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Read this: #46 - Channel 4 fights to keep Black Mirror - The Media Podcast with Olly Mann

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#46 - Channel 4 fights to keep Black Mir…

Hello and welcome to the media podcast I'm Olly Murs on today's show Black Mirror might leave Channel 4.

What does that tell us about the power of the super Indies John whittingdale fix the BBC's new board should be appointed by the government to find out why a lot of people think that's a bad idea + more on the Guardians cost-cutting goes capital radio Godfrey sort of and we think you'll like this week's Media quiz not a lot but you'll like it.

That's all the come on today's Media podcast and you only this Friday at the hospital club is the managing director of TalkBack television in his friend of the show Leon Wilson hello Leon hello Allie you have been making a live edition of Celebrity Juice last night.

I'm quite tired.

I can go home till about 3 in the morning.

We did the first ever Celebrity Juice live and I did it was it was it was brilliant.

I think it's great.

I would say that but given all the positive could have had it went off really well.

It rated really strong read the art gallery happy.

They've already asked for the week.

Do you like every week? I don't think I'll be doing that for my health, but we killed Ryland as well.

We run over Ryland but your tank at the end of show they can see what that would be put was there was my soul on TV that that was a viable thing to do and I'm really pleased we did it and having previously attended a live recording of celebrity juice and trying to look innocuous in the audience but actually wearing a bright orange, please.

I know that a traditional recording takes about 2 1/2 hours the what is a SO40 45-minute show that how did you manage to install any discipline at all on the front of him particularly a lot of rehearsal but we get your meteorite shower but normally we had your house tips for first-time two weeks ago and we didn't think Lee and Keith went to the toilet, but 4 times 5 times a day time.

We got to wear which is very unlike It's Only We Know It we really trying to hold it down.

We knew I couldn't go over time and get all done an hour.

So just a lot of Russell and he doesn't know what he doesn't even know that.

Tanglewood Keith Lemon in his ear in the same sentence for generating all kinds of innuendos, but I'm going to move on because we're not that kind of show at joining Leon this week making his Media podcast debut welcome buzzfeeds TV editor Scott Bryan hello Scott give us a flavour of your day.

What are you working on at the moment ok with this one is not typical of one already, but I'm doing are you know Gogglebox I do and then is there Malone family yes and they have always a hold of them alone fact that they're the ones from Essex on my Newcastle Diamonds from new car.

Love with girl was her name.

That's gone to the dogs.


Yes, that's ok with you to have a sort of food related free in the centre of been picked up by some people so today.

I have been watching many many episodes of Gogglebox and noting every single different variety of food that is visible on the screen to have a sort of very serious take for the rise of the food for them alone Z

Back to the Future face of journalism 38 what makes the perfect BuzzFeed listicle I think it's something that you particularly funny funny.

What would we do each morning? Is that we all have a have ideas at the top of her head and ensure the writer has been specialism, then we just sort of band The around ideas and normally has to be something.

That's a gram to you, but also other people in the room as well.

There is a traditional kind of almost times guardian Telegraph ask morning meeting is there a long time they always seem to be going to drop in drop out and Amy have quite on brainstorming sessions are to break the morning or the amount of times that it ends up the best ideas coming in the pub at the end of the day is staggeringly high similar to your Industries million comedy writing comedy actually you can sit around and talk about what are the best pair of fake tits to put on the show but actually I'm actually coming out playing with the properties best way to do.

Is often I was on the way here.

I was walking to the office and other was a cardboard box on the floor and I'll serious abuses their jobs at this dude meme game but yeah, that's what's a brainstorm and it's a lot of conversation conversation is the key to getting ideas and building on other people's ideas and trying to hold them down to what is the best form for this is of course how Chris Evans when completely off the rails with me generating are there in the pub by minute Leeds and dangerous because it is always the case that you have really great ideas and the next morning.

You can't remember any of them yet.

Also use the future of Hit drama series Black Mirror my away from Channel 4 well.

