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Read this: #42 - Media Podcast Predictions 2016 - The Media Podcast with Olly Mann

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#42 - Media Podcast Predictions 2016 - T…

Hello and Happy New Year from all of us here on the media podcast I'm only man that on today show as is our custom for this time of the year.

We bring a veritable feast of media pundits and creatives together in the world's of print radio TV and online to give their vision for the year ahead.

We've got Matt Deegan Lisa Campbell Jake kanter Camilla Lewis Maggie Brown Helen zaltzman, Paul Robinson Faraz Osman and more telling us what to expect in the media in 2016 + the ghost of podcasts past will hold them to account for last year predictions.

That's all the come of today's Media podcast and joining me in the hospital club today is the creative director of folder Media it's none other than Matt Deegan hello Matt hello Happy New Year Happy New Year to you too.

He says in a way that doesn't suggest this is an anyway Prix

Kodi what have you been up to / where you preparing to be up to over Christmas This Christmas it's been what a tragic news event inspires terrible to hear about that but on Christmas day.

Would you have been watching the Downton finale because I think that is what I'll be doing after listening to an email on LBC of course of course there are other people in the living room to Battle against so we'll see who went straight to PVR not but you are all about Christmas Day in front of the telly in the box.

Are we talk we talk about before we look ahead, so what's gonna happen in this episode we gonna look at everyone's predictions from our expert pundit but before we take yours mate.

Let's start with your predictions from last year at work according to producer Matt you got it 60% right.

What is in on the holes anything that like sucks up other people's content in spews out the poorer ones will disappear and I think I did though.

What are things to suffer like we've seen in a music streaming say things like audio.

Oh yeah should be considered subsumed into Pandora now even though it's kinda way for me to come a lot of negativity surrounding added a hard things to do that cos the markets quite mature so I think we have started to that use SoundCloud even looking yellow little bit wobbly based on rights and all of that stuff.

So think more of that to come this year.

Ok, so you're saying you got that one right last year.

You said as well that Barra and global will be fighting each other on a national scale that was true the big battle you said would be magic vs.

Smooth with more ads on telly for both Michael Buble pop-up magic has Runner Israeli campaign not hasn't been as strong as maybe I thought but yeah they they they are too big piece with the launch of Smooth extra.

That's now I can see Christmas for Christmas which had nearly Millie listen.

So that's been the smooth brands and then we're going to see in march-april.

The launch of mellow magic more soft radio battles for 26th Ave magic I believe so she was lots of rumours that was because magic Mellow Yellow writing this does not listen to the radio station and you also said sticking with radio which is after all your special area that we would see in 2015 Les radio Talent switching stations as we see the rise of the National radio personality.

Yes, I think I was trying to say it's all about National and big games which which obviously the bigger one was miles to be honest you missed that I mean you miss the return of miles but also XFM becoming radio x and going national the biggest review.

Sainsbury near the awesomest UTV showing up at the radio for the moment I suppose so let's move on to 2016 with that track record.

Let's play silence as we hear what Matt Deegan predicts for this Media year be more specific this year, so you can hold my feet to the fire this time next year.

I think we'll see a spin-off for heart so they could maybe get a hot is the big gap in global scanning expansionist policy of Sigma capital share with scene with capital capital Xtra we've seen radio x Toby definition of that LBC weight national I think heart LAX truly national thing so we'll see what that is but they can't do it to all-day breakfast oats can make with a little licensing.

It's nothing to be a new idea studying euronews hearts bit off with a big breakfast, so do you think

I think that they will put some effort into a the heart spin-off.


Good alright.

What else have you got? I think we will also see a radio 2 shake up.

I think they're ready to line up at it's very successful as done very well the best time to change something is when things are going well.

Does this mean but Vanessa Feltz won't have to get up at 3 in the morning because she's been waiting for a long time for a bit because she's just taken the BBC London Breakfast Show I was running a Jeremy Vine or something like that, but I think he's pretty told me I think we might see some some other changes are ready to come on make a make a bold prediction who's going then mate.

That's why I said job this year for someone who was really pilloried for her Radio 1 Breakfast shows back in the day till about learning a craft being naturally funny and do a great job on Radio 2 at that regular weekends or that's into them.

The domain of the week day should you buy sink depth you for a check-up? Ok? Just leave Tony Blackburn alone as all I can say OK finally last one.

That's the last one another one.

