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Read this: #39 - The Voice leaves the Beeb - The Media Podcast with Olly Mann

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#39 - The Voice leaves the Beeb - The Me…

Hello there before we start this week's program.

Can I just say massive massive? Thank you to everyone who donated cash since our last episode and especially to those of you who selected our new regular payment options are at you can now donate a little bit of money or a lot of money.

Should you so wish on an ongoing basis the media podcast / dedicate go there join the ranks of our supporters and you'll ensure that will be here.

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Give generously and then press play knowing that you have supported this show and made it happen for those that have donated stand by you get a dedication at the end of the show.

I'm just saying that now she can prepare yourself.

It's very exciting is that hello and welcome to the media podcast I'm only man on today's show with spinny chair talent show the voice rumoured to be leaving the big is it?

Win for the rivals at ITV2 BBC store launches online and Pamela to download every single episode of Casualty digest the latest newspaper figures we discuss the winners and losers in the Christmas advertising Wars and we make one final place to stand up for the Freedom of Information Act that's all coming up on today's Media podcast I'm joining me this Friday morning at the hospital club and it really is moaning at it is 9 a.m.

Which is the earliest we've ever recorded iPod to everyone says a bit gravely coffee is on the go.

I'm on the last two celebrated Media professionals at the first folder medias creative director and all-round radio guy Matt Deegan hello Matt good morning.

Good morning.

How you doing very well.

So much and you're awake all the time at the moment genuinely pretty much we all feel really sorry for 9 in the morning is not.

Taller than usual time to do anything in anyone else's job industry into the ground.

You know when exciting things are afoot in lightness.

What should we be knowing about this week that I like what capital Xtra have done with the mobile app.

They have a new function that you're listening to the radio station that and you want to skip one of the broadcast songs.

Are you can and it pops you into a kind of substream of all the songs that kind of coming up on the radio station and it's nice and clever and it's clean version 1 and the handing back to the lifestream.

Isn't really there yet, but I'm sure they'll get there with it, but we know that people like skipping songs and why shouldn't really stations work out how to let people skip jeans.

That's a really clever idea, but can you get the other stuff? They don't want you just get can you skip the host and can you skip the ads at the moment you can then? I'm at some point you better be able to that is good start and I think it's a good way to rethink actually what a radio station.

Is you know it's if you skip.

Out of life into on demand you still get presenter intros to songs as well, so they've just gonna recorded bits on to the bits and it discolour well done.

Then well done capital Xtra playlist heavy station like capital Xtra at the hardwood put on Radio 2 master skip hop Bath to give me Lashings of Beverley Craven Alex would have you spotted this week, but it's the one year anniversary of economist espresso.

It's just gone over 1 million subscribers it should expect and it's a morning briefing on your on your phone at about 6 in the morning.

Give or take an umbrella awake at 6 a.m.

And It just gives you 7 stories of here is the world as The Economist Caesar in the morning.

So it's something we've what's the correct way of saying this now.

It's only love we stole it.

We've been creatively inspired by that was some of the stuff that metros working on because it's just a brilliant brilliant idea of a very digestible very quick very simple summary of what is happening.

In the world what the complication that it seems to me with all of these news digest products whether it's an app that you actually pay for like The Economist or whether it's actually just one of those morning briefing to get an email.

I get the media Guardian want to get the Telegraph politics one in a way extends their brand into your life, but in another way it stops you buying the paper even more doesn't it mean you're getting it for free you getting a new in but I don't think I would regularly visit the Telegraph website before that Telegraph politics brief it came out and now I'm way more likely to visit this site and I clearly made it through the email not even that just that they're awareness of the brand.

I think it's because of the effort goes into that that email briefing is a lot of effort.

I didn't the comprehensiveness of that briefing is brilliant and original Telegraph I will check them out.

I think we like people who give us value and it does need to be more than a list of links that used to be some contacts there as well like people who help us out.

