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Read this: #57 - What Lad Bible’s rise means for online video - The Media Podcast with Olly Mann

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#57 - What Lad Bible’s rise means for …

Hello before we get started a quick announcement.

We're gonna be in Scotland next week covering the Edinburgh International television festival and we can only do that because of people like you.

Thank you.

Everyone who's taking out a voluntary subscription to this show your the reason we can go to places and cover events join our supporters go to the media and support this independent Media podcast at also big.

Thanks as well to media master to a sponsoring this edition of the program.

You'll find out who's on their show this week later.

Hello and welcome to the media podcast by Olly Murs on today's show what does the rise of LAD Bible say about online viewing of view counts and as reliable as they should be less than a week before the TV festival we pick our top sessions with our Expectations for the kilos by Voices Shane Smith + with the exit of head Emma's way.

We assess the state of BBC factual someone's thoughts travel gawker media with explained.

My hand in the media quiz we rescues three stories from the linear, guess that's all to come on today's Media podcast and joining me at the hospital club this morning.

It's the deputy editor of Alex Hudson hello Alex good morning.

What have you been up to this morning? I interviewed a Horse Whisperer who's first words were I'm not really a Horse Whisperer the pr.

Just made me say that.

It was lovely and really interesting but she that night I trained horses and communicate with them and you know we hang out and we run wild but as far as the film The Horse Whisperer or any of that it wasn't quite the tabloid Sensation that I was hoping for a I want to enter interview a witch in Glastonbury and that was the basis for the whole feature and then she said we are not really on which I just sell herbs.

Also joining us personally 4.

Best time of the year is the director of the Edinburgh International television festival and former editor of broadcast magazine, it's Lisa Campbell hello Lisa welcome back to the show less than a week to go.

I imagine you might be a bit busy.

I'm Still Standing just because because because your phone is constantly ringing with people saying yeah, I can't make that session then can we move this not too bad at the moment on that front but yeah, it's probably likely to happen that time yeah.

No, it's all good.

I'm really excited excited to be going to Edinburgh and you listen to be very excited as well.

We're going to bring you an extra special edition of the media podcast between or fortnightly auditions next week as we venture out to Edinburgh as well more on that later, but first let's talk about what most people talk about me country at the moment what they're watching at home the Olympics what do we make of the BBC coverage that far John Inverdale John Inverdale is my favourite person for just have terrible.

He's at his very casual sexist comments that are now finally being called out.

He's done it at Wimbledon he's done at the rowing and now he's done it during the

Dennis when he said to Andy Murray won two gold medals you're the first person to do that Andy Murray just replied yeah, you're not the Williams sisters with all of them just happened to not just forget the fact that there are women playing the sport as well.

Yeah and this match between him and Steve Redgrave adjust classic aren't they live TV broadcast and you know sometimes your brain play tricks and he's excited is talking to Andy Murray just as he stepped off the tennis court.

I know that's his job, but it's just constantly he does it again and again and bless him that it's it's not it's what it's what he thinks it.

Is it is what you need to sort of mine said that he is in and it's not sexism and its outward pushing things out tornadoes everyday sexism is the term that's used and it's a no it's not as horrible as some sex isn't it goes on but it's as prevalent if not more powerful than any other section of just forgetting that women exist you are you have football and you have women's football you have left letics and you have women that.

And if you play into that and if you hire presenters who engage in that philosophy than you keep having a sport and women sport rather than just sport.

Did you say the story today about the Egyptian state broadcaster telling eight of its TV hope female TV hosts that they need to go on a diet.

They've got a month to lose weight to get an appropriate appearance for TV ok, but most of step-down or high were the Mongols for a second and let's all celebrate Clare Balding we can all agree on that right.

She's great.

Yes, she's great and what about the business of thanks for joining some BBC1 now.

We're going to be busy doing then you turn on BBC Two and it says thanks for joining us on BBC One I mean.

It's a bit of a painful sort of rearranging of all the schedules isn't it? That's brilliant.

It's so easy and accessible you find exactly what you want at the point you want it's it's so user-friendly.

I've you know it was brilliant the last time and in 2012 an ENT you know and it's better this time so hats off to BBC for the digital coverage absolutely.

