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Read this: #89 - HomePod gripes, Sky News pledge Twitter TV

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#89 - HomePod gripes, Sky News pledge Tw…

Hello and welcome to the media podcast I'm only man on stage show the Guardian trials interactive storytelling for audio and Twitter brings a new approach to live video + Murdoch commits to Sky News for another decade the BBC brings in the big guns to sell shows abroad advertisers Bale from the Daily Mail and hey Siri the reviews are in on Apple's new home parts plus in the media Queensway play Blockbusters you can have your own theme tune.

It's all to come in today's Media podcast and joining me today is broadcasting consultant Paul Robinson will you ever an asset to Czechoslovakia in the 1980s unlikely I've been to Prague a couple of times.

That's it fake news then fake news exactly.

I would have you been working on this week's pool.

I've been to Miami not bad.

It's nice and warm.

I see 26°.

I recommend it also during this week is BBC reporter in host of the gen.

The knot podcast nastaran at tavakoli far at Nan's you are hosting your first live edition of the gender not coming up this week.

Yeah, that'll be on Monday we're gonna be we're going to be discussing the question can women break into boys clubs.

I've got and we've got Michaela from the last series of The Apprentice and Gemma's christening some quite excited for Christmas I'm sorry yeah.

Yeah yeah cos we want to sort of male perspective on men not letting women into clubs and spaces and stuff.

So yeah, we've had an interesting chat.

I mean very zeitgeisty conversation that you're having on the gender knot obviously I'm one that has really since he started the show become more and more prevalent.

Do you feel that's part of the reason you're finding your audience? Yeah, I guess because a lot of it is just conversations were having so it's coming the nuances of all those who would you ever go and watch a Live podcast been recorded and obviously people pay for watching to watch this isn't it comes from?

Homebase which you know you don't get when you just like you announce age.

No one knows you know what to expect the audience of others quite a devoted following so there's something quite nice about that.

That's a good idea.

I'm going to have you seen what the Guardian have launched in the last few weeks.

It is an innovative storytelling platform.

That's what they call it anyway first trial audio producer JC holtzman and data editor Mona shalaby.

Have a new podcast strange bird integrating visual content so illustrative pictures data visualisations and links on top of the podcast as you listen.

Is that a reasonable summary Paul that's basically you can you add to it in This podcast.

Disney Farringdon Road with Matt Wells who is in the media and it was literally a bathroom with cardboard boxes on the wall, it was the egg box is it was so basic, but the Guardian was sort of I guess they really beginning a podcast in terms of newspapers anyway national newspapers doing that sort and saw the opportunity and then suddenly decided to stop I wonder about stop doing we are at I think the Guardian I think the Guardian made a mistake because this is a huge success and continues to be so without the Guardian but I think they they missed a trick when we did that 12 years ago people didn't read know what podcast work, but now podcast of become really quite cool and also becoming a commercial opportunities as well as being away to reach communities in the way that you were just describing Scrooge with a bunch of fairly hard bitten music sex for another organisation who are asking that how better to communicate and what is interesting was in this room of people ranging from 25 to 55.

45 sidelight more podcast would like podcasts that she's learning more about tehnologie and son and and the Rational they gave was that the podcast is about being able to downloading information that when I don't have to read it when I'm in a mood when the occasion is right to listen have someone talk to me or hear experts share their views and share their opinions so I think in a way the podcast has got Up Jonas to it.

Which is about that spell that relationship that closeness that intimacy that ability to really engage on topics in detail and I wonder whether all these bells and whistles actually needed and I just dry powder with radio because in a way a podcast is just a modern version of a radio program.

That's actually not broadcast.

It's when you want to listen to it as a topic you want to listen to Andre dias was been successful, because it's been simple you know it's about great spoken word interesting people saying interesting things that you really engage with and so I think podcast about that so I would question whether this is the right straight through the Bells and whistles then have you actually seeing what they're doing?

Sofa, but you haven't actually logged on and had a look at this Picasso YouTube Acer press play and you don't have to listen through an app right you can listen through Chrome or Safari that's the idea and it flashes up pictures while still listening to show notes basically.

She will look at your device.

You know the latest news on the Tube or somewhere you put headphones on and you're immersed in the podcast close your eyes and he's getting that well.

You don't want to start looking at stuff.

Don't want to push that you're the whole point is you're not in that mood.

I think the mindset podcast is not to have pushed up at you.

Ok can mould and your old now.

You're less old what attracts you to podcast in because the first series of start-up on gimlet the big idea of startup wasn't it was him explaining the podcast hasn't changed since the RSS feed in 2006 whatever it was it still basically the same you getting all your photos anything with it is not dynamic.

