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Read this: #52 - Rory Reid, LA Screenings, Podcasts on TV - The Media Podcast with Olly Mann

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#52 - Rory Reid, LA Screenings, Podcasts…

Hello and welcome to the media podcast I'm only man on today's show will discuss the latest trends to come out of the la screen fixed spoiler.

They're mostly from 1987 and I'll talk to presenter Rory Reid ahead of the relaunch of Top Gear this Sunday also on the show there's no change to the TV terms of trade.

There's more signs of unease in Fleet Street of the daily mails owners issue a profit warning Chris Moyles has a tough time in the latest radio listening figures and I promise there will be almost no mentions that all of the BBC white paper.

How liberating is that it's all to come on today's Media podcast joining me this Friday at a suspiciously quiet hospital club.

It is a sunny afternoon is the creative director of folder media and all-round radio dude Mr Matt Deegan welcome back to the show.

Preparing connects radio conference of the moment I guess absolutely 19th of September kind of you to ask big names you can avail at this stage on Wednesday nothing gives radio folk and more good radio folk good times radio at the moment good atmosphere.

They do you think I think we need a great.

Revenues up more stations launching a thing if you want to work innit.

There's never been so many opportunities to start with some optimism is before we move on to the inevitable cynicism alongside met this week on the panel multi award-winning producer at the man behind the royal family him and her Friday night dinner and it is the CEO of big talk Productions Mr Kenton Allen hello can send a good afternoon Paul can be anytime anytime you're a very busy chaps what you been working on at the moment and it better be cold feet being cold feet a week today.

And you not answer me anything about that.

I can I tell you a few things about it.

So can't wait to share them with the audience will not reviving it though.

It's series 6 what that's because she'll be in 14 year gap between series 5, so it's not important.

It's not a reboot.

It's not Poldark not remaking something is the original V cars members of Hogmanay baxendale Lees character died in series 5 and it's just series 6 it happens to be 14 years later, but it is the next series so it's a it's not a reboot.

It's not a reimagining.

It's the same show and can you re engender that spirit on set as if you know that dick head in Mildenhall series so getting the 5x back together again with mybulen the regional Kratos the same team writing and acting so was pretty special when they all met then really seen each other that much over last 14 years so

Yeah, it was the it was a High Wire act and you've also got raised by wolves as well which is now heading to the statue with Caitlin Moran for a while have any idea when she was 18.

I was a little bit older when she was a present on Naked City with Johnny Vaughan she hated me when she was producing naked to do she happily tells me often and we're now working together again on Henry's werewolves, and we've just in the mounts to live at the Guardian got all of it.

Somehow I blame Kaplan it's just been revealed that the other kodi who is the Oscar winning writer of June oh, yeah, he's adapting it for the US now quite exciting move so she's in a position to tell you she hates you even though you're an important man.

Yes, just remember him on the way down came out just as we've come to our if you like a lot of the same is a podcast we just had about the Pact terms of trade John whittingdale says no changes no changes excellent news pack terms of trade remains so that.

Fantastic mechanism which is enabled British TV to be well be seen stays in place so all John whittingdale.

Need to do now is leave Channel 4 alone and the jobs a Gooden as we say was there a real serious worried that they wouldn't stay in place yet and did that intensify once the white paper for BBC came out.

Sorry I know I said I would make sure no they've been it's been running alongside that but it's it's it's been a separate campaign about terms of trade Whitton girls review with Sword of everything through up questions about terms of trade but packs had a fantastic lobbying campaign and least we got a sense and whittingdale is happening listened and other similar concerns radio Indies matter about all of this or can we now finally breathe easy mode John whittingdale is expected.

It's all fine for radio because radios never had kind of quotas of formal quotas, but now with white paper up to 60% of BBC Radio have to be.

Radio output can be contestable and that's a huge amount of hours that are accessible for Indies and what are also hopefully means that for the in-house teams that keep programs as well.

It makes them work harder and the net result should be good for listeners, but I think for for the Independent sector lot of opportunities and also for people who work in in in BBC4 the BBC opportunities to create their own Indies or think about things to different way, cos there's a lot of work that they can become Wembley BBC radio production will become part of BBC Studios becomes part of studio think it's old isn't really anyone else to buy the program except for the Browns commercial situations of the Great Sutton comedy.

There is a great history of things moving through the TV show that's fascinating and makes no sense, but there's some of the BBC

Some kind of programmes at the BBC make some radio that really no one else does make is not like in tell you where they said we can make this underlying I mean with you know that there is no one else set up to make that kind of shirt and pretty much protection username and there wouldn't be any economic value in not using the BBC's news re release resource to do they sorted shows at the drama.

What is my first job? I was the Spotify X-Men on the Archers low we could make the Archers where will you go in the background going already grand that you know lots and lots of this sort of thing by the Shires please edit that sort of monsters and what What will cause you to leave can that sounds like it that sounds like a potentially very long running career.

