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Read this: #84 - The Death of Soho, APAs 2017 and Children’s Repeats - The Media Podcast with Olly Mann

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#84 - The Death of Soho, APAs 2017 and C…

Hello and welcome to the media podcast I'm Olly Murs on today's show children's TV could the UK be serving Kids Better Ofcom wants to find out Amazon banks big on the new Lord of the Rings adaptation will the project help them management was our panel discuss plus we run down the big winners or should that be small winners at the ipa's we debate the pros and cons of net neutrality for dinner fun way I promised and we mourn the end of Soho perhaps an immediate quiz we prick the social media but it's all the come and join me today is broadcast consultant Paul Robinson Paul which far-flung place.

Do you arrive at us today from Canary Wharf along my gosh is the least half an hour.

Did you at least experiment with flying from their idea to have here but said he doesn't quite deliver.

It is the director of the Edinburgh International TV festival Italy

The Campbell hello Lisa so it's December presumably now at least now is the time where things a little bit for off the pedal out now for Edinburgh we are actually very busy organising a panel debate for next week ago were looking at harassment and bullying obviously there's been a lot of stories on the topic lately and I think what's become Stockley apparent when putting this panel and survey together is abuses of power and not restricted to Hollywood so I can actually give you an exclusive preview of our survey which we're going to be feeding into the panel next week so exclusive Paul 49 very excited but seriously I think it's important meeting from what we want to get out of the panel is obviously it's a it's a huge the hot Topic but really recognising the fact that lots of small Indies don't have HR do people understand their rights.

What do they do if they are experiencing this kind of behavior we've got the psychologist.

We've got HR expertise, so really were hoping to do something that's quite practical and supportive.

Sony exclusive is next day service today.

We ask questions.

I feel confident in their knowledge of what constitutes bullying and sexual harassment and 92% do feel that they understand that they understand their rights 92% So they do but very few are exploiting those rights so 72% have not reported any incidents despite three quarters of our survey of 300 people have experienced some kind of bullying at work, but they're just not reporting it and that's really down to fear of losing their jobs and negative repercussions within their careers lots of freelancers.

Just saying obviously worried about working again and then around 40% then they don't have faith in their employer wants.

They do reports only work in telly.

Is it is yes, so it's it's mostly in independent production companies that have responded and freelancers so it's about 41% Indies and 20 x 2.

Freelancers and then 15% broadcasted some of the things that have been single that we were best for people's open responses and you know someone's written here TV is a fun lively and sociable industry people are encouraged to work as a team and be over familiar off and spending long unsociable hours together in sometimes testing situations the plus side on location is a friend's rather than workmen talenti, but I do think more provision and guidelines need to be put in place to remind all crew whether there for a week or a year but there are certain behaviours expected at work having worked in retail finance travel and hospitality prior to my moving to TV never have I been in an industry.

That is so unregulated on so many levels.

I think the other really interesting thing that's come out of it is the power abuse between commissioners and independent production companies and producers someone's put I'm concerned about the culture of bullying from broadcasters towards produces the very worst behaviour I have witnessed in the industry has come from commissioning editors to the senior production team we operate in a buyers market and in despair speaking up to broadcast.

About this behaviour in case it damage it is our business.

That's really interesting cos I mean just as an outsider and sort of thing is is that bullying I mean that the commissioner is the more powerful best super free Monday that's just a natural dynamic.

I guess it's when does it become bullying that's the question.

Isn't it? Because clearly the power seats with the commission as they've got the money to spend of course the enders all competing and they want that commission so cuz there's always going to be out at the moment at what point is it bullying bullying must be either sexual innuendo or sexual behaviour or going beyond.

What is reasonable in persuading someone to of your point of view because Royce going to be the situation Summers is no not commissioning it or can you do this or can you change that but is there any indication? They say when it becomes TV they won the best broadcast I think the only broadcaster actually to be in the Sunday Times list of best companies to work for so we're going to be talking to him around.


Is that power relationship that dynamic.

How do you maintain that healthy relationship where you're you're giving constructive criticism that if there are performance issues if if the you know the show isn't what you're anticipating that that's dealt with appropriately you know we're just getting lots of stories of people being so if yelled and screamed at or ignored the silent treatment.