It hasn't been augmented and actually they cannot change for they doing really good.

It's beautiful.

Presented It's a good story, so when I was looking at the Guardians new podcast sort of plans.

I was just overwhelming to me like this is not why I listen to a podcast like I don't see all these statistics and graphs and then there's the argument that yeah, but would have people want to find out more and I find if something goes so intriguing that you want to find out more you just Google it later, but I just I don't know I think it was too much it takes away from the penis and what makes podcast from the powerful, but it does liberate listeners from having to be on an app and that maybe is a significant change isn't it if if everyone innervated in that space so that actually all podcast you just press play and you don't have to subscribe and it was just a brand that existed outside of the world of Apple podcast on Pocket Casts of the journey of of the postcode of Special podcast where she know might have a narrative arc or they might be sore following a certain theme or something.

I should quite like getting those notifications arezzo now.

We've got a new thing.

Rather than in a randomly stumbling on at whenever I'm on the website group or community and I think therefore it doesn't matter is that ok, but as you say guardian be doing podcast for a very long time good to see them innovating again in this patent discloses truth.

You don't need to remind me of a lot of a few years ago.

There's a lot of Buzz about data viz and all this stuff and it sort of things which I think they're more exciting to quote unquote innovative people than third most audience members, so I just read this and I was like this is sort of thing that's exciting like Media innovators rather than your lesson is probably cheaper than you think you know you don't mean to reality you could have said the same thing in tuber than you did get Pokémon go I mean maybe this.

The mindset of identification is completely different with a are you looking for a richer experience you're not with the podcast.

It's about the things you just been saying which is about the the guest about the content about the purity of the audio the production.

That's what makes the podcast special you got a stick to the knitting ok? We're going to talk about the Guardian some more hey we've got a new producer not talk about the BBC we going to talk about the fact that former BuzzFeed political editor Jim Waterson has announced his going to be the Guardians Media editor.

He's me replacing Graham Ruddick who moves to become assistant business editor at the times and that should you see what gym wrote on Twitter he said Media is increasingly politicised so probably needs to be covered in the same way that we cover politics degree reading that I was thinking of the whole echo chamber thing and actually something that might come up later, but to do a sort of a debate circles within different publications and different year different modes of thinking so I can get it does feel.

Mediatel still a little bit like politics.

We put your different ideologies, but it's always be more aware of this dynamic existing also always been about press Barons behind the scenes and about mergers and acquisitions and big moves of the same limited number of people within organisations nodding, so in that way.

Maybe we can missing someone to treat it like politics.

I I think that's probably too I mean I I think politics is always been part of medium English you take a radio example mean radio started when government's change hanzo certain government in the proving someone it's always been the case.

I got the sewer don't talk about the minute with his news Corinne and therefore the Fox merger.

It's always been there.

I think the issue now is of course.

It's a lot more pertinent because people can comment about it.

They could access their got way to actually communicating and sharing I think instant Madonna gets I don't know this guy tall but I mean faulty coming BuzzFeed you know he's a smart guy so it seems Wrexham the garden sees himself going the comments about me to become increasingly politicised so will cover it that way.

I think it's a bit of self justification of his role.

I don't think that actually is the substance of this at all.

I think the important thing is this guy's got a skill-set the Guardian haven't got and that's going to be very valuable to them and is that some of some of that skillset something that BuzzFeed have that the Guardian don't know it's only what is it online operators can bring to traditional media companies using obvious discussions and debates and things change so quickly right now.

I get somewhere like dusty.

They're quite aware of that but the speed of change and stuff and I'm probably do social first.

I mean you know one way that im awesome has made his name is by basically you know Twitter news stories before he's written his boast Quiver Busby and I think there's still a reluctance among traditional we didn't this to do that.

Yeah, of course there is and remember all the national newspapers every print medium is desperately trying to reinvent itself.

I mean in her tits in decline circulation numbers are going down advertising is going down.

You know this is risk of extinction so smart to make a boulder point.

Which this is so I think of it on the right thing ok? Let's talk about Twitter they've been quietly rolling out live streaming local news now these broadcasts appear in a window next to your timeline during major breaking news had its first major application during the Florida school shooting in the past week.

Did you see this actually happening live? I must say I missed it, but I was in the region so I will I was well aware of it was also looking for local local coverage on Twitter I don't think I don't think about which was being for news and therefore.

I don't use Twitter for news and therefore.

I don't trust butterfly totally it's my first source so just having that live video feature which has been a few weeks or something.

I've noticed it for a while now.

