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Read this: #44 - The Death of Linear Everything - The Media Podcast with Olly Mann

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#44 - The Death of Linear Everything - T…

Hello and welcome to the media podcast I'm only man on today's show uncertainty and traditional media as the Independent closes its print edition of the end of March the BBC breaks down the barriers between TV radio and online now panel explain what will happen next plus better news for magazines as private.

I am a spectator see growth and it's a new day for the Daily Mirror as it launches a cut-price daily tabloid and we discuss health and safety on the jump the BBC worldwide Showcase and the media quiz reheat some old formats.

That's all come on today's and joining me this Friday at the hospital club is the creative director of folder media and all-round radio Guru it's our Matt Deegan hello hello hello and also joining match the director of broadcasting at City University Law

How long can nearest TV exec before that as well of course professor Liz Howell hello to you write trick is questionable festival would have you both been up to this week's weather if you've got a secret for individual may be the podcast extra, but this week.

I've been looking at Guinness World Records Guinness world records for fun kids are children's radio station and am asking presenters you think you could climb through a toilet seat 9 times in less than a minute to this big longest.

They are hard to find doable Guinness World Record I'm glad you brought this up because it is the niche subject would probably never have come up on the media podcast otherwise but I know from my experience in my past life as a researcher on this morning at that if you contact Guinness they tell you which records you can break to you.

Don't have to think what should we do one involving using symbols a duvet cover this is it they've sent to some suggestions a big long Mr have an option to the database that has all of these things it have been trying to work out what to do a book chocolate bars.

How many chop?

Fast do you think the record is to eat in a 60 seconds or a normal chocolate properly eat a human completely I'm going to say 43 know it's Thursday all but still able though.

It's 10:00 and then being busy this week.

I looked up on the internet and it is hard to eat a three-line bars in Leicester that you looked it up on the internet.

I would have more than 3 chocolate bars to see if I could have done it is what have you been up to this week's news broadcast of the students have been making their programs and we've been assessing them and it's always a slightly trying time so far.

So good this into done really well.

Good and do your current crop of graduates.

Do you think that they are people who want to make kind of traditional news packages are are there people who look at this continually evolving 24/7 Media landscape in that's what they want it now.

Really expand and it is actually an expanding industry there a lot more opportunities there stations on the air now likewise that you've never heard of before even Al Jazeera things like that people of channels of come online so there's a lot out there still a lot to be said for the conventional news news package and what we want to do is to teach them to do something that's better safe than what you put on YouTube but they come to us with more skills now and it's really exciting to see what they can do a website work is great amount of course is very important, but the radio news package.

Generally is there is a package at nextradio last year and Tim Johnson x great patches for Radio 2 did Bon on the day and actually is a skill which is this is quite impressive well.

We don't have a package here, but we do have a catchphrase and it goes something like this this insert new story here marks the end of print or linear Television or FM radio as this week has seemed more Doom mongering.

First the Independence editor said that it was closing the print edition and the Indie would become online only selling their cut Price version the eye to the Johnson pressed then report suggested the beef was to sweep away at commissioning structure removing the Old division stream radio and tell Ian online and replacing them with get ready to understand this inform educate and entertain.

How does that work in commissioning structure and then of course BBC3 closed its broadcast channel something much discussed over the last year has now finally happened, so I knew catchphrase is this the death of linear everything and stop with the Indie list imaginators has been doing the rounds has any of all the radio studious in stuff saying it inevitable daily newspapers.

Don't have an audio.

They're all gonna fold eventually do you think that's right and therefore it was inevitable the Indie would be the first to go.

Cos it at the recirculation.

I don't believe that at all.

I mean obviously they've got their backs with what's happened at the Indy but it's more to do it the nature of the Indian to do with the nature of newspapers if newspapers Were Dying why would Johnston Press a 24mm?

Dubai the eye why would unity mirror be talking about bringing out a new and small circulation daily Daily paper look at things like you City am and so on and there are often print versions of watch them digitally and they are growing up now and normal magazines are coming on on because it online but what I mean is becoming available in print although you can argue that you know the canals sore after stagecoaches and the railway sort of the canals.

It's very very rare that you get one medium which completely obliterates preceding Media what happens with cinema is that it's actually grown in a different way since the advent of television, so I think it's if there's room for everything so I said he don't think it's it's the death of prince of a talk and the time to sexually put on the circulation lately talk about the Times because they're behind the paywall and you know lots of people does nervously laughed when Rupert Murdoch suggested that that was the way forward for broadsheet print does appear to be working today.

