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Read this: #58 - Edinburgh International TV Festival 2016 - The Media Podcast with Olly Mann

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#58 - Edinburgh International TV Festiva…

Hello patrons of the media podcast this episode is dedicated to you without your voluntary subscriptions.

We would have been able to plan this show when we come up to Edinburgh that cost money or any other other big special this year.

So thank you very much are also big.

Thanks to media Masters our sponsors.

You'll find out who's on their show later.

Hello and welcome to the media podcast I'm Ollie man on today.

So it is the Edinburgh International television festival annual trip north of the border to the TV Industries chat along with sessions from top telly tenant screenings of exciting new shows and a few remixes well at plus the keynote mactaggart lecture this year provided by Voices James Smith what would a room of ukxx make of this brash Canadian upstart have they begun to address is most burning issue, which is how to bring young people back to TV and what will the delegates make other media quiz hastily pasted from 100 press releases all these questions answered today's Media

Cast and joining me at the Edinburgh International television festival a Stone's throw from a smoothie stall sponsored by a high profile video streaming service is the journalist and broadcaster Tom latchem hello song hello, how are you? I'm alright.

Thank you.

Yes, you can hear my voice.

I'm a little bit horse were you out last night as well, of course.

I wasn't I was preparing for my parents on the media podcast I was in bed tucked up by about 10 or 11 research is vital I usually are writing for the sun or presenting on talkSPORT Live of things necessarily you would think are associated with telly.

So what is it keeps you coming back here every year the free dinners from Channel 4.

This is your holiday isn't it is particularly want to do the teachers.

I shouldn't use the world right.

I don't come up here for that and I was at such a lovely time as good as me and I don't have to pay 500 quid because I'm still a journalist so I can't I just sort of mince.

Under the the sessions and then going to see some comedy and just have a lovely time and channel 4 doing right with dinners, but none of the others do these days.

I'm not important enough, but it's nice that the Channel 4.

I will say again fantastic best channel in fact as proven by the the Awards this year, but the beauty of a legacy press list.

I'm next to Tom is the entertainment director of heat magazine is Boyd Hilton hello hello hello you are Mr session yet.

Have you been doing this year gonna be doing someone to me last night at the sky Preston and Tom are you wanna know know where they had a whiskey tasting night first ever to get two different to a wine tasting spit it out consume the whisky, so just think about that for a minute and how are you feeling after all your whiskers whiskers.

Depressing thought I've got stop a confrontational I know it wasn't like me so I can have a look inside ok.

So what have you been? Have you been talking to this to screenings is porridge like it's alright.

It's good.

Android it generally enjoyed.

It is fine.

It's actually quite good and people.

Just do nothing on TV screen of episode 5 of that and q&as with the with the Stars after they've both I thought she has told anyone there either because the first one kind of clash with mctaggarts that was badly scheduled not having a go at the at the organising committee, but you know I think about next year and the second one that people can pay to go and see both of the screenings lemons to the public but nothing of 15 quid tickets now.

I mean you know even for a half-hour sitcom.

And the yourself and yesterday, I was just walking dead Sasha know you can remove the irony from that actually is pretty is the biggest TV show in the world Game of Thrones than America's Got Talent or whether the current big toe shows in America and it is literally it's on a 125 countries in most of them is kind of up their top 8 as well, but it is the biggest TV show in the world fish and it's on credit report not so big in the UK because he is here which would you respect isn't everyone knows you know I think we've got it, but it is by far the biggest.

Oh by the way and you know like gets.

I think pop 40% rating is even last season before here.

So still cute here for the Fox Channel no, it's not it's not in the Americas on AMC which is the

Breaking Bad Man thought there might be a quiet one point but it's now foxes kind of this there.

Is there diamond other shows Netflix USA but the bits run by these additional and who is a legendary Hollywood producer Terminator alien, Armageddon the she was much of James Cameron and she's not replying to Palma to the greatest directors ever and she's like this absolute god of producing so basically.

They were really really hard on it and it's difficult but amazing is interested.

