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Read this: #31 - Broadcast Backs the Beeb, Lineker’s BT Transfer and Creative Week 2015

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#31 - Broadcast Backs the Beeb, Lineker…

Hello and welcome to the media podcast I'm Olly Murs on today's show broadcast get off the fence and backs the BBC in its charter renewal talks the magazines news editor Jake kanter tells us why with all the gossip from creative week and Kang Gary Lineker boost BT Sports ratings plus there's prayers for the reporter who unseated Sepp Blatter and a media quiz for those who can handle the truth.

This is the media podcast sponsored by audio and with me today at the hospital club is most emos is the founder and director of contented digital media group and was program director at talkSPORT and before that managing editor of five live as well big background in sport as well as radio then more than this is been quite a big week for football a massive week for football and indeed in it's in my current role without of did you Newsroom it was a buzz and it's a story that little keep us all in business.

I think for the next 8 months are so that should have a day.

And the big question everyone wants to know is have you seen the movie United passions? I've seen the trailer.

I've read a little bit about it.

It's farcical isn't it there a budget of 13 million lbs most of its supply 12 billion pounds of the budget supplied by FIFA and course get can you guess he was senior script editor.

I didn't know that.

I was so looking forward to that also joining us is broadcast news editor Jake kanter.

Hi there Jake hello.


I can't quite match the salubrious CV though but not busy week for you as well at broadcast cos you just launched a new campaign to support the BBC throughout the charger here.

You're actually saying don't want ever you do cut or freeze the licence fee at the charter renewal.

It's quite a bald thing to be to be same with many of your reader's would say actually there are stuck up Steve pictowords quite carefully and with pull together what we believe is quite a broad statement of support for the BBC and we are asking companies and people.

To put their names that a statement what we realised in the past couple of weeks is that there is a that sort of Reservoir of untapped Leyton support for the babysittee people who quietly back the BBC when they getting on with their day-to-day work, but don't publicly voices opinions very often and we wanted to provide a platform to bring back together in a coherent way, but then there is Mars isn't there a difference between saying you support the BBC in terms of its programming and its output and what it does for the nation and even the licence being principal and saying I will you come back anymore cuts to the budget because we cannot sacrifice anymore middle management BBC anti just how much money they receive will have a very clever thing for broadcast of done if you don't mind me saying I think um it's done very well.

I mean some of the names that you you have writ large their back in the BBC are incredible ink in all sorts of different spheres of the industry and I think it is very good.

For the Debate and I think they've been very clever as well, because it's a qualified backing of the BBC not an unqualified backing of the BBC however only as many people you would talk to in the industry or outside of it wouldn't back the BBC right of centre or left of Centre and we all do and it was good thing about the debate.

Is it brings out and eats out? Not just what it does ordinances the BBC but what it does for the industry in general.

So how it does help an independent production.

How it helps technology how it helps the creative arts in general right across the United Kingdom you could argue the rest of the world which of course is a good thing and I think something that we want to hold close and something we want to to do that the BBC need to be more vocal about that because you know in popular press.

We never talk about the Archers and the odd News Bulletin it's a far broader beast having said all that having said all that I still think there is a

The work to be done in scrutinising the BBC I personally still believe they do too much and I think that there's a level of money has been spent in terms of licence fee that it would just to internalized and I think they should be commissioning more not less and that's spend being even more Potent in creating and sustaining and building a broader media industry, that isn't just about the BBC it's about ITV commissioning.

It's about Channel 4.

It's about all sorts of things.

Have you got a broader base of qualified brilliant professionals creatives who can rely on on a good sustainable commissioning.

That's good for the whole Media not just the BBC that's the danger.

Isn't it? That people will see unqualified support for the BBC in principle as unqualified support for the status quo.

Write critical stories about the BBC stories that then pats wouldn't be entirely comfortable with talked about issues including the commercialization of its in-house production arm big plans on that front and there's a lot of disquiet in the end of end of production community around that OK close it on some of that stuff because it's going to come up again later, but keeping with the BBC the director of Musa James Harding he said our politicians were complaining of bias during the election campaign speak at the annual voice of the listener and viewer conference.

