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Read this: #35 - Guardian Edinburgh International TV Festival 2015 - The Media Podcast with Olly Mann

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#35 - Guardian Edinburgh International T…

Hello and welcome to the media podcast coming to you from the Guardian Edinburgh International television festival, I'm only man on today's show all the gossip all The Intrigue from the biggest event in the British television calendar from Armando Iannucci barnstorming keynote to the many new commissions announced during the festival plus that doesn't have TV execs who take time out from the conference centre to scour the fringe for the next big comedy hit we speak to BBC commissioning editor Ed sleeman about what he's looking for all that coming up on this week's Media podcast well.

Has it been a year already? We have descended upon Edinburgh once more for what is essentially the TV industry is Glastonbury although you could argue that now the BBC send so many staff to Glastonbury that Glastonbury is actually the TV industry is Glastonbury on the TV festival is a big deal and joy.

Give me a monk's the delegates as they thrust and shuffle their way from sessions to talks to parties are Boyd Hilton and Faraz Osman two of our favourite boys, do I heat magazine TV editor that is reason enough for you to get a free pass to anything correct, but you've been there Charing cimsession to RVI every year I come to this thing.

This is my might be my 14th year and I do hope the number of sessions and this year I posted multi-channel this morning which was with basically control some MTV Comedy Central Nat Geo and A&E networks something inferioara C complex blood in the past but I am I funny enough in that GI which I don't pay much attention to personal you but it's commissioning like things that cost billions of dollars with America running with like Ron Howard and this is actually so.

What myself so that was generally interesting and then I did a thing for the network that you think with my friend Ben Winston who is James Corden's producer of his chat show in America that's really interesting he talked us through his whole career and that was great and then tomorrow.

I'm doing head of sky wonder McDonald tomorrow morning the job of session.

So yeah, I generally like buckets you go for the programme pick up once I want to go to the doctor to mine.

Maybe when you come for your 25th year they'll take the Guardian away from the title of just make it on Ideal salesman.

Managing director of TV in the lemonade money.

Are you up for business or pleasure this year? I'm having a bit of a force existential crisis to be honest.

No, it's the way we're doing a lot of stuff with van.

Hello brand partners are working with Vivo working with Nando's working with the Apostle Stafford Virgin Media that for me kind of coming here.

There's always a bigger question about ok.

What does this look like is if it's merging is not merging and getting further away, so it's always good to get here and and figure out exactly where the landline if we television and and Like Mike Boyd on a massive teddy.

Can you know I think this industry is is fascinating both politically and technically and editorially to get to all that it's not fun and very busy.

I don't drink so actually I know there is like a whole level of experience.

I don't understand when people come up to me kind of mate.

I'm at a T T V Festival I'm not what am I gonna go? What if I'm at TV festival I'm not watching TV because no one watches TV here.

I've missed everything Mr Bake-Off like I don't know what's going on there someone probably dropped a pie.

Animate a festival when I'm not drinking so actually this is a bit of an issue for me.

I have no idea why she get the train I must be really computer as well.

I have a little step.

I have drunk ok right.

Let's talk about the biggest dory at the Festival of course is Armando Iannucci and his acclaimed mactaggart lecture got a standing ovation and everything we had a front-row seat other actually we did Retreat backwards 1RD just so we didn't look like nearly fanboys at here's a taster of what went down on Wednesday night camping at overseas trying to win contracts busting of the British jobs that would bring.

If the BBC world weapons system have the cabinet would be on a plane to Saudi Arabia to tell them how brilliant it was.

I bet it's quite the reverse.

They took of cutting down to size of raining in imperialist ambitions hiding off limiting the scope and he do it with all the Manuka doctor ever so reasonably urging his patient to consider the benefits of assisted suicide.

Unquestionably Trooper rallying stuff from Armando Iannucci he obviously felt this needed to be said do you agree with him that it did need to be said but I agreed with every single word of others I read it first because the journalist gets sent it to read it.

So I read it first.

I thought there's one bit of my kindest school which is about the BBC online so I think you know I've always thought the BBC's website that why they're doing a website on my breathing when they start and I'm not older and why they need to do that and then they should be doing programs.

You know they even come it to me on that because he pointed out that you know it's the 60th most acclaimed website the world and you know it would be weird to be weird for the rest of the world and that can be to be when you said it out loud so I agree with everything you said I think it was by far the best.