I'm just looking at the Twitter feed for the Edinburgh TV festival the things that I've had the most retweets are people taking pictures basically selfies with the cast of all that's how you can tell isn't it said that some of the stuff that's getting out beyond the Edinburgh have you seen around the actually sort of makes your heart flutter Tom your ass your centre club hack.

Did you get excited by will actually and this my 12 feeding something else is Nicola Adams and I interview yesterday.

She was the Olympic gold winner boxer the first female to ever retained the boxing medal and the first British boxing 92 years to retain their mettle and she came as a surprise visit.

I think if they weren't expecting it to to come but they managed to get out of the PT session and I need to do before hand.

I was a fanboy big family and my girlfriend always takes the mickey out of me for being such a firm boiled Nicola Adams the best interview but nevertheless no hasn't made any other probably a bit when they come up to these sessions and people do expect to be entertained by there is possibly reach that when I saw Robert yesterday.

Army soldiers a better quality jumper in the body heal the same haircut as Nicola Adams I mean it I should mention this is your third year consecutive use it on the media podcast 15th this bloody booked for your McTaggart tried to do it.

Ok, if I will get onto the McTaggart in part to which was hosted the podcast listeners by Shane Smith vice.

We'll talk about that but little but the issue of Media for young people cos that just by virtue of him doing the McTaggart became one of the train someone who's talking points in the festival so without mentioning.

You know who else have you seen around that issue, such as like Giants controller session was quite cold and she was talking about you know E40 anywhere near couscous.

BBC3 is no longer actually on TV

Pause like the average viewers 42 or something unholy well.

Yeah, I mean I still love you to come out.

You know you people watching YouTube and it's all about YouTube Stars and you know I mean my friend Ben went to the news in a session right now talking about the fact that his Late Late Show with James Corden gets over a billion views on YouTube and of those carpool karaoke is a YouTube phenomenon and actually ratings for that show a kind of irrelevant you know in America is all about the interact with YouTube's all the other kids are watching the content that way but my theory is that once you get to 30 note in the in every point in a few everyone to get into 30s gonna give up this buddy YouTube the washing, again.

I'm sitting here watching TV without referring to you know who likes to pick up.

How great how are on social?

Vice channel fours got more Facebook likes for instance there some of their videos I've watched by huge numbers of people and that is a linear program doing stuff.

Well online and William van restaurant labour in equivalently kept making the same point which is everyone's basically everyone talk about Zoella but look how many likes this morning hasn't Facebook a centimetre Jeremy Kyle's bigger than yet Marcus Butler 14-year-olds fall in love with them and other people have that it will literally two years later.

They're over and I can't can't stand and I don't want to go anywhere only slightly embarrassed about it the way I might been about about loving Duran Duran you know yeah, just got back loving them now, but you know you can't I think we will go.

Vicks vaporizer, I genuinely think you you when people grow up.

They will be watching TV and I will know the reason why buy a launching a TV channel and also the video that's most liked on Channel 4 this year.

Is is it is about Aleppo so it does show the people are watching down serious stuff isn't about Zoella doing makeup online.

What do we think about the fact of the sponsors of the show this year are BTR and YouTube and they're not traditional broadcasters such as media got any money.

I mean is there an acceptance that even know what you just said.

Maybe true that become graduate onto watching ITV the after they've been watching Marcus Butler is in an acceptance that YouTube is essentially a TV company and it's all the same as it's pretty good for them to have that to sponsor and have that kind of presents and for them to fill their part of the TV lights to go which they are in a way, but I think they're getting that out of it anyway.

You know makes sense.

Spotify play I Think I Do aspire to everything I read and hear about them their spine to be taken seriously in terms of content that horrible word as the existing dinosaurs of of linear TV and maybe later, maybe they Gonna carry on by still at the theory that the kids aren't into TV that I would fight against absolutely and if that you know they can't lie about them in there loads of them are watching TV still no existe watched by millions of young people and they would definitely watch even more to be once they get older just a bit of Truth Talking Tom latchem about YouTube how much YouTube do you actually really? What cause it seemed to me we were similar sort about your eyes are used to encounter YouTube all the time on Facebook my friends are recommended videos then Facebook change the algorithm and priority on the wrong person sort it because I basically I've just started DJing so I spend my entire life on YouTube ripping off old happy hardcore records and so I can mix them so I even quite a lot of time on YouTube but I'm not.

