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Read this: #36 - Radio Festival 2015 - The Media Podcast with Olly Mann

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#36 - Radio Festival 2015 - The Media Po…

Hello beloved Media podcast listeners all look we got some special intimate space just you and I I want to have a one-on-one meeting with you before the show starts this week and that's because we've run out of money.

If you're like me and you're employed within this great Media industry, then you'll know that we put a lot of work into this show it's free to download it isn't free to produce the team but guests write my script pick out the most interesting stories of the week and managed to purloin for your pleasure.

Great talks like Amanda Iannucci the other week talk about the future of the BBC format Kelly on the local press.

That is what this show is all about and we want to keep going and keep it as strong as it currently is and the media quiz just by itself.

Obviously involves weeks of research.

So you want then there's a lot of work involved and if we need to continue doing it which I think you'll agree we need to then we're going to need your support this week.

We set up a target.

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Thank you and this week's say hello.

And welcome to the media podcast I'm only man on today's show we taking in the sights and sounds of the radio festival 2015 so obviously it's mostly that sounds I'll speak to the present is producers and journalist that make your daily dose of good morning pop figures including breakfast broadcasted from absolute LBC and Radio 4 there will be on hand to discuss the gossip from this is talking shop including Paul Gambaccini palace year with operation Yewtree strategy chief James clavell's Defence of the BBC and white rolls are people too.

That's all coming up on this week's Media podcast this year is with me now in the Green Room that's exciting as it is although it's the one place where the sandwiches aren't and I think it's exactly the sort of problem you have a green room and you come off wanting a sandwich and there isn't one because the sound is a way.

Sandwiches are really we should be there on it.

You're a very polite and gentlemanly presents but here you are actually using the media to complain to the bosses here.

You know you've got the gig hosting O'Reilly festival be hungry sandwiches yet.

No, I'm shocked and also I'm in the X come to London has been held in Salford for the last million years and you always fear.

Don't you that you're going to look metropolitan and a boring London bunch of chatter as you only know to talk about the tube so they really try but the schedule to make it look about listeners and about international people and covering the UK and using the archive and sort they've got off to a great start getting the radio academies had its problems over the last few years which we documented exhaustively in This podcast bit-by-bit.

What is the important role in your view and having a festival fashion in the way we talk about technology, but what's the point of having a festival a conference where people get together in a room who work in the same industry.

Well, if it's boring done.

I mean and there's nothing worse than men normally.

Is here and radio programmes talking to other men who run radio programme so boring fast was got no point but we know that all of us it in life are loving live events.

We go to more concerts.

We go to most films.

We like to get out more they said it would be the death of cinema so if radio can't hold him interesting live event it might as well.

Give up until I think the point is a great festival is needed if it's interesting and live because that's how people swap ideas, so I have a problem with the red Academy as well.

I'm hurting this for free because I care about the radio but if I had to sit through another of their Award Ceremony that lasted 8 million hours at which I never won anything either pulled my eyes out so I mean Awards Awards the Great Library festival.

Yes, please and you think that's changing their do you think the New Look Radio Academy Awards when we get there might be different as well to that black tie dinner that used to be held in the Grave well.

I hate the Awards are used to.

Ask my colleagues.

Please don't answer my programs.

I don't want to go in that room.

I don't want to eat their dreadful food.

I don't want to watch the smug winners.

I don't want to watch the disappointed loses eye at unique cleaning my room at work at Radio 4.

I said for God's sake don't put anything of mind forward for a Radio Academy Award and that useful explains Oli white never 110 cable one thing that this festival is good for and I think this is indicated by the fact that the whole thing kicked off with a session on networking with Helen Bowden from BBC News is networking you got people who work for all the different major radio groups and I know there aren't as many as they used to be Community Radio people who even work in hospital radio and podcasts and stuff meeting the big cheeses at the BBC in the Globe when everything else, what are your networking tips at these events Daddy do you like to put yourself about the room or do you think actually even that is a little bit awkward at times? I think it's really important.

