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Read this: #35C - How Not To Pitch a TV Show

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#35C - How Not To Pitch a TV Show…

Hello Ollie man here with another bonus edition of the media podcast away from the sessions getting headlines at this year's Edinburgh TV festival there was one session many delegates we bumped into mention ASDA highlight.

How not to Picture Show and featured some big names from commissioning and TV Indies confessing their worst moments to an audience of exact and programme makers and here it is painful for you to cringe at in shock and horror the session was chaired by Alex connock managing director for shine north and it contains strong language and remember this is the TV industry sometimes I use that you may find offensive you have been warned.

So how to not fit to say what a great turnout at fantastic.

Thank you all for coming.

I'm Alex, I think we can probably all agree on one thing in this room.

Is that we are all creative geniuses who's who's very very conception.

To be immediately bought and circulated around the world because the reality is the world does Nicholas that way the world thinks of Us essentially as car salesman, who have to sell stuff for a living and that's what this is really about it's about the brutal unmitigated Horror of actually having to try and sell things to people I wasn't even worse having to listen to People sell things to you about the pitfalls of the pitch we have for top experts here to import leads into hospital.

We have said it's early from prison going to have when it came to Channel 4 and finds her no-nonsense style as I can personally attest especially when faced with bad pictures.

Hopefully going to bed pitch-black 50% I'm gonna go xxx and standard MDF in the benefit you certainly can book of Glory famous 1/4 Pineapple Dance and Boomtown the man most mentioned when we asked around the industry for bad Pigs story interestingly this and it was what's the worst TV show ever made an hour.

Just brought back like what the weather is running when is a specialised Lindsay had a man standing BBC takes over 700 pitch meetings a week most of them from hocus Karen Smith and they are they sell television producer of the Fabulous you're back in the room and no stranger to the big Pit so I thought we just start really by it by getting into the horror stories you can think of it as a pre titles and Karen I suppose you at your hand in glove with the BBC you been in and out of there all your career does that mean when you go to BBC pictures everything goes smoothly know what we try to do it be as memorable and it was them something a colleague of mine Richard Hopkins and he's having a longer weather start with the Dead when we used to run in-house entertainment is that we were the wife and everyone else has mistress, so we had to work extra hard to be sexy and then sometimes.

We took that to literally and that's kind of stayed with me.

So there's lots of Asturias and low.

Save that Mark remember recently as an indie again you feel you know you're pitching entertainment show put on the show bring it to life and I'm sure many setting on this panel, because it's produced by will see it for me.

So this is a mile, present and I'm sure a lot of you are only here because you can smell a whiff of ritual humiliation cuz my Freemans upstairs, so ended the story of the guys wanted me to start with was pitched to add an account.

So it already been through Mark very kindly invited us to pitch to Dani and Danny and I have a little bit of history because when I launched the games on Channel 4.

Nothing in charge of documentaries was the commissioner and we had a massive router in the truck because when they'll sleeveless broken by Miss World and that he thought I was a disgusting creature cuz I sent a crew in the ambulance.

How to say in the cast I'm alright mate.

Will didn't write me but don't hurt listening to the break.

It was already made up and we've gotten since then and so most recently we were picking say to him and with that horrible read that horrible horrible rooms in broker is just ridiculous and it's that coming round one that they think looks like a 8 l of it at home watching telly and we had a prop waiting outside that we couldn't stop and particularly when Danny's.

Hi Karen how are you? How's your weekend? We had people around Karen and it's bad enough when they bring their kids invited.

They brought a dog.

It's disgusting has my god.

I've got a dog that was the start of that pitch.

Pictures of Jackie and I couldn't have been a camper dog you remember most pictures and you did well with the synchronised swimming remember.

It's a fight so am I sent an 82 letter to take my swim because I always think what you have to do is take away take away the arguments before they can you get to competitive level yes, because we made a researcher AP do it should I dress size in 6 weeks.