I find it will be a small video feed on the side.

So you've got your tweets on the main song area where you see the truth and honesty honest.

I've only seen on desktop, but that's because I don't use Twitter on my phone as much by Sia on desktops on one side so while you're scrolling you have that the sort of live news video clip videos of feature of your voice and I wasn't actually online during the Florida situation, but yeah, I do often what what often happens if I have the video playing in the sound up while I'm scrolling but you know the Twitter feed as well, but I totally go for Twitter for my knees like that's that's my new source.

I think increasingly Paul maybe even you will stop going to do it at 4 News because Facebook have declared their intention to dial down the news content having those people Patsy look at other social media sites for news now.

I mean this is clearly Twitter's purpose now isn't it is news.

It's always on the phone.

Maybe that's pining you're like a Woody Allen style typewriter now have to do when I'm actually traveling in are on their way to the airport to off to have Twitter on Twitter or LinkedIn whatever the point is I don't trust Twitter vertesi loads of crap on there.

I see loads of opinion loads of stuff.

I know it's not right therefore.

I don't trust it and the same way.

I wouldn't trust Facebook for news either as amusing as interesting engage with it, but I don't trust it and I'll go to a trusted news source like the BBC or CNN and now that you so I don't know if the end of the BBC assigned upbringing ABC affiliates to Twitter to try my history by Twitter who are really quite desperate to grow on Twitch

Giraffe adesta stock prices as basically am not gonna wear know the number of new users has not gone anywhere that a long time and you look so they've got to do something to improve the business.

I see this is an attempt to try and improve their business and it needs to something but I don't think she's going to work now.

I am pretty much since Twitter first came out it reminded me of you know where you get your news wire Xander Newsroom let you know you've got your ear pieces this photo says that I've always seen Twitter as it may be a more accessible version of that which is why I've always found it quite exciting as the fact that the public can see what a sort of its raw.

Isn't it? Isn't it to me it is like yeah.

I like where you get your news wires, so it's what they've done with this video This live news video feature seems really natural it seems into in keeping.

However always seem to utter ok, but they've given a competition isn't there for traditional broadcasters to be the affiliate partners providing this video about an interesting battle.

I think that hasn't been much documented or commented upon and I guess Twitter can capitalise on that quite well behaved rolling use when a big events happening what from an American perspective that's the Florida school shooting, but maybe if I live in Ethiopia it isn't well.

I think it's very look at the coverage of major events in the US state end in this country to get a lot more coverage centre examples similar events in Asia and I think that's a problem and I think it's you that you are of course at risk of believing that what you're fed is therefore the total news diary of course.

It's not the case so I think the thing is you have to actually look at news from lots of different sources and so that's why I try and consume as many as I possibly can and also.

Going to make up your own mind anymore information and give people the better.

They will to do that but I I worry about anybody to relying on Facebook or Twitter as a news source if they're not looking about the new sources as well right onto Littlejohn ready brace yourself a rich Littlejohn column in the Daily Mail titled.

Please don't pretend to Dad's is the New Normal was the final straw this week for holiday merchants Centre Parcs and cultural hub the Southbank Centre they both announced their withdrawing advertising Littlejohns articles about Tom Daley Olympic diver and news that he was expecting a child with his partner Dustin Lance black and this was basically all the result wasn't in as of campaigning by stop funding hate the and the basics of Twitter pressure group on there.

I guess they're two they're thing is if you have ties to the Daily Mail we're going to name and shame you hotel Chocolat take your ADS away.

Do you think I have a point?

Yes, and no it was the date on the surface.

Yes, but at the same time you know we keep talking about the problem with echo Chambers and people not getting different points of View may be in some ways.

It's powerful work next to an ass like that you have no sorry next to a column like that.

You haven't had from an institution.

That has a completely different set of values.

I do not I think there is some value in that but you know it's not just all the same type of values or vision on a page with no argument would be that's capitalism.

There's nothing wrong with brand like Centre Parcs saying on the one hand we want to attract gay dance to come on holiday and I'll park and on the other hand we also want to have the ties and Britain's most popular tabloids.


I mean on a commercial point of view any brand wants to make sure the advertising in an environment we say feel comfortable about and we just going to work for them and your Centre Parcs have a brand it's a very open and I think.

Broadband and they clearly feel it's not their values in the Daily Mail so I applaud them for doing what they did I think the other value in all that is it's made a big news story out of it and of course I completely accept the idea that maybe is useful have counter views on the same page but also it's very useful this story broke further help to highlight the issue and I'm also in a very bad.

See there are other advertisers doing some of the things so there is a bunch of people out there who are very concerned that not only are there ads working of course but also their there seem to be socially responsible.