I've been already.

I think the 17 year old pupil at the BRIT School Lauren who spoke in the session has probably.

On herself radio favours to buy just been so great at this conference Christian O'Connell really switch people onto his style and he had to do you know how to take a real risk in doing so stand-up turn and also John Holmes Meadow fabulous video that is up there with anything.

I see Charlie Brooker do so Talent will always out and I think you're young bursary student who is here? You should be hustling you should be meeting the people if I was 17.

I have got the sandwiches in here and I'm serious because some of these people in here a very important and there weren't any sandwiches in here and I'm only speaking as someone who's done this myself at radio station.

Why don't the teenagers make tea? Why do they always want to be straight on the radio make a sodding cup of tea and take it to the man who runs signal FM it's going to do you good but some of them a 2 gram for work.

So I think they should be much more hustling on him teenagers people like me.

I want more work.

Yes, it should be a lively conference full of adults and interesting people trying to get.

Things moving otherwise don't hold it don't come don't pay very good point 4 controller of radio 1 Ben Cooper sitting in the corner of this room as we speak tapping on his own make-up artistry of the teenage.


Is there I hope they listen to This podcast don't stop your plate anymore go over there to Ben Cooper and sharp something up his face.

I mean really help of this.

What's happened to the teenager.

That's what I used to do.

There are some sandwiches in the Press room if you like me to go get you something there.

I'm going to go down the call and buy them they put the clearly aren't any time just for us know.

I just think there's been so much work done to make this conference.

You know work by a small amount of people that they've had a huge result because their content at the heart of it.

You know they really have so if you are associated artists in a support function at the age of 17 you know just do what you can have your Connell there a joining me today in the British Library is.

Radio veteran Trevor Dann thank you so the Man Who banned status Quo from Radio 103, you know that's not true they said they want you they made in the 1990s did not fit in with radio ones music quality of the time.

Would you still be making that decision in 2015 bearing in mind John whittingdale is a massive quote fat.

Well, if I was running Radio 1 now.

I'd be having status Quo specials and inviting witters in to take part in an independent producer and also indeed arrival podcast because you couldn't the radio today podcast of the one this week with the American yes actually that's two weeks ago joining my friend azusa.

Hello Ollie lovely to see you fresh off the stage having just spoken to Paul Gambaccini I will talk about that in just a moment but he will be on phone not to give you a plug people can hear you if they set the alarms for what time stupid o clock but I'm on from 6:30 in the morning sweet day is Monday through Friday she has done after the wonderful Steve Allen on LBC and ahead of the man.

That is Nick Ferrari at breakfast Victoria Beckham is wearing and she shouldn't be and then the news from you about that Chesham RFC have a friendship with pool the goes back and why you tell that just remember you were talking absolutely.

Yes, so we got to know each other probably late 80s 87-88 when I first went to TV-am is a cub reporter sort of hiding that same we were Ulrika Johnson Lorraine Kelly and we will pay a newish team and a fuss when we have people like you know the break gambling profess.

Apartment Paul Gambaccini came into the building egg cup Towers famously in Camden goodness me we would literally bath.

He was he is so supremely knowledgeable and you just can't get away from the accent in a we always love the accent the sadness obviously is going index in his book under the Yew Tree his dreadful year haven't been arrested and bailed rebel 7 times and so in a way it was an honour to talk to him, but at the same time sort of tinged with sadness about what he's been through, but it was a quite quite an eye opener for session to be honest.

You know who makes lots of accusations about the press and certainly about some sort of our sort of top legal breinton and police officers in the country.

So it was an honour to hear the stories first-hand what he'd been through and also how he would like things changed in the future particularly around the issues of bail rebel and anonymity with false accusers.

Yeah, I'm in one of the points you made Trevor was that there's a distinction when a member of the public accuses another member of public and when the accuser celebrity.