She was happy and then the next thing is is entertaining so you could a great time and how do you bring it to life and Snowy and books and synchronised swimmers, but what we hadn't sort through is that the pitch was going to be in a basement room in the old Television Centre with no lights no space and an enormous tail.

Trevor an awful, lot of reintroducing, can I say something? I'm thinking asking me is very hard to do without actually being and water so and mostly men don't do it, but we've made this man in Speedos again, rhinestone princess, and I had to do the mood but the only place I can deal on the table about violence and Katie Taylor just said least you tidy the lady garden Bitterne you know you do but Joking Apart you do look forward to Karen page as you know they're going to bring the light at the format to live and she will be very are taking about the show and she has reason the love of arguments 40 comes into the room but we do get a lot of pictures with female dressing up.

I don't know that because that's about me all my team or Gran entertainment and I think my favourite was celebrity.

Fighting you know what's coming via the development team did come dressed as bullfighters and it was quite early days in my job is controller and they did ask me to be the ball and I said yeah, I do that and it was all about showing the techniques of all fighting but that's that's ever lived in a doctor's people dressing up without going to kill a ball, but we were going to other going to demonstrate the the difficult techniques in the choreography around bullfighting we didn't commissioner Southside taking these pictures like Mark does do people do people say your respect.

Yes, there was one I first started.

I was I was the first female in the entertainment pump for quite a long time.

When I first started so I you know started to me all the Indies and kind of get to know them they started speech to me and this one very powerful male exec producer Paul probably get came in to say hello and then pitch me this idea which was a very good.

Can't quite old fashioned and I said oh yeah probably not the direction.

We're going it's quite often and he looked to me when I see what the problem is I said what he said.

I probably need to pitch this to one of your colleagues because it's really funny, but it's like male funny and it's not girl funny.

So if you're going to get it, so you can ride if you've ever pictures to me you can imagine how they went down.

Thank you left this cricket lesson is the kickoff for stories with your first ever picture that would have that would have been sort of a slow burn into the industry.

I'm sorry if you've heard this story before but it seems to follow me around.

First ever pictures on with my then boss who is pitching to this lady and we're sitting on the sofa and she was at her desk and during the pitch the commissioner was just staring quite heavily at my crotch and I thought I've heard that women in TV will I quite proactive but I thought this is like white Xtreme so I looked over at my boss.

He was still kitchenware check my flies.

It's all fine, but when I turn back she was sort of like wincing hedgehog and I thought my something really really gone wrong here and I just put my hands down into my crotch area and I because I cycled everywhere the inside of my juicer.

Just completely split and my left testicle has popped out if it had it wasn't it wasn't just put that it was ballooning and purple because it has popped it and I sat down at the blood of got cut off that gone now push it back in.

Chia seed and I didn't see you again for two years was RDF I saw her and I cannot Hello and she just you could just see the Tesco cogs slowly her head and Amber funnily enough we didn't get that commission no no TV pitch these days is complete without a completely spurious and bolted an interactive element and everybody's been there been ever get married by the way the interactive elements but but we're we looking for some interaction today.

So if you go on the Edinburgh festival app you can submit your own horrible pitch story and there's a complimentary price of love your than 3 Snickers bars for the best story that was submitted.

So please send them in a what will look at them at the end.

So it just to just we get you go to take part at the bottom and then to have not pictures.

So then you put a little story of it.

We really would love to have some sort some great ones so let's let's talk about the pitch process itself.

You've got a great idea.

You're ready to put it at the meetings in the diary.

What are the best ways to use that owlette set the scene by hearing?

someone producer Iain Wimbush

a massive picture ITV biggest fish ever done John Cooper and then we're onto an absolute winner mainly because why I said please pictures of Magic showbiz presenter who also happens to be a magician and it was all done with me at the final meeting we may be an ore mines resort is just coming past and we have encountered on the presenter has also magician wanting to perform 304 tricks during the picture to illustrate his girls what you can do unfortunately he can do none of the traits that people hurting every single one fell flat on its face my god.