Sensitive anybody else beyond someone who just got into DJing happy hardcore in their 30s something Emily bell would never say session 4 news this year that might be because there aren't the politicians here this year in that might be because there is a Charter renewal, and we just send election.

What do you think? There's certainly less for the tabloids and as someone who has sister really works in tabloids, that is what I would use as a barometer of news of course the high-minded stuff doesn't really do it for me and there has Amanda soap session this year for instance there hasn't been a session about last year.

They had one with Ross Kemp Stacey Dooley and others like that.

You know tablet figures.

They only have that this year and I know I don't know what somebody who like boys who is interested more in the machinations of television and and the trends of that sort of stuff would make whether whether it's been a fulsome conference for them for me.

I've actually found it there hasn't been a lot in it for me.

I found it quite boring a lot of it and

And it's it's a shame because it's such a great thing and I am interested it.

Just have to appeal to many different people I'm curious.

What is a great tabloid story to come out of TV festival laid-back Everlast anywhere.

You got say Andy Wilman was a great session getting anywhere with that was a good session.

It was felt that he wasn't grilled enough actually the whole fact that he punched a junior producer Andy sorry should say genuine really didn't do a great deal about it seemingly and it was also swept under the carpet sort of are you know whatever but it's not ok to punch a junior producer and call him an Irish whatever that's not right and I felt that is sorted bus on the carpet because because he makes a good car show and and and I don't think that's acceptable.

I don't think was pushed on that enough the McTaggart will come to you later.

I didn't think that was particularly rigorous journalistic Lee by jhon, either.

Let's talk about presenters then because you say there's actually a conscious effort this year to get everything I do presented by Boyd Hilton the problem is it is definitely not rigorous or by peers in the TV industry and I said because I remember coming few years ago and seeing a few too many during the Confrontation or kind of a bit of a dick.

I want you thinking I come on it like being the people in the TV industry.

They paid 700 quid to see this person.

They're gonna pitched you talk right want a warm conversation that has a few Confrontation and I think the balance has been to this time.

I'm not saying mate.

I was it.

I would love to do on his things but actually my style is to get on with people but to ask the tough questions and I think that that that it's ok to be like that and I don't think anyone's going to go he wasn't very nice, but the same time they're not going to say I'm here.

He gave him a little fireside chat.

I think it's all depends on it boiled on the session went to see Russell T Davies talking Sally Wayne yesterday.

That was brilliant because even though Russell probably took twice as much as she did she's obviously very shy person who actually if she was grilled just want react at all totally.

Are you up to right? There was a brilliant session and it was by far the best of all of the kind of Talent talking to Talent sessions with hard and they are friends actually know each other like decades, but I thought was a really I think they like the thing is they knew even though they were mates and they're talking about each other's careers and it was a celebration of her being brilliant that they had to keep it entertaining for us and informative and the absolute is so it was like a double thing you're watching it a privilege to watch conversation between printability talented people creative people was removals.

What the hell they should be about I'm actually not that bothered, but she was I never have been here.

I've had a bit boring.

I want to see people talking about making good TV that's why I like about it.

So that was brilliant with an I watch the Bryan Singer Peter rice.

Lots of Brian singing one of the best Pokémon that high profile field notes in the world now also makes good TV picture.

Isis how much is a globally.

Xx simile and it was terrible it was like two mates, trying to make jokes about stuff.

Don't usually they thought was funny and you know it was such a waste of this.

You know huge big Star of David directing and a very powerful man in TV it was terrible asleep and I thought that was the downside of doing the kind of cosy chat.

They needed a host it needed someone to pin them down and try and that you're not agree with Tom I think the ones that the control decisions are doing one minute in an hour's time with Cassie and had a BBC4 and this things to ask him.