That's the suggestion in any way of immediate Guardian article after they reported a breakdown in relations between the producer and the broadcaster are you might remember last year Netflix paid an estimated 40 million dollars for a four.

Season of Charlie brooker's black comedy at that deal with ought to steal guarantee Channel 4 First look option for future series but apparently at that is not the case at Scott Channel 4 have sunk a lot of money into Black Mirror haven't they this must be very very frustrating.

I think it is quite frustrating for also at the same time when Black Mirror was picked up by Netflix make sense because century when the show will be done Netflix can't show it with within the UK because Channel 4 have got first look right, but internationally they can and that is very much against with them a Netflix original show normally when it's anything else like House of Cards or orange is New Black is available everywhere all at once so I was thinking if Channel 4 in a show it week by week.

I would feel that quite a lot of viewers will get quite frustrating thinking well.

I could just watch it all on demand like everyone else in the rest of the world.

Why am I being held against it? What happens with sample?

Netflix the lady also it's kind of like Top Gear seems to be one of those shows that comes in and comes out with a different series I feel that like with Black Mirror it's something new something big in terms of what they're planning on doing their people think a lot of Buzz around it so I feel that it won't be like any other series coming back about Endemol shine Leon broadcast magazine revealed there in the survey this week and Endemol shine group had a turnover of 409.8 million pounds last year topping the table biggest super indeed at so they could a huge amount of weight in the UK market know you're better than that is that a good thing or actually you know when you're having to go stations with all of these channels.

Can it be a bit damaging if you're too big too powerful working with things are bigger than the jellyfish someone you've got a bigger than you.

Channel 4 transfer the weight around little bit by some of threatening and send them all to sort kind of reminds them that there's always have a fall and if they take Black Mirror of them then they they might be repercussions, but I can't I think from end of us, but if you Netflix up a 40 million pounds and I want first ex on Netflix model is built round with everything at the same time its what they currently do all the VPN blocking where you can't view US Netflix on us because I'm trying to get to the situation where they own everything it will cause at the same time and they don't want to say Netflix of having pay this money 40 million.

They don't want to have one territory where it's going out in a different format first because if nothing else of the goes on Channel 4 first because I thought it was on Netflix round the world people just stream it and it undermines the value in that I pee so it's a kind of things we have more and more if you know especially when it comes up Netflix coming into my existing shows in the UK General it's not the done thing for Channel to steal other people showed it does happen, but you

We having one as a fall out with the talent or something like that doesn't generally happen, but the only Americans don't care.

They got know the rules are off so then coming I will pay you 40 million and then we got that have to do with this model for it actually was the balance of power a little out of kilter in the past between India and broadcast it take to walk back and show that you make food for Channel 4 The i t crowd right.

That's a show that TalkBack develop resume my back to his right and then Channel 4 said, what is the money for it? And I'm sure they had little bit of creative input but basically if you were plotting a graph TalkBack Thames probably more of a creative heavy lifting there they boarded so then when you talk about terms of trade now when you're looking at a world where you can just go on and sell that product to Netflix or any of these online providers.

I'm sure the broadcasters be quite scared actually that work.

What role do they have in creating these his most shows the UK does a 1-year non-compete chem.

Also someone is coming by one of our shows it couldn't be on another Channel 4 about year that she's in a contract so that Black Mirror which only comes back.

I want to be a team Celebrity Juice sky can come in Bicester juice tomorrow because it would be able to offer here and that's gonna win or perceive mean at skiving lessons in the show off your favourite is a generally the channels.

I got through are protected but for shows with long lead times like that mirror.

Is is there is less? It's hard of them to maintain control.

I will let you close still be with us.

Do you think and used to come? I think the channels wanted to be there at anything to make it harder for you to sell take your shower was work probably because they worried about the competition from Netflix on so it's got your you from BuzzFeed 30-day.

Week after week on the show people say brands of channels.

Don't matter anymore at do you think that's the case for your readers or do they associate Celebrity Juice as an ITV2 show the same on both sides.

I think that with channels people still with very much know what shows Channel 4 do or different digital channels.