We walked out of there and never been more convinced that we hadn't got show commission does a day should you take the talent the pitch of the key question?

Not in the first meeting I think I think the idea of the king when you're trying to Picture Show and it's really hard to sit in a meeting with that Talent very first time you have had an idea and go yeah, that's a really good idea, but I really I don't like them so little lever so I think I don't want you kind of want to establish that that's a talent you want then you know you want to go food with it, then.

I think it's fine, but it's really uncomfortable.

I love you can have a proper honest conversation particularly with Talent in the room first time but sometimes you just turn up with the Talents the I've got Paddy McGuinness and I say whatever it is.

We'll take it he's commission.

The mark Mark when when people come to you, do you do you want to see this the top executives Swansea the talent Jonty the whole team? Who do you want to see what I mean sometimes? It's unavoidable if you've got a big Talents to pitch an idea and you're working with a big agent you have to take the meeting if that is unavoidable but I would agree if it is telling ideally you'd but that will be your second meeting and that it can be honest.

It's unavoidable and often it's regrettable when they're there and it depends on on the pitch but can be useful to have the talent depends on the idea.

You know if it's a comedy and tidy and it's good to have a talent although I do remember once taking a picture of a a brilliant comedian from the 80s and he wanted to meet his doing a gig any wanted to meet the next morning in in his hotel room and that so what's on the 80s how to connect with me and so we did we we took the picture in his bedroom which is pretty on.

It was a bit of a mess and the three of us are not there's nowhere to sit to three of us had to sit on the edge of his bed is all a bit embarrassing and he said go to the toilet in the smell told us that he'd been there for a number to another number one.

So it was a bit uncomfortable.

So that's good idea and we we wanted to pitch the latest chart top developers or producers to bring their Juniors with them.

You know we like to hear will like them to hear from the horses mouth what we doing we like to meet the junior creatives in in their team.

I mean my advice would be don't leave them on their own to pitch you know we have had junior members who can I can be quieter.

They will try and make them as relaxed as possible because I can be quite.

And you know we've had people have virtually fainted during the picture.

I have sweated so much and it says that god's honest truth.

We've had to stop the pitch to get them some paper towels to come down.

So we do it is great ring Juniors in because it's good for them to experience but do you know if your senior producer in that seem to support them in their pitch Karen what about members of your family is that a good as of that good idea scouting for boys and another bit of gold as she looks like for your fingers.

It was 100 years of the Scouting Movement so a big celebrity show they go to Bramley Island and has Sky presenter that email scars the competing in all sorts of Scouting activities.

It was at the time when they just look so big.

And Ella sign in now and I can guarantee proper job some things with that ok.

We're going to really bring is the light and build a Skype company again with it was a really shitty little room in the basement and 10 that they couldn't pictures of carpets are there is a flatter tent in the corner and I made my husband and she and Holland some people know where to buy Kendal mint cake have I started the whole thing with the Luton thing, but it suddenly became apparent that they didn't want it, but we were trapped in your face.

I love that idea.

He is polite months after that can't we need to get a really really don't want it.

Thanks scouting For Boys how many people should you take say that she need less is more? I don't think you should I spend the first 15 minutes of any pitch meeting just saying hello to people in the room.

I think that's probably a bad idea.

So I think it's always quite odd to have a lot of people because I think it's you know like over 10.

That's a double figures because I think it makes it difficult to have a good honest conversation, but I think should bring as many people as you think you need who are gonna be involved in that idea.

What about pitching shows not just a committed for also to Talent Jonathan you you've committed to someone in the news business haven't you used to have a Development Team of 18 people so when a talent or commissioner came in 18 people sit around the table and like we'd all have to it was really weird was quite we had Trevor McDonald come in and he was sitting at the head of a table and I was given this idea to go and pick him as I was walking into rumours piece of paper walk-in sit down.

