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Read this: #29 - Election 2015 SPECIAL - The Media Podcast with OIly Mann

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#29 - Election 2015 SPECIAL - The Media …

Welcome to the media podcast I'm only man on today's show is out Akon guess what the election coverage it was the first BBC coverage not ATV centre 450 Paxman reunited with his former Newsnight charms on Channel 4 sky sentinel students to cover results on their smartphones will discuss how they all fairness the UK Cresswell beholden to poles that will largely wrong and featuring front page is almost all backing camera was this the most part is Empress ever did Twitter the TV Debate and the live updates had anything at all will also find the time to discuss a meltdown the Al Jazeera America worry over the proposals to expand 5 Live sister station sport extra and will ask are the Top Gear team moving to ITV this is the media podcast sponsored by audio.

Well, it is the morning after the night before and with me at the hospital club where else would we rather be?

Even their drowning your sorrows all celebrating here around some Media podcast microphones at is heat magazine Stevie editor Boyd Hilton professor Liz Howell director of broadcasting at City University London and what election special edition would be complete that will be all the others without journalist and producer Alex Hudson as well.

What a star cast welcome all thanks yellow hair of the dog fantastic at right before we get into the details then, where did you all watch the coverage? How was your election night? How did it pan out voice start with you since you are the tv.

Critic my home on my 78 inch television.

Just just stayed up all night.

I've got home in just in time for the start of the more for the actor called drama thing the vote yes.


It was downhill from there or just staying with one that was me.

I would have left I did do not because I was doing the media podcast you discuss the different cover.

That was on television to be honest if it hadn't been for this very Media podcast and throat is just now I put it would have stayed with the BBC BBC I did it.

What did you do get up to anything friend in Twickenham who was there in a terrified but was going to happen to Vince Cable end was really really depressed this morning.

So it's been an interesting experience reflects a lot again because I was doing this.

I don't think I just ate the BBC I'd probably stayed with ITV I found it almost impossible to make a comparison.

I was going between them and getting lost and going back really they were incredibly staying in at the same time very different it was a weird experience ok and Alex yourself.

I imagine that you since you have Google implanted into your eyeballs.

You were looking at the internet at the same time.

I was looking at the internet while at a party or from 89 up and left up forward ability or scrapbook.

Who are badly tapping away blogging as as the election went out and they managed to make custard from Sky to BBC very quickly it was a long evening and I was cabaret in the middle of it and I didn't quite understand what the camera.

It was meant to be some sort of.

election metaphor with medical hats that was lost on me, but isn't interesting evening with a lot of shouting from labour supporters well, let's see listens if you can guess the four different age demographics represented on today's episode by Alexander of the one watching cabaret whilst the election was on before we actually analyse in-depth what we saw at his a flavour of what each other broadcasters were doing last night welcome to the BBC election centre welcome to Downing Street to our virtual Downing Street Paris is Andrew Neil with a bird's-eye view of the political scene outside broadcasting house in the centre of London Sophie Raworth standing on a gigantic map

It is 5% in just a few minutes time to take US election in living memory will draw to a close board.

Will shut the story of the election changing colour as we call the result we've also assembled some of the country's best analysts and commentators in our opinion room Twitter and Facebook polls close at 10.

There are huge restrictions imposed by TV Watchdog Ofcom on what we can say in case we influence your vote and unfortunately this program is entirely about the electrics on that exactly the time we can't talk about the election organizationally this is a disaster.

It is 10:00 the polls have closed the general election is over and I exit poll is predicting that the Conservatives are the largest party those clips.

You heard the BBC's coverage of course led by Dave

Dimbleby when most of the nation tuned in the other night suggest an average of 4.3 million tuning in a peak of 7 million compare that to ITV which average just shy of a million lives does that surprise you having watch the BBC but they are the place where people go in is Yvette and that's quite a big lead but if you even think about the relative news broadcasts and the BBC News at Ten regularly average is twice as much as the ITV News at Ten so it's not as startling as you may think it's disappointing anyway for ITV that to always be the following this respect but then the BBC is making itself more and more than Nations cultural broadcaster, and that's where people go and they don't put a load of money into money than I should be in sky put together frankly I feel a little bit like Christmas day.

Really you know ITV have to put in an episode of Downton Abbey

I have to say as soon as I changing them into a little Labs multi platform for story set in o four or five different groups of people all covering the same thing in the outside bit at new broadcasting house with the huge map ITV was a little bit lonely.