Abingdon that very well especially the greco-roman wrestling I got into that last time round because that is the only thing I can get a ticket for now.

I'm a big fan more so than ever before there is more viral things there are people using their penises to fail at the pole vault.

There are there is no it's not that bloke who spent about half an hour and Twitter beginning self up in the hurt or felt like quite literally fell at the first hurdle and went straight through and you just run videos of that enough course is beautiful because no one's up at whatever time.

That's on but in the morning everyone supplicate what stupid thing happened yesterday and it's cycling's been amazing and that guy who sits at the front of the race on that bike and just lead them and does nothing.

It's is like a guy in a moped looking for the pizza delivery that everyone ok.

We'll get you lined up your next gig in case the firefighting doesn't go well.

Let's move on to one of the big viral stories of the week because Facebook's algorithms have made some big content providers.

BuzzFeed to Upwey be well now lad bible has join them reportedly press Gazette says the site is the most watched video provider in the whole of Europe at Alexander big claim is it true I have a feeling that produce amount is gonna extensively edit this rant because it's going to be long so firstly the researchers buy tubular Labs who are in partnership working an account of partnership with ladbible is a single source research from a company whose job it is to make ladbible look better.

Ok, also viewing figures for video online is complete nonsense Facebook in the back and gives you two different viewing statistics a 3-second view and a 10-second you that can be on a 10 minute 1 hour 3 hour video if you've watched it for three second account is of you if you watched it, but and second accounts of view ladbible are including vine Loops in what this viewing count accounts for I can't imagine Walt Disney are to be on.

I'll be at that lad bible are half a billion views bigger apparently according to Tubular Labs is he at what point is a view of you if you talk about a podcast listen you generally list of the whole thing if you are listening to a 30 second clip of the podcast does that count as if you listen to the entire podcast if you have watched a video of our advertisers are listening.

When yes, it does take your point is the most watched video provider in Europe at what point is it affected the most changer? What point is it been the most engaging video so the most won the most popular Facebook lives on the internet is ladbible video of ice cream melting.

It's funny.

It's hilarious is fascinating.

It's not chasing.

It's it's not jealous and I'm sure we'll come up that later with Cocker back and when you say Facebook lives because it to the uninitiated in a lot of people have heard of Facebook Live but frankly can't be asked to watch a livestream on Facebook your single on most popular Facebook lives retrospectively, so it's live when it's made, but then he could you go back and watch it like a YouTube video back and watch it.

I think the thing with that we're finding increasing with Facebook Live is it has to be something to be seen them to be exciting so we're running competitions in fact this very afternoon go to on Facebook because of you and you can win some good stuff so and but it's things that need to be seen like so like that will try it with ice cream of tried it with the glue Super Glue two-pound coin to the floor and just left the camera on it, but he said there and a half adding rubber band still watermelon until it exploded elite daily has gaffer tape the manitoban until it's stuck into the wall and they remove the chair from under him.

This is what people are consuming on Facebook Lions going to lose any sleep as it's not been on This podcast before saying that when periscope first came out of this changes how stories are produced which thank goodness Facebook stepped in to make make live video more practical, but what it does do is it that Facebook is willing to add View to a thing is?

YouTube users 50% completion rate Facebook it's 3-second ok.

I'm going to live edit this ramp stop there for a second will come back to ladbible itself as a brand but just on the point then about Facebook video views and whether a 3-second counts or a 10-second count Lisa that is actually a really relevant point these days.

Isn't it? It's completely valid and we've had a lot of these conversations when you can planning Edinburgh actually about 12 whether it's the speakers at we should be having and the kind of debates we are having and it's it's a concern for everyone that there is an effective measurement system that we can all rely on and we can't just the figures and I think you know I think you're absolutely right to say we can question this report completely as adding its face great marketing from ladbible, though.

I do I do feel that they they said they feel like they're everywhere the very talked about their you know the way that they are targeting this fickle audience and I seem to have captured so many in the way they divide it up with a different brands ladbible sportbible gamingbible.

Probably be able to talk about it more knowledgeable you have to Edinburgh because we've got a session called what men want and it's it's looking exactly at this what what do the view was once because interestingly male viewers to advertisers are worth almost twice as much as female viewers.