I'm looking online and there's something wrong here so I checked my boxers and I'm into it comes to me.

It says like Jonathan what's your idea of trouble because it's called Trevor McDonald slave ship and I like the idea was Trevor McDonald goes to Africa gets lots of Africans onto a slave ship and rose background the slave route to see what it's like being a slave and he looked at me like I was waiting for something else and I need to stop shuffling his papers and said I think I want to do current affairs.

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What was the worst thing that you can possibly saying a picture and easily answer that they gave you just sent that again, Don't say things like.

Oh, yeah, that's why TV said who's Top Gear and pitch to show which was about.

Multiracial examination of farming in which a black family would 5 years ago and the title that was actually supposed in the picture meeting was old MacDonald had a farm printable family were the worst things I don't like this year in Wendy turn down a child for the they said nobody likes me stopping second so I probably am that's fine.

What do you look like to hear and people can see if she will still get people to say my first law to use to BBC Entertainment as well as that's what I saw and then they'll picture of show which and then I'll leave you the paperwork, which has ITV

Here so you still is quite remarkable is that you do actually still get that.

It is only the worst thing you can happen at the pictures that you know they're going to bring more than 3 ideas.

You know and you just feel how can I possibly have 20 ideas of their passionate about and want to make it on my biggest piece of Isis don't bring all the three ideas, but it also some commissioner send me TopLine and I'll get back to you straight away.

Just give me a couple of lines and I'll give you an instant response was sort of illicit 420 ideas thing wasn't it? Well.

I mean I think it's fine.

It's what your relationship is and the dialogue you having with the commissioner.

I think if you're having a pitch meeting where I think you know we have different types of meetings where you can say within a brainstorm some top line today coming with some things with some ideas and let's do the fat but if it's a pitch meeting with a coming and saying we've got some ideas to pitch to you.

No more than 3, but is it ever slice embarrassing if someone comes in with ak27 page PowerPoint in a Cesarean all the rest of it and then you just go yeah, but the problem is I fundamentally didn't like the idea at all from the top.

I think we have to get over that actually serious no and sometimes when we booked the RSA meetings 20 minutes.

It's 20 minutes.

We try and we do say look in 01 the reason we said let's let's look at your top Lions on let's live in areas, so we can avoid that we don't want you guys doing reams and reams of work and then press to go to know what we just commission that 3 days ago or we're not looking for monkey dentist and you've done a lot of development so we do trying to buy that was saying it send it on lies before taking an actual picture it because last year did the sizzle reel session and I think everybody loves a lot from that we saw the the fantastic 50 ways to kill your mummy's is Oreo last year.

Do you think sizzle reels are Critical for getting Southall today? I think where the tone and attitude of the channel is important.

Yes because then it it might give you a sense that this Development Team understand that I don't think it's essential you know it's still has to be in the idea.

Oh, yes, I did you like real sizzle lovely to have them to sell an idea, but I think sometimes it's really help with a visual medium.

I think if you can put something down on it take that sort of just explains what you're trying to do.

It's just really helpful to get a prefer sets of especially in entertainer.

I think because everything is such a kind of you know tiny kind of idea in your brain.

You can't explain sometimes.

It's easier to explain one type so I quite liked it, but the worst thing is when you've got a PowerPoint and the person comes into 8.9 and also there's a pregnant pause after each page they'll do this.

How not to Picture Show

This is the first chapter I really want to know someone who's actually I don't like a success and I won't but they're coming they're PowerPoint and just read the bloody PowerPoint the only thing I think it's really important not to do in a pitching session is to pitch ideas that already on the channel.

That's quite useful.

I know that will soon see her the front.

Tell me how someone came in when the Dawn Porter Vintage Show was on who basically said don't put his really interested in vintage fashion.

You should do that.

I think you're just won't get out and let me know what's on channel helpful.