I think I was off so he said he wouldn't be something about radio studio practical kitchen and I use to get in at 7 a.m.

Cut myself a full English breakfast which apparently the actors in appreciate when I came in at 8 to do the smell can imagine that creating a country Cottage vivarium build the kitchen onset of the rain is real as well, but not all of it as you got to be careful now extractor fan writes that very badly with mention the white paper a lot to this will be a whittingdale freezing for now and I promise it's actually because of the white paper last week been the quietest fortnite for media news for quite a long time so instead of Britain we're going to turn immediately to LA somewhere somewhere I even the sunnier than today on a nice Friday in the summer and lots of interesting trains coming out of the la screenings.

This is where in the TV companies me to sell their shares in the open market.

We mention raised by wolves already, but there have been many other shows talks about of course map 1 of the big seems seems to be reboots.

Yes if in doubt go back to something that some people like to have another go at it and

You sitting in Film and Television that doesn't seem to be stopping but also have stayed the same time explosion in TV broadcast this one for a better word Netflix is and Amazons the world who are hungry for hungry for content is all the fault of Fargo basically.

You know they suddenly realise if you've got a brand that even wasn't that popular is a film that is a recognisable name you you're more likely to build a successful TV show Roundhay St Paul's you're stressing is a problem and I'm not depressing through everything is something we've heard that I don't think all insist think that because the older sister Fargo a huge and the show is exceptionally good, so I think it's more complicated than that because with the amount of the opportunity to watch things that out there now if you're investing millions and millions and millions and millions of dollars in 1818 ITV franchise getting an audience to her in the first place is incredibly challenging so having a title that has a brand recognition and that will

Threw in an Incredibly Close of marketplace is clearly something that when done correctly can pay huge dividends cables.

Look at some of these titles going back to the 80s MacGyver Lethal Weapon at the Exorcist filming stage play as a returning TV series I'm not supposed to tell you that I just have other other things on a Slate which are we boots or taking a title from another movies TV so I don't understand what you think it looks like it's cheap and unimaginative.

There's nothing cheap about this process and the and as long as it's telling Majid early and with flair and brilliant all those things that you need then.

Why not flat bum point is I guess if you see a script and it's a buddy cop TV show and it's not called Lethal Weapon doesn't have to work that little bit harder to be original and interesting.

Everything has to work hard to be a really interesting you.

Do you think you're using the title and the brand recognition and the useful baggage from the incredibly successful global movie franchise to try and get a boarding to your 100 million dollar investment said something like that im pretty just talked about and do you do any research with audiences and like their perception of it or what they thought about it.

They help influence the direction you take it in Autos the creative team.

Just goes Lucy is driven by us on the right of an Instinct what we think is best practice and then we don't we don't research title to go without the key 103 would like to see that that's a different sort of job.

That's not the job.

I want to do and you were talking earlier about how it been 14 years what ever since the last series of cold.

Yeah, but it's the same show you on that basis.

Is it too soon to SE24 that's not a new series.

That's a reboot.

I mean it's only been what 3 or 4 years since the last series Prison Bros not only 64 legacies, so it's

City venues of the Architecture of the original series but it's completely different cast it's a sort of diffusion range spin-off of the original brand but you got such a powerful Brandon Hampton millions of Dollars into anyway sales globally and lots of network support internationally then I don't see that you should we having a a spin-off series from that ok? Let's talk about who does by these programs international because it sort of feels a bit to me as a viewer and like I sort of imagine if it's an American show and it's not on Sky Atlantic it'll probably be shared is that fair I mean that they just hoover cos I got showtime they've got HBO is where is the other people vs.

OJ Simpson was brilliant if you see something BBC you sort of assume.

It won't be as good at all those networks.

Just said said no to it.

So either it's it's more Nisha it's going it's like the Nordic equivalency.

Is there is an economic value to IMC selling their best shows up to the highest bidder to Channel 4 or to Sky and do that the sky apple deals with showtime and HBO means the same shit there as well vinyl 14 million dollars for the pilot model skazi Scorsese Jagger all of that is not very good night with all this disappears disappointing and does a hugely competitive market for those shows obviously the sky output deals late to Cosham and all the money and they used to drive subscription, but there's plenty of Great American acquisitions on Channel 4 you've got the deepest pockets requisitions in interest rule classes and actually I don't really want ITV and BBC to be completed their Chosen One spend their money on original budget contact to work actually win ITV buys a big American series.

Is it they had the Americans then Dexter but they tend to do to put it out once then squirrel it away.

I don't remember what has.

Dallas playing at 8 p.m.