He said what's the argument that the BBC subtle sophisticated left-wing message was so very subtle so very sophisticated that it simply passed the British people by miles as holding point out several BBC starfish have actually gone on to work for key Conservatives Paxman came out as a Tory after you left it as he was leaving Newsnight Harding right to say that when we keep saying this very issue with it when the right wing press say the BBC is biased against them and have their problems that they're wrong that's not fair.

It's not a literal thing this it's a

Cultural thing called Tralee I need a people that work within the BBC tend to be left of centre in literal terms though that manifests itself.

I think Coventry to are the right wing press and and certain Tory politicians might think because everyone is so conscious within the BBC that they're slightly left of centre.

They work really hard at compensating against there in terms of the way that they cover things in terms of the way that coverage manifest itself to have that balance.

So I think the argument is almost it's it's it's a cultural discussion so the types of people having her that don't like the types of people that generally work within the BBC in the types of debates that they tend to have with the belief that they have I from that speech was so fascinating insight into the way the BBC is not around during election and the other types of weapons that the politicians in there a fuse.

This year's case, it was chartering it all the implicit suggestion being there if you don't cover our party in the way that we would like we're going to rough you up during charter in your negotiations and thing as very worrying for the BBC and speaks to some of the messages in the campaign that we running it all seems to me that the politicians have got to be careful from a radio point of view Mars gang up on the BBC because in many ways that the only suppliers of local radio left and it's only on truly local radio that you can actually reflect a constituency isn't it by having everyone invited in to participate if you're running a national station of the charts was central reasons why the BBC exists is the perpetuation of democratic discussion and debate that's one of the reasons why it's bounded to facilitate that debate and had that discussion are there are some that might argue that in do you know 2015 the BBC should no longer be the sole arbiters of that debate at the time when they were founded.

No, it's clear that there wasn't that voice for the people that wasn't their ability to create Debate and Ghana debate within within the populace as a whole times have changed at the moment.

You're right.

I think BBC local radio BBC local services.

It was interesting this morning to about politics David Cameron is sort of remain quiet and nodded through the 10% increase in MPs wages.

I want to do things sighted.

Olly very clever you to bring the self was local radio in that why my local MPs care Direction running to Cameron Tory and labour Alexa please don't give us this 10% Please.

Don't do it is because on every local radio phone ins in the country.

What will happen is did you take the 10% pay rise? So they've been bought they know they're going to be bought to book my local Media was interesting in it ok? Let's move on to talk about FIFA.

By heaping some prayers on Andrew Jennings the investigative reporter is written about corruption at FIFA foot my whole life both of the sun.

Times plus a couple of books and the infamous Panorama documentary for the Beat as well at the Washington Post has a great write-up of his achievements which we urge you to read how important do you think Andrew Jennings Wars to the story that's now playing out though.

I think very with the support of the FBI of course an atom that type of journalism has to be applauded.

It minds me of Mr Walsh Diane Walsh who who just doggedly remained on the Tale of Lance Armstrong that story to their discredit other journalists shunned him because they were frightened of the Wrath of Lancing that team but doggedly he stayed with the story and this type of journalism of this isn't the same milk it must be quite inspiring when things like this happened with Mick Davies at the Guardian as well with phone hacking for example those of the things that is a journalist you get excited, but I've just read this brilliant portrayal of how to be a proper investigative Baillieston always great when a brilliant.

Chemist racing at proper story is vindicated.

Just to move it on a little bit this seems to be a bit of a growing debate around the broadcasters involvement in planning money into FIFA rights to the World Carpenters other competitions and I think you'll see that debate grow as we get closer to major football competitions politicians are saying is it right that licence fee money goes into FIFA coffers how to be a once keep an eye on I think and do the sports broadcasters feel that pressure as well because you know they have to be there in the process then the big four rights that only get covered access all the time that it's all journalism, but people have their specialities to investigative reporter.