It's all kinds of things but I think we're making very clear from the outset.

What is bullying let's define it and they are obviously grey areas and really you know at what point do you crossed the line? So it's when obvious not going to come up with any simple solutions at the end of this but I think it's outrageous.

I want takeaway fire stick it now.

You'll then nothing.

It's at Soho Theatre and it's on Friday 8th of December starts at 9:30 with the free breakfast and if you go to the TV and come along excellent.

Thank you for that right.

Let's start with news that the UK regulator Ofcom is to review children's programming speculation on mandate and increase.

Kids TV on BBC iTV Channel 4 and Channel 5 Nepal the BBC actually already have their Ofcom regulator children's hours dictated to them, don't they and they exceed them, so let's Park that well except.

I think you say the BBC's hours are quite small them in this is all about the digital economy act that she now gives Ofcom the power to regulate the amount of hours of UK commission content on the other public broadcasters on the BBC on the BBC it's only 400 hours to CBBC and 100 hours for CBeebies was actually very small number if you run a children's channel you need at least 500 hours of unique content of year to deliver 168 hours.

That's a conventional Wisdom based on repeatability can get away with so they're already at quite small numbers in at the BBC so we shouldn't discount the BBC away.

This is all about it.

I mean the other party me loads of original can we talk about UK produced original content I mean on the CBeebies and I've got a 2-year-old.

He doesn't know if he's watching the same episode four times in a row anyway.

You know when you talk about an hour of content at 4 or 5.

6 shows 106 you think about 100 hours of the original content 168 hours a week.

We'll talk about 50 or 60 repeats of the same episodes of 100 so I would think you might think that might be too many repeats the same benefits that they are the UK's very very well supplied with children services point is that most of them are from Hollywood Disney Nickelodeon viacom Cartoon Network from Turner what matters is how much is made in the UK and and the issues that what is produced in the UK really these issues.

Whether you believe that's important to have more UK production, which I personally believe is important.

Ok and Lisa do you think that should then include Channel 5 which does some weed milkshake and Channel 4 which I think doesn't on now.

I think you know that they have some responsibilities.

You know with within their remit to provide this and and spending as halfed in the last decade from from those broadcast is so I died.

Think there's there's a real like and giving the the rise of online services and and YouTubers is clearly a big one there.

Where are children in the UK having some of their culture and themselves and and can a British values I guess reflected.

I mean I speaking personally my children just watch american cartoons and it's does driving mad because I please watch Blue Peter and then you know so he hurt you know what's going on in this country.

I don't feel good enough at all and I think it's really worrying because for broadcasters.

You want them to grow up with your channel and having some affinity to that channels, so we did a session at Edinburgh and we have some young teenagers to give us a word to associate with the different Royal castles near BBC it was news boring Channel 4 with films and then YouTube with exciting fun Snapchat friends stalking a slightly worrying but you know there was such engagement and there's no volume of stuff that they're watching on YouTube is it is incredible I think so have just looking at the kids baftas.

You know it's the first time that an online.

Channel has one channel of the year so who's winning through tube now.

I never heard of true tube tell us about them very and educational Video on Demand service.

They actually had many entries in in several categories.

They weren't actually four of the six categories nominated, but yeah, I agree.

They sort of feel like they've come from Nowhere you're absolutely storm with it at the Awards most wins Awards watches not quite true love make a drama about terrorism 13-year-old.

He's actually going to watch it has basically if you ask kids 15.

What is your favourite brand if you are set of kids in UK what is your favourite brand the one that comes top is YouTube you know it's not Disney it's not the BBC it's it's YouTube by miles and why do kids love it.

When is partly driven by the fact that kids have now got access to mobile phones water tablets and they can now watch YouTube whenever they like free of charge of point of access.

They haven't got to get access to a TV remote they haven't got have paid TV

Also YouTube Dream really good identifying young presenters if you like influence or if only if you wanted use that word young presenters who really engage with amino content that actually talks their language doesn't talk down to them with their feelings there's no it's not their mum and dad and Every Generation want so if you think about to a new record you wanted them the music that was your music not your mum and dad's music cast that have kids are and YouTube doesn't very very well and I can not lie.