So they were really lucrative audience and they're actually quite difficult to target so I think there's lessons to be learnt from lad bible about how they do it and how some of the online and platforms are doing it.

We're going to be show some interesting research on Channel 4 on that and there are some real surprises there.

You know it's not just not season sharks that guys want to watch so haven't some fascinating stuff to look at in this particular genre of male viewing as well.

I kind of videos you're describing actually what they want is slightly ionized flipping nonsense.

I think the one thing I'm very well as creating a brand where people can submit so the user generated content thing is is.

As good if not better than anyone else so and they got a very good business model where they selling franchises videos out to other organisations and what they've done is Dave harness that creates if you look at which is a set of new Up starting it spits tagline is for men not lads, so it's deliberately going straight for the LAD Bible audience of the slightly more intelligent all slightly more middle-class audience, but it's as you say the advertising revenue is there and it's hard to reach but slowly the internet is understanding how the male audience works and ladbible have done it better by the people who run that Bible and sportbible and every other Bible are incredibly gifted a what they do they know how to target an audience in it has a hit it.

It's just what resonances that have so if you think half an hour after watching something does it stick with you and I think that's a question that they're trying to answer and I doing a good job starting the answer but they haven't answered it yet.

Ok and one final point on this digital story with we got something about the Telegraph coming up next so old Media fans.

Don't worry you are being catered for as ever.

But one final question on this later when you look at these kinds of Facebook numbers coming in whether you question have the figures are constructed or not.

Do you think traditional broadcasters that aren't thinking about how their content works on Facebook just being absolutely and that's one of the reasons.

Why we've got vice CEO Shane Smith delivering their mactaggart lecture this year.

Please about disrupting the media landscape and how sustainable is it you know of a list of flash in the pan or otherwise and and you know Shane Smith is going to be Tuesday provocative there may well be lessons to learn about targeting elusive millennials, but we're going to be grilling him the following day in the post McTaggart with Jay hunt from Channel 4 and I think that would be really fascinating to hear old Media essentially come head-to-head with with the new media and how sustainable and viable business model is the business model all their branded content like ladbible the branded content the way that is integrated with with editorial in and the and the audience don't seem to mind mean that something that obviously the rules are different.

Broadcast TV but it's something that we just haven't cracked.


Thanks for the Masons don't worry.

I do have observed that she's using every answer to put in your personal.

I'm not going to let the price of the same as I haven't wasted by the end of the show you've gone through the whole schedule on to the next story The Guardian a reporting the Independent owner Evgeny lebedev.

I met once nice guy good shoes at attempted to buy the Telegraph from the Barclay brothers earlier this year and he was one of two potential buyers sniffing around the other being a Consortium led by Richard Addis former editor of The Express no Alex this story would have happened chronologically at exactly the same time of The Independent newspaper was being closed so on the one hand the label them as the saying Prince dead and on the other hand is a couple of hundred billion or so for the Telegraph why do you think they wanted the Telegraph because there is a much much louder voice the Telegraph always has had an always will have a much louder voice to the community that Labradors want to reach if you look at the political class as if you look at particularly the Conservative Party and how you

Influence those sort of people Telegraph is much louder in those circles independent is younger.

It's not steeped in history the Telegraph is and that's why it's still got the money and you are still selling newspapers the telegraphs audience are older they are richer and there is still that Heritage of physical newspaper.

It won't last because you have physical paper it will die, but there is still another 10-15 years of that paper existing in paper form and with the Innovations that does Telegraph digital you're doing at trying to target that same market.

It's it's difficult because an older market more difficult to reach but it's going through a lot of change that is probably gonna make Telegraph worth a lot of money, but we're going for different markets the Telegraph still still swings older and I think there's a lot to be said about the what the light did when they came in a worked out which staff were worth the money they were worth and they got rid of the people who was.

To be not worth any money.

I can't talk much more about that because you're that employ someone know what's again another baby, but now I think with with the people I chose to get rid of it.

There was some interesting choices in their the way people who were relatively without mentioning any names deliberately there were people who are relatively big on social media who had a presence and the term personal brand around themselves that means they are very employable elsewhere.

So why would the Telegraph get rid of them at a time when it's trying to do to a younger market and that's where those people work and I'll still pretty low there more job cuts to come 7 editors in the last 12 years.