Do you have any morning briefing that you like to know but I get quite a few now weekly emails so Benedict Evans so kind of tech analyst British guy but now in Silicon Valley does a really great one each week and it's a few of those I was at the time it comes from those coming out of Sunday evening and I think working out when to receive those things is quiet in to think that I don't know machines and algorithms that can tell the average time that an audience may will open the email and send an email to 3 minutes before they were most likely to open that inbox.

That's becomes a little bit frightening the great Friars speaking of the science of distribution.

Let's move on to our first story at which is all about the voice which feel like I've said far too much on this show.

It's just the same as just become this absolutely kind of the what's the opposite of a cause celeb.

I don't know if something hanging around the BBC's neck anyway ITV having recently bought talpa Media which of course owns The Voice would have been a win-win.

To them either way, even if the BBC have signed up to have the voice for two more years, but it looks increasingly likely as we know that the show is going to next air on ITV so they own the format and now they're going to run the show as well plugging a gap in the Channel Saturday night line-up Sam a others say Matt do we need another singing contest on ITV on the whole point was this was the BBC's version of it.

Yes, I feel bad because personal opinion looks like it has always seemed the colour of also ran off the vote of people world.

I'm sure method BBC are celebrating the fact.

They no longer have to say that if this is public service when it clearly isn't ITV get it, but the bit this in I think it just in case they get a kid's version as well.

I'm actually would will that be the one that's that you get people's interests bring back was it was Tiny Pops that awful Channel 4 theme from the past that feels like a show that context is now.

I'm sure it won't be.

Like that but a bit people like the idea of it have been a kid he keeps on Prince Got Talent and most of things so maybe the voice Juniors will will be asleep quite strong the voice hasn't survived to it doesn't it's more positive that the feedback isn't it and that the contestants tend not to be put through the emotional wringer to quite an extent so maybe it's it feels a bit less uncomfortable format after the third round there.

She feels more BBC and I think that's a scary thing about it.

Where is the X Factor is this you know will shout we'll make confusing faces that you will point will throw insults at You The Voice is very much.

Hello where your friend can we be your friend? Can we have a very nice time at all not even look at you before we judge you and II it moves to ITV the reason to BBC haven't done the young person's one is because of the worry of the pressure that in that some children which is the BBC been exactly what the BBC should be having duty of care.

II go to itv children children can get us viewings.

How do we go about?

Maximizing our audience is not about this.

It's think about it a different way for a commercial broadcaster for all children Soulchild celebrities turned out perfectly functional normal in a well-adjusted human being messed up to the roof interviewed a few of them for a piece I was working and they're engaging and interesting and they make a great article.

I wouldn't take your particular point of view.

Let's talk about the BBC and weather now.

We've remove this stick that people were beating them with whether that means there in the clear the problem.

Is they have an actually got assassinate entertainment formats mind the gap with so they gonna need something and I know there is always something good to new things here.

I'll have a go at before we move on from talking about telly.

We will talk about Voice last episode moving into broadcast TV and this strikes me as the kind of things.

Should be asking both of you say let's briefly do that.

What do you reckon two voices TV channel yet, so I wrote a thing on a medium actually that the other week and clearly this energy with A&E have invested into intervoice interxion holding last year.

I might have got a sweet deal on the distribution of it if I was looking at it.

There is no way advice broadcast and log in effect TV channel can be a success the kids who like buy some watching television cold cutting all that kind of stuff if I'm voice.

I wouldn't care if we got an amazing deal at it's going to find a load more video content which can be on my website.

It's in your teacher talk to advertisers again across the web and the TV channel any have a sexy product to sell even though probably only watch and I think be going through it and I think it will stay little bit longer than that.

I think it's format might change they think it might move a little bit more in a semi the BBC Three is moving while he's becoming message to Channel think eventually will end up there.

But Voice have an incredibly clever business model and they understand the power of having an analogue channel as a a place to get revenue people still paying way more 4 TV then I would say to be there should be his people die from a cup of tea JD adverts.

They don't engage with the words online.

You haven't tailored you haven't personalising exactly what you want and by somebody works the content partnerships at a brilliant.

