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Read this: #79 - Edinburgh International TV Festival 2017

Summary: Podcast

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#79 - Edinburgh International TV Festiva…

Hello and welcome to the media podcast on Rick Edwards on today show Jon Snow chords for More Social mobility in the media.

What can broadcasters and programme makers do to change the faces in television stop TV make a Chevy hot tips from the sections we discuss what I mean.

You're always shot to what time normal people get home from work and in a mediaquest.

We play monkey Tennis that's all Scammell today's Media podcast 20 me today at the Edinburgh International television festival also making her Media podcast debut we have Kate Harwood managing director of Euston films as nervous as I am definitely.

I'm sure you'll never my knee is trembling in a good way.

I think is a good one night stand.

Affiliated with 85 million miles off, turns it makes the kind of old drunk juices go bit misty eye because it was the company was responsible for shows like The Sweeney and mind Darren Long Good Friday and we do some great great Classics from the 80s.

So I was very lucky to be given charge of it 3 years ago and started by Slade in Houston just about to talk about things.

What do you say that used to films were now cousins with siblings siblings.

Ok, alright? Yeah.

Yeah, somebody said drama Drama let me type 1 Episode how long does it take to show up 5 days and so what have you got coming up then? We have our first.

Mission which is a show called hard Sun by Luther create a new cross.

It's his first Big Show host Luther Wychwood delivering into the BBC this autumn or shot shot waiting around with the music and posted at the moment starring Jim Sturgess Magnus Dean and Nicky Mackay bad.

It's it's so we call it a pre apocalyptic crime shires.

So these two cops stumble across that the world going to end in 5 years and you know there be hunted down at the tried to stop him exposing the secret meanwhile, weird and wonderful criminals come out of the woodwork and start creating havoc.

So it's a it's a pizza New Cross special.

There's lots of thrills and jumped with Great Central characters played by Jim and Aggie for those people who haven't experienced this or before could you paint me a little picture with weight with words well, it's a of Media types from all over the industry.

Know the key thing is I think there's a match happens between the sessions are in the sessions in fact.

I was told today of somebody who's definitely here and not intending to go to any session because there's far more interesting networking going on around and about so there's a lot of chat.

There are people you can wave a cross through it and hope to god.

They don't come across and speak to you and there are other people you wait for a programme to go as well.

God that sounds so I hope I never see them again and then there's other people goes my dear old friend who I work with beginning my career.

Look at this was still standing have fantastic.

So it's a bit of both really like some company and they have just rented an airbnb just up the road, and it's really nice and I haven't gone to any such as I am even got tickets.

I like it's a bit expensive and they just invite babe.

It's not this massive Georgian Terrace their own Festival

Is to be when it was up at the George back in the day, I remember it was easier to sneak off and see you now.

Play or a show or a bit of comedy now they stuff to stand one end in a conference centre it harder to do that and I miss that a bit actually you can still do it.

You do get down to cowgate and doing a bit of that.

We have two veterans of the podcast heat magazine sports Hilton hello and Faraz Osman a bindi lemonade money at the moment because it's a data is always always interesting because it would have been out a little bit too late to nights for the Rhondda delirious, but it took so long to keep with it.

Only data is only date.

I think they choose kind of peak festival.

Everyone's here like you say everyone's been out of London modelling through my thing is I keep seeing people that you know you know.

Call number from where in what context of situation get quite close enough to earn a lot of guys.

Do I get on on J3 I find myself.

Just resort in sea just grabbed the lanyard ok? I've got it bold favourite motor festival so far Jon Snow's McTaggart was brilliant.

I'm sure gonna come on to it, but I think that I think about you can't it came up here and I don't I don't wanna play it down to Johns absolutely amazing.

I think that there was a sense that the name wasn't box office in a way that Kevin Spacey was in previous years and then so it's a little bit like I'm hearing from a guy with the on television everyday.

Is is this gonna do with that exciting but he gave those beautiful eloquent and really felt like it was taking the temperature.

What's going on right have a lot and I'm sure talk about it later on but it is certainly deserve standing ovation little boy.

What's the most anything? You've heard anyone say so far this week.

Ask a question the most silly thing.

