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Read this: #76 - Auntie Plots The Year Ahead - The Media Podcast with Olly Mann

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#76 - Auntie Plots The Year Ahead - The …

Hello and welcome to the media podcast I'm Olly Murs on today's show it's a BBC Sizzla we discuss all the big announcement to come out of the first annual plan more money for kids fact checking podcasting.

What does it all mean? We'll find out plus is Jon Snow the real purveyor of hate and was the Guardian drunk at Glastonbury I may have got that the wrong way round and in the media quiz we find out who knows their Media onions.

It's all to come on today's Media podcast and joining me on the roof terrace.

It's summer forgive the sirens at Picturehouse central aisle Business Insider senior news editor Jake kanter and something else is managing director Steve Ackerman Steve for those who aren't regular listeners to give us a flavour of the kind of work something else makes.

I know recently that you had DJ semtex offering gardening advice.

It was DJ khaleed who is very famous?

And he's biggest with gardening and so yes that video was done very well for 1Xtra was in retweeted on the Gardeners Question Time Twitter feed well.

That's an impressive spread of and easy things to you when I got this question period story at Business Insider UK this week.

We had a really great story last week.

I can tell you about which surname Brennan if it's got a name mentioned in Parliament report about the fact that a group of Tory MPs were lobbying for Andrea leadsom to become the new leader of the Conservative Party and she was called out on it in parliament and I'll name was dropped and it was all very gratifying that is yeah.

I know if you're going to take A reputable source that politicians are reading and quoting in the House of Commons that has an exclusive on inside political story and generally speaking you know until purchased a year ago.

That would be expected to come from.

Basically the telegraph for the Guardian think it is an indication of our ambitions certainly we've brought in a politics editor guy called and Bianca off is doing great stuff for us and yeah.

We sing the traffic as well well as we used to say at the Guardian let's start with the BBC because I consolidated not one not two but three BBC stories into one exciting whole they have announced a string of development designed to make them competitive in this ever changing digital Landscape it says here.

So let's tackle these incentives one by one first more money for children's programming 34 million pound budget increase over the next 3 years Steve long overdue.

Very sensible completed the right space to BBC should be placing itself in when you bear in mind the lack of spend in other areas on children's but why is that happened by the way the BBC make a 97% of UK children's programming and can't carry out I'm in your kind of thing.

Surely, you know where the Disney and hasbro and Mattel want to advertise while on ITV and Channel 4 and Channel 5 making more kids that will probably go answer.

It's because of people like Disney they've got their own outlets and it's too difficult to complete on that in that space thing the other advantage the BBC have until the kids.

So it is a safe space.

It's an advert free space and I think you'll find parents will encourage their children to go to the iPlayer or to go online to go and absorb BBC content because of that so you have to shout when the BBC get it right because quote from the get bashed and I think on this one actually alright.

What about that, but you said getting it right there any doing it cos I've told them to Raj no, I don't think there was big last year from packed animation UK the children's Media Foundation they all wanted the BBC's children's budget to stay over 100 million over the course of this charter.

It looks like they've succeeded in that a

Yo the BBC has Steve said should be applauded when it gets things right and I don't think this is just a political thought I think the BBC does have a genuine commitment to children's it always has done.

It's always done it brilliantly and I'm sure we'll see lots more great content not just on television.

Got online as well more importantly.

Where are a lot of this resource is going to go and Steve's also write.

This is a big industry-wide issue.

There is not enough commitment to children's from other broadcasters and Ofcom if it's kicking the BBC to get into children's it should be doing exactly the same to Channel 4 and more often because it is on channel 100 was completely neglected literally zero argue that they are trying to cater for a slightly older audience they suck out children as sort of 8 2 13 14 are not sure of that brackets quite right but an older children's audience and that's why they're so.

Resource but I don't think it's having impact that they believe it is and that digital area for kids, what sort of innovation.

Do you think there might be there and opportunities for producers like you Steve well enough in awe laughing with one of the other BBC stories.

I think you got a look at podcasts or on-demand audio.

