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Read this: #33 - BBC Three cut gets Trust approval – The Media Podcast with Olly Mann

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#33 - BBC Three cut gets Trust approval …

Hello and welcome to the media podcast Olly Murs here on today's show the BBC are at it again slashing jobs confirming intentions to close a channel and open up more competition in radio.

Will that be enough to appease their government overlord plus I speak to comedy writer Larry Rickard about yonderland Horrible Histories and the new Tracey Ullman show and we discuss news that Neil Wallace is cleared of Conspiracy to hack phones Channel 4 could move to the Black Country that we offer to fix the BBC's New Look Wimbledon today that's all coming up on this week's Media podcast and with me today at the hospital club is Faraz Osman managing director of TV in the lemonade money for as you're just back from Glastonbury I am still recovering hence the voice in a bit like I need a good night's sleep as well.

I need are you so wrecked manifest memory foam mattress.

Lightsaber glamping got camping camping in a tent like everyone else you also walked around photo bombing the BBC's coverage with a giant flag bearing the name of your India yes, it might be worth watching some BBC coverage and see if he was spotted big lemonade money logo.

I thought it was cool and asked me about it and then I realise I was effectively walking round glass mirror massive business card.

Not very last night and also making his first return to the pod since episode number 23 reckon about a 10 episode rotation is right for you Leon it is the MD of TalkBack Leon Wilson hi there hello hello lobster in a field in Richmond most of the whole of Media industry was yesterday in the house Festival in Richmond I was a guest of ITV and it is the most soulful place of conspicuous consumption also brilliant because it's a lovely day.

What in the sun with lots people you know and you spell hold a half hating yourself but also half loving the fact that you're there and what group did you learn? I cannot literally cannot talk because I would never work in this industry again and that person flashing brake light repair Sony Hall walking around the BBC Three flag.

I should also mention to you on a slightly sad note that since we last spoke of course Never Mind the Buzzcocks on the biggest shows you do no longer with us decommissioned Buzzcocks yeah, was that bit of a shock or not? It wasn't a total shot by the end.

We thought they were giving have a series they offer CBBC shows rods.

They wanted to be the host of the series before that is real but not Middlefield Gilbert they probably given their giving in that they wanted to go with him.

They would make give a chance to build on that they decided the babes.

I've had enough but you know it's a shame we got lots of a thing.

Coming through got another series of Through the Keyhole win at them doing the Moments and we got the Back to the Future tribute we doing on the October 21st Keith lemons backstitch tribute with remade Back to the Future and I just been watching some of the year this morning and it is amazing.

I've been asking about that.

We have people who aren't regular Keith Lemon fans might not know there's a Back to the Future thread running through a lot of his work and over the next year you've got the Back to the Future musical.

Haven't you was wondering when you're going to hop on McGregor film in the future of us 2015 if only to be Leigh Francis and have every one of your crazy ideas completely ok? I've been lot of announcements from the BBC this week anyone might think there's some sort of big political negotiation coming up but the story with starting with is the BBC trusts decision to close their youth channel BBC3 it means The Corporation can move the brand online with occasional programming on BBC one and two saving 30 million quid in the process.

At Lyons do you think BBC3 is about to become the new iPlayer all the new BBC switch in the BBC admit that is sorted to this is happened to LE4 them let you know I think is really huge mistake.

It is a huge mistake.

They have not communicated clearly the reasons why they want to close it had a fat lesbian way through but the tracker sweet was is the least surprising thing about whole thing it was always going to happen.

I didn't thought that they were going to change their mind on this is just inconceivable.

I think that it would probably be a qualified success will be one or two programmes at Dupont through when it goes online like people just do nothing with the shed started online last year's fantastic is got a huge fan following now.

I'm going to be some programs that do that and then but I think it will probably make it harder for some programs to sort of get a tension and browse the world that you moving obviously is also targeted mostly at the kind of BBC3 age demographic and I guess most of the shows that you make are you know primarily thought of something that could last online.

Even if not initially is it the right decision or is it the case that yeah, there's a sizable minority people that do they have decent broadband connections and it is too soon, but the way that lemonade money operated at the current time.

We have more shows we do for online partners image of broadcast partners.

So you could argue that this is a benefit to us as as a company that have expertise in that space, but the way I look at it is that it's already crowded market and the idea of the BBC can just turn on BBC Three online and suddenly we have to be a massive success in their seems bonkers to me the real thing than the real scandal for me is people of seem to stop talking about the commissioning project which has been cut in half so the actual figure that they're going to be spending on content for younger audiences is going to be much lower I think if they decided they turn around and said no we're going to experiment with seeing how we can get content out to audiences in a different way, but we're going to be as as noisiness strong with a big commissioning part both.