I've heard anyone say I've had a few people talking about the flying off to their holiday homes in the South of France of Corby no no, I'm not me in for a beautiful the Georgian terrace house mackerel later on we're gonna hear about someone a commissioner been announced this week, but we are going to start off by talking about the McTaggart obviously the keynote speech Jon Snow what's the delegates about the immediate responsibility for social mobility you mourn the loss of local journalism and he called for social media companies to pay more tax letter r clip.

Why didn't any of us see the grenfell action blog? Why didn't we know? Why didn't we have contact? Why didn't we enable the residents of grenfell Tower and it did the other hundreds of times like it around.

Britain's to find pathways to talk to it and as to expose their stories in that moment I felt both disconnected and frustrated I felt on the wrong side of the Terrible device exists in present-day, Society and in which we are all in this whole major players.

We're going to choose the political classes for their face and we do but we are guilty of them ourselves.

We are too far removed from those who live their lives and grenfell and who across the country now live on and made combustible cladding the lack of sprinklers the absence of centralised fire alarms and more revealed by the grenfell tower was it was very good, am I mean we have to remember last year Shane think you was one of the worst in history.

I know we don't want to talk a bit embarrassing.

They couldn't be great to get onto was actually saying Jon Snow is a normal human being join me maybe on TV every day, but I feel like he's not just there to to massage his own ego and is not just there for stardom dispassionately lost in my thoughts and you're not that came through in the McTaggart and I just thought I'd rather than saying face when you spell taxi was actually saying Facebook needs to stop for the fact that everyone is giving its content free and it's not investing in any help in any way and apparent a dinner last night and just said that.

7:05 often take speech the head of Facebook what's his name in journalism in an automatic responses, so that's pretty incredible, so I thought it was the word it's good to see a really important person in TVs comes across as a proper decent human being whose passionately believes in what is the key to it and yes, there was calls to action and you know and I thought that the peace about the idea that the blog about Grantham with something that was out there and everybody sought after the event and it was it was the sort of destruction of local news that was a candle interesting kind of root cause of it, but I thought the thing that really made it was how how we personalize did I thought that you know that obviously is talking.

Showing his confrontations at grenfell, which world famous and reported all over but actually that extraordinary telling of the meeting up with the young girl who who ended up dying in the fire obviously Rocked him to his core and it still is shaking him and I think it's an extraordinary thing when you see someone took not just from the heart but from a deeply felt person experience in it and in endeavour to talk to turn that is something that we can all share and and be motivated by was really moving really moving if your head when it comes to these comparisons with Shane Smith peace last year because they actually seem very similar things that will represent a new generation that haven't had a voice that may be hidden previously but I think that's what she was trying to say that we're going to be spaces that telling the story that they would normally not be told and anything John was actually making me very similar points but in a much more eloquent way and Anna much more consideration and I think that there's a real opportunity and an SMS to actually make sure.

Edward doing there, but also figuring out how we cut through all of this noise, it's been created and felt like a real revolution in our freedom and democracy of the internet anything to be great and was only able to hear stuff and actually had we seen the last year the loudest voices no matter what they say other ones that rising to the top and end their needs to be a real Santa sent back of balance that we need for both news, but but also networks and advice do that because they are able to cut a crate very high-quality programming and documentaries there a saying something can getting into space is that not other people weren't getting into it is always quite ironic that voice is doing what Jon Snow is asking for but they're not self-aware enough to recognise that it needs to be more humble like Jon Snow was and less about the individual like Shane Smith Wills opening himself in front of every single programmable is a thing that ever heard of the word updated the definitive charlottesville documentary dim lights in the States

They did that because they did the research beforehand saw it coming there like something's coming here.

I come in at exactly what you're talking about something was happening at grenfell.

We as an industry should have been aware of before actually happened in and the whole thing he kept repeating of life where were you before this happened? What is key point and actually vice will have been doing that for a while, but you got no sent to me if you been a Martian had no idea what voice was you just thought it was a channel 125 loud Canadian trying to do crap Scottish accents which put himself in in a minute or but I think he's a bit if you combine the two together and there is a there is a genuine over the Facebook thing.

That's happened today yesterday.

I never even out absolutely live and that's what good McTaggart should do is coming really get your finger on the Pulse figure out.