Seems to still I think relate quite well with don't really necessary underneath of articles for me.

Write about shows talk about in a what channel thereon and when because readers already instinctively know but at the same time.

I think Netflix is becoming synonymous words of cool programs that you can watch in one go and I think it's certainly been the case in the last year you're seeing more and more original shows that now I get sent like a trailer or a writer for show nearly every other day which is ridiculous and a case that's only been really around in the UK market making an impact for several years and I would say that if I was a broadcaster.

Not necessarily knowing how many viewers Netflix shows have because they keep them to themselves.

I would be quite scared thinking ok.

It doesn't matter now, but would it matter in about 3 or 4 years when warm will young people watching stuff on demand in this particular case Leon if you imagine yourself as the head of them are shown is this is this just negotiation to my first.


I'll give you an advantage.

Naughty there been quite I would imagine that they're quite enjoyed getting a 40 million million dollar drop in the ocean is probably and it's a bigger Longer commission you know they'll probably feel that will be entitled to take it to them.

It's r.i.p.

We can so who wants to think they'll be feeling I didn't think they do it for the money ok, let's stick with Channel 4 for a bit closest exciting is it not starting with the babysitting this person has ever happened the Gogglebox Gogglebox producer has stood up for Channel 4 at speaking at broadcast indie summit Stephen Lambert told produces there that no other broadcaster.

Would have taken a chance on his format.

I remember when Kevin like I said to us when we're not going to carry on with wife Swap because we feel we need to start doing new things all the time and yet.

Why stop was at that time still getting them.

I don't know if 3 million viewers that we have a big number that these days does the decision to stop big?

Clearly Big Brother hadn't run out of steam it.

It's it's doing very nicely on Channel 5 the fact that you have this is a completely weird notion for a commercial broadcaster to End shows that are still doing well.

That's all driven by channel fours desire to meet its fuzzy remit and to be distinctive the Lyons as the saying goes he would take that with me.

He might be probably right and he's completely right in saying that the Channel 4 should be privatized and I can't I have it in a single compelling reason.

Why it should be privatised other than John whittingdale baby having a bit of a beef about being fussy or something.

I don't know you just doesn't seem there's no talking here and point be made and I just think it's it's a scandalous evening said it before I said as an ambivalent relationship Channel 4 like we don't tend to get a lot of shows way and it's frustrating for us as we try very hard not like I'm a massive Channel 4 evangelist, but I still believe in.

Need for powerful and then and it is a great time they would it just think well, it's brilliant it should remain the way it is but that silly people say that they wouldn't be able to take risks if they were private eyes, but some of their works payoff commercially so they would what it seems to be would suffer is the flight Channel 4 News which I'm person you cannot be considered understand.

Why John whittingdale isn't this country they do a lot of dispatches things like that.

You know this, but hard hitting stuff.

Just got the window in privatised quite quickly having some white noises like craft.

It was cranberries 2 years down the line.

You'll see a very different channel uch and poor alike Channel 5 which is becoming greasy American we should try to avoid the protease made a very good case in the speech that some of the shows that are now big hits for Channel 4 won't necessarily successful in their first rung Gogglebox examples on Wednesday at 10.

I think for the first series people were little bit like.

You what people watching other TV how does this make it a thing and then people saw saw the new answers and started to really like what was saying and then they would sort of build sort of a relationship towards the characters of a map that became bacon other shows for example like first dates wasn't necessarily big in it's 1:00 now.

It's really huge shows that were I think I handed in by accident that wouldn't necessarily been in the case of privatisation for example the last leg which was added with the power Olympics in 2012 is now but come on to be a very big permanent fixture.

Just been sometimes it in my mind.

I've been thinking would they have spent you know so much time dedicated towards their Paralympics in championing diversity probably not they wouldn't have because those are issues that generally if you're not making a profit on will be the first one to go just before came here.

It's like I'm doing a bit more of movie presets into finding out ok? What are the cases for privatization was looking at ribs does a little bit and and the main case to seem to be a bit model in the only real cases.

I said vs.