And how how easy is it to just say no does it get easier with time or is it embarrassing really see if you don't like in the room just say it's my Jesus it's kinda.

Sauna in the room that a yes.

Really good idea come back to small don't have a problem with that.

Produces a they encourage you to say nobody actually do you say no then? I know so we can all move on and be to get people who said no really someone the whole vs.

Real doesn't give I said the wrong thing in a bit.

I have said the wrong with it was quite alarming about this is that there are people taking notes about this which other people were talking about actually here.

What picture is a Doctor Who bad? I had to go to a channel and we were pitching an idea called flavour Arenas and flab Arenas was Sam fat fat fat fat women try to like themselves and learn about themselves with the median of ballet at the royal Ballet School which you may laugh at but turned into recent this was like teddies go back now Wayne Sleet big ballet on ITV monkey tails to be done one day anyway, so I was going to pick sloes and I was I had never met this commission put the point the point of this thing is do your research anyway this commissioner turned up and she's a lovely not mention any names but she is not a sort of stick insects and I was I was sitting in the room waiting.

I heard this would like that.

Dad coming down the thing and down she sat on the sofa that almost broke and so the meeting was getting really really well and she goes so if you want to come and suck my study with I'd like half an hour or chat.

You don't think emissions do half an hour chat, so if they hate your idea they just they haven't got to sort of likely bus terminus in 1/2 an hour churches, what should I do and I said yeah, it's really sunny.

I just completely panicked and I always got went completely by paying I said it's called spastics.

Can't dance Mums or like you know they dribbling or they got helmets on at which point she had this notebook like you've got there.

She was watching just close the notebook and that would that was it however that show on BBC Three was dancing on turned into dancing on way, spastics not dance was dance.

It's not that but it was was was dancing on Wheels I was going to make an official BBC computer ok, so we've done PowerPoints and sizzles.

Let's do a Lefty props and stunts which I think.

Very much after 4 minutes.

I'm going to take on that basically like a limo firm in Ibiza show to call in the back of the liver produce her own a limo vodka, but I've sorted out my sexuality over the phone but actually when trying to hire a limo for an hour in London's West End listing is for sex.

So when they turned up that and me and can't go in the back of the Blue

Does dry Brown for an hour and driving it from that look with an idea was it smell sex in his car going to pick anywhere smells like success and not like Taryn can you seem to be our expert on on props and stunts? What when did it work when they really paid off for you.

Need a barrier to selling strictly was his dancing entertaining are people going to watch it and things that we hadn't explored the professional dancers yet, but so we just Beckton really scrubby chubby salsa dancers from Shepherd's Bush and their impact and they came in and all of their surprise and gave it large in people's faces get them out.

When was wet but it suddenly brought it to life and actually yes, that is entertaining and we must have done that picture that 8 9 10 times was Lennon Avenue territory then had to prove it again including to BBC worldwide who said it would never sell in the world only that I really like for strictly by the time you came to do it in Hollywood for the American one.

How do you really got it down and did he use good dances there for them? That's fine.

I don't know what they're nice.

I bless you.

Whoever you are.

I'm sorry to return for two cool people come in with some sort of people do that to you one of the best.

We have had was the cardboard box with letter boxes cut out and pound coins also taped up to do when in Pound Drop That ball.

That's like that was really good but I have the best I've heard it's not properly.

Give it one with this commissioning editor from another channel who got a pitch from a producer producers had come up with this idea was a kind of this surveillance game show where you know you can't watch the you don't realise you've been watching you pick up the phone you have to answer questions and there's money gets all like the game and and this producer decided the best way to pitch the idea was to do the game on the commissioning editor Sarah he arrange with his exact to put like a £10 note tips on the desk and he phoned up this committee had a tear on his landline and said I'll call him Alex connock for the purposes of this just went and I feel wearing a lovely blazer.

How is your daughter and then said that the guys daughter's name and the commissioner freaked out.

