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Read this: #73 - MacKenzie leaves The Sun, Crozier exits ITV - The Media Podcast with Olly Mann

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#73 - MacKenzie leaves The Sun, Crozier …

Hello and welcome to the media podcast by Molly man on today's show election fever we discussed the Press And broadcast as plants near this snap election has been well and truly snap Kelvin Mackenzie is finally let go from his job some is made of cleaning up the place a head of Ofcom sky ruling + Adam Crozier leaves ITV of panel discuss the implications for the high-flying were TV Chiefs we hear from popbitch on this weekend's Eurovision Song Contest and in the media quiz we picked you the top line you give us the story.

It's also come on today and joining me today in the plush confines of the Picturehouse central are the Guardians Tara Conlan welcome back to the podcast RMC hello festival director of the Edinburgh International TV festival is Lisa Campbell hello Lisa hi you launch the 2017 program a few days ago.

We said we had our quiz night and launch that was hosted by Alex Zane and

Andrew Smith who was runner-up in bake off so has some fantastic round there including building cake stands and and we made the initial announcement, so there are more to come but yeah, I'll possible because I forgot to look forward too well McTaggart an alternative mactaggart still to come so watch this space but so much so I'm really excited about this so the fleabag actress and your creator giving a bit of a comedy masterclass and I think she's just really exciting submit the forefront of a new generation of female writer performers.

I've got Rio Ferdinand bits unfair Leftfield but he's got 20 million social media followers, so we're looking at a panel with BT Sport particularly looking at how you capitalise on a fanbase how you can of make the most of your rights fragmented audiences, so I think I'll be a lot of them interesting things to come out of that.

The festival sponsored by YouTube and BT for the first time and clearly was about multi-platform.

Not just about telly anymore.

I know you've got a session on podcasting this year as well, Haven't been invited to that but clearly setting the telly isn't just about you know the old fashioned Gogglebox anymore invitations in the post know that that's Rightmove got Snapchat as well.

So that's the first time.

We we we know we welcome them to the festival so that's the head of content Nick bell who's about 12 as a multi-millionaire, but you know if they're going to outline best of content plans and strategies, so I think that's vs.

Some exciting stuff on there on the digital side as well as traditional telly.

What about you tired you tend to Snapchat for your glossy high and Drama open Charles III oh yes and I love the flight to watch lots of blank verse which has changed from people complaining about mumbling but I thought it was brilliant really interesting.

Drive from this is why I always loved the opening session so we've had in the past Big Brother and Edmonds Got Talent and lip sync challenge.

I think was that last year by quitting her happy and the stable pizza which would be brilliant watching blazer broadcasters try and make things like makes sense for making schedules.

I think of her like that probably never done Blue Peter before the TV festival? I think many people are worried about elephant poo on Stadium broadcast regular panel type discussion we find ourselves in the midst of a snap election campaign if you have noticed that there's been much discussion of whether or not Theresa May would take part in ITV's televised debate out instead he settled for a question time parents on the BBC where Jerry Corbin will also appear but not at the same time as is bit of a repeat of the am I tough enough hell yes debate from last time Tara what's that about?

Well, I think it's um it's about control really isn't it both things about controllers Groundhog Day from 2015 the politicians are trying to do just what they want to do when you got the most to lose if they have ambulances.

Why do they want to try and put himself in position where they might as well have on with the previous leaders debate with Nick Clegg you know they might actually do some ground.

So if they can control it, but I have to say going through you know who's in who's out who's doing what I'm eating makes brexit.

Look quite simple doesn't it? Because you've got the ITV leaders debate you've got some of the BBC apart from the question times they've got election debate with annexe VII of the major political parties.

Not quite sure exactly who is going to be speaking from which political party yet, but it's not a leaders debate but I think you know that almost remember sick of those but we'll need a vote on whether or we have a leaders debate come round every single time.

I was laughed at the last election is laughter for lots of things including the energy policy.

There is nothing for me, but you was laughed.

That wasn't even suggesting that.

Leaders debate should be enshrined in law but here we are again with Theresa May and Jeremy Corbyn backing out of what public really want to see politician should be held to account and and they shouldn't be afraid of that and I think it's actually really shocking to say at press conferences certain people are allowed or so only certain people can have questions or you to file your questions and it in advance.