Margins business model is completely different it's bits from Dubai Trust it's a charity.

How long that can go on.

I don't know but it's it's the way it works at the moment the times has proved little behind a paywall can can work and I think that that that that does complement the times has a very interesting business model and I think something we can we can all learn from but it was it Nicholas negroponte.

He said that we always overestimate the short term effects of change and we underestimate the long-term effects of change and wherein this transition period at the moment.

They really intelligent answer.

I think so, I don't know who know but was there an alternative version of reality map where mother.

Oh no, I mean the level of structs a lot of money if it's like I can't imagine and only with deeper pockets or better intentions, but another Rona has come in and somehow Rumney independent and turned it around we could sit there and if you really look print if you look at the circulation independently think there's really affected it was the destruction of the same newspaper and he perform on with slightly cut diamond cut down store.

I think I thinks interesting is what does it show all the guy movie editorial of the eye into another company and probably a lot of people are going to notice and I'll try and paper over those cracks by moving columnist to cross EN8 up to fix actually have dynamic these things can be the newspapers have been unprofitable propped up by Strange owners who wants it influenced.

So you got a paddling pool independent had one of those and they now run out of time if everything is listening, then you said strange was Matt choice of word is welcome to join the panel one can say that anyway a lot of newspaper publication.

Is is a vanity project and always has been and I think we put made up once famously said im with entertainment you make money but we can use you down at the white house and you're all over the quotes today.

I'm not talking about quotable journalist actually you've got Robert Fisk got Simon Calder you got big names Avenue at the Independent there in the eye as well at the moment.

If you suggest man is going to cut down form, so what happens now.

Do we know the papers been told to the Johnston Press but presumably the big columnist of the ones that read Jen's going to want still writing for the for the online India can I do both a bit confused but also the pull of those columnists 2 online publications is less than what people expect I know when we we've talked before about her some of the success of the online elements of newspapers.

Don't tend to be the same thing so successful imprint to be seen the MailOnline very different publications for the one that they need to see what happens, but people aren't attracted to online for the big names that are related to titbits that they really love on like this week as well.

You might end up with the eye which was the slightly more lightweight concise easily readable version of The Independent actually feeling like the more intellectual title and the independent online becoming clickbait.

Wasn't really a newspaper in the conventional sense.

He didn't read The Independent for the news you read independent for comment.

It was more like a daily magazine and a daily magazine is very hard to sustain, but it just me talking about magazines.

They don't appear to be difficult to sustain on a weekly basis doing really really well, so let's talk about that the ABC circulation figures around interestingly both The Spectator and private.

I have been growing the latter having my best circulation since 1986 and so is that the future for bring quickly periodicals future is the first something special is not available on life.

You don't pay for it before you more likely to buy that as a print publication in NN7 1NE yeah, but if you look at something like the person like private.

I wish you cannot get an online form, but how you know it's high quality.

It's got a lot heritage got strong brand value BT mini doing a decent job week in Week Out with any does ok, and it and it better it benefits from that.

I think I ain't any Meteors that.

She's week if the content is we can imagine what the distribution platform is wheat content reduces in in less consumption theory about private eye which is that we are entering into a slightly more questioning and cynical era where we think about politics in a different way which is practice of a spin-off of the corbynista trend and that people reading Private Eye to have a laugh at these people in power and they didn't do that during the Coalition yes because it's on a bit dodgy and address certain but now we can a solid conservative government we can all poker fun.

I don't know if this is a fair analysis, but I think it might be something to do with it and it private eye on the sweetly.

I think it's really funny.

It's got funnier.

I mean I love those Christmas market.

It's really won the highlights of my year before we wrap up this section of the press and move on to our other death of linear everything section.

I've been listen to This podcast for years before I presented it when it used to be in its former home at the Guardian and for literally years Emily Bell used to sit there and say this will be the Year where a major national newspaper will fold and actually what happened with the last 10 years as we saw more of.

Not messing but he's this now finally the beginning of other papers for that you said no Liz but really I mean there's lots of papers make you lost the Guardian is not something that many copies past papers have always been in that slightly difficult area they have been vanity publications in in many ways they can continue I think you've got to think about the independent as the Independent not as an exemplar it was Independence in that sent it was very different from the other papers.

Maybe who knows which is not an attractive thing to say it's much more attractive to come out with a very firm opinion, but I really do think we don't know I'm going to say I can't imagine the people still being there in five years time at fair.

