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Read this: #66 - Media Predictions 2017

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#66 - Media Predictions 2017…

Hello and welcome to the media podcast I'm early man today.

We bring you our annual predictions show where are many pundit speculate wildly and what they think will happen this year in our industry and by the way the very existence of an annual tradition of This podcast is fairly ridiculous because I can't tell you if This podcast will still exist next month it relies.

It always has on the small amount of money.

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Please say mate.


Is the show and my first guests for 2017 are almost as if this was recorded along with some of the last episodes of 2016.

I'm at digging and Jake can tell who the years I have spent all of Christmas with me in the bar at hospital club.

Let's talk through first of all folks the predictions you made this time last year.

Let's just see just how wrong you were predicted a spin-off national station for heart and a lot of effort behind it 50p that are extra Nationwide on digital radio that would definitely be a point for that if animals that we would like to everything is coinspace sort it tends to be is the sort of London shiny bits and then the rest is all music so it's not particularly that exciting what group of done with heart and with smooth is there a national versions of them kind of scooter advertising in the bits with an on FM it sort of the least exciting version of digital radio though probably if you live in Lincolnshire

You can now get the beautiful sound of Jamie Theakston and Emma Bunton in the morning.


See you send me write the wrong Business Insider you were totally wrong when you said that channel 4 will be fine by now to privatization this needs to get on and sort this out grow up and get on with it.


You were right when you said that John whittingdale will Retreat on the BBC predict exactly circumstances that you will he he did Retreat before he was bloodlines brujah.

The white paper was nowhere near as apocalyptic for the BBC as people predicted and Mathieu predicted that there would be a Radio 2 shake up in terms of an airline up having a bit of a shiny things by one thing that I said last year.

Just read it you just leave Tony Blackburn alone after a year.

I was predicting there, but I don't wanna mentioned anyone's name this year after year.

He's back on that's that's good.

You know I thought maybe there'll be some changes to the radio to daytime lineup there always under a lot of pressure to to maybe add some non-white male faces and that would be doing with lots of people coming on the bench ready to go straight to say I might roll over that predictions for next year could be your year Cox / Feltz slash born slash Claudia is that yeah, is that for quite a few locks waiting there lots of your first prediction of the Year let's move into some proper predictions Jake let's start with you.

What do you think is going to happen in 2017? I'm gonna stick with Channel 4 then and just said both Lewis recycle your predictions from this is slightly different will leave this year.

Big guns why producer Matt told me that I've got a stick my neck out, so that's the main reason for that goes back to the privatization think I think that will be resolved and one Way Or Another David full step down either victorious having save Channel 4 from privatisation or because he sacked because channel fours been privatized and he's lost that argument and jhon, so connected to David that she might either go or go for the cheapest actives job herself.

I think she and I'm not sure she'll get it.

I'm not sure she'll get that job will some of the machinations there depend on the success or otherwise of Bake Off a little 75 million lb gamble a huge gamble and it will be so in the spotlight, but it will be impossible to separate Channel 4.

Formants from Bake Off and another little protection Bake-Off technically can't hear this year because of a whole back in the contract which means the BBC has the rights with still another broadcast result banned from airing it this year, but I think the Producers have begun production of fractions of started casting and I think we'll sit on it this year.

I mean the BBC could take it all the way to the Supreme Court could they really helped many ways that seem to be depriving years of one of the biggest shows on television that stuff well that really was I'm glad that they did you in the direction of they're going for a bowl because that was a good that was a good opener to this year.

I think on the media podcast Matt Deegan equal.

That's a bold prediction radio ones going to close to Radio 4 programmes potentially put out to tender as part of the B&B

Please compare or compare at this is where in-house and external is can compete for more strands.

I think a lot will go to the Independent sector this year, which will likely create imagine.

It was the end of the year a bit of a crisis of confidence in BBC production.