My agenda is very very different to somebody has to report on a match week in Week Out and I was at five live with the banning of Alan Green he wouldn't talk to him for years and years.

You know you would they would sometimes be a tension between you know what you're doing here.

I hope you're

Because my relation I can no longer do my job as a reporter in the essence and sometimes there are those there are those juxtaposition between somebody doing x job vs.

Somebody who's doing another job but in the main.

I think I think broadcast Media in this country has had a rather you know his dinner.

You know an ok job, but keeping FIFA at arm's-length reporting on them when they did that come up at talkSPORT because you did do phone.

It's didn't you around the subject of these corruptions when they will let you know when they came out the breasts first around people were talking about.

What do you think about the world like any of the Democratic processes? May I mean so what we can't do is sense of the population who are incensed apoplectic at the idea of well Moscow itself.

We can this argument against Moscow but guitar really let's look at the evidence and any sensible person.

Will tell you that they know staging it in 40 degree heat and people did there's a good chance that people will die in the snow it's

You can't stop that type of debate and neither would we or should we all certainly a tool Stanley Cup of the world cups of course with a contract with FIFA ok one final sport subject now before we return to our usual Square glasses eBay dash order stuff now according to reports Gary Lineker is to be announced as a presenter on BT Sport as early as next week.

Why do you think joke that the BBC seems to be quite relaxed about this? I think it's good for all parties.

I think Gary Lineker gets to stay with a BBC and present Champions League football one of the greatest competitions in the world and the BBC get sticky Garland cat that really means is the BBC's enough to pay say and potentially reduce salary which time with the BBC's trying to tightness belt ensure a positive thinker licence UK motorway shaking your head through out that im in that is true, but it's I think it's a policy was seeing quite a lot of there are a number of factors here as well.

I think I think it actually.

How to get diminishes the BBC and extending and it's certainly a better deal for BT what he gives them as lot of history and legitimacy brand new in the market with a major competition all paid for by the licence fee by the way and going back maybe that's the right way.

We should be thinking giving my last opening statement on back in the BBC but I think the BBC's Les of for it Gary Lineker's much is going to be on at the sides of buses on outdoor in print and whatever all with BT plastered next to it and it's a computing thing also for viewers and listeners alike I think and there is this trend at the moment going on and it's think there's that sometimes I can be a lack of imagination.

I think the programmers are a lack of bravery and actually go for the same old thing time at helping very good things time and time again.

Let's take my old mate.

I loved him dearly Ian Wright superb Talent infectious Enthusiasm for his they won't for everyone we work with.

I'm on Talksport exclusively his now on Absolute Radio he's doing BBC Five Live 606.

He's also as he's on 606 posting posts on breed sport all of it paid for Media that diminishes the talent at a value within the market I believe but also completely thoroughly I think confuses the listeners and ultimately the station there on but Jake diabetic person on Skype very very clear on this if they pay for the Talent and that Talent development.

He is always on an exclusive deal sky happy to poach people wear on their Mane two at David Attenborough that was a bit of a shock when seeing his face plastered on busses with the sky logo next to it.

Give you who who owns Channel 4 who works at BT Sport and still does suffer the BBC I would say her stock has risen in the last few years rather than been diminished.

Rose off the back of the

Olympics and it is absolutely right but I get in.

I maybe it's just me being an old programme with a some old-fashioned values is I think they're doing too much for getting her face is everyone im getting rather bored of it to be honest and I think the truth of it is our National Treasure he's is getting a little Overexposed I like to know the Clare Balding thing again was more a marketing tool for BT than a programmatic.

Have you seen the ratings for that since BT Sunday deal with BBC2 the rain is gone on BBC absolutely certainly but these these other areas don't gone huge audiences.

It's about time.

I see which brings me back to the point with Gary Lineker who will get an audience.

This is an appointed to make sometimes in sports broadcasting me get obsessed about who's presenting but all the ratings and all the figures indicate that the audience.

