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Read this: #53 - Snoopers’ Charter, 360° Video 5live shake-up - The Media Podcast with Olly Mann

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#53 - Snoopers’ Charter, 360° Video 5…

Hello and welcome to the media podcast I'm Holly man on today's show James Purnell out later strategy for a strong BBC why the snoopers charter is a problem for journalists.

There's a new national newspaper for the north of England will unpick how that works + 360 video is it the future the sun relaunches its website and Top Gear ratings and whisperers, there's another Media quiz has also come on today's Media podcast and joining me this Friday at the hospital club is the Fleet Street fox herself be freelance reporter Susie Boniface and CGI emphasize the freelance because it was national freelancers day this week.

How did you celebrate having a sneeze? Did you just say I couldn't be anybody as quite annoying have the luxury of being a freelancer you can just take a day to have invoice people.

Catch up on a box set I'm halfway through billions and alongside TV this week is the MD of TalkBack television in his friend of the show Leon Wilson hello Leon I congratulate you still getting on famously if they both work for the same local paper at one point but not at the same time as long as defence reporter congratulations on your birthday Danielle Leigh Francis as a very big working on QI at the moment with the new house of course just finished filming series 115 series 100 solutely shipping me Steve is Aussie Legend and bean plant asters, what's Andy's being a breath of fresh air in many ways everyone that's done.

She's really love doing it and I think people we really pleasing to see the show starts this this autumn on beef stew and it's really

Brilliant, she's been acting really fantastic about with Sandy you might there must be the moment even with the presenter of season does that and Is Love by the when it says that you're still at your replacing a national day out with another it was a tad Stephens leaving the Queen Mum is Courtyard actually.

I think John Lloyd was convinced it had to be sound and he was completely right alright.


I look forward to seeing would say that wouldn't she was really good.

I went down the first record and I got there liquid late and I thought you'd been running for I had to ask someone how long has this been going on for and I think it would be on for a couple of hours.

I like him again 10 minutes it felt so normal and so right within litre 10 minutes per doing it.

It was really interesting.

I was I thought it would take maybe series with the bedding, but it was literally come from the First Dates talk about telly more broadly and the BBC more broadly this week's the BBC's director of strategy James Purnell book about the white paper and what the baby still needed to do to achieve a decent licence fee settlement and still going on my god his plan was threefold at first water down the service licence.

Is that stifle creative freedom next stopping the national Audit Office from getting into BBC worldwide and finally the Whale trail talk of who sits on the Unitary board this thing about the national Audit Office at the BBC for tooth and nail to stop them looking at the UK operations at but ultimately then we found out about his terrible business decisions that have been happening at the BBC like the digital media initiative.

So why not you know let the national Audit Office look at worldwide as well.

If you've got nothing to hide an order in to look at your books the reason to say perhaps that BBC worldwide doesn't need to have it is because it's not the licence fee payers money is profits on them.

They're well by sales in that kind of thing but it is still generated by the BBC it's just office generated some hair along the line by taxpayers money and if you haven't got a problem with it.

What is the problem with that had a bunch of accountants come in and make sure you're spending it on things that are reasonable you know you must be worried about something if you're saying note.

An audit aren't you will not necessarily I take your point but I think there's an argument if you're not information that might be held within my company I would want to know about because it makes me less competitive because if everyone knows what we pay our talented staff and then that's kind of quite commercially sensitive information that you don't want everyone knowing about her and also talk about the Quagmire buddies BBC Studios the corporations new shiny new in-house production company are they going to start tendering contracts in autumn, which is much faster than expected Abberley on his essentially saying we want this to go even faster than that something we don't really know exactly how to work scheme faster.

Selby Abbey Abbey press.

They do mice get all going bye or by the autumn, but I'm quite excited to see what shows go out to tender.

It doesn't it? Won't be a big thing for us at TalkBack because we didn't want any entertainment and Mrs all the ice shows that make the bartender pass that question time in one and masturbate my mentor on so it's not this is unusual, but it'd be interesting to see how quickly they can get it done because rarely has the same channel is radio equally has 67 programs.

You have to go to be before biddable by private companies and their nowhere near that the moment and if they're going to really step this up, then they can have to be to get on the case quite quickly and he's he's talking to talk but I'll be amazed if it was not till later next year if we start seeing somebody sister tendering process get going OK final bid on the be this week, and I just wanted to cast a glance on whether or not any of you listening are about to become the editor of BBC Two because they are you got a chance at Private Eye revealed this week that they were just two applications for the post of editor of BBC Two by the deadline at the end of May how do you think this uncertainty is going to actually have an effect on commissioning the water job only to qualified to do it.