I don't think it's just that I think there are relatively few publishers were there aren't job cuts being made.

I think happily at the moment like Crossing fingers.

Isn't one of those is is one of those places, but if you look at the Independent the way the Independent it's going really good Telegraph the way the Telegraph is going at times doesn't quite know where.

Is yet? I'm jealous.

I'm still doesn't have a business model online so saying that with that genuinely to the vet's slight flutter in my stomach was there of we need to work very hard and making it financially sustainable because we haven't yet? Let's talk about another property of lebedev that he does actually only independent they've come under 5 this week after dropping an opinion piece which was critical of the Turkish President for fear of reprisals against its reporter Alex what happened exactly there was a piece comparing the work in Turkey to a Third Reich and that's quite a strong man reading through the article.

It's not the most thoroughly researched, but they did put it out there and it depends on which version of the story of Belief as to whether Turkey actually put pressure on The Independent to make it vanish the inner part 1 of The Independent just fed for the life of one of the reporters who was out there.

So it's tricky to go so that Turkey with very clear and saying they did not put any pressure but they're kind of ok that it's gone now and Dean

Another very very keen decide they don't want their gender is being killed and you know it is the Turkish president or prime minister history of not being that kind to journalists are difficult because we don't really know how serious the death and you can only imagine that they've taken it this seriously to take an article down which goes against everything the Independent stands for it goes against its entire track record so there must be must have really serious concerns about the life of this report.

I think too so we've done this and I think it's absolutely vital that these stories are still written because if the foreign press on covering this with the media Crackdown that's been taking place in Turkey will never know when I will never get the facts of minutes.

You know 45 newspapers 29 publishing houses 23 radio station 16 TV channels, etc.

Have closed according to the international federation of journalists, so I mean it's a security worrying Crackdown on free speech.

Call Sarah Alexander a couple of issues with digital publishing doesn't it one that people might associate just because they're under the same brand the opinions of one journalist in an opinion piece with the brand itself and other journalists representing mat Brand and to that if you publish something online It Never Dies it's not the same as in the old days when you would be in that days newspaper in 5 months later.

Everyone would have forgot that you wrote it.

That's entirely true II publisher even if you take it down if you take it down at gets read more by more people in more countries in more places for the exact reason that what was it in this piece that medical taken down there think I see it from both sides, so two years ago before I was no litter why on earth.

Would you take anything down? I'm reporting I'm reporting things which need to be reported.

I'm giving my opinion.

It is vital that my voice is heard.

I was very good her about it and now coming back as we're going editing if one of my jealous got killed because of my editorial choices.

Fat like at what point at what point do you actually put human live before journalism? I'm still very good power Nigella's and comes first story ending is so much in that turkey story so much that we don't know there are so many conspiracy theories and so many different variants of how that poop happened exactly the Mechanics of Haddock who worked that foreign newspapers because so he doesn't have a free press anymore at all.

I think of the Independent I forget the quote for the Independence of themselves at the farm newspaper has to put into account and if you're being given a platform buy newspaper.

You are the voice of the entire newspaper think about the amount of stick Owen Jones gets links.

I got anybody out of stick the Guardian get something so Owen Jones it works in both ways.

This is the point about the other journalists who are doing their best to provide genuinely fair and balanced coverage for Fox News but they're going out there with the Fox News Michael Cohen trump supporters, there wasn't there for the personalities in the media and

That's the content that shared isn't it a very strong opinion real polemically should a bit in partial sitting on the fence stuff doesn't doesn't really go anywhere it doesn't it home so I think it's all you know kind of clickbait comes into it to Mummy the news in just a tick but first let's take a Break to find out who is on media Masters this week with Paul Blanchard Chris Wright the launch the careers of Blondie and Spandau Ballet and founded heart radio.

Let's hear a taster.

I would have sold radio business a bit before we did we send around the board table for the guy that was running a radio division said it was worth 400 million.

I thought well you know it's crazy.

It's not ok.

You out that we could get 400 million.

It will be like the sale of the century.

I think the frost was coming off the top and we were trying to buy other other radio station operators and we couldn't we wanted we knew we needed to get bigger.

We were trying to buy other stations.

We couldn't buy them if we couldn't get bigger.