Is it ok to throw all radiators after I think what will also see in the UK we have DAB radios doing very well 25% of radio listeners DAB there is a slightly newer flavour of aqua DAB plus which is what the countries have come late to dab of gone for and that means she's been squeezing more stations at slightly higher audio quality, but only the newer Radio 2 pick it up there still millions.

It will get it, but I need to be erased picked up.

I think we will see quite a few DAB plus stations.

I think 2016 is going to be the Year where there is more radio and it's going to be in DAB plus really that include the new car DAB radios get it all in car radio in car DAB radios from the last pre-match five years.

I will DAB plus a standard that's over 3 million pretty much any.

Radiohead last two years is DAB plus user Ponty don't need to think about it.


Look at it.

I'm a bit like Freeview and Freeview HD you know the newer boxers get the newer stuff in the older one and Scratchy League dissolve an answer.

I think we'll see that and what that means is potential for more spin-off squeezing more stuff on and I'm probably couldn't new entrants who couldn't really afford to to get big early on again again again tomorrow.

Ok, you must have push on radio know how you think the big new launches are going to do we got Virgin coming back and we've got baby.

Talk radio being reincarnated sofa for UTV there watching three services talkSPORT 2 at which I think will be having a lot going on no respect but yeah, I think what's going to be really hard though the other two so you talk radio has some heritage, but you know from quite a long time ago and my radio.

Calling Jeremy Beadle on talk radio on probably really spoke to see there is lots of Talent looking around to know it's hard to find great people and they gave me some great people that really stand out because only the content to be the marketing because they will surely stations.

I can't afford to spend a fortune on masking the more they the contents of the hard work.

That's going to be tough and I think end of the year talk radio would have got a bit of an audience, but will be quite under expectations and Virgin so similar promising for Virgin Radio.

They are entering a complex market the male end of things you've got Absolute Radio and you've got radio x absolute has the heritage the radio expect Big Splash with voiles again.

That's not usually a talent to find to go to go and do that.

I'm not sure you're going to do that is if I was there.

I would make it an older radio station 3555 people have the Virgin heritage by think they want to try and keep it younger.

That's not a more attractive and marketing demo.

And unless they got a really pull it out the bag with a couple of big names.

Otherwise you're very hard to get get get traction so a lot of work for the Liam was used to be this year to take the sections OK mate.

Thank you as ever for your wisdom.

We will be hearing more about radio predictions later with Paul Robinson but first let's head over to broadcast hours to consider The Fortunes of television and a canter on the news editor broadcast and first of all I got one wrong last year.

I predicted that ITV would be sold and hasn't been but the other one was right which was BBC Three moving online and that decision being a prude which it was by the trust at last month look ahead to 2016.

I think that John whittingdale is going to have to retreat a little after launching three major reviews and television the first of which being the BBC charter renewal lot of big thinking about the BBC future and some controversial questions, but I think the BBC will be ok.

I think it's for its corner.

With quite a lot of Fire and I think it will come out reasonably unscaved at the second is Channel 4 The Future lot of questions about it being privatised, but I think that they'll be so much of a stink about this issue.

That channel 4 will be fine as well and the third thing is terms of trade a lot of people saying that the review was completely unnecessary there may be some tweaks, but I don't think it will be to the detriment of the production sector so those are my thoughts for what they worth and here's some other predictions from talking TV guests for 2016.

I'm coming I run Curve media and my predictions for next year is that everybody's we don't expect will take over television so we'll never Amazon and Netflix God knows he's going to with only making plans for next year but all I also predicted that it will be a big factual Pitbull hellscream's nextgen surprise everyone come from somewhere we didn't even see it coming.

My name is Steven d Wright TV Legend my predictions 2016 BBC will have yet another scandal each week and Channel 4 will probably be privatized by March 1st weather forecast international editor which is Hulu to go International again to make a renewed push and find compete with the likes of Netflix and Amazon become one of those stripping services little lady.

I am koulla anastasi I am director of programming at lifetime and transvestigation my prediction is that Idris Elba will continue to dominate our schedules and our movie Screens and he will be the hit of Prime Time and probably James Bond to Lisa Campbell and I am the festival director of the television festival I need to run it will become the New National Treasure replacing Clare Balding because we all love an underdog and Injustice and we wants it.

You need to get a revenge what happened to and strip.

Drug addiction be a massive staff in 2016 when Helen zaltzman this flat and look who I bumped into its Helen zaltzman welcome.

I've spent some time here in the past last year now predicted exclusively to the media podcast the 2015 would be an interesting year 4 podcast nailed it shows with ambition you said I think I probably as striking as troops.