There are very rarely programs advice extremely news lost leader that aren't brought to you by a very expensive products that I paid a lot of money to have their product placed in that format and it's next Eynsham of that which I think will be profitable will not last long.

I'm not sure but it it will be a clever.

It's a clever business idea completely agree that the digital sales angled.

It's kind of good news, but anyway he's going to really consume the analog products.

Chilli did you just sit on the final one quick pick up on that you were saying that you know the kids who what device with the treasure you would move on I wonder and obviously that's relevant to your radio station fun kids for exams literally that you cannot tolerate listening to children's music as an age where you love it how I think it is only going to entertain young people with it as the BBC attempt I would also be most mediabrands age with their audience kind of what they want to or not and so millennials most as they grow up.

I'm sure we'll stay alongside a yeah.

It's such an excellent content creator and it's your well-funded all those things they do the trick voice brands to try and remain useful while studying sage advice is already stopped being a bespoke youth Brando think vice news is still in the cheerleading in foreign news coverage.

No one is inside and Syria in the same way the vice news are no one was inside Ukraine in the same way vice news has been.

I think any other journalism any other network managed to get kidnapped at some point so they're taking more risks, but I think that strengthen their Brand and it brings you to Almost Radio 4 audience.

It's that quality of coverage that let's let's move on from all these newfangled new media stuff and talk about newspapers remember them at the ABC out on Thursday and that's the Audit Bureau of circulation fact fans.

They compile stats on the newspaper industry including online traffic so come back via series Alex let's start with the online stuff because your paper the Metro at is the fastest growing newspaper site in Britain muscle yay.

Thank you very much.

Are you are you directly responsible for the emergence of course? I thought I was I take full responsibility for the ridiculous hard work afternoon.

I think we had a struggle in September sending is partly that and I think we've spent the last few months working on things in and out now slowly beginning to take effect so we've doubled our social team size because social media is

Internet we're about to I didn't quadruple a video team size once again because video is becoming internet and our team is growing and growing quickly which I'm so excited about because it means I might get more sleep not for the moment, but it's just down to Goodge Amazon that is seeded and put in the right places, but it seems to me of all the major newspaper brands metro is is one of the blandest in brand terms that it doesn't it does very well, but it doesn't it doesn't give you a free product with the news without too much of an attitude about it.

Does that work on mine is there a place for that online when we've got the BBC I'm going to be very very powerful and speak very slowly now.

I think the paper product and the digital product are two different things so we run separately as a different of the toilet owns.

There is more of an editorial terminal line because when you're commuting you don't want to have your views.

On you because that's not with the Metro should know is.

Doing a digitally I think the blank canvas is among the most attractive things you people think of metal digitally think of how it's it's metro.

It's it's a thing that doesn't quite mean anything yet, so the chance to come in and shape that and what it become so it becomes so it's queues younger than metro paper and it develops this very unique voice of you.

Spent months and months working on getting exactly right and there was so slowly pushing out so by the new year all of us staff should be in place and the audience surveys.

No love your years research should be back and went.

You should hopefully start seeing metro even more in your feeds as time goes on so hopefully you think you're probably correct about it being down the middle and we don't want to start this partisan vote somebody about somebody else as other newspapers do even digitally that sometimes.

It's horrible, but it's taking those views and often those opinions and trying to resonate with an audience.

If you're cheap digital Alex what else did you notice you know from your rivals one of the interesting things is mirrors second month struggling.

I think the Guardian are still growing strong and I think the Guardian are producing a very thorough business model that is sustainable and his groin and I think the Telegraph and Malcolm he's a new digital Direct evaluation and his new anymore.

He's had been about a year.

You can see his changes and it's so the new head of training content is starting next week at Telegraph and how the Horton who is Gemma said what with before as part of a training team and you can see exactly where their aspirations are to move into content which is not traditionally Telegraph because the Telegraph audience of taking a little bit of time getting used to it.