What's happening right now say how you need to move the needle and I think John did that and and I think it was a great McTaggart go watch it the other Cena

It was interesting way you spoke about how he got into journalism and then talked about the barrier to entry but new new people have master's degree the fact that is possibly living in London what are the solutions to that they seem like they'd probably saying he was in The Newsroom where he works there a country don't have to get degree.

No don't have to go to university.

I think I'm a celebrity magazines late, but you know I'm not trying German anyway.

I think there is a little bit of that.

You know you have to achieve decent education or high water Marks and Spencer dinner last night about this and a friend of Mines husband.

Never said she was telling me about us Kindle publishing where you kind of offer your spare room to people who want to come and do an intern at the company that London face so it's a sort of schemes going we were talking about the weather be something telly and somewhere where you basically so the people get work experience or coming in town for a bit you can offer them your spare room for a couple of weeks.

Really simple scheme isn't it right now, but I can look into it.

I guess the issue.

Is that without so then it looks like that rich young people always going to have more chance of getting into this industry.

It is there a wider Solutions really hard because I know it's it is he was saying it and make the most of the industry is still based in London so I don't know and I don't know whether moving out.

There was one point.

I was talking moving Channel 4 to Birmingham that's not going to happen now.

It is impossible in London if you're my side of the business in drama, it's really difficult because you know back in the day.

They were lots of grassroots drama clubs and auntie note that students could get grants to go to drama school all of that you know how to privately fund and its almost in the drama schools are very London or Glasgow better very few out.

Adding any other centre so trying to bring people from diverse backgrounds into acting it is really do when I ran EastEnders for a while and then tilted was kind of response the greenhouse BBC a knife came up with an idea again.

Maybe it's you know.

I just didn't have time for a left to send out of having an EastEnders summer school where you basically you know in the kind of and trying to send it to you spend time and Carry to take holiday.

Not just about young people actually was inspired A bit by you know actors like Bob Hoskins too late in life turned back to him brought their kind of life skills and their history and their class and her back.

I need all of those voices in drama.

We need them massively.

I would say that things are changing though and it is again.

It's this whole kind of democracy freedom of the internet, but you know just walked past now.

Yeah, she's going to do the King he start YouTube channel is one of the most watched the UK and he's here exploded.

Just got shell BBC3 as a result I've just come from a chat with Dan and Phil who is who two guys at work.

Next plant damage working in ASDA feel unique makeup videos is bedroom in an hour to the biggest Talents in in the world and and they think that the ability for vaporizing young people or people that have unheard voices to go out there and get that sells all your skin cells known Johns point at the Beginning but there was a blog about grenfell Tower that went unnoticed that still the moment where is coming.

Oh, we need to notice that is not that kind of going let's give her people jobs, because they're writing got this really great is that is that looking at places? We don't normally look at and kind of giving it shining a light on it highlighting it and taking it seriously I think it's happening with a younger demographic but they're not just turning to TV broadcasting they looking for genuine voices Elsewhere and that's encouraging and hopefully that will kind of just start snowboarding end and Mummy that people have a more varied Media not to say County TV as an industry is much better than print journalism where I come from his print journalism absolutely dominated by posh white people media and it's at this incredible and it's so it's

It's so hard to take to change than TV I look at you know.

I know my loads of washing to I think he is much better than that so there were several immediate believe it or not for that kind of diversity for young people to get through the McTaggart Elsa Anna festival.

There was a lot of hand-wringing about diversity, but this year instead of it being about everything diversity as a lot of stuff about reflecting the UK's regions better so ITV and Channel 4 Bose asking asking that Kevin lygo said that there was some research about audiences outside of London and that had the wrong gasping because apparently they get home by 6.


I knew they were on the floor by 6.

Really really well at 6630 and is equally true that people in London don't get home till 7:38.

They was funny.

I didn't £1 from some company just rang up some 155% of people in the North watch Emmerdale I think that's what I've always had its the Emmerdale affected by you know you're coming out again when I ran EastEnders you always knew the Emmerdale they are there audience for Homebase East Enders audience have to wait just part of that sense that we're just a bit out of touch.

Yes electrical to medium deleting you have service just pay attention and it's not difficult thing.