Yes, I think 2015 really different to the ones that will not be like the couple of years before we're podcast like got a bit of heat behind it but people were doing my hardest interview someone and it'll be long and unedited and did and then in 2015 and people don't like serialised drama is where there was a lot of writing and production in the lights and quite complex shows with some really beautiful soundscapes and not quite tightly edited an interesting story telling and also I think and understanding probably but this is something that could.

The future be monetized.

This is a thing that could build a brand like kind of savvy thinking that Americans have done typically, please worthwhile, and I think it's well.

They've been welcome development site when BuzzFeed launches a podcast of the right I better know what this is like absolutely not it's one of the things is it is very progressive so it's a female lead production team.

I think nearly all of the star for women nearly all of the Soho swimming and you got another round which is highest where two black women like when do you ever see two black cohosh for night talk show and it's really good and we had Hillary Clinton on the show which is a pretty major get on the bus Food Show on another that is pretty good you also predicted last year that we'd here in 2015 of British podcast not made by famous comedians.

Well, I started in 2015 and I'm not a famous comedian, but I don't know if that counts.

I don't think enough British podcast did launch that yeah, but were big departure from other British podcast but maybe this will be the Year maybe come on Britain and you also predicted Facebook will launch a tinder like dating function.

I was far off the mark of that.

They must have thought we do not want to be responsible for this.

So if you would look into your crystal ball for 2016 Helen and in the same sort of areas.

What would you be predicting what the podcast world look like you think in 12 months time.

Ok? I think there's been a lot of Gold Rush in 2015 and I think that will continue but I think some companies by the end of 2016 will realise that it financially unsustainable what they set out to do.

I think quite a lot of nonsense companies will start up around podcasting.

I think could take a few years for a lot of them to be Flushed Away but I think it's going to carry on being really overheated and in a way that is not really supporting the stuff is great about podcast which is the content and the interests of the people it's going to be a lot of secondary and tertiary the can I swear on the show all sit and do you think there's going to be finally a platform that comes close to matching the dominance of Apple's iTunes well now Google and

Doesn't have waded in possibly but neither of them have been excellent and selling apps and therefore it might be years before they produce a competent rival do I change evening iTunes hasn't really been updated since 2005 the discovery.

Isn't it? Still hurt from through word of mouth or literally typing good podcast in to Twitter to find recommendation and in 2015 a lot of newsletters launched, which moves tastemaker things I like these podcast but they were usually the same kind of podcast quite story ish and so those were helpful.

It was nice having a human introduction certain shows but also somewhat Limited in very analogue because you had to know about that and then how to get a podcast and all of that, so yes, there is still room for that if you like this you would like this Autobot telling you want to listen to a friend of the show Miranda Sawyer recently wrote in her observer radio column that generally speaking in Britain the podcast we make our less ambitious than the ones they make in the US

I think that probably is true.

If your generalising of course there are exceptions to that do you think that's going to change in the next to do you think we'll see shows that have the kind of Resource and the kind of depth and range that you see in the American Independence think even without those resources.

You can make a very interesting show and I think that is the distinction because a lot of Great American producers started out with no money and no prospect of ever making any because this was before the Boom but they still did it and that hasn't happened as much here, but there are so many radio producers who are panicking and even once who were in place like the BBC Weather for job for Life there's something I need a plan B I think if some of them actually really go for it rather than being like that.

I can do this but without the restrictions which means I just can't fight it out then it could be really great if they try hard but you can't make people try hard and is it in the British temperament not to want to try hard interesting.

I think I agree with you that we're seeing a lot of radio professionals now who who aren't seeing it is either a hobby.

Fried or something that they do when they lose their radio job but sorry that's complimentary and actually the same and someone is Dead 2 making radio and Miranda dinner view towards the end of 2015 podcast can actually be better than radio and I think that probably overall there's more sitting podcast because there isn't a filter but some of the good ones are really a lot better than radio and if you want to check out some of Helen's work.

That is so some of it better than radio somewhat better from here you can listen to The Illusionist show available which is available also some joji does God answer me this which I've heard he's fine potential by definition is the possibility of achieving more in the fast-paced world of digital advertising Oracle data cloud has built its Legacy on finding the signal through the noise on unlocking potential we bring together data and technology to help you better understand your audience where to best engage them and how to measure a tool to realise throughput.

Oracle data cloud web better outcomes begin visit Oracle data cloud., to learn more hello, my name is Maggie Brown Letter Media journalist and this is what I predicted this time last year.

