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Read this: #72 - British Podcast Awards 2017 - The Media Podcast with Olly Mann

Summary: Podcast

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#72 - British Podcast Awards 2017 - The…

Hello and welcome to the media podcast I'm Olly Murs on today's show when recording live at the first ever British podcast Awards which took place on Saturday in Kings Cross industry is just 13 years old and America has taken an early lead in this fledgling market which shows like serial and S town and million dollar budgets on some show the gimlet media but tonight the British industry assembles in the same room will hear from people sticking their businesses on podcasting will also hear from the winners themselves about the secrets of their success and what needs to be done to create a viable long-term business for creative sore scab on today's Media I'm actually presenting the Awards tonight, so I'm going to nip off and do that now.

I'll leave you in the very capable hands of guest host Rihanna Dylan and producer Peter price, so I'm in the foyer of the platform.

Theatre at Kings Cross and I'm pleased to welcome to expert to the podcasting industry, who are here this evening at the inaugural British podcast Awards at Ruth Pitt Simon's senior vice president of international operations at audioboom and JC fits who is head of audio at the Guardian welcome to you both this mean for the industry David Ward in all honesty.

It is about time that we had an awards ceremony.

Just dedicated towards podcast you know it is a thriving medium.

It's growing massively.

There's lots of creativity in the industry and it because it is a different medium.

It does need to be just in different terms really from just radio Uno radios of Fantastic medium in and of itself is a bit if it's consume differently you know you can get along more niche in the way that you you know talk about things you can also create a narrative arcs that really do bring people on journeys, and you don't have to worry about you know making sure they tune in each week.

They're listening each week because I downloaded it subscribing and I'm really getting engaged so it's it's really an honour to be here as everyone's very excited about is just to read that I think it's a pivotal moment.

I think we look back at it again at this time and understanding our simple was I have broke aware, but hopefully worry nothing right very happy.

I think it's creatively some point.

I think it's obviously no point for the business the Americans are coming I suppose Panther police already here.

I am imagine of the next couple years some of the Americans will have podcast in this because Libby british-made podcast for the big American networks and I think Trudi is exactly right which is it's not radio.

It's full of radio people sometimes on the vertebrate radio shows that are migratory podcast podcast have to find it was something different about them.

So can you define that difference? I mean essentially as forehead.

Hoover intimate medium there's conversations that you can have V the headphones via.

That's a very intense intimacy that you can't have it on the radio in the kitchen.

Also does a big arcs which is exactly right as big narrative arcs radio find some very hard to do when a podcast find them easy to do with their kind of its flexible enough kind of medium that you can do that and also just to let us independent voice like the range of people hear it does not look like a radio or is yeah? I can tell you that one of them over the years is full of young people who gender balanced and antos independent voices have an access in in in podcasting.

I wouldn't have had in the radio industry, because the way podcasting start this is a little bit different you're podcasting is all about the individuals voice.

You know that kind of one of the key differences.

You know audiences tend to have a relationship with Barely There

Argos house and not a very intimate relationship but party because you can just set it up yourself from going to come to Black worm-like audioboom were some of the other platforms that are out there and immediately start broadcasting.

I said she putting it on Deezer putting it up on Stata or TuneIn on Home Leicester on Spotify means that you don't have to wait for a tap on the shoulder from a commissioning editor extraordinary because a huge amount of those greeting edges are quite rightly serving their audiences.

That's what they paid to do however there is lots of people who get represented as part of that so just allows for alternative isolator able to really created as I'm not looking at the clock the nothing is this going to fit in 60 seconds into themself know this episode might be 20 minutes long the next episode might be an hour long because it merited and you know you can bring all the answers on that journey with you.

So yeah, it's that's why this is just so exciting.

I think the day to Huddersfield you calm and have to be recognised.

Americans are coming to be true that im in the first 13 years of podcasting since the Guardian itself coined the term was dominated by American podcast why is it take until now for British podcasts to come up to the same level as in the advertising industry generally understanding to write a composition so is this confusion like going in a we don't think many people have understood that the kind of Engagement levels and another going to Supra need to be the other way was more powerful than our big right after I think it's actually got a brand or an agency saying the 200000 people buy products market research understanding.