I'm glad the Channel 4 wasn't really Birmingham exam.

Think it makes sense of geographically shunt a building and all its people who work there from the capital city to Birmingham it to show that you're taking the Regent series something that's ridiculous.

So I've had that's not happening and yet the same time the people run Channel 4 have got to go out there many people around the country Bishopbriggs not moving to Manchester you move in a light Channel 4 Birmingham should broadcasters be looking to work with smaller Indies that are based in London and why isn't that happening? Why is that not a feasible things to do in London Communities of producers live and work and it's about creation is Communities and as we all know in the Welsh drama boom has been very real and that's because production was put there and when you've got production somewhere you know you start to draw Young

Glen huon in the great thing about drama Productions it feeds so many different jobs and skills, you know if you're a carpenter in it in a particular area you know certainly building service jobs for trainee.

Copy fantastically am kind of.

You know diverse opportunities there, so I think you know with drama when you start production small Indies walbro to service those areas of production so I I think you know and those stories need to be told but you also so it's about Production is about creating the work, but you also need to have some responsibility to represent the air as you're in and I think that starts to become that people start saying that we've done a Scottish drama that could anything that could lemonade money just operate Out of Hell start a cheese which is really important.

You look at things that Hollyoaks you look at Apperley Bridge you look at Emmerdale you look at all of these programs at when they start becoming a big thing and then made out of London did they create an economy around?

Did the second side this conversation however it is ideas and and the problem is that we are at creative industry.

That is his communication is all based around communication you have to communicate with commissioners and they have to get you there to understand your idea.

You have to explain in a particular way and unfortunately the informality of going up to commission and saying you get me I get you now.

Do you get my idea? Let's go let's go that's actually quite subtle difficult thing to to crack and it's this whole thing about going to the same university and even being here this feels when you're here like every time I hear it feels like when your secondary school looking for a place to sit at lunch.

When did they know me like they're so they know me like that and you need to come spend that time navigating different personalities and keep beeping like a chameleon talks different commission is a broadcasters and and brands in in different ways and that's where the challenge is now a lot of those are based in London and that might be where the problem is and I actually think that uni.

Two separate issues, it's not just about Production and it's very used to kalecgos.

That's a great idea.

Let's make out of Bristol is also shows with three different writers none of whom live in London and one actually ill cross that she lives in New Zealand that's another story, but that means that hard sun are so we will say never said because there's always someone working but I'm working with Stephen butchard who lives in Liverpool is a very strong voice from Liverpool make good Cop for us at the BBC made.

Five daughters currently webdunia show botanical which has been announced in Baghdad you know any so it's not just the Producers who who bring the idea as you know very a lot of writers now live outside London why wouldn't you if you if your job is transferable? It's a great way of working ok? Well.

I put more from Boyd Kate and 4 hours in just a moment first-person top telly exacts revealing their favourite moments from the Edinburgh International TV festival this is Russell T Davies as the Great Festival

I have been terrible at going to sessions but I love it to the meeting people in stop other cats bum here said it's a real thing and a particular me to do young people and 54 now if you can't pay It Forward now, when you going to provide I'd quickly so I just full of you enjoy and we'll be employed me one day hopefully so that's that's that's really genuinely want to come for those want to watch people do stuff like that.

You're terrified by the march of the huge budget when you watch Big little lies, which I think is a very good script elevated into an enormous drama by an enormous budget cat terrifies me to get its exciting and I liked watching it and yet you fear for the normal British drama, because we always that sort of money and money is going to get scared as well and they're not everyone should be pinched like that.

It shouldn't someone we do with senior templates pig forwards that everything else have a hard time catching up with the biggest lorry in the world.

Academy Scotland festivals always a great chance to get exposure to the greater good of television and see some amazing Talents and have interesting ideas about the future of television if we can talk about television anymore the future of broadcasting the future of Amazon the future Google Facebook everything's colliding together, but nobody could argue that Peter Kay as a maid at the pool habitat as a player but Nicola shindler hasn't made it and all the wonderful writers that Nicola works wear that red Productions and you know I just think that you should be able to have a career in television.

Wherever you live that was cut Louis of nine lives Media will have more Media talk after this.