I said that there would be quite probably a takeover of ITV this is based on the fact that clearly it is vulnerable and there's a lot of American at interest in hit the second prediction.

I made was that there would be action over the free licences the free BBC licences for over 75's I thought perhaps that they would be asked to pay something but I didn't discuss about stage know who was going to win the election my III prediction which I do feel little bit just brought about was Andrew Neil this is based on his strong performance on this week and the Daily Politics I predicted that he would have a larger role to play in the BBC's political.

Average because of puppy has twinkle in the eye and I have noted that for example heated do the Oldham by-election and with David Dimbleby I think during his last election I detected there was more work for Andrew taking place during 2015.

Nothing that's really dominating 2016 is Public Service Broadcasting what's the outcome going to be of the year in which the BBC's new charter it is decided and John whittingdale the culture Media sport culture secretary is having an examination of the options for Channel 4 including a privatization and there's a great deal of interest on the American side, Discovery being one of the key companies that is interested.

I believe in in Channel 4 word to be available however having said that my prediction is that the BBC is going to be treated quite gently and I based this on the fact that George Osborne the chances got what he really wanted all along which was at this over 75's licence be the free licence for use that were costing the Treasury

700 million pounds an hour a year that has been abolished basically the BBC has to live without that money so my prediction is yes, the BBC will get a new charter.

I don't know what will happen with the government's but I have a feeling that it may well come out having taken the Hit or less intact I think the whole fly-on-the-wall 6 reg approach while wonderful with for 56 year olds and maybe you know mothers having babies works.

You know still pretty well.

I think it it is showing its limitations because in order to get the agreement of the community that your filming and observing and their trust you tend to have to come away with really good luck stories all the time heartwarming stories and I found it was getting a little bit annoying in the last series educating Cardiff and plus.

I I would have put some question marks over that it also showed it sort of limitations.

I was there a programme called tribe again on Channel 4 looking at Sam and Ethiopian tribe and Hardy their lives and I thought the format was sort of creaking a bit at the joints.

So I think the little bit more acid in observational documentaries as is needed.

Turn full cas mode I would say uncertain but not disastrous weather for channel four and four BBC3 unsettled uncertain rapper well.

I'm joining the hospital club now by Faraz Osman and Paul Robinson and chapter you have any predictions for this exciting new year ahead for us.

Give up and really happens a big story was going to be the reshuffle with Danny going and question marks over what's happening with j and Stuart moving on as well it we're going to see some new big names come in there.

I'm I'm gonna go somewhere to take out and say we're going to see a big American name come to the UK and run one of the channels.

I don't need that there may well be sky my next prediction will be that.

We're going to see a breakout hit from a new publisher at what I mean by that is is high Castle has become a breakout hit for Amazon and Netflix he had to have two cards last year.

I think there's going to be a new player in the market and it's going to surprise all of us and that's going to be a new ground.

Everyone will be talking about with an online Brand and I'm not sure where it's come from actually think that a brand and existing brand itself could could do that wouldn't surprise me if they don't love you no red blood make it so many interesting moves and it wouldn't surprise me if if if a brand like that ended up creating a format that we will be talking about Paul do you agree? That's a real possibility it something that Indies care about something that advertisers care about but actually do you think ad funded programming will ever create the story of the year you know something that people look back across this year and said what the highlight 2016 for me was when you know Pizza Express it is here is a video.

Would call you know we would never believe 2 years ago that we talking about House of Cards and Game of Thrones and knees shows as you're such a huge properties are when they're not on Broadcast television effectively so I think it's unlikely but it is not impossible.

I catch a prediction into the pub for a sport.

Ok, so we are going to see further growth of pay TV in 2016 with another player coming into market and I think they're going to do very big things on that is Vodafone been shopping for the last couple of years buying upset all over Europe and America UK there's no that she bought anything but they will launch this year and I think they're going to very quickly become not if sky scale Virgin Media scale, but probably they were very quickly become the third largest paid to be player in the UK so sort of doing a BT Sports but if if they're not attaching themselves to sport content like BT have how they going to do that, how they make a case for why you should pay them money too well.

They won't be buying Premier League rights, but they're probably actually hurt.

Wholesale take wholesale the sky BT sports channels and what Vodafone have his 7 million customers in the UK to make this interesting and I'm going to say the opposite.

I think we're going to lose some pay-tv some some big-name pay TV channels musicians out there.