Isn't it? Anyway? I don't think about the products you know a lot of these publications are products of an old age and you have historically they just the bumble day long and they mainly been based on what they've done in the past and a lot their success the People's a good example that a lot that came from distribution year it had distribution.

Three store, it had a 30-minute sales team and it's continued in that direction used to look at what Trinity of doing now with the new title.


They're coming up with a new products for annual not be successful releases of the moment.

I guess what I was seeing what is insulin out 20 size ice distribution isn't great at the moment outside of Metro areas.

Where they their growth business opportunity is a reformulating new products for a new time if you can't keep up.

Sorry people work at the people but a paper like that.

It's going to be difficult for you to 51 very quick thing on this so I absolutely believe that what's going to make the difference with newspapers as the introduction of more and more pictures pictures are absolutely what's carrying Media I think it's carrying TV it's carrying on like pictures of so important.

It sounds very simple the big the pictures and the more often the better you do she goes on an audio podcast objective Lloyd

You are definitely a special and talk about those proposed changes to BBC commissioning has been reported Lord Hall will announce before Easter but Danny Cohen is not going to be replaced as we know if course as discussed in the previous edition of the controller of BBC Two Kim shillinglaw is often Charlotte Moore has now taken control of both channels BBC1 BBC2 and that is just the start isn't it leaves.

What are they propose it because I think you need a PhD in management studies at the most arcane level 2 understand.

What's going on at the BBC educate pellet you get rid of the head of BBC Two but then you start looking for an editor of BBC Two so I don't really get the difference what I think is really interesting here is the pressure on the BBC to show that it's not sucking all the oxygen out of the creative environment and this is something really important for charter renewal because the great blanket BBC that does everything and just takes what you do reproduces it with its own brand brand is going to be under question the BBC Trust

The great job with the public value test to see whether or not the BBC really ought to develop in various areas and if it would damage the commercial interests, but it didn't go far enough and it's almost like the question that no one dares ask which is how much is the BBC damaging or potentially damaging other creative Industries the BBC's point is that what is exist the creative Industries do very well under its auspices, but other people into radio and even people in online now requesting how much do BBC should be doing and I don't see this coming out in Jesse Norman slept me to report which is about something else completely different, but it's got to be on in the near future.

I suppose the difference between a controller and added to his salary there.

Isn't it pretty and being able to cost less centrepoint somebody we all know and respect in wow that was Peter bazalgette.

Heavy hitter be very different from anything back up and it is tedious is never do the same list of basically white men they doing the rounds and always do.

Richard Klein might come back to my TV by that I mean about that anyway, but I do think that is really unticketed ok.

Let's talk about the death of linear bit of it though, so you've got a potentially Radio 2 and BBC One under BBC entertain five live and the News Channel under BBC inform and this is the kind of thing that you and an actually Faraz Osman on there as well have been banging the Drum about for a couple of years that we're going to end up with a less brand centric world world of genres.

You know that consumers going to choose what they want to watch or listen to it doesn't matter which channel it's alright for you to make slifkin savings you can't take slices off-white this at the moment if you want to make big savings you got out throwing up in the air to cope with a new structure which cost used differently letting actually fundamentally that's really why they're they're doing it is easy to do it this way.

ABC people crashing disappear than to try and keep it in the same formats thing that platform is fascinating your Radio 1 have a growing TV position on iPlayer and the material they created Newsbeat is a global cross Media platform.

It's BBC News but they're making video that I placed after I've got you got radio bit on one and one extra so that's already started to happen.

If you are a consumer and your main way into the BBC is the big TV screen there when you press the iPlayer but I knew what pops up content pops up and you can navigate it through things you recognise that might be channels or personalities or what you like before so that sort of colour makes sense.

It's a big bit of uncertainty.

I don't see the people in it only other thing is always seems like we heading towards how Channel 4 operate.

They don't make content within BBC Studios, pushed awful BBC

Music system with its own thing we're getting to her tighter BBC as marketing and commissioning and really money should be saved if you do that you and your central HR functions and always at the central functions should be much much more life to deliver that that smaller team that are driving the commissioning of the content I mean Lucy at you might not be happy with all of the questions.

You'd like asked to being answered, but they are showing the BBC at the moment on there.

They can be slightly radical.

They can do things rather just discuss them into your eyes better and that they are making changes.

I'm not sure what effect they will have in the end, though.

I mean I'm not absolutely sure that putting things into Shauna is it supposed to into channels is going to make much difference between channels did have that that it where is other genre Brand and we all know the BBC two different from BBC One we all know that new species different stage of the news channel, so I don't know in the end.

