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Read this: #80 - Murdoch Talks Tough In Cambridge, EU on TV and Newspapers - The Media Podcast with Olly Mann

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#80 - Murdoch Talks Tough In Cambridge, …

Hello and welcome to the media podcast by Molly man on today's show all the media news that's fit to podcast the big talking points from the Cambridge Media convention including the latest on Channel 4.

This is the culture secretary James Murdoch using brexit to fill advantage and Ofcom tackling the industry's diversity problem + y de you might destroy television the save newspapers the Radio Academy Award nominations are announced and in the media quiz we ask if it really is all a sense of proportion.

It's all to come on today's Media podcast and joining me today is the news editor of broadcast magazine that's Peter White and making her mediapad debut its broadcaster and radio producer from India Chuck and blade Ruth Barnes hello.

I am currently in production.

My podcast production company a series for an American network called haunted which is all about ghost stories were working with a fantastic comedian and scriptwriter call Danny robins.

You might know I haven't met him.

He's just a dick look that.

I know someone who knows many is wonderful and very talented and we have this series launching at Halloween it's going to be on the panoply podcast network in America is called haunted knuckles the Americans love anything ghostly and of course it's British people talking about goes so they're obviously going to be like on my god.

It's ok to the normal Peter you did the talking TV podcast for broadcast tell us about the latest show this week featuring the 25th anniversary of the big breakfast so ripping off Radio 4 the reunion at Idea with brought back for of the producers of the original show and and how they came about it and talking in a some of the funny stories about the house and looking at 25 years of breakfast television.

Did you get second dog and after I'll be approaching? They said no closer to the truth Channel 5 TV Maidenhead serious money on the table and some fascinating.

It's amazing.

I used to work on this morning as a research before I became front of camera national TV and radio and I noticed that pretty much everyone actually who the works out from research assistant producer in those going to load environment all this series include either this morning or the big breakfast yet.

You look at the people who run television d status and most of them had a stint on one of those two shows it was incredible as a breeding ground for people cuz it was chaos.

It was if you could survive in that environment you know you are having to make a two-hour show everyday in a with lots of different bits in there.

Won't it wasn't just sofa chat in a these were there was coming up with ideas and a half of them and our primetime entertainment format seen on TV so yeah these guys if they could.

Remastered of do that, then then absolutely there yet.

So they made it won't just remote talent management perspective reef do you fancy managing Chris Evans and Paula Yates on the same show what a nightmare like Gaby Roslin master builder incredible relief was going to say the only only of the presenters that Tony Parson's is ago created it.

He's the founder of planet 24.

I'm so he's been involved in helping me set this up and interned in terms of who we can their approach and a Chris obviously Paul's not around the Chris was there not particularly welcome and Gabi wasn't my soup only the nicest person in television I can vouch for the Roslin at right we're going to start this week with the recent RTS Cambridge convention where broadcast is an exact and politicians more importantly unregulated all gather together to ponder the future of the industry in slightly drier legalistic term sometimes Peter you were there decoder for us.

It was a full policy wonk two-day event contrast that to the Edinburgh TV fest which is all about.

Programme Yewtree debauchery what is a different level of debauchery but the funny thing is you don't really hear much about TV programming at that this type of language is 5 minutes.

Not not the point but the headlines and in the timing was fantastic because the day that can badly announced her decision on the sky and fox merger and you had James Murdoch you had Karen Bradley and uh and white from Ofcom and I have a feeling that was a coincidence or great booking.

I'm not sure but turn to you had these three people or giving their their views on the issues when you say her decision her decision is simply I'm not going to make the decision is not to pass the buck.

I said she and then there's you know there's some difficult questions as to whether in addition to his decision that off, already made that she should have passing back and should she be doing that you had James Murdoch have you that she shouldn't you hand-to-hand Sharon white few that she do.

You know can't say anything and have you didn't get the impression that can bread be really wanted to work to get involved it was and she hasn't come across.

You know the same way as it's John whittingdale.

Did the reservation.

Strong point of view so I fear that it might be a soda passing the buck six months you know we can just do it then but wasn't in.

The room is going to happen anyway.

It's just a question another six months Murdoch's takes.