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Don't now enjoy responsibly Voyager spoke to Jay hunt the outgoing controller Channel 4 she's on stage on Wednesday days after Bake Off was reviewed very positively impressed.

She yeah definitely was weird because she's the outgoing controller Channel 4 man.

It's all to do this control system should kind of the kind of record in the palace of the festival that you know their traditionally going on ever since the start.

I think we're all the controls of all the main channels and some of the smaller channels get Probert in-depth by the likes of me and they kind of talk about what the container with a big plans on she's leaving so she's in care and she does but he was Park kind of look back really a whole career at Channel 4.

She's the longest serving control of one of the main channels.

And her passion for you know people people critical of us, if there's something in broadcast su micro managers and sent the other had to come out of personal management style for me like she clearly says he cares about that channel has a really good job it mean I can get some huge hits returning hits year after year.

I think they were invested in debt drama right now the state.

That's just something pretty finishing lost my autumn winter 2018 on this very ambitious for our thing about Isis they've had dinner the Daily Mail sales recruiting video for I choose which is absolute bullocks.

It's not really a really clever in-depth attempt to look at this question why British people should get the go end up going to Syria to join Isis is a fascinating questions and it dries properly to answer that so I think channel was because when you should be doing and it was interested or corrupt bake off because it happened after last recession that she did and so I got to ask you about it and she seemed she said you broke down.

The production, near the BBC so she took it and she's fine with it and has covered agree with you.

So she must be messages massively and she said 3 million ml.

Yes, I agree.

I should have made up isn't it? I should have lowering expectations football manager.

We happy with and definitely not see sorry for the football.

She needs to get I'm I think I'll be devastated if it gets three I don't know what you get for £5.75 in our wide sweepstake on it's just going for 5.4 million.

Ok, Ko episodes episodes.

Overnight courier drop off and then they were going to people that are furious that only want to see the presenting time of the Basia they know they love and and and also it's just about that.

It's on it's not on BBC One so there will eventually be a drop-off.

What's interesting is not the show itself, but the scheduling around it.

What goes into it.

What comes out of it can they say that audience and I think that if if we are able to come of figure out what the schedule looks like and emotion around it to ensure that they have to keep that audience then.

We'll get an understanding as to how successful it's been 4 months before it and Bear Grylls celebrity island is after.

Genius I have to say the funniest people in broadcasting and the kind of idea of Noel Fielding floating through that or are in some kind of Mad way and that I really want to see her daddy does conflict in that happens crazy.

I know it looks at the music The Look the tone the pace is exactly the same as classic BBC Bake-Off and they just kind of still the least got no building floating around if you say in an Sandy beans and a big fun instead of Mel and Sue and Prue Leith is so much in the mould after saving at work with all due respect hardly know but Sandy does yeah, that's that but you know I love them off and I really really like that 10% That's good.

Just in the middle of it is good.

Take me to refresh I actually last season didn't didn't hear what it actually a week at the very least two kind of continue to make sure it's interesting deliriously happy with it.

So the last of the last even though I think actually regardless of state when it needed something to kind of make sure it's good to be interesting in the previous that you watch you are there at brakes and how did they sit your times up and then we'll go to the ugly say what they do find natural places to have them interestingly what they the ones that have done is they don't have those little documentary Little film Latino whale explain history of some kind of Bacon every single episode last year on BBC later on the early as you got those they're not in there at all.

I don't know.

Pakistan I guess they were running out of seeing things only so often you can do a history of Bourbon cream or whatever so they're not there but apart from that.

It feels so natural for my Katie I was watching it on my laptop.

I want to make a few there in a slice of cake are so I don't know how they gonna do with that the other side of the things interesting and more for despite the fact that there was first an Amazon sodial Amazon Prime but she said that outlander just been on Amazon Prime for like 2-3 years now is a big big hit on MORE4 and I think of course I would be because my mum doesn't watch Netflix or Amazon Prime it's only in percentage of UK households have got it.

I don't know not my name is the majority of UK households are watching those services still.

And they still don't tell us how many people watching it better things by the way, she said they have no idea how many people watch it on Amazon Prime but she's getting millions watching it on MORE4 cheese great.

So it does show you that still good old fashioned of that nature is still with an way most British people there last year at the dinner.