I've ever seen I've seen about 14 of them about 30 years ago.

It's brilliant from close to that was so boring I can't remember what about this evening.

Recap it was not it.

Was you if you get someone who is love Stevie like we do.

I think he knows his stuff and quit his funny.

He can is a brilliant writer so brilliantly structured full of jokes full of righteous indignation is his right about the BBC it was just a fantastic.

I couldn't be happier with it and it was like and it's at completely set the time for male voices of was it means that everyone thought something really interesting and fun fun and important to talk about and to react to rather than the utter TDM that it was last year how much do use to Frankie's boring let's face it most years.

It's boring you get the election be over there, but you read it his voice or like the voice of his characters very very great Scottish could hear I'm saying but you know what funny I was thinking she would probably why you looking at then I wanted to see me deliver it because those described in the middle you this battle thing you to have dinner symbolic battle for the BBC in that was so fun.

I was glad I watch this one would be the comedy writer he's at a TV festival you make TV comedies.

I'm he's probably I would argue one of our best writers.

We having television right now.

You know he's going to have the cake this what area everyone loves him it was an amazing speech it was by far my favourite that I've heard certainly top to all the other ones.

I've seen the last few years the only surprise would have been if it was terrible which it certainly wasn't it was going to be great and it delivered on that ok.

We'll talk about some of the things that he said that I have qualms about even if you're not going to express them how about this? He says the BBC should be trying to make as much money as possible by selling its material abroad I get that because it would raise the coffees and subsidize the licence fee isn't there a danger boy that by doing that the focus of the commissioners would be on can we get an international audience, please?

Rather than are we serving the licence fee payers at home which is ultimately Willoughby be so I think it was not even they're not milking what they currently produce which happens to have a huge international appeal to its fullest possible extent so they've got these huge.

Big gems in our still have an international appeal.

No not actually get earning as much money from them as they could all they're not in the not.

It's almost a system is not allowing them to do it.

So you don't need wasn't saying I've got look for in touch with them out.

I think I just don't think they would even begin to do that baby sieving funded by the sales of programs that you make because they appeal to any social audience you gonna stop making stuff out to the cider message wasn't saying that I wasn't saying they should be allowed and they should be better and they should Bradley go forth and make sure they make money out of there international hits.

It was like it was more you know the end product of what they're producing should be milked for more money and I agree with that.

I mean you couldn't stretch.

The causing if that might be but I just don't believe that's true and I think if they did start doing that I mean it's impossible today.

Anyway, you can't you know you can come up with great formats and ideas if they're having Chesterfield brilliant if they don't then I don't OK cool number 24 as politicians basically shouldn't interfere with the creative Industries and if they do I mean I'm paraphrasing here obviously but the implication was if they do they should always seek the consultation of creatives as well as executives fine but actually there's nothing wrong is there with politicians examining the BBC which receives a big slice of public money is nothing wrong with it and if that's that's what needs to be done because it is public money and I think that this is ongoing debate both in the households and they pay the licence fee and and when they see the content on their screens and and also when it when we're looking at government policy as well.

I didn't I think the me the reason we keep coming back to this the reason that these speeds what things are so fascinating is because television like politics.

It isn't an exact science.

It's there.

There's no right or wrong answer is no.

Sensitivity of your question earlier about whether we should be making more money abroad.

I mean I don't have a TV producer kind of go right.

I need to think of the idea.

It's going to spend the most amount of money and I came around you.

Don't you don't do that you can go this is a good idea.

This may attract that commissioner.

I don't think commissioners look ideas and go are we just gonna be a worldwide hit they go if it's gonna be a good idea for what I'm looking for right now that then generates a whole nother market what I like will this work internationally but there's no.

I don't think there's 1RU what you're like right.

We need to figure this out we to figure out.

I think he would just come out of ideas and people celebrate them some of them work some don't and that's great anything what the frustration is across the industry when it comes to politics.

Is is that they then try and focus group and it's like I have a discussion around table and come up with an answer about the value of the BBC or the value of Public Service Broadcasting and it never really get to one but for me that the key thing about this debate is Ice I feel when it starts separating the the licence fee debate with the BBC debate did there two intertwined at the moment.

