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Read this: #47 - Radiodays Europe 2016 - The Media Podcast with Olly Mann

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#47 - Radiodays Europe 2016 - The Media …

Hello, I'm only man and this is a special edition of the media podcast coming to you from Radio days Europe I'm not there.

Obviously I won't travel anything lesson premium economy the last week.

We sent my lucky Paul Robinson out to grab a few interviews with top radiator Talent and some exciting new voices as well with over a dozen new station's launching nationally this month will give you everything you need to navigate these brave new radio x touch that dial well.

It's been a pretty interesting month for radio in the UK at talk radio launched on Monday Virgin Radio is to come on Wednesday it's the 90s all over again in total 12 patients will be added to the listings over 30 days as part of the new digital Multiplex just ahead of talk radio's launch in Paris to sell the station was there afternoon presenter the comedy writer John Holmes formulae of the excess.

Breakfast Show he told Paul that every station is ever worked for has closed down city FM closed out her small station company Whitstable and Herne Bay which till my first radio controlled presenting in that sense and then I went to power FM which then closed and you know was subsumed by the country have to table board Cuba simulator everything and then I was on LBC for a bit as well as well and then yeah, that's it almost closed and an ex-employee continue.

She didn't know what was it like when they're really starting to get some traction that wears them sort of a trial but we didn't have been loved maybe that you're absolutely was it was kind of the runt of the global litter and while it had his very passionate and loyal.

Fanbase in that said it felt like I can't do you fill a working that you can't feel like the underdog which is actually really nice.

Why does everyone involved in it loved it.

I knew its listeners were passionate about it the other than the miles per gallon.

You really early as I knew before my boss, but this was going really how did you know there was your inside dragon somebody very hard radio industry tipped me off and said do you know your breakfast? Show it probably won't be your breakfast show from the autumn night and really and I do the digging and I'm talking to my boss and said and he said are you talking about now and then I saw stool eating upstairs and I have to come slightly clean although he comes out in public and everything else so it's ready restricted in terms of

The content is greatly over the years.

I've always thought that content is King and I music what you're doing.

Are you just shut up for that long and now it seems that I can't wind of Change even with people who staunchly wouldn't have said this some years ago and everyone is now saying actually you can't it is a thing isn't it that people respond to it and I think that Wrexham is where they global service that can talk 20 minutes without which would never found itself as a brand it probably would have done all right.

I think but wait for everyone want to be that the industry and Ashley table loves the new station will be successful because your money but I did that's what you want.

It's about knowledge.

Is it about to talk radio and starting what I liked about that isn't there is a huge canvas for content because that's what it is, and so it's a joy.

Just go right ok? This is fantastic paint your picture of that looks like a great dick for you mean talk radio invented the initial station national digital station.

You're doing one two four five days a week so big canvas and all speak so you can really Let Rip now.

Can't you yes? I'm approaching it very much like a music show as well, because I'm so I I want it to sound like a fast-paced as a music show because because I think that's that they born Alexander limit differently LBC you know it's not phoning immigrants at all.

It's not that it sits in the briefing.

Get out there an entertainer little stations and entertainment Toolstation do your stuff that you do so to have to be told that handed that as a gift is actually brilliant because she go right ok? We're

Really stop mixing up the tropes of talk radio on I give you a Princeton offenders film review sure but nothing with you.

It is a blind Guy and he's going to be going to screenings and bracing that is very much for embracing films however and they were Hillfield movie and he will be marking the fantastic.

What else would you do mean? You know that's that's that's great, but how are you going to compete in where's the orders going to come from? I think you got to get absolutely think think you've does a gap in the market that pre nailed it there were Goin Billy off.

I'd like to know what that does talkSPORT sport and LBC is angry taxi drivers.

So you have a gap therefore entertainment LED talking.

I mean it is it's coming no brainer in a way.

I think that I wouldn't be in audience for that.

You know not everyone.

Princess I used to I must listen show was Richard Bacon was on 5 live in the afternoon and I think that's fantastic.

What he was doing on a talk station.

He wasn't really a journalist.

He was entertaining but he was able to do lines on the celebrities a new challenge in Cannock to embrace that but can't bring that quirky weird stuff to it as well.

They're eating disorder appointment to listen in the afternoon.

You know it's it's coming until I come down to a wall between me and Steve Wright that sounds like a pretty good war and I think that's going to 1500.

Are you still get to the comedy staff and you stand up in the radio for work?