What difference is going to make but it's going to be interested to see what I do want.

There is to feel that it safe to go out there and ask the BBC the question about how do you have?

Too much, are you too big? What's going to happen and in the forms? I've been involved in so far.

I've found that the BBC has been super super super defensive and I don't think that's the right way.

I think other commissioning perspective for personal experience so we might be a little bit for CBBC me about some things for Radio 1 in notionally all in the colour of the user end of things very different groups of people very different systems quite a lot of crossover in what they're thinking but not austerity hooked up together and I historic league two very separate forms.

Why should Radio 1 care.

What some the CBBC channel and and vice versa but I imagine they miss out on opportunities by being split that way you do feel sorry for all of the production companies that have shows that we're just about to be quickly like him shillinglaw.

I mean that's a long way down.

The track is it 2 years ago and then it all goes on ice because of a change of personal it does happen quite often I would just like to say that I personally would like to see an even stronger commercial competitive to the BBC I think as an item.

Myself much of my career do I listen to the BBC I do think having two players out there two big players out there is very very important particularly in news and I think that that should be addressed at level during charter renewal.

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Let's change the tone a bit.

How about a little Elgar

Now those of you listening to this and thinking what are they playing at using music in a podcast? What will the copyright payments involved is my donation been frittered away because Ollie man believes one of Britain's greatest composers and gravitas to his voice of course not your money isn't being through to the way actually recording.

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We have some more media news then let's start with a quick trivia question the warm-up to the quiz later on and I give.

Looking forward to that which BBC show is the biggest selling show abroad good guess that no man, so it is this being sold to individuals rather than TV networks know this is being sold TV that works because there was there was something I read about keeping up appearances doing well.

Yeah, and you read that as to individuals of TV then I don't know I can't believe he's Keeping Up Appearances astonishing 992 price in ketosis cancer.

I think it's absolutely right which is more this modelled on my mum, but I think everyone feels a bit like they know hyacinth bouquet garni.

That's the that's the reason why my family is my family from Coventry and they films the the the brother's house because not realise house around the corner from in Coventry what are always very very sad.

That's amazing Oslo Oslo sorry forgive me when you want to make a sitcom deserved it space at the top of the tree which is Eddie doesn't Keeping Up Appearances sold more x BBC worldwide than Sherlock Doctor Who strictly and Top Gear we mention this because on Monday B corporations commercial on BBC worldwide is to house broadcasters in Liverpool for its version of the upfront as they bring all the talent there Benedict cumberbatch's there in previous years this year Chris Evans is going to be there picking up the new Top Gear trying to encourage international buyers, please.

Let's leave Keeping Up Appearances to one side for a moment how important is it for the new Top Gear to do well, cos that is however they try and show a portfolio programs.

That's the thing ever talk about Top Gear does well personally.

I can't stand it and I don't think I'm going to like the new version very much rice should I but given that it's a flagship program for the BBC given to the been all this fuss about it given what happened to clock.

The gonna make it work they've got to personally.

I'm very disappointed with the line up.

I would like to woman in there somewhere.

There's one in seven is a woman.

That's probably not reflective of the audience is it probably is sorta 40% female audio say 11 in 7 it is wearing a helmet.

So you could be that program for international distribution the German lady who doctor in Top Gear therefore their Joey friends with a girl into a woman and Matt LeBlanc respectively read who is not very well known that earlier, but is a friend of mine former colleague on Saturday Edition and he's going to be excellent you had a first every one of them presenting that show me now I'm using that actually assign seems to me you what the BBC does quite well which is not making an economic decision-making PL3 people with seven.

Decision that is best for the program ECU creative decision, let's do something completely different obviously these people can be on BT they're not going to be in the studio.

You can do that ITV can do dramatic an interesting things as as well done with her biggest intellectual property.

They wouldn't suddenly change the Cult of Personality with the actual prophecy will talk about it.

That's good that they're going to develop it.

It's good that there's more going on but it is quite scary and it is what can watch this space.

Is it going to work? Is it not going to work and you never think with TV is it so difficult to get it right? I know from personal experience.

I really do you can get the greatest lineup in the world and somehow it doesn't work we can get people that come from nowhere and their stars.

That's the great joy of it.

You can't predict so let's just see interesting as well.

They'll try to monetize The Stick as well separately in his own show haven't laid the getaway car.

Predict, what do you think about that matter getaway car Dermot O'Leary filmed in South Africa itsfunneh Wipeout isn't it'd be nice if I was End tomorrow.