I was astonished by how low rent ITV looked at I thought I just thought they look at it was off putting the BBC the collaboration glamorous and exciting and thrilling as it should be in the election time so sky Connor somewhere in the middle fine the most is only about score was the cupboard on Sky Arts where you talk behind the scenes of its own Sky News thinks I thought was a fantastic innovation, but I just choose a change to the why would you why would you even bother with ITV I don't think any of them were good enough for starting up to change the BBC

Before starting also you got the wonderful Julie Etchingham I think coming away from doll interviews in Reading it on faster and I like the opinion Ruth and they have all been well in fact.

This is talk to you about that women produce because obviously of Regular comes up when you're here because it's you know one of your specialist areas of Interest are a lot of people tweeting specially yeah, Vicky Pryce formerly of this parish saying where are all the women as as guests on these shows as an accent you can argue well.

They're not there because actually they just gone for the most significant people in Mitcham Eastfields they have not to be women they really were not very many wondering whether they're important or not.

They are 51% of the population in particularly in politics should be represented, but the statistics show that in political Stories not study election time in across-the-board there.

They feature 10 times more men than women in political stories in this country.

That's not international politics were the taleban.

Obviously don't field many women it's here in this country 10 times as many men it's it's a disgrace you had one comedian on Channel 4 along with Jeremy Paxman making a lot of sex jokes increasingly inappropriate and just made them some more and more like a dad trying to be cool to his kids, but not a graphic graphic agree with you as far as the amount of just no women around its efficacy walking Glasgow record for women it sent to the centre of its present about that probably almost as many is there were men in its core presenting line up my grip the Big Brother was the Guest Avenue had Tessa Jowell was kind of like the main woman on BBC coverage as a guest for a long period there were hardly any women bunch of the presenting on.

I'm I thought he was he was much better Smart TV again the BBC had a huge pool.

Bright reporting Talent to get all about and I thought that showed right from the off I just think ITV doesn't have his bigger poor represented, but honestly there's a reason why 7 million people watching BBC One it's not just because people automatic turn that they would just better Alexa human Channel 4.

We'll talk about this book, but let's just stick with BBC briefly for your take on that you used to be the interactive producer on Question Time how did you think the BBC did from that point of view a kind of new media point of view reacting to what was going on digitally the way that the BBC will always reaction very proper very formal it will get there as quickly as it came to be correct to just a little push tooth out.

It's Riley old a new social Media account which was I think BBC election results or something like that as a tag and you could treat it load automatically reply if that constituency had given her giving that results yet, but ultimately it wasn't at widely used form when I saw because people could just put it in Google and that would produce.

Same thing but if you look at the way that the reporting was done like Laura kuenssberg was wonderful absolutely brilliant the 14-hour she was working yesterday and she was pulling things straight out of Twitter she was annoyed this morning when someone couldn't instantly put them on the monarchy tweet straight up on screen with what I can see this on my phone.

Why can't the viewers see this right now and that's just the different ways of the BBC reporters like Laura sends Evan Davis in a different way, they use Twitter as an unnatural saw straight away and it's something that David less if I talk to about Twitter number of times at the any understand it, but it's not something into the goes to as a primary source, where is the new journalist do and that was a big difference this time.

Yeah, I think that's probably some of them.

Are you know that there is a reference at one point to him saying I did you just pull that off Wikipedia there's going to awkward bit of banter with Andrew Marr daring to use the internet rather than knowing something of hand is it just the case in time younger journal?

Terminated with this stuff will come along make it feel a bit more natural periscope as I'm doing at the moment couldn't cut audio.

What do now you periscoping Higham Ferrers coping you write this therefore on the media podcast this was the first ever election broadcasts on the BBC away from TV centre since 1959.

Did that notice on screen or not, but I did notice and what I would absolutely agree with boys on this is something about the richness of the Colour and the it was it was visually more gripping the ITV did look pale by comparison and Son of badly lit which is a strange thing and on Channel 4 ident like anyway, but then I would love my age group and don't like it.

Also looks bit bleached and the BBC have this this richness about.

It was really impressive Channel 4.

Let's talk about that led by Jeremy Paxman and David Mitchell there were other people involved as well started strong 1.7 million viewers the second time.

I've had an alternative night.

What did you make of it? But it does a slightly uneasy mix at times.

I wasn't that comedy in use it was verified that the effort and I like the innotv.

What channel 4 should be doing but unlike the More 4 drama was fantastic work really well.

I was absolutely perfect innovation for kind of political processes in the build-up to the election but for me it was downhill from then on it soon as channel four main curry started who took the editor of The cision to tell Jeremy Paxman to tell jokes off three jokes are still take you but seemingly hours on end of the start of that coverage it what he's not he has not got comic timing it was awkward and embarrassing and difficult if you've got everyone else on that show as a comedian leading David Mitchell is co-presenter David Mitchell to the church in that role, even then there was talk about because he kept having to interact with Germany

Bounce off each other it was just related still got that by the time.