You know this would be here in a post-brexit world.

You need to to let us know so we can compete with the Facebook Sande Google what what sort of laughed at you know that was a bit bit.

I think a lot of people that was essentially he was saying later.

Cos I can tell we're heading into brexit, so we need to give lots of British money to an international conglomerate.

That's a strange out.

Isn't it down my spine this whole just everything to do anyone is there anyone is start something within a post-brexit world.

I just wanna be sick basically.

That's how I feel about these things but I kind of forget that there is TV out there because I only ever really stream content.

I just watch Netflix and Amazon Prime and then people start talking about Channel 4 and I Michael yeah.

There's this TV stations are there about though.

It was talk about tunnel for them because that came up as well as other than the sky.

Too much of the young the main thing that can Bradley said was she said that will be a definitely a major relocation of a child for spicy trying to confirm or give a bit of clarity for the first time that she expects Channel 4 to move out of London or certainly some of the staff to move and London and she actually said I can read exact words but it was along the lines of the decision makers decision making people who commissioned telly and some of their assistance that some not all yeah, that's the new thing right so we probably won't shut down Horseferry Road we're going to insist that channel 4 spend more money locating some people outside of London somehow.

We'll work it out and it will be very jolly.

That's basically their daughter is spanning in it in a few different ways add A4 said this was a huge success because that she's Road back from full relocation moving everyone to Birmingham all or lead but it relocation relocation relocation, but you never said that in the first place, so they should have cleaned.

This is a victory that was never really a victory everyone really knew that was going to happen.

You was going to get a few people who can mission telly to move to the regions now whether that's moving.

The team behind or for to Birmingham in a to join the BBC Three guys or to move some sort of daytime commissioners to Glasgow or something like that.

That's what's going to happen in a week.

We had a swimming pool cost today that we sort of think about 200 people are gonna move that's gonna be the number that will satisfy the government and she doesn't really care where they move I think a lot of people favour this idea that rather than putting all 200 of them in Manchester or or or Sheffield is to hold on what we put 50 of them here 50 of them.

They're all you know that feels like you know if you're in Bristol then hold a minute.

You know if everyone is in Leeds that's no good to me.

So you know this idea of the vendor didn't work the Channel 4 to inform which will make you laugh is a multi-node approach.

I'm going to take them out of my life from Radio perspectives actually have the experiment with BBC Radio 5 Live being moved up to Salford do you think it makes a difference to the output? I mean I really don't I feel quite strongly about this.

I just think you just got to put the right people in the right creative people.

Empower and just get you know the truth as if you've just got a load of middle-age white guys running things that's going towards sound pretty say me or middle-aged white guys trying to be edgy and trying to connect a millennial audience told her you know the decisions.

They make of the important thing or the kind of context Behind Those decisions are important if they're middle-aged white guys.

That is a context.

Isn't it? Why not say what middle-aged white guys in the North would have a different space of two middle-aged white goes in Westminster it might do I get a safe? Yeah? I mean sure I guess they would have a slightly different point of view but I don't think the BBC's output has changed dramatically since moving tons of people to Manchester I mean that just doesn't it in fact I think of anything it's got worse than mean BBC Breakfast certainly got worse cos I can't get the gas to go to Manchester so I don't know I just think it's an easy way to look like you're doing something where is actually there's a formal fundamental issue at stake with the hiring the wrong people and their hiring like-for-like and there's a huge diversity crisis in the media and they just need to start employing something interesting different people.

People that make programs and and they have an in-house team that they moved with Channel 4 essentially has no one they can mission third parties to make their show so I think channel fours argument which I think seems in a quite realistic Andrés the television industry agrees Is cos it doesn't really matter where the boss of channel 46 it matters, where are they? Spend their money now other spending more of it outside of London should they absolutely should they be spending it in the regions? But I don't think people arguing of where someone's it.

Does it really matter if J Hunt replacement is based in Birmingham no but does it matter that they spend some money with companies young diverse companies out of Birmingham Sheffield in Luton and everywhere out of it.

That's the I come in terms of in a way.

This money is spent just objectively you could say that channel fours output.

Yes, they still do risky things but it has become a lot more safe and bland up until about 10:30 at night at most days.