I don't know which one it is and I don't want to come sit here and claim that that one is more vulnerable than the others but I think that there's too many of them out there and there's there's too much choice and I think that the one is going to is going to have problems in a similar way that that Yahoo have suffered from the search engine Wars of the early 2000s think that we're going to see somebody Fallout from the from the pay-tv walls get talktalk's going to be looking a bit Paradise at this stage has knit pullover.

I'll go away for us.

Wouldn't talk is got a particular customer segment which is the the blue-collar low-cost segment no one else is serving that's kind instead.

They want higher arpu Sono TalkTalk will continue in that segment and I'll continue to be a number.

For number 5 player thing is totally disagree with you and see you may be right.

I may be wrong.

I think Rosa gonna see players in this country spreading out overseas.

I think we'll see at least one of the big players in this country are moving into other markets because they want to halt the advance of Netflix in the reason for that is Netflix his buying power is getting to big pool if you got anything radio wise for us by the way the radio was going to be acquired by the power or global I was wrong about that you think might happen this year except.

I was so the party right because UTV radio will cease to exist this year as Nancy because you TV television was sold to ITV and of course the brand is not gonna be allowed for use by the radio assets than been left behind I still think there's that it will go somewhere and now they're party from the television network, I think they are going to be too small sitting on their own.

And they will end up being acquired but I need that be to Audacious for Global to buy but they seem like brand would have to go to better if they're going anywhere.

I don't think I've got more and more resources.

I think probably global is the favourite to to acquire them if it regulation allows it, and what does that mean then for the new talk radio because they be arrival to LBC if they had met someone else well.

That's the other point Mini's new brands on digital to are going to have pretty small distribution.

I think they're going to struggle.

They're going to have very very tough time and I suspect that some of those brands will not make it be on this year and of course if my boss is racing what I mean, of course is that they will provide no rival to LBC at all quite clearly after as another prediction.

This is particularly seeing brands move away from being radio brasov magazine brands with television brands that I think that things like that you mention LBC if there's no reason as we were talking earlier off there about the rise of LBC on.

Facebook via video and I think the we're going to see more and more these radio Browns doing video work on on social networks and ending on the flip side of that we're going to see more magazines doing podcast and we're going to see more magazines.

You know it wouldn't surprise me if the wire TV show popped up on on some what would probably be something like Apple TV where it can be a Channel apps on its own space so I think we're going to see a lot of blurring the lines of of this this feeling the magazine Brown can only be a magazine Branning Esquire TV is launching next year as well and we're going to see lots more of that wear wear these big brands for want of a beautiful what a better word is going to be media Brands across different types of mediums Paul let's look over what you predicted for 2015 radio ones audience and ours will continue to decline and it's video content will not be the right strategy pretty good job.

I mean radio ones has continued to go down and will continue to go down this year in a 2 million YouTube subscribers.

He's ok, but it's not even in the top 20 ice think that's enough.

Been compared to an audience of 11 million south of a long way to go on the video stretching the reason is there's nothing on there.

That's really compelling you know you know DJs subduing staff for sitting on wrecking balls satisfying.

It's not enough.

You said there will be a new female presenter on either Radio 2 or 5 live in a hole schedule shake up at five live but not necessarily particularly prominent female presenter.

No not really I think I failed on this one really I mean Anna Foster and Sudan we've got two day time slots, but they haven't got the same to the profile, so I think actually more work to do controllers Radio 2 Radio 5 Live to find some new female town happening BBC local radio, but not haven't really on the networks Google or YouTube or moving to higher end content with a paid subscription model you're right about that.


They've done that sort of sort of you know YouTube red.

Does that mean you two kids does that they will continue I think to move in subscription.

It's a great source of revenue.

What's nice, but it is it's recurring revenue unlike advertising you never comes in every month very nice business model.

Followed by BT mobile services will become a much bigger thing.

He has been รท BT BT and EE will disappear is a brand new in 2016 and of course the amount of consumption on mobile devices has massively increased and will continue to increase in 2016 so I can I get 2 points for that one OK no no no I'm glad because I wanted you to be extra smoke that I could hit you with this ok Bake-Off will be on the decline with audiences around 2 to 3 million times more than totally but I think they will start to think home bakery is passed its PCO well behaved BBC BBC Hawkins trying to knock out to those used to suck up two together licence fee settlement been wrong footed a couple of times but no major banana skins a conservative safe BBC we want to risk taking.

You say but that two licence for you've got a conservative well behaved BBC I think that's exactly what's happened.

I keep strong defence up for what you said last year, so we will revisit these predictions next year when they win Bake Off is finally dead now.

