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Read this: #62 - IMPRESS in Official Regulator Shocker - The Media Podcast with Olly Mann

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#62 - IMPRESS in Official Regulator Shoc…

This is the media podcast and before we start big thanks to media Masters Paul blanchard's podcast about the media where you're here amazing one-to-one interviews with creatives and exec you can find out who's on their latest episode of little later.

I'm on today's show we have a winner as an imprest is chosen by a panel to be the official press regulator but will anyone join it and what happens if they don't also on the show Matt Deegan will be here to analyse the latest radio ratings.

So you don't have to culture secretary Karen Bradley outline the options for Channel 4 and we have the gossip from it, and the Radio Academy Awards all that and media quiz why very not is all to come on Expedia podcast and joining us at the hospital club today are too fresh faces to the program but each expert.


I'm thrilled to welcome the broadcaster and writer dotun Adebayo hi nice to see you at a time would like the sun's pouring in here.

I don't come out like this in the daytime normally yeah, but me and Dracula you know Whitney, give us a potted history of your career for people who don't know I'm losing obviously I was thinking most famous for what I start at the BBC when I was 12 years old at the world service literally went up there and offered to help them and they thought I was joking and whilst I was there some telex Came In in French and I use my sort of school boyfriend to translate it nice.

Where can I wasn't invited me to come in that was on the world service African services time network Africa so I work to do anything with everything is exploiting children back in with a haven't invited us for holidays weekends.

I came in as well.

So worked with the Legendary Hilton file amongst others have also been over night on 5 Live during the US

Recycle hahaha going to meet a real-life American in just a second but how have you been finding the debates? It's fascinating the mind boggles.

Let me just say that but it is inspired our listenership overhead United in the UK you can't imagine I think the last Kind of inspiration like this.

Obviously the referendum but even more so the Scottish referendum which had nothing to do with English audiences not look directly in any case fired up the imagination of people here and the Americans have done it again well at next to Dawson is that real life American it's Media analyst Kate bulkeley.

Hello Kay hi.

I guess what you up to you every time he is texting me now.

It's amazing what I mean.

I'm obviously business meet you turn all time.

Shouldn't have the businesses are shaking out.

So when I look at Stirling at the AT&T Time Warner bed, and I see your DirecTV being barred by 18th United comcast nbcu when I see Netflix bring 6 billion dollars into original content next year that kinda stuff is fascinating to me and then we just mentioned the election.

I've been there is a media story there that isn't going to go away even despite who wins if you soon so I mean if we get trump TV that's really going to be scary, but that isn't just like a conspiracy.

Is it the most popular Theory I've heard talking to people that was going to happen the US election is Trump going to lose virginity better than people think I'm every was put into was wrong of course and then what is going to do cos he's Heidelberg people from Fox News if he's going to launch trump TV that seems to be like in genuinely most popular protection.

I heard you're both nodding your head.

I mean I think that is definitely something he could do probably will do will probably love doing I mean Roger ailes has he's he's got a job opening in is Siri so we can go run it.

I mean you know it's an interesting time in America

What takes as an American who's lived outside of America now for over 25 years is kind of strange for me to look bad because I don't really feel that American anymore, even though I sound American and I did vote in this election but what's happening in terms of the medias social now over there.

I mean to say shrillness and a third of accusatory tone to the way not just this campaign is going but the way all of journalism critically television journalism the score against in the states that I think it's really kind of scary I suppose if trump TV does actually launch then suddenly Fox News is strapline it being fair and balanced well actually seemed reasonable by comparison Sarah Palin will just see me know your address right.

Let's talk about some British Media new stories in this week's the government funded press recognition panel finally approved a pressure regulator its name is impress and despite being the only organisation to put itself forward.

It's taken several years to actually reach this decision then that may be because some of the national papers have in the meantime.

Set up their own regulator if so, which sought to mitigate some of the impressively harsh punishments trumped up by the government after the Leveson enquiry at top of the list is there any publications that don't join impress will have to pay legal costs for both parties in a defamation case even if the publication wins cake.

What do you make of this situation and the fact that none of the national papers have signed up to impress.

I think where I start with regulations.

I always think self-regulation as best.

I think however in this case because the self-regulation body.

That's been in place before impress on cannot came on the scene is basically let's say I control by some very big Media be to have very different approaches to what is may be right or wrong or where they should be on which side of the fence that that's why we got into trouble on its own.

That's why this thing came up.

My concern about impressed is that although it seems to be all this is great.

This is very important.

Look was finding it.

I mean that they have any others an axe to grind there too so I don't think it's the perfect solution.

You know maybe it's good to have a second one but now it says it's a very complicated area who's funding charities and organisations linked to maximum space crusade.

He has an axe to grind he does but he also has took some money does need us and I suppose that's what I'm about Max Mosley could be wrong by the price even the press now admit that they would probably wrong for report that story in the way, they do and yet.

He's wherein the he's got enough money to try and sort it out and work with packed off to confirm money into this sort of incentive.