It's like the BBC All Around the World by boogie.

All I can say Africa voice overs from local area, isn't it face he has a face into it and if you're building a brand distribution skeezer in lots of different ways.

I'm sure we'll see her escape kids TV show me and Steve website and all he did want to see the Stig driving through Islington after the clocks in business now.

He got fired and he went in the tank to Broadcasting House in there.

He was driving through actually clerk and well, and it was really quite bizarre guido Fawkes I think that was sticking with tele.

Let's talk about her the jump Channel 4 elimination show on skis at which is retaking the word elimination very seriously indeed and if blood of Injuries Beth Tweddle the

Gymnastics broken her back and needed surgery Tina Hobley the actor dislocated elbow Linford Christie strained hamstring and Liz so many participants have had to pull out of the jump now is the format broken or is breaking limbs part of the format and everything up tragic by red berries TV executives Matt saying people want the Threat of danger, but they don't actually like to see people being seriously injured to be really badly injured, but you on jeopardy from a TV show and we also you want to know that it's not fake.

I think that's the reality element actually is it a real Novak consenting store slightly constructed it is nice when we watch live sport because you don't know what's going to happen and for these live shows early should have iPlayer busting programs that try and bring people together the sense of jeopardy.

Is is very real.

Just as those contestants have found out.

Exclusive to television is it that's the circus throughout the ages and all sorts of entertainment is based on the fact of people doing daring things and daring things involved in Geneva skiing as well as health and safety in telly used to be a lot worse.

Let's remind ourselves of this BBC one because of the tragic accident involving Michael lush while preparing for tonight's edition of the Late Late breakfast show the BBC has decided to cancel this and all further editions of the program.

So tonight in place of the Late Late Breakfast Show and every second counts when I was showing the future film one of our dinosaurs is missing the first serious accident on the Late Late Breakfast Show at times have changed a lot since then.

I think you're very aware of the issues.

There is an industry around it to support production that I never used to be and you don't one-day legal ramifications, how much does health and safety play a role in what you teach lives? It's a really important absolutely got to be very very tasty.

Just changed massively in the last 2030 years.

I mean I remember the days when you have to carry on reading the news whatever happened and and I was bitten by a rabid Mouse when I know baby, but it felt it at the time.

I just have to keep going yeah, but that's all changed now quite rightly.


I know remember John Noakes scaling and Nelson's Column without a harness for example for Blue Peter the clip of they showed us when I

My baby see training was Anthea Turner being set fire to have you ever seen that one thing at the back of the truck.

Have a go at the health and safety police.

It is wise to spend some time for the way Christopher absolutely I wouldn't actually on the ground doing shooter TV programmes and all the times that shouldn't be having a people falling over running backwards with cameras in cars flying out to film an action sequence quickly and the reality is people still things on the fly Danny Dyer talking about papers briefly because we touched on this earlier when we will talk about the I have and it's worth of a little inclusion of its own this news.

I think the Daily Mirror are going to launch their own new tabloid at least cool new day at what else do we know about it matter anymore? It's it's launching about a week not very much.

Are we don't know a lot of people talk about it being a female Focus title and that's probably more about.

Finding interesting products for appetizers rather than particularly who their target income should there be happy to anybody through the doors.

I think they have their blood cells to Unity distribution network and the genocide and other products so to add syrup to add to their portfolio ironically this is actually be independent model in the week closing down.

There is just tell them what they did with the eye muscles as we said before for 24 million cm definitely had value.

It's quite interesting isn't it this and I think that goes wrong what you're saying before about the media the median doesn't have a quiet day then.

Just other things get built on top of it.

I'm intrigued about that the female Focus thing is this really another attempt to do a magazine and because that is of magazines as we said her formats growing again.

Let's wait and see but it's interesting that the having a go Nielsen sings.

It's a Monday to Friday title so named after a Sunday edition minodes desert I guess it's sort of commuter ask I feel for it.

Where do you go to them on the idea of gender?

News of any kind of makes sense doesn't it that something like female in The Daily Mail you know health stories and people they can sort of see that slightly more of Interest women than men and probably getting 65% of people reading out of women in the same where you can say generally speaking pats morwenna interest in sports or whatever it is, but there's a generalisation to take a paper and say this is for women it is it isn't it? That's why I think it is really the magazine stylist things and that's going to be very interesting to see whether is Iman a daily weekday magazine.

