really a bit late informing entertaining and inspiring action and I'm in London and my co-host kettlebells based in San Francisco says I can try and answer conversation where we look at voices that people are not recognising and showcasing them in an amazing new life or just having unlikely narrator start our regular stories that supposed to be here by younger global press it but they're the people in international and they're just crying out for new ideas and also just hearing from or women have more people of colour.

Not just tokenistic you know so I really hope that never wore that we're not.

Xbox represent their doesn't exist anymore because we shouldn't have it should be much more integrated and people should be respected different ideas.

My name is Lily in and I started this group called the UK audio network and email group letter for people to come together and share industry news and chocolate and can you bring everyone together from Every Corner of the audio industry to really grow the industry a lot of people who work in audio are freelancers.

So how does it benefit of an incredible feeling incredible work and the point of this group is to do hope everything so if you need a producer for one day to Selby report something post there if you need a freelancer for a few.

These hoes there for a few months post birth and it's kind of admitting like guys.

There are no staff jobs.

Do not start advertising all the rest of the work.

Is there a real job posting, so that everybody to get a really good read out what's going on in the industry? How important are the British podcast Awards to this industry? I think any time you can get everyone in just in the same room.

How often do we just like get to get dressed up as I have a fancy drink together as a bit like a pint hello and welcome to the British podcast Awards 2018.

We are just moments away from finding out.

What are the very best podcast that this country has produced.

It is Once Upon a Time in Dun Laoghaire

Quite expect that but thank you very much that I want it was involved in making this up from there in a Smith composer philippinen and co-producer me all the actors give so much time to make it actually happened.

So yeah, thanks to them this isn't working really is such a fabulous fun series so tell us about where the idea came from my zombies rule mostly in children's animation and get that we go to work kids conferences that children's Media come through and through that we know what's the stuff being produced for visually impaired kids, that's where the idea came from.

That's me like a really really funny show for visually impaired kids that also Bridges the gap between visual and non-muslim.

I Just Can't Wait from there.

We just made this literally fun play audio for the ears program and the BBC got behind it and I'm so happy to see that everybody's been enjoying it listening to oh yeah yeah, was it quite hard sell to the BBC was an easy.

She thought we we wanted to take the podcast.

I don't think they never knew just how far we wanted to take it, but I think the year that we knew we were going in the right direction for what they wanted gratulations guys.

Enjoy the rest of your night and the podcast platforms voices we genuinely feel have been filtered out of UK media refreshing and totally unpredictable.

This is a highly original listen the winner of the representer ward is Carousel radio.

How's your job? Do you want to say something now? Thank you.

Thank you for Sam and Johnny their stories and the gold goes to a podcast at pushes the boundaries of the medium and displays a level of creativity.

That is rarely seen on Just One Podcast the writing is bold the delivery is Darren it takes the listener on a journey unlike any that you will have encountered before the winner of Best fiction podcast 2018 is imaginary advice speechless, I see it's amazing.

I make my podcast in a wardrobe.

I don't have I haven't even got like a one of those what is handle for the mic was a cold.

I might stand a I just have got a bit some Simpsons DVDs and I stack em up and I put my mic on that and then I'm not to take one Simpsons DVD in a prop it up.

It's usually mode the bus driver and that's all I talk to because it helps helps to talk to me.

I've experimented with The Simpsons characters.

I just find him the most Julia what did you want to do when you feel like a long time in lots of different areas are my background was writing poetry and then I worked in theatre and journalism and the problem was that like all those things they disappear you know like if you're like me and lots of arthritis and people in general are like this where you like the whole bunch of different types of things and you don't really know what you're good at you.

Just know what you like doing and the podcast was like a place where I can can I call it my own and I didn't really have to have like a unique thing they did it was just a place that I could put things that I've written things I wanted to write and yeah any overtime.

I just really helped me to to just collect things together and help me solve define my voice.

I think it's alright.