Hull claim about being fuzzy and it's a little bit like where what does that really mean is holes in his whole distinct in this debate has been going on for them at the BBC but also just down the fact that all we know the background cost could be cutting it let little bit but I don't really see those as being big prevailing issues that will talking about but it is a way of getting some money into the government Conservatives ideologically opposed to the public sector funding more TV programmes and we could do with a bit more money is not going to say that uses words like that will be doing Media stories of the week including the BBC we will get round to the BBC I promise after this no music this week.

Just the samba news that this show runs on Lesnar contributions by contributing just a little cash to us each month through direct debits.

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Will leave the EU on brexit.

Everyone else is shouting listen for the clarity behind the headlines subscribe to the Financial Times visit right time for some news in brief in the culture secretary John whittingdale continue to put the willies up public service broadcasters this week in a wide-ranging interview with the Sunday Times he suggested that the BBC's new unitary board should be mostly appointed by the government has got a totally normal thing to do is nothing nothing on reasonable doubt that right.


It was the case that whittingdale so I came back and said all this.

Totally fine, this is not a thing that's in a will should be made a drama of a there nothing Alan rusbridger then screenshotted that part of the interview and then that majorly got about 1000 retweets are very concerned people being like that is quite a big deal.

Really and is also the case has been this sort of thing about the lack of transparency and some of the future plans in this is a classic case of gas when there's been an interview with the Sunday Times what is being very vague ideas about what the future plans for the other BBC are there in terms of like who the boys can be made out of and then there's them the week afterwards of everyone and scrambling to say oh wait.

No this is not very good idea rather than coming out in saying bit more than a direct way then few newspaper interview.

What's in quite bizarre about this is John whittingdale himself would surely be the first to cry foul if we have a Labour government appointing BBC notorious think that the BBC is full of Lefty liberal anyway.

Not interested.

Well, I think the BBC need something to replace the voice we create a new formats that can run next year and is all that using the BBC board elimination talent show the audience to say yeah, you can get over yeah.

I'll be fine as it.

Will you come on your picture case when the board and one because it needs to be on the panel Leon you're never gonna get back if you just have the grandees of the new C-Class 2.20 Marvin can present it is also subject to renewal.

I love this story of you say yes, they claim that their leaders answers to the consultation which they collected separately weren't considered and this sounds a bit like sour Grapes but it isn't that they know that the dcms didn't ask the radio times for the password necessary to open the memory stick it gave them and it has no I mean like just answer the whole radio x feng I think the defence.

He came back with was oh, you know their questions are the radio Times asked were necessarily what the dcms and their original consultation for the public was actually are so we know we are getting into consideration by the whole thing that seems to be be be generally a bit of a mess at the moment in terms of just the fact that the public seems to be overwhelmingly on the side of the BBC through all of the official reports whilst also whittingdale was trying to have a line of like no actually there is this demand that the BBC has to be fundamentally different and I feel that there's a growing side of public thinking well, where is the evidence for that if all the reports coming out saying otherwise radio x on asking different questions to the dcms because the questions that they're asking are the kinds of questions that only politicians would ask me the public think of BBC one question about that last year.

It was ridiculous.

Come Dancing but they're trying to find ways to sort of beatness BBC on having steak and it's kind of pathetic.

I think but it probably will work fortunately and the director of BBC Radio Helen Bowden has also been on the front foot this week.

She told delegates at radiodays Europe that the government's argument is that if we made BBC Radio less appealing to 25 to 44 year olds those listeners would flock to commercial radio real life suggests otherwise since 2010 the time this age group spends with BBC Radio as drop by 2 hours a week, but commercial radio hasn't seen a commensurate increase in their listenership.

They have left us but not gone to commercial radio.

We are not the problem jewellery Scouse accent.

Yes, I mean I would say that quite a lot of people particularly young people between years of like 18 and 30 and artwork are now listening to streaming services such as Spotify or apple music On Demand with a bone playlist and it's this sort of.

Case fit just you're not having this kind of appetite as much now to dip into shows or listening to features if you can just use up your favourite record and play it straight straight away.

