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Read this: #78 - Facebook Watch, The Week Junior podcast poaching

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#78 - Facebook Watch, The Week Junior po…

Hello Media Potters just a little acoustic note for you before the show begins.

We've been recorded on roof terraces this summer as you know at this week.

Thanks to the unique way that the media podcast is funded.

We found ourselves literally recording on the street.

So there is some background noise and I'll use this opportunity again to say if you'd like to pay for us to have a studio one day.

Do you go to the media podcast Ofcom stone age? I'm literally begging to you from a street anyway.

Enjoy the show hello and welcome to the media podcast.

I'm only man on today's show Facebook launches a TV station sort of Netflix loses its Disney content, but gains the comic book universe behind kickass and kingsman.

We discuss the importance of making your own content as a digital publisher and in an unrelated story will discuss the Guardian losing their football Weekly presenter and producer to a new podcast startup plus we explore the publishing success of the week Junior

Current affairs magazine for kids is the latest radio listening figures are announced Dave and watch have a new owner and in the media quiz we discover the brands getting is TV makeover.

It's all the come on today's Media podcast and joining me today is buzzfeed's Louise Ridley and the creative director of folder Media Matt Deegan Louise you're in charge of special projects at BuzzFeed give us a special project.

What are you up to? We have just finished a week of special content last week around disability rights which one amazingly well and with such a cool topics on we can make a big thing at BuzzFeed of focusing on on minority groups and things so it's disability if she has something ready, but we did this week-long special Focus and we had a huge amount of content kind of hard-hitting investigations and then amazing life so I kinda stuff like we had one on robust for your kind of peace which was tending to learn if you go backpacking in a wheelchair, so we have that kind of lighter kind of thing that really gave people an insight into what is going on we had a great investor.

Jason into a how to get an NHS wheelchair and how where you get one and he's a massive postcode lottery that loads of pick up in the garden anime that kind of things so it's just a brilliant weekend Albury happy and continuing our coverage for well done you organising the next radio conference at the moment.

Yes, that's right and that to be clear about the next radio not the next the next radiologically that is called nextradio.

It's all about what's next for the future of audio is people who work in that industry a real can a cross-section of speakers from Annie Mac 209 davises the penguin forecast for something else.

We've got stuff on Alexa so the BBC are doing a kind of audio drama through connected speakers, so they could you give me talking about that which I live sea from key 103 lots of really sick stuff if you if that tickles your fantasy next radio has all the details and the tickets are relatively inexpensive.

Anything right they are so we've just come out of early bird Celtics A149 on per hour plus VAT which compared to lots of things is relatively inexpensive possibly affordable if you actually working radio Robin run radio yes and that is days.

Are you ok right? Let's start by talking about radio but about telly well online telly because Facebook have announced the launch of watch.

This is a new feature which is the tab on Facebook which is essentially being billed as a rival to television is that true metal to YouTube idea of trying to only a matter of time people spend watching videos so they're going for things that are more series season based and they're encouraging creators to to do that to help it along the way Facebook anthracite committing their own programs to try and grey that would it's Netflix style programs, but on Facebook so the idea as you're using Facebook as your second screen at the moment in front of your telly, but now you can be watching telly on Facebook

Talk to Netflix YouTuber hybrid, they are opening this up first what they referred to as creators which is very YouTube terms for kind of bloggers and I also see to be blushing companies making short form and pap.

We run a kid's radio station.

I said no to Martin this morning here.

We make quite a lot of video content of education based stuff with a serious fitting this but couldn't cannibalizing themselves Louise because they have partners like BuzzFeed at the moment who make video content that sits on Facebook channels that you get to put content around and instead they say no no no put your videos on this other tab where people won't see all of your branding in your furniture around it will be easier for you.

That's really interesting point.

I think I mean if I was Facebook from their point of view it makes you two cents to invest in essentially creating their own content is kind of the big game in town.

I think Video is using Facebook and it will continue to be so no prioritise it in their newsfeed.

So and I think it needs immediately that there will be a cannibalisation issue, but if this really takes off.

Yes, absolutely all be about where Radio 6 on Facebook and if it prioritises own content over publishers then that might be a bit of an issue in terms of website use to put this up.

There is also a faithful about video consumption and I think it's it's Harris the floor.

I know you know that's not 5 years.

I think it's a 3-second what generates view if your if your page and you can see diving and look at Post 30 seconds and those sorts of things and I know that I think box of compared a lot of video consumption that way vs.