Ready for the other end of the day, but the advantages I won't be knackered out of my mind every single day.

You can have a normal life 12 other great slot exactly 3 a.m.

For that 3 years looking forward to actually having a normal life, but I'm quite good at time management.

You have to be on to get bored easily and I like to do different things.

So yes yes yes John am thank you very much.

You're welcome John Holmes John mention the competition from LBC at it so happens Nick Ferrari was also backstage.

Are you might know him after inferior to Olly Murs LBC show LBC Breakfast Show with the national reach growing audiences and live feeds of their Studios regularly featured on TV news Paul Robinson ask Ferrari what is LBC strength opinion opinion and opinion the BBC is an extraordinary organisation but by its very nature because it is a public sector broadcasting it has to provide balance because everybody's paying as a licensed Dr Bala

What is provided by the call as if you go into a coffee shop or restaurant or bar? You might say that you think that this particular personal this particular idea or David cameras actually bonkers about Europe or you might think he's a genius.

You have presenters who have strong opinions and the balance is provided by the coolest does ever happened.

You will assert something on the call is ok Nick you're totally right.

I agree boring radio.

I would argue if you doesn't happen.

Yes, I'm for cheese sometimes.

It does his insight if you're prepared to disagree with me.

If you ring up you say I think Nick fries actually bloody bonkers on this one.

He's mad and get him off your more likely get on there then if you agree people telling presenters that they're genius does not make great radio you could argue that sadly at the moment because it's quite a lot of polarization British politics.

Wherever you stand on the brexit Debate you might get it's pretty much a yes or no.

It's quite a binary decision there, so there is a lot of that, but no you would never just wanna hear people agree with the Host how important are the cool cleggs the Boris Johnson phone is mini seems to have been tremendously successful racing wise but also there been at the moment having that you've been very lucky, UK

The Bliss, I mean Boris presume is good box office for you.

I don't know that you cover a financial value on call Claire call Boris Johnson it's been phenomenal because we were able to get so much publicity indeed sometimes we would still be talking and I've seen Nick Clegg catched out of his eye that it was actually running on the Sky News monitor just a few moments what he said this is incredible.

This is a amazing marketing.

These are people it was of the moment.

There was such machination about Nick Clegg when is that device would have been so long since Britain had a coalition you had this kind of strange dynamic between him and David Cameron Isaac actually gone better person in about 2 thoughts and Boris Johnson you actually Boris Johnson is box office look he's reinvigorated the brexit Debate suddenly.

It is it's not only ok to be a brexiter or brexiteer is actually quite fashionable to do it and that is what I should spoke.

What is marvelous in the way you can sometimes sell it to them is that there's no sub-editing right so you coming my show and you get ask a question about the Euro or Europe or bus lane.

Or whatever mode bedroom tax anything bus stand to benefit we don't stub your answer.

We don't consider an edit boobs and cut it up for telly with different video you get ask a question by Charlie and Bexley you give the answer and that's what goes out there does Boris realise what a great opportunity is because you don't get this opportunity on radio XL I think Boris does realise remember he's got access.

He's got that newspaper column, but he's a tremendous media and peas understandable medium.

What it can do and you just look at the spike in calls and I must be a must pay a creditor Nigel Farage I have to tell you that he really makes a dustbin when he comes on the number of cause of flooding our course we are talking in we're not even in the middle yet this damn referendum.

We're talking in the early stages of the referendum, but he gets a massive amount of course as well and you've actually got your station LBC got the highest market share amongst commercial stations in the UK I mean, you're the first commercial station on the 8th of October 1973 as the amazing turn on LBC hasn't always had good days for honest.

It's had some very dark day.

Oh, yes, it has had some doctors and it's rather lost its way.

I think that's obviously I'm going to pay tribute to Global and I will in member that we should pay credit tribute to chrysalis who were the owners who took it from MIT and when I think it's fair to say it nobody quite new which direction to take it.

It was perhaps not as loud as it could be Christmas really gave it a go but yes, it's with Global such ambition.

We talk about this extraordinary Studios from which I broadcast which honestly you could you could broadcast any station any TV news bulletin you like out of those studio.

They are fantastic.

That is the level of committing the global bring.

It does look beautiful.

So presumably now you can clip staff and you can just go straight on the Terry Nichols the BBC use you a lot better than clip it.