I was sat upset the guy who created love Phil and that he got bought by Amazon and how it works and looks after all the film for Amazon I think in the world.

So this is incredible thing last year and I don't know if it's still to Hounslow soul of young Justice is defunct he's like no they were sending out.

I think you said 800000 DVDs a year and he was saying and I'm not sure quite believe it but the outside of London still have the most common way of consuming a film not in the cinema is on DVD

Can I send a map yes? Yes when you dodged it? You don't know what this is pure conspiracy theory and I've got no backing up little clever, but I did raised my eyebrows when she's outlander because there seems to be a nice little relationship.

She she started with Amazon Prime and Amazon video it's all set up to two kind of going that direction and I personally think it'll be a good move for her.

I think that Amazon and Netflix is a really strong identity of the subcontinent makes and gets excitement around there and there'll be no they did it with the Amazon did it with the Grand Tour but I don't feel like they repeat it American gods maybe but they're at the greatest Shows transparent thing about that is most things on Netflix if you understand about this all night, so I'll be quick but I am incredulous as to the market.

Amazon Prime there because they've got some great content for your rhino particularly transparent and yet somehow it has not hit through as a cool brand.

What yet and you know it.

Is it is it is a really bad idea what it is, but it's really bold idea and they're incredibly excited.

I think I think they know if there is a ceiling is so much higher than cornflakes having a separate ways.

They didn't give it different to different probably don't realise this they certainly I'm a media story and and I don't like they come as a package.

They think there's a media story for them to go over to Amazon Prime or something like that feels like where the next iteration.

What date are we doing is an end this is compounded by the fact that we sent in Islam is not a secret an open secret about the micro managing and she's had about working with and etc.

All of that goes away which is not working with a dispute about that.

They are ruthless.

They know they don't get back to email the main reception and a nutter public service broadcaster, and I think that they probably are looking for somebody that just does nothing but make a success of a channel or Innocence is bran and I think that those two are definitely prime candidates that Frank how do I say that was a wonderful backhanded compliment was talking about its plans for ITV4 the Year ahead.

What's he got coming up my LG all I can remember us terrorist it from Cayman my huge memory of Kevin session was him being asked what's the future of comedy on ITV and he said bleak.


I just thought I have to say.

I wish I'm out on the one hand I can lend him on his honesty he was not joking by the way no.

I need just kind of said well.

It's just impossible hard to get right on ITV we tried loads of them and you know and that was about it as got Benidorm which is a big hillways, but I just thought was really depressing that is not literally not bothered about trying scripted comedy on ITV so I said, but he has got to be fair.

They are resting loads of drama.

They've got good dramas coming up ITV drama feels much better now than maybe a few years ago.

Don't know you that it's very welcoming place now to be as it is indeed a son and Pollyanna has got that sort of bright kind of welcoming attitude and I think you really know what they are now and it's not what they're not there was used to be that pretty smile ITV drama with this isn't ITV this is not for the eye to build your dad and that's actually incredibly depressing as would be pitching against the negative the police so not like that intense personality and she's

The welcoming and you know and very very decisive and very quick so yeah, I know it's great malarkey.

Really good dramas to watch stuff that I feel like BBC One ITV from outside the ready competing for these like big now like the Jack Thornton the Williams Brothers and these people who are kind of now.

I might like to The Peacock Inn oh, yeah, you're writing do believe that the Williams Brothers who did the missing I've got a series on ITV and BBC One watching the same week one word titles with relic backwards huge week, Ababa never seen a box ITV2 at its most successful year mainly due.

Love Island but possibly because of BBC Three but I will guess little bit my finger love Island is Hugh is isn't it is an absolute phenomenon that I think that even they are shocked but I could not put it back last year it did really well surprised then this even bigger and even more of a cultural what's the point where people are right about the time radio.

You'll be told what it is on the Today programme you know that we've reached cultural phenomenon left.

It has killed Big Brother that's normal been on Celebrity brother is now so I think it's more about that really try to be to than necessarily BBC2 I guess it's true that BBC3 does isn't as existing channel A linear channel any challenge at all anymore and I do and I feel sad about that still even though they will tell you this still doing family will have any does Billy well, but yeah ITV2 and I don't think I finally know I have to produce and compelling thing.