I think the big numbers a big but when you really dig down and it both your Facebook has a long way to go to really hated people might this finally mean the return of Sound to video on Facebook is all about bring subtitle something wasn't it for a long time? That's really interesting point.

I've recently taught at university thoughts and students journalism and I made a big point to say you need subtitles anything that's possibly a social video Imagine you're watching it was sound of tall is very.

Putin to change a movement that you seem completely I think it's possible it depends depends how engaging this video is and how popular it is I think the Habit of watching stuff without headphones is now pretty universal so depends, how successful what they produce is wanting recently done.

I've seen is Dave turned on sound in the Facebook app for video automatically so it was wait.

What is the default before I think the default now is sound on and of course helps with things like watch also there's an issue about how social you want your viewing habits to be I mean I still have an issue really with Spotify telling everyone what I'm listening to you.

Not because of any clothes it listens yeah.

Yeah, just because I think everyone likes to present an image of themselves different to what they're actually listening to on a day-to-day basis and with FB video I mean.

I'm not sure I necessarily want it telling all my friends that I'm choosing to watch Celebrity Big Brother at that moment something I love about Netflix which channel is.

The you don't have people's comments all around it and you're really zoning into a kind of a kind of private space while you're watching really good quality content and no one is bothering you with alerts all around it and I think that'll be a bit of a nightmare if there was a social element to Netflix I would not be keen I think that would interrupt what I would call decent experience of video so you have effortlessly segway the song to next story which is Netflix based and the news that Disney is pulling all of their content from Netflix to set up their own platform that you working kids medium and forgive me don't Disney already have their own streaming platform.

I'm sure I'm missing posters for it not picked up love those who had some trouble with it.

Go Disney life is a service that runs in American and runs in the UK is pretty good as the vast majority their material what it doesn't have on his things that in an earlier deal Bed flogged off to Netflix any actually what a lot of this is tidying up their distribution.

You know it's things coming to the old deals.

They're coming to an end.

They had a little bit of trouble positioning.

Disney life and getting it at avriel cut through and I think this is going to see another opportunity next year to have another go at that.

I think the other interesting bit is it Disney it's Marvel Star Wars Yoda TV spin offs as well as the movies they actually have a pretty large catalogue of Their Own episode and it is that why we saw a small decrease in Netflix share value on this new because Disney's content just is more important than other Studios exactly that caused the share drop so I think what you see that makes this very interesting is at the same time as as Disney cleaning making a bit of a power gravel where it's tying up loose ends or not.

It's making a real statement of intent you have Netflix buying millarworld the big comic company which is a really you can look at these two giants making me to use at the same time and see Disney becoming a bit more like Netflix trying to get a bit more streaming Netflix becoming a bit.

Like Disney Channel realise that it needs to be even more, but it into its own original staff and Scottish comic book publication rights and it's it's kickass and kingsman.

I mean it's kind of like funny British stuff, but I mean it's not exactly world beating Marvel level staff was very good decisions in terms of Warwick commission so far so I think I'm sure they know what they're doing.

It's a huge deal and it's the first acquisition so for them clearly.

It's gonna lead to a huge amount of original content which is what they really want because I spend a lot on licensing content such as funny character IP at scale Leo decent amount of it.

Is is is difficult here bye bye picking up there where they do pick up as some good threads that can go into a variety different things in a student Marvel Cinematic Universe is delivered huge matter properties broadcast Ellie vod telly movies.

Haribos services, so it's probably be surprised if they're gonna let's find something that can help us do a bit more of that or if they really copy Disney completely then we might end up with a Netflix land somewhere with an Orange is the New Black right that makes sense because they are £10 a month to access all of that content 80 years worth of classic movies and everything else, but if you're not Disney if your Warner Brothers or your folks or you were never there comes a point where every studio would like that and game to be we have our own streaming platform with all our content on it, but there must be a recognition that at some point if you fragment it too much people aren't prepared to pay £100 a month of 10 different streaming services now.

Just be pirating stuff again.

I think in America the difference is there already paying £100 a month for cable which is much more expensive than what we pay for multi-channel telly kind of in the UK and

Record cutting in the States notionally freeze up a number of £10 for you to put on Amazon Prime and Netflix and chill in America CBS has their own streaming service and its been coloured bumbling along as the source of fourth fifth most successful operator but that's where the new Star Trek series.

It's going to be that can have one viewing 1 Episode first episode of pilots going to be on CBS broadcast Ellie and then the rest of it is going to be on CBS or action.