We knew we'd be squeezed by the by the two biggest operators and we have to consider the fact that we would sell it Chris right there you can hear all the media Masters interviews for free on the media Focus podcast I'd highly recommend the Jeremy Vine one if you want to be a presenter.

It's essential listening subscribe.

Wherever you get your podcast now.

You may have noticed that it's the Edinburgh International television festival as I said we'll be there with all the best news and outrageous gossip from the sessions next week remember to subscribe to get it.

Let's talk about our Picks for the festival as she eat you're going to go last on this one if that's ok.

Ok, because I think you making you choose between your children might be tough but looking at what you've got planned.

I quite like the sound of Andy Wilman talk about the Grand Tour I think that's probably a must see.

What's going on with Clarkson and Hammond overestimate Sally Wainwright talking about writing happy Valley that for me as the TV drama of the year and you got a session on the Friday called and I'm paraphrasing here is VR a load of bollocks at which it you're not a very much.

I'm interested in cos I do wonder whether the future of television really is sitting there with the virtual reality helmet on those three things that I've chosen Alex anything catch your eye I think going on from the Amazon thing.

I think Roy price of action of actually trying to work out exactly where Amazon are and where their pitching cos at the moment Amazon isn't quite there when it come if you can't if you looking at Amazon direct play on Netflix then there is a comparison, but it's not a favorable comparison when it comes to Amazon so hearing what he has to say is fascinating hearing Charlotte more than the Victor of the whole BBC debacle is last night.

We did No One Quite knows I think even she knows exactly what that role entails yet, because the BBC is going through the change until it gets a new charter in when the new chart happens.

It'll make more sense, but that just the second of the questions on the audio.

Squishy challenge and exactly what she thinks about what they all have a million different things to ask her that's last night and of course.

I think she is a new media Mogul going into old media platforms, so yeah spiceland launched in the UK yet nineties in September so it's a UK network that came from a well as a skater magazine first, but you know I shouldn't print magazine Atlantic on the internet and winning due to its content partnerships and that's going back to TV he's obviously brilliant, but is working out.

How your mind goes from here to hear to hear to hear to hear to all over the place will be fascinating to hear two sessions there it will be very interesting to sort of work out the strategy behind the people out of the top Lisa you've mentioned a couple sessions already, so we know he's doing the mix.

I guess we've chosen our sessions.

You're allowed to choose one more we haven't mentioned yet.

What happy not mentioned.

It's worth seeing not the free events.

I'll ask about those insect in conversation with Peter Wright the Fox chairman.

One of the things I really like about the festival this year that we've got amazing the other greats of their particular genre in peer-to-peer conversation so with Sally Wainwright you've got Russell T Davies talking to Sally Wainwright you have but let's ask you about those three events now.

This is something that I think it'll be really welcome to a lot of listeners to the show because you know I know we have a lot of you high-ranking TV executives tuning in but frankly a lot of people listen to this hey runners researchers produces journalist.

I can't afford 100 quid.

They don't go to Edinburgh TV festival then ask for the country, but if you are there in Edinburgh this year.

There's nothing go to for free that is is making the festival Phil accessible tube to the Next Generation essentially and we've got lots of really loyal very senior people but you know I want to support the Next Generation coming through your with them to feel inspired and patch think about a job in TV you know members of the public who hadn't considered it before so we've got things like the McTaggart for the first time in its 41 year history is going.

Be open to the public and that's at the Playhouse Theatre in Edinburgh so I do think Sparks Will Fly with with Shane Smith and I think that's going to be worth watching and then as I said Sharon Horgan I think this will be absolutely unmissable you've got Frankie Boyle and Sharon Horgan in a head-to-head talking about breaking the boundaries of comedy you know comedy bit for them should be a risky John where they're going to say gonna talk about her failed projects going to talk about how things get through their comeback commissioning.

I think they'll be it'll be controversial and again fireworks.

I think I'm free screenings as well.

Yeah, so so you can buy tickets to that so that's in the convention centre and then the screenings are taking place in the film House Red Dwarf we've got Craig Charles and creators Doug Naylor and Robert Llewellyn with the new series.