And I think there's a dead a genuine problem with how we collect the licence fee and and then how that gets distributed back again and I think we need to start thinking about how is your Nan is it that having a licensee is that the best way doing it again and abroad from that whether or not the content of the BBC is making it is right reflection for 4 days.

I steep hated having a debate is arriving to do and that's where we have chance renew or just the politicians looking into the BBC thing was a politician shouldn't be examined the BBC in any way they see fit what you're saying to the wrong people he was saying if they talk to creative people are actually making this stuff.

They would get a very different set of answers an that's absolutely right.

I mean it's bizarre that live inside the life of the panel the job the whittingdale group is is demented you know if that doesn't include that's his point is made that could any creative people who should be including Steven Moffat in a free sample and um that's that's the boys at that absolutely should be looking to be safe course.

He has to be accountable to ask the public and they and they are the conduit for that but once they start only talking to the bigwigs and other Executives

And the people you know if you like working in industry there any getting one side of it and frustration that their people have his that when you put together a panel like that you can almost cigarette with the answer you can start speaking and he will get frustrated if you're not wanted by creative to it.

You're not going to have a discussion about on the way from the mactaggart lecture to the dinner last night.

I met one who shall be nameless executive who was offended right to be class in this group of life TV bigwigs to EN3 ago.

You was mildly know what you saying nothing to say true that was there people who created the go on to become big weeks of course.

You're not all people have just been and you know like commissioning of Our Lives I believe it or not.

There was somebody actually made TV show himself up what this is the Pointing and I think this is the underlying issue is once weirdly once you become an executive it almost speaking in a different way of thinking and excommunicating.

Two sessions of it this thing with people who actually writing and making and directing and starring TV shows and the ones who are in charge of them.

It's so weird, they all stop talking in this kind of like rather tedious political why about stuff for the creators.

Don't you know they're just very honest about stuff and that's the difference someone else who was in the audience and there is a merge this morning at the Post McTaggart kind of deconstruction chat better Monday nicci himself and even realise he was in the audience was the culture secretary John whittingdale in fact he was sitting next to me.

We were his reactions there was absolutely priceless moment right at the end.

When am I doing he got a standing ovation will be at these things slightly have a Mexican wave formation it took maybe 5 seconds for the audience to get to their feet during the side to side to decide whether this was a good old are ideal classic.

He was essentially standing up to a broad the fact that he was an idiot or sitting down to look like you can take a joke.

So either way, it was going to work.

Hello bit sorry for him feel sorry for I don't really was asking him about the BBC cuts and he said the BBC should try to make the same efficiency savings as we're asking every public body to do and it was a joke about Channel 4 U sobi ownership of Channel 4 is not currently under debate is it goes isn't the same thing as saying it's safe you needed enough to allow all the fears about that or did he make things even more complicated Story there's that that should always be dead always mean on the line tone about that should do we need to have another public service broadcast so that's that owned by the state and and I think I can be an ongoing argument for as long as Channel 4 is owned by the state and I think that again.

It's a good thing that we continue to debate that, but it's never going to be a right or remarks that because then they're not gonna did they not going to come and take their claims that until we actually get an answer about what's going on so I think that's a

Reading a story is exactly what your first politician to say and that wouldn't surprise me in anyway.

I think that the thing about Whittington and his cat around the BBC is is I know.

I'm not a fan of what the Tories are doing right now when it comes to me don't acting I'm not fine at all in any way shape or form, but I think the what's interesting about would what John whittingdale is doing is that he is very much advocating a debate and I think the Queen we need to engage with that and we need to make sure which that she's a really good work the broadcast been doing is it they very strongly been trying to to make sure that that that debate actually happens and people actually are talking about in defending it and running a bit more passion around what I think is our greatest public service final conspiracy theory on this for me.

Is it possible that this whole debate around Channel 4 and the BBC it is not a coincidence that it came about after the decision made behind closed doors again about the BBC's funding but actually the whole thing is designed so that people get upset about that, but then you don't talk about.

Kurdistan behind closed doors again and get upset about that which we would be partly the whole thing I'm for me the whole thing is a load of old absolute bullshit because what it is is John whittingdale and advise, I have to appeal to the probably half maybe of the Tories to have his MPs I mean who think the BBC Bristol early and philosophically because I think about a Lefty liberal twats even though they're not and and other day.

She started out pretty much.