I think it's 60 million to the moment when they take all of that and apply it to a new platform and see what happened.

Anything it will be an interesting experiment, but that's not what they decided here.

This was originally started off as a cost saving exercise they try to claim that it's not about innovation than excitement what young audiences one which is all the nonsense the reality is the television has an important canvas that young people are underserved in in an online space.

They're actually I like you over served in and this just feels like it's completely skewed in the wrong way the real thing for me.

That is when it comes to the BBC trust me, what was he be talking about BBC Three for a long time when you come to the BBC Trust they do this big public service value test a lot of people that paint Max that said no you don't want BBC3 to move online from what I heard you said about 1 tunes BBC2 to have longer hours and have ignored all of that.

What was the point in having that text what the point in me filling out that form when we've and leave the vast majority people said this was a bad idea and it go ahead and done it anyway, but what does that say about what the trustee doing and listen to pop up you talk about it, so suddenly moving online and actually one of the things the trust has sent you found us to them as they need to be a gradual well managed.

Transition before is this gonna happen by 2016 which was the date we've been talking about cleaning out so I thought you said it will happen by The Beginning next year nose and if there's a chance they might run alongside each other which one is it? Is it going to be off there in January or is it going to be off when I mean? It's kind of it's really on setting for the commission is working at everyone got involved my channel and what do you put on the telly when you haven't got family guy because we've got back till the end of this year and they still next year then.

I don't know what's going to fill up between 10 and 12 each night and that's confused about how do I picture ideas to BBC three different.

I really don't feel that they cleared up that sense that they want TV half hours.

All they want online 50 minute shows all they want 6 Second vines.

All they want gifts or what it is.

That would I seem to be sending across to the plan went to the briefing two weeks ago.

There is a sort of day have set out there idea that the breakdown of how that will they think that will work at the time.

I was all subjective Trust approval, but it is.

How to clear a really little quite hard to know how many series is that money equate to you know and I don't think they really know it's ok.

Well, if as last time when we were discussing BBC3 someone wants to DM me after you talking a load of bollocks cuz they work BBC3 well, then come on the show and tell us why and then we'll find our skin in this game is John so remember that proposed by the channel from the BBC that's been rejected, but the Chiefs of Avalon and hat-trick are doubling down.

This is what they told broadcast stalking TV podcast last week, what happened to trust turn around and agree with this decision from the BBC we keep going back with we ramp it up.

Yeah, it is such an important thing it cannot happen.

So what does that involve will be much easier and much more pointed and aggressive into the way the boys.

It's not just us now.

It will the Beginning it seems like it's just us sometimes of BBC like to say it's just us, isn't it?

800 people who are from stars to industry professionals and many many others that all believe the same thing there is no shortage of people that think the BBC bake us.

Take care Leon what can these guys actually hope to HA1 and very sympathetic with Jimmy and John you know which two key pieces for your line.

I agree with it.

I do think the wedding god allow I'm on telly on television this weekend away is probably gone about it hasn't been the best way get the industry behind them the way did you this will headline being we want to buy BBC3 is kinda if your competitor chicken and avelon which we are there's no incentive for me to get on board with that really should why? Why would I want to help our competitor was actually what they really were trying to say I think is we want to try and create a model like Channel 4 but what the headline was about then buying and I think that was kind of you know and there's not then only a huge my sympathies because they given their success and I've really admired them as TV producers and only wish this will have to come and visit as successful as there's a really they're not gonna get huge my sympathy from the rest in Stroud say helping out multi millionaires.

You know Jesus I was a bit of come out with a model that was more like we want to turn his Channel 4 then I think actually people have got bored with that and I did actually changed their stance towards that but it was always too late, but I also allow the BBC's internally attack them The Beatles login to BT didn't want bb32 closed at the moment are being attacked by Jimmy and John they all can I close ranks went well, we're gonna need to sort as a server and a mission to destroy the credibility of Jimmy and Jones proposal and actually with originally they were actually sympathetic towards their point of view so good idea bad approach basically yeah and prayers.

What about the spectrum of what was BBC3 on Freeview and on Sky and on Virgin because the trust of also next the idea of BBC One plus one which was going to go in its place.

I've got them my notes that are going to talk about the music thinking on a slippery on the same iPhone page same thing if you're not going to have that spectrum with oneplus one which incidentally confuse me for more when it's hot approach.

Because you're on on the one hand saying that look at all.

These audiences meeting online date do we need to make sure that we have fully integrated services on on iPlayer but also we're going to Lordship plus one service on terrestrial television because people don't watch television online the whole thing seems really confused me.

It's a good thing that that that's been rejected because it is only slows down the innovation online but yet what happened to that spectrum now.