Gross this is like that that I mention that the podcast was because I am so tired.

I really don't know I am falling to Pieces because it you doing the podcast the long one of one of the great things of like having an art form that this is like it can be in the middle of the night and I can be still trying to like some stuff and listening to the same thing like the 100 time and then you try to go to bed and accidentally put antiseptic cream on your teeth and the gold goes to a listening experience that simultaneously comforting and unbearable.

Yeah, you know important instruments and sincere the winner of the back and 10:00 got his green card is in the building you've just want to watch a grave cast I mean he knew Dad could be entertaining and not me.

There was definitely element of trying to make it entertaining and light so that you could listen to it and feel comforted but also not at the end be like oh my god.

This is so that you feel like other people have these feelings that was all we were trying to do who is your dream guess? There's so many stand-up stand-up the American stand-up his wife died and I can't I'm going to say the Patton oswalt is why I would love to have a partner died in most of you.

Talk about parents or siblings the amazing audience feedback be like amazing.

I get like emails every day from people saying this is really hope they changed my life so overwhelming.

I didn't expect that at all and it's very very lovely and just people saying I didn't know I was grieving I did not other people felt like this.

I didn't know that.

This was normal the winner of the best new podcast is a tip-off.

Tell us about what inspired you to start making your own podcast how you did it practically I love Picasso could seriously day and night and I think just hearing so many and then I can he was sat in the pub in talkative friend to a journalist and it was telling is amazing stories about what went into getting their scoops and I thought why people should really hear this story isn't it? The whole world that people don't ever get to here so I am starting making like literally in my living room in my bed room under the covers and duvet so it's really quite remarkable that you know whatever it's been 7 months have passed and now here.

I am crazy.

What kind of advice have you got for all the people who are in the same position? They want to tell us stories play don't know how to start a podcast yeah.

I kind of made up how to edit as I go along which I think you can hear this.

I'm trying to get better.

I think it's

Really about passion and about knowing like really caring about your subject thinking of ways that you can tell it in an interesting and compelling way.

I'm trying to be bold and a little bit different with your storytelling but really I think beauty the real beauty of placid that anyone can do them.

You know I was in the category of something credible contenders and some really big names and this just proves that you can be a Nobody you doing in your bedroom and gold winners for the second year running the beef and dairy network podcast how has your podcast change from when you first started it will the main differences I am moana American podcast network which place give me the money comes in which is pretty bonkers and I never imagined that will be the case when I started making it and that basically means I can spend loads more time on it so I can afford to actually do days of work on it.

You know so they've got longer and more complex and over hopefully.

I got better I think and I've been able to get more people involved in the XX been Great Yeldham before is it able to get involved like to the podcast is the kind of fictional world and they get rid involved with it sometime soon as scary degree in those send me drawings.

They've made and all that kind of stuff which I never thought would happen, but it's just really fun and like that for example as a woman who really got into it and just started sending me photographs of her pet deer.

Shall I get rid of those is not really doing so so I think she's just look for an outlet basically Peter yeah.

Yeah, but I'm very very very nice best current affairs podcast is the Foreign desk the strong point of the foreign disc is Asis the strong point we've all of monocle 24 current affairs programme programming that we are allowed.

Make programs which assumes that the audience is more interested in listening people listening to people actually know what they're talking about talking to each other rather than his as is very often the case elsewhere sort of uninformed.

Yahoo's with opinions just no shouting over the top of each other I actually tried to and it's it's been quite often the case.

I think the programs end up being not entirely what we thought they were going to be about when we started putting them together which is I am.

I mean that in a good way.

It's it's nice to be surprised.

How long is each episode take to produce an icon of the most interesting ones where he spent a long time can looking at a bigger ideas like how a nation would heal after Civil War but yeah, we do like you know a proper new.

which members of thrown together in a desperate planet on a Friday afternoon the sort of thing that isn't really been covered elsewhere, so yeah, we tried to do it a little bit differently when there is like a longer less covered region or topic then with choose to cover that particular one the winner of most original podcast goes to the discovery Adventures

What is really hard to get laid out so it's not the easiest thing obviously send a selling audio rather than advertising but yeah, they were them.