That's kind of I think everyone records is quite hard challenge to solve try but in the end of the BBC and commissioning.

I think things have slowed down.

I didn't.

Pick up the next six months, but it would he has slowed down commissioning from what I can see little Susie plenty of people out there in medial and are qualified to have the taste and variety of opinions to manage a massive budget family doing inform educate entertain yet.

So why don't they throw the hat in the ring? You know people obviously feel that if they haven't run the BBC service before they won't get chosen as partly because the BBC is a bit of a clothes shop.

It's a bit of a not even if it is a pleasure from do get jobs there from elsewhere.

It's good.

It's got this son of mine sentimentality that it's like a little family or a guy says she was group of people.

Have you want to think about it and outside as don't get in and once you get you never get out anywhere else again but also it's probably to do the fact that because you've had the licence fee took some we've had the renewal licence be on your business going on everything else and John whittingdale saying you going to do this that and the other to the BBC's be a lot of uncertainty and it's like any other organisation where there is uncertainty about the future and about funding everyone just stay as well clear 4.

Your name and you know if if if TalkBack for example were going to suddenly.

I'm sure you're not my suddenly announced a load of budget cuts you going to find it as few people dealing with talk back and took back his commissioning less stuff while they get over that period of uncertainty and it's the same thing of the BBC at the moment sure I think the one of the reasons people maybe wouldn't reply to BBC 2 editor Robin taller than in the past in my is the rise the professional commissioner there is an expectation Abbot to do that job.

You have to be a commission of many years' imprisonment within the right so you don't look back to BBC 2 and 77 David Attenborough came with two controllers to Hughes producer a brilliant present and basic recipe for 300 years and that was more Commonplace Emma let's give it to someone bright.

That's clever that knows that it's basically and can pick the programs and keep happy ship that isn't an ex but that is not the case anymore.

I think you have to run the excitation.

Is you have to run a major department or Channel on a part-time basis and I think it's a shame person is I think there is probably not the cheating that hurts but someone really brighten the role that they may have experienced but

They just going to help shape Checkatrade what you do you end up bringing clothes shop around around the circle between a certain managerial level and it like she don't get bright people who come up from underneath.

You might have a brilliant idea.

I don't get too you know if your time is gonna be defending Top Gear isn't it is going to be this week's commissioning team to Birmingham or Manchester that was discussed as well wasn't the Birmingham was pretty much the focus.

Speak in front of MPs at the dcms select committee channel fours chairman Charles gurassa said it wasn't about programs.

It's that channel 4 needed to be weather sales houses were at Lyons that's true.

Isn't if you're running Channel 4 all the sales houses are in Soho

650 different independent fashion companies lot of humour outside the M25 a lot of them are in London obviously, but is not there quite a chance for one of most of our regional Focus broadcast is there are just found it funny.

He was saying we can't go to the bank as if anyone wants to go to Manchester working to BBC 5 years and it wasn't a choice ultimately it was forced upon them by the government if the government decide that they want to move the Birmingham day.

Will you know so that they come outside? We're not moving as I thought it's not your choice really I do feel like this is a bit more warmth towards herself now quite a few adeste produces.

I now have moved up there making shows it in around Manchester decent lot a place that I did it has a private have been if I think they really painful process, but I think it can work it just takes a long time to see this as well as another of John whittingdale ideas.

Isn't it privatising all about privatising Channel 4 moving up to Birmingham he hasn't really got much of what he wanted housing.

That's the whole thing which is an elaborate ploy to make us think it was in the modern Man United

Browse by make a joke about that is not being with anybody in to shave down there hasn't been dominating anyone here is really submissive.

They have this Attitude by Christian channel for a little while ago, and it was quite been out on the back foot really about the whole thing and it just made me think that he's doesn't got much chance of it is a lot of hot air lot of talk, but not an awful.

Lot of actually managing to get things done because all I can suggest something I want to actually go to The Commons and Lords if he gets pushed back as a lot of toy legislation has done recently added to sort of anyone in the face of brexit.