They'll be dead next year to climb frazzles minutes time to put your 2015 predictions under the microscope of truth in 2014 new claims that in 2015 we would see quote a lot of change are also claimed.

No more elimination formats.

We're over that.

I think that's correct and within a lot of old formats that continuing to go along.

Are you know? I think it goes onto one of my other predictions are made and I think that is our story has been divorce the fact about swapping broadcasters, but there's eliminations well.

I certainly the X Factor is in Decline and we haven't seen that with that.

I can think of we haven't seen you in a minute informer commission that big ITV

That was commissioned from Israel what was it called that was yeah that when you said this is the other hair prediction that you're leading to their there's a new War for Saturday night entertainment some exciting new formats will be unveiled some more fail, but there will be one breakout hit that hasn't happened really know that says she's alright abysmal that have imagine imagine.

There's lots of development Going On Behind the Scenes you've seen rising star earlier and that im quite work.

It's it feels suspicious to me that ITV of taken on The Voice format because that suggest to me that they don't they haven't found something that they think is going to work Saturday night continues to be a difficult basin and actually it feels like a lot people of doubling down on drama is a way to to fit that.

I just thought of quite a big format that sort of came into its own last year and has elimination it that Bear Grylls Island one.

That's great.


Well sort of people leave the island, because they collapsed exhaust scares people.

What's more music programming on television tonight apple music has seen a lot more music content in that space as well and and Spotify and apple and and now Pandora and and all these guys are doing some interesting stuff whether it's Media TV programming is Ceasar? Although we have seen the return of TFI Friday which is you know you could argue they say it is a music formats.

It's a return.

I don't know if it's new but there didn't seem to be brisa.

Going out for the BBC at the moment about you big midi programming so hopefully it might not be quite a year-long prediction, but it's so I'm going to fail 18 month prediction accuracy some music you think that kind of Sherwood might look like wellies.

What would you like if you were running the BBC

EBay because it's got a big brand name behind it actually what we need to see you is more programming.

That's that's less about experiences at seen elsewhere be at music festivals of concerts and and more need a pregnant.

It's made bespoke for television.

That's what I think a lot of customers want to see and and if you look at what you'll see what we did with four to the floor and and probably more famously what Coldplay of them is something like ghost stories.

It's it's very well planned for through visual music content and that's what I want to see more of because I think that you want to have it something that you can actually watch and feel like you're getting a better experience by watching the content rather than just listening to it and finally you said the quote more verticals channels as brands diminishing and verticals like music arts and entertainment becoming a bigger thing music awards and their their commissioning as a music space rather than as part of a channel.

I do think the BBC arts hasn't cut through in a way that a lot of people expected it to I still feel again.

How's your BBC Three and things reading online the people going to navigate online content via genres and not via BBC1 BBC2 BBC3 BBC4 that's gonna be less and less and and people are going to kick on drama or entertainment or arts and more and more and moc a reshuffle of how we pg's and and online graphic interfaces are put together as a result of that, but when I mean let's say the end of this year there will be in as powerful the brand identity for BBC Entertainment as there is for BBC Sport BBC Sport is an a channel Disney channel could BBC channel BBC News channel to BBC Sport a powerful stand-alone? I don't see I mean I'm not interested in sport but I can picture the bloke sitting in front of the other logos Salford factors.

That doesn't end up being a vertical visitor visa vertical but not on television point if you you can't click on BBC Sport as part of the top of the iPlayer and I think he will be able to

During the SIA I'm surprised you're not able to do that now, but it's it's going to happen has to happen because that's how warm is my navigate content let's return in January 2017 for her.

You can tell me how long you ever sit.


That's it for this special edition of the media podcast we're gonna take a little break now till February or at least until we can raising money to make another full episode just stay subscribed to us will download as soon as it's ready.

That's how the technology works 210 2dmedia to find out how today's show is dedicated to Richard Smith Philip Mansel are Larsson Nicholas Warner and someone who only goes by the name the big shot at similarly these wonderful people should be lauded for setting up recurring payments.

Thank you at that will hopefully allow us to continue making this show longtime massive thanks to Alan Norris Richard home John Owen Peter Hermann and Paul Thompson and David Gregory who would like to dedicate his cash to the by Maggie Browning

TV before every recording sub-fund very wise to join these swelling ranks and keep us on the air go to the media dedicate and support the show thank you very much.

I've been olieman the producer Matt Hill the media podcast is a PPM production until next time Happy New Year ABBA

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