You know the whole point was let's cut the Z3 to save some money.

They're going to do it using the technical services actually they're not doing that cos I'm going to BBC One plus one the spectrum is now they're languishing what happens to it.

I've got an idea.

Let's put on some content for young people and see what happens.

Ok will staying with the BBC pats unsurprisingly because there are three massive stories this week announced by the director-general Tony Hall 1000 cuts to BBC staff reducing layers between the top and bottom of the organisation from 10 to 7 so if you work at the beach then soon your boss's boss's boss's boss's boss's boss's boss will be Tony Hall

Now that is streamlining for you as the Guardian has called this a last-minute sacrifice to the gods and referring to charge a renewal.

How does that say about write to you as an assessment, is this always see when it comes up Sheffield always seems to be some New Orleans middle management that can be got rid of that every time this happens that as it's like a layer of Middle management.

That wasn't there before I will say that it's people jobs at risk and you know some of them are going to be friends or people that we work with an apostle Eliminator it and very talented individuals not always quite difficult to Stomach but there's a there is a sense that the BBC need to get a little bit Lena and it needs to be efficient not just in and it's nothing but also in the way that we can get answers and the way that we can get decisions made and if that means that we got a few lessons hoops to jump through from from a pigeon make support the view that probably going to be a good thing but at the same time it does feel like we're going we need to cut himself, so let's do it.

Let's say that give you that first and then figure out who is going to be later and not always cause uncertainty discussion that people have politically.

Austerity cuts of the Tories are making saying oh, it's ideological I mean Leon this is kind of ideological isn't it was Tony Hall said when he became director general he was going to cut a load of Middle management and hey presto all tough times.

I need to cut a load of Middle management because of the change in some people not having a licence paid because they only few things online and that made me think actually should we be looking at having a licence fee for broadband instead in the same way when television came in we do have a licence with television not radio and now shouldn't we have a licence fee for broadband because if that's where everything's going ultimately that not easier way things rather than people behave get around the service.

We have a licence fee for broadband that seems to be that what I meant well to me wind up there may be 10 years time and also that's the same thing that I've been thinking as well.

You should be paying for your loss at 3 for your broadband service provider it makes complete common sense that we stop taxing people for having a TV in the front.

And we saw letting broadband service providers collect cash and Rita Street.

So you cut costs in that place to this perspective and we start admitting to ourselves that TV isn't isn't the only way that people access BBC services and getting more over when it comes back to the BBC Three point we give young people in exception excuse and a reason to actually invest in the BBC which at the moment.

I don't have OK one more BBC still hurry before we move on and that is about BBC Radio this time Rick the radio dependencies group have announced the BBC are close to a deal to release 60% of their radio output to competition and then we understand that the big shows things like a daytime on Radio 1 and 2 literally the big Shaq bird that but also News programmes long-running strands like Woman's Hour They're gonna stay in house.

I have another 60% That's a sizable.


Isn't it last year in DS1 22% and outputs a massive massive change is nearly did you think you're going to as a basically TV and eBook making a few radio shows on the side gonna be looking into doubling up on there.

Will it be did peaked my interest we make one radio show is ready for a cold my teenage diary and we tend to not pick him a lot of shredder shades book particles are budgies are small but also because the limit opportunities specialling comedy from the BBC, still got very strong in-house, DT making a lot of good comedy a lot of not.

So good, nothing actually is an opportunity for a lot of television companies like I said so used to make radio waves to make a lot irradiated at talk back in the day like in Herne Bay today and have all Partridge music that to get back into that and it's a good way and with BBC3 closing less opportunities for new comedians is stepping on me.

I will be looking at some pictures of comedy shows on Radio 4 at the difference for as I guess is if your ATV indeed then you can make stuff for the BBC been also make stuff at Channel 4 on Sky and whoever if your radio indeed, I mean really commercial radio takes hardly any independent commission so then yourself supplier is the BBC as it's not quite the same as telly.


It's a little bit more arguing the more complicated in the weather TV model is set up by starting radio actually annoying when I start.

Radio it was when the Wok first opened up, so people started talking talking about how we can get more hours from Independent producers and Anna challenges with seems to be that particularly with the work.

I was doing around Radio 1 was they have a Studios so you'd end up having independent Russian companies go into BBC Studios and make the show so actually I didn't know how much savings are made as a result there was a different tone of voice which is always really important when it comes to Conor building a business around that model where you have to go and broadcast from Radio 1 Towers already a Two Towers you end up not having that much benefit as a result of being a production company cos you can't throw down some Studios and and equipment and all that sort of space.