You could argue, but that is because they see themselves as arrival to BBC1 and BBC2 because they're based in London because they're talking to the same commissioners.

The original brief you know from the government's perspective the point of Channel 4 is to be different and present an alternative.

You know the original brief is not being fulfilled by Jay Hunt doing those things that I don't think they see themselves as arrivals BBC one degree.

You know they're not quite Bake Off Bake Off which is actually made outside of London where they spend 25 minutes a year so know whether that's good or bad, but it's a bit of a fiddle absolutely loves West go back to you with the big breakfast breakfast was the strangest weirdest edgiest morning television show that ever existed you know you know harping on about planet 24 you remember the word you know these shows were any they were not there a bit different now Channel 4 points are things like the last leg which is great.

You know which is sort of a long is like to be should they be doing more along that line probably right? Let's talk about the Aria Awards now the Radio Academy is relaunched Sony Awards without a headline sponsor will be putting in the name.

They are now.

Second year they happening in Leeds because these sponsor is Leeds Beckett University although they are be below the line sponsor and then we went along last year and had a good time, but they haven't have bayreuth brought the audio industry together because you you have to say when you look at the nominations.

It's a big glaring Omission in these days of LBC performing so well global the biggest radio company outside the BBC do not enter the Aria Awards people like presenter that James O'Brien who are absolutely killing it at the moment in terms of content with the run-up to brexit.

I'm leaving Nigel Farage he be a good fit for best new shower and then not answering it.

Why do they not enter well? I can tell you afterwards why I think they don't have the million dollar question I think it's a massive two fingers up to that the Radio Academy because well last year it was just a BBC loving do it was Gemma was at 80% of your water into the BBC last you know it's called the audio and radio industry Awards which doesn't make

Sense considering not much audio actually gets a look in your eyes.

I just need to have a hole rethink about its purpose and what its doing right now with the way things are moving forward and I don't do you think global eat every think about being on here who brought them.

That's not good enough.

Is it they are Park do I do the same people who work there deserves to be recognised moved on from that.

I was a bit like they didn't want to enter well.

Ok, then do the Academy will I be able point? I haven't done anything.

I don't need anything wrong.

I think globally they want to be part of this and want to be against there'd be no want it to be pitted against their peers and go to a big you know swanky night out watch Chris Evans win again if that's what you know you want to be part of that are they don't be like you think it's very unfair to the stuff.

You work very hard at global who should be given that kind of recognition.

Ok, so what I do.

I think the radio cademy to think about.

The fattest going to call if the audio on radio wards, then it needs to take podcast in seriously and not just have a best new podcast category and kind of put some podcasts in a couple of other categories what this is such a mess.

Everything is a mess on on here until 8 as I understand it podcast were able to enter every category path and obviously things that radio station of the year and Breakfast Show this argument is obviously the podcast category.

That's entirely podcast about Edith Bowman soundtracking has four nominations the fact that I think was the Sports podcast nominated as best sports show close encounters is in his best new show they would say that's evidence that the really good podcast with radio right.

They can come through and be nominated only if they compete with radio I see so the fact that podcasting is actually fundamentally quite different format from Radio it shouldn't just be the fact that Edith Bowman's show is the closest there is two a radio show then she gets for nominations that doesn't make sense if they're going to call themselves the audio radio also need to take themselves seriously.

Not just have Edith Bowman nominated 4 times bigger than control who judges normally just listen to all the countries and most out of all these entries the radio and podcasts these are the best and I think it's amazing podcast managed to actually break through this year fine.

I text you because I think I'm and Sherman show is the closest thing that could actually air on radio and will be a comfortable radio programme.

They wouldn't even need to edit it.

They could just put it out and it will be a radio programme ENT and I think that's where there's a fundamental misunderstanding about the difference between radio and podcasts for cars and not just the correlation of Radio podcast aren't just the content they didn't get commissioned to go on the BBC or any other network that is it is actually it's a new industry and is also very interesting things going on and I think this does nothing to help the progression of ad industry Awards which is great and the British podcast Awards are brilliant, but I think then this should just be the Radio Awards they should just stick to what they do just stick to be the Radio Academy in just make it the radio.