That is definitely helping telephone on BBC's case moving on and something else that caught our eye at the media summit this year the rise of VR and 360 degree video at Sky reversing a lot of money into this and the BBC have just released three documentaries this week two of which you can download for the VR headset Oculus Rift that's Easter Rising

A rebel and we wait and they also made Trooping the Colour that 360 degree video of that available to watch online at see if you double DIN 360, I saw something on Facebook earlier on your Facebook keeps telling you to be friends of Mark Zuckerberg like he doesn't have anyone to be friends with they just keep sitting in my face very attractive dog.

I don't want to be friends of monkeys like a big thing this morning had a 360 video from the top of the World Trade Center building and looks very interesting gadgety, but you know what I don't really care enough to have this in my life and regular basil to make a huge amount of effort misure the Tech gigs will love this kind of stuff and the BBC and sky as they already start investing in bloody bed, but you know if you in terms of news for example if you get have a 360 degree immersive experience of migrants coming off a boat on a Greek island, which is one of these guy who was filmed that actually because it is horrific enough to watch that kind of thing into.

Never mind that you met with them 360 video the rest of it mean there was some immersive experiences you might want to do but I don't think most people are going to really good people quite happy with the way things.

Are we have to fiddle with it, but if you wouldn't say you have to renovate yeah, but you wouldn't you wouldn't exactly if there was a video but not generally all the time as a matter of family mind Google Glass with innovation and it did not take off people do not want some Dara Facebook animated best interest in a boa constrictor and they've got their bought a Hughes put circular money cos they want to make this work, but you wouldn't say.

Oh no one wants to see migrants on the boat in HD I get accepted now that you know the BBC and Sky film all then using HD because some people want to see the best quality possible is it just future proofing in 10 years time will everything be available for virtual reality headsets of course you want then using that as well.

It doesn't become then gadgety thing of all look like and look left and right.

It's just the way things are 360 experience if you want this.

In a thing as an extra option for people most people I bet you any money if they had the option and they had all the kitten a couple of thing as we're still watch it in the old-fashioned way Robert Glasper sort of the crux of it was nearly on TVs Eileen back experience basically.

Yes, you can choose to watch what you want when you want it, but generally speaking people don't want 3D and they don't want her reality they just want to be able to tell if you could convict able to sunglasses on to watch 3D then the idea of committing to put on a headset and all the kids TV channel setup time you know it's not sure they do quite like require quite like white of calibration as Kate is not something is going to be used by your average consumer.

I think computer games has a really good application that site that will work in some form in the next waste working ready, but will catch on to limit screen is not I don't even work in general.

You know broadcast Media know if you have to wear headsets for anything that you know that third of people in this country wear spectacles when I watch the television that kind of thing you can't down well get 3D glasses over the front of it.

You can't get an Oculus Rift headset over your Spex you know the

Are some ways that you can get round that basis.

You know and also people like me one of 100 who have epilepsy again some viewing experiences you find a little bit difficult especially 3D because things a bit out of Saints Row 2 sense of ethics I have photosensitive epilepsy of the Harding test that we have to do what shows are so this is what you know when they say before him before the news reports beware those who have made a difference epilepsy as a Spectrum conditions.

So you can have someone is a few whom.

It does not affecting the lease or not very much like being I've had two seasons in my whole life or you can find someone who's having a seizure every five minutes and Pizzas is a differently affect different ways.

You know when you're very tired and your eyelid flickers uncontrollably.

That's a mini seizure.

Everyone is potentially epileptic.

You will have a seizure threshold new can get pushed over if you drink too much absinthe just you are listening to the naked scientists.

Are you saying like they did with 3D

You guys are TalkBack to do a comedy show for us.

Jimmy Carr's onboard.

We've got £2000000 developers a 360-degree comedy show are you saying really you'd say no that sounds so yes, it is, but I wouldn't pics that show because I don't think it's something that would work necessary but not way broadcasting worker.

Sorry just you clearly don't Jenny come up to you good you want to make me so pleased about if they did I decided forgive me too many bags.

Do it then yeah? I'll probably give you a couple have got this for your help with me in it.

I think you're really sad because you feel like what you do is going to get to Broad enough sexually general your heart isn't in it you want your shows we see but mostly as possible and I'm not sure people really want 360-degree views of Jimmy cost for hedi.

That's quite a big kingspan surround sound on Entertainment format it could work for the FBI looking it's actually did this a couple of people than a company that are looking at this going to get his wages in the arm and sent me.