I mean the whole the whole YouTube Google thing is as a kids TV person has been a huge issue.

You know the fact that Google will force for YouTube to employ another 10000 moderators because of all these ads appearing that will appropriate next two kids content.

Is it is it is a good thing now.

Why do they do that they did that because they had to because commercial there under threat because appetizers were threatening to withdraw advertising so in so doing the Advertiser forced you to be more responsible.

How to improve their product for kids and families that's a good thing so I think I just a little bit more responsible Richard Littlejohn to happen, but is that responsible he does talk to a constituency Who by The Daily Mail because they agree with his views and it is a free country only looked at the Daily Mail has it for you.

It's not one.

I subscribe to it's not a paper.

I would choose to read but I wouldn't deny people who want to read the Daily mails with the Daily Mail saying I'm saying if someone wants to buy the Daily Mail they should be free to do so and the Daily Mail or she has to comply with the laws of the Land but beyond that I have no issue with them doing what they do all that.

I personally don't like the Daily Mail I don't like what they stand for.

I think they actually insight all sorts of a trader that they're all sorts of prejudices, which I don't agree with but I think he was have freedom to choose the Daily Mail if they choose to read the Daily Mail

Condense where is there a Danger Mouse that these campaigns and actually the reaction to these campaigns by some of these advertisers withdrawing their supporters are all being kind of propagated by millennial snowflakes in London and actually around the rest of the country there isn't a real constituency of Daily Mail readers who were offended by Richard Littlejohn column.

You know that there might be gay Daily Mail readers who are comfortable reading colours by Richard Littlejohn which says you know where's the mother in a situation where two men are having a child and I wouldn't find that a controversial view.

You know that the twittersphere is way Ahead in terms of liberalism to the rest of the country is supposed to reply.

That's true.

I guess the car no good side effect of these things as may be making those people have to rethink you know Richard Littlejohn view but I do know this is one those stories were intellectually I agree with not funding the Daily Mail like pulling advertising but on a practical level.

I do not think it's kind of I think it's good to have that makes on a page and also.

What are these tablets to do in response to the advertising being withdrawn might just become further interest and more right wing and more nasty a minute.

She have to satisfy bell just become they'll just be all Katie Hopkins all the time so can I prepare traits of an existing problem? It's a potential by definition is the possibility of achieving more in the fast-paced world of digital advertising Oracle data cloud has built its Legacy on finding the signal through the noise on unlocking potential we bring together data and technology to help you better understand your audience where to best engage them and how to measure a tool to realise true potential Oracle data cloud where better outcomes begin visit, Oracle to learn Morse episode of the media podcast was recorded at run VT in the heart of Soho run BT has offline and online sweets 15 and 2 respectively as well as a bass-like grading Theatre not to mention a rather swanky meeting room which I am sitting in right now and making it swanky and he is today's run VT TV pick BBC Two series Charles the firsts treasures reunited available now on the BBC iPlayer a show that run VT provided for post services for your next show at run VT go to run now ok time for some news in brief now and there's and Paul are still with me and Rupert Murdoch's not letting go of his bid to buy out the remainder of Sky at he's promised the competition among.

Charity runs sky News for another 10 years instead of 5 if they let him buy it outright Paul do you think that would make the Watchdog change their mind they said that it's inappropriate only because of pluralism this time round.

He saying well.

I will safeguard sky News for 10 years whether it's 5 years or 10 years.

I think makes no difference the reality is that if you take a toastie objective you burn in the sun the times and Sky News does not make Murdoch dominant in news religion in this country radio stations as well remember.

Yeah, but it took the BCM in its reach and it's ours is far greater for example than Murdoch by massive amounts of the BBC's open me and partial Murdoch's Media isn't all well that he's replied to be impartial in the game broadcast that the issue is this is all hot anyway, because if the Disney takeover takes place then Disney is not going to be and any question at all about it suitable.

This is a broadcaster or is going to come and do any scrutiny in terms of news provision in the UK because it has not at all.

So this is all about that attempted to clean this up prior to Disney coming in and closing the deal if it doesn't get cleaned up then it won't matter because Disney will then take over and then a big will be waived through so the reality is that Sky News is going to remain part of Sky that's going to happen.

This is all hot air.

Do you think in the scenario? That isn't does go through and Disney then ultimately become the owner of Sky News but because Murdoch has personally said he commit to Sky News investment for another decade.

They are obligated to do the same or do you think the House of Mouse can just say that about this? We don't need to do UK news.

Well it depends on the nature of the agreement.