You know is terrible if some journalists including with that and we've been over the Tory party members behind it.

You know you I know maybe this is naive but they are rivals but you'd hope that they would collectively take a stance against this in this in this for the sake of press freedom.

You know more generally exciting.

It's a really worrying trend particularly at a time of fake news and and be no lack of trust for Media organisations.

You know just to not really have people been properly challenged and surprised and caught out so it's just wrong quiet and a very small scale weigh in media sometimes you know I used to work for the mail and I sometimes get excluded from BBC events when relations between the two.

Are there never said but you know this is a much more important Arena and then BuzzFeed now been let back into the labour election campaign that was the word Jim Waterson of BuzzFeed did an interview with Jeremy Corbyn which they like to the time and then the Labour Party and didn't like the way you've been presented and spun basically it was to do with the election and BuzzFeed put up the footage then one could hear for themselves and yeah.

He said he was Carrie Underwood been let back in but slightly Sundon you put in the best seat in the house.

Maybe I don't know ironically it was World press freedom day last week and then but what's really frightening is the UK's dropped on the press freedom index to number 40 so that means UK journalists are apparently less free to hold power to account than those working in South Africa Chile or Ghana free speech campaigner reporters without borders said western democracies.

Approaching a Tipping Point for Media Freedom yesterday in the US did you see the journalist was arrested after yelling questions at the Health Secretary and he works for public news service three decades experience and he is asking about domestic violence and repeatedly asking the question was told he was too persistent and was arrested.

It's just under Linux interview can't be persistent.

What's the point of being in journalism? You got to ask questions if they're not they're not bring up.

Did you go to continue asking them? Haven't you ever Jeremy Paxman and the law commission is consulting on espionage Bill and this threatens to criminalise journalists and their sources, so essentially if your publishing a public interest story based on leaked information both you and your thoughts could get a prison term of up to 14 years, but you know I mean you need to do that but that is is investigative journalism if you if you know you need you need of the whistle blows you should be able to report on the public interest it shouldn't be a crime journalism, isn't it?

Prime now if you're a reporter you want to be able to ask a question, but you do understand that you do if your a politician or if you're the spin doctor working for the political party as you don't need to answer those questions necessarily you know if it if your goal is to just try and make sure that everyone who would vote for you anyway, definitely turns up and boats and anyone who's a swing voter knows about you you actually don't care.

You know if your Theresa May's what the Daily Mirror are asking do you and if you know if your Jeremy Corbyn you don't really care.

What was older I get there so far ahead that just going on The One Show will be enough of the people who might say you're going to speak to BuzzFeed which is I guess what I made a mistake bannerman.

Yes, I think that there are other options out there and then when they will I said other options are not softer options than their traditional publishers that you know that was when I Freak Out was interesting to me as the standout moment of this election campaign so far was Diane Abbott on LBC being asked the most innocent of questions so this new policy.

How are you going to fund?

How many really was as soft as that wasn't it wasn't Ferrari and attack dog made and she completely found the went all over the place.

It shows doesn't it in this 24-hour news cycle in a way whoever you're speaking to it some point you're going to trip up and people will speculating comment on that many but they do need to do a big mainstream audience as well.

I need to be in front of the mainstream audience or else as he has Lisa says to know what does that say for democracy you watching Tim Farron vs.

Caroline Lucas on a Friday evening will be there in a million edit matara.

I say had because it transpires that is actually been sacked Rover 2 weeks.

Why well I think for reasons of just legality and

Seeing things out and how they treat Union and get it because obviously if they still got that he still working on was it called a spokesman said which is his price comparisons within and had a look if I was planning to change my broadband provider and funnily enough one of the taglines on is it is loyalty doesn't pay but I think heldens loyalty has paid but there's quite a few interesting.

You know there are other providers out there obviously but the first thing when you look at Broadband to Sky places as the founding father of Home Entertainment and Peter TV Sky still a first name in Sport Premier League anyone.

So you know anyone going look on looking online to change their providers going to see that first of all so they still be in the news UK building you think it was right with the sun fired him.

I think at the moment because of Ofcom looking at the bed from 21st Century Fox they had to do it.