So there is a little bit more complicated technically to to make this work, but I think that as Leon says that having a having a real flag in the Sand and saying that this is going to be a big boost in this face pixie interested of people like me who run a company that normally does music staff and says Wowcher Lee maybe there's an opportunity here for us to see what are creativity looks like on on.

And should it be applied to the long-running shows I mean Leon you make a lot of panel shows if the News Quiz became available to be there.

What would a TalkBack news quiz sound like this is a BBC Rhod Gilbert oh? Yeah, I'd love to I think I do I mean I remember is it Tony ball hits head of Sky 10 years ago saying that BBC show should be put out like the other companies can make them want to be running for more than 5 years time.

I thought it was crazy.

No actually think there's 3 there's something in that I do think of something news quiz be good quotes to see what another independent company would make these quiz and you know even if just for a year and they can sort of you know if they did the wreckage of a go somewhere Radio 4 listeners like nothing if they don't like an experimental listen with some of their favourite shows series yonderland Returns later this month is made by many of the same team as make Horrible Histories the family show that managed to create a balance of children's entertainment and jokes for the mums and dads.

As well this is an of yonderland.

No promises to be a little darker as the head writer Larry Rickard explains the rule we tend to give ourselves is any joke has to not bring you any information which is offensive so you can look at a joke and read it one way if you're an audience of a certain age for the certain amount of knowledge and savvy or you can look at that as a young audience with you.

No less knowledge on certain subject and read it completely innocently and so you only bring to it.

What you bring to it? We're never trying to be offensive term for thumbs thumbs thumbs, that's why I've lost the suicide pill between a wisdom tooth.

Reception will be with Guy comes buckets of cash.

It looks like it was quite a lot of money to make but you about to tell me it was made on the G-string and you'd like more money does not going to be anyone out there making television show you so you know what we've got all the money.

We need imagine it cost slightly more than a sitcom but considerably less than it looks like Franklin you know I would be very lucky on both series with great dop we've got a Ricky Harris who designed the first series and Lucy Spink who was a designer on this series of found a whole new sort of way of approaching incredible and just find ways of doing something with have we know a lot of time with with nothing.

We've got there's a set in this series which is one of my favourite.

I think it's wonderful on screen and it's this factory when you actually examine.

It is 90% cardboard boxes and it's wonderful it's such a large immersive set as well and it does it have an international audience because it strikes me as something yonderland that fits into that sort of Doctor Who template in a way of British fantasy.

If you went to Comic-Con would people know he wear yeah, it's a good question.

I don't know when we need certainly it does play in various other territories in Australia and then and places like that humans one of those things that famously doesn't always travel well, but having said that you know one of one of the great inspirations for it was these things like their parents and then a lot of the hence that shows which crossed over in the obviously you know the day you know Jim Henson's American and it's that's what the heritage was but they're all made over here and on the right is and crew were wearing list how the potential there transatlantic Productions were actually sitting in your trailer on the set of the Tracey Ullman show at the moment which is it made for the UK it's because she's a massive star and she's a British stuff and yet you know being honest most of her success for the last two decades has been in America most people in printer won't recognise her.

She walked past them at how do you think it's going to go down? I think I mean sofa having worked.

It's been lucky enough to be in so many of the writing rooms and rehearsals it doesn't.

Face me at all because the second that you see Tracy performing the confidence but also the incredible combination of skills when it goes how we gonna do a dance number if she dances so this is going to be a song and she seems the top not singing the song the way that I would sing a cell that you know saying in a horrible histories all your leg, but just the song with the way I sing I would do it and let you know the character of the version timing it's all just there.

I think you know the BBC probably feel the same way about it as I doing that thank god.

We finally rest of her about it.

So that you sure it's you know we must take off a road we must implement emergency protocol step and style that we ourselves may be in danger.

Must immediately start protocol.

So in a sense there's no kind of resentment from you that you came through children's that wasn't fighting because you couldn't get commissioned elsewhere that was a legitimate way and relatively easy bit speaking personally not at all.

It was it meant in some ways it work for us.

It meant that we could be a complete surprise.

There was no armchair critics going well.

Let's see what this comedy is dead in the years leading up to that.

I've been involved either directly or tangentially on a number of speculative comedy projects that were set in the past and the accepted wisdom of become.

They're too expensive you can't do those anymore and I think what one thing that horrible histories did do was go there's a way of doing it on what are modest budgets.

You know that was children's BBC budget very very proud of what we've done with yonderland cotton out of a film coming out later in the year that it's it's lead onto the number of really wonderful things so now I'm but I'm very very glad it will happen to the date and the film is a horrible histories Style

Film about William Shakespeare's so more digging around in costumes going higher budget well.

It's quite different in that.

It's not been a great thing about the show is the fact that their factually accurate but factual stories.