What's wrong with that? What's wrong with this? I don't have any Silver Bullet solution to it, but part of the problem that I have work for the Murdoch press.

I was doing this at the news of the world and also I am worried about this new body because you know does it include.

Book publishers in which that smile in a day job if you like there are times when book publishers and no different from a newspaper publishers in that they publish things that you could argue news, is it worth but for the problem with the press regulation? Is it? Is is that the press feeds and wrecks the lives of the week? So we're very careful in suggesting that Sir Donald Trumps wife is a plagiarist or whatever else she might be but we're not at all careful about saying the bloke next door is a paedophile for example.

I know the news of the private hire one ocase this week about a police officer the vehicle the paedophile many years ago and it turns out.

He's a pedophile granted that kind of works in that way because there is some serious investigative journalism, but too often the press is more afraid of those with power with money essentially because they know that they can see.

Right back, we don't have a way of protecting Audrey people the press is conscious of its labelling somebody with money, so that shows they are sensitive to issues of losing out in a libel case in court but for an ordinary person.

They know isn't going to stack up to to sell their house to take the News of the World orbit sun on Sunday the equivalent to call then it's an unfair challenge on is it like the Hacked Off campaign was not about the small man in the street.

It was about you and Hugh Grant was part of vitamin ever you know big celebrity is worth it even song about the fact.

They were giving you the press wrongly rightly I receive Max Moses a good case in point so what you're saying is busy impress hasn't solve the problem the problem is with another guy in the street for men at next door.

He doesn't have any kind of protection.

I know I go along with that.

This is really solve that problem.

This might be very very simplistic.

So forgive me but everyone who's listen to this you as you find press regulation a bit of a turgid and difficult to understand get there was this big scandal a few years ago Milly dowler Hugh Grant Max Mosley low The Lowry Sol everson.

We saw the whole thing being broadcast on the telly the implication was everyone accepted it when it came out and said we're going to put this in place.

We can stop this happened again and then over the years in between everyone just somehow managed to find a way to Malawi accepting.

No we don't really fancy that one.

That's the bit.

I don't get like you can't opt out of Ofcom so why can you opt out of the breast regulator? Why is that a thing because I press is more powerful than the regulator said that the government not actually wanting to force the press to do anything intact there before they do that the process fortunate in that it's right to publish what it wants to publish is although we don't have a constitution in the way that United States has constitution to defend your right.

Say anything you want but the Press And cos it's freedom to that sort of human rights if you like to be able to say something in public 3D and so on and there isn't a single member of any party.

I would think they would restrict that because they themselves say things that you think is beyond the pale, but within Parliament they're allowed to say whatever they like a libel people get away with it.

So that builder? Xxx about that wouldn't it? And then as if to make this worse this week at V couple of stories around ipso the regulated.

They all seem to want to join which haven't been that positive that they will be Kelvin Mackenzie article on Channel 4 news and then we discuss this on the show reporter Fatima manji was criticized for wearing the hijab was covering the attacks in these they will that that article was not in breach of their guidelines at first film that don't think you think that was a fair and right ruling to say yes absolutely reason 13 Patty Mayo really think probably.

I don't think it was right for him to made that statement however in terms of their ruling.

I think it was probably correct however.

It's the implication of his comments that are more worried about as she herself said that Fatima herself said look.

I don't mind somebody criticizing me for the way.

I look I don't mind that but there are consequences here if your sort of encouraging people to take action against me personally I've had that kind of Victory or on Twitter and it's not nice when a very lonely place when it happens to you to be honest and I think that you don't know what the consequences of pointing an attack like that to somebody because of the way that they look results in what is it basically did this woman because she was ringing hijab shouldn't have been reporting on this event because what about all of us little worried about Muslims hurting as I mean.

Away with me.

I said this is old Trick of the press by saying look it's not me personally saying this but can you imagine what everybody out there must be thinking as they got away with it? Will it be in tennis in the Free Press there's nothing wrong with saying awful things that sell lots of Commons have their job isn't that but it is just when it's tips over into saying someone cannot wear any religious symbols in the news if you didn't know the background to it Fatima says it been planned that she would be on screen for that program however if you didn't know the background.

You would think wooden you hang on Channel 4 trying to make a point with this the trying to make a platypus seen her on the TV before suddenly.

She appears out of nowhere.

I think that's a valid.

Sort of? To pose.

Ok but I should leopolda.

I'm sure they're pulled no no no not too good for them for keeping her own absolutely but then the other thing that happened this week.

It's just days after the ruling Trevor Kavanagh who's on it.

Close board used his column in the sun to criticise Fatima manji for having made the complaint in the first place even if you think Kelvin Mackenzie wasn't being racist and it was just his opinion you was right to say it and it was right of ipso to clear them sure your situation where the regulator themselves have board members that then criticize people who come to them asking for a really terrible situation.

Maybe make you think twice before you went to them right if we know your enemy rage over the coals for having gonna make a complaint example probably wouldn't have felt the necessity to make the complain if she wasn't from the marginalized community that she comes from remember.