They drop descriptive stuff that by this after midnight when the results of coming in and packed some was more sitting there analysing results with guests and interviewing you know Louise Mensch all this got that was fine.

That was a lot of most relaxed pop vinyls.

Can you know this is storical moment for the SNP they had erick Sermon on he could not hear what the hell was going on because the audience get the Laughing after every question and clapping applauding so that stays just in what they didn't need the Audit c tool manufacturers was not reading the jokes for a while.

It was laughing too much at these not particularly good jokes told badly by Jeremy Paxman I just like the idea of it, but there's some sort of soon as they're told you she was made get Paxman to try and be funny.

If someone need to intervene ago know that the comedians be funny clips.

Could I have spoke this email after completely natural I think it was I think it's just when.

Oh baby, I know what you mean.

It didn't even after what happened so many recordings of terrible sitcom but people you gather people in that situation.

They want to help they want a loft have been told to laugh every five minutes it off as soon as it goes to ads by the woman person who ever buy the house they just do it.

I just kind of do what they will cost as wanted to do a laugh or the bad jokes that exactly what I thought was happening.

I don't think obviously they were playing in canned laughter, but there was something so Forster bout it and it was obviously some historical floor manager unit 1 in them all the time and it really couldn't just supposed to do any more for me than it was already spoil, but I didn't like that, but I think I wonder if they just be a little tiny tweet.

They could have made cos like you're all saying he has a good channel four distinctive idea.

I wonder if they could have just had a sort of front of stage and behind stage set if Paxman have been sitting behind station, Green Room environment and David Mitchell live in out the front doing the last with that made it a bit easier to watch a distinct commission you've you got this of weird an amalgamation of Paxman who is a heavyweight news broadcaster and your son out.

How do I get young and you're making it Young by being patronising by being glib in attempting to read out tweet saying Paxman sexy that's not the way that you were trying to your audience.

That's the way you alien ate an entire generation of young voters by assuming that they want to hear something funny army pics emoji joke about some someone when he gave her job on Newsnight to in exchange for sex isn't that hilarious what you had then so Richard Osman there you go from Pointless he was brilliant.

You wanted those poles that were if you really like steak and kidney pudding pudding you will those people will lead to a kit majority of think it was that was wonderful at was data journalism going in a very funny and very clever and very beautifully thought out way and the difference was then you had Paxman in front of some pictures of some differing increasingly ridiculous people and you're expecting him to be funny and that was awful.

One of the point they did it a cutaway 2 take of an MP being interviewed and I'm not being able to remember of labours policies that whatever and I thought that was really wrong and and defensive because you're in the world all the time when people being like that for your starting you ask them questions and their minds somewhere else and it sort of the unwritten rules of the game that you don't go back to that and I thought that was mean-spirited and nasty.

I want to come with the Channel 4, Sorry to me again.

I can't emphasize that I really admired their effort, but it just what we also miss the news in a weird kind of promise that they get you get the news and you don't forget the comedy Nights by having these long pre-recorded bits of Gogglebox it such as a fine.

I didn't principle they actually missed moments key moments with people updating you on the exit poll responses the explosion exit poll and then come back and an almost Ledbury reporter what be reported on the other channels, can you just touch that became bit frustrating so if you actually just if the election you definitely be turning over to BBC as clearly most of the day and night.

Be there around the exit poll figures at the bottom of the screen for a long long time before they put the current what was actually happening Earth and that really irritated feeling for my TV particularly they ran.

They ran the updates of the Seas coming in that bit of of their projections and it was if they were fact it was not fat and that was really confusing mislead ok, you move dust onto Skylar so let's talk about that.

You're a lecturer at City University so you knew about this incentive where they had students sent out with 4G phones to cover some of the slightly more obscure counts.

What do you think about that? I didn't know because there's no reason the 70.

Why's sky would inform us that this was an arrangement with Sky made through our office organisers, they came in and they trained a whole load of student having well over 100 to go out to on as you say obscure constituency.

They won't actually using their phones in the sense that that do is mate.

Sorry your listeners might think that you need they were using them on a tripod.

They were provided by Sky but they were invited iPhone and the idea was it to get all the

Interesting footage back if it wasn't very interesting.

I didn't think it was all terribly saying me and I'm not entirely sure of the wisdom of paying in 100 kids £150 each which is what they got to go to say Nottingham or adults mobility and film and also it was slightly worrying because some of the students that have ended up paying out more than they got in because they what hotels are they hired cars.

Are they got the data then the car or whatever you know and I don't know that it was worth.

It was wanting a bit like Channel 4.