It's a direct featuring darkest hour so as Nigel Farage you say what he's saying all Boris Johnson tomorrow says what he says whatever is literally a feed going out and that's a massive booster and and credit to the most of the time particularly sky nightie and even BBC grudgingly.

Sometimes but at the LBC car on her after you've been going for 2 years in London now national does that mean that you can't focus on London the way you could no it means we work hard.

What does it mean? It means that journalists if you have a story that is pretty much of London story the closure of some libraries whatever it might be a good example two weeks ago or we can go as hideous tour in London called the the Croydon cat slasher this is someone who's going around beheading a mutilation cats.

We have two presenters who says no point doing and of Parochial way, and let's be honest about that people and cats up and down the land you don't have just done cats in Croydon lots of people in case you do it in a way and I'm an old son broken an old mirror bloke you do it in a way that has appeal to everybody so it means we have to be smarter we had to be better our job, but that's not a bad thing I want Radio 5 Live is maybe not as it's sort of the best of the moment.

I guess that's may be partly because you take away until I wouldn't know I don't think it knows me too.

I'm not been able gin.

You don't listen to a lot of 5 live so I am not going to hear sit here and sit in judgement of all.

I would say as they got.

Very talented presenters.

I'm sure they got some talent management in a bit like the end of the football season if we left the premier crown then I worry about at the moment.

I just come straight in the next game you worked at the Old talk radio which is now back of course the distal national station are they gave me doing a similar thing to you or do not know this one.

I don't know again.

Let's wait and hear I know that there is some people who I work with and against and I've worked alongside who were going there isn't anybody with anything that gets people into speech radio has to be welcome if that is a gateway.

I'm happy to steal them.

You look very fresh regarding gets a burning of the breakfast show how many more years can you do in it as long as they want me.

I'm so delighted to be doing I said in the conference just now and I mean it is the second best job to being a dad.

I'm very lucky to find out of the print bloke through and through than a little bit of telly in management.

I am so fortunate been taken into I think you're one of my early bosses.

I seem to call you try to Jaime at Shallow

Songs in as long as I keep checking inoculations are stupid 17 years at capitol.

So I think are you got a way to go till 17 years ago.

I bumped into Chris the just before Christmas and we didn't talk about that, but he's still in great shape.

Well, if it listens nevermind longevity if I have half the impact and half the perilla Mr Darren George I'll be happy Nick Ferrari they're talking to Paul Robinson potential by definition is the possibility of achieving more in the fast-paced world of digital advertising Oracle data cloud has built it's like a seat on finding the signal through the noise on unlocking potential we bring together data and technology to help you better understand your audience where to best engage them and how to measure a tool to realise true potential Oracle data cloud where better outcomes begin visit Oracle data cloud., tullamore got plans for the long weekend.

Put your friends round for drinks maybe even your first barbecue of it's not too chilly.

Why not don't forget the brancott estate Marlborough Sauvignon Blanc from reading.

They said was too chilly for growing but the pain in my neck is a brancott Estate didn't listen.

They were the first to plant in Melbourne New Zealand for dick heads in a bunch of Awards later.

It is Crispin freshers ever look out for on new colourful limited edition bottle in stores now.

Enjoy responsibly before we continue with the show just a quick word about our listener campaign if you will indulge me for just a second we are looking for 300 listeners to help support the media podcast 300 people who could find a minute to pick up there plastic head to the media podcast Ofcom and donate and here is a little added emotional blackmail next week is going to be our 10th birthday.

That is right on Sunday the 27th of March we will be celebrating 10 glorious years of median.

News and analysis no cards, please no book tokens.

We just need your cash.

Thanks is getting much more expensive to raise a podcast these days especially with their all those university tuition fees to think about I'm losing the metaphor but you get the gist spoilers head to the media podcast / donate help us make it to 11.

Thanks away from the keynotes radiodays Europe launched a new scheme this year giving young radio professionals age between 18 and 30 the chance to go to Paris to the conference for free there were two nextgen winners from the UK and sample a managed to grab a quick chat with one of them Juliet Nichols from heart FM people amazing sessions learning loads of new radio staff meeting other young people who are in radio.

It is brilliant.

What exactly is Next Generation you guys?

Are on the Honor scheme with 80 Days what is it so it's coming and Susie astic passionate people who want to network and other people and what did you need to do in order to become a next-gen aradia days, I hear what I do and what I want to go so we've been here in Paris for 203 days.

You've seen Lord knows how many sessions what have you taken away? I think the main things.