She now stands whether she likes it or not as a representative for every other Muslim woman who wants the broadcasting news on television.

She doesn't make the complaint then it just goes away in the next person is liable to be attacked in a similar fashion as she makes a complaint she does that.

You stand up for a meet women on the one hand Muslim women on the other hand and was in women who choose to wear hijab on the 3rd and as well.

She's actually making a really viable political statement there.

I'm not concerned about the that the fact that they have declined against her complaint don't have a problem with that at all, but I think that she was she had to make the complain because of who she is and what she represents right will I know what you thinking press regulation is all very well, but what's going on in the quarterly radio ratings time which year on the media podcast mean vegan x management time at digging are man on the inside you like Chico Time but but you know for Media industry, but every call to the radio industry publishers ratings for live listen across analogue DAB in online and we ask radio consultant Matt Deegan from folder Media to give us his highlights so cute 3 2016.

I always the summer quarter can be a little bit random because people change their behaviour of the summer summer holidays for kids and also fit for families.

So you get situations where a lot of London listening has declined but it probably pop back up next quarter also that has affected the breakfast shows so Radio 1 on Radio 2 Chris Evans and Nick Grimshaw have both seen her audiences drop partly driven by that summer Effect not great news for Nick Grimshaw who's had a bit of a torrid time on his ratings for the past couple years.

This is his lowest ever but I'm sure we will pump up a little bit and it's quarter I really wanted to whole actually not too bad.

Then a shop Roebuck last quarter but they're approaching back to 10 million which they see internally as quite a cool figure to be on display groups mixed bag in London what you saying.

They're very very tight race on market share what LBC is leading with 5.1% and it has its market share that even though it's reach isn't superhygh.

People who listen to it.

Love it, so give it a lot of hours, then I kissed her tied up 4.4% capital of 4.3% and Magic of 4.1.

Also close and every quarter want a butter but the other one pretty much really can't break now.

We look at the big to radio groups global and stoneware with a capital network.

They did use not so long ago the Liverpool radio station which has helped out of 45 numbers in Harwich 8.7 million people and generate 50 million hours at Heart of the network.

That is approaching a Reacher of 10 million biggest added heart extra which is there a national leader Live Aid version of can I fill in the gaps version of heart which iPhone has generated £660 listeners Chris Moyles a real challenge across the country is done really well.

It's got its highest ever network reached and he still quite a while nationally in London I still have lots of trouble.

I think it's a problem.

Yeah Radio Exeter different radio station to XFM

Anthony lost a lot of listeners from the old XFM able to to really gain them in the capital but should they manage to do that that would cut transform their national numbers even further so mixed bag for them capital Xtra in a similar situation a couple years ago and now has its strongest ever at national numbers over our kisses taking a bit of a hit in London and the network, but it's sister station Kisstory is done very well.

It's have the biggest commercial dishwasher radio station with 1.6 million listeners magic has had some tough books recently bit of Recovery this quarter beginner spin-off stations doing very well magic chilled generating 240 types of listeners and mellow magic up to 380000 piece of talkSPORT and talk radio now owned by news corp.

Not so hot for the sport stations which is seen about 12% Drop at talk radio.

It's Newry long speech services had a good book.

From children 24000 to 300000 its new Virgin Radio not so good for in back of a little bit from 400000 last quarter to I think it's around 350000 in this one looking at the numbers lots of news about digital station so for extra David 2 million 6 Music at its highest ever Richard 2.30 strong numbers to Kisstory is this a problem for local radio who is historic Hunter analogue local radio stations what we seen is that powers local stations in England had a bit of a torrid time hearts pretty flat is all this new growth coming at the expense of the heritage radio stations and will they have to come up with something new to do in the next 12 months might be going back into you think digital radio listen is eating up local radio listening.

You've done a lot of time on their radio London BBC local radio station.

No avail select 5 Live after certain time in the Night-Time show my rating is have gone up.

I think one in four or five people listen to radio that time of the night listening to me find me plants that it really impressive figure as good as any others but the problem for that and I mean this from a BBC London prospective much more so than a lot of the provincial station is that probably have an identity BBC London is a different kind of be still the other BBC local radio stations and it is so dependent upon being distinct from the National stations and yet if it takes 5 Live overnight.

This is a thinking and what's the difference in why am I just not locked into 5 Live throughout the day give me a very similar thing so what BBC London does so I think there's is the emphasis is always going to be on the national station and it's going to out do the local stations where you have local stations you know.

BBC Southall TV Southall what every might be I think that they're able to stamp a much more clear local identity on onto their wavelengths of light BBC London BBC London news is out in the old days.

I remember when BBC London to the court itself BBC London live for hemming tape 5 Live overnight in you think he was you're better off taking the world service if you're BBC local radio station because it's something so distinct that you're listening to come back to you if you're taking five live your on a hiding to nothing I think and Kate at mentioned Chris Evans there.

It's still the biggest Breakfast Show in the country.