It's not his point to make

Of course which is that they can know the celebrity with that celebrity knowing them and then there's the reaction from the industry itself and he called a lot of his BBC producers good Germans were really good phrase.

I thought how interesting it was that that occasion is like this.

We often has the media SIM congratulate ourselves about how great we are because you know we uncover a ghastly goings-on in politics or an industrial whatever and he was Paul turning a mirror onto us and saying you know what you guys weren't very helpful here to me.

There was things you could have done their way things you could maybe not have done and I will pay the rest of the BBC I'm sure did you know took legal advice and for that they were doing the right thing but there wasn't a lot of nurture.

They're going on TuneIn

Help Theatre you know we were being in in gambos.

Very polite way quite rightly ticked off for that because that's not a baby see if she was Italy so we both work for commercial broadcast you're probably be even more it is one of us was the keys under operation Yewtree when you're in when you're out you're out.

I think a decision like that certainly with a big personality of really big nab.

It could only have come from the man or woman at the top flash HR so when it comes and they've unit this is a very serious topic which you didn't have time to go into on stage this now and you have 40 minutes and we got three but when it comes to his cause of not naming people when they're accused of something as serious as rape and child molestation is there in the public eye especially where do you stand on that they said because I know you will have reported news.

Whereby you saying someone's name has LED people to come forward and they have ended up being guilty.

I was going there was pointing out in celebrities case it seems most of them attend out not to be guilty but it does happen, but then people go to prison for things that they did.

I should be in prison for only say that I felt ticked off as well because what we did at the onset of the session and something I wanted to do in particular was take us back to the moment 1st of November when his name was released and we'll jumped onto that bandwagon.

I played exits of all our global brands.

How capital approached it how LBC approach to how classic approach dick and his name was all over the airwaves because from my point of view when a story like that drops on pie and a man like Paul Gambaccini is named I'm as guilty as the rest of them.

We jump on it because it's a massive name and trouble you're a former president or control over their colour of the Radio Academy disco a little bit to me much smaller occasion than misread your Academy things used to be this was a bit to be like him being we accepted by the industry some Hawkwind

Where is we speak to selling copies of his book and doing a brisk trade and I think that's a good thing.

I think this could be an opportunity to say by the way just talking about the radio cademy this is really good event in I came along to this new smaller radio festival thinking you know what I've got my sceptical hat on but actually it's been is rattled along at a terrific price.

We haven't had a long day panels.

It's been a very good effort by Gloria and Roger and Chris and all the people who are you know who contributed to to rescuing.

What was the event the many of us thought of died a couple of things about that every radio festival it saves me kicks off with everyone so let's celebrate radio greater radio and actually the mood in the room isn't necessarily reflective of that mantra this year.

It is a small is Stephanie straight back.

There are 15 new commercial radio stations launching next year and also it seems to me there's an embrace of Spotify audioboom beats 1 at these.

Which in the past would have been seen as if they were covered at all something you did in the adjacent room.

I'm going to say I don't want to settle I came excusing myself for past Mr me knows but I tried to get these things talked about when I was running the Radio Academy and the powers that be at the time of tickly from commercial ready, but also for the BBC would say to me now answer now.

We're not going to do all that stuff.

This is about explaining to the world outside.

How great broadcast radio is a we don't really want to touch podcasting and streaming and we Solihull to where are dirty linen in public by having the sort of discussions you would have about the media that they do in Edinburgh about television and this year.

I think there's been a much more open acceptance the radio and audio online and On Demand industry, and we should embrace it.

I think it's doing the same thing but for my children they listen to Everything online so within my household.

I've seen things change from Mum going.

How to turn on the radio to listen to my favorite things to what my kids are doing which is completely different when I talk about some of the whole day so most of the sessions emphasis on things like YouTube and how much price into Radio 1 on what was the thing you pick out as a highlight what I think the highlight of the day before gambo was Zane Lowe beats 1 and Bentleys former boss controller of radio 1 having a hug and I thought you wouldn't have expected that you know a couple of years ago.