I'm going to take away a lot of things to do in my voice overs to how we're gonna use that pitch how we're gonna use that word count to really improve what they do and cut through two listeners and also what kind of music I used to cut through glitter so really targeting people affecting people make you still there what we doing does what events do basically size in that session as well run by Mark Barber from radiocentre all about music used in ads and the selection of music in at the first.

I've already conference that you.

Fainting when you've been choosing music for your global ads what kind of decisions have you would make it what's been important when picking a song of my music decision-making, but then it's about seasonality.

It's about what is in the chart.

What I listen to what I like.

That's basically I pick my music and I'll see what the trials all about now, but now I can go to this music brand navigator put in the kind of thing I'm trying to get out of what I'm doing and then it will give me loads of ideas, so it's gonna be amazing.

I'm really excited about that.

We've just heard we're next year's radio days.

It's going to be do you think you'll be on your way to Amsterdam I really want to be that 100% Please convince my boss is pretending.

I really don't know Julia Michaels their winner of next gen 16 next up with the Syrian refugee crisis still to be resolved and the resulting chaos on the borders of Europe radio can provide some comfort for those fleeing persecution and war Rosanna radio features music tour.

And Drama for those traveling to and living in camps and they're editor-in-chief spoke to Paul Robinson about covering the crisis, but first to speak with moderator Rod McKenzie about the key issues from the discussion was it the key issues is there are two ways of covering the story at least one is from the perspective of European broadcasters.

What do they do about the influx of refugees have come to their countries and how do they reflect that in a fair impartial and non-inflammatory way which is clearly a dangerous and then there's another view which is your Syrian you've arrived in a foreign country or maybe not familiar with the language of the culture and who is supporting you and we heard of you from Syria gradio about how it in France and other countries that can be done early to tell if you're here from suing radio from Radio Rosanna what is the the purpose of the radio station? What are you aiming to do with radio Rosanna

Ring itself from the beginning of the to be the voice of all this going to have the freedom and dignity and everywhere inside Syrian upset about helping Syrians have become migrants and help them to adapt Rosie giving advice about how to conduct their lives or not not to travel what what are you trying to advise? No, we done something like this, but there is a lot of Syrian who call and ask but we don't give any advice about yeah, you have to leave your country and go like it to other country.

I will be coming or refugee butter.

We are talking about what's really happening with the refugee outside and what's really happening inside resistor and by we don't give any advice you see people making desperate choices that mean they're there in boats high risk and loss of life.

How do you make that decision when someone decides to try and get to another country it must be a terribly heartbreaking decision for a serious.

Very hard braking for everybody but when you ask them they said we don't have anything to lose anymore.

We facing death every day here at at least there we have only a chance one chance to survive so we will rest of our life even now in the winter garden is the sea it's not good to go as they say ok.

We will go and do you know one with will talk to you, then they they laugh and smile and they liked them.

They are going and an advantage.

Maybe they will killed or sink in the in the sea and they you find them laughing and smiling life is so bad.

They're willing to take that risk Rob McKenzie biggest challenges for journalists covering this crisis think it's very easy to get too close to the story another.

Would you lose your impartiality word during a discussion from Alice better who's their migration correspondent for Swedish Radio and she does nothing other than cover the migration issue.

How does she remaining?

Marshall under those circumstances, I think most journalists with a heart will see pictures of people suffering and feel sympathetic.

So how do you stand aside from that and say let's look at the issue.

Let's look at the facts here.

Let's use the right language and try and give a fair summation.

So that people can make their own choices rod McKenzie back to the UK now and d Ford spoke up for commercial radio group hour discussing their rapid growth in recent years through their brands absolute kiss and magic but can they make gains on global without acquiring more stations after all the wireless group formerly known as you TV which owners talkSPORT and all those other new top brands.

They are ripe for the picking Graham Bryce managing director of Power radio spoke to Paul I think they were very focused products international marketplace centre brands that really stand for something so if you think about Watkiss stands for Brandon think you know exactly what you're getting if you if you just that we just a shin of this team with absolute and the same with magic.

I think they're very focused products very strong brands very simple propositions and now it will to broadcast and Ashley kiss they talked about very strong hours, put some this issue of younger listeners and declining listening for listening is that something that you have an issue with and how are you? How you tackling it yet yet for sure minutes.

It's an industry-wide issue.

Where are listening hours for the younger and of falling interestingly.