You know this thing is that like you know that train journey things that Trainspotting thing that was on a propos to the song because it was old footage.

Yes, I will be asking about that.

I'm not going to go in a perfectly social work sociable normal conversation away, what happened and he will I'm sure give me an answer so I think it's just a case of you have to get you do have to ask questions in those kind of sessions but not in there.

Verifone you know computational.

I think that's absurd but the organizers should be looking and thinking we want this to be one that resonates in the wider world definitely popular mainstream TV in every sense and that should be the focus and it is incredibly don't have a think about such as you are but it sounds like what I mean without John whittingdale ruining everything what kind of because I don't know what they are so it's almost like they talk about that sense of politics your weight is an issue, but least everyone seems to do something about that has actually on the point about soaps and going back to Russell T Davies and Sally Wainwright they had an interesting conversation their craft by working on children's faces of people wasn't it and that some of the audience asked the question should we have the writing remodel that we have in the US here in the UK and Russell pointed out while we do and it's called Coronation Street Lisburn

Chef on television, but every one of his room doesn't bloody watch it and there is that divided there between people actually watching the telly and the people here who were making a talk about this is an example in high mindedness this place.

You get people coming in chin stroking stroking rather than necessarily thinking about what is popular among normal everyday people who watch the telly more Edinburgh bounce in just a moment but first let's take a Break to find out who is on media Masters this week with Paul Blanchard let's spin that wheel it's landed on carlos's enco the editor of Time Out New York Alicia clip in a magazine world again.

I don't I don't think I could do this at 39 which is how old I am now but when I was in my late Twenties he now on the copied as I would sometimes be there especially when I was promoted to managing editor because I was Sam

Managing editor and still want to do that would go in at 10 a.m.

And not leaving till 3 a.m.

Yeah, I want I was in it.

I was kind of sure that I blended in the right place and was no longer really questioning my path, Suzanne Colbert talking to Paul Blanchard on the latest edition of the media Masters series on the media Focus podcast subscribe wherever you get your shows ok folks the time has come let's talk about the McTaggart the keynote lecture this year by Shane Smith the CEO of vice Media in a speech the predicted a bloodbath of consolidation in the industry in the next year and with voice cash-rich to take advantage he rallied against traditional broadcasters for not addressing the issues that face young people today along the

He championed artists like Grayson Perry and the producer James mactaggart after him.

The lecture is named for making work that appeal to people outside the mainstream.

Let's hear one of the few clips where he doesn't drop the Spirit of McTaggart and the spirit of this lecture is the same spirit of Grayson Perry

all of us going out there need to change the world.

There's a revolution going on in media and it's Gary it's fast and quite frankly it's going to be ugly but it's also necessary to keep going forward to change things because that's all we have to do change has never been so important never so crucial especially in media.

Ok, so we coming out of the James Smith McTaggart I must admit I'm rather confused bracing fresh air as we leave the Edinburgh Playhouse here.

Are the throne massive let's find out what they thought a UK trust your television and kicking he didn't I thought the values that he was espousing at all the and very traditional journalistic values about telling good storytelling important stories to as big as possible.

I really closing for that.

I suppose if Shane Smyths going to give me 10 million to make something that sounds great promise as everyone in the room.

EuroMillions makes you hang your head in shame a little bit and it makes you panic because you're not making we're gonna programs.

He says you should be waiting on turning down those sort of programs as a distributor it also makes you panic about the US takeovers and mergers of the Beginning is there a comical penises audience and it's looking badass very much enjoyed it out the network and it's really nice to know the Champions young people and their perspectives of the industry in the cold harsh Light of Day we assembled Media writer Maggie Brown and business insiders Jake kantar Media pod favourites to hear what they made of the McTaggart and the Q&A session held later with Jay Hunt he is Maggie

I didn't actually like his style of delivery theatrical though.

It may have been he seemed to be sipping quite a lot of liquids and they're trying to be sort of elderly hip and kind of I don't know me studying his audience.