Isn't it? And it could just be a sum of lip as he said but he think this is to do with the downhill Top Gear hurting his personal brand think I mean Chris Evans is a little bit of a you know you do like a read out his caravan Marmite character.

I think and yes, I mean maybe you'll do something called cross-promotion if you're on telly it helps if you're at Radio 4.

Areas that kind of thing that's going on his personal branding people get mad because he failed with the Top Gear thing.

I don't know what I mean that I think they like him going to listen to a shelf.

I don't think we should read too much into this.

My view is it probably is seasonal and if you like Chris Evans you're going to keep looking for sex now that said people do get by their sell-by date maybe he's not as is Eddie anymore the radio to they don't work during this week at the age of 94 Radio City presenters was going to ask ok.

I remember doing some stories from the United States during the time the hiatus between the Jeremy Clarkson Top Gear and the Chris Evans Top Gear and what they kept saying the Americans were the American commentators America going to like this shouty radio presenter, and who is he anyway.

He's got the witch imagine will be rectified now with the new series because you don't like you say is Marmite he's ready.

I'm alright.

It's good presenter, but if you don't like him, then you're not going to go anywhere else in this is a problem for Chris Evans last Rachel's I think you have the top ever figures for Radio 2 breakfast programme you know you can only go down from a position really I mean if you're saying it was like Chris Moyles Chris was was once the saviour of Radio 1 and then after you save Radio 1 when you go goes downwards.

There is a maximum possible listenership for any radio program my phone.

I don't know where it is.

Whether ready-to-use reach out yet, but you know like in the music business is not a good thing to say this is the best of whatever artist is because then you stop producing anything better coming up in part 2 moving on from radiate Italian asking is Shonda Rhimes penning something for the UK and could there be tuft.

The hares for CNN media news in a tick but first let's take a Break to find out who's on media Masters this week with Paul Blanchard let's spin that wheel and it's none other than John Hardy chief executive at ITN let's hear a clip if I was offered a job at the end of 2008 and started in June 1st 2009 so it's 7 years now and it's no secret that the company was much more challenged, then.

I think really anybody has appreciated.

It was it was actually after I had resigned from Disney but was working through some notice that the pension deficit resurfaced for ITN and back then was the bit of a pressure on advertising revenues an item was going to losing some business and really the strategy wasn't working out so well, so I turned up but that was I thought was going to be a growth.

Opportunity which turned out to be a tongue around for a swim then moving to the growth cycle which we've never done that was John Harvey you can hear all the media Masters interviews for free at Media Masters.

FM Samsung TV news now and culture secretary Karen Bradley has outlined me options for Channel 4 as the government continues to consider privatising the public service broadcaster Kate what is Karen Bradley considering putting that really into the ring.

She is being a lot less pushing on that particular button that she's still it says she's looking at it.

She said she's looking at four different options.

When is do nothing when is some kind of privatization one is the one that he's related thing is letting Channel 4 developed more income streams and the other one is just reduce cost or Kentucky through the income streams them.

Income streams is the one that I think is the most interesting because my belief is that channel 4 that's exactly what it has been doing and it should be allowed to do more of that means but it is a interesting piece Channel 4 it is it is a public service broadcaster, but it doesn't get any public money right.

It's totally funded by advertising so they've they've done very well with that they've also done very well, but trying to figure out how to do the Navigator does rural.

They have all these registrations now to get people to go to the online site and they've been doing targeted advertising that's all well and good they've been putting money into independent production companies instead of a founders fund kind of get these little guys going to gonna probably sell out of the first investment that make you make a few quid.

That's good the one thing that channel 4 hasn't been allowed to do because of its remit it once but it's was setup to do with it doesn't own production companies in terms of owning the contact creation you don't I think that something that should be Revisited in my humble estimation.

I think if they've helped spur the interaction industry in this country, but you know if they need to get some artistic.

It's more money.

This is a great way to do it instead of privatising it because if you privatising you then have shareholders who want money because there's a private company.

They want to return very different cat suddenly your hosta to share the same.

Where's my dividend? Where's my return where to growing my business you that kind of such as opposed to if you're trying to be a public service broadcaster putting that money back into creating more different create a g programmes has watch out for is all about and should remain being all that and is it right for the government to keep revisiting this time.

Love you.

See you know the public does support Channel 4 so they have a role, but it seems quite clear from Channel 4 the message.

That's coming across evening their advertising targeted at consumers at train stations.

Can you please leave us alone government? We're fine, so if they don't think there's a problem.

What's the problem? Why we discussing it solution chasing a problem.

I mean government's tend to like to be no mess around with things are the other thing is that they think they can make it? They can't make a couple.

Quid channel for kodi with a bad at being so you know that's nice for the treasury was really nothing in comparison with what the Treasury erase.

It's right, so it's almost like they're putting so much emphasis.

I think my homework 2 mission is the last Scottish secretary John whittingdale.