If somebody leaves Radio 1 and goes to work for something that might be thought of as the opposition that untermenschen you are not allowed in the building anymore, but there was Ben and today recognising that they are still in the same business.

I thought was very grown up very mature thought what is a head so at the BBC was something that needed to be said in his current debate by somebody who's cool and is recognised to be cool.

So the fact that he thinks of BBC's a good thing.

Well, that was about a great thing to have somebody with his reputation saying I'm on that question of the BBC our esteemed colleague Lisa Nick Ferrari was talking to James Purnell on stage about that.

Is there now and appreciation across the industry.

Do you think that everyone wants the BBC to survive even if they working commercial radio even if they're in the government be licensed to be in its funding is paid for differently but we can't do without the BBC and promote travel with so much.

He seems to be open now to own a sort of adult and proper.

I think of it as a proper conversation about that with the government as opposed to a defensive don't suggest a can.

I cut anything else interested in James Purnell's appearance with his slightly Old Testament ish hipster beard I've never thought the cold in its variants of James has been particularly likeable and maybe it's the comparison between him and Janet Street-Porter

Lee the most dislike April person, I can imagine addressing the radius of a few but there were few others guide that would do we need this got something that abuse Susan Radio 4 newsreader just because she doesn't like a Scottish accent that was neither fun nor a really useful observation.

It was just gratuitous abuse and I'm very sorry we had her on her thoughts.

She brought it all down James Hillary trump BBC line, and we haven't had many sessions like that today fortunately where we just heard the management speak but you know I think he realises now that he's batting on you know what a good week and I'm certain that stuck out to me was Gill Hines from Enders analysis talk about the importance of Brands in the radio world that we're in there and it struck me Trevor that maybe this was her Kinder

Explaining why too many people's Minds the most boring proposition One when it comes to the DAB platform you know wait we're getting you know a lot of stations that going to get listen to Absolute 80s return of the gym talkSPORT to talk business.

It's not that exciting.

It's it's based around brands.


I think we have seen haven't we in the last 10 of 15 years the arrival of the notion that local radiators work in the commercial sector as well as syndicated radio and that's because advertisers and she said it like to buy Brand and clearly.

It's much easier to sell talkSPORT 2 and talkSPORT through and talkSPORT for whatever they going to be cooled you know that those sub-brands it if you can say yes, we're selling you this national offer that's what the new digital stations are being designed to do but you know radio goes in a peaks and troughs and

You know we had lot today.

Didn't me about how playlist thing isn't necessarily a very good way forward and how lots of young people prefer a broader range of music and if you said that at a conference to radio professionals 15 years ago.

You did not the prevailing at the moment brands national brands to their advertisers one.

I suspect eventually it will settle down and we'll have some new ideas to something that happened in our office on Capital Radio office last week.

We had the start of radio x with Chris Moyles and Johnny Vaughan and Vernon Kay and I've never witnessed haven't done 9 months in radio straight from uni and then gone straight into TV it was it was the first time I've seen the birth of a brand and I found it really fascinating and could have a really close look there on our floor.

There are no LBC floor so the build-up to this branding and the colour of the stew.

The choosing of the X and the green and and launched a and in the Press And on the big billboard in Leicester Square and I found the whole thing absolutely fascinating but at first thought when somebody to do we getting any radio station school radio anymore, we are serving all sorts of taste surely.

You know from the classic to the capitals of the heart to the to the gold to the LBC to talk surely.

There is no more room.

I have got it on my car radio logged on radio x and I'll tell you why because it shouldn't be because it's all blokes on there because they're older think is better.

So you weren't the target demographic when I know when it's a pity you know what it's all to do with the music they play I know all the tunes and I know all the work and I'm a good thing about the competition.