I think probably do we looked at doing Sword of virtual reality version of Crystal Maze company has

You come is looking things like that some more using it within the show rather than for something for the to watch the show you can Derren Brown doing something creative doing that with the ghost train at Thorpe Park he can have that on your on your channel 4 TV show hey Media podders you know for all the good things about being an independent podcast we navigate the choppy Waters of an uncertain digital media ocean weather low winds of advertising revenue can send podcasts through shark infested Waters of production values.

I've lost a metaphor a bit what I'm saying is the without listeners like you putting their hands in their pockets digging deep and giving us cash then this year would be stranded in a Bermuda Triangle of monthly episodes lost it again basically help.

Keep us in Ayr

Your money is like a laxative for keeps us regular and I'll simile strong show us UK that's want to say go to the media podcast opcom / dedicate and take out of voluntary monthly subscription, am I can't force you to strongly encourage you to go to the media podcast opcom / dedicate.

Thanks now back to the show time for some stories in Brief and first up some changes at five live the BBC's news and sport station they've refresh their schedule as they say friend of the pod Emma Barnett has bag herself a weekday.

Show that she'll be on from 10 a.m.

To 1 p.m.

At all those she'll be on Wednesday to Friday because that that weird thing when they don't have the same to 5 days a week and also they've announced on the Sunday the reunion of Peter Allen and Jane Garvey Susie 5 lives original dream team back together a good day for Britain I didn't mind listening to them.

Owen Jin awake, I thought they are very good.

I can't believe quite that they sort of good idea to split them up there with good pairing.

Am I really don't know who's gonna listen on a Sunday night much to 5 like a Sunday night is the night of course the big TV programming in a big must watch TV programmes.

That's been poldark's going to be on that's all this you know that's when they put the big stuff out there.

I listen to something.

I really don't want to watch I know yeah, it's not for me.

I tried you know it's just the way I know it will be that sometimes.

I listen to Five Live is quite really heard them when they weren't ready before I probably hear that now listen hit list me because I do often so I don't really watch Antiques Roadshow downturn and I'll be washing up on something about listen a bit of colourful to it as the Nation's dad to go down any kind of our entertainment on.

Oh yeah, yeah, I'm not used to be on 5 live on a Saturday night on Saturday Edition and it was pretty clear that our audiences then was very clearly dad's who don't like the X Factor that to him because it will be on.

Lorraine and everyone else is watching The X Factor your dad's are in the kitchen listen to Five Live interview.

He's going to a little bit older with Jane Garvey and Peter Alan actually that sort of makes sense you know the younger people are not going to rain there any on once a week you get drink of your mum.

Is there a course course is a very Woman's Hour statement in itself.

They haven't had a great time recently though 5 Live you know they did have a ratings dip after the last refresh.

They did get rid of a lot of women then they brought some more in this time.

What do you make a parrot put the moment lately on tonight's there's a few shows all ikon V live I do think it's I think that there's a problem with women M25 life seems to be a sore sticky plasters not to get the beat the Radio 2 schedules I suggest because that's still very very Mail as we all know and I think that that's the big thing.

Any sort out next if they've serious about tackling saw diversity generally sought Radio 2 because it's really hard Fitbit have to accept the fact.

They're going to put some people on Radio 2.

I'll go to your lesson audits of the short term because they are the filling a briefing diversity.

They done a lot of areas and ready to use no different to anyone else and they have to sort out their mum and what you think it is Susan at 5 life hasn't cut through in kind of the news agenda in the way that peps LBC have these big name interviews politicians gonna come on the air and say something controversial they tend not to sound 5 live anymore piano piano piano like it was everyone else is Jean Lovejoy quite neutral you answer my PC point.

Whoever you want to get on the radio airwaves you want to get to people and they wouldn't say no.

So if they're not on there and imagine.

They're not being asked but that's it.

Isn't it? Is there a sort of lucky upstart list of LBC which means when someone says something indiscreet in a lift.

They play out the radio when Boris Johnson says upcoming they do a phone in within which 5 Live bit more complacent about that.

I need to do that.

I didn't cut through the balance LBC a little bit I can forward to this is the presenters of giving birth to get to show channels, where does he got to balance on something with all that for the channels of the balance, but it seems to be people so hot and in and Compliance at they always whatever show to be balanced and the BBC a particular guilty of it, so I said you're someone like Boris or Farage LBC cos you know you gonna get mortar platform to put it once the BBC couch with the office.