You know is you'll often see when a film comes out of this is based on a true story the first thing that happens is a ten articles going it's all lies that didn't happen if you know and I'll Version Of Events still gets involved about Shakespeare gets involved in a plot to kill the queen.

I'm pretty certain that didn't know we don't nobody knows for sure exactly it'd what Shakespeare did as well.

We know he took these it took history books we were lucky enough to see you now directly compare up at the Shakespeare trust in Stratford some of the history books he used for reference and in his texts from the blaze and you can see it gone Mark take that but I'm just going to tweet that and put a few little that whistles and bells on their into a degree.

You know where sort of taking a leaf from him and going we don't know exactly what happened in a is 32 here's our spin on it.

I think the point of which anyone compare themselves to Shakespeare's probably a good point residents of you.

I never said that Larry Rickard yonderland begins its second series on Sky One on Monday the 13th of July at 20.

Ok some news in brief now with Leon and Faraz first of all the ex deputy editor of the News of the World Neil Wallace has been cleared by a court of Conspiracy to hack phones Wallace was first arrested in 2011 then the CPI definition is the possibility of achieving more in the fast-paced world of digital advertising Oracle data cloud has built its Legacy on finding the signal through the noise on unlocking potential we bring together data and technology to help you better understand your audience where to best engage them and how to measure a tool to realise true potential Oracle data cloud where better outcomes begin visitar.

Call data to learn more and that's dropped the case.

I need to pick it up again after the Coulson and Brooks trials.

He previously spoken out about police powers to endlessly extend his and others bales friends and innocent man Ronaldo with no chance of recouping his legal fees not a great use of the justice system.

What is a really tricky in complicated cakes and I think that the CPS on are looking to pulling even better.

That's not read this page.

So I think this is a case of there was some evidence that they need to investigate then investigated it at the justice system is has prevailed and it was found innocent and I think that that's what we have to accept.

It's it's going to be life-changing though and it always is this for these sort of cases a minute away from from him as an individual and and this particular case it does make things very interesting when it comes to tabloid newspapers because let's be honest they a lot of time smash things on front pages that turn out not to be quite true and and there's not much for a course that's happened to those people who are victims of those stories and

Here we have a scenario where it's it's almost like the reverse and whole thing around this case and the phone hacking story demonstrates that unit people's lives at risk and in this instance is reported as had that has a few as he says.

He's had his life ruined there's also lots of people had their life ruined by people having their phones hacked and and that has happened.

We know that's happened and then I think it's right that was investigated properly ok sticking with the tabloids trinity mirror looking to purchase the daily and Sunday Express titles from Dickies esmont according to Mark Sweeney at the Guardian they've been locked in talks since at least March only Richard Desmond pats unsurprisingly wants the maximum price are the only be bought by a company that is you know it's very left wing and I'm supposed to sort of I don't what will happen to the Express is it I think I have to stop being stories about Diana and the heatwaves and immigrants or will it be this mother will they leave it alone?

It does happen to be really interesting to have a Daily Express something that will keep its agenda.

Whether they have to move to the left now answer is they will leave it alone because the whole point is a business model that have left wing working class readers and right-wing working class reading major news organisations only both left and right wing subtitles.

I mean I just can't see how it works on a long-term scale, but I just can't you name some point want to go to come together now.

I mean you get published in a magazine still quite hands off.

Don't you feel extended so we have to say what is there a clear of had entrepreneurial influence I guess and Anthony Weiner is a donor to you.

Give you wonder if that's not there whether that readers will be getting the red meat.

They want the reason they don't they don't they look listen to their readership.

They asked their readership.

What what what who they want you they're interested in that they said UKIP so they back them because of that so it doesn't know even when there are they still want to support UK

Cannot support UKIP intense the alienate their readership.

I think this whole European referendum.

That's what you can get particularly interesting as we know during elections newspapers.

Have a lot of influences and the Daily Express in speed of the paper.

That's going to be voting.

Yes or no.

I'm quite.

I'm not quite sure what the best thing is I keep forgetting.

I think it's I think it's nothing that paper.

They're saying no but as a my understanding is that a proprietary it makes sense for them to be in Europe so so was a business.

They're saying it's a good thing and imagine that Daily Mirror will be very much saying yes, we should be staying in Europe so that wear that leaves the Politics of the paper.

It is going to be fascinating.

Why is no-one asking what's going to happen to the Daily Star Sunday I'm very worried that exist what we don't know yet the room appear to be there only want the Daily Express

Reading going ago and I've not one and one in that one today.

I just wonder if Richard Osman would ever find it possible to strip any more value out of the Daily Star I mean, what would be left if you wanted to sell it in the future will probably be able to buy it together Field Club just a story about Big Brother anymore because since they sold 52 viacom.