He's been a loose cannon basically hasn't he is so they don't wanna fight anymore trouble this still dealing with the Bill O'Reilly

It was, has been to meet the lawyers of those who are supposed to be suing Fox News and it said it's looking basically the condition of when I'm up there a fit and proper owner and when you've got The Economist who is allegedly writing things which could be interpreted as racist or stirring up hate again in Liverpool it doesn't look good to the parent company and it says it's a really bad Corporate Governance I think it's at the end of the day.

I do you think I'm Motorpoint Lee so that it is a shrewd move that actually often would consider that kind of thing when they're they're doing their fit and proper test cuz I supposed to be separate companies now on the news UK and fox to be seen to be investigating this properly because there is no there is such heat around it and the fit and proper test is probably the only way that they can really tell you cos I don't think they were competition issues.

I don't think there's anything that shouldn't needs to be spun off in the same way that last time you know the news division whisper.

Turn off last time and you didn't apologise for any other aspects of the article which included you know suggesting people in Liverpool could only end as much as footballers if they were drug dealers and I know you know some people think I take throw away comments but he's it's becoming the Freedom of the press were no different to Rod liddle, Jeremy Clarkson not you know I'm being a Provocateur there should be a role for that in the Press I mean on the actual issue of Ross Barkley briefly as weeks ago now Everton midfielder that you can gorillas the sun actually put a picture of Ross Barkley next to a picture of a gorilla and then obviously this was allegedly racist because he has Nigerian heritage.

There's no way is there a conspiracy surely there's no way in in in this year 2017 that the sun would actually publish a picture of a gorilla next to someone who has african heritage on purpose to make a racist remark.

Just don't believe that.

As I didn't mean that that's going on that he didn't know about his do you know about Ross's grandfather's about his heritage jobs? You know putting pictures up there maybe for the picture hadn't been up there.

It might not have been quite as a storm.

Is there has but that's what happens if I don't take it upon myself to feel sorry for killing.

You can see very often but I do think I'm this on his word.

It was probably certainly didn't intend that that would have been illustrating his own column.

I'm sure I guess what we don't know did he sign off.

Did he see the proof of that you know did he actually right see what the proof is going to be? How did he still on the below?

Anything I think Tara pointed out it's about corporate governance issues, and I think you know Fox have come back to defend this and say when we put a note some women in charge at the top now, which you know you've got a female finance director and head of programming and when you watch Fox News it's clearly on-screen a very macho culture and behind-the-scenes it sounds very much so with 19 lawsuits in in the last year.

I am very fair to him that I think I did mean female heads at 21st Century Fox generally didn't make the Movie Studios everything not just Fox News Fox News has been blown Outta proportion is just one part of Empire what's worrying is the stories of now emerged about people who've essentially been paid off so that sellers been settlements and then non-disclosure agreements and so people silence has been bought you know so if you can't say to you at your employees you faced sexual or racial discrimination or you know whatever kind of abuse it might be and you can come forward but keep quiet about it.

You know I think.

Really racist enormous questions about who is signing the off how far to the top does it go so if that goes to you know James Murdoch at you.

You know sounds like he's trying to sort of clean up the stable maybe he's not across this but that sort of environment is really worrying and I think absolutely right that it's that it's looked into properly but everyone with the same brush in the sense that I know boxing is a big part of the Empire but you know it in the sense that when Southall happend people said of the BBC the BBC's a krups institution is not look after children that anyone who works at the BBC would say no it isn't as it like a really rotten apple there and that's all for but you know there's nothing that connects you know the people who work for comic relief to the people who worked on Jim'll Fix It whatever it is.

It's a huge organisation local radio is not the same thing and so it can you just say the same about foxes have a huge organisation that of course there are problems with in it.

Modern Media organisation and Savile were talking about a whole different saying it in it occurred along time ago you because I suppose you know it's again.

It's big name Talent that are untouchable according to some and with foxit it appeared that he only was when it became a commercial issue that advertises with deserting but it was really taken seriously but I mean I don't know what is the question is this happening at Media organisations all over the place organisations all over the nation of scale basically.

That's a terrible thing but we need to look at that cross Society not just say this is one media company.