I just looked at the average are the last five years for the youth brands in the UK and kisa fallen less than it's competitors, which I think is interesting but I think old brands and kisses very good at this is becoming a very much a multi-platform offering so it's about multiple touch points be that on the radio be that on a mobile phone be that and television be at visual be at social media every brand now has to think about ways consumers are and create a product for the consumer on the right the right time on the right platform the required local commercial radio stations not necessary the band mediaone Twitter very much back to that music very minimal presentation if you do that on commercial radio, how you differentiating?

Self for music streaming services like Spotify is a massive worry and I think if anything I think the commercial radio industry as a whole have to think long and hard about its future format and I think that if we continue to have a bit of a race for hire occasions and unless contender more music than that point of differentiation wall will fade away and I think we have to think long and hard about how do we treat a radio station for the 21st century that talks a 19-year-old and they're like today and I think it's probably little bit different from what we doing it the BBC talk a lot about music curation.

You know trusted DJs who loves music and you can turn you want to music and experts in their Fields commercialize doesn't do that much of that sort of music anymore, but I think the radio is the same as a bad personality.

It's about a friendship is about a communication by the relationship and have a look at something like kiss.

I think that Breakfast Show with the closest you've got in the UK just something that really talks about generation in the run tour.

Voice and talk about what they're it wasn't interested then.

You're the managing director of the big city stations the the heritage oil as I get in the big cities like Manchester and Leeds and Preston Liverpool and someone how do you keep those stations relevant they've been around for 40 years.

There is a challenge because the brands have been around for years so as soon as a little bit maybe a little bit dusty miller big garden places, so what we have to just keep reinventing them and making sure that what again it's that idea of being a trusted friend is soundtrack to a city keeping that connection with people's lies.

The People's eyes are different in every single City so we have to make sure that that will with them and we know where they live.

We know where the kids go to school with all the traffic problems.

We know everything about their lives and then reflecting their back on there you also got a lot of stations in Scotland and of some of them are quite small them in quite large geographical area is my free sample NFR but actually very small audience somehow you manage to make those stations relevant to their communities would also make money.

That's a very different thing to running in a key 103 in Manchester

How to spell managed to sort of ribosomes horses I think we just look at every year about how do we make the radio stations do we have as efficient as possible while still staying really true to a core brand values, so I think people who listen to him.

If are now behind the scenes.

He probably won't realise how differently we run that radio station that I run it 10 years ago, but what comes at the speakers is still as relevant as engaging as informed as of the areas as always been but the weather be produced at continent was that uses vastly different from my we did 18 years ago now been very successful.

I think probably be most successful commercial radio Krupa driving digital listening.

I think candy close to figure of well over 50% of your audience hours are actually no digital hours was include DAB and and other digital platforms.

What's the endgame there with the ingame and 4 bars of business is to be the largest retail group in the UK when it's our ambition and with the largest radio group of you.

Look at digital listening so are our mantra.

Internally is Ibiza continue to maintain and if I grow our digital superiority when digital transition comes and it will happen, then we would hope at that point we we will love you use that again to our advantage and potentially be the biggest reggae group in UK as they said to you now on a level playing field and if out of the 41 national station 2:30 commercial because of DAB the Old FM days off sleep the BBC at the majority of spectrum.

Would you also grow as well as organically by acquisition? Would you through sample make a bid for the wireless group it wouldn't we weren't coming obviously and on individual station potential acquisitions, but I think very publicly that the Borrowers are owners are very poor radio UK was the biggest Radio 4 to the time very happy with the performance of radio and I have publicly stated that radios a core part of the bar business going forward so we're looking acquisitions in the UK internationally around the world because we want to go or are radio business globally radio.

Big thanks to Paul Robinson dentist and Bonham for taking time out of the sessions to help make this show next year it will be in Amsterdam to cover radio days 2017.

Hopefully all that depends on your support.

So keep the cash rolling in the media podcast / donate I've been only man follow me on Twitter and Facebook at Ollie with a y m a double the producer is Matt Hill the media podcast appm production until next time bye bye.

Potential by definition is the possibility of achieving more in the fast-paced world of digital advertising Oracle data cloud has built its Legacy on finding the signal through the noise on unlocking potential we bring together data and technology to help you better understand your audience where to best engage them and how to measure a tool to realise true potential Oracle data cloud where better outcomes begin visit Oracle data cloud.

Come to learn more.

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