They wanted was it the Kings of Leon Fans lyrics Nickelback

Chris Moyles and it's interesting point if there's a montage of the beginning of the festival Trevor I'm not sure who it been put together by but some of the Radio Academy of all the highlights of the year and it started with Chris Moyles his opening remarks on radio x last week.

Obviously that's fresh in the memory.

It is a quite landmark event.

There is not do you think actually look back on the Year that's the biggest event of the year Chris Moyles and radio x yes, I think it is because it's the birth of another national brandino XFM had a lot of coverage, but radio x's bigger the power of global radio is behind it they spend an enormous amount of money doing something that they tell us doesn't work on a lot of other stations reduced spending big money on content and presenters, so I think it is a big story.

I was rather disappointed the radio festival like this doesn't have people from global in other people who invented that brand talk about it and Lisa has Chris Moyles invaded your studio yet.

I think it's more case of Us invading his because he's always seems to have a line of fans.

Outside the studio.

And I joined I join that line the other day because I was beyond excited through the window.

I'm not putting I just wonder if your studio is allowed on his wheel of crashing studio, so I can't imagine him crashing Lisa is Emma Bunton potential by definition is the possibility of achieving more in the fast-paced world of digital advertising Oracle data cloud has built it's like I say on finding the signal through the noise on unlocking potential we bring together data and technology to help you better understand your audience where to best engage them and how to measure a tool to realise true potential Oracle data cloud where better outcomes begin visit Oracle data cloud., tullamore got plans for the

Long weekend you could get your friends round for drinks maybe even the first barbecue of it's not too chilly.

Why not don't forget the brancott estate Marlborough Sauvignon Blanc was too chilly for growing for the pioneering winemakers of brancott estate didn't listen.

They were the first to plant in Melbourne New Zealand for decades and a bunch of Awards later.

It is crisp and fresh as ever look out for our new colourful limited edition bottles in stores now.

Enjoy responsibly of technology you were the second person this morning to be talking about that.

Are you were showing some data that said I think it was it was it 25% of people would be willing to be at the Droid 25% of young people say 1834 would be a cyborg if they have the option which information.

What is entry they have a piece of technology implanted in the brain which made them faster and more efficient and have a bigger memory capacity and I did have to point out that it's more men.

They would like to be a sideboards in women.

What's the advertising benefit the people would see in the radio industry if they put a little bit more of that innovation in place to fish with the new which is what everyone said to social media success with virtual reality radio is a bloody effective type of advertising but it's a bit boring because it hasn't changed over the last 20/34 years so what we need to see.

It's just a bit of innovation within radio advertising to keep advertisers excited.

Just radios up will always be on plants in its effective.

They were very rarely want to be at the centre.

I mean I know a lot of people listen to leave it when you hear a sponsored message.

He is more effective.

It's more resonant with you.

It's more intimate than when you watch it on the TV

Data to back that up.

You know everyone this room wants to know what they can say to advertisers to persuade them to give them the money is very costly, but improves down to the second any campaign exactly what media Drive what response retailers do it a lot because they need to be driving test constantly what we found a number of our readers radio is the single biggest driver of sales because it's always on it hammers the Frequency so it's you no message all the time, but it'll be cost-effective as well and it had a meeting people in there in quite an open state of mind so it's very effective Christian O'Connell from Absolute Radio hello, you just giving a very entertaining talk about complaints mostly and is based around I'm guessing because there was a lot of quite polished, dab your Edinburgh stand-up show the evenly is another one who's now got on the road with starting to smell up when you're doing your radio, show are you thinking about an audience and when they might laugh in the same way?

Yes, I do.

I answer sometimes.

I might do something on the radio and I might think I shall might be there with that and stand up when I first one that end with three years ago.

Josh Widdicombe said why are you going to stand up every other stand-up going the opposite way, they want to do what you're doing? Why would you put everything on the line? I suppose that's what makes exciting up in array of solar.