I think you have to look at the culture of an organisation and the impact negative impact it might have you walk when basically is an urban or he didn't read an email when they should have done like it's unlikely didn't realise.

But there is an issue with O'Reilly and they at least decided that wasn't a big enough field fire and everyone knows that certain people within the industry who are certain people that you interview who you know are as we used to say you know a little bit kind of hands on as I might put it you can tell people about that what they choose to do about it higher up the organisation is is another matter so I was like a very exciting episode of the podcast not recording today, but maybe one day before you head to the break.

It is Eurovision this weekend, so what better way to prepare for the Pan-European singing contest in with a cut out and keep guide here is Resident euro trash expert at popbitch kit Lovelace to fill you in on the story so far proper Eurovision I've been to see the show once before and popped into the present adjust to pick up a bag full of freebies was the first time I hear properly reported in the press centre.

Somebody's just dropped a piece of paper down by me telling me that the European broke his funeral of leading Alliance of public service Media 73 members in 56 countries operating 82 TV services 1156 radio Services and unspecific number of online services the numbers here suggest that the potential audience of the EU is about 1.04 billion people and they broke in 122 languages, so there is there is more than just sort of Graham Norton about here there unless we're up until about 2 a.m.

Last night waiting for the semi-final to draw people with straight back in here this morning getting ready for what's going to be the thing in about 50 minutes which tonight is Friday night will be the jury final where the jury's give out their points and then tomorrow as obviously the grand final was televised and yeah, there's just no let up early.

I gotta get a little more otf every year.

I look at the musical theory of each of these songs and been building up over the last sort of 10 years and model of of what makes a winner keys gentle wind roughly about 4 times more frequently than songs in major keys, so usually looking for something in a minor Keith this year did freehold favourite Italy Portugal and Bulgaria all appeared to be a major keys to be playing havoc with my model there, so I'm kind of hoping that an underdog comes through UK's in D minor that's a very successful.

Ok, that's why I won three times in the last couple of 10 years ago things to look out for the 10th 128-bit for some reason is absolutely it's lost 66 x 2 ca 2009 why have some theories but nothing set in stone Germany and two songs on the tree.

B flat minor 85 beats per minute have come deadlift twice in a row at the US Navy looking like us to come dad last again this year, so really I mean I don't want to drink said I know we've got the Spectre of brexit hanging over us but really in terms of the theoretical model song in D minor not in 128 beats per minute son in English the UK has a 92% match against the the perfect platonic model of the Eurovision winner and that is the highest of all the qualifiers so who knows what will see if it comes through it will keep me in a job.

So I've got my fingers crossed for Lucy on a number of a number of fronts poppy cheese kit Lovelace where you can download a free full colour 70 page guide to Eurovision seriously as part of the popbitch app.

There's a link on our web site the media podcast I will have more Media talk after this.

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Time for some news in brief now Lisa and Tara are still with me and it's all change at the top of British TV it seems with ITV's Adam Crozier joining the kebab ceo's to hand in their notice this year along with David Abrahams Channel 4 and rumours of changes to Sky structure if it does indeed become part of 21st Century Fox Hampton what shape does Crozier Levi TV replacing on what kind of person do you know they've got had someone in their who is not from a programming background against advertising background more Royal Mail body.

Got Peter bazalgette there.

You got Kevin lygo there.

So they know programs.

They know that programming.

They know content inside out so does that mean they will then get someone else in again who knows about a different Spears a advertising you think.

Doesn't it hadn't crochet did prove that we were sleeping about it on This podcast when he was appointed.

You know he's not programmed make it doesn't he met telly it proves if you get business guy and city gay people did City guy and then you have programme makers beneath them that that can actually work so that included not being so reliant on advertising for the advertising revenue now accounts for 50% of the business half the business instead of around 80% when he started seven years ago that you obviously put the emphasis on to ITV Studios into into content and owning that content and unbuilt an enormous business.

I mean it's it's the ITV Studios is America's biggest non-scripted producer.

I suppose the question is why am I covered one big Joe loads of acquisitions and they've been enormous deals for the likes of you know Leftfield Entertainment Group so that was a 212 million pound deal.

So I suppose the question is they think bought that gross if you could say you know so so we still have to see whether these deals are going to pay off so at the moment.