I do because I think a lot of those people will just move from the BBC to the Independent sector, but I think there'll be some headlines around that as well and out for them easier imagine you're gonna be doing a bit of Computing in comparing yourself and we might do I might have some interesting independent election plans this year, but it's a bit survivor in sector and I think the fact that there's more shows on offer whether they stay in house or they go out of house is good news for licence fee payers because it's your better ideas on the radio good stuff mate.

We'll see whether you're right this time next year you did say last year as well about talk radio that the content on talk radio will be the marketing that was your statement.

Will have a lot of money to spend above the line that will only Rise into radio.

I think people like John Holmes nearly a good signings.

I didn't have realised the ambition of of what that can be but I think my reflection nothing for this year will be around now that the wireless group owner of talk radio talkSPORT Virgin Radio is musical.

When did they actually happened when The handover happened at the end of last year? Oh, that's all gone through.

I think I've start to get a bit involved that might just be putting some Murdoch cash behind it maybe some tweaks to the radio stations, but you know you don't spend a few quid by your idea group.

Just to let it go on itself well people said that the reason that Murdoch wanted that whole group really was just to get the audio football rights because it was only the son of them got them video football right.

He's a very good at managing sports rights talkSPORT have been on.

UK premier league rights and lots of the bits of ready right which I'm sure they will be used by musical properties around the world the Australian newspaper example might take that material by the more than that I think they are the Gaudi started advertising in the Sun some of the phone in topics and I hate have been more of that this year with a sponsor, so now I don't know responsibilities breakfast carefully with a haven't like if we had Colin Murray departing the network saying it was because of Hillsborough and he was worried about the son's involvement editorially I think we are you Collins departure is probably the only high-profile blow their pants since the takeover what I do know from my pick up on the BBC News Corps involvement now in talkSPORT as put the fear of God into 5 Live and then yeah and then out in an environment where 5 Live is losing audience at the moment.

I think they're terrified that talks water going to come and chip away even further.

Hello, I'm Maggie Brown I'm here to give you my predictions for 2017.

I felt prediction is that channel 4 will not be privatised.

I think it's going to be treated relatively kindly my prediction is that some doggy some arrangement made but some more programming is made outside of London than is currently the only I predict that the new BBC chairman Sir David Clementi who has just been announced will glide quite happily into the BBC and what disease takes me about? This is that people assignment in the videos in this he's very boring.

He's he knows nothing about broadcasting the BBC's kind of getting an establishment figure probably the government is looking at the way Channel 4 with calm down by putting in a heavy hitter Lord Terry Burns and have had quite a reasonable run in the past six and seven years ago.

Had with the entrepreneur Luke Johnson who filled with the previous channel so I think that they're going they're playing safe another prediction is that is the Express from the Daily Mirror talking about selling their advertising together or some form of joints and newspaper advertising sales was I would be happy to suggest maybe the Guardian and the Daily Telegraph all get together because they're politically apart editorially distinct but they're both broadsheet newspapers and you would imagine that some some form of joint Salesforce might work pretty well.

Why not another prediction at the Fate of ITV's could well be decided this year if it's going to be taken over I say this for two reasons partly because of course we see the pound.

Quite considerably since the brexit vote and we know that the Liberty Global group.

This is the film the loan company that's been snapping up ass.

I'd like a cable companies across Europe has actually splashed out on almost 10% by mistake from the studies that class of the reasonable to think that there might be some Palmer's of take over now.

Use my last predictions.

I wouldn't be surprised if Mark Thompson who is at the moment of course heading up the New York Times he's been in position in America since November 2012 V60 this year.

I wouldn't be surprised if he needs to be not right for a change.

I don't know if he's going to come back to Britain I can't see him loving a tramp dominated America he might well decide but he's got a lovely big house in North Oxford and now's the time to enjoy it the inimitable Maggie Brown and now I'm joined by Holden frith editor of The from Dennis Publishing Helen Holden finally welcome to the media podcast.

Thank you long time listener first time contribute Italy what are your predictions for the year ahead so I think one of the things we'll see is the battle between.