They may say that the actually don't and very often you'll see the spike of that audience at 7:45 at 3 at 5 for the star of the show is the football match at we saw that with Adrian Chiles

Write a breakfast times rating at the football is not because of it was because he wants them well.

You can never get bored with us here at the media podcast because we thought night being very very brief but will be back with more after hello.

I'm Sammy offers.

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It is Chris has ever look out for our new colourful limited edition bottles in stores now.

Enjoy responsibly Stacey Russell Howard moved to BBC one or two or even two other channels like Family Guy will and 2017 to ITV we're glad to be part of that dusky test menu so you basically and going to Pizza Hut stick on the glasses put on your skin patches Scania menu for 2 minutes and based on what your eyes and arousal messages fall on they will then algorithm to produce you a pizza Bailey the big shift for me in the last couple of years is what is moving from a place of digital doing digital things doing where it was novelty value doing things because their first.

And where is actually when you can stop now with platforms with hundreds of millions of people on them you start to getting back to the more so people centerview and while you can do things which are insightful and do things which matter to people I think the Threat to Quality from or salami slicing is very real and we should avoid that if we can that was the sound of creative week a three-day festival of Media business stuff staged at BAFTA by Media business insight lots of speakers that will be familiar to our listeners the BBC's director of TV Danny Cohen Damian Kavanagh there, who is the new controller of BBC 3 + x x from voice Facebook Spotify Channel 4 Jake you were there when your hair to highlights highlights? What did we learn Media business stuff? That's how you that's how we build it officially better title for it makes you think I thought that was interesting some of the comments he made about to cover makes a cut to the licence for you that im in a cut services.

I picked up in all the national press so I can go back to what we talked about earlier which probably won't need to dwell on too much more.

There was a separate session later in the week with some people from the global TV world one of whom was produced call Danny Harry's run the company called Left Bank pictures.

They're making this epic drama for Netflix called the Crown and he was talking about pitching and you show to Amazon he described it is Downton meets Deadwood and English aristocrats going out to other wild west sounds great and I want downturn and it's The Walking Dead that's what I want when is someone going to do a zombie flakes that in there.

Gutted and entertaining Kavanagh that im sorry just regularity to return to the subject to BBC3 but is a big deal at the moment is intermediate land.

What do we learn about that because he did say if you think it seems to me that I hadn't heard before he says there aren't going to be anymore.

So shiny floor entertainment panel shows on BBC Three

Online they're not going commission that kind of thing so does that mean the end of those kinds of sweat Small Stuff type shows that I Have I Got News For You for young people basically.

Where's that going to go? There was the first and the second thing that was quite interesting.

He said all the good stuff from BBC series going to be on BBC1 and BBC2 anyway.

He was very clear and admin on that point wasn't him and that had been made quite secluded before I didn't think yeah definitely things started to become clear now about the BBC Three plans are some of this was set out in a proposal document to the BBC Trust early this year, but yes you're right shiny for shows like sweat the small stuff which was presented by Nick Grimshaw on BBC3 that's going to go formatted factual things like Don't Tell the Bride that's going to move to BBC One sun sex and suspicious parents that's going at all.

That will no longer be part of the mixed instead.

They're going to focus on comedy drama and serious factual.

That's what they describe as you love me.

And then yes they've they've also made this commitment to show all the content they broadcast on they don't broke I say put they put online they going to show on BBC One 2 BBC Two but there's the argument around bt3 initially when it was all announced it felt like a fait accompli now.

It feels a million miles away from that.

I think and the trust has got some serious thinking to do about other options options have been put forward by Jon thoday Jimmy Melville and I wouldn't be surprised if there's a decision somewhere between yes and no and its leaves a half halfway house where they try to get stuck at different kind of model BBC3 can't believe you're suggesting the BBC Trust will come up with a halfway house decision that sounds a million miles from thing they did Danny coming actually said of BBC3 but they're not closing it down then moving it to the same platform as Facebook and YouTube advice, that's what he said.