You know it's it's really helped profits help change that split and The Reliance on advertising.

I mean has it gone foreign office is a big question you know we know that advertising is a challenging market place now for the commercial broadcasters.

There's been a different advertising backdrop as well.

He's been helped by that United the advertising market and programs like downturn and as Lisa buying great if that hadn't happened who knows you know what we be looking at now, but it could time for him to go because you know who have yet to see you about what the return on all of that investment is interesting because normally when a board announces their CEO departure they have a name to announce for the replacement and the fact that they haven't this time makes me you know question whether there is a buyer in the midst and you know that they've been approached or they've you know there in.

She's or something because there isn't someone there in position.

Maybe there's something else going on to Virgin Media or parent Liberty Global could well be in a looking at this in its it is the ideal time with the pound being so weak point to talk about the ITV Studios model but also actually people were wrong when they said that the commercial TV live event market was going to dry up because of the internet and because young people don't watch telly and it still massive isn't it? It's still you know on Twitter of an evening.

It's all Broadchurch and Anton Deck and you know Britain's Got Talent and I mean never do they do that's true, but then you have to remember you know which which audience has Twitter users Twitter and I mean Facebook is potentially arguably no outside the media bubble more of an ITV4 Heartlands kind of audience and you look on there, but yet you're right.

There's those events that people about the big dramas, Mr absolutely.

Do people still want to watch a good stories people still want to watch live shows and that's that really makes a mark on social media for the broadcasters which is why they're so popular one of the things he did say it was about said revitalizing entertainment because you're right.

That's what you know you need the live viewing audience to get the advertisers, but there hasn't been a new entertainment show on any tunnel really but you don't region atpi meeting so they built in Greater Seattle and the numbers are still good, but not as good as they used to be on-demand viewing is growing all the time but you won't get in the ad revenue for that so at the time shift have been particularly for drama is either that's how people view it and you we don't have the measurement system in place to to look across all the platforms.

I think that's a real challenge for the commercial broadcasters and it's you know for Sky for ITV as well.

You know we've got the overnight but the overnight.

She's just a small part of the story now, so the whole model really needs to be here assessed again as I should be in your view.

What's the measurements is some people want you need to look at something on Sky could be could get €400,000 you think all that that was rubbish, but 4 days later.

It's 1.4 million, but that's not really viewed in the same way as as being a success because it is the everything is all about the overnight still you know where were used bar.

That is the measurement system so but we know that a viewer on demand is not is worth about 10th of a linear TV viewer.

So how do you get people to watch live TV again? You know we're not getting the new formats coming through their work attempts by the way because the on-demand views chosen that piece of content over everything else ok, but rerolling can't skip a minute.

Just seems people producing digital content and not making the money from it though.

It's still early days with that you just dino print advertising you've obviously you get pay more for a printer.

Can you do online that's just how it works now also since our last Show Wikipedia founder Jimmy Wales has announced a new project that will reportedly save journalism and defeat fake news Lisa head, as he has a plan to do that.

This is a site which will combine citizen journalist with journalists to create the content to give the community more say to verify stories and top of the cut through all the other crap out there.

I think Antara what's been the reaction to this news against your journalistic brother and I think the news is broken and we can fix it but it is a question here of obviously you know Wikipedia was founded on everyone that you know the general public contributing and ever you know pubs in things in good faith and checking things but that's me done for free.

So what does that say for professional Janice I know you think his hiring 10 journalist.

That's a lot of news for a small number of journalists to get through and then you have a going to be choosing to look into his going to be the news as far as I can work out the crowdfunding participants to wikitribune suggest so that in itself has inherent bias.

Doesn't it? Probably a left wing bias right about that and he's a tenner to do it.

He's trying to get away from the model of jonah's and being funded by advertising which then it will that's subscription.

You know if people are going to donate that's great that that's almost a form of subscription.

So it's a big task.

It's a massive task who are these people and you know at least I have some reassurance in the knowledge that a journalist has been trained and knows about impartiality and you know labelling all sorts of things are not understanding but you know not that im being sniffly.

I think was amazing people.

You're being a bit iffy and that's reasonable.

I mean you run the TV festival you know if I call up and I say hello.