That is actually finally drafted by the lawyers and whether that becomes a requirement and indeed whether there's a requirement by the government to include that in the transaction and irrespective of that.

I think this day would keep the new service in the reason is that Sky News

Brings legitimacy to Sky and it gets politicians into the building and get Sky News talked about you know it helps to make Sky seen as a more rounded attractive brand so all those Sky News lose his money and and most news channels do lose money I can't see Disney not keeping Sky News ok.

Would you feel nervous take a job at Sky News now? Maybe a bit of a reputation thing? I just feel like the reputation hasn't has kind of deteriorated.

Yeah, maybe it's a generational thing as well.

Cos I wouldn't see as like her kind of trusted news source as much as other sources May and also it's kind of a bit of a suspicion of broadcast Media in my generation maybe on some level.

I am not not a trust issue with the BBC maybe sort of her credibility issue, so does that manifests itself that you said that you follow the news on Twitter but you have a credibility issue watching live news on telly.

What does that mean? It means you haven't even use as interpreted by people on the ground than watching journalists who have been doing it 20 years and as we recently found out of being paid huge amounts of money to tell you about it interested, but I think there's a lot of credible journalists on Twitter as well.

Who like you say it on the ground and a sort of following things as they happen and I think first of all a lot of them are affiliated with big institute of the even if they're not they're not necessarily normal credible people because you know you'll see their work day and day out so that I think they build that up as efficiently is a distrust of brands and organisations being dividual so please can we have done a deal doesn't make you trust him more.

25 what they thought the company's something inappropriate, but it was 25 in the UK have any idea what the answer was Media brand orange and maybe BBC apple company who basically have proprietary software there's actually getting into their into a dominating the Music Space the whole series of market do I see some conflict if I think the point is it there is a move away from broadcast Trust by young people and towards social media and behold I have the opposite for you, but I think there are some conflict with apple is very trusted that seems to me on the point about someone like me trusting a reporter whose work.

I follow-on Twitter day and day out.

It's also sort of an accountability thing in terms of

You know you can directly call them out on something they said all the way they reported something.

Where is trying to call out a big institution at such a big sort of nebulous thing.

I didn't do it follower, someone I like I read in the paper.

You ask them out and read them like their views what you're doing now.

You can do that with that particular person that you following you like and I think they have to be on top of their game won't because they've got that sort of pretty immediate reaction from people who was writing this the newspaper and get people to retweet is possibly more relevant these days weather Adam Boulton personally is more remain or leave than it is what the views of the broadcaster.

Are you you're a bit less of a there's an inherent bias in the

Italian more about the individuals yeah, no I think so definitely so I'm going to say I want to talk about their new product homepod.

I have one I went to the briefing.

It was think to tightening Lee awkward.

It was British people trying to do the American script where they were you no seemingly ad-libbing about how great their lifestyles wearing really the whole thing made me feel very very embarrassed.

I was one on mine in a posh flat in London but I did get to walk away with a £400 device to try out at home.

So it was almost worth it.

It's a smart speaker port basically like Alexa cos I'm a bit confused about what it actually is the differences according to apple and to be fair.

This is quite obvious in listen to the products.

They've engineers it first and foremost as a speaker so it's really clever don't ask me how.

Albert subwoofers and tweeters and whatever what does sound in real time to give you the best possible output of that music and it does sound incredible, it's a smart speaker he's not doing the same thing with the Echo cost 60 quid discuss 400 complete different things are top end device it sounds amazing.

But Paul asked me why I hated it.

So why did you hate it then well interesting should ask it's because it's because it's Radio 4 podcast David is it good? My suitcase and I love it because I couldn't make it to my phone I can play music in my hotel room and I got beautiful quality on very small speaker.

I love it.

Love it.

Love it at home.

Are you interrogating you having a party who put some nice music on it's easy, but I will say listen to radio on it.

So I found having the speakers in the bedroom and in living room are Sycamore Radio now, but it was before they go easy Amazon connected.

They are so on the Amazon assistant.

You say a play me Five Live and it I think it uses TuneIn it's not right to fit and yes yes play 5 live on Apple system used.

I'm going to say I'm sorry if you are listening with the device.

Do you say hey Siri play me Five Live and it'll probably say I think you mean a song by Arcade Fire in 2002 but if it doesn't say that it will say I can't do the problem since us market centric not UK my problem is because the work and well done everyone at global the only UK radio station you can listen to without opening up an app on your phone and beaming it to the speaker is LPC and the word for Global radiation for that is Apple don't have a new station.

So if you say I will listen to the news it off for you the BBC or LBC think if I want to listen to radio.