What I wanted something which was a struggle like another have to work and actually made my delivery on the radio so much better because sometimes in the morning when you got 4 hours to fill you can get a bit sluggish with a delivery tonight.

No rush whenever for house selling stage.

I've been doing with Sarah and I can see them shifting a bill I get all that we get it.

You know you're over setting stuff up, which I have to do all the radius of us.

Could you in the background and so it was it was a really exciting ever yes sometimes.

I am thinking I could try and play with that I started off.

Just do material i-405 stand-up it do stuff like that and they laugh I could see it.

Just felt a bit hack.

It's like and I need to do something else like I'm gonna get bored with this.

So that's why I wanted this year cos I only

Felt like I had something to say about this is about hopefully take a people into that world of doing a Breakfast Show and a first we will write you now.

You gonna tell still interviewing stars with no that's not the most interesting stuff is the complaints and it's not just about complaints irradiates.

How how we all are now complain as a whiners and and how that's affecting freedom of speech 30 things about that one thing is you talk a bit about the regulatory framework around complaints and as such on the 2nd, but first in Morecambe primal way because I get this is well.

When I'm on LBC do you think the people that are writing to you in real-time complain about what you're saying.

I actually aware that you're reading it on ice cream in front of you.

I do know what I think.

I know there are some people who must have this capacity to be professionally offended.

I think is addictively about outrage and fake and phony outrage.

There is no forget that upset, but there is so much to be Jenna annoyed about this country that's wrong, but they're not putting energy into that that anger energy is about something as always misplaced.

You know that's why they're funnier to me, though.

Royal angry not jobs as far-reaching material for me and I remember their names Mr Kendall that guy's to it around I can tell your name of anyone's ring me a nice letter to get loads of that you know goes in one ear and out the other day should do but the complaints re stay with me sometimes.

They really hurt you as well.

You know that guy's nidiot, but it is that.

But I don't think that's what life's too short.

I'm not ready, but it might only get that.

I hope it hasn't really morning and I hope maybe you could tune into the stage when I finish at 10 every single one has always standing.

I'm really sorry.

I did think you're gonna get that.

I am so embarrassed.

I was just having a bad day yet.

There's none don't you know what they just stay just sounding off.

They want that thing of being heard such as my wife.

They don't need to fix it.

I just wanted to listen but that their coffee stomach something you weren't meant to read them.

You've emailed me cristina's my email address.

How do you think was going to get some drive? I take all the feedback.

It was something is it keeps you're grounded so in terms of regulation then you were saying this isn't a mission statement against Ofcom you don't.

Going to be any more severe than they are at the moment against people who are complaining but you would like it that if a complaint is squash not upheld the people have to pay a financial penalty if they complain about something that is not legitimate.

Yep, but anyway with that it's just that it's too easy for people complain now and any taste of 1 over sensitive moron to make my life a misery quite funny when I figured it could be find I could lose my livelihood and is never something that I can't believe you said this about that raise up and I would never do that.

It's never about that.

It is just like I said today some guy saying that he thought he heard me showing great Lucifer out now three times in a that person should be sent ok, we're going investigate this now, but if you lose you have to pay Christian O'Connell £500 in a way that and that jobs probably nine times Outta ten going to go anyway.

Leave it.

So yeah.

I mean that the final thing on this activity.

It does actually boost the feeling of a live show doesn't if we didn't have to if we didn't have text the shows.

Be worse wouldn't yeah and actually I get funnier interaction on Twitter for non text I get more text for 500 show but I get the funny ones on Twitter because they would like that intimacy that something special they know I am the I get some stuff.

He sends later on about his stuff like that.

That's really powerful.

I love the interaction.

So you can't have that pee smell you have to have it all and that thing that's really important you need it that night and shade and I think it's healthy so it stops your might drop your magic you like a king of your own island Ima talk about what I want to do.

You need some people keeping you on the ground going shut up.