It's certainly something that I think you've seen some people at Matt Deegan them.

I'm trying to the name of his folder media media that funky to do a fantastic job, but it's something that they think being very proactive in I'm so if you got a look in that space is the queen the game space because that's very well-developed and you know them.

She just doesn't have the sauce front you really need a thing to do that well, but where should of interactivity in online interactivity meet so so simple web games that can be played on the BBC's done that very well for kids and I think doing more in that space again was got an educational purpose or public service purpose.

I think there's a really stings spaceman to be looking at computer.

Swallows and I mean I have actually been spending fairly significant amounts in the online space with interactivity having a lovely goes under the radar but you know over the past 678 years they have continually spent in these in these areas project last year was the microchip BBC microchip which has been sent to all 11 year olds in schools, and it is encouraging them to code only the BBC could provide that kind of public service it would be quite scary of Richard Osmond did the BBC story I was gonna make the third one but you taste it there Stephen I'm agile.

That's what we are here at the media podcast and that is the BBC's plans to produce original podcast James Purnell announce that he says that the UK lags behind the US and Sweden in terms of podcast listening and that's because the BBC hasn't been able to innovate in the medium because of regulations is that true because I look at the iTunes chart and there's a lot of Kirsty Young and there's a lot of Friday night.

Comedy in ok.

They're not innovating very broadcasting radio shows but I can see what that regulation exist if that's to stop them completely dominating all podcasts keep on about this is that there's been a relaxation in the rules so that they can create original content just for online.

Where is up to up until now there are only allowed to put into podcast formats programs that already broadcast so the best thing about is there Chris Warburton 125 live which is a true Crime podcast and only exist as a podcast of the mobile to another one show that's why is that the customers are there in this country because the BBC hasn't been able to do that and I think I actually write that we got a very dominant audio broadcaster and as she there has been a lot of innovation in the podcast and you know that better because you're one of the people whose whose lead the way on that front not only with this podcast but with something or other very well known ones.

I'm not in Purley

And you know I'm not sure from what I've heard so far whether I'd say that's innovation.

I mean certainly forgot the Chris Warburton pockets really picking up on what we've already seen come out of Americans was the orations.

They are really like to see the BBC be a lot more adventurous in what they trying to achieve in the podcast spaceport stuff you both listen to more support than I do bears Freddie Flintoff one.

Is it comes under James that because that would be big produced in Salford which probably comes out of five live and therefore is a sport.

It does graveler James Purnell's got big new job as head of radio at the BBC and his grand innovative ideas bumblebirb podcast I mean come on outdated.

No, I mean have you heard of Siri it's really good.

I'm kind of a bit ambivalent about this.

I think that the BBC at its best is the tide that lifts all the boat.

And you would hope that it has that effect in the podcast Space by committing a bit more resource to it, but at its worst.

It will drown everyone's your thoughts well.

I'm well.

Thank you for asking me to be interested to see whether the UEFA Radio iPlayer or whatever they're using for promoting this stuff on the BBC branded say is actually going to become open to independent now because we had that discussion to me round BBC iPlayer for TV content and it never happened for understandable rights reasons.

It's complicated to put a Channel 4 Show on iPlayer I'm saying you never happened.

I think there are few instances on there a public service broadcaster, but with podcasting there really isn't an issue apart from making sure the shows past general taste and decency standards why if you listen to for example to take them this brings to mind the media show on Radio 4 but it wouldn't recommend that you listen to this that would be a genuine booster all podcast as if the BBC bridal to offer that but I'm not seeing any plans along those lines the podcast equivalent of what they did with the radio player.

The question is clearly one around the commercial market that you know I know you were discussing this on the on the last edition it into the rapper whilst you're starting to open up some of some of the numbers there and you had just at a time when the podcast market commercially is just starting to stew bringing revenues and sent in America racing typical revenues, when I saw fantastic took my glass we went on to some of the stats that this American Life and cereal are doing and the revenues they bring in it and it really is It's Phenomenal phenomenal numbers, but just as a time when that started up in the UK what you don't want is obviously a broadcaster whose not doing anything for commercial gain coming in and really swamping the market to the extended.