Yes no no and and I think that's prolly Testament to the to the festival will be that the broadcasters are now deciding to show great new shows as exclusive premiere is there so we've got rid of you've got Kevin B

I wish the new porridge the new series of much loved series like Poldark and the fall and Ronald d Moore doing a sci-fi masterclass with 1300 Star Trek and outlander ok.

That's more than enough will stick with links to all of that Panther tickets for those cheaper or three events on our site the media podcast I just check out the show notes for This podcast right.

Let's cover some of the other stories doing this week's the entertainment Union back to his criticize project diamond.

That's the TV Industries new scheme to monitor diversity in programme making Lisa without reference to your session on diversity.

Tell us about the story well project diamond is a very ambitious new monitoring scheme so the idea is that you're going to be able to get the figures from other broadcasters as to exactly the makeup of their on-screen Talent and behind-the-scenes and so that we can see just how diverse the industry really is that hasn't been a benchmarking system like this and it has been an absolute nightmare.

How to get through a minute we were supposed to do something last year Edinburgh unable to because it's just been rambling on and trying to get agreement and data Protection Act issues.

It's finally being launched, but bectu now have problems with it all have done for some time because they don't feel it's transparent enough.

They want every single program to be reported which is difficult because clearly there are thousands and thousands of hours and what what the CDN have been trying to do is work with the broadcasters to get the data on specific genre and I think I think it's right at she I think if we just keep going and trying to get it absolutely perfect it will just never happened.

I think we start it launched it and then see what improvements you can make so I totally get you know back to his point and we have to be as transparent as possible, but I also feel quite alarms that they're encouraging members to boycott this and not to fill in the data because that's just not going to help you know we are really just think I'd like to see everyone trying to work together and work through the problems or another tell you store.

Big shout out to form of factual boss Emma Swain who leave the BBC after 20 years at The Corporation Lisa give us a sense of some of her success at the beeb and whether her departure is going to leave a gap well.

She was there for 20 years she joined in the factual role, and she was behind some really you know biggest landmark series for the BBC lambing live Don't Tell the Bride stargazing Bake-Off she most recently has been director of future commissioning channels and online which I think for some felt like a bit of a w1a roll a bit kind of director of better not least because one of her tasks was to predict the kind of content the BBC should be commissioning in five years time I think for anyone to have a 5-year plan these days.

This is completely crazy and in fact there was also presided over a period of massive change within that factual department.

It's been a really terrible.

Department has been lots of departures and I'm you know it's now it snowing in good shape.

I think with them Alison Kirkham heading that up.

I think that's had four strong pair of hands.

It's a really important department.

It's had issues with the commissioning.

It was something that in the former director of television Danny Cohen echoed some research on and the commissioner said that broadcasted which was you know pointing out for the lack of respect really I think for producers meetings been cancelled and factual the factual team were singled out as one of the worst of the with in fact the rudest commissioners of all were either wants the BBC so they've they've tried to rectify that they've tried to really sort of you know restructure that that department and I think the changes are still going on about what should the BBC be commissioning in five years time from a factual point of view Alex actually.

Look at the things to the various subjects that Lisa just mention about you know Stargazing lambing Live Bake Off I'm cooking nature.

It's not me mate.

Is the TV schedule of the 70s isn't it is just a case of doing these shows in a new way and actually that's all we want from BB season it delivering that and equality way.

I agree with you think the BBC still makes the most brilliant television programmes.

It's just that you're still thinking about a 42-in screen and you're not thinking about the performance and the engagement and the real discussion around a program.

You're still make you still making a broadcast rather than getting a discussion and that's been a tricky thing to BBC so when you commissioner series now someone tried to commit an app for a one-off prog at the BBC what why for what possible reason with that make sense just use Facebook and it's upskilling the BBC executive to understand that I think that there can be a 5 year planner.

Don't think you can be precise play think you know.

Are the internet will be broadly in five Years Time by the BBC has campaigned to be on Snapchat that all matter of trust issues about the BBC being let anywhere near Snapchat sources close to the matter of let me know.

So they can be a 5-year plan and the BBC still need to make the best TV and that's not going to change a great deal in five years time it still going to be proper factual stuff is going to be investigated.

It's going to be nature 70 foods only brilliant programming, but it's how you commission around that ok.