Publishers an ad blockers is going to escalate and then possibly reach some kind of resolution towards the end of the year go on give us more detail so we start to see if you skirmishes on this one that last year while and Business Insider started saying that if you as a reader were using an ad-blocker piece of software that meant that the adverts wouldn't show up you were not going to be allowed on their site anymore unless you switch the ad blocker off.

It has couple of sites in a very large ecosystem at the moment, but given that we're already seeing 20 25% of readers using this software.

I just think more publishers are going to start taking those measures.

There's there's just not enough money in the digital publishing ecosystem for people to shrug off a quarter of it, but it seems like you know if that many of your audience want to block the adverts then the adverts about yet.

There's a problem on both sides here.

I think it's too many adverts.

Take up too much resources particularly on mobile phones weird collections may not be as fast they want to be and that's why I think that resolution is possible in this case and we may move move towards it because I think what we'll see is a two-pronged approach relief it so from the publishers you see more education you see messages saying we need to pay a journalist you want to read this material.

Somebody's got to pay for it.

We've seen some quite a lot of positive response to that kind of messaging people do then accept advertising some don't but also there's going to have to be work on the side of publishers and advertisers to make sure pages load more quickly people are clear about what sort of cookies.

What sort of tracking.

What sort of resources advert using and I think one of the things that will push people towards resolution is Google so two years ago.

They decided that quick loading pages for mobile.

What are they real priority for them? And they said if your website pages load quickly and their mobile responsive you'll go higher up the results.

That means more readers that means more Revenue and you saw a very quickly publishers stepping into line and making their pages more mobile-friendly.

I expect something similar is going to happen with advertising on that front and the Google will find some way of prioritising sites that have more efficient quicker loading advert.

It's in their interest to keep the digital advertising market healthy.

Keep people happy with seeing adverts in responding to them if people turn off advertising altogether Google sufferers there as much as publishers do with the obvious solution seems to be more branded content or editorialist adverts because that way you can provide them for free to the audience.

You know it's clear the dean is not coming out the bottle part from the X in the ft in the UK cables on really working so if the site has to be free but you're not make revenue from ads the only option is to write an article that looks like an article but is actually an advert when you see more that we will certainly see some of that where they will see more and less convinced about.

I think that actually leaves me onto another prediction that just popped into my head, but I think we'll probably see hop up a pop-up pop-up.

I think we'll probably some other form of business model being presented as the saviour digital journalism with native advertising was that saviour for a little while.

I think it was possibly superseded by video for a while previous that we had paywalls which mentioned there's always something new which is going to be the one and only solution because you're losing something new but nothing but nothing specific content will be part of that Mix and I think actually whatever it is that predicted being the non-specific save this year will probably next year be a part of that makes but it won't be the Savior and I think what we really learning is that there isn't one single solution to the problem of digital journalism.

We just need a range of different income streams.

Ok? I'm gonna give you one more protection one more is a slightly less optimistic protection than either of those and that's that the issue.

Fake news will not be solved the will not be a resolution there partly because nobody can really agree.

What fake news is at the moment.

It seems to cover a very wide range of issues from the onions and Joker news and spoofs ending up being taken seriously and shared as if they are true to state-sponsored attempts to swing an election allegedly to any kind of news that somebody doesn't like they'll just dismiss it as fake news and actually at the week.

What's the approach that you take two sources because I was his most of your stories do come from the mainstream Media but I must be nice to throw in a website.

That's got a scooter.

I guess now.

You're thinking more than you ever for what we really better background check with yes, and we've we do use a broad range of sources and when the Avengers I think we have at the week.

Is that we are very open about the fact that we are a digest of a very wide range of sources from all different sides of the equation and that means we can be I think much more explicit about.

Sifting through claims and counterclaims and giving readers a really good idea of this of level of confidence we can have in any particular play When You're Looking at the trump stories over the weekend.