Don't think podcast of the future of radio when clearly as you've just in calculated based on the future of radio because radio something to help us out here are more concerned that people think that Bowman's pocket any good brilliant.

Tell us about that well.

Let me know you telling me that's fine.

That's been nominated nose fallen, and I can tell you in a 10 Picasso I think they're more deserving and whether they entered or whether they're possibly more deserving of the specialist music presenter category sending out the wrong signal because I don't know how you're getting around the music rights issue and in Edith Bowman podcast I am really happy for her.

I think that's great.

She really does a good job on it and well done Lee disson and go girl but she just be a radio programme it should just be on the radio.

I think fundamentally it is not a podcast.

I've actually on that point and go back to Global it is a show that you can imagine transferring classic FM isn't it has totally in fact it Edith Bowman is there a free agent at the moment as we understand cos she's left her Virgin Radio Show page is that because of the formation she thinks she thought you know what I'm doing really well.

The podcast is going great, so I don't need this down radio station change that right.

That's what it was she let go or did she walk away.

I've done the boss of headlined wireless Radio group, which owns Virgin and also the top brands has changed and they brought in Sam and Amy oh really popular Breakfast Show hosts from Northam that would I guess make Virgin the more distinctive breakfast Sherborne Abbey London bass radio stations, but he did with distinctive in herself for being a solo female presenter many people can have they let her go she decided to leave you know when the boss comes in at ten reasons to be the time.

Where is finally in this section which I'm going to call Ruth Getz vengeance on podcast you may have heard that gimlet media the podcast network but it's the darling of the US Media was recently acquired and you invest at retailers about that.

This is the latest in a string of story.

Coming out of America which just makes me very excited to be making podcasts at the moment.

They are just getting loads and loads of money.

So give me that has made absolute an absolute fortune and Investment over the last couple of months and gimlet if you're not familiar with gimlet media they've worked with the likes of Ford petticoats and Microsoft to make branded content.

They are absolutely raking it in but they also make some of the Kermode podcast I suppose you call the best respected podcast reply all Jacqueline up your head are two excellent examples of them leading the way in terms of really interesting content for and and why Picasso doing so well over in the States and I just think it's in a really exciting time to be more from our point if you were working with an American podcast network is an exciting time for Indies here to be reaching out to the American networks because there is money there is money floating around in could say the same thing here about Spotify of the only other place that I've heard there is money floating around Izzard if you go and have a meeting with Spotify these days pictures of an idea that they like they will give you decent money to make this I believe.

Producers are listening real cuz I haven't gone to bring out their meeting hadn't gone to meet them.

I'm waiting for them to come to me, but I think this is a very is a very exciting time.

I think that all these the numbers coming out of the States in terms of digital revenue something like what does the star on this article is 7.5 billion dollars in 2016 which was digital revenue that was made by in podcasting last year, so it's just it's an exciting time and I think you know Spotify making the change they ditched the head of video and podcasts a couple of weeks ago and they brought in this guy Courtney holding his name is from Disney flash maker Studios he's now going to be that that role.

I think there's exciting times ahead for creative content that is it maybe we've come full circle and it's a kind of content that you were talking about the was being made in the 90s that kind of zany Big Breakfast to get anything goes kind of content that the mainstream channels.

Just don't seem to be interested in mainstream.


Don't seem to be going for but there isn't a proven business model is there in podcast that exist anywhere other than everywhere I mean that seems to me to be the May

Block your talk about Spotify Wrestling podcast but if they're intention is and I don't know maybe they're intention is just to invest in them that the people say Spotify and podcast they can listen to anywhere but if they're intention is to drive people to Spotify and Spotify only that hasn't worked yet.

It hasn't worked for audible.

It hasn't worked for radio Wolfgang even though everyone said that those shows were great.

You know there are limited numbers of people who want to go anywhere else than iTunes or pocket cards.

Whatever is there using it is a wall garden.

Isn't it? You know I've got an iPhone I've got Spotify and I go to my podcasts at to get my podcasts.