I'm going to go and buy this product rather that price or maybe apple might even be listening and might think we should add radiation obvious thing to do and I think it's an Omission by them so.

Hope they will change their minds now radio I have no I don't use a smart speaker so with this Apple phone.

Can you not just pull up the podcast app? You can reply including Spotify if you want.

It is not that proprietary but if you want to speak to it and get it to play it won't tell if you just say I want listen to the media podcast it won't know what to do final point on my rent if you say Siri play me the media podcast if it's heard you properly you probably have to say play movie Media podcast with a wee man and saying really carefully because that's what we could even if you said that then it would play but here's the issue.

You can say play me Desert Island Discs and it will play you the last episode of Desert Island Discs but if you say which is a real world dinner party scenario, which we've all been in hey play me the episode of Desert Island Discs with Charlie Brooker it can't it can't read its own tags it can't say play me Barack Obama on that beat.

Seems like being in the real world when people talk about poker city.

Did you hear that episode of something that came out years ago with my Amazon Echo numbers free from my PC for doing speaking exercise for you in the real world like I'm just saying be careful actually only always listening point final point on this when you talk about apples a trusted brand.

I mean that is something that actually I think in fairness to the ChapStick Cupertino I do trust them to use my information.

They hearing me talk to my house only to sell me better Apple products.

They're not using it for any other purpose.

We don't know that about Amazon doing I don't trust I don't trust any of those companies at all, but what else do things that none of us know that until they happen.

Maybe naivety to Bletchley Empire Viber don't me Apple that's that's why it's more kind of scary because you just don't know what their dad lets me BBC brought the big guns to Liverpool for the world's largest international TV market to be hosted by a single distributor.

How do you see this Idris Elba walking around Hawking Lou 3700 international TV buyers? You're no stranger to this kind of market Paul have a look to you.


I've been to any markets.

Nothing to say few times the BBC avoid I mean they did a version of Top Gear of Top Gear and cast it with Korean guys not Chris Evans which actually probably was very good move actually is a market which is a huge American influence your they're the only other major country in the world plays baseball and American and British loads of always work very well.

They're the BBC's got great business there.

This is an extension of it not a huge surprise.

I'm in work very well form, and what I managed to sell is.

What are you on top of this recipe for making existing reactors, are they remaking remember the careers of country of 65 million people so similar size to the UK so it's making these versions for the Korean market until Santa Claus do you think they're really works.

I'm trying to think about British versions of international shows that I forgive you every success.

Yeah, but in this country when we were trying to think we're supposed to Princes Risborough things about that.


I think I think it depends on the show because sometimes certain cultural nuances doing travel well, but sometimes the reason you want to watch a show is because of that different cultural in Leigh-on-Sea night.

I think it depends on it's quite case by case then I don't feel something like Top Gear it is like those specific characters and those cultural nuances that make it so lovable around the world, but I'm not an egg.

British visa British Sensibility that show isn't it is but what they do they cost Korean to engage with the Korean audience the best example of give her that it's a British sample going global and I have two unfortunately even that has a Kevin Spacey the moment it is somehow so can't I mean House of Cards was a brilliant remake better than the original how much fundamentally what drove Netflix and got Netflix Road is now so yeah, that's example has been a huge success.

Ok will keep your eyes on the mum while Broadcasting Corporation see the green versions of Life on Mars and mistress is coming soon BBC News did you see the Britain Domini loyle carner pulled out of Radio 1 Live Lounge performance this week and that's what happened there.

So he was after play some big hits and he don't want to do that.

So he don't want to play the game the BRIT Awards every performer on the Live Lounge wear typically do a cover was asked to do something relevant to the Radio 1 daytime audience and he chose having relatively obscure songs by Kendrick Lamar and stop

And then tweeted saying they won't let me play as an audience member.

I think it's really annoying when artists try and do something obscure went when they're on when they're not in a niche setting is that you know when you go to like a gig and yeah, the artist is refuses to play their big hurt because I don't know they have some sort of credibility thing or whatever I know I don't know that's really interesting.

He's here.

Cos it seems to me from the outside.

This is my been old person's thing again like you know is it that the people running the Live Lounge Radio 1 on a little bit older than their target audience the target audience might have thought it was cool that you covering Kendrick Lamar but the executives might have thought that if you decide I want a cup of Tiny Dancer that have been fine with it and yet the audience would not know that song you see I'm entirely here with the O'Connor on this because I'm when I was running the musical Radio 1 The View was that we would always play stuff that was unknown the whole purpose of the BBC in the whole purpose of Radio One is to uncover new music give new artist a place to place.