I mean that is true.

Isn't it a younger.

It's actually go online all the time and indeed with smart TVs in the rest.

It's not necessarily even moving off their telly anyway.

I'll be over reacting to it.

Yeah, absolutely and and I've heard so they have heard of the arguments about maybe then going to buy it and and the BBC can't be I think in this instance selling off now very good otherwise, what's the BBC for Muswell said it all off.

I think yeah, I think we are overreacting.

We mentioned it before in backing the BBC are you going to back the BBC you can have to back some difficult decisions.

I know clever boy was one thing I can guarantee here now is the licence fee will not go up.

I think I think I'd take you out, then I go in the licence fee will not go up with me to reel-to-reel to add a time when there an unprecedented amount of BBC services something has to give and I think they've had to go completely or there is a compromise in the case with BBC Three

Sodium others will argue because they make quite a lot of money out BBC3 personally an n in in terms of business.

There's nothing wrong with that at all or nothing wrong with that, but let's look at the agenda.

You know there are gender isn't about you know bring your new comedians in that use about a business opportunity and it's about a business scenario for them.

Do you think the threats real Jake the BBC Four would be the next one in line? That's that's kind of you effectively that specific threat to the Tory because they watch it was either that will have an impact on BBC4 remains to be seen I think one of the things BBC says or Saturday off the record and buying clothes stores is that they not entirely convinced closing bbc.

Forward save enough money, so there's there's an argument around that you could perhaps just combine it with BBC2 that's another option and you have a sort of Richer spread of content on BBC2 say all these things.

Call and we'll be discussing in the in the next 1 months and weeks.

I think I don't know what you mean.

I mean just the set alone on Mark Lawson talks to you must cost hundreds of pounds.

Let's talk about the Guardian Changes by Alan rusbridger has gone replaced this week by pathfinder after that very long process to appoint his successor.

She's finally in Janine Gibson here and the US office and you remember she was a contender as well to be the next editor.

She has left the Guardian now even though she was the person in charge of the US office when they won the Pulitzer for the Doberman story animals, what do you think of the new person at the Guardian what's a list race record? I think they've got very very big shoes to fill and I know there lots of homages be made to Alan at I think brave would be the watchword I would use internet journalism earlier on and back in journalism from from Snowdon to Aitken to what ever been very brave because he's commercial College must have been pulling their.

Area is it is a guy he's rushing headlong have a real Pioneer into a digital age taking print and taking journalism to a digital audience at the behest of the commerciality of the print product and now has sort of been vindicated.

Give me interesting intruder get Jake's you may be on where the Guardian go from here in terms of their commerciality.

It's free at the moment.

I'm going to Wooler ever become you know have a go behind a paywall like the other qualities who seemed to be turning things around and seem to be making profits out that just give me interesting.

I love the fact they have this boat as well as really interesting thing is though guardian this is absolutely social democratic decision and Janine Gibson New York Times did quite nice report on hurting themselves potential suitors for her there opening a London office as well this year.

Do you think Love Is In The Air there for Janine that could be on the cards potentially big thing to leave the Guardian I'm sure this is absolutely.

Lately, but I suppose in in not getting the main job and suppose it's it's inevitable that some of that quality is going to move elsewhere the God is always an interesting points well, cos it's business model is very different as are all aware just to qualify.

It's a trust so it's not about making profit and as worry about losing money is about losing money thinking about meeting which was acquired through the sale of Auto Trader you know so they've got money that has to be a business model but they got options and I think that's the Legacy and if you look at modern startups now.

Let's take a minute with big massive massive Jackson's of cash.

They make absolutely no money at all.

They want we call it to burn project so I give you x amount of hundreds of millions of quid and your one res en d'etre Jay kissing bill that audiences as hard as you can get another you can drive it that now in the media landscape.

We live in has a commercial value as a multiple even though you've not made a penny.

Snapchat how much profit is it made Nan but it's evaluation is it 15 billion because it has and acquired audience and the Guardian through their strategy now has an acquired audience it gives them options.

