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Read this: #75 - Channel 4's hunt for the new Hunt - The Media Podcast with Olly Mann

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#75 - Channel 4's hunt for the new Hunt …

Hello and welcome to the media podcast I'm Ollie man on today's show we review the coverage of another unpredictable election campaign with an unexpected win for a major broadcaster.

There's a new chief executive at Channel 4 Maggie Brown is here to tell us all about her and what she needs to do to keep the corporation on an even keel plus Hopkins leaves LBC apple blow the doors of podcasting the Radio Academy Returns with The rebooted Awards do and in the media quiz we reveal the Wolves in sheep's clothing.

It's all come on today's Media podcast and join me today at Picturehouse central are creative director of TV in the lemonade money.

It's Faraz Osman and heat magazines entertainment director Boyd Hilton affinity screening today.

Yeah, so I can't talk about that is strictly embargoed.

Can you give us a star rating without saying what it was.

Yes, I give you the story to have to stop.

I look forward to reading the review at a later date.

What is on your secret's late at the moment.

We are hustling as usual we got a few things that we are chatting about that.

Can't talk about unfortunately cos they're in development thing is the fourth season of four to the floor is on air on Channel 4 right now cancelling great guns.

We got a new presenting cast on that I missed out on the couch reviewing and talking about the best new music as it's quite exciting check joining us down the line from her writing down in South London it is media writer Maggie Brown hi Maggie I imagine you were just finishing your second history on Channel 4 when J Hunt resign.

How's the book going?

Have nice clean decisions and the end of one year and also I'm actually quite pleased because all the my forecast came true that you've never have an internal candidate so a little boost of confidence because of the favoured inside a Woods J hunt and provided reason she didn't get it.

That's what we start with a big news story the election because they're as has been widely discussed by other more venerable outlets the result of this snap election was totally unexpected for pretty much everyone will pretty much everyone.

But certainly in our industry to pretty much all assumed a majority of some kind for the Conservatives let's start with the coverage though, especially once they exit poll was announced because the BBC iTV and Channel 4 wall running with live coverage when suddenly it seemed like something you might want to actually watch.

What did you make of what used to avoid it was tremendously exciting and uplifting and in the end?

I'm selling my stuff anyway, so I went to vote in my it was nice while it was in my youth.

I mean that you definitely I mean it's been nearly 50 years are there in a bribe TV generation much switched on BBC One as is tradition autism matters of state import data the exit poll was tremendously excited but of course there are always talking about how you know whether it would be rushing around so she was all the warnings then once some John Curtis starting having the kind of ongoing discussion / slightly spiky wrap with them, They're out there like to Polly experts coaches have been there on that we're balcony Peter kellner was down sitting with David dobrik.

He thought he must know he's talking about 30 years.

The first two results came in from the North East Sunderland Newcastle lever and I thought oh it's going to be about 9 then the next few days coming then it was what it was it was a Rollercoaster but I have to say shut your carnival you did to the show introduction, but I did feel as as it's some kind of TV critic licence look around check the other broadcasters and immediately I was drawn to ITV I just thought having an Ed Balls and giorgos was a masterstroke having them throughout the night commenting like to build a little relationship.

We know each other and they will kind of funny in that kind of outrageous and drop them was be incredibly critical of Theresa May I mean fair enough and it was all the more exciting on ITV have to say so for the first time in my lifetime.

Really I genuinely kind of the one I'm going to stick mostly with ITV and Channel 4 and sky Frederick as well, but it was if I was amazed might buy myself that I was picking on ITV or BBC One and there is less visibly money on screen coming apart from what they paid George Osborne Ed Balls wasn't there a TV that was thinking the little boxy room.

Why have the top because it's fine to have I didn't mind all the all the graphics in the Spectacular huge studio but having Curtis up on the balcony was weird talking about images of God and then you have Michelle his say nothing I wasn't in a different interview area into the other people as well as David Dimbleby doing something to use in his area and then you had it was just too many people and different types of graphs from one person another person who was just a Jeremy finding one type of an it was up do we really need that money and then ITV I think there was some kind of simplicity to it.

So kind of a core team and there was much bit infinitely preferable for my favourite tweet of the evening actually I forgot.