It was a good idea, but did it actually work out in the end.

No, I didn't know I mean I think they got a sore kind of a few early attempts to go to the beginning that I feel like coming soon to give up after why was if it was a bad job and I'm really worked in an important bit they mostly in to be the people you don't expect me to interview on Sky Arts we got to see him when we talk about that wasn't it was just saying Sandford and long has both primarily on the use of the main channel.

Directors gallery for 5 hours that would but when there's 20 started like narrator the beginning of it.

I thought he would can't possibly carry on at this way, although he was the point when he was telling us that the guy that the guy who is in charge of typing up the stuff on the infant on the on the thing at the bottom of the screen is picking famous for colourful bow ties and you know pointless trivial insights but I was upset but I thought that was the best innovation because he was an innovation that actually made sense.

It was genuinely new and it worked you work.

What is providing something genuine you and people you did want to keep flicking back to it.

Just to check what the hell was going on like everything else seems to be doing it should've been telling us inside the BBC controller but they never do that can a baby sit there were plenty of people on the BBC periscoping so Marks example I miss Hamilton

Periscope with the future and the way that sky have been innovating and in these sorts of Fields has been way ahead of the competition in traditional news broadcasting for the way that they've been messing around with ideas, which may work maybe a dreadful idea may have a bit of something at them.

They can then refine has been actually quite refreshing for a traditional new channel to actually go let's try this and then two people watch it then they try one more time than one person watch it then they stop doing it.

That's refreshing and it's a nice new way of doing things understated wasn't the one who say something about posters and it's been very very few posters in a billboards in the street for the selection and everyone I know is saying that's because all the budgets have gone into social media.

I don't know if you if you'd agree with that I think in London that was true.

So I started tweeting about the fact.

I hadn't really see new things and then I left for one of constituencies in Yorkshire I went on a few constituencies in Yorkshire and they were everywhere on every road, they were built.

Gods Tower posters there were those things you put in the Garden of just all down the road of Labour crashing and through that it says conservative Excel exam next to all of them and so I think it's just the London where it's not been as pronounce about it could be ok.

What will take more of a look at the online side of this election after this break will also look at Radio as well and printer still involved on their Who Knew after this.

Hi, I'm Tim a voice-over artist bringing you today sponsors this episode of the media podcast is brought to you by squarespace squarespace is all-in-one hosting and design service allows you to create one of sites for your new series campaign or online store in minutes and with squarespace 7 you have access to get it images professional photography she will never have to spend so long looking for the right shot plans start at $8 a month and include a free domain name if you sign up for a year for a free trial with no credit card required head to. now and you can get 10% off a monthly or annual plan by using the code mediapad at the Checkout if you like what you've heard you can contact me Tim Gifford through the media podcast talk about the online side of this collection then it was meant to be the Twitter election this wasn't a Alex real said that last time and it wasn't was it this time that he was was it just wasn't the influence of social media was meant to have that I was talking to campaigners last night while we get increasing you're drunk and so be increasingly more honest and now they're all saying that it's been a lot more traditional crashing through like making those phone calls The Trout the afternoon.

It was the amount of money so the Conservatives Conservatives are said to have overspent Labour Party significantly during the election campaign and a lot of people start commenting about the power of the traditional Media

So you know the sun wot, won it and that should have been campaigning hard on this as a telegraph 2 Telegraph St an open letter as as quickly as a good if you think of the digital election the thing that instantly stands out and it was in the band concession speech when he was resigning with the fact that he got Photoshopped a bit and that it was part of a meme.

It wasn't the only had this really expensive campaign to put together and it worked really well, it was that he had a body in a few photos and a 17-year-old girl.

Doorstep by the Daily Mail that's not the social media election except.

I did see some of the Labour campaign video settings might be who I follow rather than you know who has more money, but I did see some of the Labour campaign video showing up on my Facebook wall are still Steve Coogan I saw Martin Freeman when that happened there was a little bit more of that going on is that because of what they were saying was that because of who they were asking her famous dad and that's that's the key thing because if you're doing this level up so the idea of the social thing is it's ground up so you get these people who were saying fascinating things know you need to stay like that spark and that's

Creates borough contents that's what created Milly Milly Milly fandom.

That was just a thing which caught the imagination it wasn't because a celebrity was doing it's because it was funny and just hit an emotional nerve and so if you're going to do it properly if you going to Steve content to show how your LinkedIn connections can help you find a job.

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I was like boom.

I'm going to that a friend from school they shut the job and now here.

I am talking into a microphone go see for yourself on LinkedIn what jobs are available through your connections find your next job on LinkedIn whatever you're in it for women together.

You do not do it with coke and you don't do it.