Nothing might be cold on that system.

So you are going we want more content more original content we got all of our back catalogue and we think with make more money on it the licensing it to Netflix sticking with online content and it's been a tumultuous week for the Guardian who saw their most popular podcast Football Weekly undergo a change of presenter and producer just as the new football season is about to begin at what's happened here.

Good old fashioned radio Talent steel, but probably the first in the podcast world, so big I find your sitting on their former guardian Media talk podcast mention that if ever there was weekly sort of the leading football podcast has lost its top 2 people to a start-up as a presenter James Richardson and producer Ben Green really Everton football news and you can't really copyright that format right and then off to set up their own indeed.

What's interesting is their part of the new indie? That's been set up so I don't know what the exact details but if you're going to set up a new podcast startup stealing one of the big shows or most of the Big Show with wood would be at a sensible thing as amusing things were the talent can move much quicker than production because the production has the nicest.

To run.

I don't imagine the Guardian would have expected that to happen, but the big test will be your brand vs.

Presenters with the football Weekly still going to

You will see in the charts.

How well it does yes and Louise just in the last few days the Telegraph has launched its own football podcast which has gone straight towards the top of the iTunes charts, so I mean there are opportunities here on to say to people who really only listen to Football Weekly not because they like James Richardson but because they just trusted the Guardian to say it's fine.

There are the newspapers that they can make podcast as well.

There's an audience there that will change anything.


I think Simon I think people are less oil to to Brands and things like that and they may go where the people are but also We Know Podcast and you're still expanding which is given to us here on the table and I think you look like she needs to face.

It's quite an exciting things have even say big Legacy things like this like this.

I'm not to say the James Richardson is Jeremy Clarkson live behind world, but there's maybe there isn't the Grand Tour started the hardcore Clarkson fans watched it there still an audience for Top Gear it's not as big as it was I mean maybe both can continue in this isn't actually is bigger dealers as it seems to be a guardian Towers where is really ruffle some feathers.

Portable podcast now and and they will continue to do so I think the slight difference is about your present a passion for podcast is probably stronger than broadcast radio Vitale to a certain degree.

Yeah, there is something about having I think you've chosen to listen to and in your eyes you subscribed to have your weekly that you can shoot I think other bit is that they have a relationship with that audience through social media as well, so you communicating the facts of where they've gone to with a link that get you back into it is much easier than it would have used used to have been in the radio world sometimes people disappear and then off for 3 months and they reappear somewhere else and it's quite hard to communicate or where have they gone and the Old show has been replaced and I got a bit of a running start it said I think I think podcast allows this flipping around much easier again.

We'll see if channel Brown vs.

Presenter brand.

I didn't leave the Telegraph on cinch things.

I think the name of the new Telegraph one is quite.

To book the name of the new James Richardson one's going to be to be announced it before there was a feed and then people I think of perhaps followed the Telegraph one thinking that's where they carried out all a bit of a bit of a mess and the idea behind the new indie.

Is that if the audience does come to the new show that they'll basically form a kind of football podcast network so I may have met his of talked about exactly what those shows will be but they can't do that kind of some of the minor football leagues and things like that international football there's an audience for all sorts of niches in football.

That's a no-brainer.

Isn't it now why hasn't that happened before there are football podcast for every single club in the UK and yet apart from a few informal arrangements.

There's no big networks allow the Time podcast network have very much concentrated on signing up football podcast and so they collectively sell those they have no creative control servo right now.

Not telling us what to say, there's no content curation that but if they wanted to say if they wanted to run some S&P you know some presents at or cups on a product across all the best podcast I could do that pretty instantly simulator relation with the moment is such the most podcasts are happy to run the odds that I provided because they're still even on the biggerpockets isn't a huge volume of material to talk up.

So there is no silly at the football network.

I've always expected there to be a more niche networks around certain topics that can deliver greater audiences to advertisers and Louise when it comes to the Guardian as an online brand they were pioneering in the space of podcasting when it began 12 years ago that part of the reason that people like me and producing that are involved in podcasting that first generation of UK podcast is came on board partly.

Thanks to the Guardian but he seems to me the problem is they do have these Legacy Browns you know they started making shows based around their newspaper content football Media

What extech etc and because of the success of some of those shows they have essentially been forced to continue making those shows which means they can't innovate and the problem is in the online space you need to keep innovating.

You need to keep having completely new shows and you tell if this could be an opportunity agree.