You can see that leg, but you can see now that slowly getting used to it and it's a strength to the Telegraph because they have a very comprehensive from the very young and the skewed end of trending and the small social side of it right through to the political briefing that were.

Talked about earlier of acid Bennett spending 4 hours in the morning writing a lot of words for a much older skewed audience, what about print then that seems to be a familiar story here success in print is managing the rate of decline to Penny's vs.

Analogue pounds I have to reinvent your model and reinvent your content at the same time is it with the sun's transition 2 paywall back out of paintball again as it relies? It's actually not being online as affected.

It's an analogue take up because you're not part of it, but the conversation anymore are there any success stories in print? We should be focusing on I have still the potential to be a huge success and so there's so many different arguments in your hair greenslade particularly talk about this time and time again in the Guardian series The Guardian columnist about VI

I am surprised and it's a case of if the Independent doesn't exist or didn't exist or had his budget cut the I would struggle because of it, but because there is a belief that the paper becomes even more of a paper of record that in the same way as economist espresso is that morning briefing of here is what happened yesterday.

The paper is more and more be coming here is a thing that happened yesterday and you want that in the 20 minutes.

It takes you to get to work and because I so cheap and so well put together and well Thought Out it is surviving better than the others and also an element.

They haven't got all that to the baggage of the past.

I think I lots of newspapers.

Yeah the brands to do carry quite a bit of baggage living here.

I'm saying the same thing that they said we're talking about the economy.

I actually as it happened.

Got given a free copy of The Independent on Saturday and in.

I think by era was a copy of the eye so I have them both and I read them side by side on a Saturday cos I was curious to see what have they left out from the independent from the eye and it was nothing but it was all this is not like that even Janet Street porters.

Call him and that kind of thing was in the eye as well as in The Independent and it was laid out better and it was more engaging and I thought well I'll Never by The Independent or just buy the cheaper one that can oblige now in audience only now.

You've said that it may be home later.

So if you get the morning papers every morning as we do you notice the obvious similarities if you the person that only buys one paper.

You're never gonna notice that you keep by an independent because you see it as more reputable and the I even though it's the same paper so if you're an independent Trader listening to this you're wasting ATP as an independent.

Ford independent before but it's a brand which appeals more to them even though the content is the same potential by definition is the possibility of achieving more in the fast-paced world of digital advertising Oracle data cloud has built its Legacy on finding the signal through the noise on unlocking potential we bring together data and technology to help you better understand your audience where to best engage them and how to measure a tool to realise true potential Oracle data cloud where better outcomes begin visit Oracle data cloud.

Come to learn more got plans for the long weekend.

You could get your friends round for drinks maybe even your first barbecue of it's not too chilly.

Why not don't forget the brancott estate Marlborough sauvignon blanc.

From reading they said was too chilly for growing but the pioneering winemakers of brancott estate didn't listen.

They were the first to plant in Melbourne New Zealand for decades and a bunch of Awards later.

It is Christmas dresses ever look out for a new colourful limited edition bottles in stores now.

Enjoy responsibly and after a few years of declining DVD sales the BBC has launched an online store for its commercial sales.

They're calling it the BBC store inventively, how does it work? It works exactly as you'd expect you would go online and you can download to keep something.

It's sort of why haven't they managed to be able to launch this? It's a very simple products.

It's clearly has some development plan, but that is no previews and videos I was really surprised so if you want to get a preview of that pointless episode from 3 years ago.

Just thought you pay £1.49 for it.

You can't so much and that's coming.

The past isn't im getting it on there and they should have something which you can buy anything that's proved to be on the BBC of course as always issue of pay for this already has a licence for your power.

Why am I having to pay for it again, but you know writes the world all that kind of stuff being the answer and it's a fair comparison.

Isn't it that in the 80s and 90s people used to get their Dad's for Christmas the Only Fools and Horses box set used to pay for that then even though they paid for it before and it was on telly.

This is just the modern equipped get a credit card size of voucher from Tesco's that allows the dad to buy a selection of Only Fools episodes of course we've had the BBC store if you work in media as part of BBC Redux pretty much is the cheap free version for people who work with the BBC and Alex the BBC say I'm a bit by stay cos I like I say I'm just Justified by the BBC story exist as well.