It's very difficult for that market commercially to get off the ground.

They're doing a project for now.

It's early Doors ok.

I'm not actually one final question on this before we move on to the third exciting BBC announcement Steve for you because something else produced the mayo and Kermode show, don't you which has what £250?

Downloads and episode something like that billion a month saying you are allowed to monetize that but not in the UK that's correct.

Yeah, do you think of Cortana in the way it would you check Yourself in the Foot to say yes, but you think that's the right judgement that listens in the UK you paid for it through the licence for you shouldn't have to listen to add or is it more like in the olden used to buy DVD of Fawlty Towers and then being upfront cost for that is not designed to be included in the licence in the UK that has been paid for by all of us by the licence fee payer and therefore I think if you're in the UK I think it is right.

You should be able to have that free of charge.

So I haven't got to make it could make money out of that I'm going to prom with that but it is right to them charge overseas listens to enjoy our content for free.

Yes absolutely because what that does is return money back.

Obviously as the producer we would see some money in and come anime with his money, but it would return money back to the BBC as well, so that's honesty in the licence fee payers interest.

Ok, are you ready for that third exciting BBC story hit me.

I'm I'm sensory examining the air it's this reality check their fact checking service is going to expand we living in a post-truth university of disgust on the show many times but again there are independent organisations doing this like for factory interviewed on the show 22 BBC to be doing this Jay yes, I think the BBC has a role to play in fact checking and yeah, you got a remember that the BBC is the most trusted Media organisation in this country and I think viewers and listeners will always rely on the BBC to tell them the truth and exactly how our story is shaping up and if people like that in the form of a fact checker whatever you want to call it then more for them.

It seems to me though that people are quite prepared to ignore the fact that the BBC does this and then say it doesn't exist anywhere during the brexit campaign was all this business about other stuff that is written on the side of the bus that was a lie.

Why did no one tell her that was all I remember sitting through some quite tedious BBC packages telling me exactly how that money breakdown, but it was entirely truthful be related to a particular portion of pie do people really read this fact check stuff.


They still seem to get out of it.

What they want this isn't really about back of the bus stop is it? I'm in this is this is I think completely about the evolution using the online space and the way that clearly inaccurate or false Stories can gain huge traction you know through through just being picked up and shares and so I think the BBC is a trusted source has got that role to play and you say well, you know these things were being being picked up.

I think still the fact that there's a place you can go to just find out for yourself even if that's only a small minority of people who might be inclined to do that is quite.

An especially for the journalistic community in as resources get hit more and more 4 News journalism.

I think this is a great function for for how a public service broadcaster should be behaving but then one of the resources that has been cut since 2010 is BBC monitoring that could be the place to be doing reality checks that are you saying the BBC's got double standards on things I wouldn't understand my own regulate ideal talking this week about securing the future of the BBC and making sure it appeals to young girls, but they took 50 million pound out of BBC3 a couple of years ago.

So I think there's a there's always going to be mix messing with me mixed messages from the BBC it's such a big organisation that contradiction does Creep in well.

I don't know about you listens, but I enjoyed those three BBC stories so much.

I'm going to chuck in a for you ready.

I wasn't so who was personalized content for iPlayer what do we think about that? It's a good thing.

I think the most interesting thing has happened in the last few weeks is that

You now have to sign in to iPlayer to access content and I think the most recent thing I could find was from last year and I think the BBC's got about 7.2 million registered users and that will increased sharply now that people have to login and their fingers are here as well that of those 7.2 million people.

They are watching 40% more content because of what is being recommended to Steve when Ben Cooper came in at Radio One he said the average age of Alice is 2 old therefore we have to lose listeners in order to solve go back to focusing on what was supposed to be actually achieving.