I feel also at the same time commercial partners even venue entrance to the field.

Haven't necessarily made a big impact.

I feel so either way these listeners like beats radio.

I would say that a few of my friends of talks about it all colleagues January that there was this anticipation it was going to eat Radio 1 a liver that listenership and it just hasn't austerity seem to have come through yet, so it's kind of trying to work out.


You know what would the BBC do in the future trying to work out exactly what the plans are next what I found it was really quite interesting and the later part of a report about how stairs plans all sorts of an idea anyway about having a personalised BBC radio station Where content would be sort of chosen for you according to your own interests including an introduction to shows all your favourite music will be played and DJ

It sounds can a fascinating but was a kind of bizarre at the same time I can Parrots being willing to everything Bob Harris doing John country music demographic of 24 year olds sort of helpful to her argument, isn't it? Because we know say 25 to 35 year olds having particular grown up listening to that much radio anyway actually 40 41 42 year olds.


They're probably magic and hot more wouldn't yeah, they probably would have been I think yeah.

I think if you think about my parents innovation definitely they wouldn't be going over to another Spotify but they might be going to snow sticking with radio briefly to radio launches on Monday or relaunches on Monday I can't remember it, but I do.

Is the London across the whole country is Eamonn Holmes do ashok on it because he keeps went on it this week recorded at this week and two and a half hour Sunday afternoon.

Show that Leah pre-recorded one this week took base station that isn't just news and politics.

I mean in a very mixed bag because if you would to choose a whole new station, it's like what what is it doing differently to let say what LBC is doing and what channel and what radio fibre doing with their discussions during the day and also it the same case I feel that talk radio as a form works really well in America because you're allowed to say very opinionated views will Taylor according to un the political allegiance here.

Obviously you down before I can make it regulation you can't do you have to always find it cosy in or find some sort of level-headed debate, but it's I think it's with all of his new DAB stations.

I think some.

They might be very successful, but minimal quite confusing like the relaunch of Virgin Radio I think it is fair to certain computers everyone if it's just when everyone's got used to having Absolute Radio along comes virgin being a bit like over back again, but with different you know.

It's is going to quit and see what the little things differently woman hosting breakfast.

Can you remember that will have all radio talk next week with the special bonus episode from radiodays Europe lots of Top Radio Talent in that stay subscribed to the media podcast to hear that as soon as it's released let's move on to what they used to call print in the old world and the Guardian they release more news on the cuts that they're going to have to make to save 54 million pounds a year as predicted plans for a members club at the Midland goods shed out of health and the plan is to cut 250 jobs from the payroll Leon have you been looking at the numbers? How deep is disgusting?

Types of the workforce which is quite a significant amount of giving their body laid off qualigen is Alyssa the last five years it just feel like that will have a big impact on the content may create.

I mean I stop buying the Guardian about 45 years ago just found that wasn't a lot in Paradise read online lot but you know I just found they got me over to Charlie Brooker letter that I just feel lessons in buying the physical copy of every day and leave 50 people just seem like a lot another see having just not doing their club, which I completely think it's probably best thing for him to not eat because I felt like a hole at the waste of money, then we sinking money into money, so they've got to be something.

Yeah, he's got the Guardian members club actually having a physical manifestation in an arts and cultural buildings with a felt like a BuzzFeed article waiting to have it because I was in the original article when they announce this plan their thinking mmxiv 30000 square feet and was planning on having an intimate restaurant an armchair cinema a rooftop garden does an atmospheric spaces.

A 3D printing in fabrication lab, which is very guardian cost a lot of money.

I still feel that there is some sort of value in doing these meetups between Jonas or discussing the issues that won't necessarily be able to be rounded to a column just the other day actually buy the just opposite where where the work is near Oxford Circus there was the Guardian debate about the EU the longest line of guardian readers you will ever see alright.

Also feel that is very much a demand for such debates and such consultation nothing X Plus has a basic search for more than 1 people go in and they get to the bait with a journalist.