BBC One go on you know the band and thank God because what we want with a licence for years for that money to be invested in original British content British actors British writers producers not going to be very well funded and rich Hollywood Studios so the end in many ways it's what happened by market forces, but that the quota system which will talk later than Netflix quota systems a really good thing for for British audiences and British British traitors and also think that there is an issue with with some American chosen people if you really big fans of a maybe try the enthusiasm of its I've already seen them before they start to be broadcast in the UK only need to be millions of people how many 100000 super fancy a bit time today series yes, there will be positive about it, but I think it does we can the take off of some of those things and you'll see your Game of Thrones try and gets close to simulcast as possible to nip that in the bud.

I'm that's that's how to fit an effect.

Yeah, I saw someone.

Who's in charge of acquisitions that ITV same I might be looking for something for the Baywatch lot I thought there was an interesting reference because that was about 20 years ago, but I know what they mean that you know my Saturday's lots lots of that you can acquire enough spending huge amounts of money in that in that tea time slot as agreed to prove with with Jekyll and Hyde and Beowulf is unfair e Hira strategy.

You lose a lot of money, so requiring something out of my other lower cost with a big brand like you just say with the ring around that's an interesting things to do.

What was ITV was strategically and commercially in a pair of the schedule? There's not much money, but where they could grow up a scripted brand.

Have you been to the la screenings before yes, I've been as a producer but you a know-it-all is the studios are saying the show not the Producers Soviet Sony and Warner Brothers and with along with the networks.

So it's a frenzy of people trying to say things not of lunches imagine.

Lot of Washington television music doesn't sound exhausting it is exhausting as you're in there watching shows back to back to back to back to back all day every day for a week radio up fronts but in America what you finding now is your people like in PR and iHeartRadio have started to create their own up fronts for their internet driven audio series sesame like serial has kicked off.

I should have interest in non-traditional radio and how to create an event for it and sign into the online on front has been quite successful for those new entry course it in her podcasting upfront.

I guess what the created the shows looking for advertisers rather than people toaster because all three online some of those network know it's obviously I'm waiting for the the spin-off of this show the American version the South American version in find the Portuguese Ollie man and maybe that can be a big success we were talking.

American version with Matthew Perry effortlessly segway, does into talking about our next story which is staying in the US but he's about podcast podcast stat trackers podtrac in monitor downloads for huge.

Host of Us networks have releasing really juicy figures out what contractor is you put their address into the RSS feed so they can track they say more accurate if anyone else in the world exactly how many people have downloaded your show so there's an issue with podcast sometimes someone might download it twice or sometimes it might be a bot they claim to get rid of all of that.

They can have stats they can sell advertisers.

What do you think that have the idea that they've actually made these statistics public presumably without the permission of the people who actually only shows who have been stabbed by the shops to see my numbers publish to.

Why why the secrecy accurate are wrong because just because I download a Podcast does that mean I've listened to it.

You break my heart.

It doesn't hear all I've had it on in a room with 20 people listening to it's not a yeah.

It's not an accurate measure it sent it's ok metric to have compared everyone in the same way also.

I think it's probably better reflect bigger podcast in the smaller one, so if I'm new to podcasting now, I hit the cereal button or am I hit a football Weekly yours or something like that because he's got name recognition and your most podcast listeners when you look at their podcast player there a lot of un listen to episodes and it gets too, just delete off the ones are never going to get round to and that's one of the issues.

We work with a fun kids Australian company called omni to track all about audio on the web and in download.

Look at the download data.

It does odd things one of things that are doing is there tracking the live streaming data is much more accurate much more accurate is some data that came out yesterday medicine research showing that the subscribing and the Gang save as downloading is dropping off as a podcast consumption thing and actually what's happen.

If people of pressing playing streaming it when they streaming file much Maurice track how far to they get through it and it's much more connected to to what they're listening is like god looks on my phone.

I got 27 download and listen to podcasts.

Does is there automatically downloaded but I mean as you were hinting actually although they might be grievances within the industry actually this this shows doesn't it? The people want to take podcasting seriously as medium absolutely, what is the what is the top podcast planet was the date of the MTR network is the number one rated on network actually if you look at individual shows I think judging from that 99percentinvisible doing bloody well Roman Mars is in the

Top 10 with just one show having his about number 8, where is MP I have 25 shows a surprise to hand but going to get some 9 or 10 some of those networks like CBS with 40 different series and that could be your over months of the year 100 + episodes actually when you stop dividing it down to how many listens that they're getting no 5 10000 not very bitter cousin really stinks stinks area in the UK the way so Kermode and mayos 5 live show has more consumption than cereal does that I've got 14 episode of the sexiest of the super podcast experience.

There's a lot of material out there that is consumed only tractor shows that have put their code into the RSS which is only about 75% of commercial American shows include anything on the BBC

Was we talking about podcast I should ask about podcast making it to telly because no such thing as a fish is now on BBC 2 in in a Formby is is that a wise investment by these channels or is it actually just eat programming IDE programming.