What about if I player concludes that the average age for a BBC viewer or a BBC online view it is older or younger or more male or female on my city based on a rule-based than they want shouldn't be acting change on the basis of that data was quite the same as it because I play as an all-encompassing tool for all the different BBC brands, where is obviously for everyone there's a particular demographic they were being.

Best to secure on behalf of the BBC so so what if I find out not enough young people along the onside play for example.

I mean really I think this doesn't this boil down to the nature of the content and probably the marketing of that content is Oriana Radio 1 have their own channel down the iPlayer and interestingly some of those programs are doing very significant number certainly more than you might find in a primary on BBC2 BBC4 then you say what with the contents therein is being consumed.

It's a case of how you market the brand to make sure that the right demographic is aware of where they can go to find that content ie the iPlayer and the BBC store close this mum.

Didn't is? Why do you think that failed? It was it was too late to the party.

Why because they were using the iTunes model of charge and put downloader of the egg model of streaming BBC looked at ITV they have seen it doesn't work ITV tried micropayments for shows it flopped enormously I mean fell right on its face and they stopped it.

Very quickly ITV around the same time BBC launches BBC store and here we are two years later and it's closing as well.

So do we know I mean maybe you don't what is the option now if you're an expat and you live in Cyprus in your honour which EastEnders is there a way of paying legitimately to watch BT content on my nose that won't listen to BBC just launched brickbox ITV and some other organisations brick box gone basically and you can get your fix of Eastenders or Coronation Street at the model the model of paying per episode was completely overrun by Netflix and Amazon are people expect to pay a monthly fee no nonsense and watch where.

Well, that was so good.

Do you know I'm going to do I'm going to throw a v BBC story into the mix and that is because Chris Moyles Tony Blackburn and more finish my sentence for me Steve are getting together on Radio 1 vintage.

Is it called that's Radio 1 video? It's a dab pop-up like Radio 2 country or Radio 2 50 s except.

It's for the Old Radio 1 DJs why are they doing this they doing it cos it's the 50th anniversary of Radio 1 now you say don't kick the baby when the down.

You think of the history of Radio 1 presenters and you might think that reuniting them on a platform would be a bad idea peerwise you know they got up to some mischief didn't mate I can imagine it must been a nightmare internally at the BBC How You commemorate 50 years of the BBC without mentioning Dave Lee Travis Jimmy Savile and all the rest of it was also don't forget how you coming right 50 years for a youth Brand and that's probably just probably the angle.

I think to this story that actually been Coopers made the right call which is to say look.

I'm not going to go overboard on there because on Radio 1 on radio one because to my young audience.

It's kind of not only is it is it irrelevant do I want to shout about the fact that im supposed to be this you know you've Brandon I'm 50 years old not quite sure that works.

So what I do is I celebrate the heritage of it and I'll people for who this is meaning for people like us who are Graham Mrs maisel membrane older we had together.

It's quite poorly handled by

And take the other side of that coin.

I did see the mail Online article that was Furious that listens in the 50s and 60s who would love to hear Tony Blackburn may not have these two radios at home and therefore there been deprived of hearing this on FM can you pin that on the BBC though they've chosen to do it as a pop-up and my fellow broadcasting Radio 2 for example the real crux of what you're saying there is digital radio is not as widely available as it should be yes, I suppose and actually it's the BBC's job to try and get people to buy DAB radios as well, Maybe that's part of the reason.

I done it and let's be honest you get update the name of going through anything to do with the BBC so will you be listening probably know I might tuning for a bit of curiosity, but you know I know I've heard Tony Blackburn enough.

I don't really want to hear someone make together and if he's going to be on.

You know miles I can listen to any day of the week, but so it probably some for me though.

I think I'm with you actually which is a shame because I don't know why that is I would like the idea of listening to a well-crafted 2 hour documentary about Radio 1.

Just don't want to hear Tony Blackburn chatting to Nick Grimshaw I can only imagine what that would be like without hearing it and I don't I don't know whether they're doing this if they were creating a little documentary to go on the iPlayer actually yes, I'd watch that I've been arranged into the sum of the store is what was going on behind the scenes, but here the same broadcasters on here again playing music from yesteryear and rehashing the Old stories.