They're able to think about doing things like event leads scenarios ways of extracting cash from their readership.


Is there because of the Mere fact that they're there in the so many numbers does it matter that it's the does it matter that many of those readers are in America does it matter that used to be the Manchester guardian and now they're Transit not sure it does now.

What was we talking about crazy valuations BuzzFeed is planning a public floatation the new site CEO announced this week at a tech conference called code, but the company's videos boast a billion views a month at Jake BuzzFeed was valued at 850 million dollars last summer can it possibly be worth that cash and others ridiculous question internet age because everything is.

Value but it can it possibly be worth it can possibly what you've got is a brand and cache and regions all over the world and that speak to some of the things were just saying about the Guardian I think they say I mean that he said that the IPA might be used to fund expansion on other platforms and more video content which is intresting some people saying this week at the conference was just stays that YouTube is standing still on video it's been a bit static hasn't really innovative particularly and Facebook is now fighting at its heels, so it'd be interesting to see what BuzzFeed bring to the party.

I wonder whether it might bring more commercial pressures having an IPO having shareholders.

Yeah, we've seen some examples this year.

It's had to delete some articles of the website because of complaints from advertisers, so that will be interesting to see how that plays hours can a company of that size continue to keep.

It's a reference.

Do you think that's an interesting thing course? This is this is part of the world and I'm in now.

She quite rightly point out making videos daily 24-hours a day for all sorts of publishers and all sorts of platforms the revolutionary thing to happen to BuzzFeed is video right.

It was a listicle steam building an audience one of those very clickable Bitesize things that used to like going to panning one of the 13 things that happened to BuzzFeed and you won't believe what happens next legs are absolutely that video has been the real Revolution for them as it has so many other publishers an hour and whatever is take the making video like it's going out of fashion and has create the revenue stream for them which is allowed them and put them in a situation where they can look seriously and IPO in terms of what they are and they're brand values and what they stand for I think they may have got that they retain that slightly it has to maintain that I think what they are is and as well as not instead of because they doing news now.

Are they doing all sorts of different areas where they're not getting a fantastic rep because of the commercial presence then.

I don't think that matters to.

Cos they're not there for news the best deal for that little bit of a reference that little bit of fun that helps them through the day and that evaluation I think if you've got a billion views a month at evaluation at 850 million.

I think of a little bit on the conservatory.

I really do you want to put some money.

Maybe that's how I feel.

I feel like I've put me if I had $1000000 spare now.

I put it in Busby that to meet you because in 3 years time will be worth double that crazy amount here are some points surely.

It's got to go ask if they're not generate that kind of care.

What they are and they will be through video and through the advertising we're going out.

We're going on to talk about pre-roll.

It's all about reward with advertising.

It's all about reward so when you talk about a brand standing up.

It's about the maintenance of that reward.

So what do you get a buzz feed? What do I personally get out of buzzer? Why why do people use the news distilled into funny photos and headline correct your Facebook

Got that and you maintain that reward that value and you build the audience you take it across multiple platforms and you introduce advertising through video alright.

You want going to make money you are just going to make money and you are going to make lots of it ok optimistic View From Mars Jake Lacy what you make of this pre-roll story which was was referring to it.

We will talk about now this Netflix Netflix have now hinted that they might be looking at pre-roll advertising are they say they will not ever have a third party ad in front of video on Netflix but they are experimenting right now with pre-rolls trailing their own original content has a you can be watching the latest series of the i t crowd but then you get an advert for Orange is the New Black what else has for House of Cards exactly yeah, do you think that is justifiable in terms of that? They are I paid for subscription service where people feel their paying the premium.

So they don't sit through ads you think justifiable for them to slowly be introduced into the equation.

It would be unusual online at this.

Stage but and as we talk about things that developing and moving forward so quickly that who can tell that one day.

I would say is in a sky big subscription business plasters is content with adverts and people don't complain about that.

That's true, but it wasn't that's not how it was sold as an auntie advert place in the first place.