I think he clearly has got a really interesting business story to tell but what I thought was strange was that you seem to think that in Britain you know we didn't really try and attract younger people too serious things out news and current affairs and I quote agreed actually with what I think was quite a disdainful reaction by the main people who are head up our own British broadcasters that actually we have a lot of very serious programming on I am not just at the Channel 4 news end of things and a lot of the expiration of a terrible stories in the world through things like unreported world and Panorama etc.


What I couldn't believe where the clips you showed which we just have him and

Obama was him and you know famous scientists and I thought what do you know come on? This is really not about self promotion, but it is and he's just said it now in there that he's over here because really that's what he wants to do.

He wants to build up his channel here and you know kissing his profile which records inevitably involves him does cameras get them to direct get them to make the features that they know their generation one and then to illustrate what you're talking about showing a clip of you and him.

What his 50s I presume talking to another man in his fifties all be the president of its narcissism or it's conceit or vanity or it's just a joke about it and they are not necessarily about the stuffing ever had I agree with rule rough immersive journalism.

There's nothing wrong with that.

I just actually kind of slightly didn't like the way in which he?

Sentence of maybe he underestimated the audience is Maggie said he just got it wrong with an account for the fact that the BBC and Sky and ITV do great things in this country, but voice does in North America or maybe actually this was a deliberate attempt to reach North America and not people you're in the room listening at all.

I agree with a lot that Maggie is saying I think having he started as a salesman, and he's over here to do a sales job, so if you had one eye on America you're making sure that the brand is still at the forefront of people's Minds over there as well as over here then.

He's probably in some way achieve that because he's got plenty of headlines out of this festival the whole thing left me a bit cold.

I think for a man who tells stories for a living his speech was a mess.

There was no narrative.

There was no coherent message and I think it lost a lot of its potency as a result of that.

I think people are quite confused about why he's here and what he wants.

I mean if you have ever watched voice.

I'm not sure you really under.

Any more about it by the end of his speech he did at the Beginning even as a sales job.

I'm not I'm not sure you're really trading on the basis that everyone was around voices that it cool brand but actually quite a lot.

Just watching that he is the face of icing.

It is a channel built around him.

I mean J Hunt pulled him up on that in the post McTaggart interview and he said well actually sometimes I parachuted into these big interviews because the person being interviewed actually wants me to do that and my contribution accounts a tiny tiny percentage of which is mainly made by 25 year olds.

I don't think it generated anything like the headlines that he probably hopeful certainly here.

I mean if you don't Free released your speech.

You don't understand a national newspapers actually develop the Debate then you know he really missed out big on that and I don't have any real sense that there's a great echo chamber around this speech maybe I'm just sort of.

The various reasons not completely in touch with it didn't seem to me to be a speech that had a huge amount of eggs.

I think for the younger people in the audience.

Maybe they appreciated is a bit more because as I heard them coming out and I walked straight into the grandees of television.

It was the clearly two sets of people who are hearing it then basically.

I think the older or more experience store success for all involved.

You are in British broadcasting television which is what really this is The Back then he got chillier and chilli out this receptionist.

She went up the status scale one good thing that comes out of this which actually it just shows you that there is a sort of such a disconnect between the cultures of North America and America and here and also the week.

I mean I do know this because I I travel to have my mitosis living in an in California and I go quite a bit and you and you do sense that there's a lack of serious reporting.

I meant the Fox News phenomenon has really.

You know you could say tainted americanism, although it's it's that there is still strong newspapers, but there's definitely that's also what he's partly.

He's filling in agario.

Very easy round of applause it seemed to me one of not many but he did get a very easy round of applause by calling shows like the X Factor I think I'm writing saying vacuous fucking shit was the quote just a bit easy as me.

I mean of course.

It's true that there are people watching vice.

You don't watch TV it must also be true and what's the first session I came to the start of the festival on Wednesday morning was the ITV Digital presentation with new controller rosemary Newell and what is everybody talking about here ITV2 had a huge hit with the second series of love Island which has obviously put the frighteners on Big Brother on Celebrity Big so I think actually.