It's all voice painfully painful about having to be balanced mean when I die.

The BBC pay-per-view sometimes and caused brexit, can I have anything else the first thing they do is fill you in around you can't put you on with the somebody the same as you and my correct response would be as a news journalist for 25 odd years is there are you now? I'm sort of in the middle and I'm happy to pour a bucket of piss over anybody so you know really company 1 camper the other although I have recently voted by post to remain, but there's been unfairly even-handed I can criticize I any August bookings dropping out that they still have to know we must have black and white and we must have a boy or a girl.

We must have left and right we must do this.

I know he's a bit painful sometime.

I want to made a mistake of telling a bucket that I voted Lib Dem and then that was it for me and I never want to book a in a Tory guy.

It's like I can still talk about the news.

I just quite likely Clegg that about you now.

It makes so much more sense to me you had a brief period of possibility during the Coalition and after that you'll never get on telly.

Sorry, I missed call person on a little bit snooping at the BBC's white paper may be getting the headlines, but another piece of propose legislation has been causing a headache for journalists at it's called the investigatory powers Bill and is the one that involves collecting data on all of us are telephone calls are websites that we visit to identify security threats and he's the energise been extremely worried about all of this quite rightly one of the things that happened to explain it is when Tom Newton Dunn the reporter at the sun reported that the plebgate affair via a police source police force went along and seized his phone records identify that sort of that informing him or his employees anybody has never interested that source whose since been punished and lost his pension is Jobcentre for similar things happen with mail on Sunday with in forehead, when they were doing stories about and Christians speeding points and he's referring that kind of thing and they just go and pull the phone records for the company for the off.

This straight off and also reported individual private mobile phones now.

That's obviously obviously going to have a chilling effect on journalism on democracy as a whole on scrutiny of people in pin pound so on and it's not beyond the wit of man for the police force to have pressure put upon them by a politician writing a letter.

I having a word in someone's ear a do that Oscar Chief Constable to have a look at something and before you know it.

You know that stories are getting wangled out of the public eye to see what I mean and getting repressed.

We don't see not a good thing you got the snoopers charter which is an opportunity.

It was hoped by the Lib Dems god bless them and Tim Farron and his army of 8 to put some protections in the bill to say that General sources.

We're going to be protected from now on and all they wanted this amendment was for journalist know when the police want to have their bills their phone bills and so on and to have the right to go to court to argue it.

That was not a definite protection not an absolute guarantee that your journalist beautiful girls will never be seized just that you have the right to go to court to argue that this this in this instance.

You're not a terrorist.

You're not helping terrorism act kind of again.

You shouldn't really be having to do that cos you're actually reporting on why the government are bunches comebacks for example and that a man has been thrown out by the House of Commons is now going to House of Lords they might get to reinstall it.

I hope they do but I also imagine that what happened even if that law actually got past as it is now and we speak with your face with a similar situation where a newspaper finds out after the event that it's phone bills have been gone through buy a plot that will then go to court there be a bunch of appeals and considerations and supreme court rulings and before you know it probably case law would be against that bit of legislation because I'm pretty certain the judges in this country for all their failings are not going to allow that kind of thing to happen for a long period of time because that is in contravention of

Various European rules and regulations United Nations human rights and things like that so they would be at the big clash between that law if it's brought in and other laws which we also have to abide by so if you can't just have it without an Ending it was going to have to be a change at some point but I mean if you're doing a long-term investigation as a journalist I guess what you do at the moment then is you go back to the old ways to meet new people in coffee shops.

You don't talk emails and make you give up your sources.

They can just look at your phone bill speaking to you now.

You don't do things electronically you are aware of the possibility that you can be listened.

That's what to do if you're not worried about them then read that book and you'll know exactly why we need to not this floor needs to sleep.

Charts about things for Germany but there are modern technological Solutions is what I'm saying as well.

There's not even just going back to the old days.

There's no using WhatsApp only teasing encrypted out no one can see if you took it really that the principal idea.

I just told you I like the Lib Dems in reality does it actually matter cuz you can just WhatsApp your sources.

So what yes because lots of genocide felt, so you don't use WhatsApp if they need to sit in Holes cut in it.

If you don't hold the principle as the BBC Public Service Broadcasting or Channel fours anything else you don't have the principal then before you know it.