I just like to check that you do indeed have Lauren Laverne speaking on this day because they're so and so said this is that true or where are you calling from? I'm just a citizen journalist.

I'm writing for wikitribune comes a point where there's only so many locals going to take it as well, as if I said online for the Guardian other times of a sudden you say ok with credibility if it if you yeah, you're right you this other random people just spouting off now then like the equivalent of I don't know getting yesterday doctors or something you know there's busy years of training.

You'll even think it sometimes have gone into being a journalist.

You know it's not there.

I think that's the thing everyone thinks that they can be a journalist, but you know you build up sources over time you get to build up Trust with them.

They trust you and sometimes that can be really important when it comes to the crunch on a really difficult story so what that says about the future of trusting sources and journalist son I'm not quite.

Magic this is squarely aimed isn't it at Americans who are in a in a post trump world sceptical both of what we consider the establishment because tropical sun fake news and what we would call date musical trump got elected.

So they don't know where to look and pants that people you don't buy newspapers.

Don't want CNN and they just they will trust something that has been you know crowdsource by hundreds of people just to check a fact I be a terrible thing.

No, it's a good but it is a good point in and maybe you know there needs to be a new voice as it were but it's they will just have to make sure it's expensive as expensive good.

Jenner's most expensive and checking fact-checking is expensive you know you look at how many journalists news organisations employ unfortunately the model is now that perhaps they can't all be in.

I've kept on because of what's going on at the advertised in the online advertising world of Facebook and Google snaffling up lazy ad revenue.

They can't pay the genus but good journalism costs money from you should mention Facebook because

Story also at a story in the war on fake news Facebook has assigned its finest Minds to the problem and come up with a full-page ad in British newspapers broadsheets as well as offering readers some top tips to spot fake news tyres is the best of god didn't even put it in the tabloids in The Telegraph to spot fake news everything as an assumption that the people who the board sheets would know where is the people in tabloids wouldn't know so my little bit and I think also that should have been.

They're saying no to the people that care about and talk about for the problem of fake news they saying that the virtue signalling to that look we're doing this thing which is really going on here are some other tablets.

He would be able to spot fake news, but when you actually read the top 10 tips and it seems like unit tickets of the joking.

You know if it's a catchy headline pats absolutely no reason.

Why is

Facebook are under enormous pressure at you've got there in a media select committee Damian Collins really passionate about this and and investigating you.

What should Facebook be doing and can it do more with the with the algorithm should have more people it should be much quicker to spot fake news and it's the old vintage.

It's really slow to respond to too dodgy stuff.

It should be a matter of hours.

So I think by saying you know hey everyone we are doing something and we know that the Tory politicians picking up the Telegraph will see that and go home fantastic.

They're listening and they are you know they're doing they doing something but you know clearly this is this doesn't go far enough and putting the onus on to you know the audience instead of taking responsibility themselves, but then you know you had Sheryl sandberg last week saying that they shouldn't be the arbiter of Truth that's not appropriate.

So they really want to shift that responsibility on he lived or was it 3000 U 6000 people I think new employees to help clarify things but the question is so much Alpert how many do they need do that but you're right there pushing about love.

All now she doesn't journalist we should know people had extensive Media law training having weird, but it is worrying before the election.

You know if you look at what happened in the US and the top 20 fake news stories were shared more than the top 23 news stories.

So you know you could be voting based on lies or you could just be sure your Joe the mug ironically I really don't know we discussed all of this with two of the ladies from full fact in the episode.

We put out on the 14th of April City go back and have a listen to that that she wrote that top 10 Rich Facebook men public employee leaving right at the back to listen to that finally before the quiz we had news this week that share radio one of the newest stations to launch on DAB is to return to being an online-only station share was part of the bid for a second digital Multiplex licence one by sound digital in fact that point it was a station called talk business and then share steps into its place after the licence was.

It lasted 15 months Tara how many of these are the new stations, do you think will still be here in 510 years time in the problem is it's the it's the cost isn't it comes down against the costs and I mean I know when they said when it when it when it happens that it was also so that it's more memorable.

It's cos it's online you can collect more data than you can on a dab, but it'll posting videos by the way the size of the operation.

It's not to be there.

Just wasn't enough money.