Sort of wanted to go and do something he said I wanted to be known for doing something and he that with this is something I can do private eyes Channel 4 ya te and you know it will just I've never believe that it was the right thing to do.

I don't think that the management is doing about job at a level.

I don't think Alfie has lost its way.

They're not they don't have their begging bowl out is the prior management dead with Jennifer Segal we need my money.

Not saying that they're actually saying let us.

Do what we do best were doing ok and actually the rabbit icing is doing pretty well.


They were going into a Down appetizer TV there still getting a very good share of the advertising is country doesn't this is going on for years and years isn't it's almost like what kind of things are expansion decision but but in broadcasting.

Most people want to know about how Channel 4 NIC The Great British Bake Off after BBC to be honest and that was a coup that was probably as political as you're suggesting the whole you know conversation is about Channel 4.

It was probably a political decision to say look we can do this as well and the government better take note of that.

I would think they need something like Bake-Off in order to get good advertisers to come in.

They need Big Show does not like they just need the stuff that we all like it or reporter were all that kind of stuff is good and edgy and fantastic, but they also need some big shows to get the advertising is not the point of this age for the government.

This is what we need.

This is how we are this is what we are today two very different beat Channel 4 today than when it was launched a 30 also years ago.

It's almost unrecognisable.

Then we always sort Channel 4 is being the little bit of a channel that did you know the ethnic staff were a little bit of sex?

Quirky stuff that you can see anywhere else which arguably is Channel 5 now but channel four different from the way it was very different and I don't know if the government's quite aware of that are all getting Great British Bake Off on the 1980s Channel 4 it was presented by Janet Street-Porter really bad because you gonna come back to Channel 4 as I can do that Time Warner could be snapped up by the US is biggest communications company AT&T after the offer to buy out for 85.4 billion dollars locating your estimation.

That's probably about 75 times worth of value of Channel 4 is it worth it.

I think there's a couple of things going on here first of all 18th is.

Essentially a phone company a telecommunications company they did a year ago.

I shot 50 billion dollars for little company called DirecTV which is kinda like a Sky TV type equivalent in the USA satellite signal Sky TV and then and now they looking for tomorrow which has it is used as a content company so it won't work contact so there is not for sale live departures second although telecommunications company that wants to move up the food chain.

They caught making themselves more vertically integrated right to their own everything from the distribution all the way to the contact is that a good thing well, I think actually they would argue that all about scale and I would agree to a certain extent.

I mean if you look at the nbcu comcast merger which is about a thing as a 4 years ago.

That was the same kind of thing the idea that you need to have scale can't get through the cable companies to distribution and BC use of contact company paramount all those things so can't you need scale to make it work in the US you can actually get anything done unless you.

So, I think that's where they're coming from.

I also think to a certain extent and if if I was sort of being a cynic.

It's almost like a Hail Mary you know we are a telecommunications company if we are going to make this work.

We are going to have to have more control contact this happening.

Is it the same regulatory issues and also I think you know way when I phone company says they are going to control plant.

It's always a bit of a misnomer because the content companies yourview reach PLC in anywhere with these channels are that are Gonna Get they want to be on every platform.

They're not going to become hostile suddenly to the AT&T platform.

Still there still going to be that so yes, they controller but not really to see what I mean.

So again.

It's about scale and will the scale of the album to make the deals are they need to make with a skill or Devon to say the customers.

You need to have our services suppose the other guys are at risk because we have all this great stuff.

I mean in three syllables.

Lol that's a warning from history, is it?

A very different to your in the sense that lol was a complete you know I was really a start-up if you think about it.

It's wet room and it wasn't I was not the online giant and they snuffle that this you know big contact company in every the time when Jesus Christ you what does they're well actually have in terms of assets look at time where I look at all these great asset.

How can they possibly be buying it but again it was that through all my god.

We're going to miss the train if you don't get this together as always been like that.

It's good that you that your guts up Romeo what is always is the kind of the beautiful contents while they're really wants to know when they're trying to figure out their next step.

I think it is a very different to your attic is a very different time as well.

I think that now there's a lot more argument to do a deal like this.

You know you could argue that why did 18th do this but now? I need two weeks before election.

I mean as in QD others is Holy Schubert trump saying CNN and he's worried about you that why would they do?

Well, I'll tell you why in my opinion it did it now because I've got what if somebody else comes in like a Facebook I mean those guys have deep pockets LEGO Google let's talk about him because they're part of time or no.

They've had a really great commercial year because of trump saying earlier about this election insulation that keeps on giving will always give at least for the next few years will we know the journey students are going to be studying this one I see you then.

I've done a really good job.

I think im breaking their let them break great broadcaster in any case.

You know you're not going to get much better than CNN there are two names in news broadcasting that resound across the globe at is the BBC the other is CNN arguably CNN resounds in places at the BBC doesn't return of course Al Jazeera is up-and-coming.

I'm not the ruling them out at orbitsound the same to get Russia TV and the rest of today and press Dizzee Rascal trump about that.

He does a lot about the brush.