I'm sure you know this PR6 it spot it to the most mindless obvious basic politics the Tory culture minister has to appease the idiots in his party who hate the BBC and the male and the Telegraph and the times and all those vested interests that also philosophically has to be about nothing more so I completely reject the notion the BBC let's face it pretty much 90% I would wire me up and asked me about the and what they do in terms of content.

Is is a better resource for everyone.

And it's of appeal to a lot of people and it's of equality that has hide.

It's ever been higher than it's ever been right and bottom line is as I'm wondering if Tracy was saying in the end of this whole process.

It'll end up being pretty much the same as is now.

Thank god right.

This is the media podcast not the politics podcast but I should just mention that as we sit here now discussing and debating another politician a rather significant one around here is in the building blow.

What's his first minister in those currently delivering the alternative mactaggart, but I can tell you what she's going to say because I got in the embargo.

Text that one email through as well.

She's going to talk about the media industry being over reliant on social media to get their source of easy stories.

She says risk sacrificing some of the best traditions of newsgathering investigative journalism in Scotland and the UK is not the first which as you might imagine goes on BBC Scotland

The public at large but that jumped out at me fraz.

Do you think she's right to talk about lazy journalism and in reliance an over-reliance on social media flat Earth news that the same lot about PR and how PRS change the game of the company is covering in this country now.

I think that there is a legitimate argument to say that the speed in which we require breaking news.

You know coming to our phones and the heating off screen to quickly possible is meant that the mistakes have been made along the way and and things have been over a 40 when I see the not that much of a story that's going to happen.

I think what social media allows is here.

What what particularly Twitter and and how that's going to explode and Facebook now in the way to REdesign their newsfeed exploded discussion of how you can both control the messaging and how he gets out there and what you want, but also can get out of control as well and you can't put you can't actually keep hold of it and that made things more exciting when it comes news and if there is also unfortunately.

Situation where the biggest celebrities are now can overtake a news agenda, cos whenever they tweet something or say something that becomes headline news, which I always find bizarre about why you need the news to tip to basically tell you what somebody's tweeted about which she can we get for your Twitter feed which can always computers me for the vast majority of people on Twitter last thing.

I mean she's making that point I agree with that.

My mum's not Twitter you know and I think Twitter is a very much is a vast huge billions of people are on Facebook right pretty much every my mum is on Facebook my name is concerned.

It's I think it's kind of a media thing people tweet a people who look at it and really engage with it.

I kind of the media class.

I think that is particularly big among them.

So it's almost like herself for billy thing.

So you know celebrities argue with each other on Twitter the Daily Mail reports on its.

I just eat and it and then they respond to that and it's kind of a thing and only wrong with it as cheap delivery or not.

My mum was on Twitter and she's not saying that you know thingy from One Direction is arguing with what's his name from whatever about something.

She might want to know and proportionate is finally a real people discussing something vaguely interesting or even trivial and I'm stupid you're not even on Twitter so I think it's different I do think it's different.

I think it's about it.

If she's saying people are looking at switch on Facebook for real news stories and kind of basing what they do on that be no, actually kind of game and then use a generator what people talking about on Twitch on FaceTime not sure about that, but I do think there's an over there's a look kind of Media obsession with Twitter that is am I love it, but I'm staying in the real world.

It doesn't mean anything you know this is the most trending programmes on Twitter you know and they never correspond very rarely correspond to what actually people watch.

You can't go to order politicians and go right what they saying.

I want to come in from them in 140 characters immediately and I'm sure someone like Nicola Sturgeon has that wear something happens in Scotland at around the world.

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Enjoy responsibly, are you what's going on then? That's that's gonna let somebody interesting where where journalists can almost cut it go down the list of important people to see what they said about particular subject in a way that you never would have been able to do 510 years ago Nevis inside the most important people to follow on Twitter at any time is at the media podcast dress regular to be confused with that Olly Murs

Ok, I will have to be so there's not just the TV festival that's happening here in Edinburgh you may have noticed there are a few other things as well including the Edinburgh festival fringe, but guess what that also attracts people from the telly industry that everywhere like locusts Ed sleeman is a commissioning editor for BBC Entertainment and I just joined him in the Pleasance Courtyard which is why there's I think a buzzy cool vibe around as I have loved to clear his fight.

This is where I just goes First Bite I come to when I get here here.