Why don't you are but I'm going to I'm getting the police on the phone now like call the police on police producer.

Just put the phone down and never explained it says I'm not sure that she has to know that was meant to be a piece out to lunch with an agent and vaginal lips and I didn't say something pleasant lunch and then what it was actually about was Lee Francis pitching his legs his character to me and that was in a busy restaurant and then what unfolded was a kind of scenario that this character apparently this character and I've been in an argument for and it's auto carried on into this restaurants open better, but it off.

Stansted as I said before people dressing up we do get some characters comedians coming through the door dressed in their character and that's quite you have to embrace it and let your inhibitions.

Go and just go with it remember wants list Lee Mack picks me a show where is called evolution I See loved it was a quiz show where you'd start with the professor.

And he would have you beat the professor then you go down and then you know you go down to like a 12 year 12 year old kid get to beat the kid in the quiz and then you ended up playing this monkey and then if you could fit the monkey Goodwin last evolution centre punch Claire during the pets.

They carried away play.

No, don't do it now the party whiskey Potter it never takes Honiton to the picture.

Can't be trusted.

The times at that happened has definitely never worked and I've never done it myself.

I've been at when I was in a PDF again with 18 people and Ben Flower didn't say I didn't sleep in fell since that time but he sat at the end of the table and Grant Mansfield I got back from holiday Inn to drop your picture in the show called naked office holiday, which instantly then did get made like years later and by someone else.

How many sets are we gonna go and pictures innovative way was his words and you're going to wear Speedos in a mask and snorkel and flippers and we're going to put you in a photocopy cupboard and your weight there until it's your time to come in the Rhondda will come and get you and then you walk into the room and open your PowerPoint a new pitch the things that are you sure it's got to do so he's going to find so anyway.

I'm in there fucking photocopier cupboard for like half an hour the one that comes to get me I'm walking.

I'm so scared that I scribbled penis whilst on in for my life is just like with no penis in the speed of his push and I walk into the room I can't see my dog is a misting up and I left them up and Ben flowers that hang on hang on.

I just want to stop you there.

If you think they should firstly I'd like to give you a formal apology because I think this is really out of order and secondly I want a written apology on my desk tomorrow from someone seeing you at the company because if you think you'll get your commission because you're in Speedos 9 gauge.

Got another fucking thing coming so it feels like there's an office on who is best naked on days like no just shut up and then you just sitting there again inside let's have another tape.

We we asked her we asked the final take we asked a number of people that what is the secret to the Perfect Pitch

Absolute secret because a good idea even if badly pitched is still a good idea and I hope that we can see through and Longley pitch but possibly a secret ingredient in Fusey Azam compassion you believe in the idea that much more chance by the secret to a Perfect Pitch is loving the idea of you.

Love it your picture when they won't take a lot to get passionate.

You know if you really love something you're pretty well, so I think that's kind of you know that I'm pissed up your passionate there a picture is just be prepared sounds really obviously really prepared and make sure that you mean really like the idea.

We've all tried to pitch ideas that we don't like and it doesn't work.

They can tell you don't like it and then when raising objections you're thinking yeah, you're right.

It's crap absolutely think about it.

Always going to piss loving your idea if I can newborn baby people actually huaraches that's unbelievable quite often surprised that the project that you like so I don't believe it with producers.

Ok, so I finally final tip from a top analyst what's the secret of Bobby page Karen and take away their objections before they can raise them and bring it to life and that actually not never give up my name.

Is this a quick note the number of times that you can.

Open an idea to you soon.

I think and if it's if it's good stick with it to B23 ideas.

I would say really think hard about the audience that you're pitching that show into an and watch the output of the channel and another thing I'd say it is trying to be worth trying to be aware of what that department has commissioned recently.

You know where people don't know the output the channel at the pitching into and don't really know what that department commission recently, but my biggest thing is no more than 3 ideas, please.