I'm afraid he did it but it was someone to eating and now over to Jeremy Vine for Life analysis and they put a picture of Homer Simpson doing trump, what did you think of the various different competitors and did you flick beyond 89-90? I'm also part of the eat my hat hat trick of failures when it comes calling election coverage know when it's done and so yeah, I mean it was exciting you can't even with felt like you know it was a bit of

Picture without Harry get audience tickets to election coverage, I know let's let's put something that for the Cliffhanger write the beginning and see if it will stick with it, but I kind of agree with void it's the BBC it's one of those things that BBC knows every single politician.

Is is watching that coverage for it's a time for them to come and go with you to make sure you get it right because there's probably gonna be a conversation about the licence fee further down the line so we need to make sure we represent everybody fairly getting ready on there and make sure that they understand that this is a public service broadcaster.

That's just paid for by by your licence for you accepting but it did feel a little bit rough around the edges has not as slick you know and also it did genuinely for across all of the channels when I was flicking around that they were caught with your pants down little bit when it came to the expert the exit polls and and they're all kind of thinking and their feet which which made it really exciting I watch a little bit of the Channel 4 coverage which I thought was better that has been in previous years and I think having Alastair Campbell on it was was really rude and that really helped inside.

I did really enjoy that was kind of the same idea as last time.

I wasn't it pretty much the same main TV

New anything we shouldn't really fits dinozaurow when I think that he's he's the right sort of person to have them.

I think playing office pointless roller being almost like a Staffy go in the corner.

Really works in his face because he can also be funny at the same time says about Channel 4 news now Maggie I mean you know this is their big night? Isn't it? And it's ok.

It's not the BBC Weather got kuenssberg and more and Robinson and there are battling it out took the most about what's going on but I've got a lot of talented Channel 4 news in and instead of them being on screen for the election results you're watching Talent coach from the BBC to effective you do a comedy show reviews as a news program trying to phone you actually had a good election in my opinion and I found it but I didn't stay with it because I just thought I'd seen enough.

I know what it's like that the real news story which has channel you watch me watch Sky News was well was was just on folding to somewhere else.

I think I missed at the moment.

I am I the only one who fell in love.

Selection spiders anybody watch their son BBC Newsnight after the 10 news it was so funny.

I just that brilliant 5 minutes and um I would have loved to sort of a after the election dissection bye bye that team it was hat-trick actually the best scripts and Rupert Murdoch and stormed out of the news building after the exit Poll how weak are the tabloids now predicting Minifigure influencing its of the time said it wasn't true that was so wanted to be truly hilarious the influence of the tablet press has been overemphasize.

You know the song clean themselves, they won it in a 1-year unpredictable healthpro conservative.

How to say my and hysterically anti-corbyn and the absolute lived up to that level of a series of expected but it was so blatant I think and it's become so blatant and bought I'm kinda boring the obvious that I think people are completely but just don't give a damn anymore in Overseal left with people that mean I don't pay my cousin myself in a million years would I think of taking seriously what the son of the male say but I think more than that they're turning off the roadcore.

You know if you like, similar to the Tories actually I think people just finding it such a large percentage of the younger population.

I just think that they have to actually refresh their approach, but I didn't think they will unfortunately they are you know rinsed in their own political viewpoints and it's all part and parcel of the Vision that they project of the world and the people that they soar employed to do it.

I'm going to how long they can go on sustaining this for the pantomime at

Be honest, I thought that these times did a very good job actually in in trying to be balanced and trying to report the Financial Times obviously does what it does and the Guardian had a range of opinion as well although it is Elvis e liquids am calling but for the tablets and sorry I don't know how I doubt they can't just assume that the younger population now will just be happy with the mail online for the showbiz their contents as well.

We're talking as if labour absolutely smashed it because they did better for me expected the Tories did win but what does that mean for their manifesto promises on the media because of course I haven't won one with a capital w.

Have there is Channel 4 going to move North will section 40 be scrapped will never seem to be scrapped.

Who'd like to jump in on one of those Maggie election commitment over Channel 4 does a consultation taking place about possible relocations also whether it's can invest much more as a shareholder in to develop.