I've seen a daily still used to just be water will be brother coverage, but I don't know what's in there since they've sold Channel 5 of the last 2 years in today's more sophisticated news agenda.

Is the bonus question and the Guardian running summer schools for kids this year according to the press Gazette though, how much do the summer schools cost to attend the Guardians one cost £599 correct and Sons what is free correct, but they're quite different schemes really wanted the sun's when he sort of a competition APR exercised when people have to write articles in the best ones get the chance to go to the summer school free of charge and the Guardians one is

Sort of a money-making exercising a guardian how much money they will make from it, but it's a thing where if you pay the money you will get to go over long as this place is still left so they're quite different things and it's off Isabella's compare them.

What does it though because the Guardians funded by the Scott Trust so they don't have to make a profit at all and the guardians the one that's basically standing out for people working class background guardian making huge losses and the Auto Trader money will run out in the end, so they have to find other ways of making money and one of the way to make it was read the Guardian club, and they do lots of these events throughout the year we can go along I listen to guardian journalist talk for a couple of hours and pay lots of money for the privileged apparently.

There's an excellent Guardian masterclass about podcasting coming up next I don't know I've heard about it now the BBC them again have lost control of the rights for the Olympics from 2022.

I think it another week this would be a big story, but there's so much else going onto BBC etsy Hugh Stewart Discovery now own the rights.

They made a Pan European beer to the deal means that the Eurosport owner will have first dibs on hosting.

But may decide to licence it to a national broadcaster, it is a huge story on but it doesn't mean the Olympics won't be on British telly anymore.

Does it on 320 telly will it has to be the Crown jewel? Isn't it has to be free to air but then I don't understand you.

I don't have your a sport is not part of the Freeview spectrum.

Is it so I don't know when you do have to pay to get you a sport as a part of a package the moment.

I do have Skype might think that it is part of the Freeview spectral all love each other going out with probably something about the Eurosport it's on those channels.

You keep stumbling in hotel rooms in Cumbria meaning of kudos to them for actually making this happen and actually for the MP committee does kind of makes sense to do these big deals across across massive territories Robin going to individual which country did the BBC did the BBC beard it just said that you was what what got it? I've not seen what the BBC did the evening to the bidding process.

Do they get out of it? How much did they pay even if they did or didn't the question kind of it is the same as with the massive?

Delete games isn't it once it gets to such a lot of money.

Is it in the public interest anymore two beds that kind of money for this sort of event and one things so if you want to convince people £140 a year is good value.

Then things like that really help you like having an Olympics is kind of a big thing yeah, it goes without saying this exactly what the BBC is for a year.

It is a shame as we seen through what's happened featuring in recent times that it's such a shame not so not buy any weight mean suggesting that the IOC in the same boat, but there are some you know when you have these massive sporting competitions.

It's there are lots of a lot of money to edit swelling around but engages the audience is or such a huge scale and in a way that only broadcasting can do is fundamentally important than a BBC reporter by part of that story particularly when it comes to international competitions like this, but I I think that without knowing too much about it cuz he's in the world that I'm completely au fait with it sounds to me like the the Irish sea of gone into particular, continents and gone right.

Let's sort out your at first before that gone to individual countries and look slicing their Swift Discovery now going to handle how the lights.

Ingatestone across individual countries then then that makes the ISPs life will be easier means that Discovery can get more value out the contract and and hopefully if all goes according to plan will still get to see some amazing coverage from the BBC limpets because let's be let's be clear about this and it's be honest about it the BBC hello everyone else out the water when it comes to coverage of this type are Discovery might sublicense it to the BBC so it might end up all the BBC anyway or they might create a new channel higher price than if it BBC be allowed to negotiate directly bic and without owning the rights the BBC couldn't do what they did last time which was the 24 channels or whatever it was if you know taekwondo and whatever that that'll be that will be gone which is a shame isn't it for the viewer a however at this case however good the discovery coverage in we don't we don't necessarily know that's that's true that mean everything comparisons made with what Sky is an F1 have done and sharing that coverage with the BBC that the reality is a honey.

That's 24 channels is amazing, but really the vast majority audience watches 100m final and that's the things that you need to protect before you start worrying about all the other little bits and pieces ask for that if those days 20.

Channels was my understanding a partnership with Sky if that partnership goes and comes partnership with Discovery you're still get to see that content that's all your audience cares about I think that the question is as Leon said is the Crown jewel situation and we need to start defining what that actually means particularly is the BBC as as we've gone through out This podcast arena in a position of trying to figure out what the character is and how they speak to the audience the major events that will be broadcast they have to be as you said I have to block out of retail Channel 4 be handed better EPG slot for its digital stations to reflect its status as a public service broadcaster Leon could you imagine you for getting the BBC Three slot that can ruffles and feathers that I just we made of purgatory make a pregnancy for a couple virtually famous and when I went out last year.