I am a Spotify subscriber and I really go through their podcasts and you know that's because that's not where I think of going for that now cause I got some shows that I StumbleUpon every want to watch every once in a while and you have same with Apple you know when are the apples getting into original content is some shows I'd like to listen to a Watch on on there, but I'm not going to pay £9.99 a month just for one show if I've got Spotify as well, so you think you're getting into this world where if everyone's doing their own thing and it's not across-the-board there.

Then the numbers of just be down and that's an interesting point ask it from the other but what if apple did it what if apple said as part of your apple Music subscription you can listen to I don't know pick a massive audio spell Howard Stern you can listen to Howard Stern show exclusively through apple music.

I still don't think that be a bigger hit as the game it shows because they're everywhere sure exactly that will happen at that will happen in a that's definitely in the way that Netflix is taking the name of the biggest Tallington in the States and Amazons taking you know the Top Gear stars from TV making stuff everywhere to hear all about it on the next season start at imagine exactly needs badly as a podcast network that's what we need.

We need somebody with money to come and say right.

I'm setting up a network rather than this had this idea of waiting for the money to sort of be made and roll and incrementally over the next couple of years.

We need someone to come in and invest I just want to take a moment to say thank you very much.

For getting in touch quite a few of you did after we mentioned that we were literally recording our July episode in a street.

Have you have you got in touch to offer space for us to record in London Town which we really appreciate.

Thanks in particular to Listening Matt Arnold who arrange for us to visit run VT in the heart of London and that's where we're recording this right now today run VT has 15 offline and 2 online Suites as well as a spectacular baselight grading Theatre to go alongside their dubbing sweet and voice-over facilities.

They've just doubled their capacity so if you're in need of any facilities and you need them right now run VT can accommodate you find out more at run potential by definition is the possibility of achieving more in the fast-paced world of digital advertising Oracle data cloud has

Filters like a seat on finding the signal through the noise on unlocking potential we bring together data and technology to help you better understand your audience where to best engage them and how to measure a tool to realise true potential Oracle data cloud where better outcomes begin visit Oracle data cloud., to learn more in machines like me by Ian McEwan Britain has lost the Falklands War Margaret Thatcher battles Tony Benn for power and Alan Turing achieves breakthrough in artificial intelligence in World not quite like this one machines like me is a story of a robot in love.

It asks a question could have machine understand the human heart one of the finest writers alive Ian McEwan Returns in an exciting and audacious new novel protein 5HH

Time for some news in brief now, Ruth and Peter are still with me Ruth cooldown.

Let's talk about the EU in email James Murdoch may be using brexit to his advantage but the European Commission is planning to got the TV market Peter how do you think of Mission is trying to put through a law that will essentially stop and TV companies selling content market by market at the moment the way that particularly independent producers in the UK is there make sure for BBC your channel, but the real money is by selling that show that finished product into Francais to Germany and to Italy and I can do that because they can sell to each territory know if the EC says that you have to sell it once and only once then eventually it will take a lot of money out of the the British television business and the European television business, so we will ultimately that year the distribution of television shows you go down to the Nippon markets in in can wear I said you've got 110.

Thousands of people selling TV shows we'll just die out a little bit now.

I don't think this will happen and I I generally don't think that term this will never get through because pretty much everyone seems opposed to it and France and every if I had as there are gearing up to say they're not happy about a few people other than the people at the you see that believe this is a good idea, but they think it's a good idea because it would be good for consumers less of their TV licensing money going to their state broadcasters would be spent on agreeing rights for things that or even sold elsewhere in the EU yes, but if you live in France you know and a Polish channel suppose if you live in France and in Italian channel has bought her a show why should you be able to watch and you mentioned it, so they're selling often the actual finished post production shows it but then there's the format issue as well this apply now there two different things so formats will always because the format deal is essentially a channel advanced wants to make their own inner The Great British Bake Off their making the great French

Break off that will always stay you know that there's no way and that this will impact that this is merely selling an episode of Sherlock one episode of Doctor Who to a broadcaster now.