There has been a kind of Ord skewing here with a lot of the talk is also we will very interested after we were not to hear J Hunt this morning so that there would be a second series of naked attraction certainly raised a lot of eyebrows on Channel 4 at this moment in time lyrics very public service series of acclaim critical acclaim going on just right now, so I get there will be a first because they've got new dramas and everything the autumn starts, but you can see that that that has been restored had an interesting that celebration to of love Island going on all aimed at the side of you know 16200 under 30s really if you fantasizing about that very thing.

Get someone ITV channel 4 and do a proper speech that's been released to Maggie Brown the night before in the morning, but you're not sure that that's a speech.

How can any proper newspaper really hot at all or website report it with any great sense of confidence because you don't have the full text that so people are saying it's a perfectly good point because I might have it is what it is in a 40 years of tradition get some of the best brands in it and traces in television her for her done this so it shouldn't be too shocked by the present a serious point to take would you be booking someone from you know? Would you be booking Wii controller BBC Wales news about Donald Trumps advisor?

From the media, show me how would you feel if this gets clipped up and used in Shane Smiths next presentation and he cares about your analysis a straightforward reactions everybody everybody is entitled to give it you know I'm not saying you shouldn't have been booked.

I mean.

I'm not that.

I'm not saying we shouldn't have any moving.

It's just in I am fattest useful to be exposed to such that a person I over so I was interested.

You know I couldn't believe my you kept on saying come on Scotland I mean, what was all that about that was alcohol? I thought was a really good but King actually Welbeck with me now.

I'll Boyd and Tom it is time for the Boyd Hilton McTaggart Rand what did you think first of all? It was a shambles casino?

You started of what you're drunk / whatever he's kind of the shambolic figure and then to lecture the British TV industry online are we doing coming LGBT issues on voice that oh my god.

Sorry about the years ago on BBC2 and Queer as Folk and in British TV has a great history of dealing with LGBT she's nice like me on there now.

Just know it's just a part of my adult life so I just thought for him to let us on that kind of thing in like to fly British TV doesn't deal with the environment and I mean the stuff on Channel 4 physical brightly my channel the Year every single day.

They said you than anything I've seen coming up on the viceland channel and anything you going to get on his f-ing website so it's just like just none of it to me made The Slider just drop f-bombs in to be rock and roll boy.

I just thought it was absolutely gorgeous himself.

Just found it distasteful that he seems so pompous and showing off about how much money they have rolling in cash say hola and yet.

They play their journalists so incredibly poorly and they send off kids towards owns because that's what you do rather than someone like a proper news organisation that will be rigorous mean you don't you don't just send off people to do things you make sure it's all proper practice and things like that.

I just think they don't treat their genus particularly well, you know any jokes about share prices at they get and he needed to be careful with what he sells cos they've all got share schemes, but they're all paid a pittance to live in New York and controls know about his jealousy in this country of energy is going on the website.

I think the main vice websites including those for the music One is Epsom

Detritus and brilliant article title how much left the comma star writers get paid if they get paid more than your standard, what have you heard? It is what people I then use the world shut and I went freelance it was I thought visor something.

I'd quite like to get into it says they'll do the sort of items that I actually would really like to write and I went to the had a meeting and sat down with them suggested some stuff and it said yet.

We like those ideas and I said how much do you pay and they said £100 an article and have to sort your own photos so actually if it's something is articles of quite involved.

That's more than a day's works as a £100.

Maybe you couldn't £50 a day while I mean even the sun's day rate is 130 quid and I just thought I can't work for you for that and and they seem to think while you've published invoice well.

That's not that's not acceptable because then it's a race to the bottom and I actually wanted to ask this question it was no questions from the floor during the Q&A with j Hunt she asked once if there was a question for the floor and I wasn't ready.

I wanted to write it down to make sure I was asking it properly and when I then I spent Saturday middle and I

Hallway through and have a woman behind me with a baton.