And on every day and it and it and it's absolutely single-handedly destroying the idea that young people don't watch TV because my niece is 17 is absolutely effing obsessed with it and we'll watch it when she is in the world or whatever device you can and I think they're military minutes or 17 year olds doing the same thing really demonstrates that we're still in that era of Heroes shows that like if you get a hit on a broadcaster.

It just changes the whole book essence of what that damn network is and what that brand is the only had it with channel 4 Big Brother and and that's like the coming an albatross your love Odyssey I don't have any day my mind at that love Island now is going to be the Thing movie like big bang theory for the you can speak and again and again on that channel and they just need to make sure we continue to innovate around it.

So it's not just relying on that one that one brand but it's going to be a Juggernaut it's not going away anytime soon.

I'm looking at some of ITV's trials the nightly show Kevin was asking it didn't work and he said no.

What's a nice that already controller such that there has been a real sense of honesty that I don't feel like we had the grilled by Uno tapas news colour activate actual journalist, they been good question by sort of people were fans of television some sort of person you're definitely not going to go in there without television.

No, I think that part of why were getting 11 if you can or dishonesty people try things out past couple of years like the 9th show and and I think love Island was surprised too everybody enjoy TV to but the but the reality of what's going on TV right now.

Is there lots of things that coming to an end Game of Thrones yeah, we see the end of Mad Men and Breaking Bad and I think that were actually not seen the replacement those superhits is super brand.

And anything that once you kind of come back into the light Bake-Off likely need entertainment drama is happy and I think it will be I don't think is a chair and he's creating an eardrum is the absolute massive landing areas never be better.

I think the quality is incredible every week.

I get to see a new drama BBC1 online e-commerce like you cannot go below a certain bar now policy on employment against each other in a reminder to sun and stars right hand and I think that should be next year.

It's got to be the big closest helping.

I think part of the story but not by any means BBC

Learning hours and hours and hours of new original drama and its bold exciting stuff, but I think Stranger things is a huge cultural phenomenon that you know and I'll see how it will take a while to become what it was.

Let me know if you would make more factual survey programming and I think there's a moment where people scratching we still have a Saturday night for Mac is going to be replacing drama is its own thing and it is help got a much closer relationship with film and and it feels like when I'm here.

There's there's a more of a fence around factual and documentary based on him out sessions thereof and an app has left people a little bit thinking what is actually next and do we need to change you the garbage a going and and and things turning around slightly in in heaven strategy coming coming to fruition to can we see what is going to Fall Live channel tunnel.

Like moving forward together since they all obsessed with getting a new entertainment for Mount Teide 9 tomorrow.

That is called move over drama entertainment is definitely didn't she on the BBC on Charlottes Esher the BBC One sessions that they have the commission 50/50 new entertainment format if he still haven't found out it's really difficult to challenge the way people watch television as I mean strictly is still a moment that you never stops to watch strictly all Bake-Off you know.

Those things you want to watch in the moment, but you have to come to get the moment their first to put the show into to make it work is really bad and it's a different era.

CB Bacup moving from one place to Channel 4 and they're all just kind of just swapping the same formats or recreate and St woman again, but it definitely we are overdue IVA affect employment or even show that does Drive conversation.

I don't think that we have it and it said baby shame that we haven't seen it here any other sessions.

You've enjoyed particular of been insightful or interesting to know because that was BBC's time wasn't there all in the same room now BBC One and channel 4 on J is always the start of the festival anyway, because people always hoped you can say something wicked there in the Big Big Ben you and Patrick the quiet one in it was really it was very rich it felt that was a lot of interesting content that really challenges how to tell big deep stories about Society as well.

That was a beautiful clip.

I think from the documentary is done other so-called gifted seem to be beautifully made films about Gifted

Kids who also had free school meals so it's about what it's like to be academically gifted in a community where you know The Aspiration for University of The Aspiration to Cannock interior occasion isn't isn't hardwired in your family and it was a couple of little clips of it made people literally go kind of you could hear a pin drop it was because he's children talk to him like 10 or 11 and they talked with such home and power of their own.

Thought you know it was really moving so I thought that was a very special little session actually for us anything like I said earlier this there's a lot going on with with new young voices.