It's being eaten away at the sides and the prince wooden exist anymore to have to uphold that ok will currently British journalist should be protected under section 10 of the contempt of court act a few Media law firms the year was 1981 very very good career 10 point that was a few years ago.

Do you feel protector journalist?

Celebrities as second-class citizens because we consider it up most of a public right to know what's going on in their private lives on like anybody else and the general public is as responsible for that as journalists are journalists actually below that because if we are punched out injured or killed in something in the course of odd jobs.

We told it's our fault and I quite often say to students.

You know if you ever go and knock on someone's door and he invites you inside come inside Daniel tell you what it is.

You want to know and then you are raped boy or girl.

He will say to the police.

They offered to sleep with me in return for the story that will happen.

We had to be has all happened already.

I certainly know if people who have been beaten up and had been threatened with a shotgun and the police come along and say well, you are asking for it.

You know who this is your job.

You're going to get attacked.

Where as in a police officer whose job does involve getting attacked sometimes if you hit a police officer you have worse penalties then if you hit another member the public and your general.

Find all the rest of blood come round to visit in the selling give you a quick showing as well.

So you know other people have more protections because their job journalist have fewer and you are a second class citizen.

You know you just considered alright to pull a journalist mobile bill and see you there been calling you if there any calling their mum.

Where as it would be not alright to do that to Jen remember the public who hasn't committed a crime.

So you know there are the journalist protections.

We having his country there aren't any fundamentally we have what we fight for there is nothing automatic in our laws our constitution that say you can't do this to a member of the press or you can't you can't do this to journalism as a whole unlike in the US Constitution works actually protected.

We only have the rights of and enjoyments that we fight for and stop if when I was taken from us and that's the joys of an unwritten constitution man the Barricades next let's talk about 24 in the north of England Leon have you heard about? This is not a commission it's not Kiefer Sutherland in Blackpool

This is like metro before the North that's it.


I don't know why we doing this in the style of the media quiz game called that you behave correctly guess the story have you seen this easy? This is a new newspaper called 24-hour been set up for the north of England with most of the content coming from the press association, so it's like metro but it's a national newspaper for people who live in the north is that going to work my not accept their painful to pay for it, but I'm here and the problem as they drink to be refined it while ago with the new day.

Is that although people say they want a new newspaper that will give them this that and the other day so we don't want opinion we don't want to be told her to think we want something is middle of the road.

We don't want something is really right or really left.

They buy them out of the sun in their droves and they don't buy the things that are middle of the road and Lance to opinionated.

So you haven't got to hang a hook and Metro is free of course and it's just because they work.

Quite harsh about new day before it runs.

So you know I'm not going back on myself here.

I thought need a with a terrible idea and it was but they're only USB really was let's do something a bit more female skewing.

Where is I think with this? They're saying the news agenda is dictated by London let's have a national which isn't dictating from London as I think if I lived in Leeds on Manchester Road kind of guy along with that.

I think we where's the paper that just prioritises the story of relevant to me and they can tap into that and they certainly people who will buy a lot better because it's going to be imagined printed and distributors in roughly the same area and places as well, but don't get metro local newspapers are failing and when nationals of course the very london-centric and they don't feel that they're supplying them with the right kind of used it could really do quite well cos they're going to have to have fewer sales to make a profit and something up the new data that has been National

National appealing thing that happened tell you know hundreds of thousands, so it's possible that they can do quite well, but it would run the risk of looking very regional if that mean very much like a local paper as opposed to having done that well.

I will ask about zombies all day.

So if I never invite back on will see you then and that's what he gone.

So we'll see if you could be the cause of death was staying with the pressure 103 the sun's website has had a makeover.

I understand you both have access to the world wide web, what do you think of the sun's digital strategy the first time I looked at the news.

I login I'd love to son everyday important for what I do in my work.

I look to the other day and I genuinely forgot.

I thought was looking at BuzzFeed basically.

I wonderful my wife BuzzFeed Cornwall right wing he knew it was the first door is about the dad that gave David Cameron showing on their sort of referendum Debate and then the next wins again.

What's going on at genuine realise? This is not well.

I'm going to look at this.

I just clicked on that you know I just was looking my phone so it basically BuzzFeed 9 reasons.

They already gone a bit more prominent now on the way they lay at The Font is just like BuzzFeed 11 reasons.

You should still be buying a newspaper and is and paying for your support would like that.

Let's do this honestly thought it was fine.