It's slightly more complicated by the fact that you got these companies like Netflix and Amazon which are buying up global rights to these shows but you know in the past traditionally it's been a territory by territory and deals yourself to a channel in in each of these markets and the total amount you won't get a great deal for from each market because it's a relatively small business, but if you had that all up that so healthy margin for TV production company to then go and develop more content and dinner for the British television business regulation for alcohol protecting Minors that kind of thing and also about when you go from your native country to travel elsewhere in Europe why shouldn't you be able to catch up with back on all for when you're in Cyprus absolutely and if you've

Got that right to do that in your own country.

You should have the right to do that when you're abroad this isn't what that argument is this is you saying hold them.

Do what they wouldn't it be good for a restriction on or so, you would be able to watch it.

I think that's a bit issues Fitbit legislatively their separate issues, because they also tried to pass that so that if you know you can use your Netflix account to you know when you're in in home or in a when you go go on holiday.

This is a slightly different.

This is saying that actually you can't just because it's been sold in two into one European territory, then it's free for everyone.

I'm at the risk of inducing your gag reflex reef we are leaving the European Union so does this matter post-brexit anyway, it's even more important because we aren't you have a seat at the table, so one of the main issues.

Is that when we leave the EU if we leave the EU then we won't be able to influence these decisions and they will affect us because they will affect British television companies, but we won't be able to do anything about it, but wait there's more at his the story about the EU that sheds a very different light on what's going on there because

Interesting piece of the press Gazette roof this week saying the EU may actually save the newspaper industry.

Yes, it's all about cookies and so we happily accept cookies all the time and what this article is about is the fact that third-party cookies cookies get sold everywhere third-party when you accept the cookies on your website and how often people everywhere run off with them and do things to them which means that when we go to website, so you'll find there's freaky moment when you're like.

How did they know I was Googling Birkenstock psycho multiples of ad agencies with a tracking the different sites.

You've been on to try and keep selling your stuff on.

What's a different website that's right and they want to put an end to that sharing of cookies that benefit the newspapers really what they should be is just the the the advertised the content provider the Advertiser and the publisher and I think it will just simplified that the money flow between that which means that the publisher will be getting the bulk of the money instead of all these third parties euromair website and not funny for sandals.

The travel company that appeared on an Isis website and also the Telegraph turned up on sooner which was there an an iOS website so you know I guess they'll that it's putting an end to a highly problematic moments like that last week listings in England with a nightmare BBC local news not one or two or even three bit 18 BBC local radio stations went off hair Ruth what happened said it.

They're all connected by the that the one thing that connects them all his divine or system that connects BBC local radio and it just the song baby lover ship in Birmingham I fell down actually was a BT engineer in Oxford who seemed to have Calicut the wrong while the red not the green and it all went dead so listeners on DAB a.m.

And FM had it was ours good couple of hours that there is just nothing being broadcast.

Marion and Peter I guess it something was happening across all kinds of broadcast platforms people think that's less centralised things like trying to streamline things that supposed to prevent things like this happening because that is the idea would be that you know engineers get things on a local basis, but if everything's been done out of big super central the music someone big computer.

It can't go wrong.

So if it does go one goes wrong goes all over the country.

Can I bring this back to the big breakfast lean given that seems to be you have identified early enough early on in the Big Breakfast Sam someone did similar something similar to snap the wrong cable and a big breakfast went dead and for 15 minutes and when it came back Chris Evans looked Instagram goes.

Have you looked in and also just for the engineering geeks out there? It was a fibre tray that was disturbed at the time of the incident make of that what you will.

I mean you can be pretty sure that it's never going to happen again because he's quite an embarrassment is well known as nits of local politicians attachment to their radio stations.

I think it's unlikely that this is she will rear its head again.

Maybe just have to happen once.

Imagined one love story before the media quiz Emits the news at the Antiques Roadshow is running out of rare finds love love not engaging with the battery on a Sunday night.

I'm going to be concerned, but I'm not going to be seeing some good finds on the Antiques Roadshow p&r.

We can get to the point where he finds just end up getting worse and worse and their locations get better and better but they don't find anything at these places or are we just gonna end up at a place where they cancel the whole Heathrow to be ridiculous definitely with their already according to David batty is one of the expert.

See the pottery expert.

He said that they just don't get the good finds anymore.

It's been a year since they've had a really good one although apparently.

There is an episode do with a really really good one like me to do with the family said it could be said apparently.