You are masquerading as an ordinary Conte you've got your Mac on you look normal but actually you're here representing a massive broadcaster.

What are you looking for head? What's the secret sauce genuinely not looking for anything specific? I always look for a mix of people who have seen before and I'm looking out to see if you know what they are now doing.

I've got any better or worse and I'm looking for people who.

What does not seen before I quite often? I'll pick five people who I've no idea of and I just picked them slightly around them.

I have had one or two little things about them and nothing specific.

I just I just got as much as I can.

I think I'm doing about 30 this week.

Seems to me sometimes those recommendations are from people who do spend 10 hours a day in a venue watching comedy and so they go for something.

That's a bit unusual and actually imagine the pressure on you to find an act that might be mainstream enough to go on the telly means you're not necessarily looking for those kinds of act quite often will go to Seychelles without with other producers highways commission Albert Ellis producer before and I've always hated it when when producers after a show your sat with them and you'll have to all the way through and you come out and go really enjoyed it, but it's just I just done what you do with them and you go and I'll think all that's not the point.

I didn't write this show so that we could come and decide what we could do with them on telly.

They wrote their role and our Show

I quite often so laying down the line.

I was quite some of those are incredibly honest to come out and say yeah, but what can what can we do with them? How can we rinse them on telly? You know I was I've never really like so I do genuinely just try to go to see the show as much as I possibly can as if I'm a fan of the of the actor.

I've been recommended it and I was very disingenuously should I try to be as respectful as possible and just watch the hour for what they are is rather than constantly whirling going or what panel show can I get them on which I just don't think is a healthy way to watch comedy and yeah if you're an aspiring, Can you do want to be on the telly because ultimately the money is even if you're actually talking about live touring revenues as a result of being on the panel show understandable isn't Ryan Taylor your show to impress people like you is that a mistake because you end up doing stuff that feels tried and tested all ok.

Can you think of, don't have to be with you? Don't want to see clearly have come to the festival.

The hours I can get on Mock the Week and it's work for them.

I don't know what a comedian.

Would do to make me go out there panel show with a lot of the night supposed doing you know some relatively quick you know one liners or something but having said that you know James Acaster has been one of my favourite not my favourite shows in the last 3 years and his stylists use brilliantly goes on his flights of fancy in the last year was he was saying that he was an undercover detective chords Pat springleaf and the whole comedy thing was just a rose for him to try and sort some cases ridiculous flights of fancy know where you would you would go away.

That's what I want on my panel show because what you want to power showers when he can edit snippets down however james' incredible comedian, and you know I was thinking really lucky to have him on any shows we have him on so I suppose if anyone came in with that Direct purpose of I'm going to get on a panel show I don't quite Howard attack that have a criticism of the Edinburgh fringe over the pass.

10 years or so and this is 24 Cowley ended up with the free fringe as a part of the festival which is where people can go and pay what they want or is that the big venues the Pleasance the underbelly the gilded balloon assembly rooms with dominating proceedings and to get into their you needed to spend 10 grand or whatever it is on your publicity which means you kind of need to have a production company or an agent behind you what role do those kind of industry contacts have in ultimately deciding whether or not a commissioning editor or a comedy producer might go and check in act out.

Are you willing to go with word-of-mouth and check someone out on the free fringe or is it often the case that you're told to go and see stuff.

Cos money has been spent on this guy this guys the next big thing.

I've been really lying if I didn't say it wasn't a combination of the two I mean.

I get I will get from I suppose June onwards.

I study email start coming in with with the actor.

We're going to be up there and then throughout you no come on the run up to August and throughout August I would say this year.

I've had 510 emails a day from big agencies.

I'm handsome, Oliver agency.

Know who send them expert.

It's completely understandable.

It's their job to get people to the shows and dinner and some telling people if she's staying out if that's all to meet the rain is the want to do more tele which I don't think should be the bill no, but if that is the I'm then they got to do that, but having said that I mean the last so I've just come from a show in the free fringe.

That was one of the ones I said where I just like she picked his name on the back.

I like didn't I like the sound of the show and I just thought it's on it's on at 12 that day.

I was going to check it out and can you give us a trade secret exclusive about someone you've seen this year you actually right.

I don't think it's any secret that Joe Lycett is having a brilliant festival.