I think it's a way of discovering new Talent and it's it enables people who don't need to ask permission to make something to make something so that that's that's what the digital Revolution is enabled also two people to make content as you don't actually have to be involved in the development someone's created as show made it for 5 or 10 years and then you come along and say come and do it on our channel then and you this risk I guess but that's always been the case of you know people been doing Stanhope Road Edinburgh for over 10 years and brings up on YouTube it's not a decision of the risk is still there the transferor transfers with of an audio-only format to television and a visual medium is hugely risk in Tuesday challenging who's the difficult haven't seen that the fish podcast if I don't know how tell eugenic those individuals or Alexa

What is a TV show but it's doesn't make any easier the risk is still there is not a great bit of A&R for finding new Talent new voices.

I watch first episode of that I was sort of surprised.

How cheap it looks a bit of me that went actually goes like this is quite late on BBC2 constricted BBC are we going to see actually a bit more of this or that something on my Twitter features like then the my DSLR races looking over that that John Lloyd pitched it to the head of BBC News I think it's been produced by new so it said he's he's bypass than normal commissioning processes because he hates them and finds of irritating and just wants to make it so he brilliantly found a path of least resistance but with no real money there, so it's been made or you know he's been made at very low cost, is that you then judge of that against all other panel shows and it's not the same as all the time.

She has because of its history and possibly you say this is Howard podcast will be when they transferred to TV

I was watching it feel like this but television I'm actually going you know what it doesn't misery matter what it looks like the guys are very funny farewell practice because they've they've done the podcast prodigious make me sick.

They sorted think about it for the 20 minutes.

It was on ok.

Will the TV show everyone will be judging this weekend is the relaunch of Top Gear I am one of the less well-known presenters is Rory Reid Rory to put in the open auditions, but he's actually a motoring journalist have some years standing by trade at recently interviewed in for my other show the modern Man and here is a section of the interview that hasn't been heard before exclusively for the media podcast let's listen one of your Facebook posts a couple of months ago said does anyone know a black stunt driver I'm guessing they never use the black stump track before they never had a black presenter and when I say stunt driver.

So they won't what happens.

If so, I've opened a box around now, but I know you're driving the car not always but he has his what has what happens if we have multiple Cars 2 film and

One presenter such as what happened in in Scotland on the mustang shoes we have multiple unit so I'll be in one car with the yellow Mustang for example and I'll be reviewing all three cars, but I can't drive them all at once if a car's not moving and not being filmed times been wasted we have a second unit where they're in charge of getting the shots of maybe the close-up of the wheels moving or something or the car driving down the road in a straight line or whatever and I can't drive 3 class at 1, so we need someone who vaguely looks like me that can pass for the guy that's that's geodude.

Just driving a car in in in a particular location and get stuff because you know if if there's a White Guy suddenly in a shot.

It's going to look super here.

I would look weird with us which is why I ask for any blacks.

Did they find a British black some driver? They haven't yet? Know that so I just like to a lot of driving to get to see more of your own study exactly I do a lot of driving and part of the format the show is about the sort of interpersonal relationships between

People presenting its I think this is a fair question who would you most like to go for a drink with Sabine Kasabian sabine's mental I've been to her house already have been for a drink with something nice.

She got a cockroach called Adolf she's got a wild pig as a pet.

She has horses and that you walk in and it's still not like you selling a story to the press right now that we have we have a spin-off show called extra get another point almost everyone else in the presenting lineup is a millionaire.

What's that life? I mean just that you might all be the Air Jordan stands out, but obviously he said it's not exactly a poor first loaded yet change like what you can talk about how you talk about things.

Do you think I haven't spent as much time as I'd like with everyone else because all of my films are shot for this new series of Solo so it's me and car by myself but in the studio which we started filming next week.

That's when that will get an idea of the banter between the presenters in the in a studio environment.

I'm interested to see how that goes after I talk to you.

I'm going to go and hang out with Chris Harris because he's he's going to co-host extricate so we're going to sit down and go through the scripts in the format for the showing and figure out how that's going to go.

Maybe we will have any chemistry but you know that's that's that's what you have to do you have to hang out of people in and see what happens if I were you.

I'd have a big picture of Matt LeBlanc on my wall at home and I just keep saying Matt Matt Matt Matt otherwise instigator.

We will meet sometime the same stuff featuring him and I like extricate camera crew, but I've been told by the powers that be don't get in mathspace.

Don't talk to him.

You know they'll hand let you know they'll talk taken to one side and figure it out and they like I kick it will be all we won't get in his face and Matt pulls up he sees me got a Rory and he walks over and I just called the camera crew obelisco discolored has took that he was East totally that down to verify we started filming.

I might look extra years here with filming you behind the scenes today.

Is that ok? Cool no problem? It's good Cop bad.

Cop isn't it?

That's the Duster secret my experience talking to celebrity.

I'm gonna have you got to be really nice, but the other people around you.

I like do not look him in the eyes have worked with them a couple of times on this new series and now he's a perfectionist that guy is nice watching him work because as he is preparing himself for what he's going to say in a particular segment.