I think if you've got a legacy Brown like The Guardian you got a huge amount the people know about build on you got this double edged sword where yeah, you know that they completely in some ways started.

What has become a great podcast world, but yeah you end up slightly trapped by what people know you feel and I think it is harder to innovate and I don't know about that will podcast so much but more generally I think it can become restrictive and I think that is slightly what was sunny to see especially with this move of the football guys off to it and indeed.

We can all agree that chips with everything was better when it was still cold tech weekly and presented by me now before we head into part 2 and some news in brief after a year of rather complex news stories many of you are just outside your first Holiday Inn

2 years but if it's been tough for the nationals spare a thought for those writing the news for children the week junior launched.

Just under two years ago and now claims to be the fastest-growing children's magazine with over 40008 to 14 year olds reading it every week earlier.

I spoke to Felicity capon.

Deputy editor of the week junior about why Dennis Publishing decided to launch a print product for a generation addicted to screens.

I think the conventional Wisdom when people wanted to put meeting in together was this isn't going to work because kids don't want to read pregnancy go online for everything and also kids don't care about the world around them and actually I think what so interesting about the Phenomenal growth of the week junior is that that's absolute not the case.

They do really like having a hard.

Copy that comes in through the post box with Mum and Dad's copy every Friday and they also engaged on issues that I never thought they would be a particularly brexit on all social media glitter with brexit with kids.

Wanting to know all about it, how it's going to affect them.

So it is been really fascinating in that respect.

It's really really do care about the world around them.

Do you think it is a certain kind of kids because it does seem to me to be a certain kind of parenthood think I yes.

Well our little darling should be reading the week junior so they can learn all about the world.

Just like I used to read Encyclopaedia Britannica in the library at school.

I think there is certainly Some Truth in that but I think we are very conscious of that and we are trying to expand even more into schools and we had at one point a great partnership with prisons.

Are you trying to get magazines to juvenile detention centres and some more disadvantaged kids from different socioeconomic backgrounds because I think they if if anything we probably need it more than the kids were reaching currently, but we are very aware that how did you end up in children's journalism? Well, I actually come from a more news writing for adults background.

So before this.

I was working for music magazine as a reporter and columnist and before that I write for the Telegraph 3 year.

And various other newspapers, so this was totally different for me coming into the week Junior and coming into children's Publishing and I think my role was I think they wanted me originally because I did have an easy background and we were trying to work out.

We're trying to have a mixture on the team of experts and children's Publishing and then people who will phone you a little bit about what's going on in the world.

So I think that's where I came in.

I think it's so different from anything.

I've ever written before because everything has been turned on its head everything's topsy-turvy so that one of the big newspapers or at newsweek for example if it's terrible disable something all that happened in the world like a terrorist attack that's what everyone's at them.

It's busy you know you get maximum coverage at the week junior we also have stayed with her head in her hands thinking.

Oh my god another terrorist attack how on earth are we going to explain this to the kids, so I said it's really interesting and in that sense, so what else is different about the way editorially the magazine has put together I mean would you recognise coming from newsweek that the processes that are in place to to decide what's an issue?

Sing one of the most interesting things that every time there is some good news.

We will sort of do a collective victory dance if we have a Monday morning meeting where elephants have no longer endangered or we found some new scientific Urie author of wheat with happiness.

Where is you know there was no no end of bad news is weaker at the Telegraph or something and if anything you can never have too much about where is the week junior we are always very conscious of trying to get a good balance on the pages.

So if we do have to lead with you know the attacks in Manchester or Granville be very conscious to make sure that the rest of the magazine has enough uplifting and inspiring and sometimes downright silly stories that aren't going to put kids completely off current affairs and politics understood, but is there any debate about whether or not grenfell should be the leader is it always you know if there's a big story like that.

There's no questions or do you sometimes think this is just to Blake and we never want to patronize our readers by just taking something out.

So there was no question that Manchester

Who would be our cover story it was a retired kids firstly, so they will talk about it and it was Ariana Grande Granville was such a huge Story there's no way we would just sort of scents that using so this didn't happen the world's a lovely place.

So there was no question about that Rio thinks on as it's more about how we write about it and what we want to include all we want to focus on you know the response to the Security Services we might go more for that then man wielding a knife as attached all these people in his blood everywhere.

I think obviously things like sex sex abuse of sexy beast we won't go anywhere near actually because so many of our readers won't even know what sex it is.

Nothing is the first thing they read it just terrible scary thing that's not want to do.