I'm not surprised with a YouTube winner know whether this particular channel is going to go on and continue to be a huge.

Play a different issue, but yeah, don't underestimate YouTube for kids but it matters doesn't they're not regulated it does but I have been I think looking at the kind of things have been produced here or Knowsley Road Rage UK YouTube as a parent.

You don't literally have control over what the advertisements are that your kids are going to see you.

Don't know what's been placed in there is a product.

You don't know what political messages going to come through mate.

No fake news and we were even looking at something and you know and they said.

Yar Holocaust denial and that those sorts of stories coming up it sometimes feel like unless you're sitting with your children inside that's not true don't read that you know that yeah.

I agree.

I didn't their strength is the interactivity as well.

You know the fact that you're not just a passive audience.

I think the children absolutely love to engage with those channels and they can recommend things you know YouTube creators will often say to fans.

What do you want and then they'll produce it, so it gives a certain sort of empowerment.

I think two children and I may just don't get that from TV just on music by YouTube regulation the c21media futures conference this week was on and there's a lot of debate about you too and if that the BBC are using YouTuber great deals promote their shows mean they just one hey duggee, but they're using at the back of the BAFTA for best preschool show for the second year running which is a great show as a great but they are using YouTube to promote their shows not only in the UK but also particularly with BBC worldwide and the BBC think you're very carefully cuz it's been all sorts of negative conversations about inappropriate advertising in at when you search you may not pull up what you want to see you think it.

Peppa Pig and it's going to be something entirely different.

I think Google I doing a lot of work to try and improve this but it is a concern for parents which is why another regulated channels like the BBC for many parents of First Choice in the UK ok? Take me online during let's talk about Amazon who've announce two new version of Lord of the Rings who thought there was any more material inmates seriously The Hobbit was 6 hours long anyway.

This time is being played out as a multi series was it now I did see all of them ok? You're obviously in the market for hundreds of hours more which is good because they commissioner multi series TV show at set before the original trilogy so that's what post Hobbit pretty fellowships very confusing as me as part of Amazon prime membership.

So you'll be able to stream this and Lisa I guess this is Amazon's attempt to do Game of Thrones delete late.

They're not the only one everyone is looking for a version of HBO's Game of Thrones

Is it such a cluttered market is 500 Unscripted series? How do you stand out that's with a huge or pre-existing global franchise, it's well, loved and and she do successful tapping into that pre-existing fanbase makes a lot of sense.

They've tried some original content and Amazon they've actually had to cancel quite a few series.

They just haven't cut through so you know it does make sense strategically even if your heart think slightly of like you know more of the only like to see something completely different with me over sort of Stranger things or something but I can totally see why they're doing it.

This is it isn't it bloody does Roy prices left Amazon Studios now and there were these allegations of harassment so on behind bad but part of what he brought which is similar to what we saw at Netflix with Orange is the New Black is is he brought shows like transparent which actually wouldn't get commissioned on the mainstream channel and were quite interesting for a kind of bookish.

Relative audience Lord of the Rings isn't that is it a supermoon streams? You get every channel in the UK would Commission this if they could afford it well Netflix have still got the March on the best original dramas mean.

They're still finding the really interesting things and continued commission at a rate that is quite extraordinary in and no the commissioning processes changed that used to be they wanted to have a co-production motor broadcaster on board then I'll commissioning 13 hour series on the 2-minute budget per episode just off the script and a treatment for 13 episode only want to see a pilot now.

That's that's how bold Netflix say being they're extremely tough on a commission executives.

You know they they look at all the data.

If you don't get that second season probably you will also be leaving as well as the show Amazon have yet to have that level of success.

So this is a slightly safe bet for Amazon I say I'm sure it's going to help them but as as Lisa says they've yet to find that the killer or killer series which are going to get that been doing is interesting again at this event this week Netflix were talking about.

How they measure success and the quicker you binge on something the more they they wrote it, so if you if you did you download new watch it then 24 hours.

That's like slam dunk here.

We love that but you know if you if you wait every week.

That's actually not quite so good.

So you know it's going to be so compelling you cannot put it down and Amazon have yet to really find that and it's interesting actually YouTube and now also getting into scripted and they've just appointed a new head of drama.

I think they're going to the planets of three dramas for next year yet again.