It's been sucked it was it the Year of the storm King Lear designated object on the road, so we've been going for 40 years, so we've been sucking them in like a vacuum cleaner and there's just nothing left.

Ok, but if you're the ceramics expert I understand you might look around in despair, but there is a whole world of kind of collectibles and memorabilia and stuff from the latter part of the 20th century, which might not be worth as much but still interesting in severe is intended as as people are generation head towards middle-aged be quite happy watching them discuss.

Elvis's you know there's none of that shock value anymore because the punters are there waiting for the evaluation of they already know that they've got on a four different antiques website and they look vaguely peeved when they come in at like 5:00 Grande lower so that wonderful magical moment.

I think it's getting less and less on Roadshow is coming antics Roadshow great end of the series moment overnight Fiona Bruce hangover and getting into head on down to the post office and send it out on eBay there is just time for a media quiz at this week's entitled diversity challenge at there been a few stories this week's tackling the issue of representation in the industry leader.

Are so beautiful and see if you can correctly guess the percentages in these recently revealed surveys.

It's the best of three those who gets the closest womb Ruth you're going first the winner is The Handmaid's Tale the loser is James Corden that's anime joke.

He is question number one the percentage of front page stories written by women in the national press this summer Ruth 41% roofers 41%.

Going higher or lower lower lower.

What would you like to get to 26%.

Claus and wins the point just 25% of front page by lines were attributed to women according to pressure group women in journalism still optimistic December's even skewed worse when you think the fact that the Guardian has two female political editors.

That's good worse as in if you took them out the equation would be much less Alexandra topping write a lot of front pages as well, doesn't she?

The base of a very good in terms of women number to the percentage of women in higher management roles at the five major broadcasters, so that's BBC ITV Sky and Channel 4 and 5 seater you're going first this time Qatar gas percentage of women in high management roles at the five major broadcasters to 33% 83% said Peter Ruth higher or lower been pressed something for like 18 repeated got it again.

This is not because he's a man.

This is very square feet are 39% of senior management roles held by women according to Ofcom what did Sharon white the head of Ofcom they call this and other diversity targets for a bonus point can't see what she was very optimistic at Cambridge although no no no its shit.

Where was woeful data which came out to fill out a minute to look at the Ofcom numbers that you look you're referring to as well one of the big problem is these companies don't have enough information about their staff sophos all that they can't figure out who the staff as they can't figure out what the problem is and similarly with diamond which is in at the idea of collecting data on who makes these shows and not enough people feel that out so no one really understand.

You know we can see it and it go to Leigh you know we can see it and anecdotally we know it's a problem, but until they have the data then then we're not going to get me better cuts that came out of this study and positively.

They were should have said you're not well done.

You know who your staff is and the the statistics are better than the other broadcasters.

Ok, so I mean technically just on points so

For Pete's want, but I'm giving you the bonus point for saying ship because that's closer to work for which means you could draw still so he goes he is the third question the percentage of men on the radio academies recently announced 30 under 30.

No they celebrate the best up-and-coming Talent Ruth so I actually 30cm I remember reading that I think there was seven or eight women so I'm doing the mouth disease on that like to another 47 out of 4, what is the number for 85% 85% men? Would you like to go higher or lower Peter I'm going marginally lower 80% well, Peter you have triumphed again.

The number was 73% according to Matthew truth.

I mean there are lots of promising 131/80.

Women for it.

No, I didn't actually get involved in nominate him, but I think there are I think it really don't need to try harder.

I feel like with these kind of this don't press publishing till you you're happy with the how diverse it is just take some responsibility and don't sit back going well.

You didn't nominate anybody just get creative.

Just sort it out.

Just people in the list, but you don't think they certainly weren't nominated because nobody can be asked to nominate like me and just you know make a change is not impossible that is it for this episode of the media podcast but if you enjoyed it, why not catch up with the last three years worth of delightful chat at you can find that at the media podcast that you can also course applied for free and catch new episodes as soon as they're released KeePass on the air and getting entire episode of This podcast dedicated to you by going to the media podcast opcom / donate.

And giving generously I've been on him and the producer Matt Hill the media podcast is 8 PPM production so next time bye.

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