I'm not sure that's only imagine something on BBC4 as well.


All you need to imagine is the Radio 2 schedule isn't it? I suppose that.

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Come to landlords, BBC sounds ancient ancestors listening merely that the sound of a rainforest whatever they give me a 2370 kms 92 animals or insects.

So if we don't have these things anymore what on earth did you do for us or for Forest 404 a brand new drama podcast starring pearl Mackie to listen to Forest for a bold first download the free BBC Sounds app time using breathe Now Jake and Steve are still with me and let's do post-truth news not fake news.

Let's talk about people saying other things are fake news you with me last week Jon Snow was the subject of accusations of bias on hair after it was reported he join protests at Glastonbury and then on Thursday Liam Fox hit out of the BBC gaming The Corporation would rather the country failed than brexit succeed bias in broadcast journalism, which is supposed to be regulated although John Snow wasn't actually broadcasting time is Glastonbury of course your thoughts Jake was shot Horror Channel 4 news is mildly left-leaning although he said he had no recollection of doing the

Fruit or a chance what is entirely consistent with him because he was very grumpy about the fact that haven't given an interview as it turned out he capitulated at the eleventh hour and gave me 10 minutes.

I think was the day before the election.

So his his his groningen mumbling it had the paid off in the end and you again shop Victoria sticks the boot into the BBC Where Do We Stand there on Jon Snow because it is Channel 4 news.

I mean ok.

It does suggest questions from the other side of the political spectrum, when is interviewing someone and he's a good interviewer, but it's fairly clear which side of the political debate he comes home.

Why you tune into Channel 4 news in the first place and then he has had these rats online otter Glastonbury but you know about Gaza for example which have BBC reporter would not be allowed to do.

Is that cool but is not the whole point he's doing it because he's not a BBC reporter because he is able he's able to do it is not bound by the same restrictions as he is bound by the same Australia immigration when is broadcasting a personal perspective? I would feel more cutting while I was quite like it when you don't really know the Politics of the people fronting the news and that you did not very surprised when they vote One Way or Another One many years later.

They they they come out until you do I have an issue about about him shouting things that last week not particularly.

I think they're more sinister.

Thing is the story mentioned with Liam Fox because this is obviously this is only a week to after a Andrea leadsom outburst about the news ball or the broadcasting station P3 more patriotic.

I think was her was her words and you know this is really tied up tied up in that further that we saw from very very ideological leavers before the election and I get rid of the Saboteurs know that so.

Nonsense enemies of the people and it feels to be like this still a very small fraction who rather wanting to encourage your true element of dialogue and debate within the medium within broadcasting are trying to squash and shut down that debate and don't like it when they hear something from the other side and actually has a vibrant democracy regardless of where you sit on the pixel fence of the referendum.

It's really important that we can have that debate that does mean whichever side you're on sometimes you going to hear things you don't agree with you.

Don't like how many brexit voters do we think work for BBC News

Do you know what I've done? This is a game worth getting into his first will BBC News is run by a guy who are used to hang up the Times which is a murderer but I know but there is I don't I absolutely personally believe there isn't a bias on screen and I'll Defender BBC's impartiality, but it is true that the people who make the programs are mostly son of left-leaning Oxbridge graduates like they always were potentially but if you speak to momentum supporters.

They would run as well about how anti-corbyn the BBC as seriously as there are people like me to write an people on the far left complaining and therefore you're not going to do my job.

You're probably try and Skype we can talk about Sky Now not the BBC Sky Sports are dropping number two channels branding say no more Sky Sports 1 2 3 etc and instead.

We're going to get Sky Sports football 1 and Sky Sports rugby or whatever good idea.

I'm not sure I'm making a huge router difference Skies just had its biggest drop-ins Premier League viewing figures in 7 years is that is that beat it probably a couple reasons BT BT will be an element within that but there more people watching through Skies online services like NOW TV and Sky Go which don't get counted by Bob instantly are under the diffuser this huge growth in illegal streaming.