I think they're perfect just the same as DVD sales the BBC say, it's not in competition with Netflix and Amazon Prime is there a

The argument that in fact it is in this is the wrong think them today.

No genuinely not think the BBC is underfunded for the amount of stuff it produces and so they have to the reason a doctor who sells World by the reason at Top Gear has sold worldwide is not because they're somehow altruistic and want to go around the world showing their content is because they need to subsidize licence fee which isn't high enough for the volumes.

So it makes absolute perfect sense that they need to make a board money in what did Tim Davie said they're not selling console abroad would add £10 extra to the licence fee.

I've always said that the BBC needs to evolve to a new model as I think even if you licence fee support of the concept of her attacks that you have to pay as you go to jail is surely something but that can't survive forever actually didn't BBC store they really scale it has pretty much everything at the point in which a subscription came in and eternally month or 15 months if that became a Netflix type service capsule be quite attractive for the

People say convert from from licence fee payers in that sense, they would then potentially be pulling their content off the other video-on-demand services went there and actually I as a customer would probably spend an extra £10 a month to any BBC product became your licence fee equivalent if you don't have a licence fee that is mandatory will be at yours regressive taxes taxing the Pall Mall relatively speaking which is an entirely different conversation, but you lose a lot of the BBC's Trust contact hours not here today, but her spirit is in the written a move on to foi because what we've been talking about this and every episode because it is important as basic the government trying to stop journalists getting facts from the government public consultation on the Freedom of Information Act ends next week as make sure you get your responses in if this message to you.

There's a link at vmedia Alex

Few organisations have defended the Freedom of Information act as it stands at pie Michael Sheen what have they been save this week? I think Michael shit what what was the exact quote from Michael Sheen he was saying that it's a massive of front on the on the rights of people to find out what is going on behind closed doors and he makes perfect sense that local newspapers because they don't have the time and Resources to spend 6 weeks out in the field trying to find the right person speaks about some fraud, but you send an foi request and a month later you get back the best story of ever had if you look at lots of melamine very big on this if you look at the story that was released I think also buy the Oxford Mail about David Cameron that's we could produce almost a smoking gun about the cuts to government and the cast of councils that doesn't happen without a lot of Intrepid journalism and Miss existing and because I spend too much time on Twitter Gerry Hassan who I follow.

Twitter it cost 9 million pounds a year to the government of the government census a massive massive Carson it's horrible and we can't possibly justify the smell of expenditure 9 million forever.

Why they spent 290 million pounds on advertising last year as a comparison which that excuse just not stand up fa, why is not an expense to the government? They can't sustain and it's vital for the transparency of government and it's vital for the robustness of reporting that we can make those requests and we can ask that bit of information Eros piece of reporting rumours and reporting things that we've had and reporting things that are sources say rather than getting the data or the facts or the the smoking gun behind that that is the most passionate defensive the foi system that you're here with the sound of the hospital club cleaners in the background open up for business mod have a few on this if you sign the petition and I will go and have a look at the meat and have a look at it.

I think the other bit is about Spring

Just to data me this day to existing government systems and yeah a lot of the work gds are doing and going with and to make this data available also helps helps.

Do that unless some questions about igds is funding going going forward to do you the right things for the public and it should absolutely be part of that too.

Ok? Let's talk radio now culture minister.

Ed vaizey has announced a review of commercial radio regulation am at what is this about what he looking into something interesting thing that did commercial radio says every so often we would like less regulation.

Please have long as well.

Of course you would say that wouldn't you and there's an element of truth in that however there's also a thing about if you on analogue radio station or if you a digital radio station so if I'm an analogue radio station in Bournemouth I may have got my son licence by committing to some local content back in probably 1015 years ago rep show all I can use it and things that.