So close to there is you know but yet CNN is it is in a good place and because it's been I think a loaf of all the parties and politics this election will be in a good place in the next 10 years as well to look back on it.

You know the election is now going to resonate for some time to come.

We're already looking forward to the next election 2020 and I think the people be going to CNN between now and then to find out what's going on and then specifically on trump actually because you must come up against this as well presenting through the night when Trump is the story a year ago.

Was it right to focus on trump which is what CNN did I saw that chap from the New York Times talking to Evan Davis on Newsnight saying we missed I saw that you I saw that I am that last night.

Yeah, and it's the opposite thing they reported all of his things live with his rally is it was commercially successful, but is it the right thing to do it was because he was here.

News in town he was the headline that he see the mistake that troubles me now towards the back end of the election.

It's a try and get to try and explain 3000 emails from Hillary Clinton that is not a sexy headline the sexy headline at the moment is what did he say about women before he was very very aware of how to snatch shows headlines for everybody else and the other people that Chris Christie's and all these people I don't know what to do about it, because they weren't brought up with Jeb Bush I mean at the first hurdle because the kind of politics it he is an inherited from his father and his brother that so much more kind of like for more conservative politics.

There was somebody he ripped up the plane yet entirely and suggested that I say anything as long as it gets me the headline and he was able to do that and get the headlines if I was a reporter on CNN where else was I going to go free story.

Single my everything you have to analyse it to Daniel not something that perhaps only really happened in the last 6 months first year trunking get away with everyone take if people threw it just entertaining and they didn't feel too that fire.

That's what I do.

I don't get into this blame the media game are just I really don't think that that's how the media is covering things are the oh yes, there's a certain amount of ok.

We need to cover this how much an hour does do we do this always that bouncy that we've had over in this country as well, you know what you did the BBC report on bounce get stuff you did CNN report on downstairs always LBC responsible for Nigel Farage having so much publicity before brexit Nigel Farage Thoughts of a lot of people to my shop and I didn't realise that you know where we live in a media bubble.

We don't necessarily realise what's going on my older brother turned round to me at my aunt's 19 my 90 year old are the funeral and said he voted for brexit.

How is staggered not because I have one feeling alright another bad it but I didn't take my brother for being somebody that would vote for brexit.

I really didn't I was completely staying in my feet walk LBC money should you and arguably CNN managed to do with cutaway the journalism bubble and say let's go to where the story is when you say analysis if your listeners are interested in that analysis.

That's a problem with his 3000 emails he cares.

What is it give me the smoking gun give me one email this has she committed a criminal offense and then I might wake up.

It's a 3000 emails if we should analyse enter yes, Trump is right.

There was 3000ml nobody or most of the listings.

Don't care speak their language.

I think is a lesson that journalists need to learn from this election.

I give me from our election in 2015 as well.

Speak to your listeners.

Write about the bubble thing any media company gets into a little bit of a bubble in you have that's why you have to get out in the field and actually talk to people on this whole budget cutting thing that's where were that's why it's such a promise.

You do that.

You do that very few people do that now.

We know we go on Google and see Google News to see what the news is what people thinking that that won't work ok.

Let's talk about something was deathly a sexy headline that you would definitely be reporting them and that is the presenter Olly Mann and producer Matt Hill won a Silver Award for podcast regulations going to get your my board hopping section my program on a Sunday night.

Don't worry about that.

We're doing deals here folks heard them last week.

The 1 most of them of course and my colleagues even though they won the speech would cost of the year they won two awards in the same week by the way tremendous achievement.

Are you surprised or read the BBC One most of the categories and not because global didn't enter that's not to say global with dominate the BBC would dominate the global specifically LBC would probably win two or three wouldn't have course they should and I think it's in a mission is the same kind of an Omission that robs England of winning the first two or three World Cups he know because England refused to take part thinking you were Anglo-Saxon Protestants we're not getting involved in all this South American football.

Nonsense is Uruguay when someone a country that is equivalent of Wales will never win again and I think that's the kind of mistake the global of making this time around they should have been on board from the very beginning partly.

It is a sort of their conversation with in the industry who won the Sony's ok, how are

It is also a measure of the scrutiny which your colleagues give what you do as in when your Frontline presenter.

You know what how to remember speaking to Bob shennan.

He might go onto in America on Sea years ago about myself as a broadcaster and he had no that's your job.

Do you go out and improve yourself, but where is there to turn to edit the same for the journalist on radio? Where is there to turn to to sort of learn the craft of being a great broadcaster? You do it on the job? Is it were and you have to have some kind of bar that you're aiming for that bar is hang on Stephen Nolan Wonder's best beach will cost of here.

We listen to how he does it and he does about essentially but not having any hours in the day when he's not broadcasting.

What is Bob Shannon said to me if you want to be successful on radio you've got to be Henry

Has has got one more for you by the way, how's the what's his name? But handsome is Eamonn Holmes said to me in his early days.

He said he never this is about 50 years.