We are able to collect it BuzzFeed we looked at CNN we looked at how the BBC was reporting these stories and we just brought in as much background as much context as we could to give people Astaire on that hold them free.

Thank you very much now before we move on as all you Media literate folks will know there's never just me here and some guess.

There's always a producer as well and as is often the case.

It's Matt Hill hello Matt hello.

You've written this queue for yourself here's my question to you.


Why am I talking to you? How well as most listeners will know whenever my voice is heard is normally because I'm asking for some sort of cash.

To keep us going for the next year and so I've written the skew in order to make that happen right ok, so we're going to have a chat now off next few minutes about why we need your money yet, and it's definitely not going to be just 30 seconds so if you skip forward 30-seconds ipeople who listen to podcasts on a regular basis and who get this show habitually they do suffer from that thing of thinking well someone else is paying for it.

I do like this show but someone else is paying they must be because only read their names out over the credits, but the reality is we don't have enough money to make this show not say that we are spending huge amounts of money here.

We are very very tight with the cash.

Maybe we should describe where we're doing this right now photocopy room.

Yes Dennis Publishing where does seem to be told them all talk to you and then we'll sit in your photocopy room and record something because we don't spend money on studio first by were usually at the hospital club exactly we wanted somewhere central.

So that was very convenient that our guests could not say no to us when we invite them along the most of them.

Don't take a fee and if they do.

Buckle exactly so we are really working from Birmingham and amino when we don't have a sponsor, we don't get paid either and that creates a few little issues and I'll tell you about person one right now.

Please do not say is your relationship falling apart when we doing it for free and I'm perfectly happy to do that for the for the ties between sponsors.

I'm doing this for free right now folks in there that thing I just said you're free then, it's all fine except when I can't get out of something so next week.

I start jury service lot of people.

I don't know how long I'll be doing jury service what is normally 2 weeks, but it could be longer be something to do so and so someone has to do this podcast and I can't ask him to do it for free someone has to write my script and that is too embarrassed to say will you do that for free exactly so other work with me so in order to be able to pay someone to come and write the script and book the guests and arrange with the venue to make sure that.

You want turns up and has the character that business of the content all of the above that need someone to do it and for that we need some voluntary subscriptions have no money left yet indeed.

That's why this episode does taking 6 weeks to produce from various different sessions that recording other stuff.

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We promise will do Good by you keep me.

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Now he's for end of the show Faraz Osman accounting for his predictions from 2016 surfing I mentioned last year was it doesn't be a big BBC reshuffle, which I think that's kind of like there's been lots of changes over there and Peter Salmon obviously as, cause a bit of an earthquake with his move and what happened BBC Studios I did also mention that a big us name Icona Pop in and shake things up a little bit unfortunately that doesn't seem to have been the case and we still seem to have familiar faces running the top of different channels, but I guess the big news that kind of course at the end of year was Mahatma 20th Century Fox and and what's looking like they're purchase of Sky taking full control over it, so I don't know if that's a US name.

It's only a US company taking full control of the broadcaster the bit of a stretch but I don't know can I get half a point for that.

What are those things I mentioned was that there'll be a breakout hit from a new publisher that came into the market.

It's been interesting actually because it feels like the things I squeeze a little bit where Netflix and Amazon are the only people in the game that making a success of it and so I don't think that there's been necessarily and completely new publisher that we haven't heard of previously but I do think that we're heading to a digital streaming war between two players and not being Netflix and Amazon so I've been asked to make some predicted to 2017 and after this mental year that was 2016 a kind of a bit terrified to do so because it's be honest.

It's have no idea what's going on anymore, but I'll take a few shots in the dark is the what what may occur firstly and perhaps depressingly.

I think we're going to see return of nostalgia TV so anybody do owns a form out from the 80s 90s and noughties probably rubbing their hands in Glee at the moment.

Cos I think that will see a lot of commission.

From brands that that we heard of them back in the day that I can have re-emerged in the hope of getting some headlines and and getting some summer styles of all the answers so that people can be themselves in a in a warm.