Independent producers and then selling them on a whole range of some issues over Channel 4 to thoughts really it seems quite clear to people that Nick Timothy who have course is now out of the the cold Darkness aware.

He is was Erdington man and he was credited with being the person who in particular thought said it was time for Channel 4 to move out and maybe to go to his favoured secondcity after all Birmingham so you might say that there's a weakening of that results at the same time of course we have got Karen Bradley back as culture secretary who was very much in favour of of of this this move and had said at that conference in Salfords at the end of March that the government and chat for were very far apart on this issue, so it may be something that will continue because it isn't apparently that contentious.

in political terms because there might well be a view in the Labour camps there some sort of better reporting or better coverage and representation of areas outside of London would be very welcome indeed remember Ofcom has to have a new chair Patricia Hodgson is leaving at the end of the year that Ofcom incredibly powerful media and communications regulator so that's another thing that's up for grabs to snow in our interesting Times and that's Alex Mum what do we know about Alex man is the first woman to be a chief executive of Channel 4 she'll be the 7th and she has come very much from outside of the broadcasters area seat her career 17 years and has been apart from being a management consultant has been at Fremantle part of that the RTL group which sham makes all sorts of Pro

Sounds like the X Factor and then she of course went over to help list of Murdoch at shine executor whole number of deals which then led to a merger with in Endemol and she basically now after running the Foundry which does special effects of filmmakers Has Landed this top job but she also if you read the specs the company was advertising you will see that it had a number of pointers to her which said for example.

They wanted somebody who knew a deep understanding of international markets.

So certainly her because that's what the shine Endemol company was about and so indeed that Fremantle and experience of business building inspiring teams through change and of a balanced mix of creative and commercial organisations about the one thing she doesn't know very much about is the advertising market and this is no small area for.

Channel 4 since it's 95% dependent on advertising note 4 Bake Off the sponsorship area they hope there'll be a great competition for it has not been quite as rosy as they expected so that's about the one thing she doesn't take a box for and of course the problem is that it's not everyone can fully understand this but the person who thought she was going to get it from inside Jay hunt the creative director and she was leaving on the Friday before Alex Mum's appointment was confirmed so she's leaving and think she's going to warm up before the new chief executive arrived now.

It's inevitable new chief executives would have probably found their own new team, but it's quite a sort of a rapper.

Exit in terms of the way television normally works and she was she was one of them.

I'm packed with three women and one that and I mean she was the person that was the internal candidate left left them in the rest chance of got a small organisation 830 people in handles a lot of contract sometimes.

It's actually a form of cats are the brutal self-renewal that you do ghost every six or seven years or so and to the outside markets and get it and you person in front of the things replaced J Hunt pretty soon as mate.

He was saying what would you be looking for in a new chief creative officer actually few friends of mine who said that there's a possibility that the role might be split which could be quite interesting so there could be a creative.

Roller McVicar being more of an administrative role, which may balance out the fact that there's been two conversations about Alex's experience in program making so used to work for Channel 4.

Didn't you if you were looking for someone to run it now.

What do you think? I need what I think they're some poorly some really interesting days in the frame based on my the base of my failure of a predicting any politics in the last few years.

I'm I'm not going to my head above the parapet and suggested.

I can get me one then that's above the others but I actually welcome to change it if it's really interesting to come to see the fat the winter when she first came in Netflix has launched in the UK Amazon Prime video wasn't even a thing that would be kinda.

Let alone lyrics in with existing and the market is a completely different to what it was when when she first joined and and David Abrahams just joined and we've got something that's that's completely new and in whole new set of challenges and I think that by the time we have a new team in there when we get to the end of it will be a completely different and possibly unrecognisable company from what it is today and that goes down to two well actually channel fours for and is it just about.

Being a programmer make it is it a publisher is it going to rain more Indies and and so I don't think it's I'm hoping that it's not just give me a straight will let's pick another person.

That's leading another channel Olney in another place.

I'm coming there and they can be recreated from there will be nice to see if the field was open up a little bit to see if you know I'll listen online creatives that we haven't spoken about before are there some you even radio creative source digital creatives.

Don't necessarily fit into the normal TV mode.