You know huge amount of competition massive budgets.

Will they be picking such a similar? You know franchises at predicting are they going to get more original Beatrice order? Got a hint that they perhaps wouldn't go as dark as perhaps some of the Netflix series of Being suddenly notice Darkness is is the method we got apart from there in a little insight actually into what is planned, but something else for Amazon to consider really interesting isn't Brown franchises have been brought up a news because some of them aren't as big as Lord of the Rings I mean.

For example the pretty machine award-winning the prettiness Coen brothers film from the 90s.

You wouldn't think that would make a multi episode TV series but it does because it just give you any recognition to chat people into that first episode it was a great idea and you know the the TV adaptation was very well written Martin Freeman as well.

So you know really really good and the writing everything of course it is I mean I watch the huge amount of stuff now online and you know the trouble is you watch something and you used to love commit to the first episode, but it's not good enough.

Do you stick with it? You don't do you go I'll try something else so it's got to be well-written.

Otherwise you know there's not a serious you can look at attention focus on the first five minutes literally now.

Don't you have the pilot series let alone the episode and I'm getting increasingly frustrated that you get to the end of the 13 parts and it's actually not resolved and then you've to watch the second series.

He just thinks come on.

It's just you know I have a life here.

Can you just get to the end of this story I really feel I can start watching films at least an hour and a half you done.

Play an acoustic emission the First season they don't know where they're going to get the second season.

Have you seen mindhunter really good with a cliffhanger at the end of more but of course is a second season excited about it right.

Let's stick with the American overlords, and talk about time Inc they've been sold to another us corporation the company which publishes a magazine of course but it's a UK titles including the enemy and Marie Claire was bought for just under 3 billion dollars Paul who has bought timing for 3 billion dollars.

This is a US company call Meredith corporation.

They've done this because it's great brands.

You know it's not really about buying the physical printed product.

This is about building an online community and aggregating Brandon about scale so in anime and star magazine and wallpaper Horse and Hound azor live together and of course these are all the shouting covert shooting a big one.

Serving niche Communities and doing it in a really really in a totally focused way and this is going to give them more scale and enable them of course there for to monetize a bigger bigger online community and I needed to do it because I'm in Thea publishing is it is a really challenge business and they if you look at the the numbers in August all the weekly's a down look was down nine to be a 35% over 24.

I think half recorded a double figure falling sales year-on-year and then in June they put 111 journalist at risk of redundancy, so it is an enormous struggle, but like Paul says it is it's about capitalising online and answered if you know evolving the business time is one of those companies that seems to be bought and sold any most famously with water and then there was AOL Time Warner was there was a bit complicated.

They're only lasted 4 years.

Periodicals business.

Does it mean basically that if you just do print your fact? I don't think print on its own is gonna

Five no, I just don't tell me I don't use least I don't know what the timeline of that is but the future is clearly online.

Isn't it? There's no question about that.

Just Krishna when releasing their businesses into events into data and intelligence services.

I think the days have you just have your Weekly magazine are well and truly over or I talk about Radio now and it was the apis last week the audio production Awards the radio independent groups Awards bash celebrating the best indie producers and companies now Paul the winner of the biggest award in the of the year when not to one of the big Indie Radio bass-like whistledown or TBi Media or 7digital but the prison radio association and are they the true tube of the of the radio industry well, I think they're a bit like one of her many listeners.

Let's be honest.

Well, then the Hamid el shaeri captive I think that prison radio Association have for a long time been producing really really.

Excellent content of Judge there awards on several occasions in the past and I think what makes them so compelling is this you know radio is about storytelling as is TV radius all about the voice and when you listen some of these programs.

They really do emotionally affect you you know I've I've listened some of their stuff and been in tears with people telling in completely honest and transparent way personal testimonies about their lives and you know you you you wouldn't do this but if you wanted to dramatize some of the stuff it would make incredible dramas for Amazon and Netflix but these people have had a life.

You couldn't imagine you know we live in a privileged bubble.

I guess life.

She couldn't imagine and they're telling them honestly and some of these programs to single voice just people talking and their beautifully put together and you know people saying a radius Theatre the mind and all that stuff but prison radio Association do it really well.

They're very well organised than nice guys.