I said you never turned down any work whatsoever cos you remember the days when there wasn't work and that's always hanging over us like the Sword of Damocles is the weight of the BBC listenership for radio.

I mean I'm involved with the broadcasting press Guild awards and we'd give to radio warranty year 14 radio programme of the year in and broadcaster of the year and it's really hard to move outside of the BBC bubble for those Awards you know it's like I mean who else is there they'll be saying it's it's really hard to find a competitive commercial broadcaster so in my opinion.

CBeebies but in a way we need to sort of really help promote the commercial sector because it say goodbye to significant commercial sectors got to take radio more seriously than it does the BBC spend more time and money on its Productions in the commercial sector you get the money for the BBC latest figures more money than the BBC gets for programs and of course it pays its shareholders a lot of money or some of those BBC Woman's Work by independent commercial companies as well.

I won't be working for them.

They will have to keep to the standard the BBC expect me do it for very little money.

Cos I work for a lot of those coming about it exactly has to be asked by the BBC Weather you can afford to spend millions on the equivalent of the Great British Bake Off but it can't afford to spend a few thousand and an hour Radio 4.

Bob shennan controller of radio 2 because not only did his station win station of the Year which I think it's probably fair enough, but he also had a pretty good week as he is now the head of BBC Radio as well under James Purnell controversy discuss and House of Commons this week, so how many jobs has Bob shennan got now.

I was waiting your beautiful hand controller of Renault Clio and 60s foundation at work again.

So I'm allowed him to leave that for fauna behind instrumental has just been promoted and he sent me an email this week.

I think I said congratulations sent me an email back saying at least it means it will be working again together hopefully in brackets at I don't know whether you know.

He's Awards will be something for me to rejoice about from a personal note or whether it's just something for the BBC to rejoice about but I think they have got the right.

When is the right position to wear several of those hats sad a balancing act between BBC Radio 2 and BBC 6 music he's had a real balancing at remember 6 Music was under threat but he took it over it was really under threat still and he's managed to steady the ship there.

There's your network arguably was part of he was there at the ground level one of the senior editors Asian Network is somebody that came from 5 live under Bob Jennings grooming so to the public it might not seem as if he's been involved in all these Sintra long time for the house actually the good things ok, but there is going to be a controller of radio 2 who isn't Bob shennan.

He's admitted that he can't do that job that that that will come up from her to do it is instantly certainly pronounce needed to promote somebody who actually do something about how to write a radio station, so that was good to know also TV industry head.

Came to talk up the hot new formats the broadcasters should be buying a mipcom anything.

That's your eye case it was a lad I saw the preview screening of Halcyon which is basically hotel Babylon meted out near me which is going to be a great show and it's um it's really good that was a Left Bank Productions Sony is distributing.

It's cool.

I mean there was a lot of shows that were coming out from which one Netflix backed and Amazon backwards is very interesting shift for that market by the way.

There's a lot of money coming from those two over the top players into content production which is good and bad a mate.

It's an interesting time where we say that were in the the great drama bubble right now and at the races so much demand for series drama that u9 money just been thrown out of my sight is it were almost getting into a kind of a bubble types of duration? It was mentioned several times actually don't look, what does that mean does that mean? It's going to explode that mean their prices.

Continue to go up it was it mean for people who are actually trying to make drama or people trying to distribute, so it is your birthday was certainly a lot of good stuff and Shonda Rhimes was down there in a big way because you want one of the big accuracy created greys Anatomy and scandals and she said she might be interested in working on the UK show me the most well-known peak practice cartridges something new which is really good.

I just watch the first two episodes of that fantastic.

She is part of the ABC Disney group so to speak in other words.

She's had a deal with them and ABC is the big us networking data produced internationally so what she said was I would love to work internationally.

I'll probably do it through ABC Disney maybe in the UK she's worked with some British writers and producers before and some of her other shows it's not as if she's never come up against the British town it but you getting her that actually come and do something over here is it was something in the state is lit same more via.

But now that she's probably ABC family so we'll see how do you think of American writer of whatever you know you can come here and make a show about Britain that is actually relevant to Brits not just remember to think will Hugh Grant yeah.

Yeah, yeah, I mean I've got a different way of looking at things.

I think they're as we know from the new journalism.

They've got a head start on us in terms of long-form news stories.

We are still trying to catch up with that argument that influence the way Americans novels in the late twentieth century have wiped the floor with British novels to be frank so if they can do that in terms of novels literally swipe the Great English novel from under our feet.

Why can't they do that with telly is that what they do in America that we don't do as well here is something called writers rooms and writers rooms allow you to draw on a pool of Talent to create a series to keep it going a lot longer sofa.

One of them the problems with British drama usually is that you have one writer who gets tired because you are fearfully 6 episodes of teen episodes you're done if you got a writersroom.

You got 15 people in there in Dubai for 78 season, so that's the kind of disappointed, I would bring something she doing UK Sally she would just write it from the US perspective she would bring in British riders in probably do that, but if she will she will run it differently to see what I mean.