I would Martin Freeman just put it low down so Campbell in the US beautiful.

You just made that video of the woman falling over and setting fire.

Something he just put that on YouTube 2 months later.

I had x million views.

That's how you said content online and make it for a social experiment and social social gold that you don't do it by saying here's a celebrity.

Look at the celebrities in this fantastic mood is on team as he is Russell Brand a can't help feeling boy.

Do you think in retrospect it probably make much difference to the result but was it a good idea or a bad idea for Ed Miliband to go and be interviewed by Russell Brand SOAS or I think is Dan Wootton from sun saying must have lost loads and loads of votes nonsense.

I mean.

I just only anyone care so I think you know the effect that celebrities have on and the elections about the same as the effect that social media has on the election absolutely not I think it's elections of complete right for all media in only in the build-up in the campaign who was all about happy know what the key moments or watching the most exciting part of the whole campaign in the build up was that question time special night when Ed Miliband was torn off tallest rip-off by right-wing clue.

6 in the audience as well as I was concerned having a go in for ruining the economy in the sky deadly in my opinion that was the most revealing point point of the whole campaign as I'm concerned One television and I think that encompasses y label also lost the election by the way and then on the actual night last night who cares.

What's happening on Twitter I mean, it's all about watching on television.

I don't care what was old people are the ones that came out and voted young people didn't in comparison, but had told the doctor in Furness how many the problem is you can have as much social media as you want attract young people you can see there's many videos of your WhatsApp Lee at the moment the reality of situation is young people in this is my own generalisation by Jennyfields don't feel that the politics is cool.

Are they just don't pick once you get to the O2 about 2530 then your interview engagement starting and there's nothing you can do about it and every single thing that happened in this election is emphasis that do not write off.

Old media did not write off watching BBC One on election night as seven many people did and they probably wouldn't five years time again attempting to go first age before beauty as they sex am I think it's really important that this was the election of the television election the Debate so what people watch them what they talked about 7 million people watching debate something unbelievable a lots lots people on the night watching all across all need it was been what 10 million.

I suppose it's it's been a big telly debate a big telly election and telly is not dead and what I think is really interesting about social media and it worked with a lot of students or completely addicted to it and William student myself, but it's terribly personal and it's terribly about you and your mate.

Where is Television is about broadcasting to a lot of different people at the same time and you don't get that with social media.

You can do to have something trending on Twitter which can reach 25000 people and go absolutely nowhere in reality cos it's only 25000 people first point is I could not disagree with more about the idea that young people is engagement.

Text I've been invited been in Westminster with kids that I've worked with putting together a press plan they pitch that to parliament and they affected change about poverty they been on Monday night discussing this thing these kids are brilliant if you give them a voice and it's not in this election.

Is it their self-selected they were not there were taken out of disobey were taken from disadvantaged Communities and helps and there was a difference we listened if once you give young people a voice and that's the difference is not that young people are disengage with politics.

They hate not being her because no one listens to them and so if they continue not being listened to then.

Why would it take an interest in traditional politics when only outside traditional politics are they ever do they have a voice that was the power of social media because they can have a voice it doesn't affect mainstream politics because mainstream politics does not want to engage with them this talk about the events that are actually stage for all those old people who were voting as well.

They were quite controlled weren't there when you're bored when you were hinting at Ed Miliband having a nice trip stone out of him that you could say the same inventors that Cameron and Clegg

BBC event, but it felt like that was the politicians be leaders meeting devoted the first time cos everything else is so stage managed is that going to change at the next election because one thing that social media has done his make us all more savvy about just have stayed manage these events are and no because I think they're going to be even more scared about you know that that moment is going to chill labour to its heart the fact that that's that face by terrifying audience of real people who do not believe a word.

They were says on the economy that you know like and how do they deal with that? I mean they're not to do with this normal people who gonna terrifies throughout the next campaign in five years time one less thing on the digital election is just how well BuzzFeed it overnight and BuzzFeed this morning was a wonderful front page.

They were first on the mirrors change of her front page this morning.

They were first on the headlines which now make absolutely no sense now.

You've had the exit polls know you've had.

The results of the first on all manner of different things and I think that resonated with a an engaged audience is not one that would stay up all night listening to cabaret and watching elections in the background, but it you know you have that just passing interest but he won't just a witch all of those stories hit a perfect pitch of an audience ok.

Let's talk about print briefly then.

They're still carry on as if nothing change right there still supporting the part most of them.