They've always done well at

Sony Radio Academy Awards they've always enter stuff and it won't pretty well because they just deliver simple but ultimately emotional and compelling radio so not surprised my congratulate them ok, but it is no problem Lisa for says he is what makes them great.

They make amazing Radio where individuals with incredible stories tell you this story isn't it pointing to a fault in UK radio that you have to look to prison radio to find that absolutely I think I mean.

I totally wasn't aware of this but looking at do you know what the judges have said I think the first thing I'm going to do is go to listen to this sounds incredible man commits a crime of them solid gold ambition and the remarkable challenging stories at live events music shows docks everything and and the diverse range of Voices and stories that are rarely heard on air and I just think that's

No, it's so important and it's it does feel really tragic actually that it's restricted to a service like there something you know.

Where are you getting the diverse voices in television where you know where else? Are you getting it and radio? It should be something that the whole nation is is being reflected.

I'm in some way you know obviously that was a big big point of Jon Snow's McTaggart when making everyone feel really you know a very emotional in the room this would have disconnect between the media elite and that you know the people out there and it sounds like these guys are really solving that really point about because it's really important in their rehabilitation.

Yo you have met a few of the prisoners who have contributed and they find that doing the radio really helps them to reconnect back to the world and there's no real evidence actually this is help them to get back into Society after come out in the finish the sentence so that's a really important part of this as well as producing stuff.

That's amazing to listen to.

But I point out they do make carrot Productions for BBC as well.

Don't they and others everything ready Association to their proper fully-fledged indeed that he literally have to be prison to listen, but it helps well Media Potters I don't know about you but whenever I'm on Newman Street in the heart of London's Soho I like to stop by run VT not only do they have excellent acoustic facilities as you can hear right now and throughout the show but they also help a huge range of production companies make some seriously good telly as well if you're looking for a post production House may I recommend our friends at run VT you can buy them online at run VT potential by definition is the possibility of achieving more in the fast-paced world of digital advertising Oracle data cloud has built it's like a say on finding the signal through the noise on unlocking potential we bring together data and technology to help you better understand your audience where to best engage them and how to measure it all.

To realise true potential Oracle data cloud where better outcomes begin visit Oracle data cloud to learn more holder.

The methods used by criminals have always evolved.

Do you know 40% more likely to be a victim of cybercrime then of burglary with hiscox cyber clear you're covered for all cyber threat even the ones that don't exist yet search hiscox cyber insurance TV time for the news in brief now or as I'm going to call this section only man tries to understand and Lisa are still with me and we're going to be doing press regulation in a second.

Let's start with net neutrality the US regulator the FCC has proposed removing safeguards on net neutrality the principle whereby users access all websites and internet services under the same conditions Paul explain what my script means.

Please well, I'm going to let Lisa talk about the editorial if you hear of what it means it.

Will that there's this people saying he's going to actually make certain websites available and the call for help.

The internet is it free people have tried to charge the stuff on the internet have struggle because you're the internet is about democratisation the bad access on and so on and I think that's a very good thing, but I'll talk about here is what this means for the streamer since we talked about Netflix and Amazon the song what is it at all, but the issue is who pays for the bandwidth ok and should you actually regulate that to ensure there is equal access to two pipes.

You know there's all the cable companies for Corsa a massive the investing in in bandwidth.

There's some people like BT in this country you putting cables onto the ground which way the rota daggerfall the time in FIFA investing in that sort of stuff should they get a return on their investment in a what's your view on that that should it? Be there with that look? How would a return on their investment because Peabody do is if your BT you have been a BT Openreach much criticize to then licence that band with two other third-party providers who then use that to host their own particular services, so the issue a net neutrality is should people like Netflix be charged for the bandwidth they.

Used to stupid television to consumers or not and what is he saying is no they should not so President Obama tried to have net neutrality have everyone on an equal playing field and that's what's being undone by the FCC now.

So what are the repercussions for that in the UK than me so presumably what it means is that we might be charged more as consumers for using the most popular video streaming websites for example in consumers.

Don't like being charged for things equal access to web services and to be able to contribute to debate to to be able to access information and and you know why should some people be penalized and and charge more people can't afford that should have been a Premium service that that might be imposed.