I used to go and pick a lot of ideas in a meeting at once because I thought that if they said no toilet ideas.

They didn't like me off.

It was all that you know that sort of injection.

What sort of hard to take and I think what changed is since we started company now.

We are made to say don't really read breathe.

And I think this thing that you go to one channel only with this guy that I had to say I've been two different channel sometimes with them with ideas that that that the key difference about that is we will sit down and think right.

What do we want to do to be really want to do this idea and what's interesting then as you go with a tape and he said this is a one idea and if anything is after 10 minutes so B it.

Are you go with that one? I didn't say what this is is this what you want to do and if that when that happens gets quite interesting seekers.

You know that you love it and you know that it will probably work and then some people just don't get it and then it's not about you anymore.

It's like a you haven't got that and some people go I really love this and then sometimes you have lots of channels bidding on it at the same to you shouldn't say that but that doesn't know the best shows that we love most have had actually if when we had pineapple.

We had four people trying to fit on it with gp03 channels trying to give it and that becomes quite in that becomes quite an interesting sort of the switch off think when you is.

How longer about whether they rejected your thing is just like well, do you like this or not? And I think the key thing is it's not actually but get your commission.

It's about trying to find someone who you think as a partner you want to work with because nowadays all the commissioner Channel 4 will be all over your show like a rash has a sort another exec producer.

So you've got to think I want to work with that person, so there's some people going to a picture if you think actually this is never going to but you probably don't like me.

I don't like you doesn't really mad about your dear think the thought of make you show with you is like truly terrible so we won't do this and it's probably only about six or seven people are really go and talk to you probably get the same things I did but I think that is really important.

Also just understand tonally what it is.

You're pitching to the Channel and also I do really big tip is to be sober don't come in hungover or drunk and then.

Find me into a paper cup halfway through your pitch.

That's never good idea Dad and get commission that day, but yet no one knows you know if you if it if it is a really good idea when we just want to commission a really good ideas and it's just a simple as that really early on we asked the audience speechless your best stories competition bra fitting price of 3 sniggers bars and ensure that we have we have to good ideas, so we're going to make the people who sent them in Pitch them.

Can we start with who sent us the idea on the Christmas idea? Who was that?

This is going to tell the story so we were asked to pitch for a kind of 2 x 1 hours can have comedy travelogue to go out around Christmas and we had the Debate whether we come up with lots of ideas or just one really great idea so we planned for coming up with one really great idea which we thought was a really great idea only had somebody and we got them work it up and it was about I'm searching for Santa so it is better than it sounds in the title and we went into pitch this idea and we said he'll only just come back from holiday and have a black and the questions that are really wanted you guys to pitch for this lots because we don't want to be patient anything really nice like searching presenter the physical graffiti.

We have no other ideas with my birthday, so we didn't really have anywhere to go because the back.

I'm not sure we did somebody who sold so to speak to Jane route, who's that?

They may be looking to protect their anonymity, so I'm going to read this one out.

I'm afraid it's another testicle story of Jonathan and I obviously need to catch up ITV picture of a testicle hernia.

Joinery preferred my testicles and she can mission to the show so it turns out.

It's all about the quality blogs.

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Thank you very much to Karen Mark Jonathan the Seder thank you very much for your didn't think about that sit that is the end of this week's program.

Thank you to the sessions produces Anna blue and wheel spokes who joined.

Head of programmes at princess Productions thanks as well to the Guardian Edinburgh International television festival allowed us to share that session with you will be back with a new program in two weeks time until then I can only man that would you send that help the media podcast is 8 PPM production by by potential by definition is the possibility of achieving more in the fast-paced world of digital advertising Oracle data cloud has built it's like a seat on finding the signal through the noise on unlocking potential.

We bring together data and technology to help you better understand your audience where to best engage them and how to measure a tool to realise true potential Oracle data cloud web better outcomes begin visit Oracle data cloud.

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