Soup of of what yesteryear used to be in the hope that they can turn their ears and eyes off from what's going on around the world right now, so I think I was a little bit more nostalgia.

TV then we have seen previously and whether that's a good thing or a bad thing you can decide it's like a prediction that I'm gonna stick my neck out weird is that I think that we're going to see some more very high budget content particular streaming services that are focused on a particular demographic.

So it's what I mean by that is if you look at the Crown but my belief is is a crown or the commission that Netflix took to secure older audiences that haven't already become a subscriber of that service and that's been I think quite successful from from what we see and I think that we're going to see a lot more commissions that very strongly targeted at we're.

And also be targeted at ethnic minority or strongly targeted at a particular country or a particular interest group and anything you're going to see lots more of very targeted commissions that have very big budget in hope the day subscription services can grab lots of audiences and an advertising one particular area and so that they can say the best services something's got one thing for lots of different people who think we're going to see some very high budget programming that's based around particular demographics.

Until now by TV series producer Suzie Marsh Happy New Year season predictions for 2017 TV programme based, am I think really with 2016 in the can and gosh what a quarter of the year? It was we can only be looking forward to pin you down for the rest of your manatee.

We can only be looking forward to things that will give us that lovely warm glowing soft fuzzy feeling.

I think that's not something.

It's always been embraced in television, but I do think we will do an honest look up warm and encouraging and a lucky manatee in programming that I can forceps to two ways.

I think also looking to be kind towards each other but I also think they're also looking to find the superhero in all of us the the extreme television the pushing the boundaries in real situations, so it's less about reality and reality whatever that is programming and more about real both in a good and an extreme way the what does it mean for the accident reality shows.

Traditional starter single reality traditional I'm in Big Brother this year is that going to be not antagonistic or going to get along with people out because everybody got on and actually everybody really enjoyed they got on and although there were moments of you know flashes it was a really different approach to everything but everybody is very accepting of it and it just shows you that were all thinking please somebody just give me a hug because it's really been just awful was quite well for bake off then doesn't it? That is a big hug.

We do Harbour a grudge.

Don't we so I hope successful Hollywood as well and yeah, I mean he's moved to the other side.

Isn't he so that's going to really stick in our throats not least his bread with a nice warm inclusive format you predict a real lots of real people.

I think less about a celebrity.

Everything's been very celebrity driven.


Maybe celebrity elements to it, but it's about the real people having real achievements even even BBC One had a whole strip to cross the

Series which was following a nun around her small little council estate trying to do good, when would that ever have been on television 10 years ago never so yeah, that's my prediction potential by definition is the possibility of achieving more in the fast-paced world of digital advertising Oracle data cloud has built it's like a say on finding the signal through the noise on unlocking potential we bring together data and technology to help you better understand your audience where to best engage them and how to measure a tool to realise true potential Oracle data cloud where better outcomes begin visit Oracle data cloud.

Come to learn more series of once in a lifetime exhibition smoking the 500th anniversary of Leonardo Da Vinci's dead right now 144 of Leonardo's drawings from the Royal Collection are on display in.

Cities across the country running until the 6th of May each exhibition tells Leonardo da Vinci story through drawings reflecting all of his interests from painting to Sculpture and from architecture to Anatomy find what's happening? Are you and join the celebration if that RCT.

UK / Leonardo 500?

We are now joined at the Vanguard of digital media by a trio of BuzzFeed is Louise Ridley James ball and Scotty Brian Louise you first.

What is your big prediction for 2017 exciting and something you might not expect and we are very much like that.

I've been waiting 10 years to happen.

How is audio going to become more social because people like clicking on video years and that song is growing and growing at a certain technologies launching next year in Surrey this year 2017 and launched the end of last year that and making the son of friction stop people listen to podcasts go away.

So you got Amazon Echo to the news on Amazon technology with voice activated stuff pair that with an internet streaming radio company which means you can just say Amazon Echo play me the media pa.