I think he's really exciting and inner that's that's part of it.

I think that people assigned to get more confidence in can I go and let's look at you generation is prevented and Talent that we can start getting out there and I said I went to the dinosaur session.

I thought they were great.

I'm just walk past we seen that you know we seen some people that they are instantly recognisable as faces of primetime TV but but certainly are recognisable to literally found outside walls.

I've not seen that before and I think that's really exciting last night, but he's here and everyone was like no idea who he is.

Never heard of copper 90 would say that they were football fans when he was a representative voice of that community and and I definitely think that there's a an opportunity to get those without them and bring them here so we can actually find out about the we should have been the same voices of faces again again.

I ordered this session yesterday with the because you make the Ellen Show and I was talking about their kind of digital approach and they have huge huge numbers on babe.

YouTube channel and and and massive amount of pips and they get lots of stuff that goes that goes viral and their kind of the cell cycle where they're audience to create and content there then posting it on the show.

Any kind of food itself and it's really interesting because it felt like no one in the UK is doing anything like that good point because you're saying but this guy so it didn't work probably not going to be back Sunday night at 10 goes to forget about the mash report episode.

Really late show really well, think getting 5 million people at least overnight still there is a problem about the fact that we still haven't worked out this thing about do we make content available worldwide how instantly dream.

Are you available if it happened before and after the conversation hasn't happened yet.

There's not enough baumatic.

I'm trying out and it's it's all been picked off the back of Britain's Got Talent and X Factor and then was it successful on YouTube and and ITV will always tell you the top YouTube channels in the UK are all ITV showing anything just saying OK that was good clip from the show put it up.

When you see the rain on Facebook and have a go.

Oh, yeah that shows coming out this weekend.

I need to make sure you watch that we need to start seeing that on YouTube and at the same time as obsession with 4G blocking things isn't in protecting her windows and just don't worry about that.

Just everyone go watch it the Ellen show is now shown on ITV2 because that they could damage the UK audience because I'm watching it on YouTube and loving it so it's much better dramas for entertainment.

Show me some violin that came of being you know people had anything about it, but if you look at Netflix I would argue that a lot of their conversation or cash if they've got if I'm making absolutely killer trailer for Stranger Things girl boss.

Great Trader and not sure many people actually ended up watching it 11:00 moving trailer film making incredible trailers because those Traders go viral when it finally are encouraged to I do remember back in the day and the BBC battling to be allowed to put our trailers online all know they do and you know you look at the big film trailers.

How many millions of hits they have supposed to do we need to cut a bit of butter to make sure this trailer is right very often the product.

Yes, we are going to discuss all this area bad thing looks like you're driving attention.

You're driving audience in Banbridge we have just got time for a media quiz which is just a touch of monkey Tennis it's a bit of you new commissions announced the best of all your job is to ascertain the

Work on which it where is the best of 3 you will buzzing with your name the winner is Tony hayers here we go this is Commission number one Gordon on cocaine ITV Fantastic Four movie trailers ultimately Gordon Ramsay's doing this thing a documentary background going to America and just watching people cook up drugs navigate to think they're going to send Piers Morgan to jail ok, so boys what one else are you?

Barbie washing icons the story of the 28i up.

This is a new global history series tiny definitive story of the 20th century through the people who made it and that does sound like a good honest spirit is not going out on BBC or not allowed to call you before I'm going to stick my neck out there and go for a night for at Channel 4 so I'm going to want it out of my money on the table confident.

I am the one don't get this is families compete in challenges.

Home so silly it's got some of that you had Alexa said in its perfect for premises that the button is in your house and you don't know when you're going to have to play whatever the game is but the button goes green and then you've got a race and then him so there's like 30 toothbrush heads slippery after a light switch.

Chloe or the Wi-Fi that's ok.

Thanks to browse oddsmonkey holiday Boyd Hilton cache previous episodes and get the latest episode of survey released by subscribing free at the website and media today show is dedicated to Simon Colin here's a loyal and valued listener who didn't leave any details about softest Simon you keep yourself to yourself, please Siri how fast are on the Earth go to the media 4 / donate now and give generously I'm talking to you through.

Edwards the produce was Matt Hill the media podcast is a PPA production till next time goodbye.

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