How do you explain Donald Trump Donald Trumps a really interesting one? I think that's a good example actually of when all the issues about his treatment towards women and behold pussy grabbing thing came about that.

The really interesting one because we had to address that in some way.

There was only things that we couldn't actually say but I think so that we use something like you know he's been disrespectful to women or he said this respectful comments to women without going into all the problems you know from that point if there's not a happy ending is that you said disrespectful things to women and he's the most powerful man in the world America voted for him.

How do you sell that they need to know that I think I will not trying to sort of whitewash the world and make it this wonderful My Little Pony place.

You know if there is this man.

He said he's terrible things and it is now one of most powerful people in the world and that is uncomfortable reality of all time but actually the point is that we are bringing up the next generation of the statesmen and politicians and scientists and they need to I think that's the important that they see your the the unfair things and the injustices because hopefully it's not something.

I did is think they're the ones who are going to do something about it and make a better state than we are so you know as long as we keep a balance.

Uplifting and inspiring stuff yeah, they do need to know not say things about the world as well.

I didn't go so we have to be careful with trunk that we are about and everything we cover.

Where is balances we possibly don't have an agenda, and we try very much to say the facts here's what's going on but we're actually gonna be know that you make up your mind about what you think about Donald Trump and as a journalist.

Just give us some insight into how to write for children.

So what is the thing you know can you share any tips about writing an article that will make it work headlines.

I mean it again like I said earlier.

It's sort of Topsy Turvy you're avoiding sensationalism.

You don't want some flashy headline you want just the summing up of the story in in the title, so you're going for farm Walsall if I mean Estelle exciting but nothing that's to Sensation it and then it's just about very been very calm and neutral and sort of explaining the facts everything has to be explained you wouldn't believe the amount of turns you sent you write a sentence you think I've got to explain that word and then you write another one you have got to explain.

If I might just interject as well a personal speculation as to your success, I think it might be that there's no specific gender that the week junior appears to be aimed at saving when you're buying lino print Media for children.

Isn't it? Is it's pretty clear like this the voicemail coz.

It's got space on the front.

This is the girls mad cos it's got my little pony on the front and you know current generation of parents are fed up with that.

They don't necessarily want gendered Media current generation of kids of cotton onset and I think I think that's just so they've been and gone now.

I don't add it that you can just say space and dinosaurs is for boys in Pretty dolls for girls.

I think I've just sold out, but it just won't wash and I think there was great but your legs is get both yeah about space and ponies.

I don't think there's anything suggest that boys are turning science and tech and girls are turning anything else.

I think it is a magazine that speaks to boys and girls and and we've certainly from our subscription and I feed but we know that we are reaching both genders equally.

EK pal Louise's surprised you the success of the week junior it doesn't anything several things that Felicity said they're really struck a chord with me the first was that when they set up the week junior they have people telling them kind of sceptics telling him that children are interested in News they're not interested in the world around them and that really Echo something I get at BuzzFeed a lot if I do solar panel talk so whatever it's all young people aren't interested in using this is a really common and often repeated mistake that people seem that perhaps that's because young people aren't interested in the old newsbrands or they don't want to receive news in the same way that are not interested at all and it's evidently completely untrue blues.

Doesn't it that the formula Matt when you're trying to sell current affairs to children is not to make them think take your medicine but but to make them actually genuinely curious about what their reading and they naturally will want to educate themselves in school work and if you think you're older a 9 year old was exposed to every day across media and its.

Information on topics and what they get from watching EastEnders or Doctor Who or hacker on CBBC now.

It's a huge amount of different things of course there interesting it is if you find great ways to talk about this and I think what the wee Jeannie is done, but also what kind of First News is done is if you package it correctly and you understand your audience then then you'll do well potential by definition is the possibility of achieving more in the fast-paced world of digital advertising Oracle data cloud has built its Legacy on finding the signal through the noise on unlocking potential we bring together data and technology to help you better understand your audience where to best engage them and how to measure a tool to realise true potential Oracle data cloud where better outcomes begin visit Oracle data cloud.

Come to learn more.

Started as a trip to Cineworld turned out to be the journey of a lifetime this year you can watch Avengers endgame.

Rocket man Men in Black international Aladdin at The Lion King over and over again for one might people discover a world of unlimited possibilities are unlimited cinema at £17.93 or more at Cineworld terms apply for some news in brief now Louise Ridley and Matt Deakin are still with me.