It's going to work personally I really think the idea of gendered news as such a really target news to that extent in in any field is a really bad idea the whole point about the news is it's the news and it obviously different channels have different use values, but you go to news wanting something that's somebody else's editorialize for you.

You don't go to news to choose it for yourself if you went to news to choose it for yourself.

It would be all sneezing pandas and no politics logo 3 go I presume.

WhatsApp best finish off with radio and this week's MPs approving the BBC's plans to allow more shows to be produced by Indies you must think that's a good thing obviously hasn't any producer.

It's Exeter texting thing you haven't got a quite you might not 10% reduced by yes, I think that's waiting for radio compared to television it hasn't had any fix quotas what competing Compares gonna do is really open up down hours that in these can bid for I think what will happen in house teams absolutely I think that the BBC eat some of the BBC in-house teams will get out of certain genres which we better produced by independents.

We're going to set up to produce it again.

That's what we're talking about earlier.

This is part of a smaller BBC Indies do better in awards for radio programmes and the reason my personal POP3 reason why that is he is to get some Radio 4 you've had to be.

10 to 15 other things for that slot into there is already been a huge amount of whittling to get to that bit so no ready for is not going to commission Matt Deegan talks to his mates in his office.

You know we have to send someone to Nicaragua interview someone or or or whatever it has to be and I think in-house productions are great, but they don't necessarily have the same.

They don't have to fight in the same way the Indies dialect is actually good for licence fee payers because these are good ideas that tough to get on are the people to come up with interesting things and I think that will help with that works in touch.

Is it good value for licence fee payers though mate? I'm just talking personally as talent.

I'm using a air quotes by the way when I say that I know that I've been paid 3 or 4 times as much to present a program is produced by an indie then when it's produced directed by the BBC it does seem that the budget car hire in that the waste bit more money.

I think everyone says it's better for the inducement of money, but often I would be surprised if Indies with more expensive than happens when you take into account the really really happy prices for talent at the BBC but sometimes we know that our in-house at the BBC it's it's it's a guy sitting playing records in a couple of producers.

That's got to be cheaper than there anything that isn't that is a centrally schedules some music to wake me up at 22 something like all programs on 6 Music will because they're not running additional playlist.

There's are shows that have more production elements more guests were more licence, then.

I just say cynically also I think this may be a preemptive strike by the BBC because there is going to be this accusation that as I think I said before it.

They take the oxygen out of the creative atmosphere for anybody else.

Do they open it up by 60% of radio shows can go to Indies they actually fighting that battle before it's launched into their into their area so maybe it's a bit of a political move a supposed to a creative one ok.

It's time to Finn

With our program within a program which will never be put out to independent tender because it could never be produced quite so finally as this it is of course the media quitting compulsory at this week.

It is entitled TV dinners earlier today.

I still the commissioners microwave from out of the offices of television and also some old TV series that are about to be reheated what I want you to do is tell me what the TV shows are and why they're being reheated for a new audience as ever.

It's quickfire.

Just buzzing with your name when you know the answer as you will say this correct and that you will say that the winner will get a TV dinner the loser a Rustlers quarter pounder here's the first one that you just Pierce the film it smells of hyacinths quite a bouquet.

This is a reheated meal with along our class that again my second suggestion of a period Keeping Up Appearances could be brought back as a prequel.

Articles by the Telegraph last year but there's movement on this now apparent the BBC in talks with shows writer Roy Clark I said that I didn't win that cos it would show my age of hyacinth bouquet the Early Years microwave meal number to let's see what's been reheated here.

I'll just popping in the oh no, I've dropped it on the floor at be frankly doesn't matter where's the open door button some microwave do have them.

How is just hit me in the face Steve special Lanka wood finishing off.

I presume if they just sitting down.

I hope so it was under the impression that can you give us more no sorry.

No, it was 1978 Christmas Day 1978.

Bradley Wiggins is going to be in it as well this year and he wasn't in 1978.

I'm sure it's me and final microwave meal.

This is mekanik now.

So this is a tiebreaker the label says Nesbitt's Lancashire hotpot made in Manchester serve cold cold.

Don't drop it on that yes, Max cold feet is returning to ITV definitely won't end up like this life's reheat which was boring absolutely not an albino Helen baxendale though because her character was killed off in a car crash tax office Castlebar brands, isn't it people buy some mothers do have em and I'm very glad that yours had you live?

My thanks to Liz Howell auntie, Matt Deegan that is it for today.

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I've been Olly Mann the producer and that help the Menu podcast if appa production till next time bye bye.

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