I mean I think he was 3 years ago and I say it was snowing on the portacabins was about 12 oz in there was a brilliant brilliant show is one of those that yeah, sorry I'm leaving night first night was here need sold out the ground and you know hundreds of people there and it was a really great show and he was just sort of effortless and confidence and

You are really you know in terms of whatever ready is as I say Jojo I think it's really I don't think that's a secret.

I think I would say I'm a bit surprised of lots of channels on trying to do more things with him now well.

We're still at the TV festival with Boyd Hilton and Faraz Osman and of course it is in fact the international TV festival there is certainly a lot of Americans hear an impressive lineup actually including John landgraf from FX Rich Ross from Discovery and Michael ellenberg from HBO open as their UK counterparts what you think about this boys saying who's the president of shows yes and exciting because he showed us the trailer for season 5 Homeland and only see a little bit too much soil and F Murray Abraham for my liking not enough carry, but you know that's all.

Until about him it seemed to me the Americans a less used to being Frank and honest and open in these can a session from the British counterparts is that fair? Yeah? I think the problem is the Americans are so slick.

I mean it's a cliche but it's true.

You know American executives have any industry probably let alone TV eyes so well trained and so I mean I can't get to where they are coming without being just completely political animals who know what to say how to say it and you know you can pay I may not agree with you compare those guys.

It's and they're all they're brilliant.

I will that mean they're quite creative so I didn't in some ways.

I do think if your head of FX showtime, it's easy to be risky behaviour TV or even scan them to say that use this you never comes into a separate email to his panels anything.

I don't you.

Can you get Matt I don't think I'm in America than in an American top-level TV big weeks British TV executives can YouTubers and people like that they deserve their place at this table.

You're not there.

Still a feeling I think but they're slightly second class citizens in those were the other discussion or can you make money out of building an app, but it's not quite the same as what the people you know BBC Two And ITV of doing what's going on BBC3 at the moment and what's going on with all four at the moment suggest that broadcast want to get into the space and figure out what it looks like in and how it works then and actually you've got a lot of these guys are doing this than in the YouTube a snake play some of them.

They got much bigger audiences even on television than some of the broadcasters have got and it is only fair that they actually come here and discuss what they're doing about their experiences are along the way we were.

Go from Zoella in 10 years time next year.

We'll see the alternative mactaggart come from and I think that would probably be quite intelligent booking to figure out what that looks like.

I mean.

I think that there's a there is a feeling of cheese is this sustainable is it a bubble is it going to what is going to look like no one's a TV guide come into this babe.

Ill take it over and I'll find formats of people actually want to watch and actually it's just because there's not content that's that's there that's bits of high quality, but people just want to keep binging on this sort stuff.

I think that we talking about it for a long time.

We have yet to see a broadcast that I think other boys might be wearing one.

I I can't think I want to suck my head of a broadcaster putting something online and it being a massive hit in the same way to the TV brands are yet? Zoella is a name that you know and I know and all a lot of people round here now and it is she is a brand and it's just been successful.

Ok, you can hear the brain crowd of TV executives advance.

Around at the moment Nicola Sturgeon has checked out and get ready for the awards and then I'll get ready for by I think anyone involved in the general organisation of this festival and off by specially convened panel of experts chaired by me Manny was the first name to process it and I think I think was that using it was a tough Year BBC One Channel of the Year ok, but he was kind of between BBC One Channel 4 not been I think for one last year not that may come with us think you know massive big Bake-Off World Cup coverage was astonishing the missing which was brilliant really good.

Just still producing the best content around basically and ITV was dipping you know not so good and so it's drama and it's and it's scripted staff nothing massively decent actually either.

Who was the main rival political interesting thing would have been to give it to BT30 does a lot of debate about? I think there's any one or two boats in it while I'm talking to people who know it was very very tight race between BBC One and Channel 4 and and BBC3 as well and I think that you you look at the shows are on there and an actually it was very difficult not to give it to BBC One particularly when you actually look at the stats of how well that channel stars then and now it's actually there is he doing this thing is.

Sometimes it becomes a a composition of who does the best sizzle reel and he's got the best editing to your house and and I think that there was a does a real sensor when you watch the tapes as a bit like all this is obvious that he's going to win you read the actual literature that that compliments it and you see the actual stats.

How well we have been things any doing you kind of face if they're well actually never TV channel that's doing very very well at the moment and there are others that are keeping up-to-date.