He's also directing everyone around him so as he's running through his lines Hilsea a camera man standing in the wrong place and you say no not you need to move his come over here because I want shot from this angle, so you thinking how it's looking on TV from all angles Direct in the cameraman is not the director but he's the knows how TVs made he knows what makes him and the car look good so watching him work is that it's fascinating Rory Reid there.

You can watch him on Top Gear this Sunday and you can hear the rest of that interview as 25 minutes more of it was completely different to that.

We talked about how he got the job on Top Gear and how he's been a

Where to buy the tabloids looking into his personal life on my other show also produced by a producer Matt the modern man how you can find us at modern Man ma double or a Corsa on iTunes as well / man Cantona you gonna be watching on Sunday absolutely and what you said you wouldn't judge anything before you see me know but I'm asking you to clear the open mind what will be fascinating is not what happens on Sunday because we all have our own view of a shown at the forms.

What Evans is like a what the new team and I can how much of the format they retained so you know all of those brilliant clocks and ideas, are they still in there? We know the star in the reasonably priced car is an hour's time in a week and reprise the minute but the format week but is not in Nottingham with socks off of the but the real question is how many viewers will be there in episode 6 cos that the initial show will be huge.

Let's put a bet on 6 and 7 million.

I like it loud play play go go go.

Oh wow.

You're the only going higher on your own as well, but I'm sure they'll be entertaining and you know you are a lot like Evans all you don't does advancing enough for rioting in the in the Range presents there to make it interesting is just how original would it be and how much will you miss those lovely come on a sitcom family over Clarkson Hammond and may let that bullying chemistry illegals of over many years is very hard to create that instantly and I'm sure about the blank will be brilliant if he's a very funny individual that has he got chemistry with lemons is that something is going to keeps coming back? This is the content isn't it? It's basically an entertaining format.

Is it more than motoring show and with entertainment formats they tend not to hit the ground running so although this is a shaping over decades actually this should be viewed unit as the first episode of a new thing repeated Top Gear season one has a different presenter line-up, then.

I think what he's doing with this is they've got a

Little bit of freedom to see how well each of those seven presenters do because also when he was announced to what it is now being more Ritu Handa between Matt LeBlanc Chris Evans they didn't talk about that.

I think that sounds like something they've seen as the different done the filming of those little little films, but it's getting a bit of room to see you.

Also in which territory is around the world those people do you mean this is a proper international show that needs to work in multiple places others and it and it instantly Matt LeBlanc just had a sitcom picked up by cbse.

So he's on a CBS sick on contract will be a 5 year-old minimum.

Deal 22 episodes of his availability.


He's availability to shoot Top Gear will be challenging if he's on at the American sitcom cycle if you've brilliant and they want to go again again have to wait for him quite a long time or they have to rethink all it's something else has this it's going to be fascinating this also are you a lady?

7 presenters are we were betting on how many people can be watching would be prepared to bet how many of the 7 will still be there in the years time? I think was going to be alright cos he's presenting extra years even if he has been offered.

What about everyone else six other presented to be still think they can be part of the lineup in the comments very easy to say they've got their busy with other projects and I can't come back for another year before Louis but it could be a bit of a car crash and with that let's go to the break that should be on that bombshell next story in just a moment that isn't this bit you know what this bit is this is the bit where we asked you for your money yet? You don't get off that likely if you haven't taken out of voluntary subscription to the media podcast yet.

Why not you will help support the show you will help us make the show it is with your money that we are able to deliver this show to your ear holes go now to the media podcast / dedicate and pledge what you can now go back.

Right time now for some stories in Brief and let's talk printwell digital news anyway, Alan rusbridger former editor of The Guardian has decided not to take up the role of chairman of the Scott trust, which owns the Guardian Media Group that he was due to start that in September this is been seen as a bit of kufa cast of Iron IV the current editor could she was appointed by rusbridge as part of his process Alan has decided.

It's probably the biggest things it shows isn't it the world changes fast and if you're not around to be part of those discussions some other people will use his editorial in our ability and success is that is unquestionable, but it's a loss making organisation it loses about £1000000 a week his refusal to embrace any sort of payable or digital economy for the Guardian

How can you do that in that if you're running a business which is what his job? What's Another cover Genesis one thing but the losing William lbs a week is another thing and David pemsel your work with that that shine is part of the launch team of shine with with his murder is a very very smart and very commercial individual who won't want to sit there and losing 45 million pounds a year so the rusbridge era is over for the Guardian you can't continue to lose that amount of money and get away with it between when you have you know you've got a very valuable digital brand there.

That is not getting any return on investment with him at the Scott trust as I guess that's the organisation that says no carry on losing money.

That's fine there the buffer AutoTrader money doesn't last forever those rapidly running out and I think running at a faster rate than dead expected at the point in which it was supposed to be be before that took them through to profitability ok, let's go from the Guardian to one of the other big English language new sites in the world the mail.