I still feel that these sort of spaces can exist without necessarily costing as much as building this Caribbean

But then I mean little bit running the Independent now online with I think it's 20 people is when people say sticking with papers the new day with them.

They're going to increase the price of the paper II 50p they'd already announced a freeze at 25p but despite the sales falling to 90000 day.

I was about half of what they launch with are.

They now going back to prime a Scott why do you think of raising the price to 50p well? It was quite interesting because the plan was today.

We're going to stick with this hot half-price offer particularly that there was quite love Media social criticism that the Fifty pence price of it would be too high compared to let's AVI with which is only 40 p and started being 20 pence about the same time.

I feel that they're quite confident with a product even though the readership.

I feel less than they probably would have originally hoped that around 90000.

I think they're looking to other models of like how the eye.

Was Nick Cayman it built gradually over time if people became more familiar? What it stands for and how different it is as a paper compared to the rest of the market so I would feel the inn own.

They are taking a risk doubling the cost when it isn't as high as they have plans but I wouldn't say that this is necessarily a failure straight away.

What go back to advertise if they fail to hit their have they sold their advertising the base of 200000 readers seem to get to the 300 is going to take a while to get a pay for a new paper to market work that in the current market so to expect it's all going at 2 and 1000 stay there was probably overly son of optimistic.

My guess is they done some research and they feel like they prepare people can't be buying it will pay 50p you like them and their profits over.

What you going to do the 25th market very competitive you think of the male.

That's a great time at why you going to put new day on top of it as I'm not even seen it like when I'm not actually noticed anyone sure it's there, but it's not getting a lot of space the ending of it's got well.

I mean that says is that I found it was quite a bold move for them to go and do it I can do that.

He done the research quite well into you know how many we did it could potentially have the fact that the style of the papers very very different compared to the tabloids and the market so we want to say and write it off straight away, but we talk about roseau capital last time I listen to them.

They still have that drink all that went wow wow wow.

Have struck a deal with the Ministry of Sound to sponsor there Saturday and Sunday early mornings.

That's actually really good brand that isn't it? You know you're up all my things Ministry of Sounds you turn on Capital you don't hear music you can sort of see that working absolutely amine be in a small world weigh a friend who I was on the same student registration is a DJ for capital Xtra within this time slot and I have listened to her.

The fault and they don't listen sa70 play many advert anyway particularly that they do quite a lot of late night mixers for goes into different songs all the time.

It's cos it completely off and then have a 3 minute jingle.

I've had better completely ruins the flow and I feel listen is a bit she turned off by it whilst a mention hearing there being like oh by the way.

This is in there all covered by them financially.

I think people just happy to do and it's sinking ship with black b12hl about every hour or so, they just go out by the way McDonald's pay for this or by the way.


Thanks so much for call for partners as a very brief mentions.

I mean this disorder Ministry of Sound is a government.

I want to have a phone number for someone's listen to the shaver for this week.

It is entitled every second counts in Honour of light entertainment Legend Paul Daniels be sadly passed away this week.

We have brought back his 80s format at the winner will receive a Paul Daniel's magic set the loser is vanished will be banished 2 Puzzle list ok you both have 10 seconds on the clock which will count down as you give as succinct and accurate and answer as you can the one with the most seconds left at the end of the game wins and can plug whatever they like Leon you're going.

First choose a topic sofas or smoking sofas sofas insert amusing light entertainment observation here BBC Breakfast cause milk to come out of the former Countryfile hosts Miriam O'Reilly but why because she thought of Sex is the man was sat on the left or camera left it when posting show with women are my thing who gives us the story of little less experienced presenter sat on the left-hand side of Louise Minchin at Lyons you did just a very succinctly Express your position on this but generally how important is positioning on camera iMac always left animation familiarity of you.

Is it important? We do so yeah, I've never heard it disgusting intensity even notice it I did George anything who cares but then I do worry.

I was actually reinforcing the sexiest hierarchy sobered my first thought was but maybe I'm sexist I don't.