Harder and harder to fund her cos my business model of change because of the world has happened, where is if I have a digital radio station in Bournemouth on on DAB I have no none of those local rules and that those commitments and see you could say that a smaller operator on the heritage format who already is finding it difficult is very over regulated and so what this review is is coming looking all of those questions and finding is there a balance for the exchange of three spectrum for public good.

So please like local this and only at that right radio is the most I think the most regulated of all the mass Media's but it is regulated because we know that listeners do like that.

Don't mind Alex you're not a London born and bred boy.

Are you when you go back home? Do you value your local breakfast and drive time show on your local commercial station or do not care frankly I don't care so much because I believe that hyperlocal and local content exists on the internet.

The reason if I want to find out exactly what's happening my postcode I can do so there and if you look at the audience data of any local radio station excuse hugely the older end of the audience because most of the younger audience have found that like hyperlocal blogs like in London you have the E5 Clapton dog you have dolce nursery of all of these brilliant different microsites working round and radio as a broadcast mechanism doesn't fit if you want to local local news you search out.

You don't expect to sort of habit told to you, but it's not as that is his hearing your local accent on the breakfast show that it is but do you have to have that exactly from your area? There is always an issue with that in use being kind of made in the reasons that you hear it.

Will what if a hob 20 miles away can do that more efficiently and provide staff with development prospects and a more interesting work environment that produces betting used some of those things have happened have been very successful and global get a lot of crap about.

Happy they do you like listen, but I know that by closing down from the buildings and having some things together.

It's produced in much better environment for a lot of that work anything bad news.

I don't think even some of the radio station to would want to get out of it, but they deliver it might want to change so if you're in a small radio station you may in the daytime you maybe the journalist and the newsreader which means you're kind of attached to your desk at the top of every hour until your ability to report is reduced whereas if the Reading comes from somewhere else you can do reporting or you can do it for digital because it for the website as well.

I think that's the thing that need to look at in the round and I'm just briefly I mean you talked about the rage as the radio ratings for us last episode.

What is the Matt Deegan state of commercial radio view at the moment, please pretty good actually.

I think the disgusting really well.

This is national commercial radio show success of digital DAB internet mobile has Madeleine be safe have a larger audience.

Physio, Kisstory over a millionth LBC nationally now launcher radio Exeter stations with the money into the content that's really well distributed the people can pick up people consuming more radio and it means the radio as product is better the stations that actually losing out as a local ILR stations you for a long time did partly well by being the source of the least worst option in the market.

Do you know it was a broad mainstream station in the middle of Leicester or Manchester or or or wherever there a lot of people came to and therefore difficult to be all things to all people ok one final story before the quiz at UTV are selling off their loss-making TV business to ITV know what you're thinking.

They call you TV and they're sending off the TV bit but they are this means that ITV1 may have 13 of the 15 regional licences for Channel 3 in the UK at Alex can you name the other two?

What are the two that ITV don't own it's a frequent oil Direct but Mathieu TV still managing to keep hold of over there radio business which is quite a big deal.

Yes, he TV in some ways to small businesses there the TV arm they have a UTV Northern Ireland which is that the one actually has been a profitable TV station, but they were recently launched a channel for the Republic of Ireland on the equivalent of Freeview that's been harder.

What they do have in in Northern Ireland Ireland's a commercial radio stations have a lot of lo30 Nothing local radio stations in the UK so things like signal radio talkSPORT Sandra about to launch.

Talk radio talkSPORT 2 as well.

She got a national radio business a lucrative business Irish really business question is will they just carry on as a radio operator or is the sale of the television of precursor to them selling off?

Just a bit I'm actually be transferred STV will sell off their TV network try to be seem slimmer and slimmer Now doesn't it because they are one of the few success stories in local television teacher made it work apparently people in Glasgow like watching my local TV station.

Yeah, I think I should actually by having a good parent company that has a lot of infrastructure already.

It's probably not see the marginal costs, but a lower cost of delivering high quality program England and other people I think the UTV then she plays does what happens next they talked about putting up their local radio stations for sale.