Let's start with the latest listening figures the radios for the radio industry Matt Mr rager Deegan and half year old is much is that our own survey at take a through your key findings in a way that will excite and entertain moti want interest in the registry, but need the key findings for the media work.

A dumpster just driven past.

I don't know if that's a metaphor people listening to the radio.

That's partly because there more people the country's population growth and that includes digital radio write more digital radio listing than ever before it will start to look at whether they will implement them changes to perhaps turn off at some analogue radio Services to have and what we've seen or going to be that we seen for digital exam higher 48.7% So this very close to that magic 50% number only thing for DAB which is the vast majority of digital listening still over half the country listen to the some form of DAB digital radio each week and internet growth good.

How do you say 8.8% of all radio listening so only people always assume ever listens to radio on the internet, but it still relatively low lucky.

Stations Radio 1 which had a horrific book last quarter is backup which is good good reach good hours till 15th 24 little bit wobbly for them.

They always say don't worry people watch our YouTube videos so it's ok honest.

That's true however capital when I looked at the capital network, it is closing in on the amount of 15:24 the Radio 1 have so you know people no kids and young people are listening to the radio.

They just happened to some other radio stations which is good news for them considering the balls up their head around their breakfast show right.

I mean that's been pretty confusing who's hosting the Capital Breakfast Yeovil who's the new presenter.



I can't hear Siri said im really well and that still the biggest London Breakfast Show please commercial radiator onto Breakfast Show so they doing they doing something right wing capital generally good book network is networks.

He's also doing well, but sadly still kind of trails trails capital London LBC had a great book those equestrian is a lot of politics news.

I think LBC is really been a big part of that story of the last couple of years that is perhaps consolidated that audience the other the biggest commercial radio station in London by Cher the the true biggest radio station in London is Radio 4 so which of the a lot of people London regard as a local radio station anyway, it's LBC on Radio 4 are doing well out of the back of what people in the capital are interested in also that the motor is news.

We've had over the last two years.

I mean in LBC are doing well, but you know the news has been compelling hasn't it? And I'll be season century 24hrs brexit trump, but I think they position themselves to do well out of brexit and trump and delivering a rolling version of that has it compared against 5 Live to radio?

How do I ban talkSPORT and had pretty bad books if you look year on year now? They haven't had a big football event which we had last year and also I think what what they're finding cut his Legacy Legacy broadcasters.

I think the five live which is predominantly news in people think it was a sports channel is vitamin E used have had some of their special sauce taken away by LBC growth a bigger and more inaccessible news outfit which is what they did their thing used to be and also probably Radio 4 be a little bit more accessible than it has been in the past it difficult for them to find a way excellent.

Thank you for your analysis as ever Louise big story here as well.

Is that commercial radio really is competing with the BBC now and that has come about thanks to these consolidated brands many of which matches checked off their do miss radio stations being local being part of the community having their own Identity what do you think? It's it's a good thing for listeners that you can listen to Capital in Wales and hot in Cambridge

Strong argument on both sides of that used to work for a great local radio station for radio Jackie and Saturday I think I think it's a tough shout I'm I am kind of a believer in if people have been provided with good entertaining radio then wherever it comes from.

That is how the market moves which is probably a bit of a harsh harsh reality but I know I'm not in some of your writing you talked about and heart 80s that right which is doing really well, which is a set of really simple format giving people this underserved 80s music that everyone loves and it's hot using its Brand and that's the kind of success that people might not get that excited about but it is a success and it's great you know it is great to give people something they want and I think there's a danger of over analysing these things in the end.

I find radio to medium that is important to celebrate everyone getting something they want and getting it be delayed really radio or local radio.

Up to the 90s where noticed radio no internet no broadband and local radio station on most FM frequencies did very well, so there wasn't anything else to listen to something that do they did a really great job and I did do good job, but maybe was also because they were Monopoly provider of that that platform and and suddenly when you open it up and you provide more choice to people you see that is my heart 80s 840000 each of its first book is just appeared overnight that it be consuming that radio station.

Let us meet other stations are rubbish, but it does say that there was an underserved market that that that now fits and a successful branding because heart 80s you know what that means JACK fm.

Have been doing that for what 5 years anyway, but hard to understand what it means absolutely a long time.

On the radiator dial but also it's a really good product.

I mean it's a really slick well made while program product the main service as well as what that what they've done with with ATS ok.

Let's talk about the Sunday Times last week.