Overwhelmingly supporting Cameron and the Conservatives ever they're still coming out in favour of a party they still campaigning there still running headlines the sun doing the weird thing of Supporting SMP and Scotland and and the conservatives in England what do you make of all of the papers and how they responded with Andrea I think the commentator it was but they were saying that the press has become more parties in this election and it has done before and so if you like the Independent taking a vehicle I like the whole point of The Independent taking a view on a party seems ridiculous because it kind of goes against the entire name and you saw what was it 5 to 1?

Front page headlines, supporting Conservatives over labour based on the press, but it does seem to have work to a certain extent it was the sun wot won it to it to a lesser degree than it was in what Windows the headlines are initially written, but they matter depressing me a lot more than I thought they would do you think I think the Relentless kind of vast majority of the media buying into and I hate use the word the narrative but they all did they all but it's the same narrative and it's almost like it's on a bigger scale.

I think then simply the sum of the Telegraph anime on the vast majority of the written press back in the tourism in quite the most ludicrous embarrassing why I just been out kind of night pretending that their covering synonym for news star but just been out with the picture of Ed Miliband eating that sandwich on that that for me was awful new Milioti know how it should have ended.

What impact will scale I just think the whole of the media pretty much and I'm not want to do two things any times can I just think they have done it buys into that hole narrative of you know of the economy of cuts.

You know what kind of broad scope that the only way to deal with the economy is to carry on kind of dealing with the deficit and a debt and have a cut that everyone almost the last Kind of five Ten Years the whole media has and it's like and you watch Lost in the one thing.

I think that is interesting about the Russell Brand fees at least he's sitting there saying something different to that story and that's why the sun get so Furious with him because he is actually to be fair to him challenging that think the problem is he's be like voting on the other side of that they're not taking what you saying voting on.

I just kind of like I always do it the other things over the media does accept almost without question are the Poles he's not going to change their lives because you know apart from the exit poll which turned out to be very close to write every single pole was basically wrong before that result as me.

Component can be making that no one predicted more seats with the Tories No 1 predicted like I would lose that money so will we still be basing our discussions around polling but turns out very easily to be wrong course we will because what else is there? I mean that was what was so funny about the covers last night for 2 hours.

They did nothing but talk about exit polls which turned out to be wrong which was really amusing.

I've got a theory that they should start the election programs at midnight when there's something to talk about give me something entertaining before that and we'll all sit down at midnight and watch what's really going on rather than talking about an exit poll.

I would like to say that to interestingly talking about the present how hot is and it isn't have an Irish colleague who's working in the UK to the first time in the other day.

He was saying he has never seen anything as vitriolic and despite his own as the UK pressing that been echoed by the American guy who work for a bomber who's over here who said exactly the same think we've got an extremely durable if that's the right word vociferous vitriolic pressing this country on lots of things and they don't stop when it comes to politics and yet with radio and let's just touch on radiators, which the fire.

Show me do we haven't really discussed yet.

We are constraint.

We can't say what they say in the past.

We can't take of you even on stations like I'll be see where I work with the rest of the time.

We doing that's our USP is that right before protesting you get a licence and because of that you're covered by the communications that doesn't 2003 which doesn't you've got to be balance, but why why the disparity between the Press And radio radio is provided for for the whole nation at once free and therefore because it's licensed by and have in effect the government.

It's supposed to be balanced.

So that you can't stay that are ubiquitous supply is is going to go one way or the other the point about the press at the end and their privately funded and they in effect do what they like if we will be refunded as well as a licence in the newspaper.

The only thing is that it's free with evening Standard free no distinction is that it's governed by the broadcasting act because it's seen as a ubiquitous supply that it's me call the universality of provision which is quite boring concept, but it means that if

Hello, it's provided to everyone in the country free it cannot be politically biased and that goes for all you store reason why they have to be balanced, but then that covers the internet and I hope that's really interesting question now because the internet isn't any licence in the same way, but it could well go that way and that's the modern can conversation I think the scary thing is a closer.

We get to this excepting that the US model of news is somehow acceptable in a great thing to be which I personally don't agree with I like the fact that there is no obvious by sent you know you don't you know what you're getting with and uni around room.

Are you know? There's no question of which side of the fence are on but while they're broadcasting for the BBC they have a very very tight line determine.

That is a good thing in my view, but I don't see why the same thing that you put on BBC think it's good that the reader is constrained.

I have to say I don't really want either be no shock jocks.

I don't want you want you know big signed up by ABC to rant about you know immigration 5-day tour.

Thomas light for me.

I don't even know but you know the names of the rules as to wire a light bulb, is he can't do that but I'm trying to contact just read it feels intrinsically wrong it feels you know that there is a difference between print media and broadcasting including radio.

Am I thought LBC I think I'll be does a good very good job and is very good job.

I do that 5 Live is also and Radio 4.