You know and she just read questions from the app and none of them didn't come back to the floor and actually my question would have been if you value your germs them so highly in that people want to pay billions of pounds to invest in you want you value a journalist, so I can't edit Live channel 4 dinner.

She said that he hates journalists and Isaac that's true or not, but he runs a journalistic organisation.

It's crazy and and the fact they pay so little isn't it? Is is horrible indicative of that potential by definition is the possibility of achieving more in the fast-paced world of digital advertising Oracle data cloud has built it's like I say on finding the signal through the noise on unlocking potential.

We bring together data and technology to help you better understand your audience where to best engage them and how to measure a tool to realise true potential Oracle data cloud web better outcomes begin visit Oracle data cloud.

Come to learn more.

There is still no plenty of time for a bumper edition of the media quiz.

This week is entitled press release me let me go there are plenty of commissions announced during the festival the can you guess which Talent said these quotes from their releases best of 40 buzzing with you know when you know the answer suppose you will say and Tom you were saying Tom he is questionable really have I relish the thought of doing a show as much as this I love love love everything about it.

Especially the fact.

They will get to witness the amazing Talents rabbit Tom Smith saying I'm obsessed with called Shine On Me boys is your point who who said that in a press release about a forthcoming.

You sure they're involved in French it was Dawn French talking about ITV's new show little big shots.

Big shots it's a game show for kids you've got somebody I'm delighted to be playing a character as colourful as Farage he's a gift parody and I'm looking forward to bringing previously unseen aspects of his life to the screen who said that the thing is I don't know your name, but I got two boys there were two impressionist that we here at the vets not even Bishop Michael curry.

No, it's ok.

I'm actually nervous about a satire about my think I actually do you need was just gonna be cheeky jokes, isn't it? That's what I'm worried about jokes that come from a liberal Media elite like about the news the world packing scandal on Channel 4 which 1.2 you don't know points to you now, but it still all to play for his question number three wheel building on our successes with high quality commissions that increase the breadth Range and appeal of our home-grown programming Tom there any of them LED V commissioner could have said all of them, but who was it building on high quality is probably the giveaway there is someone who perhaps isn't associated with high quality auto NHS it was give you that well, but yes it was Channel 5 controller Ben flower on a new series of natural history programmes on the channel who by the way by the way sores on the study by the way the Graham Norton should be pay.

As if anybody in the country is going in a Wok Rhymney to perform totally you know crane a a channel that does really well commercially and then exactly survey kind of an interesting market in there.

Yeah, I mean I mean stop.

I did go to the Day 2 session but even actually stopped having benefits Fagans every single week for about two talking about tabloid news stories basically catering to that tabloid audios, but they've done it now anyway.

That doesn't feel sensational does go a bit more calm down that used to think so although this it's wall-to-wall big brother.

Isn't it? Yeah, so that's a Big Brother 2004.

It's great to be back on ITV2 then without yes, Harry Hill very good.

I'll finish the quote with an all-new format that finally tackles the problem and the imminent and prolonged war with space aliens by proving to them that are humans are really lot of fun to hang out with you and terrible, but I'm hoping that Harry Hills behind it won't be the only person who liked his revival of them starting right now.

There's me to so you can do the wrong for me because the reason you quit ITV in the first place doing his TV but because it was so working out of an Aries associate level do you know what this show is Harry Hills alien fun capsule any ideas used apparel show with plebs? I think and they decide on records or

I mean the normal people like myself boys are not celebrities which is really confrontational our they select videos or clips or something to put into a Time Capsule in case we are obviously ever invaded by aliens.

That's right before my tears over a series of round the two teams have to present Harry with fun stuff, which Harry must adjudicator on and ultimately decide what's in and what's out of the fun capsule with the triumphant team winning bragging rights with special guests probably all from James Grant that is it by Hilton new one.

Thank you.

You're in quiet fashion the most get more points on TomTom it was a pleasure to have you here.

Thank you very much thing.

I James I just ruin my chances of ever being represented by James grant and possibly has had a serious consideration, but you never know where things like you if you're new to the show hi there, it's good.

Isn't it? We do this every fortnight so if you want.

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