Incredible work is Africa diecast incredible work is I think it's it's really what's changed and just the size of the market size of humongous need to be answered in the UK are in the US some podcasts in the US so you know what does growth as both here and there's does growth opportunities for us to take some of the units of a growing market in the US illegally like you know nothing of the Americans are coming will also it interesting as we're a global platform.

You know we have offices here in London New York and Albany Mumbai and what was he is at those audiences are listening all over the Globe some of these massive podcast engagement just to pick up on that that is the key difference I think and I will bring long-term revenue zip for podcasting still engaged her eyes are really high.

We did a recent survey.

Define that nearly 40% of people have bought Ride or research something that is recommended in a podcast.

Can you go in a joke to advertisers and you know we going to feed companies we going to plan of like you know somewhere like publicis media.

Are we going to wpp or one of those and they're saying to us.

We think podcasting is one of the most underused mediums that is incredible because Dion engagement and a relationship with the podcast post so I think that will continue to grow the more money in advertising that comes in the more is able to sustain that industry people can get more creative people can do things that are bigger and then course then there's better better content for people to listen to so it's up for filling.

It's also a reason why it's it's going to sustain itself and it's still here after 13 years after the country bubbles inflation bubble is that casting in the UK is definitely like your rented apartments of the radio industry.

It's been away.

Austin grow and I watch the BBC 0.8 things but like definitely learn in a way that internally would be problematic for them, but they've used Picasso with successive broadcasting as a means to can't really learn about younger audiences sizing radio is kind of giving up on it and and and podcasting is like I said to be notified unpaid 3B R&D departments of Public Service Broadcasting and it's backspin its value as well now.

These Awards are the very first of their kind in Britain and we've got some incredible Talent in the room Scroobius Pip is here.

Yeah Scroobius has two shows up for Awards tonight at the BBC are here.


as purveyors of podcasts although you never know it from the news online stories can podcast Turner prophet is podcasting the MiniDisc of today.

an about a billion articles promoting s-town

it may be less than a billion, but this is the podcast world stats on really are fake.

And the winner of the audioboom best podcast award is pose for dramatic effect by Radiohead Mr President amazing.

I would you basically just been deemed the best of the best in podcast only got to be here and I can do people are just as I never did you guys hear an hour and 1000 actually incredible.

They're the best of the best and also I want to shout are contributor is because they said really intimate part of their lives of us, and it was a look it.

The masculine see through the eyes and son piano tuner and a father who wants to try out tinder online dating first time with a healthy this grown-up son.

We found some of them three people we knew we found some of them through charity is as well.

You know just looking for the people that wanted to tell her story ready, so it's all those kind of having used mainly for people we knew just meeting people which is an actually attribute of Princes actually be able to provide great story that didn't make it to the customers exclusive content we have to thank MR PORTER for helping us make this.

Cos it's security thing is they came to us with this incredible 340? Which was you know we don't necessarily want to promote your brand or clothes or any of that.

We just want to come up like you know we want to.

Radar podcast witches in modern masculinity through the sins of others through to them.

I think it's giving them the same time to say what they want to say.

Are you know for example on the change? We spent a long time sitting with them talking to them letting them tell them what they tell us what they wanted to say and then we take it away to make something of that.

It's and there's no restrictions on that parts.

I think that's why we we did it and accepting for sharing it with us.

Cos I was a bit of weird like going to a family thing and talking to him about some really heavy stab him and his son really opened up in those really beautiful and so much for inviting me what advice would you give to those people who are starting out trying to make a podcast for me? I came into this whole thing without any sort of podcast experience I think for me.

Get out there and do it for your grade story just you know he likes it down someone asking questions.

Just be serious and have fun with it.

That's my girl express my catchphrase by the way I trade Mark Davis winner of the listeners Choice Award 2017 is Kermode and Mayo film podcast and Robin Cook I am the guest Booker on journey, Rowland on the video producer none of us are Simon Mayo Mark Kermode sorry about that.

Just some producers solos I mean.

I'm sure there are not many people at home.

You haven't heard of This podcast but for those who haven't what is this about 12 as well as a debate about what this is about really is kind of a boat film reviews is kind of interviewing A-List stars results of kind of about 2 Men bickering about you know I'm such a little bit of music ever.

Which is why I was so excited about this because the audience is contribution to our Show and our podcast is massive in other reviews that they send in the stories.