They cannot do due to the joint broadcast last night was when it so when I finally went to bed.

I still listening to the radio.

I think you watched BBC and you watch you listen to ABC new watch releases Radio 5 Live and it makes the premier to seem even more embarrassing.

That's my bonfire night.

I'm not sure that has that huge profoundly affecting the other Radio 4 to go back to the normal programming today after today and before the world at one.

You know they had his order or whatever they did that to me a bit of yeah.

I felt like mine things should have been rolling news for igo4 is a massive BBC incredibly well Thought Out incredibly.

Like signed off by everybody at every level about what they do so there's a certain protocol.

I can't talk about if the Queen dies for example those there is a very specific protocol.

That's not for public consumption but I talked about it on answer me this if you're interested, you'll get killed but then decide if you want to if you care about the election that much at 9 a.m.

And you want to find the last gasp everyone knew what happened by 9 a.m.

It's only the politicos that really want to follow it after 9 a.m.

So I think it's it's kind of fair enough.

I admittedly the resignations of the nine arches or whatever and just because we're mad.

Keen on it doesn't mean everybody else.

I don't know what they do they doing they know what the rating on the bus here.

I was so if I had my iPhone on what listening to.

And give his acceptance speech no one else.

There was one person listening music but no one else even at the headphones.

I'll never and was looking a bit of paper.

I'm not sure what that says about me or what says that that says about other people coming in the history books completely obsessed listening to a man talking at the top of his voice but getting fitted wardrobe.

No problem.

It's just can't look just absolutely stunning.

I do think that you know thus the particular story of this election is you know people just come a reading from we talked about the media covering the result this is briefly as your segway has into their talk about the actual result and it's impact on the media.

What is this going to be in for the BBC is the obvious thing that always have been talking about cutting haven't they are hinting that it costs too much that's bad.

Isn't it on my CBBC must be we allowed to say that I swear you can't abuse must be shiting himself as I said.

I just think I have faith in daughter.

Seems to be here in our strong willed figure for the top.

I just hope the BBC is farm and doesn't feel that after kowtow to discover and because not only if you got the prospect of a more right-wing government that doesn't have the influence of the Liberal Democrats you also got a right-wing media that already today.

Then emails are really slagging off the pieces coverage last night cuddles calling it all for the terrible illegal activities Paignton nonsense and say it's got his better.

That is going to be relentless the right wing media with all its vested interest relentlessly attacking the BBC backed by right wingers in my god.

It's an appalling prospector the booze Hassan remains strong and not not give up and not given to those solos forces.

I think the scary thing is is that other things that will go first so you're seeing BBC3 whenever you can argue for hours now as about whether that's a wind down order.

Just said in a different way or whether that's a real innovation.

I think that's for a whole separate discussion, but if you try to cut Radio 3 or Radio 4 at all despite the Radio 3 per user rating.

Is incredibly expensive there would be outraged because they sort of people that are criticizing the BBC other sort of people that feel like they should be listening to Radio 3.

They don't because very few people do and so in the same way the 6 Music was saved biggest in my mind that was an empty threat the closet because they hoped what what would happen did happen.

So then you have increased their user base of 6 Music and there is no slacking BBC News at all well except Sajid javid's as you've been received all his brief isn't suggesting that we should actually cut services see what he's saying is there is like there is waste.

There is mismanagement.

There is bureaucracy.

That's what the Tories will try and cut and actually in a lot of people in the BBC have sympathy for that idea if it's true this is it's just as Alex has is it true people listen to the podcast of new media aficionados? I actually think 4 billion pounds of money is collected in do the licence that money does not belong to the BBC that is money though it is paid.

Two people to have the right to receive a live television signal that money can be redistributed by the government or whoever as they see fit the BBC does not have a right to it.

All there are other things that could be done.

I personally think there should be a public Public Service Broadcasting budget that fund other people as an alternative to the BBC because I have one monolithic organisation telling us all had to think it's not how I want to I want to CITV really stronger want to see a duopoly I want to do local television one of the things about this election which is quite interesting is that presumably now the local television digital terrestrial licences will go on being advertised that was Jeremy Hunt taking some of that licence free money and redistributing it so I am in effect and fan of top slicing with problem is I get top slice myself because to say anything auntie BBC everyone else is your complete monster, but I do think you've got to look at it this more objectively and not just go along the line of the BBC at has the money in does what it like them tell the sort of thing you get to making.

PC loses funding It Moves more commercial and then what you have as you have Top Gear and the massive hoo-ha about that money that raises you have you have Doctor Who when is incredibly high production because it sells Doctor Who would not not be have that high production if it couldn't sell as well overseas.

Ok? I think we've kind of cover the election but but there is still time for the election special Media quiz at its quickfire.