They might be able to shake things up and look at it from a different perspective Is Born Risky after all and Boyd you professionally have to sit through all the big new shows on Channel 4, when can I launch? What is Jay hunts Legacy because they've been some highlights of a representative you know the island humans first dates people talk about those but tastrophe.

I think she done a good job.

You know I think I remember probably 3 or 4 years ago.

Maybe my hosted the Edinburgh controller session with j and at the time.

You know that he faces a lot of criticism in the industry and I

Think it was packed it was so full who's in the biggest Auditorium at the festival and knocking people out because I was such a thing as there was such a kind of Friends remember.

There's like a friend's feeling that you know she had to go from some people mainly because they think it will sort the channel was getting tired because of its creativity but I think she totally pulled it back and I think in the last 3 or 4 years is bitbit.

I think right now.

It's and rude health.

I think it's got some really strong comedy drama.

I think in fact entertainments Khan ruling the roost without you say first dates and shows that allow the last leg doing really well.

I think it's I think child always the hardest of the major channels to be creatively in charge of I do have to say I meant BBC hyperdrug BBC One Saturday millions of budget you got the world's creative people at your disposal Forza harder that real tough balance.

I think to your criticised for doing comfortable right you are.

The Bake Off decision was a course highly controversial anyway.

I think generally she should have been shown historic YouTube done a good job and I think Channel 4 right now is in a really good stay and I enjoy enjoy enjoy watching hardly even watch channel 5 for example.

So generally I think it's doing it's doing well.

You came in with to get rid of The Albatross that was Big Brother and an app that left and now than you ever hurt a success is going to be there challenge is going to be making bake off work, so it's it's almost like you've lost one Albatross and she's she's letting a running through the window enough to think about that one right now.

Love Island ITV2 is totally slaughtering Big Brother is I mean normal Big Brother non.

Celebrity brother is over.

I think and loved ones so they taken its place as phenomena among our readers and the young and I much prefer it as I was a format the only thing is is that I think generally the bake off.

I was I was Furious when the whole pic of thing out, but I have to say I hear from Germany have been on set and I've interviewed the new team they loving it and I think it's gonna be much better much less of Ages

Foster the People that made millions Fielding for the first time now, it's ok Maggie final thought for you.

Let's let's cut straight in who are the contenders we should be looking out for to replace J Hunt in your few employees actually overseeing the great idea.

I don't know because the thing is that it isn't as simple as people are making out because I think that there was going to be probably no one single creative director that the decision making may be returned a bit more two people at so it's more of a consensual approach and Anna change from different JJ help with running a very her medical structure with her very much at the top with everything with fed up with so there will be.

Figure it will I think it will be something but this is less stamped with that individuals are personality but giving more power to the Individual Unit commissioners in the different departments.

I think I other kind of always wondered the controls.

It's quite kind of feels to me quite old school way of running a channel in that get rid of the team that that was played out the way that they were able to get Jelly hunting because she was a very big fish.

She was the controller of BBC One and so she could almost dictate hurt and I'm not sure the next person will be able to do that the other thing you have to remember.

I don't actually agree with your analysis body in one sense that channel 4 is fighting for Market Share and impact and that's precisely why it went for the Great British Bake Off it is wanted to have a big catch that it could sell to advertisers and a drawing people.

They don't normally watch Channel 4.

It's partly.

Why do so many fix reprogram still there like her one Born Every Minute and then 24hrs in A&E which has actually have been reached a lot of the shows that people love catastrophes.

It was quite small shows really and so they do have to keep a nice.

This is what I cut back to they do have to keep an eye stye on the commercial side of the business 95% of its income at the moment comes to advertising one of Alex challenges is going to be how you change that you will have more potential by definition is the possibility of achieving more in the fast-paced world of digital advertising Oracle data cloud has built its Legacy on finding the signal through the noise on unlocking potential we bring together data and technology to help you better understand your audience where to best engage them and how to measure a tool to realise true potential Oracle

ICloud web better outcomes begin visit Oracle data cloud., to learn more time for some news in brief now for as Android are still with me Apple had their annual Developers Conference last week and announced a new product arrival Amazon's Echo device at the more interesting to podcast nerds like us is the announcement that they are going to open up their podcast listening Analytics to publishers at boy.