Don't worry the media quiz is on its way One Last Story though univision has bought gawker Media the trouble gossip website they went bankrupt after a libel action brought by Hulk Hogan Alex it is actually This podcast eternal shame that we didn't cover that Hogan trial in mum's table and all kind of ignored it and now we haven't been doesn't matter.

Can you reach out to us what happened at the last year? I'll start from the very very beginning with caucaso gorka for those who don't know is a site which can have sells itself on.

The Sensational it goes further and goes harder than traditional medias would feel ok with and so they decided that it was appropriate for them to publish sexuality of investoren tech startup man Peter Thiel which you know is utterly irrelevant because the fact that the man has a sexuality is the relevance of this time for the angered the man who is worth what 2.7 billion dollars and then they thought it would be a great idea to publish Hulk Hogan sex tape once again.

There are discussions to be had about the news worth of that there is very little public interest as the court found then Hulk Hogan with the help of Peter Thiel so that the legal case to cost them 115 million and 11 / about who contacted him.

That's not even got out like that.

I think there are there is no correct answer and that cos I think they both had it out for a gorkha for similar reasons and the fact that they came together to bankrupt.

Ok, so Google since.

I think it's just been sold in the process of being self round and 35 million dollars, so there is there is still a lot of worth in it, but just with a single Storey you have costume entire organisation.

I just shows when you are publishing something that dangerous like we put a collar to the lawyers have lawyers a high risk.

We start thinking heavily I dread to think what sort of conversations that happened before you put Hulk Hogan sex tape online and actually there's a danger there isn't there in the as you say the brand is about pushing the content as far as it will go so you are in danger of territory as soon as that's your Brand and you're not WikiLeaks but in that in that conversation.

Where is the public interest in knowing that all Coke and has sex? I didn't know the Hulk Hogan has sex.

I think the public need to know that Hulk Hogan has a body has a penis and does use it for intercourse.

I think they think the people of the world need to see that not just pictures video.

That's what they need Lisa says that univision because I'd be honest.

I've not really heard of them and others.

Global company because they own lots of things likely me on now.

I think it's just goes back to everything been talking about for the whole of this is is reaching millennials.

That's exactly why they doing this that's What Every major established media company is trying to do and that's whether you're home growing your your content or whether you're buying companies like gawker media and the onions so you know it totally makes sense.

It's it's just about how that fits within within stable Nash you say the brand Ethos and how far you can push it.

You'll know within this new ownership will be interesting to see but hopefully they will have better news judgement that they've had potential by definition is the possibility of achieving more in the fast-paced world of digital advertising Oracle data cloud has built its Legacy on finding the signal through the noise on unlocking potential we bring together data and technology to help you better understand your audience where to best engage them and how to measure a tool to realise throughput.

Oracle data cloud where better outcomes begin visit Oracle data cloud., to learn or right just time for our Media quiz.

This week it's entitled escape from the Atlantis that is linear broadcasting we all know about the coming.

Did you get on a time when the broadcast landscape sinks into an online world with chaos and uncertainty for the creative Industries it is now being celebrated in this brand new board game to be released by the media podcast I have an earlier edition of the board game for you to try his the map of the media landscape.

You can see the big British castle over here and the continent of murder at the rules of very simple at the counters in front of you are programmes from TV and radio that have been axed this week your job player is to roll the dice and decide which digital saviour to move them to the winner is Clare Balding the loser John Inverdale Lisa your first let's play escape from the Atlantis that is linear broadcasting roll that dice it's come up the non league show whose acts it? What?

Digital save yes, it's been axed from BBC 5 live to and it's going to audioboom correct BBC didn't recommission it for some reason why I mean it's a show about football that fronted by a woman and it's about football that isn't the Premiership and that's the kind of thing the BBC should be doing isn't it? Yes, but it's been around for about 5 years and then on BBC Radio London for 4 or something so maybe they just think you know well, what they replacing with it with maybe there's a brightly shining you show and I'm going to support new Talent and they help it along the way and it's a bit tired nearly 40 years.

I've no idea your role.

Why has Channel 4 sitcom raised by wolves been axed and who is its digital safe yet.

It's been axed because no one watched it.

Isn't it? That's what emoji is Caitlin Moran says it's because of Bowie and brexit.