It doesn't sort of really feel that very democratic board with a big piece actually like this or not Googling Netflix want this because they're not want to be charged more obviously but they might prefer to be this on the number one streaming site that it's easier to crush the competition know their debut.

Is that so we don't want to be charged we don't want to start paying for this too complicated or raise prices or create all sorts of competition a don't want they want to be judged on their service.

So they don't want it and I head offices in Luxembourg about very clear on that talk about it.

So now this is another thing that fries my brain the UK Pressure zone regulator as opposed to the one that Levinson wanted which we spend public money trying to establish have announced a new arbitration scheme aimed at resolving libel disputes without going through the courts Lisa can you explain this for me? Please? Yes, essentially ipsos launched a new low-cost libel disputes arbitration scheme, so what parish is a hoping from? This is that it will finally kill off the threatened statutory press regulation so they whole Levinson and section 44 of complications.

Is it hopefully going to prevent the crippling cost that news publishers Fiat Uno forcing.

Them to pay libel and privacy claimants legal costs of whether or not they win.

That's right.

Yes criticism against levison's reforms was yes, you know if you're liable just landed you can start arbitration for free but if you lose the paper still pay a nominal £50 administration fee for claimants and a further £50 to take the case to a full hearing about the balance.

Isn't it between ensuring that journalistic intent is actually rewarded in the journalists are encouraged to go out and find original stories.

No cover of wrongdoing and so on and the cost of being sued if indeed you get the story wrong and of course you don't want done this not to be producing original Jenner's me absolutely do on the other hand small publications it becomes owner at some circles.

What happens if they become loose cover.

And they stop doing it so this seems to me to be a sensible suggestion the problem of course is the government in this Binding is it sort of saying we've had Levinson we've got to something about it.

We can't ignore it this seems to me to be a neat sidestep and solutions are both parties, but I guess the proof will be in the in the pudding as they say except two things one as far as I can work out the publishers get to choose whether or not they permit particular legal actions to go through to their bored.

So obviously if they think they're gonna lose them.

Just say not that one and two not everyone's in hip so I mean notably not the ft or the Guardian yes, I was still slightly concerned about that as well.

So let's split pick and choose the ones we think we're gonna we're going to win the egg on parent's day when you booking slots with the your favourite teachers Jeremy might be a teacher never met my parents low-cost access to justice big tic.

Hopefully news publishers can remain in business, but I think as Paul says it is that bar.

Santana can I get it and it isn't just about you know investigative stories you know it's it's all the sort of unit rubbish printed about celebrities and you know if so, if there are there are a lot of issues with with that and you know the Guardian ft and evening Standard are allowed to join this game so apparently, so we'll see whether they do that both solo and iconic, Soho building.

Just a Stone's throw from where we are actually it's being redeveloped.

It's causing some Concern in the media this the film house early to tell us about it.

Yeah, so it's it's the thought of you know lovely Soho viber for creativity and immunity sort of small creative companies and being subsumed by some massive property developments 007 story hotel 176 bedrooms and and you know it meaning the demolition of the Iconic film house and it's saying it's beautiful Facades for swords crucially.

Got the building behind the Facades and cuz on the Passat has got film house in stone on the front and I've been in there and seen screenings and I mean that I can I can see the see why you need a hotel there, but I think it's a bit of a shame what's happening Soho not only in terms of the media industry, but also the holes for the vibe of so it's become very gentrifiers.

Not you go round to the Peter Street in and Broadwick Street now and it's actually all high-end restaurants and cafes and I don't bring the porn industry back, but I do think there's something about that wholesalers slightly you know sleazy porn media Soho thing and that she Soho risks.

I think becoming like any other part of London and so for me.

I think his negative I prefer to keep a bit of the old Soho and certainly keep all the post-production visitors there and and try make Soho entertainment so slightly sort of different part of London with different feel different 5 and it's becoming a bit too cold Britain to me big brands in there in a bit say.

Me to me and people who don't work in TV production Lisa just explain to us what it is about Soho between why put a post production house in Wardour Street it doesn't make sense it cost a lot of money.