What does that mean but what for what I've understand.

I'm not I mean I forgot to podcast by the way and a footballer stick the Arsenal and he understood was going subscribe now on iTunes, but fastest and it's a way of finding out what listeners like within your podcast is that right? You know they'll tell you if they suddenly stop listening after 20 minutes on that I don't know how I generally don't understand how they going to tell us what this is like or don't like about.

What's good to if I mean? I might stop listening to a podcast of a find it boring after 25 minutes, but not going to carry on afterwards, so I don't need to bit of an old one.

Maybe you know more than me, but I presume that the information will be for example in some just people who liked this also like apple have data on every podcast that someone's download as they can tell you 80% of people that listen to Mayo and Kermode have also tried Out Boy Hilton for example ok, and then there's the issue about when the drop-off yeah, and I wonderful as actually whether that's fair data in a way because a lot a lot of podcast is going excited about the idea that they'll finally be able to say to advertisers look it's not just about our subscriber numbers this boy.

Just posted of you know subscribe to my and then you get the download numbers it might be that I can prove to you advertisers that our people our listeners there still listening after 35 minutes.

They love are so that much they still listening but of course it could prove the opposite committee could prove that most listeners.

Never press play on the show they downloaded in magic and digital marketing.

Is is it you pick the analytic that work?

Best for your message is it worse for some people talk about you and it's been happening on the web 3G something to talk about the man hits a get something about the world time some people talk about how many links are being linked it to that that site accept her and you just make you find a big Bashi figure that reels in the Advertiser and I think the more that you can get the more that you can tailor your your presentation to advertisers accordingly so it so I think that the more days.

Is it we can make available to to to everyone that the better because it means so hopefully we can attract more about an audience into this place and it is still quite new and I know we feel like we been talking about it for decades and we probably have but when it comes to actually maturing and I think that there have been things that has meant that the normal people is ascribed to it and you'll notice the obvious touchpoints of cereal and but I think that we've also found that more political analysis is happening on podcast people getting in to talkSPORT talk radio lot more and all of those things that kind of cumulative Lee hopefully bringing in more advertisers and because let's be honest.

I'm sure people.

Subscribe to this subscribed to lots of other podcast and it generally is the same advertisers again and again and again yet.

That's kind of Potter store that's weird.

I think you know because if you listen to some American shows now the big ones you have finally got companies like Ford sponsoring startup for example General Motors have a drama podcast but in the UK you know it's not Vauxhall supporting shows is it is still bloody MailChimp and squarespace and you know Amazon video and blue apron in these companies that basically are issuing a code and god bless you squarespace.

I love you, but I've had mediapad and that's that's because they can show that this has come through use the code and then monetize it but but why on Ford advertising on podcasts in the UK where is that still not happening out there? Just still don't really know what cost is genuinely in that in that close level of you know people who that level of power if you like.

I went to big events.

This car is not talking to lots of people much more high-powered the meaning.

Telling about my cock as they listen to a podcast really and so I think it still says you say anything what will crack one thing I hope you had a little thing so this is when I first start doing my Arsenal podcast years ago.

I was told very firmly that had to be 35 minutes and I'm minute longer on This podcast long all the best podcast you know the mass of Leon playlist new one get off work 2 hours over mobile data to download it on your iPod was the people to you now, but I think Mum I fill my favourites go on for hours and hours.

That's the great thing about them.

So it is the analytics console that mystery I'll be pleased I make a move on now.

Let's talk about radio because whilst we're away LBC released Katie Hopkins from her contract at that's pretty much all you can say about it because she's agreed to not issue a comment about it and they said nothing other than Katie Hopkins is left.

She did send quite a few offensive tweets before the one that seemed to break the camel's back Faraz what do you think of them? So long is people like Katie Hopkins bringing audiences.

Whether we like it or not.

I mean you know it's it's difficult to talk about anything without mentioning Donald Trumps name at the moment, but it's the same sort of of argument.

You know you did the nobody really listens to people that say the same as everybody else and Katie Hopkins was very successful rightly or wrongly for for being an Asian Provocateur and and actually you know sticking head above the parapet saying things that nobody else would say I think that she obviously got consumed by her own power thankfully in got got it got there in the end, but it's but the reality is that she is famous because people listen to her and get outraged by her if you didn't get outraged by her then she would never have an audience and she would never got an obc show in the first place.