Is is doing the damage? I'm a big football fan when I want to watch Spurs play.

I will buy a day pass and watch it through NOW TV do I care that it's on Sky Sports football or Sky Sports 1.

I don't give a damn I know but at the moment as I understand because I'm not interested at all you either by a Sky Sports package or you don't wear as presumably this is paving the way so that like NOW TV but through your satellite dish.

She be able to say I'm only interesting the football so that if it makes it cheaper for me to then buy a day pass just to watch the

Football channel then great.

I think that's the idea.

Isn't it Steve what is specific as she probably not football but if you're only interested in Formula 1 race other than it was definitely makes it easier from a branding perspective from a marketing perspective zoom understand.

What each proposition is what I suppose it goes back to the heart of of WhatsApp so much of the entertainment industry struggling with which is in a kind of does it matter what your channels called anymore as kind of what you're saying Jake that you've got to look at what the audience behaviour is which is an on-demand hotter than your car illegal streaming especially first for is massive no absolute massive but why is it massive because it allow it gives an on-demand option I want to watch it therefore.

I'll go and find where I can watch it from exact same issue the music industry were having all those years ago.

You know the difficulty for Sky is a paid so much money now for the football as well that direction the sky packages very very expensive and we only have to pay whatever it is a quid a month for Netflix is a vast difference between that and the basic package you need to pay for Sky and then when you had on the sports channels, you are to 100.

£2 expenditure more than you would be if you just think illegal streams and a bit of Netflix so if you follow that through to its logical conclusion that means less money in football that in 10 years time potentially actually no, I don't think so because we're the Premier League because the Premier League is now global proposition and so it's it's getting I think to the point where it has potential to be even in terms of domestic supply potentially breakout someone I think they're probably in the place.

Where someone is always going to now pay the money they want because they're yeah, because there's such a global proposition now and if I think I'm writing saying the revenues that they now getting in from international broadcast rights exceed the Old domestic deal that that I carry out that I might have that completely wrong, but it's certainly very very significant you go anywhere in the world now that you never saw before and the Premier League is a global Brand and the tabs within it are global brands.

Tell me about it so irritating is another country.

Where are you from England Manchester United

Sticking with Sky and the culture secretary Karen Bradley has said that she is minded.

That's the quote to refer Rupert Murdoch speed for Sky to the Competition Commission now many people that we spoke to at the start of the Year Jake thought that this was going to be a donedeal for 21st Century Fox that 2017 would mean full-on ownership by the murdochs.

Why isn't it happened again hasn't changed you can give you a government go through the motions that they are really yeah.

Yeah, but it is a question of when it could the answer to that could be 12 months.

Could it could be delayed but I think as long as 21st century Century Fox feel it's moving in the right direction and they're getting the right signals behind the scenes.

I think there'll be quite relaxed about that if you talk to people of Sky they are so confident that this day was going to happen.

They almost dismiss you when you ask her about it breaks.

It's round the corner.

Will they still look better or worse if it does get delayed by Ewan Murdoch

Waited a 6 years ago the last time you had ago was 2011 and all indications.

Are they going to continue and carry out his wishes time to move into print now and last week saw the Paul Foot award winner announced that award named after be celebrated Private Eye reporter celebrates the best investigative journalism of the year and it was on by Emma youle for a campaign in which she highlighted the plight of thousands of people living in temporary accommodation in Hackney take this is one by a local newspaper the Hackney Gazette housing miskin is that use credit to the Hackney Gazette and it's great for them that time when all you hear is negative stories about the bottom falling out of local press that they winning an award like this and there is proper investment in investigative journalism at grassroots sense of maybe that's why they won the award though because you know the other nominees were The Usual Suspects

Interesting but you know they were better resourced publications.

I wonder if this one because it was the exception rather than the rule in courage to take place is clearly a positive fine.