What's this American Life and it will play them and you have to sign up yet to register with family big barrier to podcast also Facebook in December launched.

Its Facebook live audio service which is currently being tested in various broadcasters and clean the BBC that could prove very very exciting if we having the ability for broadcast to broadcast live Radio City podcast and things on Facebook that could be a big deal and does that have to be live cos I was good point about Facebook live video as you can tell it's life because people interacting with the comments and stuff is Radio 4.

Just plays out one of their documentaries an hour early does that count as live audio order p have to be reacting I am not sure to be honest it'd be on it means I seen the same as as video it means they are playing at live to you to be that service and coats for You by it by telling me and established podcast devotee audios going to go viral this year at James Ball your prediction better be that it's going to be a big year for me and I'm going to get some sort of daily 5 Live radio for Wishaw

I think really Radio presenters have very solid 2005a.

You don't will finally see them phased out.

I think most serious prediction is that we're going to see several major newspapers change owners this year, but I don't think it's going to be the good thing here, but it was in America I think if you look at the Washington Post it had been owned by a family company of you know the family word notorious the tourist famous celebrated in DC but it was under invested.

It was focusing local it was focusing on print and now they got bought our babes Jeff bezos who owns Amazon they integrate with that they through so much money at digital but in a profitable way they up the audience.

They hired more journalists.

I've really reshaped.

How they do things that it's just been such a good thing for us journalism 3 not just to be about the New York Times for once and for the Washington Post to be on such good for

The problem when you look here, I think the Daily Express is very clearly up for sale.

I think the star is up for sale the Telegraph is clearly in some way shape or form at the right price up for sale.

Where are those sort of interested and lighting donors who have a plan and have something interesting to do rather than try and consolidate into side of last surviving clinging on newspaper group doing all the same things that don't work trying to cut costs to pay off the merger.

I don't see where the interesting Media buyers are the issue that in a globalised world.

It's less attractive to the billionaire.

Who is prepared to lose money on a brand to buy a British one, because you can get prestige by buying American one and then more people round the world engaging with it immediately Britain's newspapers.

Can you have out weighed sort of role in the world? I mean the Daily Mail is the world's biggest english-language website The Guardian is huge and even sort of sites like the end.

Which have quite a small UK readership really and you no no no paper anymore quite big sort of audiences because most of the US Media a local titles effects on the city so were kind of more suited to the web anyway.

It's just those that lack of Prestige attached to most of them.

You know the ft.

Clearly was a prestige brand which is why I got caught up had a really good price.

The Economist is a prestige product.

What's left after that the Times don't think that's for sale at the moment.

You know the garden can't be sold, so the other things around don't have that shiny quality.

They don't have the bars.

That's got to give them.

Sort of trophy Price Tag anymore.

Ok interesting and Scotty you write mainly about telly is your prediction TV based.

This is the year that I think that the BBC and linear TV channel owners get absolutely shit scared by

Flicks and online streaming I think it's been an issue does been building up for the last year.

You've seen Netflix release a big show like every two to three weeks with varying degrees of success, but I think in 2016 Netflix hit out the park that had the crowd was fantastic and I think could have been on that a British broadcaster.

You had Stranger things which was one of the biggest shows we had he had a list at the end of last year will be after BuzzFeed staff for their favourite shows of the year and a caution is quite biased by the fact.

They were quite young star former watching a lot of online programming rather than let's say what's on some of the linear channel is the nearly the entire list with Netflix and I think the BBC I getting quite anxious by the fact that people can just watch entire series On Demand they don't know how much necessarily these big foreign broadcasters are them having an inner viewing figures because they keep it to themselves, but also the fact that they are throwing money hand over fist.

I think last year temenos teacher consent off.