I could be the timeline wasn't she got recruited by LBC for being provocative and then went over the line.

She said that migrants should drowned in the sea and then she gotta show on LBC yet.

So what did they think they were getting I think they were out I think.

Lord of and people in charge of these kind of things they were out in enough to think I doesn't matter as you said, she's a professional controversialist if you're gonna and there's a quite a few of those on the station yet in dial is quiet in O'Connell spiky provocative right wing commentator be Good by the way.

This is nothing like this moment arrives.

This moment is very opinionated James O'Brien on the left.

You know if they all have rats like to beating where they got rid of me from Michael Social Media's when I need them.

Have a big rant about something a little capable of it.

That's their big stock in trade and I think they're all good at it hurt the prom with her what she went too far.

I think for our tastes nothing for LBC it has got to be reputation is be going for decades as I think I made a big mistake in the first place giving her the job because the rest of the people in station.

I think were annoyed pianos a really good people there are shelagh Fogarty the great broadcasting ox5 live I don't imagine I've noticed.

I spent about it.

I imagine she didn't have much respect for Katie Hopkins I love it when your own and put an amount of the employees cheered when was announced he was leaving and that's a map of the thing you can't the bosses thought maybe she's do well in the ratings of give us some hits of social media is not work because a related I'm sure you got some international listen to podcasts In and it feels like an idiosyncratic synchronicity because when you look at America New Look at talk radio in America it's vile.

It's absolutely files and in you have people I Crush them Berg and you have people like Alex Jones who were saying the most atrocious things like about Sandy Hook and the family was all of hooks and it will put it on and and if people getting press access now to the White House for better or worse and Enzo your LBC it's it's not difficult to see why they're tempted by that model because it does have influenced and it does have power and when it comes to television and newspapers.

Yes, obviously she got a column and newspapers that become less and less powerful the print Media radio that there isn't there is an opportunity for radiator kind of pick up that that button is it worth and they obviously have to be more careful because

Strong the guidelines around them, but it doesn't surprise me that LBC you been trying this model which has worked for them.

They become incredibly successful radio station recently because of doing this so you know it's it's about saving as close to the wind of possible without going right.

That's too close and now we're gonna we're gonna move on from there and one of the things that I am aware of is if you look at what's happening in Fox News in America it's advertised as they're pulling the rank there, so whenever tizen is the other things with some of those presented the dance of the most outrageous thing has been completely ignored and is only recently that you see people that Bill O'Reilly been fired not because what they've done because of what Advertiser said nope that's enough and I think that that's starting to happen around the rhetoric of like you know stop me know when I stop being the Daily Mail and stop funding hate that capitalises and just to take that international bull by the horns for a second this isn't necessarily a bad story for Katie Hopkins is it she's been on Fox and friends talking about this it seems to me that say destiny isn't she's going to the British 1 on.

The art of losing viewers as well, so this is this is this is not something that like I admit I would say this.

I hope that this is true that the tide is turning now where people gone you know what this is enough.

It's it's now gone all the way to the white house if this is stupidity nonsense got all the way to the White House we can't teams have conspiracy theories get used to be a little bit of fun, then we can share that can go all my god it out right now.

It's actually proving to have political discourse in his change change the subject of a big mainstream interview coming up on NBC isn't in ecstasy.

I think she should stick with that YouTube but I know Piers Morgan on Sweeney told me that him and her other two most popular widely read column is in the country and if that's juice you can carry on the both and carry on the Daily Mail maritza be happy.

No one else needs to bother and finally just before the quiz the Radio Academy have announced the return of the Arias the audio and radio industry Awards took my global again.

Aren't we boy because last year they weren't part of.

The Awards they didn't show up within enter didn't sponsor it.

Do you think that can be different this year? I hope so yeah.

I mean I know obviously I work for Powys about as their big rival and I hope that supports.

I'm sure he will I just think there should be a radio water to know the same as were massive traditional.