You haven't heard before not just to play the hit song in the middle of daytime in the week and Britt absolutely the minute.

I'm actually critical.

Yes, you had to do and daytime and life stations in daytime and so if it if he wanted to do covers.

I think it's entirely right this be allowed to do covers and Radio 1 should be brave enough to play those in daytime radio on purpose is not to maximize.

Its audience is an executive or somebody concerned about ratings over the part of the BBC and the BBC is about bringing expression to new artists and new song so I think the BBC would totally wrong here but I think there's a lot of plans to do that now, but you don't need the BBC to hear something a bit different BBC public money, so it's his responsibility to do that BBC must do that the BBC the commercial market does why have the BBC.

Pay my licence fine but the truth is the BBC does behave like commercial market in that you know they're doing this presumably tie up with all the major record labels in the lead-up to the BRIT Awards voting.

His record label from you didn't want him to cover Kendrick Lamar they probably wanted in to cover best Club 7.

Look when I was running the musical Radio 1 reference twice what it is now right huge pressure from record companies to play certain records to promote certain artists and you have to resist it you have to listen to it and I have to make a judgement and judgement must be based on.

What is the right editorial decision for Radio 1 Radio 1 must be about supporting new artists and playing on their music and playing fresh stuff and this is this is fundamental to the existence of Radio 1.

It's fundamental.

What is therefore you do not bow to the pressure of Records actives except.

You're basically same as the boat sailed a monk's a target audience ready what he sees as the establishment.

So they might as well pick up as a Little Mix yes, but I actually feel convince my balls argument.

To anyone knows reasonably call a minutes till the BBC but it's still ok, isn't it? Yeah? Yeah, yeah, I'm going to call this segment drawing on your past career highlights to all over because having discussed your Radio 1 past.

I know what your views following your brief stint as Radio Academy chair and there's a new one of those it is a founding member of choice FM Dr Yvonne Thompson CBE new chair of the Radio Academy and John dash for the program director at radio Clyde becoming her deputy what you make of that appointments.

I don't actually know if it's all this because I was involved choice FM at the very beginning and if that be programmes choice FM actually from Milton Keynes from chilled radio are chickens with my head of music that suitable music remember having a meeting with Daddy DJ

O2 O2 sensor very good message man inclusion radio still a bit too white radio still a bit too male and this is a very strong message ok.

It's a little message to that you've also sent another message which is you don't know I really not work with it.

So I mean it you know of course.

It's good to have Diversity at the top of the tree but on the other hand if someone's leading the major industry union for the radio industry and people don't know how is that helpful.

She's not a big name and she said no she can't be 5 years global back into the alright the biggest ship that radio Kadam is the radio cademy is almost irrelevant now because global and Bower have their own organisations to their own Talent development do their own awards and so on global radio the single biggest operator with classic LBC capital heart choice over capital Xtra doubt don't have our members the radio cademy for the radio cademy is making itself inclusive for the hole in.

This is a very smart move in terms of representation, but they got other big issues to deal with I feel mixed on one hand I'm a big fan of diversity that also my question is whether this will lead to there being more opportunities for people from diverse backgrounds in radio lower down on the tree through what the events that you would have liked the Radio Academy to organise you know at the stage in your career with that would be relevant three four five years ago.

You know it's hard to say because I'm not sure if it's so much an event thing rather than a mindset things so I think of like for example editors being open to different approaches or different ways of telling stories reporting that might not fit into a more traditional dare.

I say it sort of white male way of doing things.

So what while I think it's great to have her as head it really depends on all the Editors in the middle or like the people who commission as they actually gonna be up for sort of a diver.

Set of diverse approach to radio really make sense of conferencing and you know so that it has been a bit now.

It's a paid position papers is how many days a week is it one day we probably Amy Adams very small and very very modest amount of money you said before we start recording that basically you don't know a great deal about the Ryder Academy my proposition to you.

You should it's not your fault.

No Academy that you're not a member of the radio been out.

It will visit this is weird because I'm works and ready for about 10 years, so I'm actually my foot I hate her sore sound a bit NEC when I say this but I feel like.

You're on the media podcast on indeed and I think just going back to podcast in just cos I'm involved in it right now.

I think part of the reason why it's doing so well is because people are sick of life.

I don't want to have to fit into this other stuff.

I'm only just on my own thing.

It's so easy there such a buzz.

So what while I think it's great, but they've appointed this person.

I also wonder if it's that relevant right now recruitment policy and ensure that two women and a non-white term nrc.

Listen to the BBC and there's a way to gather ok.

There is just time for a media quiz.