I was kind of shocked with the first night went out.

I went clicked on to E4 and I was.

Really quite short Mohan low down deep eat it and what was like in my head was like 13 XL in the 30s and and I didn't think of God would I normally go despite having been a while since I watched The Fall of stiffening from Channel 4 listing to send apologise.

If not what she fought in the previous couple of years, but I was really shocked by how loud that was I think it would be good as a public service channel and if she does prodigal probably makes sense to give it weight with a drop BBG does need a helping him therefore as I mean that use a public service channel technically but a lot of the kind of content ratio is being shown by the channels that the public enjoy this having worked at Channel 4 but my understanding is Channel 4 is a main channel is a public service broadcaster on E4 MORE4 Film4 4Music ordered a Suburb sub-brands.

They're all part of the commercial output Channel 4.

I don't believe that are governed by the same rules of Public Service Broadcasting is as the main channel is Whit week so with that in mind I think having Moore public value tests put against those channels particularly considering NE4 8RY

Such an audience and an action if you look at the schedules and see what they're broadcasting.

It's Made in Chelsea and it went from a diversity point of you is The Big Bang Theory which has a 1 Asian character which I would argue with pretty stereotypical and that's that's pretty much their diverse representation on that channel.

Yeah, it's great to see that.

We're going to have more of a a push to get better at sensation of British audiences across the channel is this head it just happened and I think absolutely they should be rewarded with better EPG slots and I think that we good for the whole broadcasting sector again particularly when were talking about what's going on with your audience is on television at the moment then bring back More 4 News there because that was dry my God also this weekly Telegraph suggested Channel 4 may move their London headquarters from Horseferry Road to Birmingham there HQ is reported to be worth 85 million quid.

There's two things going on there isn't that they sell bhq, which I suppose you can understand since they get some government support and then there's moving to Birmingham

Short-term fixed to plug a hole and the cost of moving is always more than anyone ever think it is because someone has took back his mood reset, but then the cost of the move actually ended up taking a lot of and honey away, so you was a kind of not acquire a very happy in my current offers it wasn't necessary the best move the time at all so I sign into Channel 4 twice this week for meetings and I like the idea of having too good at got to Birmingham for those two times would just be a huge amount time, but that's my point isn't it? They say doing it be someone else I'm at work and that would be a good thing for regionalisation.

Just like moving to BBC2 Salford City Birmingham before when they made the move from pebble Mill smell boxing and now it's a bit of a a ghost town and I think it's been well documented that the Birmingham of in hip quite hard by what's happened in Salford and and the BBC in particular if they've done have had to make some some strides recently to to correct that I think lemons are really interest.

Pity I think it's you know why but I really enjoyed my time up there, but I need the reality of your Channel 4 considering.

It's at 100% commission than I do actually do quite a good job of finding production partners outside of London the idea that we need to move that that building up to Birmingham I'd I'm not sure how much value that would necessarily have I think that channel 4 have a regional office in Glasgow that got quite good regional teams that go out and and do a really good job speaking to people across the country having an actual building in a particular place if I can write Leon says it's this is coming credit expensive to do and I'm not sure it's going to have a map that much benefit is the great headline, but I think the reality of it knows that it's not probably going to happen what One media fixture which is definitely not going anywhere is of course.

I'll Media quiz this week.

It is entitled fix that format there have been plenty of dodgy reboots and cat handed launches over the years but of our panel Leon and Ferrers who can come up with the quickest and cheapest fix write my decisions are final buzzing with your

Ainsley on offer as the winner receives a Daily Express front page about an extreme heatwave the loser gets a stopped clock they both have to be right occasionally, but what is probably more reliable at here is format won Wimbledon to de Leon you.

Go first.

How would you fix that format for me simply? So just go back to the way it was the last 15 years so John Inverdale presenting so long as you say anything about Rose tinted glasses a little bit try but the good thing that they have come out the last day.

They said they are going to try and change it anyway as there's no harm in a meeting like meeting mistake was I think it was a mistake to change it so much.

It is pretty costly and they said I could trying to change back.

So they can get Clare Balding have a desk tonight.

I think they're Neville just forget about it, but the thing to do is to litre.

Just go back to where it was and from tonight.

He will take no time at all over no shame in it.

Achille radical solution from Lyon but ok at 4 as how would you fix the format of Wimbledon today shouting abuse to each other for the matches on again to send a call and get some proper Monday night football ideas on the go.

I'm on your showbiz.

What's my but I have to say I think in terms of you know just I'm I'm judging this on the on behalf of the licence fee payer here.