What do big shows whether they win Awards or not or obviously Strictly Come Dancing and the X Factor both shortly to return to our screens intrigues me cos it's like the awkward and bizarre session where Kay Burley was interrogating the leaders of all the channels that did throw up this nugget the Peter Fincham director of ITV said on stage still put The Gauntlet down to Danny Cohen BBC director of Adobe programs the ITV are going to publish the times that the X Factor will be on every Saturday and then it in the BBC's Court not to schedule strictly up against it.

It was brilliant it was so what are we waiting for them to the first half of that session was unbelievable unbelievably disappointing because nothing interesting came up and then suddenly came alive.


Yeah the 5 most powerful people in British Broadcasting kind of and then went all boring and then suddenly the Strictly vs.

Exfat The Thing Happened Ida's a great poo by finishing to do that and I did think it paste and I have so my what I mean.

I clearly I'm a muscly pro BBC I do find they deliberate competitiveness over things like this irritating because they don't need to do it.

That's the bottom line and I do think it's slightly weird how competitive the schedules and Danny himself as I mean you know I'm sure it admit it and all BBC cos I was are they want to be ITV they want it no one here x factors ratings we should leave and it's kind of not really is it really that job? I don't know I think people vintage wine Wars who make their researches and our minds to it as the heat to be added to our readers wanna watch both and I want to be both alive and then wants one after the other and don't Un and if you if you don't do that, you will get the backlash and that.

Britain's political way of dealing with it was clever a thumb and four papers and window to run headless button in the enzymatic because even if they're one of the others that you can still see who's who's gets bigger ratings that story still runs soyuz.

It's not have to crash out to be a story conspiracy still upset of which which show is more popular the other no matter when they're on so that's it's still story.

It's like the thing is they play Love Actually being able to claw at the X factors.

They know if they put Strictly on right up against one it's on they will dent their ratings and that is annoying but if they were a commercial organisation so there wasn't the issue about they shouldn't be taking refugee away from a commercial organisation organisation it wouldn't just be about stealing the audience away from X Factor it would be about giving a leading to whatever the show is that's on after Strictly

Never been better than with no present thing is I thought they talked about you know if it's on the right and that's the bottom line and he doesn't need to do it ok intervention on that one and I think so OK one of the session that I went to anyway was called the future of news BBC head of news James Harding appearing at that event talk about the speculation around BBC News Channel weather that might go online like BBC3 at he said the service was durable you can't help it.

Be when they use words like that.

He said its future would depend upon their mobile strategy.

He said over the last few months.

We've been looking at how we can make sure that we have the skills to stream and in that you have to think where would the world of news channels fit in didn't we still need a 24-hour BBC News Channel my god.

There's a lot of hyperbowl in that isn't here so my my phone will stream my news in the future.

It's ok cool.

Reality a desert people get their news of lots of different sources and actually having her having a news channel is some people wake up in the morning.

They turn that on some people are in offices and have it on in the background.

It's useful to have a new channel as a TV that's TV channel and I can't see that going away anytime soon something John Riley from Sky News said at the same event as we are entering the world of the big correspond.

Only meant by battlerite interested.

He sees a world where even these big names on Sky News Ed Conway for example with an expert in a particular area might feel entitled to have a contract whereby because they're so intimate they could appear on the Today programme in the morning for the BBC do a briefing on the ITV lunchtime news and then a programme on Sky in the evening because they're online following are interested that came out early and ridiculous way of interviewing people.

People said things I don't think that I clearly happened and it's actually quite irritating bit has clearly been employed because she's a personality whether she wants to block the wrong way, you're not on that part.

I need a strategy that the employee personality than that's the reason you come to their new channel over the BBC or ITV News rest in peace.

It's a bit.

There's already having a big news anchors across the day is on the reasons.

Why you stay with their channels and that is Sky strategy and I can see that continuing to elevate what worries me particularly when it somebody like Kay Burley is when those news anchors become bigger than any stories himself and it felt to me particularly during that leaders debate that came was trying to be a bigger story than actually got any describe the same people turned up for those leaders and not for her.

Not just in terms of sessions at the Edinburgh TV festival and boy.

Do you say you've been to a lot and I was thinking about this is a presenter watching it a point about Kay Burley necessary.