I'm waiting for the moment when we might see some of this sort of work start really starting to happen online in terms of online websites from Llandudno the local you know the idea of people really starting to sort of unveils local scandals doesn't need to be something that is just the preserve of a local newspaper the IFC know that takes time effort and money plenty of other forms of Media have found their way online and found new ways to be done and this feels like something that's still quite old school kwaito fashion.

We still have that that romantic image.

Don't we have this is a hack diggy away at the story but I know what we're sitting here talking about it and that is huge credit.

So that it shows that if you invest in property.

Amazon you'll get recognized for it and something to be celebrated but I do wonder and I don't know this woman that also I'm not in any way suggesting that this was her motivation but a lot of people who work for local press.

Do it because it is still considered a step up into them working for nationals working for another title when you say Steven this could be replaced apps in the future by basically a citizen journalist or someone doing it for online advertising the treated going to council meetings is boring isn't it like going through local stories and it is boring people do it because they and their stripes and then I can do something more exciting.

I want if anyone's ever going to say you I really want to do it every council meeting someone discounted, but it's just about having the tenacity of big under what seems on the surface and the time that that takes but is always someone who's up for that you know.

Can people who recognise that do proper Jenner's my local newspaper is going to help them replicate that pick a title there right still it's just the training in the journalism industry or at least growth opportunity in the journalism industry are changing rapidly and what you're saying nowadays is more more young people joining online editions of you the big newspaper websites.

Can we play slide Business Insider and they're learning journalism in a very different way is much more about how they can generate a bigger audience for their work rather than the sort of mechanics of getting good stories.

Did you start on the local press joke? I didn't know I started on trade press which I would argue is similar what a similar route in then even have amusing titles are used to wear for a magazine called supply management, but I would never be disparaging about my time and very sexy world of procurement.

It was learnt a lot.

How to build people straws how to break stories are you cannot get experience in amylase work for big farmers Weekly or something if you are interested to know more about this private eye award then you'll be pleased to know the producer Matt has made a special Private Eye podcast it says here about the Awards just search for page 94 in your podcast out again.

I see no regulator ajr on a roof terrace.

We do what we like finally just before the quiz did you see the editorial that the Daily Mail roundabout the Guardian recently added within God's yesterday Daily Mail called the Guardian the real purveyors of hatred who wants to tell this story is quite fungal species oriental cartoon after the recent terrorist attacks which showed a truck or van, would you was nothing it was because he was playing in two people but it was still running into the mosque in Finsbury Park

Numberjacks on the side of the bath I said read read the sun in the mail and the Guardian then he saying you know basically if you if you make a hateful noises eventually these things might well happen and ice and the male responded very angrily, but what they said was held their the Guardian accuse are 4 million leaders of being purveyors of hate and now there's a nuance here that killed that might have read them out of here.

Which is what the Guardian was doing was attacking the editorial stance taken by those papers when it comes to stories around minorities and Islam another very sensitive issues and what the male read that has was not an attack on their brand but an attack on their entire ecosystem, which I don't think he is its supply look it said it wasn't my reading just as a punter that wasn't what I read into the cartoon.

You know I think if you have a layer of sophistication and awareness you understand the point that was that was being made someone who's an extreme.

It will be inspired by what they read but also by what they see him.

What they hear.

You know there are many Media outlets that trade in inflammatory material that you never respond to the satirical cartoon.

It's just not the done thing called a cat foaming at the mouth out this leader and the fact that it claims that he has nothing to do with the mail online because they're run by extreme leftists and they failed to understand the distinction this apparently makes your prevaricate they fail to understand the distinction the Katie Hopkins rights for MailOnline not the daily.

Expect to say that's a distinction that many readers fail to understand as well as me when they can see the article online Launceston Private Eye last week and by James O'Brien on LBC yeah, when he was saying that Paul Dacre trousers £263,000 bonus for increasing the audience on mail online and investing in the mail Online it doesn't help the practice political situation at the moment.

Does it that the mainstream press is itself becoming so fractured everything around this story.