You're an idiot.

I think that's really healthy if I don't have that.

I'll be a monster ok.

I'm gonna give you on the ground so she go to bed.

It's going up since 4 in the morning.

Thank you very much.

Will it cost as well you did great job with me Trevor down and Lisa Aziz it is time for our Media quiz at this week.

It is entitled on this day in.

With apologies to Simon Mayo and if there's one thing radio loves, it's a temporal hook a timely event to guide listeners.

Seamlessly into the same thing they heard this time last year.

I'll give you the subject you tell me what anniversary they're celebrating best of 3 are you buzzing with your name at least as I said I know you a bit tired during practice that there were perfect the winner get tsunami the loser gets privatised? BBC London 94.9 but what's the anniversary?

BuzzFeed name Trevor is the 40th anniversary of the original BBC Radio London from any other contestant that would be an exceptional answer but has used to run the best power.

It's 45 years 45 years 45 years since the launch of BBC Radio London the first local station at the big news story of Trevor of course is being rebranded to its original name indeed, so I've just interviewed David rovics manager about why they've done that and he reminded me that one of the reasons.

They couldn't do it earlier because apparently they had wanted to was because they didn't open the words radio London now.

They had lost the words radio London to another business, which was dedicated to recalling pirate radio London and ready Caroline but they have managed to get it back.

Because that company has not been using it for broadcasting purposes in Chester come out much clearer definition of what we are we are radio, London that the reason it was all BBC London was cos it's like a multi-tool business about you see Vanessa Feltz on your local TV news saying this is what I mean.

Talk about later.

I'm is he saying I'm saying it but that was quite clever actually should it be cold radio London you think Lisa I like it, but everybody calls it radio radio London yeah, I believe they do I mean even when I was running it was glr.

You always have to say glr what used to be ready come right here's a question number 2 anniversary with your name guessing numbers now.

Yes, it was well done with you said you weren't invited some bitterness about that.

It is 60 years of independent.

Television news Lisa despite your mixed feelings about their party and celebration.

How do you like to share some stories of a happy a time when you worked there for about 5 years as assistant editor news editor and have my own show in the West Country and it was absolutely fantastic time for me.

Love you sort of West Country Living cos I was born in Totnes and my mum's from Dartmouth so for me.

It was sought after 13 years at Sky I have work for a lot of Australians and I enjoy that but it's very fast pace and they're Hard task Masters but it was lovely to go back country if you like and and have my own show and I thoroughly enjoyed thoroughly enjoyed that time and we like to think we put a fantastic program for our local Communities and capital of every spectrum of what was happening in their daily lives thoroughly enjoyed it also at that time ITV had a news channel.

Didn't they which is gone that didn't last long because my one of my co presenters came from there.

Yeah, what do you think about that because that that seems like it's likely backwards.

It must of cost a lot of money to run and I guess they just didn't on arrival sky the BBC well.

I think it's all about shareholder value Orly isn't it another they made any money.

Ok? He is question the tree radio.

X what's the anniversary? She says a week and it's actually 10 days if she gets the point I say she didn't work in both buildings ITN and she didn't run the place of his wife to figure out the Technics way, too difficult congratulations on winning the quiz on your debut appearance on the media podcast later anyway.

That is it for today my thanks to Trevor down and Tulisa Izzy's and remember if you want to support the show keep us going for tonight in fortnite out and have a future edition dedicated to you.

Just head to the media podcast / dedicated open all you man the producer is Matt Hill Media podcast is a PPM production.

Bye bye.

The BBC Earth podcast Returns as soon as I was airborne, it was just a totally stunning landscape amazing swirling colours, we'll be taking you on a journey from our beautiful, but changing environments here on a beautiful storms 546 lightning strikes every second inlet explored corners of the Universe up above the clouds and being a good walk around in your T-shirt close, your eyes open your ears and subscribe wherever you get your podcasts.

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