I think it felt like it mattered and I'd like to see a guy kind of one big radio wards back are definitely have you seen that any of the details of the award categories because I quite interesting but they've changed the definition so it's not just best sports show its best sports show / podcast Awards Roger there isn't a best media podcast category.

Obviously otherwise I'd like to think with at least really media and actually something.

I think they have learnt from the British podcast Awards genuinely is the price it's £25 to enter and it's free to turn off if you already Academy member that's brilliant that has to be good thing doesn't it's a really good thing.

I think that the more we can get people entering awards and having.

At the Cross celebrated it just benefits everybody.

It's it's good for Discovery it's good for IGO it's good for them for the craft because people up there came a little bit and and I can't see any of any disadvantage of it as normal people can get access to it.

I did notice a couple of new categories for presenting as well.

It does make me think maybe they're a bit disappointed by The Talented came up last year.

Just gets more presenters up get more nominated right.

There is just time for our Media quiz.

This week's is entitled Transformers publishers in Disguise I'm going to assume the character of a media publisher of note that is disguised itself as another format your task is to deduce who I am and who this week I've decided to impersonate.

You're not clear on the rules.

Just press rewind two boys.

You will say Boyd and Rosie will say as the winner is a hung Parliament the loser is a hard brexit and here is question number one who am I exclusive Owen Jones 8 my hamster who am I and what story do I represent?

Using with your name when you know the answer yes right, so what's the story guardian going tabloid because I'm becoming a tabloid career changing the size of a paper they've been in Berliner format for over a decade why the change is brexit getting out of Berlin and I miss them loads of money in one big thing.

It's distinctive and cool.

I think it's presence of one less reason to buy a paper copy of the Guardian which I think is a shame here is question number 2 coming soon to an internet-connected screen near you.

Ima hybrid, but what am I what's the story through as I'm going to say is it about Netflix and the talk about them opening cinemas in America New York Close ok? I'm going to give you the point the story is that Netflix and Amazons production budgets are to a clipped UK box office takings by 2020 incredible.

Yeah, I did know that story and it's unbelievable.

I do believe it, but I didn't I did get it from your contrived elite contrived clue, but it does mean people are going to the cinema anymore cinema still doing fine people going for big events, but the other one controller Netflix Netflix films were showing in the new competition of people rat race and said you know you shouldn't these films coming up on if it's alright? We're gonna be very one-off flexi off to go cinema.

See them people out when it's fine.

We'll come to terms with it.

I think I think it's a nonsense what Netflix doing is is arable when they buy films will people see them.

It's a simple as that makes your new job which is about a giant Pig and it's written by Jon Ronson okja.

Look out for OK will do here is it's the final question before has already won.

So but boy try hard, but you know trousers got this in the bag Mr Speaker may I highlight to my Right Honourable friend, but it's time for traffic and travel his photograph at Boyd Boyd this is the two politicians.

I forgot who they are and someone let Miliband that's right.

You have to get to get in a move.

Not at all stolen from LBC right at the Jeremy Vine show is going to be guest hosted by Ian Duncan Smith and Ed Miliband let me say right now.

My mum is going to Furious to Sheila loves Jeremy Vine literally just listens to him and I mean Ian Duncan Smith I'm sorry about the other my mobility disfigure.

I say it with full bias.

Not a presenter.

I mean it's one thing isn't it to political phone in which I guess The Jeremy Vine show kind of is but it's also an entertainment show isn't it as it's going to.

Beyond their ability to do at the level you might want to know is going to bring back milifandom.

That's that is that what they're trying to cash in on this is an interesting one when politicians start branching out into media and it's nothing that obviously there's been lots of controversy about George Osborne being a new editor of the evening Standard and and you know if they're Media presents now part and parcel of what what makes your politician.

Do you need to be a celebrity to represent the people that I think you know fair enough there their they're good names.

I know what they're talking about they've they've got some good experience behind them and and it would be interesting as it could be a bit of navel gazing or of actually there going to be able to give insight that they asking well as Nigel Farage actually says on LBC every night.

I done an hour's work.

It's time to leave the building at so thank you very much and forever as you are the winner of the quiz congrats for today mate.

Thanks for us and boys and Maggie Brown as well who could forget that catch up with previous episodes and get new ones from us as soon as they're released by subscribing for free on our website.

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