Why not put it in Wembley well, it just has always been here and it and it's it has had that sort of you know I guess you know creative CD irregular was heavy know there's there's been a sort of you know a certain culture within with in Soho that you know I think your rent through a lot cheaper in it meant everybody could come here and you know you were essentially know when if if broadcast has a based all over the place as something about being in the heart of Soho within this creative community.

It's all these you've got your post how to editing facilities.

You know you sound places all together and it's and it's sort of you know having two then spread it out and go further afield or you know just just taking away though the heart and soul I think of what has been a very long established post production community resources.

You can walk tall.

Replaces it's really good you can walk you can grab it off.

You can go in there.

I've been only last week.

I went to a man and Ashley behind these doors.

There's lots of amazing Little Theatre in April seat 25 people you can go in there an English screening.

I went to one last week if it was by an agency who was celebrating 30 years of doing movie images what they do as they do the posters that they used to promote movies and this agencies in London in Soho and their son Star Wars they've done read the Lost Ark in fact we had our presentation and and and drinks and food and then they play this in the screening room the original rates of the Lost Ark 1918 we saw it in there and it was glorious and it that's in Soho when you walk out now.

You are on the street in the middle, so I'm I think you'll be a real shame we lost them, but it's market forces isn't it? I mean you know it's in the media industry the victim of its own success year.

I was talking to it that when to do with voice over a company that used to be based as I had the other day then and Fitzrovia and the bloke told me that sound engineer but it is cheaper for them to rent in Fitzrovia than it is in Soho

That's that's because the major industry made it more glamorous culture that comes from creative people that the colour makes so how would it isn't and London what it is really an effort with the whole thing becomes gentrified new could be anywhere in the world and you know what makes it distinctive.

Why would people come here.

I will people want to work here if it's just the same as everywhere else in the X chromosome.

If you look at Hackney in Dalston which used to be in a real artist Communities and now again.

That's become gentrified in the artist of had to move out.

What made those places cool in the first place were the artists And there any interesting people and everything that they're doing their and now suddenly.

They will having to move out to Essex or something to you.

You know you're losing a certain.

You know unique culture and creativity and Sensibility of of of a community.

So let's briefly talk about the changes to Five Live schedule.

I say briefly because I don't like to spend a lot of time celebrating the success of one of my exact contemporaries, but will Emma Barnett has there been given an extra day a week in 4 days a week now.

Yeah, I mean about that's great.

I'll make you try and I'm really delighted her so she's coming Monday to Thursday now 10 until 1 instead of Wednesday to Friday I have to save the five live schedule.


Can you do Monday to Friday this nonsense of people doing Wednesday Thursday Friday and Monday to Thursday why can't you do 5 days are there on Friday's as well feathers great Moortown Primary something to celebrate and I'm congratulations on her and to you Emma forgetting next today, but please give a 5 days.

Get you in something as well that I heard about LBC doing their weird Sunday to Thursday think partly the reason Clive bull and then Ian Collins start on Sunday rather than Monday night.

It's cos Richard Park lessons on the drive back from Norfolk and he likes them all that's the best reason I could possibly think of abcde.

Right, I was Richard the high by everyday global finally just before the media quiz after complaints in recent years about inaudible dialogue in BBC drama the Blue Planet 2 team of taking no chances when mixing the sound for the series Lisa what have blue planet been doing differently high-technology big Studios music sweets for a bog standard little telly to listen to Blue Planet on and make sure that the sound can be heard that the music isn't overpowering because there's been so many complaints to the BBC about dramas and mumbling and you know music dominating things so they just thought of putting themselves in the ears of the viewer and just sitting here.

It's like in people's living rooms because it's sort of easy to dismiss and it's fun to dismiss on social media all the complaints that get rid of into the Sunday Times in the Daily Mail Stevie sections from Old biddies saying I can't hear what's on the telly, but it obviously not affect a lot of.

Dismiss all my parents talk about it somehow my fault because I've got something to do with TV so can you do something about this Lisa ok? I'll try to do some levels being edited in high-tech production sweets and so we just downloading and actually people have lost touch with her most people are watching it coming out of a slightly old Sony box in the corner of a room.

I mean you think that you know you need professional mixers and equipment to him at actually do to do this but I think it's just testing it again isn't it in a weather is this just a publicity that stay in a bottom IV on this would be and and I'm so that radio people have known this four-year.