The Daily Mail and General trust you own the Daily Mail and it's on the title as well released its half-year results this week figures revealed strong growth for MailOnline unsurprisingly up 12 million pounds compared to just 6 months earlier, but the print revenues are down by 18 million which has led the trust to issue a profit warning the context here that was within cuts of the Guardian cuts of the Telegraph possibly the mirror as well.

What's going on with a male proves that it's much cheaper to reprint other people's articles going to make your own so is it supposed to print revenue 7 decline? No, I think these things seem to level off a bit recently with the short growth yet.

Still still providing more benefits to his publications, but I think everyone is have a tough first six months of the year as people's advertising spending habits are changing at a significant clip and also digital display traditional banner base display.

Not a sexy format something that's having lot of issues without blocking is now becoming a real.

Not just think that we talked about so you can't just benefit from the market increasing and said that she WWE isn't it? Yeah, you'll be prince definitely down the toilet and even your bright new future of online is engrossed, but maybe not of the speed in the format you needed to be advertised as they can't in are apparently going to digital Tesco and BT apparently sending more and more now and digital SMS on print.

Do you think that's what I mean if you're in charge of their strategy? Would you be saying yeah? We need to reach more people digitally the best way to reach the most people is television you know that ITV's still the biggest audience available to any Advertiser and that's why it's hammer time you're in for you is to his pretty robust display all of the fears at the moment.

It's a very robust business.

You don't know who's watching you just now but if you want mass that's what you need to do and and but those big brands.

You don't have a staff expertise Rashi of mass and and class so then they know you know the god of they've got a sophisticated Matrix

Getting blood numbers and also targeting with the niche do I kill the Daily Mail is losing money no do I care that investment in quality journalism is under threat because of the the decline in print.

Yes, it's being a journalist and being a writer is incredibly challenging.

They don't go rates payable on down or jeans have gone down entry points have gone down.

So where is the Next Generation on of print journalists Weller been training to be paid how you make a living doing if that's a real threat I think to the society was held in which we live if we if we haven't got well-funded well resourced journalism journalist at newspapers being paid properly to do their job course if you need 15% of your TV ad spend to radio, did you 7 times return investment trust yourself into an ecstatic? This is your moment to shine we're going to talk radio come back everybody I've had some people say my favourite bit of the media podcast is the interpreter and Alice had very much are the people.

And if your radio know this is a bit we do want to call to with Matt Deegan which you will absolutely love the radio Industries audience body has released its figures for this quarter not good news for Christmas let's start off with that the complex is all.

It's harder complexes lost his audience.

He lost his older than half the country in the other countries tripled it tell us how the prom with Moyles show XFM used to be on London this week in London and Manchester on FM with a splattering edition around the country is now a national radio station on DAB with summer casting on London and Manchester FM the put miles on at the Breakfast Show and it's a lot of money marketing and it's been a lot of money on miles the show is a good show it's very listenable.

He has mellowed slightly it's it's only thing however this the first figures are nationally and what's happened in the bit outside of London and Manchester at his audiences pretty much triple that people who never listen to x

Fancy don't like what they can get on the radio in in their places by the live and it'd have moved to that show and I only available listening the amount ever since that radio station has increased at an even higher rate.

So no they very like consuming that content and him particularly in London and man's in Manchester is pretty much flat from from the old station and your Breakfast Show with him copies down Virgin Radio in London he seen a massive drop and some of that might be some Rachel sampling bits and pieces.

You know Rachel's all about trains one of courtesan.

Isn't we have the perfect presentation but the drop is significant and you would say that if perhaps churned a hell of a lot of XFM relax FM listeners than they'd expected to other hand they have to top up with new radio x listening the question is have I got the right marketing mix for that showing that station in supercapacitor places you just talking in London on Dundas radio in which now over half of the of London is have

70 radio stations on the dial head even with miles and a decent accessible mainstream rock format it is hard to cut Suri transitional.

They could be because of Lost That hardcore London audience that would be found the Old XFM and they got to grow that now and it will take longer because of formats change the music policies changed how to see you so so much from scratch everywhere network as a total FX networks the total now.

It's up to 1.2 million reach up from sale 800000.

So you talk to the global Grizedale say no we have built a new radio station from scratch and it has more than millions and I know that if you were to ask the controller of radio.

X he probably say well radios never do very well for us.

They never did very well for XFM because we're aimed at kind of basically men in their 20s to 40s who when already taken the radio guy comes around so would you like a £40 Marks and Spencer voucher onto there so the kind of people that listen to radio x just don't fill in the diet.

Is that fair not really want the

Season radio cost industry so much money is it's a massive survey.

They surveyed 25000 people at quarter which change every quarter 100000 people a year.

Do they get older sampling writing a little bit in the help.

They would understand that and they have to find all those people and they spend more money in my efforts trying to to get those people to order it online on their phones with second now.