I think that's the thing again it comes back to its expensive and how do you monetize? I never never doing more more news on there, but it comes down to a matter of resources and had to have that kind of infrastructure to be a dab station.

I think audiences are very the Vedas turning that you've got to step up to the mark, and it is it is a crowded market out there and it is interesting because radio has become it was still.

So popular and an on the app and you would think that more stations like share would blossom then again.

I mean when you're looking at these platforms.

You know this is a niche then.

Yes, it's getting to business as lot of money there, but it expensive to run a talk station for a niche isn't it? I mean I'm into country music so I listen to Chris country, but that is run out of a laptop in Manchester it's got a few original programs is basically just a Spotify playlist.

I'm so that's cheap to run is a dab station and it's great advertising at talk station with professional journalist interviewing people in the city of London with flash offices and 60 journalists whatever they have sustainable yeah that again as you say, it's someone you know on the laptop.

They're not expected to draw an equivalent salary that they could someone else in the media good German name has to be paid for somewhere and by someone and blue burger sort of pain for everything that happened Bloomberg came in and launch the radio station in the UK as well as long as I know you'll be pleased to know we do just have time for a media quiz this.

Is entitled top lines as we all know the key to selling any new format to a commissioner is to have a strong pithy TopLine that sells the show like just 15 questions to win £1000000 for Pets win prizes so with that in mind this week.

We've emergency top lines that lead to three new stories, but when Sean of context cannot panelists guess the story it's the best of three button with your name's Alicia you will say Antonio say the winner is Shirley Ballas Anton du Beke here is new story number one what new story does this TopLine relate to your favourite fake radio station turned real Lisa Steve penk wanted to launch forever FM or did I think as a tribute to car share until Peter Kay had a spectacularly bad lack of sense of humour?

Said you can't you to which Steve penk said well, I can launch a playlist of songs that featured in the show.

I just call you something else anything like that, but I actually had a look and actually sent him a message with the crowdfunding link doesn't seem to be working but just giving so if people are trying to give money to it.

It doesn't seem to be holding tank you think maybe it's all my massive lineup for Peter Kay just to see how parsimonious you wasn't properties short news story number to which news story does this TopLine refer to what is the Independent had made the Guardians Media talk podcast direct me to show on Radio 4.

Did you listen? I haven't have you listened.

Nobody listens listens down.

I thought you did a decent job.

I thought you did a very decent job very.

Will follow in the footsteps of CPU later, what's the point of having one of those they don't do that the media show BBC cutbacks sold in Edinburgh both posting some of our big sessions and always there you know provocative controversial in his famous for his huge brain, and will you don't will really miss him, so we have this tissue that debate fake news, so we're going to basically every year take the hottest topic and in tribute to Steve Hewlett we will We Will name activate after him.

Ok? So it's a 1 or so, this is the tie break.

Tried it could be palpable which news story does the stock lug refer to in a world where Prince Philip is dead etc etc, but I seen this is the the sun mistake and he saying that Prince Philip had died when we're just waiting for the announcement of his return to be his retirement and someone must have just pressed go I mean it happens.

We know we've all written two versions of a story or a few versions of a story you know ready to go say at the end of your neighbour Talents there was something in the dancer 2 finalist in probably as it seems there are versions of election stories written by Jeremy corbyn's Wonderland I don't know just in case someone write this one if it's the Queen you write this one if it's Prince Philip and what are the options they were and someone must have accidentally pressed go to be deleted after a few minutes if you don't touch them Google search for a few hours.

What can you do?

Yeah, because it was picked up because it only went viral because the sun apologises on Twitter Twitter Twitter account which is just so nice out for the sun basically about it became a thing and then Google search ranking it every Media organisations worst nightmare.

Isn't well Tara with that you are the winner of today's Media podcast Chris thank you pretty excited honor and Valor and that's it for her show today my thanks to Tara comment and Lisa Campbell catch up with the previous episodes and get new ones as soon as we release them by subscribing for free and I'll website the media podcast this episode is dedicated to John wigzell John makes the new tech monthly podcast from inside Exeter's growing tech community can find out more at phonic FM / tech thanks John join him keep us on the I go to the media podcast on, / donate.

I can only man the producer was Matt Hill the media podcast is a PPM production until next time.

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I'm going to that.

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