They tell us the stuff to tell us about their lives every funny joke and every running died on the podcast comes from the audience.

So you know there is there so the Witcher Chinese and that's why I was so shocked about this because this this award kind of comes from them and goes back to them.

Do you think this has helped to launch the popularity of podcasts and we are a radio show and podcast will be always done this decided to make the podcast just a bit different and the podcast have a bit extra in its Mark and Simon I was feel a bit more relaxing free and easy in the podcast even though the rules are actually all the same but they don't think so so we can have go off-piste a bit they can ramble they're not worried about timings hitting junctions and all that stuff and so yeah.

Trying to long time we were one of the earliest podcast so I suppose from that point of two year and can you see this format changing anytime soon or do you think actually this is the sort of gold in not know people like it rain anytime in Whitby stationery add things and different ideas and things change and I think the kind of evolution of the show is actually the stuff that again that comes from the audience.

You know the topics the subject the jokes the gods that go on and then we kind of move on to something else will not planning any big Changes but you never again and enjoy your evening and you have a lovely night.

Thank you very much.

So it's my great pleasure and pride to give the gold award melanin millennials from the shows off her phone Melanie millennials is a unapologetically black but also person of colour social commentary on what happening in our world as a millennial.

Colour as women of colour as black women specifically he has me my photos of black women and they reacted kind of dissect a lot of like feminism politics mental health affects relationships everything that you can think of that affect the millennial mind recovering it and like our unique perspective.

I feel like I don't really need to ask this but what did inspired to start this was literally nothing out there.

I remember I've done this before but I did a talk about you know it's starting the shout out network which is what are shows about and I'm see you at the Charlotte networks over when I started it when we both started it.

We were looking for shows that we can you tell the blackberries perspective from a unique perspective.

That's not like crime or Street culture or Road culture and we were just like a k.

How can we do this and me and sassy got to talking and

Just thought the show was like ok.

We're going to be black women with two black women and we come from she's from Portugal originally from the UK but I've lived in the Caribbean with both of the Broad and we were just want to talk about you know the things that affect muscles women and as millennials deliberately we gonna Force yeah.

Sorry I did all the time and you feel like you never actually actually but yeah we kind of Ariana pathetic about like and we can't afford anything we can't do a light is actually got a person of kind of there's a lot of things against you what kind of like underemployed as people and I think that's very common story so we can talk about that and we also very kind of just honest and we also engage our listeners in that conversations.

Are there very much a part of the conversation and they can relate to it and then when they have opinions and when they have like really strong opinions and strong views.

We put it into the public and there it is everyone time.

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It was just a totally stunning landscape amazing swirling colours.

We'll be taking you on a journey from are beautiful but changing environment here on earth beautiful storms 546 lightning strikes every second inlet explored corners of the Universe other sulfuric acid pausini.

You could walk around in your t-shirt and subscriber you get your podcast.

This is a podcast that pulls no punches the winner of best sport podcasts as a clue.

Where is fight disciples obviously tonight as Anthony Joshua vs.

Wladimir Klitschko we are the 5 disciples so literally 3 hours got the hotel.

We flip well.

We play rock paper scissors someone so Adam has gone to AJ Klitschko the fight myself and I might use the producer weekend to the award-winning independent show we've been gone 14 months and we just guys that love fight sports.

It was super niche.

We know where super niche but we loved it was passionate about it and to come here tonight and to pick up the best sport showers just for nominal absolutely for normal like this kind of emotional photos but I cannot find something to.

The fighting Klitschko in like 50 minutes away now.

This is amazing.

This is incredible and honestly we've enjoyed it.

Meet we started a podcast because we love fight sports the three of us when it was so passionate about it fight sports right now boxing and UFC mixed martial arts has never been stronger in the UK is best time right now since post-war Britain basically and there were just like the press the way through we've enjoyed every minute of it the winner of Best current affairs podcast is the enquiry weekly podcasts which try to answer difficult question in the news to be talking to for experts and get into an actual answer weekends away is participating today and get started with enquiry as well.

So years ago now.

I think and and one of the things.

I think we were thinking about was that though.

There's a single radio show which asked quite controversial questions and always gives you an answer at the end of it.