Ok, so let's talk about London still in talk about BBC London they had a big rebranding they then a radio London and they're audiences.

Not very good singer.

I think I'll be seeing you switch is a rolling.

Can I use package radio station is doing better than the BBC London it which is on am in most people's cars, which is I mean.

That's bizarre.

Isn't it? Yeah? What is a BBC London radio station for unit BBC Shropshire does very well because the market if you do this and that registration or quite similar and live similar lifestyles.

I have done abuse diverse market.

And also we have another love local London radio station is good ready for the over fifties London's most popular radio station by far and that sucks up lot of a lot of that audience is it possible that they've told him the presenters on BBC London and it's made you know it's taking two people did listen to overcome push them away.

Maybe what they should be performed in is replace it with one extra location network or or or do something a bit more different or maybe 6 is Robert Elms show.

I don't know anymore cos they Dave switched him to to mid-morning writing but it's it's difficult it's a difficult Challenge for them.

They are stimuli not doing very good job at of men thinks.

It's music is bigger than the BBC London is ok.

You allowed one more radio headline your choice loving it be icy or it's radio say this is listening.

BT TV or the internet accounts for I think we're up so I'm gonna say premier 44% I think there's a huge that is a huge percentage of that no matter what platform you like and then you listen to know we create the registry has created a selection of services and platforms non-traditional ones that half half of all listening now is given to this place.

It's the mummies listen to LBC outside London that might be listening to a capital on FM that might be listening to talkSPORT on the internet and then it's great news for radio because you were not tied to those FM and am transmitter as you know.

It's a proper multi-platform piece of skin.

Why really quite a good position in the money because it's relatively flexible ok radio know you're gonna get one more story or we can move on to the story about the new presenter of Pick of the Pops at Tony Blackburn of course no longer at the BBC Four reasons.

We've discussed previously they have now replaced in permanently with Paul Gambaccini hurrah.

Fearne Cotton is coming to Saturday mornings, do we get her off about Abu as I know, if you get a no comment from Kensit she can be co-hosting is show with I forgot his name.

What's his name Martin Kemp she's going to be co-hosting a shower with Martin Kemp on Saturday mornings Welsh Graham Norton is on his summer break continue harad first.

I'd return of the Great Broughton pictures of a huge fan is got encyclopedic knowledge is a brilliant storyteller.

He's American chart show which is on Saturday night, so think he's brilliant brilliant brilliant Manilow he's had a terrible time unreasonably than just saying it's great the BBC having a back.

I think it's to be applauded and I shall be listening but I'm a very difficult to fill Blackburn's.

She's obviously especially under these circumstances, but they had Mark Goodier failure recently been personally.

I think is quite bland presenter, but like he's known for the chat anyway as a better fit than Gambia

IC market does a great job and I think the people are he grew up with Mark Goodier doing the chart to have may be moved rather reluctant.

You're not to listen to Radio 2.

He's he's a great fit and Dale Winton did it before toilet so it's a very it's a big short twist for mate.

Maybe that's why he needs replicating is I think so, I think it was I think it could be exciting as I think I was the Brian Masters history on Saturday morning was having sex if you dropped in little nuggets of story or or history or geography nothing if Gambaccini does that on on what is a fairly standard charger just brings it to life could be great listening.

I think is used his knowledge is probably sat with the best of the country having that detailed knowledge of the history rock and roll ok and the Fearne Cotton saying let's I am in perhaps unfairly to her about it.

Sorry I mean to focus on the fact.

She's a woman because we talk about Radio 2 is Bob shennan doing enough with this.

Bring women to the station basically all the deputy the women but they're very many women in daytime what the problem is there a noun 972 people waiting for the daytime schedule on Radio 2 to change normal people from Zoe Ball and Sara Cox now.

It's just that I have bacon.

There is a Radio 2 extra, but it is this is the challenge of that they face and also doesn't help all those 972 that the daytime lineup on Radio 2 is so strong.

It is almost bulletproof know someone like Steve Wright love him or hate him so Steve many people to millions of listeners difficult to know what we're gonna we're gonna change this for the good because we think we should I think furnace presenters.

Improve massively as I stood Sarah Cox from your very suddenly start on Radio 1 so it was a funny down-to-earth relatable presenter now any of them.

I think could he could do it, but do you want to replace someone is brilliant at the moment so shameful shameful lack of diversity.

It's an all white liner has been 4 years.

It's you know the scrutiny that we are rightly under in television about increasing diversity which is to be applauded what on earth is going on in radio Moira Stuart reads the news cancer melanism.

It's just not good enough and the getting away with it.

I don't understand it before you seems Radio City general meant finally this week.

Let's talk about Netflix and Amazon been given some scheduling advice by the European Commission Canterbury alluded to this early thing as a good thing.