I think Leons probably one that round in terms of giving it back to how it was in the first place at his format number to The X Factor buzzing if you got to go first genuine talk about this and I'm not going out jokes about where he previously I think the X Factors in trouble because people don't believe winning the X Factor means anything anymore so we actually have to change the prize and I think the people that whoever wins the X Factor should get two things one should win the house forget hotel.

They should go back to anybody living in the same house you win the X Factor you win that house on millionaires row and secondly you will never a celebrity lifestyle straight away so from the day that you win X Factor you become a sir.

CCNA do that by sending the most red Carpets they do that by giving them a record contract where they get to sing along side Nicole Scherzinger up straight away and you turn into an overnight Celebrity straight while you're winning that lifestyle.

I mean let's get the prize back involved again.

How would everyone else feel on millionaires row if you were living between brookstein and coddled 176 the X Factor on Saturday sister programme of your pussy X Factor I noticed is Melvin and Rochelle hosting that seems quite good really.

I'm not sure about that.

He is very funny and quickly found out that I love Granny what would you buy Dickies quite devices to some people don't like anything is a bit North London a bit media and I think they spend time with him on screen and not trying to and Grimmy into her personal say this is.

You gotta let me be funny and don't try and make him be too serious because if you tried we too serious and you'll come across the parcel is insincere.

This is elektra movie Grimmie I had a room of those that Louis index the best from revolut money did existing around ITV audiences and actually Louis was the one that people tuned in to watch and actually losing him means that this real proper big risk for depression company to see if they can actually keep that all this so are you will been since he had managed to cope without the record Louise also great whipping boy whenever there was things not as they getting bit boring.

Have a go at Louis get everything getting on excited that was the strategy the X Factor and not going to have that this time round.

No one is going to say you look like a young Lenny Henry this year.

It's ok.

Give us a lovely sting live things are doing and to change the schedule a really kind of exciting so all being out halftime show.

But I'm afraid that your solution of her second time running.

They don't change it much is not going to cut it out as you have won that round so this is the decider god.

It's almost as if it's convoluted in some way at his III format I want you to fix for me TFI Friday Lyons don't bring it back as an 8-week run within my advice because I think that it went really well as a one-off.

They should have done one per year and kept it going on with get the special Anderson it also came back a very episodes never see the ratings will dip over that.

Things just do and it'll be good.

I think there's a chance it might be seen as a mistake to bring it back is also have McDonnell competition in in the autumn up against Have I Got News For You on Friday night and other programs like that where we had a good City had a good Open goal when I was on a couple of weeks ago and it will find a little bit harder to keep the ratings up and I just think it will spoil what was a really nice reboot a couple of weeks ago and I think I keep it once a year they'll be my voice ok.

I'm already slightly Persuaded by that because I think an annual 90s nostalgia thing I go in for but I'm not going to tune in for all.

Wickes either but for as how would you fix TFI Friday I wouldn't fix it will get rid of it as I think that it's a bad idea to bring it back.

I think if you actually look at the show it started of really well, we're excited.

It was back and with you in 50 minutes gone without our caith clips of all TFI Friday and then you got the end of the show was only had it extended interview with Lewis Hamilton which was like pulling teeth and you're like what what is going on here and if that's their new content that they've got that demonstrates you that actually when you get nostalgia out the way it's actually quite stated format.

I think what's really disappointed for being completely selfish about it was really disappointed companies like myself is that we would love to have an opportunity to do a proper anarchic Entertainment Music show where we can get young people involved try some different ideas out and I really push the boat out and and to borrow want to Channel 4 zone words to take some risks along the way I don't think that they'd it doing a risky show from 20 years ago rehashing that doing episode.

I may not his risky.

I think that's a safe as you can get it and I think it's a real shame that that is now going to be the key entertainment Show on Channel 4.

Ok a Valiant effort and my head is with you, but my heart Leon I'm afraid is with you on that I would like to see TFI Friday once a year so you've won the quiz congratulations.

You can choose where you want to be referred to from now on his ugly bloke or fat look like you know if you're fat look like for a bit and I'm kind of fat look like for Seth Rogen so the two of us could make him in.

That's it for today.

Thank you very much to Faraz Osman and Leon Wilson you can find all of our previous installments and get you once downloaded automatically straight to your phone.

Just head to the media today's show is dedicated to Simon Colm musician and accompanist for the X Factor until he appreciated your support the owner if you would like to support our Show and keep these episodes coming thick and fast today was certainly that you can get a whole load of prayers for me and the team but going to be Media podcast opcom / dedicate her.

I've been only man the producer Matt Hill the media podcast is a PPM prideaux.

until next time bye bye

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