I see when you dig into a bit is the fact that the male has brought this to the attention of their readers when I would lay pretty good money that most Daily Mail readers were not aware of this cartoon not big consumers a girl who got the garden written at all because obviously why would they be there? Don't they are you know the Guardian sells whatever it says on a 250000 300000 copies the mill sales would have it.

Are significantly more is there going to be a small overlap of people who might buy both publications your work in the media it to the attention of all your reader's seems everything in one sense, but maybe in the other goes back to what we saying about Liam Fox it's kind of this polarising thing that we got going on within our Society which we've seen for many years in America and which makes me feel very uncomfortable in the sense of is that really where we want our discussion and debate to go to whichever side of the mythical fences it on and I should be in to masturbate that because there are blogs and podcasts and all the rest of it and you sites for online only that clearly offer content to anish.

That's interesting a particular political viewpoint the breasts them as well.

So did he was an even more? You know is he the Daily Mail was right wing but they had to try and appeal to the old Daily Mirror read.

It might buy them as well now.

It's just like no that's not what we do.

What we do is this.

It is a duskull like the lines if division are everclear are these days between are the extreme right wing press and the corbynites online right wing threats and the price is extremely on there is just time for our Media quiz.

This week it's entitled newsbytes.

I'm going to make 3 badly constructed food pan news headlines and your job is to decipher the media story within its best of three buzzing with your name this TV will say Steve and Jake you will say Jake the winner is Tefal the loser is product placement here is food pun number one he was a film critic who knew his arm.

You just got that and why not the death of Barry Norman who died this week at the age of 83? Did you meet Mr Norman know but I know he's not Barry Cryer online when they broke this story online today.

I had a picture of Barry Cryer not very naughty Norman thanks for asking that.

He was one of my first ever student magazine journalist interview pieces.

I asked him for a half hour to publicise.

Is my mind you gave me 2 hours and he bought me lunch which commentator has had his cake eaten it and then drop the mic JJ Henry Blofeld correct.

Henry Blofeld will retire from test match special in the autumn now Barry Norman I can talk about Henry Blofeld obviously I've literally never heard tell me why he said phenomenal broadcast and wonderful rich resonant voice you've ever listen to test match special.

He has been one of the voices of that program.

Which was saying is 60 years old maybe this year.

I think I might be wrong on that front but an amazing broadcast time for a test match special pop-up why has Blue Peter had its chips.

You can guess the story so on Jake yes, did the male write something about Blue Peter ratings being 0 or something correct, but I think.

I saw a rebuttal online, UK was I have it is that the show Blue Peter rated 0 According to Bob On episode was broadcast in June but you think that some controversy over there.

I think the MailOnline has obviously taken that figure and produced a colourful report about which is then made its way onto Twitter and the BBC press office I think responded on Thursday to it directly saying we beg to differ and publish them if Astley 0.00 purely for Legacy nostalgia.

Not because any self-respecting eight-year-old Rushes home to see it.

I hope not so difficult these days a link to really know I mean we kind of started the pod talk about childrens 1st and it is so desperate now.

It's very difficult.

I think they really with any confidence predict.

What sort of content kids are going to consume the magazine shows generally.

Mumsnet twin collation would be to feel it's a bit outdated on fashion and yet at the same time as I said CBBC is definitely a safe place for children to go and the constantly produces still phenomenon cytokine runs counterintuitive a bit one would hope that the the game is not up yet.

Why would you didn't broadcasting a big Legacy brands and you've got a big letters e Brown that's never been taken off their is still going strong at the BBC should continue to back it ok? We'll just bring things Full Circle then back to original discussion at the Radio 1 vintage and children will we ever see Top of the Pops come back of that is somehow doubt you'd like to see is it to take it now.

I don't think so but you might see one of live and Kicking coming back.

Not the same but I'll take what I can get and you have won the quiz even though the sound is very much.

Driving for free at our website via Media podcast this episode is dedicated to BBC journalist Lewis smells.

Thank you Leanne him keepers episode dedicated to you all you need to do is go to be medium / donate and give generously as much money as you possibly can production until next time.

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