I mean the people listening for a long time.

So you know this 15-minute the side so in a world of YouTube videos and yeah kind of 32nd is actually having somebody sitting and listening something for a 50 minutes a long time so he wants to make it entertaining and educational at the same time so sweet potato chorizo pasta binaural sounds and you know what impact has had really really like.

Romania weather start of every Santa's on a school Gareth you today.

Who did the London 2012 Olympic opening ceremony Harry Potter experience and he was just a genius and I made it that's why it's just sounds so fantastic.

Sorry my favourite guest on it take to walk in the forest of Chris Packham was perfect just him talking on his own.

It would be there in the top 10 every week so using credible regulations on winning you might recognise your voice is so Mayo and Mark Kermode hello hello with very excited obviously to get a piece of plastic which says that she would it is, it's the listeners choice and we did Marshall them and they did but enthusiastic Lee for a subway very chuffed Peterlee

There was there was a real people we have basically been doing this film took things are how many years now 100-400 for years and and and thanks for the brilliant team with me doing it with us.

We have basically in my opinion continue to do the same thing but more of it regardless of whatever else is going on around us.

We live in a blissfully isolated bubble.

We have absolutely no idea of what's going on in the rest of the world other than and sometimes not even what's going on in the studio and astonishingly no one has managed to cancel it's yet.

I'm sure they will get round to it at some point but for the moment.

We're all just to be clear Simon doesn't think it's a film so I cough it is a film.

So that's why it has a film critic and the word film in the Titanic off.

It's a film show potential by definition is the possibility of achieving more in the fast-paced world of digital advertising Oracle

Data cloud has built it's like a say on finding the signal through the noise on unlocking potential we bring together data and technology to help you better understand your audience where to best engage them and how to measure a tool to realise true potential Oracle data cloud where better outcomes begin visit Oracle data cloud.

Come to learn more and the winner is the two shot podcast by Thomas Griffin and Craig Parkinson how much salt goes into each episodes of the main power and thought one human could possibly have loads just research for guests who are going to come on and be open and honest and tell it like it is and would be really really lucky with whom we have on.

Got so much more to come and eat wheat when somebody says yes, I'll come on the podcast and overwhelmed that there that they come on and and do-it-yourself DIY Taylor dies that thing you know it's all in house.

It's Beginning to end conception to dissemination.

It's a good thing about podcasts and how much is podbean work for you as a platform do what you been doing all this started out as a tiny idea and then I was lucky enough to meet Grace and for today.

We got on really well with bit of good working relationship and we just died then.

We didn't know what it was going to be like we didn't have any expectations you just gonna love what we do.

Just do it.

You know there's nothing stopping.

Futurama up offer advice on getting into tell your son getting into music so many barriers believe podcast in you can just do it straight away.

There's nothing stopping you so much with a podcast you have complete control over your work and I'm really really big deal and many many ways the undisputed Sports podcast of 2018 is fight disciples podcast to use this is the UK - is football assists Premier League this is cricket.

Well if you want to call it.

Just shows how strong white spots on the UK right now that like the site for a podcast about boxing and mixed martial arts as one it again back-to-back 2017 headers now 2018 - 2.

Is more popular than ever in I think everybody really is engaging in the fact that the UFC fans One Entertainment these days everyone instantaneously, I get the great thing about Fight sport is faces of engaging on social media as a lot more restrictions on that's what you can engage with and straight away.

I think fancy waiting 19000 people buying tickets for Millennium Stadium Cardiff to watch out me history of British sport before it is a credible winner is Greece got another one.

See you got news for you this time.

How long does it take to edit together and then came on board?