It's just a redesigned.

It's their digital strategy has been stuffed for a while because some sleep they've decided to be a massive payable to start with Murdock had his argument Google they won't come up on searches and I think they're really had to have her a revamp because firstly they didn't have a digital team.

They just kind of really have bingo and sport and that was the what they're getting their subscriptions through for they didn't have a news site purse as they didn't have anyone there to do it and now they have got that and they are trying to revamp it but having taken down the paywall.

I think most people don't even realise they can now read the Sun online.

YouTube had to revamp it in order to have people a reason to go back via Sun website in a say to be honest that old man has done quite a lot to damage their digital presents.

I'll be out and see what BuzzFeed down do giving everyone's copy them like the social spies gonna buzzfeed's the sun have received the Daily Mail let's build muscle that used to not quite so much for the only distinct look but been to see what they do next week as they are other brand leader in this area.

Is it better to do what they're doing their? What are they due to another going to print a daily paper and circulate around the country astrology column property reasonably promising Lodge I mean we are in a slightly pissing all over the sun but actually you if you're in charge of the sun's online strategy.

It looks a little bit more optimistic now than it.

Did 3 months isn't it? Yeah the fact that it has no back in the game ok? Let's stay with the reviews Top Gear winhill two episodes in Lyon apply.

Your experience telly brain to this would have you made of Chris evans's Top Gear xx loud if I was 12 years old.

You will Chris Evans came out all guns blazing didn't eat after the first shown in the new Top Gear is it officially all caps at 23% audience share 12% cats more than the opening of the last series these are the cat facts that you can master the figures or high water passenger.

I know you would have the overall figures with down.

I thought the thing that would surprise me by that Monday or Tuesday other week after it launched was at the flosser figures come out.

How well it to do on iPlayer as a million p Watson live at the BBC don't generally released figures like that would be easy don't release individual figures for I very rarely and ABB offices were worried.

I'm trying to massage it been trying to get these figures out there the other thing I thought was surprised that there was a thing about 9 million people watching the first episode that I don't think it's actually consolidated figure out because like the figure is Will I think come out today maybe and it will be that though.

I think everything repeating that say which is not the general things to do in intellivision land you don't.

Super Pizza and you think what size is Not Without Limits on distinct viewers so the fact is 9 million figure appeared last week.

I thought that's not true.

That's a weird thing that television broadcasters internal users sometimes so they can know how many people watched show of a given week, but is not the same as console that figure and I could never try their best to sort of making good situation of Babylon in its favour Matt LeBlanc surprisingly good is the best bit about is quite revelation.

I thought he was going to be a sign of typically American and the terrible idea, but he was actually the best bit can do I run in that will be able to do good in that people don't think of Top Gear is a scripted show did they think of it as it seems of writing but it was Clarkson Hammond and may literally having it off the cuff conversations if you write on it not naughty Clarkson's brilliant writer and so the other two.

Three of them for the delivery is that of a good comic actor is it was what you need a doctor's as well and right before we go.

There is just time for our Media quiz regular list this week, because it is entitled whispered whispered.

We have the media podcast of noticed a few projects have been cancelled very quietly this week and we also know that ASMR videos do really well on YouTube so in this game.

I whisper the story to you several times and increasing volume and the first one to correctly hear what I said gets the points the first time I Die the game.

I think I can actually do some Celebrity Juice there if if you're listening and you do working radio producer Matt is available for commissions is very good of formatting ok best of three buzzing with your name solely on your say and Susie also very good.

The winner is promoted upstairs right his question number one Leon she's not coming back for this after Christmas yeah, sorry could hear what I was saying you send this year.

I just want to say anything first time you've now so it's been difficult to explain the Jonathan Ross Show will end this year was saying that's the story Leon you've got the point explain the story.

I think that contain allegedly.

It's basically run from October to April has the last 34 years and they say it won't be back in January 2nd of October to December but I don't think they said that so cancel this.

It's not going to the second off.

It's run.

I had heard whispering this before.

And I think it doesn't surprise me.

I think of his brilliant.

I think they've already said they want to keep my life Evie but I think that show maybe to do the rest you know it is as on for 30 weeks year.

It's really hard to get the right guess now.

We'll see Norton cleaning up everyone and I think that actually take a little break made with the worst thing I'd like to say anything but I think it may break every single word you just said you agreed ACCA do you think it's raining the dust 2uy hackneyed old-fashioned tried dated in a waste of time to chat show his 40th pass what it's supposed to be trying to be like a Lenovo someone.