It is just a really big wildering story because you say read it in the first time thinking I know what a load of Hogarth and then actually over time you thinking all hang on.

I'm starting to see this and then you keep thinking that there's a sort of secret meeting of people who decide you're ordering the presenters on left and right then you realise that follows never heard it actually lots.

Just about the fact that I used to st.

All the people on the left and usually the men taller than the woman that usually sitting down but I just I just don't know this is what the stories causes is causing the data great leg, but there's no I think that she's coming next office you Scott choose a topic smoking or local government and local governments has Just Want To Freedom of Information requests against the council about which cow.

Have not paid my council tax on time but how many months did it take for them to respond until about 3 years 3 years 36 months with dyslexic as well? Yeah? I mean I feel like I thought it's the whole thing could be a lot more efficient a long will quicker the factors that have to take so long to go and get a response to a very kind of straightforward local news interest story is still very very frustrating thing but well done the Bolton News podcast smoking smoking a subsidiary of vice media has been making ads for a tobacco company according to the ft, but which one voice Media

Which tobacco company Philip Morrison anyone talking about it's content on websites Now voice for making out of Philip Morris but not under the voice banner and not in countries where you can't Show Tobacco everything wrong with that it's not a side of the business will editorially with a much different than what commercial do commercial side of business invoice their targeting young people say filmmaking should have said no laughing Germany smoking with large.

Sort of bodies in relation to any sort of organisation that saying that young people anyway, it seems quite a bad thing questionable so I would say no generally has caused by this is quite quite Justified lost his job application the commercial side of the business.

Species of bad then they shouldn't have done it.

It's just not worth it the matter man you must be gay and can't be worth it all right.

Let's go back to you out.

You've got four? Before I got you the option to make your podcast because only podcast is left and you got the chance here to have a break without player on earth.

What is it per day not allowed to stay in monetary Policy to tell people to actively download a Podcast or where to find them no mentions of iTunes stitcher or npr1? What is the thinking here because there is very some logic to it.

Well what I got from that for logic is that people instinctively know where to go in find a podcast should be going have this person on saying all this person is form.

Never happy hour podcast YouTube Google happy.

Apple cash and find it and it's also the case that if your advertising a particular products such as stitcher or iTunes it says free advertising on Public Radio is it seem to be a bit of a thing but I know nothing carry over for this all over 40s Attax thing at the end of the day.

It's just like mention and sometimes by giving you no like when on the BBC this a old is generic MP3 player you always think my iPod you know it's it stands out in the same way, that's what it actually Leon when it comes to a lot of these big sort of web companies.

We have got to the stage with people used to hearing on Radio 2 download ISO on iTunes or used to hearing go to our Facebook page or Twitter page, not overthink you but we'll see a lot of shows we make we have to be determined undue prominence and I'll always have got a cut things out if Keith mentions.

Do you know something too many times and then over turn on Radio 5 animation Twitter every half hour away with it?

Because it's is inappropriate action and so actually I think it's they're probably overthinking this NPR and actually they should just let it happen if I do have an issue when it's constantly referencing things are online I was a bit boring to keep going on about mentioning you can download the podcast.

I just don't see the problem well according to the neon displays, I can see that Leon has 0.5 seconds and Scott has one second which means Scott you are the winner whatever you like now.

I'm at 4 today.

Thanks to Leon Wilson and Scott Bryan and brie.

Are we have no problem telling you to go to the media podcast.

Come with the links for iTunes and Pocket Casts and Stitch and other brands at subscribing mean you'll never miss an episode so go and do it now that we have had a grand total of 0 recurring doughnuts joining us since last episode up yours.

What do we do wrong runners researchers APS vfx wizards for God's sake join us keep us on the air keypad regular.

It says here.

I just go to the media podcast opcom / dedicated.

Takes one minute do it now and I've been Ollie man.

You can follow me on Twitter and Facebook Ollie with a y m a double and the producer Mr Matt Hill the media podcast 8 PPM production until next time but I still sets of Us economy need to get down to business to business ambassador jobs online everyone else is shouting listen.

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