Said he's going to double the amount of money that they're putting into shows this year which potentially means Adobe AI aiba returning show or unusual every single week 4 this year which is crazy and the fact that you have shows that might be successful way past the normal 30-day box set BBC iPlayer shows and normally found in something that's that's kind of a concern the BBC's thinking how do we have shows that appeal to young people BBC3 I don't think it's really taken off with young people with the exception of let safely bad or wanted to other documentaries.

I think it really hasn't set the world alight or the UK a light as much as they would have wanted but how do they have this shows that people watch days weeks after they've been transmitted that has that appeal that can help combat these massive giant that are popping up and when it comes to the actual traditional linear scheduling of the big brand terrestrial TV channels.

How do you think they are reacted you say that she is scared, but what do they do today double down and say write more night manager more planet Earth type stuff big flagship stuff.

I can't compete with Netflix or do they say what will just do what On Demand services can't will have more you know magazine programming more Loose Women you know more news and cheap quiz shows they couldn't go in halfway.

The kind of like that the end of the day with a BBC we have to be comfortable to licence be paid as we have to do these are the things that these big bore classes can't do so you know what have documentaries that might be less popular about talk about in an important subject and noted specifically British issues or dramas that might help shed light on important subject but at the same time I feel that they are also spending money hand over fist with these big Blockbuster shows like planet Earth II which was kind of a co-production with Discovery in with foreign broadcasters and you are and what a night manager that was a minnow absolutely lots of money spent spent a night getting top Talent in so I can't afford that kind of going to waiter saying ok.

There's been a lot of money or suspend not that much money at the same time.

Is very much I think about spending resources carefully much more than we have done in the past.

I think it's also quite interesting.

What's 20 will speak to you other day, but the fact that he sees head BBC iPlayer being a future and that by 2020 he wanted to be a bit like Netflix by having entire series on there before you even able to watch a BBC want to be with you too, but then that makes me wonder world.

Will that be cannibalizing linear TV even more if I can just watch it in one go rather than let's see what should be night manager for six weeks.

I just wonder if we ever going to move to a world where people want to see The Tipping Point boxset there probably is someone out there.

This is my moment 80 hours of Tipping I just I just like that babe.

He wears a suit well, and then I guess the big sala TV industry speculation is is Murdoch going to get Sky there was the last time when they've got the forward there is the massive speculation that it was that taken the perfect point in terms of where the story was going to answer phone hacking.

There's a lot of attention to it and the fact is that in the narratives.

Just moved on now, so I think.

I like that.

It will happen Louise probably yes, they're giving how much times have changed since the last time that was that was on the cards have the most of his life James yes or no.

Yes the EU regulatory.

Only one she might kick up a fuss the question is whether he'll be able to do any kind of cross-promotion stuff for the times Sunday Times son because that's where the synergy is that's where the potential is and the times and the Sunday both loss-making at the moment.

So they need some help if whether he can then get some benefit out the deal or not and talking of tricky spins.

I mean I am sitting at BuzzFeed I have to ask you a question which you can all ignore if you choose are we going to see this year? Do we think are more stories published that have single sources its questions about single sourcing you know Snowdon was the single source.

You know journalism is ever is about furthering the conversations.

We go to see that.

We will see fake news will see organisations, sort of report.

Biased ways people accuse the male or the son of we will see very high quality risk to join this when we will see everything in between very diplomatic.

Well that is it from this edition of the media podcast we will be back with a Regular Show as soon as we can you can help make that happen.

I think we could have underlined that point on I said one more time the media podcast calm slash dedicate for God's sake give her some money doesn't matter if you just a runner and you only give us a couple of quid anything until then.

I'm only man the Producers mattiel the media podcast is a PPM production.

The BBC Earth podcast Returns as soon as I was airborne, it was just a totally stunning landscape amazing swirling colours, we'll be taking you on a journey from our beautiful, but changing environments here on earth beautiful storms 546 lightning strikes every second teaching less explored corners of the Universe Happy Birthday sulfuric acid clouds Indian if you could walk around in your T-shirt open your ears and subscribe wherever you get your podcast.

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