I think it's inevitable like it is inevitable and again.

I don't think that will damage the audience.

I think will I get some adverse comments you no listen.

You change the phone or the colour on a site you get some adverse comments.

I think if you've got a quality product like the House of Cards or the Game of Thrones or whatever looking at Sky and you've got some pre roll on it people talk about that because the reward is there again.

It's about the reward I disagree anime we're going to see pre-roll ads proper on Netflix unless they go down the Spotify written charge you extra not to see them or you talking about whole branding programs.

Isn't it? So we need to pre roll?

People get terrified cos then that's a pre roll on everything in Ottawa pre roll on everything they do it's a blend is it one in 51 in 617? Is it targeted to certain groups? Do they go for Premium product? So was it cars banks in and whatever there's all sorts of different ways of creating a blend of everything we do is plastidip reroll.

I don't think that's what they suggesting at all before 1023 premium items with premium sponsors and advertisers who would dare to get to the audience.

Why wouldn't you do it ok? Well whilst we talk about premium items in a way every edition of the media podcast? It's just a giant pre roll for the media quiz and we finally reached that point if you miss the rules.

It's always a shambles at this week because it's called the whole truth.

You have to tell me more Than Jake if the headline that I read to you is totally true or a little bit for a k.

As always it is quickfire.

Just posing with your name when you know the answer the loser will perform a High Wire act live on ITV the winner will take the credit right headline number one judge finds Coulson did not lie during the trial of ex MSP Tommy Sheridan is that totally true or a little bit.

I want to say true it is false calls and was cleared of perjury under Scottish law with mean to say they had he hadn't lied about anything relevant to the earlier trials.

I wasn't relevant to that specific trying out the radio is to fund its digital station using shares is that true or a little bit for Strood name first yes true says it's a cliffhanger.

You are right.

It is true that the founder of Cher radio Gavin Oldham has released 10 million shares and he says 90% of the money will go to funding the station people haven't heard of this it is quite bitter idea.

Isn't it? Is it a 24-hour internet radio station all about money.

I don't have something of course you TV implementing with it and one of their channels will be a business channel is absolutely and this is it shut up and listen to listen to bits of it as you do being so do me a cross thing as a bit dry the idea that you can talk about money matters for that length of time and and Ghana and audience and without an audience of course, any other ties and it was probably why they going to the market and releasing so many shares to just try and pop it up again.

I've got to investors are there in there are two investors are welcome with the cornerstone investors, then then looking to crowdfund almost there.

Preston where is aeneas a bit of an odd thing you sort of understand what the headline number 3? I'd say it's all to play for but obviously were you looking at a drawer and I try he's a London bus route the Queen was taken into hospital this week.

Is that your Jake yes? It is true.

It is true that the queen was in hospital this week have actually she was until between from a BBC staff at happened during a category 1 obituary rehearsal and the Royal checkup was just a coincidence.

Do you see that's the way I've done.

What have you done one? I've done 1 miles at the BBC in cinemas in heaven sitting room and get there is fake calls coming through suggesting certain members of the royal family or or in a very important people that have been injured and passed away and they take you through the various stages of until the announcement that someone has passed away.

It's quite interesting a nerve wracking with this this was Handel really badly wasn't.

This particular face inevitable that isn't it in the age of social media then if if anyone sees a rehearsal going onto the Queen's there's someone somewhere.

I will assume the queen is there going to come out in a tweet in a tweet delete then? It's a prank.

I didn't send it.

I reset it.

No I didn't it was all a bit hard, but there you go.

I therefore declare this week's Media quiz the drawer well done Jake you manage to paper and with the draw at the last moment having achieved anything really happy for the exciting right.

We need to go off at work out our strategy for what happens if the Queen dies last for recording an episode of the media podcast I assume Steve Hewlett will come on and take over and it'll all their default to the main frame that is it for today.

My thanks to J counter anti modi at you can find all of our previous installments and get you once downloaded automatically straight to your phone.

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