It's about a lot of presenters who choose to become antagonistic.

Stationery responsibly I can't help the fact that I'm watching that for my present this idea and I'm not sure they're being confrontational is always the best approach when you're trying to get a response out of people in the industry to people in the industry.

We are trying to just showed prepared to have a conversation as I'm sure people would know when they see me anyone you see me do a session.

I think you can still ask tough questions and the questions that have to be asked but in her in a normal way, I for me like I watch Kay Burley it isn't it is a good example.

I watch Kay Burley in that session.

I thought you're a bit weird.

It's all a bit you just socially a bit she said Hola bit of the way of communicating.

I'm in the water technical hitch for the sound we shouldn't I can hear each other but just the way she deals with people is just all the things she says two people it's alright to try the contrived and I don't know I just find it odd so where is for me.

It's all about having a natural conversation.

I try I am trying to have a naturalisation.

Bono singing it with the weather I'm interviewing for the same time making sure I asked them what they wouldn't want to know about them that staticky it's not the not if the politicians I want Jerry Paxman to be horrible to them but that's brilliant, but we're not in an opposition as they doing a job and then making TV programme that I think what Alastair Stewart did with John whittingdale.

I think you did an excellent job and I think that that that made that a much more interesting experience in and I think that you can you know if you gonna be conversation you have to have the I think they are the stats and the knowledge to back it up and that's kind of key to order.

It isn't and you can tell when you're in when you're in that session that there is a person on stage that knows more about this and you do there educating you they're getting the answers at that are going to matter and that's what good interviewing should be about it.

Can't be about shouting at people point your finger in the hope that the Opera vocal response that will be a flat fine.

You can get out of it that will become headline.

That's not gonna listen to me ok.

Sort of wrap up because there's a bloody Mary downstairs at the Awards with my name on it.

I'm sure you can tell everyone gets up but alcohol is waiting for me round the corner.

There is still time to squeeze in the media quiz of course.

It is the highlight of the show this week.

It is entitled outside the bubble there is an industry outside these four walls, but do our delegates know what else has happened in the media news this week best of 3 bars in with your name the winner gets an invite to every corporate party at next year's TV festival the loser has to go to Emma corporate party at next year's TV festival he is story number one the sun today published its first website traffic figures for two years, but how many did they get buzzing with your name?

Boys 72 people for the sun, I'm going to say 1.2 million 800000 you have a pretty poor is not make it the least visited UK national newspaper.

That's amazing popular papers disaster there.

Hope everything was going to say thinking I remember I remember that can I get a very strong winds GMTV had GMTV we had to rethink that strategy role in The beyond the pale actually.

I mean I'd be thrilled with 800000.

I'm not reproduce.

That's that's there that about that Daily Mail gets 14.3 million per day case you're wondering for a comparison try to control that in a word is what politicians have so often praised to have when it comes to the BBC but who wrote that this week doesn't with your name can be outside.

Vacation that I wrote it in it was in The Guardian sponsors as free as the sun bigger stories, but you don't think I'm gonna have to be out your misery if there's no answer the answer was Nick Robinson almonds accusations of bias at The Corporation 3 when you get home and also called Nicola Sturgeon out her alternative mactaggart.

Talk about some of that stuff as well.

This is what we traditionally called the typewriter from which organisation was dumped Crawley dumped by the BBC this week after a 90000 APR weather people.

Small victory Como it's been pretending companies a bit a good weather apps that had a massive explosion recently and things like darts Sky is a huge.

It'll be interesting to see if there's a relationship between a Weather app and the BBC down the BBC Weather I think will be interesting to see how many of the Met Office presenters go off to present for Whoever gets the contract now.

Yeah, yeah definitely somewhere Boyd Hilton thank you.

Thank you for almond congratulations on minder quiz my Favourite Things by far as seen at the festival is boys trainers be so jealous of the they are actually amazing and then anybody that's me a list of all.

They look like a pair of normal Nike trainers.

hang on to be smiling Miracast you can thanks looking for a Scandinavian broadcasting company that enjoys news and discussion from the wider Media world that if you would like to support the show like Colin and get your name read out in my sexy voice and get my eternal gratitude as well then please go to be Media podcast Ofcom / dedicate early man the producer is Matt Hill the media podcast is a PPM production until next time ill set up a Wee Willie wx680 Nelson

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