So why didn't work specifically the podcast then we crazy very rigid format is an authority difficult but allows us to you navigate is really complex subjects with total clarity.

I'll be mission is clarity.

There's every point of wish somebody would be lost so much of what we do is he said too much T4 City, quezon, enquiry doesn't shy away from complex object but it tries to provide real Farah T20 format and I think having the consistency of format is the strength of podcast listeners know what they're going to get their fuel inside the club though, they understand the rules then attended remit and in our going to get ladies and gentlemen your first podcasting champion is Adam Buxton if I was to give people out there a tip.

For connecting with the biggest number of people possible it would be to find a good editor and a good producer.

I'm sure there's a lot of them out there tonight.

So why don't you steal what I love? You ok and the gold goes to a podcast That managed to show the behind Every pointy headed geek chicks rule.

There is a real human being who bleeds the same as anybody else and has a wicked sense of humour.

The winner is scientists not the signs by Stuart so I'm on the scientist.

That's my day job and I interview other scientists about what it's like to be a scientist and the other is not talk about science is not a science communication show but instead to look at all the kind of basically going to show scientists in the more cumin lights and children transparency.

I think it's not really about scientists about a human story about someone.

About their life and why did the motivations and that's compelling story 21 is not really it was answer to listen to it and completely talking about anyone to listen to hopefully that's the whole day as well.

Hopefully you like a bit of an outsider here.

I feel like I'm just a hobby, but it's a really wonderful chance to put something and be part of a community is growing really bad idea what kind of pissed you to start a podcast about it so inspired by comedians comedian podcast so I actually interview Stour, so it's all about Canadian comedians.

That was really interested listen to comedians talking about it and recognise things on my own career and I started wondering when actually is there if I talk to scientists will I see the same patterns will be sending things happening podcast is the cinema by Joe Cocker in cafe Cullen I mean I love the format of This podcast who got no idea.

Supercars and what is it about what we were doing anyway the latest podcast of according to your from the cinema and we activate silly and we have guests on every now and then we have a baby on the way if you know a babysitter, please send the money would like to continue doing this and they're really good and easy listening to them.

Did you know who they were we love her too and they say bedroom in today and literally just teasing this together as soon as we get home in like half an hour people love isn't about podcast that's the reason for listening.

Hey guys like you the gold award goes to between the ears the BBC Radio 1 from BBC Radio 3.

Look after the speech programs there so basically between the ears is ready at 3, adventure and sound it's our platform for all sorts of audio programs that help human stories, but might come from artist my come from poets musicians and all told in a format that has to be innovative to be something happy really high quality, but is trying to do something different and something you wouldn't find elsewhere all sorts of people come to us in our on one hand independent production companies in have BBC producers or artist you just got an idea or poet sometimes comes they want to do something and sound right as you want to write something that little doubt that wouldn't really work elsewhere in all sorts it but it's a bit we try to have a cut open door policy to be a platform for those people increasingly and thinking about the podcast audience because what it's clear.

Is it something idiosyncratic something quirky something differently that that that really gets a podcast audience and Sonu increasing we are thinking.

And the other thing is that turn the podcast and ordered has a tolerance something which is different and so on they got different expectations and that really really plays into the hands of program like are between the ears.

That's it from this year's British podcast awards and from this week's Media podcast my thanks to Rhianna Dhillon and Peter price if you're a regular listening, you'll know that every episode of this show is dedicated to a donor who helps keep us on air and today is no exception this episode is dedicated to Joe Pitts and assistant distribution manager at the BBC so I don't know what that means but thank you for your donation if you're a new listener, don't forget to subscribe for your fortnightly dose of Media analysis and comment join the thousands that get new episode straight to their phones as soon as they're released just press ups cried on your podcast app of choice.

I've been Olly Murs the Producers Matt Hill and Peter price and just to be clear the media podcast did not enter the British podcast Awards at the conflict of interest we would have swept the board if we had the median.

Craft is a PPM production until next time bye bye.

Potential by definition is the possibility of achieving more in the fast-paced world of digital advertising Oracle data cloud has built like a seat on finding the signal through the noise on unlocking potential we bring together data and technology to help you better understand your audience where to best engage them and how to measure a tool to realise true potential Oracle data cloud where better outcomes begin visit Oracle data cloud.

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