They fired Kevin Myers the cold Matiz anti-semitic comments found their way into the Irish edition of the paper Louise recap what happened here for those who missed it is a colon recently from Kevin Myers is a day less.

I haven't heard of I think a lot of other down this hadn't heard of their property rights for the Sunday Times Irish version of German history is writing many many deliberately.

Oh, it's a provocative columns 11 published because the publisher keep your nose that deliver them for operative.

He published a piece about the BBC gender salary gap which is been much discussed and essentially said several what I would say I definitely sexy thing about women and said water a cheese to be anti-semitic things about to at female presenters who also happen to be Jewish and kind of links that to White

I might be only a lot more to give you said if you look at the highest dating women having slack off women for a 500 words ending with something like that.

They're both user populations not unknown for haggling for a better salary of proper Victorian anti-semitism.

How did that get into the paper was the question that some people quite look so enough so what happened to him is he did get fired if I wanted get outraged about this but he said himself that it would this column hero would have gone through five or six people who would have approved it going in the paper and the seat of my reaction in a lot of my fellow colleagues reaction to see the son of outrage going on on Twitter was just this life.

I like another incidents.

Where someone's written an outrageous Colin chilli.

They hold your day been hired to be provocative and the paper has gone too far in deciding that was ok and perhaps slightly lost perspective because they constantly publish these controversial columnist by him so that is not a

Is this column ok? It's he's always controversial how far within the bracket of controversial you already put yourself in a controversial space, so they've clearly narrow judging there.

It's just a shame that that could happen and I think it's just a bit of a day buying that we find ourselves in cos I believe in free speech and people can express opinions but when you get colonists like him and like Katie Hopkins who were hired to upset people some extent.

I would judge it.

Just put in a really problematic space where you push further and further and further and it's I've got to say it's always or often old white men who are being paid to do this and you think where are the young non-white women getting to voice there really are Traders opinions.

It's a particular kind of journalist who often gets paid to have that platform on its it's a bit of a shame really.

What does it say about the way that the regional versions of the Sunday Times in this instance but actually any kind of national brands operates because it actually in internet terms they all appear at the so you could say they are the same publication.

Even though they're trying to point out.

They're not as the male.

How can you possibly think we're mail online website also she will tell him and he's a little comment I imagine for a production point if you whoever it is there to review the material as you were saying goes.

This is the person we have to say the crazy things they said so crazy things right.

Copy and paste right next thing I've got to do before the paper goes to bed if that isn't it? Does it basically from being just for the record, has failed me is a story that you may have missed Discovery fronted by Murdoch nemesis John Malone has just picked up 50% of scripts the company that runs Dave and watch and me have a UK TV channels home at that now puts Discovery in bed with BBC worldwide.

Yes, so who sold their shares, what does also scripts had 50% of UK TV with the

PC having 50% no PC World why she worldwide all the scripts has been acquired always about to be acquired by Discovery therefore they pick up their UK Holdings which includes UK TV UKTV very very successful operation makes a lot of money for everybody.

I don't think script particularly ra The Noisy Media operator particularly the other Gateshead of scripts be doing the mactaggart lecture or anything like that.

Do you Discovery are doing more in Europe with acquired Eurosport last year? I think they've got the European Olympic rights in most of the territory.

They've even Tubbs some of that back from the BBC for the BBC have a bit more Olympics to come so they are big and growing European player there always potential in the frame for an iTV acquisition there in the frame for the Channel 5 acquisition for viacom.

Got it.

So they definitely have a bigger player in the market.

I think there was some talk that went scrip.

Took 50% of the last year old is UKTV they asked to BBC BBC worldwide with I could take the lot and BBC worldwide with keen to keep hold of their half.

I'm sure Discovery would like it all because I think in affect it's the biggest Advertiser after ITV or it's up there coloured with with Sky Channel 4 so it's one of the big the big players now.

Is there still heritage and credibility for a brand like Discovery basically been able to say look we broadcast only 40 towers and Only Fools and Horses in the classic BBC comedy is it doesn't matter anymore cos he's covering a huge company.

They see themselves as one of the great programme makers of The World's.

End is there still something Special in begin to broadcast BBC content broadcasting popular shows that have strong awareness is a good thing if you're trying to be a multi-channel network and it is well.

It is well funded BBC programmes on a quick shortcut to doing that say that the UKTV you've had a lot of success with Dave with its.

It's new its new program as I call it the Dara O'Briain slate and have given them and the personality that creating these shows have given them to to launch this year written consent and what you'll also find.