The European Commission has decided that Netflix and Amazon need to produce 20% of their content from domestic producers in in Europe at the French of Barry strong a matinee times of their there.

They're coming to the metal production.

It's happened organically here with with British broadcasters.

Cos audiences prefer domestic content to foreign content on the whole can Americans love the accent.


I mean I think Netflix and Amazon on doing it anyway.

I don't you know there's not a lack of it going on and I think they're a bit annoyed about the sticking their or in but it's stupid to be applauded because it just reminds them that they need to serve look the local audiences as well as the global audiences you want a rich mix of show I know that Netflix on what they have to say that's the first Latin American series.

They have big plans to produce domestic content in in local tantrism the UK's not a priority because heating.

Language but they've got a team working or where they can produce local content in their growth areas, so it's all is probably unnecessary, but it doesn't hurt to remind enormous American corporations that may have a responsibility to Richard to provide local content as well as the global Hannah mega brands 21% seeding the the thing to Hamilton British is the vast majority of every episode of something like pointless me if you want to play the numbers game that won't deliver and Orleans on the Crown that's the biggest ever drama series commissioner UK then then not serving coming to us running content.

I think the European values probably a bit more protectionist about France Germany Italy Spain where.

Was not so much demand in the Earth from Netflix for that content is the possibility of achieving more in the fast-paced world of digital advertising Oracle data cloud has built its Legacy on finding the signal through the noise on unlocking potential we bring together data and technology to help you better understand your audience where to best engage them and how to measure a tool to realise true potential Oracle data cloud where better outcomes begin visit Oracle data cloud to learn more right before we go there is just time for our Media quiz what this week it is entitled digital disruptor we were all set to make the questions really easy, but then mobile network 3 blocks anything that look like advertising so can you guess which people and publications have been blocked from these headlines? That's the

Is a little bit like Blankety Blank for my taste the winner is blank the loser is blank best of three buzzing with your name blank blank says the blank not blank blank lobby.

The government to clip wings of black mats mat advices here said the channel for a not Rupert Murdoch year of the Guardians in parliament was the adviser said the only people that have been lobbying me not to click the Rings the BBC will not as everyone thinks that im to the son of the Guardian what did you make of that Canton it's quite mysterious you can read all the white paper meeting list in the back of the white paper if you wanna get into the appendices if you haven't got a life as everyone metagovernance to hell.

10 seconds on recipe guys, what do you think about? It was going to pin you on that it's me that I can make money for Ibiza in what is that better the BBC News not do everything and if it's save some money and creates money winky journalists work at the BBC doing proper journalism, publicly-funded, then.

I think that's a good thing.

So you've got to know they've got cuts to make I think it's a sensible thing to do the audience won't be deprived of it.

It will move to a commercial website.

I don't see the issue so long as I keep the gazpacho recipe on that's why it's important to me right his question number two blanks blank blank to return for two more Seasons Kenton Kenton Peaky Blinders S3 timetable season yet BBC's Peaky Blinders return for two more Seasons we will make that decision run away if we're in charge of confidence and keeping.

Black Horse together is very difficult so to keep Cillian Murphy on board.

You need to give him some commitment to the shows he's he's a horn solo shows so it's terrific and it's a very very very brilliant slightly terrified show host of this week instead.

There's a lot of blood and guts and it various right wear a tie break very excited here.

It is quite a blank blank a point Blank deputy as London Bureau chief ahead of video expansion man from Newsnight man from voice if you can fill in the blanks any better, Kent and I'll be prepared to the other it was vice news appoint Newsnight deputy as London Bureau chief ahead of video expansions are some jobs going from voice but obviously there's many other areas Iceland TV channel in in most the territories and I'm adding that they need to work out how.

Age Concern our lady cheap local content to fill them to feel viceland, UK to go in between programmes made by more famous people in America I told you be done on a note of cynicism.

It's going to be grateful and I look forward to their relationships with Ofcom well as Nicholas Parsons would say we found your contribution very amusing Kenton that is so for today.

If you want you to this show hi glad you can make it if you subscribe you can get us every single fortnite bang on time.

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Wherever you find us press subscribe and then that way you'll never miss an episode go and do it now would like to dedicate this episode this week to Alan Forbes and assistant producer for STV Glasgow he is our latest monthly subscriber.

Thank you.

Allen and big thanks to Roy Martin of I am Roy Martin Fame from

Radiotoday he made a very generous donation to this week's pod as well.

Thank you right join Alan join Roy go to the media podcast / dedicate.

Do it now help support the show thanks.

I've been all around the producer is Matt Hill and the media podcast is a PPM production until next time bye bye.

Potential by definition is the possibility of achieving more in the fast-paced world of digital advertising Oracle data cloud has built its Legacy on finding the signal through the noise on unlocking potential we bring together data and technology to help you better understand your audience where to best engage them and how to measure a tool to realise true potential Oracle data cloud where better outcomes begin visit Oracle data cloud., tullamore.

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