That's kind of seemingly gone away juice result to Global Radio going to become capital we think but the big elephant in the room power versus global the talkSPORT business the national radio business and maybe the local stations could finally bad home with Balham it would bring them almost par with them with Global to that's the probably want to watch for 2016 ok with that might be the elephant in the room for you for me.

It's but I've got 5 minutes to go till I get to try the eggs Florentine here, which I

Mojacar Forum very excited at just before we go it is time for the media quiz this week.

It is entitled.

It's Christmas at the hard work of advertising execs are now coming to our screens, but can you use Alexa Matt guess these adland Media stories from these utterly written cryptic questions quickfire, so you buzzing with your name when you know the answer Alex you will say Alex that you're saying that the winner gets a telescope that lose their get sad blocked his question number one all these companies want for Christmas is deja vu which add line media story is that?

Alex Alex it's a load of different companies running the same Christmas advert because no one quite thought to check that they were the same so they're all getting unwanted christmas gifts.

I think it's is it little is it in Currys that have done the same you're doing very well Currys PC World and level the answer is correct are running very similar Christmas campaigns ads which show people must ring up in Fusey Azam for less than perfect presents.

Can you name the third for a bonus point no fair enough at is Harvey Nicks which to be fair? I don't think I watch a programme of the quality that has Harvey Nichols advertising the ad break as I haven't seen that one vs.

All three of them showing similar it's very good.

He is Christmas Island? Which add is this cryptically referring to?

why this luxury eggnog is the height of Bad Taste

The height of Bad Taste eggnog, it's a web story really am at yes, man.

Is this a retailer who had a very dodgy.

How does in American retailer yes, it is blooming.

Yes, it is very good.

I don't know for your phone is point for it.

So you know we're still on 10:30 Theory quotes bloomingdales in the states have apologise for an ad that appears to make light of day traders make Lloyds Bank your best friend's eggnog when they're not looking through with the eggnog, but the rest of the thing that one of my reporters Road it and was Furious about the fan of this advert actually exists but with a suggesting that you spoke it with something horrible to send more booze some you know Rohypnol gar understand the controversy ok right question on the three.

It's a tie.

It's all to play for it's terribly exciting.

It's Christmas he is question number three who is so badly written, who is Robinson

Toupee mates pay mates, what can rabbits yes man that be PayPal fees PayPal yes, what's the answer? What PayPal may be suggested that certain elements of the Christmas story on correct correct yes, it's OK it implies that Father Christmas is not real.

It doesn't it? Just says the PayPal as a way to buy good sometimes a Christmas present is not in the same with the eggnog thing is date rape.

That is horrible and horrific.

This is it is not an issue at all.

It's just PayPal saying people like buying presents use PayPal but there are a few of these involved isn't that great well done them and then don't spike Santa claus's but also father father Christmas is real and he is presenting on Christmas morning on fun Kids after he's dropped off espresso on the same day Trevor down to five live so there you go.

Macdee, can you are the winner of this week's Christmas congratulations Alex you're the loser, but thank you very much for coming.

I know it's put a damper on the day.

What can I say? Have you had a lovely time you in the media podcast badge androulla set my thanks to Alex Hudson and Matt Deegan you can find all of our previous installments and get new ones downloaded automatically straight to your phone.

Just had TV media today's show is dedicated to be following brilliant brilliant people who have made it happened.

Thank you that you are Anika franke.

God Leo vigoda Michael make Joanna cared and Carol Davenport and also Stephen chandelier who says the media podcast has great guest and intelligent discussions, but only answer me this why can't you be on even more podcasts well Steven funny you mention about myself and producer Matt have been working up a men's magazine.

Show it is called the modern man made of the land that you might want to check that out.

I think it's quite good modern Man or if you want to support the next episode of the media podcast and help keep us going and get more prayers from me then go to the media podcast Ofcom / dedicate at thank you to those of you as well who on Twitter pointed out the we should have big banners saying please donate money right on homepage.

We now do I've been only man the producer is Matt Hill the media podcast is a PPA production and it till next time.

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