I think it'll monologues to audiences sitting behind a desk and you know asking credibly obsequious and flattering questions of people he's not got any journalistic now.

You don't have been a journalist.

I've just asked searching questions of people and he's just not interesting to watch I find him extremely irritating.

He's a very knowledgeable interview.

I think it's time.

I think the problem is a little bit with UK chat shows of the Americans innovating very strongly with Gordon Campbell also we haven't quite got there at Norton's is doing just that you just put great gas on that one strategy that works very well for Norton just briefly once I've got your knickers.

I know used to produce, Graham Norton Show what do you make of the fact that so often as in literally every time I watch it.

They got to Hollywood stars on promoting the same film that just doesn't seem like it should be on the BBC to me.

He's a little bit busy front of his dealer does not come station to take take take take place in terling BBC surrounded as if not there's not done with our thoughts and they are you noticed when the language are used to introduce to get off and say it's star Spiderman Andrew Garfield is the star of z87 stone actually, don't try and they have to use a little things like that ill have to do to try and make it less Spiderman even though there's three types of Spiderman in it and a buddy Spider-Man sketch start with they do try and they do have to try minimise them.

Pictures of the film might be but it's just fundamentally wrong.

Isn't it away with it was just not right because the pr people are in towns.

Can you can get them on the same sofa at the same time you have the star-studded lineup question time this week.

We've got George Osborne Theresa May David very good interviewer.

He really does make it far different use of the case of the big star the Big Show and then the rest of the stars of film but they are so keen to have all the big guests they don't want any devices Norton or any other such as they will just take those three big stars and shut in a film with received any of they will all of them all the big three and they will then build around them.

And then they leave the other churches to have the leftovers look in the past.

It might be more mixed up now.

It's like we want all of them.

Are you you're both a list obviously in the context of this here is question number to Midland h180, Wimbledon today zzzz when today's been dumped her Wimbledon today will not return was what I was saying today at Wimbledon will be have a traditional look and feel and correct words and letters in the word to make the great phonetic sound who's got a number through multimillion-dollar BuzzFeed pulled-out pulled-out of a deal to carry some of trumps presidential adverts I did have an agreement with the Republican national committee.

I think they're called to do that with the eventual winner.

When it looks like now that Trump is gonna be a nominee.

They're saying I don't want to which is fair enough or not.

Yes, I suppose it's fair enough if you're a liberal Lefty London Media type without major political party was a 2 of them in the US and they're saying two of that one of the two major political parties.

We don't want your money even though you chosen your candidate using the Democratic process and we think yes good on them now.

I don't really support a bit short sighted because you got to have money to run the news outlet number one and so so a lot of the they were going to have an agreement with the rnc.

Ok, so if it wasn't trump that was a nominee.

They would have had a deal anyway to carry advertising about Ted Cruz or any of the others and they were arguably more right wing than Donald Trump is and more offensive if you actually drill down into something that has some very offensive and horrible things to say but he's also a little bit liberal on some issues which Ted Cruz arguably was not so if you're prepared to carry Ted cruz's advert.

But not Donald Trumps it kind of looks like you're just Giving In to her a very stupid dumb down idea.

What his political messages at the races.

No think that's cruises right wing and trump is pretty much right wing the Weir bits of liberalism in there, but I think it's a specific about the does the antibiotic is a thing you said this week about Mexican judgement.

That's kind of like the start of nazism really don't care about seizing star.

I won't be judged by people that are different races to me that I think that's how I think they're just find it purely for that alone what you said.

I thought was that's just blitz you Prejudice but do you want to alienate kind of mainstream conservative leaders? You know who who might be young and in the target demographic and every other way, but they do vote Republican they might not like trump.

I imagine it might be the wrong thing to do in a argument might be here, but I think it's good that isn't making some toast and I don't generally agree with like censorship in that way of black snot.

Their demographics be going to quite like the fact that they refuse to deal with trump, but you know their target demographic Holly also very not where they did have this deal with Republicans anyway, and they were going to do it eventually say ok well Suzy to one you've won the quiz at Leon has trump would say you're fired.

That's it for today.

Show thank you at if you are new to the show well.

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So please go and do that now present Scribe thank you.

I've been only man and the producer Matt Hill the media podcast is a PPM production till next time.

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