I think they found it with Channel 5 and viacom is the Channel 5 output can be expanded because of links with other properties within the company and I think you Discovery Communications is a evil call Brenda g one thing vs.

The Discovery Channel Shark Week etc from Beko two separate things to think about their Discovery and R scripts have a large number of different channel brands over the last bits of programming that they can put on different channels to ok and sticking with the relatively undercovered outposts of the BBC at little the world service because the Fallout from the BBC salary Revelations last.

Continue unabated and now Louise the world service are up in Arms by insiders is very large between the world service on the BBC and then network news this report was meant to be out in the spring and it's been delayed for whatever reason which is causing a lot thanks.

It's been promised.

It will be out soon from died in report that reds.

Are there was some of the sources saying that they don't know any BBC World Service presenters who earn more than £50,000 a year yet.

We know from recent revelations that people like you Edwards at hanging about 600000 at the News section of the programme of study and pretty insane gap the world services meant to be a real Jewel In The Crown it reaches millions of people and I think of information request early this year which showed that the average senior broadcast journalist gets 10% less than the average News Network journalist, so this is a pretty significant gap and then I can as all reason to be slightly up in Arms

That reporter come out and and changes may be made but those changes I guess could end up with us or paying more from the licence fee and of course most people in Britain on watching the world service 7 there is an argument that you know things are bright as they are mean the reason this happened.

What's historic? Lee world service was very separately from the BBC in a different and there wasn't so much crossover with network news and and World Service operations, so I think they have travelled the road route.

I think the other thing is some of the some of these presents around shows the tens of millions of people listen to you and huge deals in different different parts of the world, but you know it's not from the mind.

Is it and we don't the people who actually hold the big purse strings don't consume it.

Don't really think about that and understand how that works so again follows its own follows its own trail ok? We're nearly done, but there is just time for our Media quiz.

This week it is entitled regeneration as the dust settles on the revelation that the new Doctor Who has no male genitalia.

Your task this week is to guess what these popular Media properties have regenerated into is the best of three buzzing with your name's Eloise you will say that you're saying that the winner is Mel and Sue Noel Fielding here.

We go with regeneration number 1 BBC Radio 4 front row Louise singer TV version on BBC2 which sounds a bit like the culture show that they had 5 years ago interesting as I think you know it's a pretty supposed to say comfortable and safe kind of idea, but it's interesting that this crap so similar sort of idea to take a radio title and move it to tele radio title with really good present as many of whom have TV experience there replay.

Sing the presenters with Giles Coren hemorrhage and Nikki bedi all good presenters, but I mean what was wrong with the Radio 4 presenters are going to work incredibly with the front row team, but I think the programs be made by BBC Scotland Scottish I used to work was also made by BBC Scotland as a co-production with the team at TV Centre and we had a weekly conference calls.

I think you'll find that is working very closely at right who am I regenerating as now I am former Downing Street chief of staff Nick Timothy as one of the two main advisors to Theresa May in June after their shambolic snap election has been for the sun and also the Telegraph which was quite a surprise move because it came very soon and seems that those Tory supporting papers have forgotten that he was responsible for the policies.

Champoluc General Election and apparently write the manifesto and came up with the dementia tax so he's not a friend to the people who wanted Theresa May to get a bigger majority so it's very interesting to see I'm sure he'll be he's I think it's written a piece kind of towing a while.

We got it wrong very open kind of line about that, but it's pretty interesting recruitment like say ok to see whether Matt can come in with pointed radio ones Big Weekend who are my regenerating last match going to be the biggest BBC biggest weekend keepers in Angel it's dreadful working too because there's no Glastonbury all that's the hook anyway because there's no Glastonbury Radio 1 radio to the other music networks are going to have a weekend of activity across Scotland Wales Northern Ireland and England to reflect the networks and to fill That Glastonbury sized gap good idea.

Torn the BBC to do things very well.

This is a nice way to tell people that what's on these radio stations and I like that as summer radio programme from the commercial side of me.

I feel we're not understand my music events a commercial music events and it why not just green latitude instead if I was the producer of an event the similar time in a similar place the BBC popping up and doing a very good job might annoy me so today my thanks to Louise Ridley Matt Deegan and Felicity capon.

Catch up with a previous episodes and get the latest episodes as soon as they're released by subscribing for free and tell website the media podcast.

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I've been on him and the producer Matt Hill the media podcast is a PPM production and until next time in Edinburgh

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