We've got tradition have a lie-in in sitcoms of sitcoms been written by two people Jimmy Perry the late great who just passed away at the age of 93 note with David Croft united in America they do have this sort of communal sense of humour writing tv2go which we don't have over we can learn a lot from it.

They are learning from us as well of course with all I Shakespearean actors going over there.

We taught them how to accept friend.

It's filmic.

It's beautifully shot the first episodes are a mean that they were wonderful and we end of the writer and that's even daughter.

Who's the director with they're talking about last words and basically is a Netflix founded me know thanks, and they said it was great working with Netflix they were giving pretty much plaster.

Do it the water not say that the money is only just signed up for YouTube trains that was all kinds of stuff going on absolutely beautiful, but that's really interesting Winston Churchill played by Lithgow Emilio American actor has he got up he I thought you did I want it now America you did not player one scene of the birth of the head was kinda funny.

So yes, there are some potential by definition is the possibility of achieving more enough.

Space world of digital advertising Oracle data cloud has built it's like a say on finding the signal through the noise on unlocking potential we bring together data and technology to help you better understand your audience where to best engage them and how to measure a tool to realise true potential Oracle data cloud where better outcomes begin visit Oracle data cloud., to learn more well.

There is just time for our Media quiz this week.

It is entitled.

It's so hard to say goodbye because just like Boyz II Men we here at the media podcast cheer up at the thought of our time together drawing to a close at so, what are these three media companies saying goodbye to its best of 3 buzzing with your name to take you will say Kate and.

And you will see that.

There are some of the winner is Black Mirror the loser is Russia today.

Here we go? The one the BBC what did they wave goodbye to this week BBC Weather Great British Baker correct with overnight ratings of how many do remember the number is staggering correct 14 million people watching the final they'll be sorry to see it.

Go Netflix boss 10 surrender said this week about that.

She said they were late getting into bed for Great British Bake Off they should have made a beard that they never thought it would leave the BBC I mean we've just been talking about the Crown do you think the Great British Bake Off good work on Netflix though really am it's a sequential weekly event isn't it? I don't think it's either come or factual programming in Great British Bake Off is of actual work so maybe but I don't think it was a bit disingenuous from say that I was really really would you have big big money for that not as not as much as Shalford

Fisher-Price question over to ITV waving goodbye to you are correct the 120 jobs to save 25 million pounds of their today for our business during brexit uncertainty I call the seat of the shoe drops on brexit.

Yeah, I mean I've been in good health financially ITV brexit is causing you know everything for everyone tends to go down because people just don't invest as much that's that's just the way it goes so if I'm Adam Crozier and I'm running ITV I'm thinking maybe good time to do little cost-cutting ok well takes 1 quid, but it's all to play for his questions 3 on if she's won the quiz already.

Hands of Dad's Army wave goodbye to this week.

Please James yes, he's 93 years old.

Yes, he died this week Jimmy Perry yes who died on Sunday at age 93.

He was also phone radio London someone that a lot of copies were calling up and doing the whole I had in the back of my cab type yeah.

Yeah, I'm sure they did he sounds like he was a good bloke.

He wanted to be an actor.

He wanted to be in the series that he himself wrote so he wanted to be the spear.

What's his name in Dad's Army you wanted to be one of the characters in It Ain't Half Hot Mum and sadly that was the one series that they possibly got wrong because they were working back to sort of a colonialist review of the relationship between India and Britain during the Raj it so it's politically incorrect to play that also repeating that bill was Dad's Army

Imagine my stepmother coming over here as an adult to Britain in the mid 60s and laughing her head off at what is a very very very British sitcom.

Yeah, I'm doing with its amazing.

We lost avoncroft a few years ago.

Didn't we and then Jeremy Lloyd early this year as well who co-wrote on Allo Allo and a few of the others and their comparison who is going to feel that end of venereal not making my VAT anymore no, no they were very good on the sort of the name for an ensemble cast a very good at that.

So you trying to think what would be the modern equivalence you know would it be a football team or something like that and you can't quite see it working in the way that Dad's Army worked on so many different levels you know well in the style of a Jimmy Perry sitcom.

I suppose I should end by saying you have been listening to the bio and Kate Buckley thank you very much.

Wave at the camera and smile.

Hannah's the title role, don't forget you can subscribe to this show for free right now on your podcast app of choice.

We're on iTunes we're on ACast podcast stitcher Google Play the tedious list goes on wherever you find your pods you will find us pressed subscribe to date with all the latest media news inspired by listening to the latest episode of Media Masters with John Hardy as well.

You'll find out at Media producer of this.

Show is Matt Hill the media podcast is a PPM production.

I forgot man until next time.

Potential by definition is the possibility of achieving more in the fast-paced world of digital advertising Oracle data cloud has built its Legacy on finding the signal through the noise on unlocking potential we bring together data and technology to help you better understand your audience where to best engage them and how to measure a tool to realise true potential Oracle data cloud web better outcomes begin visit Oracle data cloud.

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