That's the that's the reason that she gave it's not quite had the like I haven't watched it's the residents.

This lacks the resonance technical in random things you said you're on my god.

That's amazing that program.

So what she's done.


She's encourage fans to sign up on her Facebook page to move the show to a new home on specified.

I wonder if if that actually use Facebook Netflix I'll pay for it Amazon or payforit Facebook is paying a lot for content but I don't think it quite is that the right answer if you tried to Hinton who is around that hasn't announced yet, what she's going to her.

She's got very exciting plans apparently behind the scenes if the fans want it back.

So it is down to you know whether there's an appetite for it supposed by Caitlin Moran gets cos that doesn't actually mean anything.

Cos it as we were saying that video of use clickbait on my sofa.

That's all her fancy him so like I don't mean to watch it Facebook what happens if Facebook get into programming like so it's already tried so CNN do you quite a bit of stuff BuzzFeed are being rumour has it paid a quite a large sum of money to produce live content if they produce programs begin their air date.

Take me to Twitter's doing NFL game today or was it baseball Rosanna Coleridge of both? I forget something American 1.2 million.

I think for this last series on 1.4.

So it's Aaron it's not total disaster and comedy is you know famously difficult genre and you know Peep Show took what 5 Series before it got off the ground so that there is an argument that comedy needs time to grow and I didn't she's got an important point to make about Beano working class comedy that you just say she's really sort of championing it on that point that it's a unique sort of voice reading it shouldn't be and I think I'm Ralf Little etsy write a great blog where name Caroline Aherne died and said you know I'm with Victoria Wood as well.

You know where are the especially female northern working class voices in comedy that you never Browns Boys white, why didn't give us the commission that if it if it's this thing that that that rating.

Before isn't bad belly stretch the imagination that's coming OK and it is this thing that isn't elsewhere why then was it decommissioned wizard want to do that you can't do ok when it cost that much is just that im panel shows FIFA traits the commissioners have to believe in the show as much as cattle Miranda's and you know if they they've obviously Wade it up and thought is it going to build is it going to grow with it has declined since the last series of maybe they say it's potentially on a downward trend.

Yeah who knows but let me interesting to see if she successful or not good.

I'm glad that you ended it with a slightly negative night there because I want that to be baked for Calum to come back on the show and see if you're listening come back and tell us why it's been alright here's the third question it's a tie in a way that isn't did I get around anyway artificial lure for so it's a two buses in first with this roll of the dice in are exciting board game which I forgot the name of here.

It is voices video series Rule Britannia at why is it been axed has really and whatsits is your Savior

How do buses in first digital ok? So it's it's floating on viceland fatv channel is launching in the UK in December on Sky good underground party themes across Europe hate for beginners with jamali Maddix befriending extremists in order to better understand them.

It says here and an exploration of global tattoo culture hosted by grace neutral with the Working Title of Needles and Pins are Alex are you can beat you again? We're going back to the earlier that video of use its somehow a view of a thing is worth more if it's on a television and it is on the internet.

It's it's going to be relatively similar content like big night out is pretty funny.

I hate enjoying a but it is brilliant is genuinely good and Rule Britannia has continually pushed the boundaries election.

It and they did wonderful covered with raw Britannia of young candidates, so yes, I'll be watching it but purely for a voyeurism and see if it actually delivers in the format of TV where before it was just a line questions young people Sky Connect those two things together.

Why is Neon Freeview and Virgin as well? Why is it on TV if you want a young people in Skye in particular is actually a Premium service that includes ultimate question 40 Hunter ask that's it for a show today one of you want my thanks to Lisa Campbell and Alex Hudson at subscribe to us fans for free right now on your podcast app of choice and you will get next week's Media podcast Edinburgh TV special gift for your train leaves Waverley all your yacht leaves me after delete as appropriate Media Masters Chris Wright the guess this week's great listen and thank you to them again in production web producer.

Hill open until next time bye bye

potential by definition is the possibility of achieving more in the fast-paced world of digital advertising Oracle data cloud has built its Legacy on finding the signal through the noise on unlocking potential we bring together data and technology to help you better understand your audience where to best engage them and how to measure a tool to realise true potential Oracle data cloud where better outcomes begin visit Oracle data cloud., to learn more.

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