This week is modelled closely on the afternoon game show classic Blockbusters ask your parents.

There's no hexagonal Gaudi please wait 5 minutes down the same here and there's no theme tune Richard please.

I will always here are the rules now.

You're too young to explain concentrate.

I'll give you the first letter of the answer and as soon as you know it the answer you buzzing with your name.

So now you will say now.

I've also known as it's best of three.

There are no prizes accept posterity here is letter p for posterity.

Let's play not Blockbusters for legal reasons which we launched a crowdfunding campaign which we launched a crowdfunding campaign and a locking at the station to keep themselves on there.

Where are the radio still read? This is the Wirral radio presenter Ian Kenyon and Beverly macker locking themselves.

The studio after the station announced it would closed because of financial pressures after 15 years.

Do you think they'll stop the tide Poole or do you think will radio is going to be a long time is it was a bit rich wasn't looking so she hates radio Norwich I'm sorry station to suffering in the same way that smaller and newspapers are in a very hard to make them pay and you have the Wirral the big area is got Radio City and many other stations in that patch.

They're going to struggle really sorry for these guys.

I think it's I think it's great what they've done though because you know these things mobilize Communities and I think I might be used for some of the purpose maybe maybe we'll make any money podcast.

The number of regional papers getting a rebrand under plans to streamline their online offering by owners trinity mirror which s is the number.

66777 regional de Lys will get me websites as publisher trinity mirror rolls out its live online BBC Birmingham to Birmingham live the Bristol Post Bristol live at address for the Coventry Telegraph so that's another one.

That's inventory like white people lose their jobs over these 50 jobs at risk of a record but actually strategically and as a consumer rights or rather go on it in my local place Live website then my local place post relating to it, but the hair is so so strong.

You know that those brands are part of the community.

Why do you think her to mirror saying but you know that's less relevant than getting live eyeball.

They need they need to do exactly say get low by fools and revitalized.

I do think there's heritage with those titles station station moved away from the name had for years now had two rebrand again 5 years later because they found its lost lost and listening to me talk to break even though Paul didn't get that right which a is the national broadcaster whose applied to Ofcom to switch off some of their am transmitter absent when you know the answer there's absolutely no, she didn't go any further Absolute Radio has applied to the regulator to switch off a number of his am transmitters.

It's got national DAB coverage, but it won't say turn off some of its smaller infill transmitters.

This is like.

The bits that mean you can listen when you live in some Remote Part of North Wales mythical lots of money and I am transmitters KISS FM transmitters because they use more electricity got the licence to broadcast on am because they're serving the whole country that was what they agree to that was long time ago that was 1995.

I think that was changed a bit since then, but what if you live in one of these places where you can't listen to the a because there isn't switch off in total I mean again.

You know when out 50% of total listening by hours is actually to digital radio and 2010 the government said when we get to that point will consider switch off.

I don't think is going to happen if the Queen is at what point do you switch off at some point you gotta say we're going to switch off cos that will motivate people to go and buy a DAB radio quick Radio 1 story when radio one was on a.m.

We were trying to get people to move across 2fm.

Another FM was there in London people still listen even though those FM only way to push them with say we are turning off and wanted is it move them all to change their behaviour talk radio UK which took over the Radio 1 frequency 20 years ago and all the years ago sniffing exception because the thing about five lines if you want to listen to Premier League football and you haven't got Sky or you're not actually available to watch a TV you will put up you will put up with with bad quality.

Nurse if you're running off, I'm going to show it's only a few months away and I came to you and said I want to say 50% of my budget by telling off 5% of my transmitters, but it does mean 5% of people on get here my station.

Would you say yes or no? Yeah, probably will be sent this entire conversation is really confusing for me because I've never consumed radio that where sunlight is it? Is it really bad.

I just really bad I admitted that I have but I feel like when I was a kid when you were under my dad was having to your parents of making you please now if you can get 1 minutes if you like the feeling of giving people money then do consider taking a voluntary subscription just had to stop.

Donate and flexibility keep us going all year round and you can catch up with a previous episodes and get you one as soon as they're released by subscribing for free on our website the media podcast, Leeman the producer Rebecca Grisedale Sherry Chris Taylor Grizedale risedale welcome to the team Becky and production until next time the BBC Earth podcast Returns as soon as I was airborne.

It was just a totally stunning landscape amazing swirling colours.

We'll be taking you on a journey from our beautiful, but changing environment here on earth beautiful storms lightning strikes every second edition less explored corners of the Universe other brother sulfuric acid clouds and even if you could walk around in your T-shirt close, your eyes open your ears and subscribe wherever you get your podcast.

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