Just buzzing with your name's when you know the answer the winner gets a hat made of marzipan? The one.

How did Channel 4 news is Paul Mason entertain Twitter followers during polling day.

Does it give you nightmares closest northern soul tracks question about who said the national press was quote more parties and then Fox News by David axelrod.

He did seem to work for labour.

Earlier question number three according to the Twitter account Lib Dem deposits, how much money have the Lib Dems last in the 2015 elections Alexa Medina Galaxy getting that is exactly right 157000 well done.

This is a 3 horse race as it turned out the election? Before 3 front page headlines you tell me which paper had this headline this morning swinging the blues blue Genie and the blues Alex sun correct the Sun released five different early Editions over the course of the night according to press Gazette Stanley Galaxy got to write the others got one each Alex you are the winner of the media quiz election special congratulations.

Yeah, would you like to do a dignified resignation speech never intend to use paraskos long as I live but before we go.

We are gonna briefly touch on some of the stuff has been happening this week because it's not just to let

SeaWorld in medial and the Top Gear 3 are in talks with ITV about a new show according to the media Guardian boys good move at 1 something.

How would I said what they just go to itv will be fine and some person.

I wish I can member it was treated me very emphatically saying talk to you could not possibly move to ITV because they couldn't size the cars you got too much and the commercial demands.

I know there's definitely in which those three percenters can have a show in which they talk about cars and other stuff, so I think it will happen as my sense to me.

I don't care.

I write a story number to travel Al Jazeera America that us News Network where they see who launched the channel has been replaced.

I have Elsa hebe has gone just a day after the New York Times spoke of turmoil in The Newsroom listen.

What's going on there?

Find me some ways of Sky News when I went there as managing editor way back at the begining in the ticket can try things out if it's got this exciting field to it, but the same time that you can have a hot house atmosphere and that's absolutely true.

I think about it soon.

Optically here in London but in Doha and in America where it's had a rough ride getting established to talk so it's a place a pipe ashens and underneath all of this.

I think is a suggestion that perhaps there was some anti-feminism anti-semitism lurking and they've been very very quick fit the new col and he's been very quick to say that's not the case, but it is a hot house atmosphere at all today and finally we did the whole podcast at this speed usually will be 3 minutes long with me at the other story the week 5 lives sister station 5 live sports extra has been the subject of much discussion this week's the BBC submitting proposals to the trust overextending programming on the station to include 10 more hours of new content including magazine shows by Jonathan Ward controller 5 Live he's been keen to.

Presley's our proposals they're not done deal, but they clearly can't expand their Sports coverage.

I think because talkSPORT 2 launching and sister station on digital you.

Do you think that's the reason why you think so? Yeah? I mean I don't get have to say I cannot me.

There is a lot of the sometimes a lot of live events that crash and that to me is why 5 live sports extra exist.

I'm a huge fan of their families to a constantly.

It's my social choice and sometimes does the two or three of us even go on TV over the course of the channel that works very well, but I have it to have more space for debate or discussion about sports when effectively you've got that night in night out a lot of its much more by the way intelligent level of debate about support, then you go on Talksport through sample but I don't get why they particular should be given more space and time to talk about sports news on 5 Live which actually could be a good thing sometimes candy.

Alex you want to TuneIn for debate about politics.

It could be brilliant in the same way as trial and error if you're trying a netball discussion for 15 minutes and your grinder audience so they determine that using digital is many than many.

Anish makes the mainstream silly idea that if you subtract 10 or 15000 viewers to each different show then you have a larger audience and so if you get these Communities which are generally really close knit really tight really easily optimised and really easily accessible because they're already incommunities if you target those well enough you get a small but very well curated audience for each different show on each different minority sport and you have increased belief in the BBC's wider coverage of sports of this right, but really is it I might be election coverage, which will go on in some form for the next three weeks that is it from us.

My thanks to Boyd Hilton to Alex Hudson auntie, Liz how are you can find all of our previous episodes and get new ones downloaded automatically straight to your phone if you had TV media podcast., today's show is dedicated that I should be able to do this be coming to the end.

About original Kickstarter dedication, but we met loads of listeners out there in real-world, really enjoy this part of finding out.

Who's there listening to the showdown if his mummy, so we're going to carry it on if you would like to support the podcast and get a year I mention from Olly Murs on the show on what could be more exciting then go to the media and give us your cash today, show is dedicated to Carol Davenport who is a physics teacher networking to highlight science as a springboard to interesting things at Auntie documentary maker Brian woods of true vision TV thank you very much for your say I've been Olly Mann the producer is not help the media podcast is a PPM production and next time I promise no politics.

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