I don't wanna self efficacy difficult editing down people who is there talking about I was ringing moving and you know it's difficult to come to that im missing someone so if you have those moments and I can hear Mario thinking I can hear the gas thinking and I hope the list I can hear those moments of just real swords and reflection and I don't know you can intimacy in the silence and I think it's really believe those but then but yeah, just just can't carry out a crap jokes, but it wouldn't be possible that Kate honestly.

She does such a good at it.

I think I was ok it and it did take me 3 days and so Kate makes it possible that the show happen.

Bye bye baby.

I cannot do this.

Oh and I did and that's the reason we have a weekly episodes is Kate and Kate taking and then sometimes you like I'm sorry.

I took the gold go to a podcast that has a thorough vigorous and detail-oriented approach to a fascinating subject matter The Assassination 1100 it starts with Owen the presenter talking about how we first meet the victim at a party Thomas 20 years ago and it's the story of how she enters his life and what a force she was and it can I think what network is it binds both characters to the listeners you hear people start to care about both of them and it's a 10 part series that it's a journey through in our decade of their 20 years of their lives are actually 17 years of one of their lives and those first 30 seconds or perhaps.

Not that you would expect in a true crime series apartment.

The right now well, I mean certainly for I think the team here.

There are the most important thing going because there is is this fresh new field that are lot of people are able to you now even if they're gonna Radio 4 decades are able to tell stories at different lengths.

I can have different approaches and it's incredibly liberating I think.

Thank you so much congratulations.

Enjoy your night.

Thank you for the podcast champion this year is the Magnificent Helen zaltzman can see through someone who's come over yeah? It is intensely generous.

It's pointless all and I can't think of a better champion to recognise.

Thank you so much fuss incredible.

I've been podcasting since a lot longer than most people give a shit about it and in all those years when I'm at our podcast is we tended to become friends because we really needed each other and we just wanted to support each other in this obscure hobby that we had then and even those suddenly now a lot more people onto podcast no terms of business is growing up around it.

I think that principle is still sound we need to support each other to do I work and to be heard and

I think there's so much potential in Britain to do more and to keep encouraging each other and do things differently than they are being done in the States or that have been done in other forms of Media so it's need to keep on plug-in way to do the best.

We can and you help each other out the podcast of the year is grief cars quite.

I agree Awards make a speech.

I nearly nearly made a speech on second ward just because I want to say there are some things I want to say I want SO30 thank you to amazing editor Kate Holland do this is not possible that I have a I have an 80 month old and I try to add it and it was a disaster and Kate save me and she's the reason you have a weekly show so thank you to it and every.

Editor that makes it possible to do so a huge.

Thank you to whistledown studios to make it the wonderful most family loveliest place to work.

It's like going to another family and I have losing family so it's helpful time another one to go to as the show guys.

It's that kind of thing but I have to say anything I want to say thank you to is fetty to the guests who come and share their stories with me because they don't have to talk so openly and honestly about death.

It's not an easy thing to talk about and I am I am always by the way in that studio when they start talking about it, but this all of this is dedicated to a lot of dead people who aren't here.

I like and I don't mean that to be the moving bit of the show but like this show is only possible because some people have died and they're not here to see this but in Honour of every Mum and brother and father and

Daughter and dog that we have talked about on the show this is in memory of them and even though he was a bit of a it's a pain in the bum sometimes.

This is probably for my dad as well.

Thank you.

Very well, that is it from this year's British podcast awards and the media podcast my thanks to Rhianna Dhillon and producer Rebecca Drysdale see you very soon.

Got plans for the long weekend.

You could get your friends round for drinks maybe even your first barbecue of it's not too chilly.

Why not don't forget brancott Estate Marlborough Sauvignon Blanc was too chilly for growing but the pioneering winemakers of brancott estate didn't listen.

They were the first to plant in Melbourne New Zealand for dictating a bunch of Awards later.

It is crisp and fresh as ever look out for a new colourful limited edition bottles in stores now.

Enjoy responsibly

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