You know whenever you mix radio comercial whenever you mix Erasure documentary you do it on small speakers as well.

I'm Yours little small team little speakers replicated the tranny because it does sound different you lose the hi-hat you lose the base and if you mix on huge beautiful speakers and a great big Soho edit suite it doesn't sound the same coming through on a television.

Most people that's got a single speaker on their TV TV speakers are still piss-poor in terms of the total technology.

They don't put money into the speakers at all and television executives.

Don't really Focus too much on the sound they focus on the pictures and how blue planet is feast of gorgeous pictures, so I think it's exactly that's what Lisa says you have to mix for people's living rooms.

We got the same issue now of course with HD TVs in the people in are not putting that sofas in the right places and people are actually sitting at the wrong distance away from TVs in before coming and get even more difficult less you.

Get the right distance away from TV you're not going to get the full benefits, so it does mean that you've got to start thinking about the ergonomics of your living room, but I'm delighted I doing this is the right thing to do and it's not this old people.

I think of what people find it difficult because it's just not designed for the way we watch on TV you're right.

It is something to be doing radio instinctively and something that the whole Media could learn from I think Lisa which is you know if you if you're writing in print print it out and read it.

You're making a radio show listen to it in your headphones in walkabout listening to his basic.

Isn't it? But not timetable to don't do that? Why haven't I done it before there is just time for our Media quiz and this week.

We have another in our mini series highlighting the apologies publishers should have made we call it corrections and clarifications.

I'll give you the original headline from the story that turned out to be not entirely within the confines of reality you simply just tell me who published it and why it was wrong.

It's the best of three buzzing with your name's Alicia you will say Lisa I'm all yours.

They not Lisa the winner gets the UK broadcast rights to that show that Meghan markle's in his story number one buzzing when you know who published it and why it was wrong watch the earth live from space Paul this is the independence this is the Independent claiming they had video live from space for an actual fact the video being recorded.

In 2015 so they apologized and said it was down to human error.

Yes, they had this on their Facebook page and many thousands of people joined in and then the BBC pointed out that it was footage that was at least 2 years old at least can you see how that might happen well human error? Could you possibly that these institutions have been pushed to get clickbait at the expense of quality journalism great.


No one had them before Terry vertices the guy who did it gunshots fired as armed police officers surround Oxford Circus station after lorry ploughs into pedestrians Lisa and nothing of the kind happened more fake news from the MailOnline may actually tweets, I think from the male suggesting that a lorry ploughs into pedestrians when in fact that wasn't the case and where does mail Online famous incredible story it was from a

Sweet that itself was 10 days old alright.


I understand that clearly for two bags lifting now over there.

I say in pursuit of sensationalism against quality journalism at someone went searching Oxford Street rapidly on Twitter to find things to tweet and they didn't notice that the tweet was 10 days old right here it.

Is is that I break it normal for me a historian on the three the Tories have voted that animals can't feel pain as part of the EU bill marking the beginning of our anti-science brexit with publisher institution.

It's Pharma UK is no you've got about him with your name.

Sorry Paul selling point Tulisa you got the right story but the wrong publication.

It is the Independent again it transpired that the sentence on animal sentience was already dropped as it was in UK law and according to BuzzFeed the Independent article about that was the most widely shared story on social media this year.

Actually story can go viral and you can completely lose control of the story which you don't really think so significant story but as she became a very good condition and it resulted in the government's position on an animal sentence being missed reported because of this guy could Daniel Weil to z a student who works with his dad a farming UK crazy when it comes to animals it 7 TV dramas, and you know an animal dies.

Everyone's Up In Arms about human.

That's fine.

We love are animals humans Whirlpool if we were playing for 50 bonus points on how to solve the problem in trust in journalism, you may have just ended it but actually Lisa you were the winner.

There was one and a half points congratulations that is it for our show today my thanks to Lisa and T'Pol you can get you episodes as soon as they're released by subscribing for free on our website via Media podcast.

Come you can keep it on there all year round as well by taking out the voluntary subscription.

Just a fiver a month can keep it Afloat head to the media podcast Ofcom

Pashto mate, and give generously I can only man the producer was Matt Hill the media podcast is a PPM production next time.

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